We’re back in the saddle, smashing through quests, and sprinting toward Woodfall Temple.

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:05
Hey listener first encounter is an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. content warnings can be found in the episode description. Hey, pumpkin, welcome back. We are in the saddle with a microphone in front of us. It is cold and smells bad in our studio because it’s been unoccupied for two months. How’s it going?

Chris 0:25
It’s going okay. I’m almost shocked to be here. It’s been so long.

Haney 0:29
It feels unnatural and uncomfortable.

Chris 0:31
Yeah, welcome back, dear listeners to whatever this is.

Haney 0:35
Season two, Episode Eight, our triumphant return hopefully to Legend of Zelda Majora s mask? No, it is. We’ll get there.

Chris 0:44
How triumphant is it?

Haney 0:45
We’ll get there. Okay, before we do though, a listener you may have noticed an absence of some severe Chris in handy in your life until this week. So

Chris 0:55
a bad case of Christianity. Just severe. Yeah, please speak to your doctor.

Haney 1:00
If you’re Christian Hani persists for more than four hours. But coming back off of the long break, we are here to do some recording and to catch up and get back onto our regular schedule. But before we do that before we can jump right into maduras mask and dissect episode eight. We have a couple of announcements to make the past few months so some stuffs been happening some shenanigans. Chris, why don’t you talk to us about these limited time offers that we’re going to be thrown out there.

Chris 1:32
Well, we got a Patreon. I don’t know if you’ve heard about that. It’s pretty cool.

Haney 1:36
Would you call it www.patreon.com/first? Encounter

Chris 1:39
Sherwood buddy? Yeah,

Haney 1:41
nailed it. Is it first encounter first encounter podcast first encounter? Nailed it, I think nailed it. It’s one of those two.

Chris 1:49
Yeah. But if you want to support the podcast and get a lot of bonus stuff, that’s the best place to go. Lots of cool things happening over there. And you can

Haney 1:57
hear me edit content over there. Because I don’t edit the main feed something something not allowed something something inappropriate and

Chris 2:06
but if you go over there for the next two weeks, or rather, for the next two weeks, if you sign up for our Patreon to support us, there’s going to be some bonus goodies that you’ll also get. We got some first encounter bookmarks.

Haney 2:20
Oh, I bet they’re really cool. And I bet the guy who made them spend a lot of time on them to make them really, really comfy and cozy.

Chris 2:26
I hope so I haven’t seen them yet. Oh, Ray,

Haney 2:28
I keep forgetting to send you them. They look nice.

Chris 2:32
So you can get some bookmarks, some Final Fantasy seven some majority’s mask cover bookmarks. Those are pretty cool. Read it is good for you. Um,

Unknown Speaker 2:40
it is yeah,

Chris 2:42
I love reading Patreon. Well, that’s not all you can also get. You can also get, you can also get some a button pack. So you get some four pin back buttons. Is that what they’re called?

Haney 2:56
I believe so. Yeah. So classic button style. These are not enamel pins. They are buttons. That’s the the main driver. There’s the difference between an enamel pin and a button. These are most assuredly buttons. They are around they have a little pin on the back that you have to clasp all the classic stuff now that newfangled technology are merge none of that until we figure it out.

Chris 3:20
Yeah, so that’s that. I think in the next two weeks, sign up for one of our tears. You’ll get a bonus something for that tier. And you’ll also support the show and get a whole lot of other bonus stuff. It’s gonna be real cool like Crisis Core and direct your commentary in live streams in all sorts of nonsense so access to

Haney 3:38
patron only discord channels, it’s true your name in episodes,

Chris 3:42
Speaking of Patreon, and also thanking people fuck. We have a whole bunch of new patrons since we went on break, which is

Haney 3:50
I love I love how people pay us the one we’re not producing content. It seems like they might be even saying if I keep giving you money, will you not make anything please

Chris 4:00
You know what? I understand.

Haney 4:03
Thank you so much to our new patron, Josh then, and Ondo thank you so much. Thanks. A special shout out to our ex potion tier.

Chris 4:15
X potion. All day, Claudia. Thank you so much,

Haney 4:22
Cody. Thank you,

Chris 4:23
Josh. Thank you so much,

Haney 4:25
Ben. Thank you so much.

Chris 4:27
And our producer Denise. Thank you so much, Mom. Are you okay?

Haney 4:32
Yeah, it’s just like God, I forgot how to do everything. Yeah, like I forgot how to word it’s

Chris 4:38
about a little while and I’m sure it’ll get much better once we get into the episode. Hey.

Haney 4:44
Before we get to that, though, I think there’s still one final entity we need to thank and that would be uncommon coffee. uncommon. vt.com has all your needs for coffee. They will deliver it right to your door within the US And if you while you’re checking out, want to use our good good code, good, good. It’s literally Good. Good. It’s pretty good. Good. Use it. Use the code. Good. Good. You get 10% off your order. Who doesn’t love that? Some exclusions apply? But buy a bag of coffee, cool t shirt, use our code. Good, good. Get 10% off your order, support uncommon VT support us. It’s awesome. We also have some really exciting news coming up for a collaboration between us and uncommon VT. Stick around for that.

