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  • The Audio Only Let’s Play and Bookclub Style Podcast Game List

    While Haney and I began First Encounter back in 2019, it wasn’t until 2021 that we learned we’re part of a genre we didn’t know existed. I first discovered the […]

  • Final Fantasy VII Gift List for Fans by Fans

    As a full-time lover of Final Fantasy VII, I'm constantly catching myself looking out for cool new gifts not only myself, but for other fans who share my feelings for the game and appreciation for it's community. What makes this easier (though harder on the wallet) is the aforementioned Final Fantasy fanbase, full of talented artists who spend their time turning their passion into beautiful music, writing and artwork the rest of us can support.

  • A Definitive List of JRPG Bookclub Podcasts

    This is as comprehensive a list as I can make for bookclub style JRPG podcasts, highlighting shows where the hosts play through JRPG games while discussing them.