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  • Final Fantasy VII Gift List for Fans by Fans

    As a full-time lover of Final Fantasy VII, I'm constantly catching myself looking out for cool new gifts not only myself, but for other fans who share my feelings for the game and appreciation for it's community. What makes this easier (though harder on the wallet) is the aforementioned Final Fantasy fanbase, full of talented artists who spend their time turning their passion into beautiful music, writing and artwork the rest of us can support.

  • 18 | Sephiroth’s Black Materia Buzz Kill

    In this episode we get a full-on James Bond villain break down of Sephiroth's plan from the man himself, learn what Black Materia is, watch Cait Sith's redemption, lose the Black Materia, possibly lose Cloud, definitely lose Aerith. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • Fear & Hunger Review

    Fear & Hunger is a very interesting game that delights in it’s horror and relishes the opportunity to share it with you. I would recommend it to anyone interested in Horror JRPGS, because for some reason they are pretty scarce. At $10 on I would say the time spent in the dungeons is well worth the investment.

  • A Definitive List of JRPG Bookclub Podcasts

    This is as comprehensive a list as I can make for bookclub style JRPG podcasts, highlighting shows where the hosts play through JRPG games while discussing them.

  • 17 | Trying Times at the Temple of the Ancients

    In this episode we find an old friend hanging out at the entrance to the Temple of the Ancients, live the life of MC Escher, chase down a Cetra spirit, Indiana Jones our way down a rocky road, meet the Time Guardian and spin his hands before chasing the key guardian. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 16 | Date Night & Betrayal at the Gold Saucer

    In this episode we boat around revisiting some of the classics, return to the Gold Saucer, borrow the Keystone, get stranded, go on a romantic date, star in a disastrous play, see some fireworks, and have our hearts broken in a serious breach of friendship. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 15 | Cloud Strife and the Mansion of Secrets

    In this episode go back to Nibleheim, explore Shinra Mansion, ratchet up that death count a few times, say hello to Sephiroth, he wants us to go to his family reunion, check out Rocket Town, and meet Cid, find fan-favorite Palmer, procure our new boat - the Tiny Bronco. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 14 | N-N-Nanaki!?!

    In this episode we learn the twisted love triangle of the Turks, spy on Tseng and Scarlet, wander into Gongaga village, meet the parents of someone named Zack , find Red XIII’s hometown, learn about his family, and get a lesson on the Lifestream. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 13 | Dyne to Meet You

    In this episode we catch up to Barret to hear a bit about his past interactions with Shinra and what happened to Coral village. Wander through the desert before meeting the mystery man with the gun on his arm. Learn a bit more about bartender extraordinaire Marlene. Become the hottest up and coming chocobo racer, earning our freedom and a hot new ride.

  • 12 | Dio’s Funhouse

    In this episode we traverse our way through a mountain pass, find an old Mako reactor, discover Barret’s hometown, visit the Gold Saucer, meet the coolest guy on earth, add a new pal who tells our fortune, stumble into a massacre and thrown in prison. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!