Chris 5:29
Yeah, I was gonna say you you remember that really cool thing we did? Not too long. I

Haney 5:33
do it a cupping. Ah, we cut together. That’s when I went and Chris and I kept each other. Yeah. And boy howdy, did I have a great time competing with my best friend. And I recommend it to everyone out there. If you can safely with your friends. Try and get yourself a copy. Yeah, but actually, but actually, it is a whole blast. It is called copying. It’s sampling coffee at different risks. And it was actually an amazing experience. Thank you so much to rob and Maya uncom and BT for inviting us out there and letting us torment your kitchen. Really? It was a blast. We had a great time. Thank you so much. I’m coming BT good. Uncommon bt.com and buy yourself some coffee now.

Chris today, marks not only what an anniversary, two years ish.

Chris 6:38
It’s not it’s not perfect. But in our first episode coming out March like shirt, yeah. So

Haney 6:42
while I was going through some old audio files, I did find our first recording date was January 7. So January 7 was the first time that Chris and I recorded I thought it was December. So I’ve definitely said December in the past turns out as January 7, Sumi was off by eight days. I love I will sue them. Do not sue me, I cannot afford it. Um,

Chris 7:06
you can hire me as your lawyer, you are an Esquire.

Haney 7:10
Oh, pinkies out there, chap. So two years ago, we started the podcast, then we were on, same computer. So not much has changed there. But we were rockin one shared Blue Yeti microphone in front of us with zero soundproofing and a non dedicated space while dogs were barking in the background. And we still managed to persevere and they can Okay podcast. Eventually, I think I like to think that it even became a good podcast. And Chris just wanted to say, I’m thankful and grateful to have you in my life, not only as my best friend, but as my podcast partner. And I cannot believe we’ve made it two years.

Chris 7:50
Yeah, I mean, I was gonna say I wouldn’t be doing this with anyone else. So I appreciate that you’re here with me and you haven’t locked your doors and just put up the away sign. And however, oh no. This

Haney 8:02
leads us to what Chris and I have to do today through unknown unknown consequences. There’s

Chris 8:09
no way of knowing we literally don’t know

Haney 8:11
what happened, Chris and I lost our original talk to you for this episode. So right now we are going to attempt to recreate our talk through of the gameplay for Episode Eight of Majoris mask which if memory serves we recorded in August, you know, and it is currently January 20.

Chris 8:31
Something I feel like every artist has to go through a experimental phase. Yeah, this is what I would like to call this Hercules had

Haney 8:38
his 12 great challenges we have losing audio episodes. Yes. So in the past if things have gone wrong, Chris and I have panicked

Chris 8:46
a little bit it’s never gone wrong before What are you talking about never

Haney 8:49
we’ve never had a brand realize recently that honestly, as someone who might be considered influential in some way at least in this little tiny space and on our part of our internet it’s important for us to show that we’re not perfect so that it doesn’t continue a false sense of perfection that is rampant in other parts of influencers and the Internet and podcasting and entertainment in general. There’s this idea that everything is perfect all the time. Guess what it’s fucking not light and instead of trying to go through and recreate it and make it perfectly we’re gonna do this Chris and I have what’s into some of the gameplay recording Yep, and then finally

Chris 9:30
Jesus Christ.

Haney 9:33
We also found my notes from the day of recording that at the time made perfect sense to both of us I would say Sure, let me hit you with them real fast listener. We got Camaro mask we got Rosa sisters, we’ve got Moon tear, we’ve got deed trades, como a revived Woodfall song of awakening open Woodfall sprites, snapper de coups got map death with an angry sad face. next to it so I’m looking forward to that one. Dyno folk. Heroes bow. Gecko writing Tortall all in caps. Death again. No angry face this time. Although one giant teaches song oath to order for people sealed inside DQ Princess DQ place is something that DQ shrine mask of cents. Yeah, yeah, love it. So just a quick preamble before we dive right into this episode. Yeah, it’s gonna be a little weird. But we do have our original gameplay recording, which is still very fun. infrequently, Chris and I record the talk. They’re using gameplay at different times anyway, so it’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened. But this is probably the longest time we’ve gone with out having a talk through this might

Chris 10:45
be actually the worst thing that’s ever happened. I don’t know. For the podcast. You don’t think erasing the entirety of ultimate effect episodes at

Haney 10:52
all? That’s true. I don’t know how you managed to hide that man. Incredible. This cuz you’re just the elite gamer boy.

Chris 10:59
Yeah, that’s what they say about me.

Haney 11:01
So I guess with that, why don’t we take a trip down memory lane? Where did we leave off last episode?

Chris 11:07
So last episode, I do remember this? vividly, vividly because you lied to me. I usually do and lead me away from the Deku temple and instead to the Save rock. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. You’re like, hey, go this way. It also hit this rock and fuck you. We’re done for the day. So that happened?

