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Note: catalogue up to date as of 09/08/2023.

Stretch Goals/Misc. (Unlocked for all tiers)

Misc. Videos

Bidet-OK! bidet installation video

The Witch’s House Lost Halloween Gameplay Video

Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke Race

Car-Cast to Philly Playlist

Quest 64 videos

Ep. 1: A New Adventure

Ep. 2: The Spirits Within

Ep. 3: Grind Time Nerds

Ep. 4: Trapped in Dondoran

Ep. 5: The Lost Woods

Final Fantasy VII Speedrun videos

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3 (Final)

Misc. Audio

Audio Quality Disclaimer Bloopers

Gast and Ifalna’s Private Time Transcript Read

AI Transcript Read: Cloud Strife’s Pro Snowboarder 2

Final Fantasy VII Episode Re-Edits

Ep. 2: Welcome to Midgar RE

Ep. 3: Hanging by a Moment RE

Video Game Inspired Cocktail Recipes

Visage inspired Clarified New York Sour recipe

Minecraft inspired Blaze Apple recipe

Recorded Patreon Exclusive Streams


$5 Hi-Potion+ Tier Unlocks

Director Commentary Episodes

Ep. 1: Ne Me Mori Facias

Ep. 2: Welcome to Midgar

Ep. 3: Hanging by a Moment

Ep. 4: Squattin’ Thighs and Mako Eyes

Ep. 5: Shinra’s Zoning Ordinance

Ep. 6: Where’s its @#!*ing Head!?

Ep. 7: A Bloody Breakout

Ep. 8: Homecoming

Ep. 9: Those Chosen by the Planet

Ep. 10: Getting Choco-Silly with Choco-Billy

Ep. 11: Jenova’s Yacht Club

Ep. 12: Dio’s Funhouse

Ep. 13: Dyne to Meet You

Ep. 14: N-N-Nanaki!?!

Ep. 15: Cloud Strife and the Mansion of Secrets

Ep. 16: Date Night & Betrayal at the Gold Saucer

Ep. 17: Trying Times at the Temple of the Ancients

Ep. 18: Shrodinger’s Cat Sith

Ep. 19: The Ninja and the Jogger

Ep. 20: The Last Cetra

Ep. 21: Cloud Strife’s Pro Snowboarder 2

Ep. 22: Jenova’s Impact

Ep. 23: No Cloud, All Strife

Ep. 24: Cid Highwind and the Order of the Phoenix

Cut Content/Blooper Episodes

Season 1: Final Fantasy VII

Ep. 19: The Last Cetra

Ep. 20: Cloud Strife’s Pro Snowboarder 2

Ep. 21: Jenova’s Impact

Ep. 22: No Cloud, All Strife

Ep. 23: Cid Highwind and the Order of the Phoenix

Ep. 24: More Than a Memory

Ep. 25: So Long Shinra No. 26

Season 2: Majora’s Mask

Ep. 8: The Dancer’s Successor Tangent

Crisis Core Bonus Series

Ep. 1: Welcome to Shinra

Ep. 2: Dumb Apple Town

Ep. 3: Wings of an Angel, Revenge of a Monster

Ep. 4: Hello Hello?

Ep. 5: It’s Cloudy in the North

Ep. 6: Combat Devolved

Ep. 7: Let’s Build a Flower Wagon

Ep. 8: Heroes and Monsters

Ep. 9: Rise of the Treasure Princess

Ep. 10: Hollander’s Final Form

Ep. 11: The Price of Freedom FINAL

Ep. 11 Full Gameplay Video Recording

Last Order: Final Fantasy VII

Advent Children Bonus Series

Ep. 1: Boys in Leather

Ep. 2: Mother’s Memetic Legacy

Ep. 3: Not Alone

On the Way to a Smile Bonus Series

Ep. 1: Denzel Pt. 1

Ep. 2: Denzel Pt. 2

Ep. 3: Tifa Pt. 1

Ep. 4: Tifa Pt. 2

Ep. 5: Barret Pt. 1

Ep. 6: Barret Pt. 2

Ep. 7: Nanaki Pt. 1

Ep. 8: Nanaki Pt. 2

Ep. 9: Yuffie Pt. 1

$10 X-Potion+ Tier Unlocks