Haney 11:27
And did you ever lie to me during Final Fantasy seven, would you say?

Chris 11:33
Hey, we’re not here to talk about. Um, so here we are waking up in the swamp.

Haney 11:42
I mean, I guess you didn’t really wake up. You’re just standing there staring at an owl statue. So last time, Christopher, we were at the southern slob. And you got some direction from some monkeys to go do some stuff? Yeah. Do we want to do that today? Do we want to have a little aside customer time?

Chris 11:59
Well, okay. So I remembered I saw a friend who was looking for a new house. Yes. And I don’t remember where that friend was.

Haney 12:09
So that friend, I believe. Is that guy. Up? Right. Right up there. Yeah,

Chris 12:14
he’s looking for a house.

Haney 12:14
I think so. Let’s go talk to him real quick before we assume assume but I’m gonna fairly serious of me. I’m gonna make a little booty 2d. Okay. That was not little. That was definitely not little.

Chris 12:25
Thanks for stopping. Yeah, for me, are you? I sell magic beans to deco scrubs. But I’d really like to leave my hometown. I’m hoping to find some success in a livelier place. But to open a business in another place need to go through the proper channels first. You know what I mean? Maybe. So, what I’m planning on doing right now is going back to town. Yeah. And I’m gonna get the deed from the other Decker scrub. Yeah, cuz I need the like star thing. Yeah, the moon’s here. Yeah. Yeah. So I’m gonna go ahead and have my cell phone real late of the second day. 36 hours remaining time?

Haney 13:02
Yeah, definitely. Southern swamp is a bad place to be at night. So I would highly encourage you to GTFO

Chris 13:09
Yeah. Okay. And what’s your first note?

Haney 13:12
So actually, I just listened to the gameplay on the way over here.

Chris 13:16
I should just go by the notes. Okay. So what was your first note you took? Well, I

Haney 13:22
don’t know if the top part is actually part of the notes. But it’s honeycomb. So I’m gonna say no. Honeycomb, because I actually remember what that is. So well, you were taking a swamp tour. At one point, you saw honeycomb. And you’re like, I got to come back to that. And I wrote down Honeycomb, because I was like, I don’t think it does anything. I think it’s just environment art. But you were insistent that it does something. So I needed to look it up and I never looked it up. Okay. Yeah, that sounds about right. A next note is Southern swamp. Makes sense. Okay, we are. A final note on the header of this notebook is monkey business, which we knew was just from the title. After that, though. The note is tomorrow mask.

Chris 14:01
Okay. So for some reason, which I didn’t remember, until I started clipping together the gameplay, I decided to go back to a clock down. I think I reminded

Haney 14:10
you that you had some to do’s to do and you’re like, oh, I want to do that. Yeah, and you just fucking bolted off and I probably want to deposit it rupees again. Oh my God. You’re gonna have to get over that at some point. Sometimes the money is Chris. Money is meaningless. Friendship is forever. Okay,

Chris 14:24
okay. You’ve convinced me

Haney 14:27
Yeah. So camara mask.

Chris 14:31
Yeah. So, picture. Well, I’m racing out of the swamp. Fuckin swamp wolves on my tail. No, I forgot there were werewolves out.

Haney 14:42
This is not a good place to be. author describes him very fast.

Chris 14:47
My spinning is fast. You’re spinning as fast. I’ll never catch me this way.

Haney 14:50
I do also believe that we did. Once again hear that cow moving in the field.

Chris 14:56
With me I need to been Chris Why aren’t you being me? Do I have any beans You have one beam. I have one beam.

Haney 15:03
So you need some fresh spring water now, which I think you can get in the pool in town.

Chris 15:07
Maybe I need that. Alright, that’s fine. I just need time and why is there

Haney 15:11
still a cow mooing?

Unknown Speaker 15:12

Haney 15:15
I did look that up. Did you? I did in the car on the way over here. Okay, it was stopped. I had to get beer. It’s fine. I’m not gonna tell you what it is. But I did look it up. And it is something that I never found before. Oh, interest. Yeah, so pretty cool. So well. That’s my number one priority breeze on by that yeah, if we ever let you play majority’s math again.

Chris 15:37
So I think I popped open my journal at this point, and I saw kind of whose times I could hit for helping out. And tomorrow was coming up so I made a beeline for him. Great Bay. Is it? It is what’s so great about it.

Haney 15:53
Honestly, nothing. It’s the worst. It’s a water temple on Zelda. What do you want, man? You knew it was coming. I

Chris 16:00
guess we won’t be going there. Ever. Guess I’m not beating this game. Okay, then. Let’s go talk to moon boy.

Haney 16:10
That tomorrow the dancer? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:12
Thank you want to go this way?

Chris 16:14
Please. Yeah, yeah, you’re an expert. That’s

Haney 16:18
you’re clearly clearly better than me. I know what I’m doing.

Chris 16:23
But yeah, I peel toward tomorrow and hop on to his platform. He’s like, Oh, I’d love to leave my song to somebody. I was like, Cool. I would love to take that off your hands. What’s? What’s the deal? I’m no longer part of the living my sadness to the moon. I haven’t left my dance to the world. And filled with regret. I have disappointed Oh, Moon, I’ll have died. Same. If only I had taught my new dance to someone. Would you like to teach me? Maybe I would like to learn a dance.

Haney 17:00
How do you think you could learn to dance? I

Chris 17:04
couldn’t figure out how to get a song for a couple minutes. He was like my soul needs to be healed. Heal, whatever and I was like, Well, fuck,

Haney 17:13
if only I had something I could do to heal him.

Chris 17:17
I’m ready to dance with you.

Haney 17:18
Hit start. Go through your songs.

Chris 17:21
Song of Time Song of Healing. So not have awakening.

Haney 17:25
You have everything you need right now to heal.

Chris 17:29
To heal him to

Haney 17:30
heal his wounded soul. She’s this listen because like oh, I have a song called Healing got it? Played that he really enjoyed it loved it he names you his successor in fact

Chris 17:51
and then I got potentially the creepiest mask in the game

Haney 17:54
it’s really good though. It is. I think I said this in the gameplay it is my favorite mask in the game. It is a blank face and then your nose spouting off of it up like upward not like out like a nose does but up his his head like a tiny little version of his face and head. So you are faceless and just have his like tiny head like a maybe I don’t know, a fifth or a sixth of the size of yours. Just kind of floating in front of your forehead. It’s awful. And I’m like Oh I wonder if they like maybe the concept or Nope. Concept Artists tell nightmare time.

Unknown Speaker 18:34

Haney 18:35
spread my dance across the world. Train its followers. I have taught it to you now make it into a popular dance craze. You got cameras mask use it to teach his dance to the world so his moves can become as popular as he hoped they would be.

Unknown Speaker 18:57
I’m counting on translation. I am counting on you. That’s cute.

Chris 19:03
You became the

Haney 19:04
dancers successor. This was added to your notebook.

Chris 19:07
Nice. Let’s see how horrifying This is.

Haney 19:11
It is the one I wear most often. Because when you wear it, you can tap the attack button and instead of attacking link does this little funky dance while tomorrow Rosa sister music plays it’s great. It’s fucking best song in the game.

Chris 19:26
Well, no. It’s fine. It’s dance knows

Haney 19:31
dance muppet.

Why don’t you go spread your dance.

Chris 19:39
I guess this is just what I’m doing now. This is our episode.

Unknown Speaker 19:43
Let me see. Fine, perfect.

Chris 19:46
I meant to roll. Okay, there we go. That’s the clock down. Back Back Back again. Guess who’s back Kumar is back.

Haney 19:56
With Hey Chris. At this point, I’d like to interrupt you to see if You’d like a tasty Bevy, please. Tasty Bevy. So welcome back from your pee break. Thank you. Before we dive any further into the nightmare that is this, I needed alcohol. So knowing what was gonna happen, Chris and I have known that the audio has gone for quite a while now. So we knew that the today way was gonna be what it was. So on the way over 7.2 I decided to grab 7.2 Yeah, so this is a West Coast IPA called trouble in the forest. And right now Chris and I are in the middle of the woods rerecording nightmare time, so it just seemed to fit.

Chris 20:39
It’s very good.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
So Chris talks

Haney 20:43
to me about the resin sisters.

Chris 20:45
So, but the roses sisters in the past, they’ve basically been like, Fuck you, kid. Don’t bother me. And they were like that today as well. Don’t bother me until I whipped out my new mask and start breaking down in front of them. And they fucking loved it. We just had a little dance time together.

Haney 21:05
They applaud you after you teach them. They’re like Damn. You go girls. Can you go

Chris 21:21
to heart Your collected three pieces so far. Collect one more to extend your life energy. Next. You stole the hearts of the dancers. This was added to your notebook. Nice. Shucks.

Haney 21:33
You’re so cool.

Unknown Speaker 21:37
All right, like you taught them the dance. Master please come to our performance

Unknown Speaker 21:42
this year, the same time. Master please come to our performance. Of

Unknown Speaker 21:45
course they’re twins. They’re not twins don’t have independent thought. Yes, that’s fair. Let’s look at your notebook. I think you should have to complete entries now. Hey,

Chris 21:54
look at that. Nailed it. They’re not even two different people notebook. said okay. Yeah, I’m sure that’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 22:01
And they said Thank you,

Haney 22:02
Master. I don’t understand the problem here. You’re just their master now. All right. I mean, I’m like, what? 12 Yeah, something like that. Okay. 10 Maybe?

Chris 22:11
Yeah, all right. Yeah, but they sure appreciated my cool dance moves.

Haney 22:16
You did take off the mask and see if they would still respect you. They did they do now they go immediately back to don’t bother us. You know what

Chris 22:23
it reminds me of now that I’m reading Rhonda again. Fucking

Haney 22:28
Kuma Kudo. Kuno Tawakoni que no 817 Like every

Chris 22:31
fucking time that Ron my transfer house completely oblivious.

Haney 22:35
You know? I think by the end of the series, he’s the only person in their entire district and school who still doesn’t know that Rama switches gender so good. pigtailed girl, a con a tendo are the pigtailed girl a con a tendo are the pigtails girl

Chris 22:50
man. What a fucking tree. Tasty bevi Ko hdaci

Haney 22:53
The Black Rose? Yeah, she’s

Chris 22:54
my favorite character.

Haney 22:56
Oh, she’s so good.

Unknown Speaker 23:01
Tasty? bevi

Chris 23:02
What were you talking about? Oh, you before I blacked out.

Haney 23:06
Something about we started talking about Rama one half because of the Rosa sisters. I think Oh, because of how oblivious they are to like, like, you just take the mask off right in front of them. And they’re like, No, who are you? Yeah. Anyway,

Chris 23:19
so it’s good. I think I can’t believe

Haney 23:21
I finally got my ramen one half tangent into an episode recording. Not yet. So the Reza sisters.

Chris 23:26
Yeah, they’re pretty cool. So that’s to questlines I’ve completed in my journal at this point. Yeah. In one night. That’s sweet. This is where I pursued the moon’s tear in land deeds. questline. Yeah,

Haney 23:38
please. Yes, it is. So it looks like from this point, you went to go find the moons here. So let’s say if you remember, several episodes ago, Chris did actually already complete part one of this chain. However, in Madras mask every time you reset certain things reset along with that including this particular question,

Chris 23:57
which means to trigger the moons here to fall. Unlike a lot of the things in this game. The Moons tear falling is not a time based event. You have to trigger it yourself by talking to the wizard. Yeah,

Haney 24:10
but talking to begin up at the astronomer tower. Boom, boom again.

Chris 24:16
Head back there.

Haney 24:19
Why do you insist on keeping the Great Fairy mask in your in like ready to go? It’s

Chris 24:24
literally the worst. What’s your problem?

Haney 24:28
I’m angry all the time. Mostly. You might need to reset time soon.

Chris 24:33
Fuck and reset.

Haney 24:36
I don’t believe it’s here. But I can. I said hey, I’m often wrong. You’ve been mistaken before? I’m probably mistaken right now. Honestly, it’s

Chris 24:44
not here. Fuck asas yet. This game is poorly designed. I have to say, Huh? Here we are. Well, I’m

Haney 24:52
just here to watch the Moon crash down the moon don’t crash

a crash around me. I think it’s up here. Maybe up. I’m like that upper part of this one up that way.

Chris 25:03
This just goes to the next district. Maybe it’s in this district. Hey, can you take this seriously, please? I was already here.

Haney 25:12
Musics getting really quick after that.

Chris 25:15
Oh, is it this? No. What is this?

Haney 25:19
This is just the exit.

Chris 25:21
This tone is awful,

Unknown Speaker 25:23
Chris. Why do you have to hurt me

Haney 25:25
like this? How do I leave? Oh, it’s up here got him. Alright, I’m

Chris 25:34
done with this nonsense. MOOC. It’s fine. He’s doing his thing. He’s like, Oh, are you friend of the bugbears? There’s so many I can’t keep track through my to the scoop. And I did. He did.

Unknown Speaker 25:49
Move over. Oh, well. You’re in trials I’ve never seen in tone before.

Unknown Speaker 25:53
Are you a new friend of the Bahamas?

Chris 25:56
I really don’t have time for this.

Unknown Speaker 25:57
I always say that. It is important to develop your interest while you were young. You can use the telescope to look around town. If you’re interested. Give it a try. Will you get out of the way while you gaze?

Chris 26:11
Full Nan.

Unknown Speaker 26:12
Oh, dear.

Chris 26:15
So the moon’s tear falls rush out of there. snag it up in my grubby little hands?

Haney 26:21
Get yourself a Moon’s tear a Yeah.

Chris 26:23
begins like Oh, was that something outside? I said Nope. Nope. Ran out of there be a punk.

Unknown Speaker 26:30
Well, how was it? Did you discover anything interesting.

Haney 26:34
It’s mine. It’s mine now didn’t see a thing just runs out and steals this teardrop didn’t dented. You got the moon T. Didn’t didn’t.

Chris 26:47
So I would love to be able to leave this place without going through this night.

Haney 26:52
You think you’d love that? I mean, yes, now.

Chris 26:59
And I give it to the Deku Scrub. Who’s it will not scrub I guess I guess give it to the Deku who’s in Corktown. Yeah, he’s like, fuck yeah, I’m out of here. Yeah, here have this land deed.

Haney 27:11
Yeah, he gives you a land deed and zips off and you have a land deed now.

Chris 27:14
That’s pretty cool. Oh, mailman.

Unknown Speaker 27:19
I’m currently on the job if I stopped talking will disrupt my schedule. Yeah.

Haney 27:25
Why don’t you have mail to put in?

Chris 27:26
I would like to just fill it with bugs. Please. Just get a fish.

Haney 27:30
If you imagine the nightmare of just opening a mailbox is bogs. Wait, wait, hang on. Can’t wait to have different voices for these every time.

Chris 27:41
It’s gonna be a very confusing set. Aren’t they all?

Unknown Speaker 27:46
This is my private property. Don’t try using it when I’m not around.

Chris 27:50
Have you seen this? That stone

Unknown Speaker 27:53
you must give it to me. In exchange I’ll give you my spot here and I’ll throw in this TaiKoo flower to you trade the

Haney 27:59
moon’s here for a land title deed. Hell yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:03
Yeah. The title deed for this spot will be in big demand by Dick describes outside of town. Yeah, you should be able to sell it to a dequeue scrub for a good price.

Chris 28:13
Is this like a reoccurring source of income? I can use

Haney 28:16
I pretty sure every time you reach that time, you can get a new stamp like Min stare. So probably Yeah. It didn’t occur to me how broken the money system in this game is until you just mentioned that but you could literally do that over and over again. Just reset time until you have 1000s of dollars.

Chris 28:32
I’m the mayor of this town.

Haney 28:35
Then you seem to have proceeded to zoom off back to the southern swamp where you initiated some some more deep trades. Please, sir. Have you some air into the swamp? It’s dangerous outside of the town wall so I cannot allow a child like you to Oh, a sword. My apologies, sir. It was wrong of me to treat you like a child. Fuck you. I like his boots and shorts combo. I hate everything about him. What about his Boots and Hearts combo? Straight back to the swamp.

Chris 29:05
Could have butterfly? Can I get butterflies?

Haney 29:09
I don’t think so. Oh,

Chris 29:10
I found a hole in the ground. Uh, is that oh,

Haney 29:14
that’s a thopter that’s gonna definitely attack you when you walk near it. Does this help? If I just hold up this title

Chris 29:23
to you in? It’s coming? I mean, Oh, baby. Oh, I remember these things. Oh, I hate them. Yeah, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Haney 29:31

Chris 29:32
I lock on, sir.

Haney 29:34
Z targeting Chris. I’d like to Why do you hit the Z button?

Chris 29:36
There we go. How about get fucked? Huh?

Haney 29:41
Would you like me to teach you how to combat?

Chris 29:43
No, no need your help. I got it under control. What is Talisay?

Unknown Speaker 29:50
Don’t tell me you don’t know about the P

Haney 29:51
hat. Just remember that it’s through areas soft.

Chris 29:55
P hat. Yeah, it’s called a p hat. Yeah.

Haney 29:58
Straight back to the swamp. I have no idea how many heads it takes too many. Good god that’s a lot. Hey,

Chris 30:05
did it like you?

Unknown Speaker 30:08
What do you think from this?

Haney 30:11
I have no idea they’re

Unknown Speaker 30:15
nice. Oh, sweet, actually nice. Yeah, my

Chris 30:18
first heart level up.

Haney 30:19
Yeah, you got four hearts. Now

Chris 30:20
you got a piece of heart. You’ve assembled new heart containers. Oh, excellent. Energy has been increased. I gotta

Haney 30:26
pee and then I got to grab notes. So just have fun down here for a minute. Boy, will I straight back to the swamp.

Chris 30:34
Is it? Me hear

Haney 30:39
me it smells like not great in this room. Was like coffee and

Chris 30:44
farts honestly, well, you have been farting and you also took your shoes off. So

Unknown Speaker 30:49
did you not want me to?

Haney 30:50
Straight back to the swamp?

Chris 30:52
What are you? That’s a bomb

Haney 30:59
I love it’s a nightmare fade away

Chris 31:01
from me. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 31:04
how did that not do any damage to you?

Chris 31:06
I don’t know what I expected to be entirely on

Haney 31:09
to get blown up by a bomb tube.

Chris 31:11
Well, this place sucks. Yeah.

Haney 31:14
Then you seem to have proceeded to zoom off back to the southern swamp where you initiated some some more deep trades.

Chris 31:23
Thanks for shopping. You’re not from here, are you? I sell magic beans to decorate scrubs, but I’d really like to leave my hometown. I’m gonna give them a fish.

Haney 31:34
What’d you just hold up the deed now?

Chris 31:36
What the FBI told me to open my menu. Take this deed Geralyn title deed I wish you’d let me have that. I’ll give you this land and return deal. Oh, is this the whole chain word? Sure. Your land title for a swamp title? Yeah. Use lick. I’d really like to move out of the swamp and I was like, Hey, I got good news for you. Here’s the land deed. What do you have for me? And he said, on the other land, another land deed, which honestly, I don’t know why. I didn’t expect the questline to go further than this. I thought it was gonna give me something nice. So the fact that I just take kid give yourself something nice. Yeah. But now I own a tiny bit of the swamp now. Yeah, but not really, because I’ve lost the land deed at this point.

Haney 32:25
You might not know this is not an avid Legend of Zelda fan, but wetlands are protected. And in Termina, okay. So you cannot actually own the plot of land you own. We will allow you to have river access through this land. But no development is allowed. And I’m pretty sure your debut flower is actually an illegal structure.

Chris 32:48
But what what about the tour building? What about the commercial build? It

Haney 32:53
was grandfathered in.

Unknown Speaker 32:54
Okay. No, I

Haney 32:55
respect before zoning laws were completed. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever said. It’s

Chris 33:00
very good. So yeah, I got a swamp Landy Now that’s cool. Yeah. What’s your next note?

Haney 33:06
Comey revived monkey. So follow me.

Chris 33:12
It’s just a third fucking time,

Haney 33:14
at least.

Chris 33:15
Yeah. So I think it’s time to progress the story. I’ll go back to the temple. Step snap, no problem. Oh, wait, I can’t because Kobe isn’t there to give me a boat tour.

Haney 33:28
No now, because you’re at that time,

Chris 33:30
which means I need to rescue Kobe. Again. Follow me, which means I need to go back to the sleeping forest. Again.

Haney 33:39
Uh, yes. But it’s actually the woods of mystery. Yeah. Fucking plebe. Now, I get

Chris 33:44
the Harper butts. I go back to the woods of fucking sleep. So here’s what I’m thinking. Alright. Talk to me. I want some water please.

Haney 33:53
Some liquid? Yeah. All right. Feel free to just take it.

Chris 33:56
Yeah, I would like to. You just get fresh water here with

Haney 34:00
Dan and did it ma you filled your bottle with spring water. Alright, so I got that. We’re gonna fill me with spring water.

Chris 34:09
Would you like some water? I made you coffee with the finest spring water. Did you? Bathroom water? Was that okay,

Haney 34:16
from that bathroom in particular?

Chris 34:18
You know what? Alright, you

Haney 34:19
had a question for me though.

Chris 34:20
Yeah. Um, no, not a question. A statement? Yeah, I’m gonna go to the temple, which means I need to take the boat right?

Haney 34:26
I believe so. Which means you probably need to go heal ass comi ass. What did you get the water for? Just to have?

Chris 34:33
Yeah, I think it’s just good to have some in your back pocket. Follow me. Give me that red push. You

Unknown Speaker 34:39
can’t afford it. Fuck.

Chris 34:41
Alright, gotta fix it. See grandma. Follow me.

Haney 34:45
Hot take this is the worst part of the game. Perfect example. Could I have some rupees please? Also like who the fuck cares about monkeys?

Chris 34:53
I don’t care about monkeys. So much as being 100% completionist Crisfield What is that completion we talking about? I always

Haney 35:03
you didn’t finish Final Fantasy seven for 20 years. You still haven’t finished it? I beat the game before you did. Edge

Unknown Speaker 35:12
follow me would you consider yourself a completionist now

Chris 35:16
not at all

Haney 35:16
it actually gets under my skin a little bit fun fact that I’m not like completely yeah you need a empty jar I’m sorry I forgot completely ah it’s just part of this water out in the ground here but that’s exactly what I imagined hold on friends like imagine going into a store looking the clerk in the eye and just dumping a bottle of water on the ground and slamming it down me like put beer in this

Chris 35:41
I only wish I had a fish Perfect. Alright hag talk to me

Haney 35:45
mean that red potion filler up take care TV Oh follow me.

Chris 35:57
Oh god I gotta follow the monkey again follow me are the turtles

Haney 36:11
can you told me gangway so you did eventually get come air revived went on your stupid fucking swamp tour yes strange Paris now me been watching you lately the swamp filled with poison water temple above waterfalls strange brother go to temple but brother knew able to find a temple entrance temple for diku only brother capture by Daegu now in palace help.

Chris 36:35
Alright, so the temple is where I want to go.

Haney 36:37
Yeah, it’s at the top of the waterfall. Yeah. What the fall.

Chris 36:41
Take me way. secret temple for dequeue scrubs. Take me

Haney 36:52
I got a temple got a temple full of Daegu. I gotta take you and I know that it’s take you Whoa. Whoa.

Unknown Speaker 36:58
What fall?

Haney 36:59
Why don’t you take pictures for this man? Why me? Where is he that sports shows off playing Nicky game. That was a journey right there a trial does he has new business searching for factories? Who Ericom Well, then why don’t you show me a pictograph you’ve taken press swatch opened this select item screen. Show me the damn picture. Take it. You don’t have a picture. Wow. Here’s your problem. You haven’t taken a photograph? Okay, well, that’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 37:30
would fall.

Haney 37:33
Take some pictures. Chris would like to please enjoy the swamp scenery. I want to remember you can only take one picture.

Chris 37:40
Yeah, please. Hey, I got this.

Haney 37:43
Don’t take a picture of the stupid honeycomb. It means nothing.

Chris 37:48
We’re just here now.

Haney 37:49
I forgot that we determined that this happens would fall.

Chris 37:53
Terrible picture. Let’s try that again. Frogs

Haney 37:58
is also a terrible picture. That’s fine. I don’t think you have to do any of

Chris 38:03
this. Hey, I’m an expert. Okay. Okay. I took the swamp tour, I headed back to the Daegu palace. And I think at this point, the monkeys had told me yet again that the Woodfall Temple was near a waterfall. So I took this information and I put it in the garbage and forgot about it. Yep.

Haney 38:24
can confirm. What’s up tattle. Don’t tell me you don’t know about the big Octo if you don’t want to be sucked in Keep your distance aim from afar.

Chris 38:33
him from afar. I’m not Oh, no, no. Why did you get sucked in? Oh, God. Huh? Well, I guess that happened.

Haney 38:42
But you’re going to the temple.

Chris 38:44
Oh, wait a minute. Thank you from a swamp. Yes. Yes, sir. Would you like to be the head honcho of poison swamp?

Haney 38:51
But you’re going to the temple? Yeah, you are like straight up in the wrong area.

Chris 38:57
as well. I haven’t been a pure yet. Oh, what’s going on over there?

Haney 39:02
Oh, wait, no, I think you are in the right area. Actually.

Chris 39:06
I knew it all along. This is why I’m the one playing the game and you’re the one watching. Yeah, that’s fair. Because it’s at the top of the waterfall. Oh, yeah. I did forget they said yes. explicitly that Yeah, I did forget my only directions they gave me was top of the waterfall. So I find Woodfall temple and conveniently right in front of Woodfall Temple is a L statue. Yeah. And next to it is an owl

Haney 39:30
the owl you know you everyone knows the owl that owl Yeah, the one that doesn’t fucking Hush, the best owl. Best owl boy.

Chris 39:38
He’s like, Hey, kid,

Haney 39:39
give me something hard. Sorry. I was in your head. I was editing that the director’s commentary and that was in that episode was give me something hard. But the way you say it gets so stuck in my head like I don’t know. Something’s very pleasing to me about your voice. It’s probably because we’ve been friends for two decades but like I enjoy listening to your voice and sometimes you Hit a cadence that’s just like honey. And I’ll just like replay it over and over again. I’ll be like, yes, the good stuff. That’s Chris. All

Chris 40:05
right. I’ll take it. Yeah, I’m sure. There’s positive connotations with my voice at this point.

Haney 40:10
It’s honestly probably withdrawal from to two months of not doing the podcast. But yeah, it’s just like, I’ve just been playing that part on rupee and has given me something hard. That’s probably perfectly healthy. Yeah, I’m sure it’s fine. So seems like Next up, you played that song of awakening after a bit.

Chris 40:29
So I was talking about the Alice statue. Oh, yes. Because I got something quite nice here. The song of flying

Haney 40:35
song of soaring Sure.

Chris 40:38
Whoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoot. This is a rare sight. You’re a fairy child. Correct. I’m an adult. This swap you’re in has lost its guardian deity, but it was destined to fade anyway.

Unknown Speaker 40:53
What What?

Chris 40:55
Are they destiny is not solely limited to swamp knee if you have the courage and determination to proceed in the face of destiny, then I shall teach you something useful. Do you have it for coming here? Had you not seen any of the stone statues and bear close resemblance to me? I’ve placed those throughout the lion to aid the one with the change the destiny of this land. Imagine

Haney 41:18
the narcissism to just plant statues of yourself all around like yeah, let’s

Chris 41:26
Are you okay?

Haney 41:28
Do you not just knock things over aggressively?

Chris 41:30
From the first time you play the song? We shall become internal friends transcending time and place so I didn’t really ask for this. I just

Unknown Speaker 41:39
made a really long speech.

Chris 41:41
I just met you.

Haney 41:42
Are you going Hassan?

Chris 41:44
Okay, check it out. Down left, up, down, lift up.

Haney 41:48
Better take out my bagpipes

Chris 41:59
this melody sweeps you up and sends you soaring to a stone bird statue in an instant. Hey,

Haney 42:03
looks like you don’t have to walk anymore. Quick travel. Quick travel. Yeah,

Chris 42:08
that’s kind of immersion braking. I don’t think I’ll ever be using that.

Haney 42:14
I didn’t write that down. I don’t know why I didn’t write that down. I wrote down song of awakening. I bet I meant to write down song of soaring because it’s actually not the song of awakening. It’s the Sonata of awakening. And I don’t think I would have fucked that up. No, not that No. So I have a damn it. So this is the first beer I’ve drank probably in two months. Also. It’s getting hard. Love it.

Chris 42:42
So the sound of flying is pretty cool, huh? I take that put it in my pocket. Hot my way into the temple. And

Haney 42:52
sprites is the next note. Thanks so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you want the journey to continue please support us at patreon.com/first encounter. Find our socials and contact info at first encounter podcast comm please stop by and say hey, our intro and outro music is by Alden Zach

Chris 43:12
Hey, Danny. Hey, hey. Hey, hey. I have a question for you tonight. What’s up?

Haney 43:22
Have you ever peed in a toilet and then decided you wanted to poop but then you get besides kiss on your butthole and you realize remember that it’s your pee pee water touching your bottle. I didn’t I didn’t wait, wait, wait. I didn’t know if that’s something you’ve thought about

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