Chris wages war against the Southern Swamp, gets into amateur gardening, and just goes ape.

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:05
Hey listener first encounter is an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. content warnings can be found in the episode description.

Unknown Speaker 0:12
Hey, hey, hey, how you doing?

Haney 0:15
Good, Chris. it’s wintertime. Yeah, it means that it’s terrible. It’s cold. It’s snowy outside. My

Chris 0:22
nose is always cold.

Haney 0:24
The days are short. But you know, that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. Right? The holidays are right around the corner. The stress again,

Chris 0:32
I don’t fucking leave the house. I don’t exercise anymore. Fine. What’s your point? What

Haney 0:39
if you need what a great gift to give someone? Yeah, it’s also not gonna break the bank because you can use a discount code. Oh my god, you Yeah, can go to uncommon and use a discount code Good. Good. And by someone special in your life, a nice holiday present. A bag of coffee, a delightful shirt. Wow. All sorts of things really. And all you have to do to get a nice 10% discount off of that is use our discount code Kip. Good No, baby. There’s a bunch of different varieties of coffee up there. A personal favorite of mine is the Ethiopia lay you a second follow up I would say is the Vietnam Opal bold, delightful blend. Just take the stress out of the holidays. You know, it’s just it’s, it’s a time to remember all the things that we’re thankful for all the things we love about each other about the world, and just really reconnect with the live stream a little bit. Thank you so much uncommon Thank you, everyone, for supporting us supporting them. Please, please go visit uncommon Buy yourself a bag of coffee today. Thank you, Christina, who else we need to thank today. X potion to your members, Mary. And Cody.

Unknown Speaker 1:51
Thank you so much. Yeah.

Chris 1:52
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And also our producer, today’s

Haney 1:57
mom, not my mom, your mom. But you’re close enough. Yeah. All right. Yeah. Thanks. Thank you so much, Denise. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that probably should lead us into our next point, Chris, I’m tired. I don’t know about you always. But 2021 has proven to be a both wonderful, amazing year that has seen first encounter absolutely explode all over the place, also a year. That means that because we’re exploding, we have a lot more to keep up with. Because of that, Chris and I are tired. We need a little breaky Buddha, keep ourselves fresh and raise your cheeks, rosy cheeked and eager to continue bringing you the content that you know and love. So for the remainder of December, which is every day from here, because today is December 1 on

Chris 2:50
this Wednesday on the first Yes. Oh, wow. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Holy

Haney 2:54
shit. Perfect. Yeah, beautiful. We will not be releasing episodes. What we will not be what collecting patron fees. He just, he just threw his chair. And even crazier. We’re not gonna be recording anything. Don’t turn the light on. Oh, he’s leaving. He’s leaving. He’s gone. He’s gone now. Goodbye. Yeah, so uh, Chris and I are taking a

Chris and I are taking a full month off of mental breaks from everything first encounter. So we’re going to be just putting the final touches on anything outstanding we have to do and taking some time off to refresh ourselves, fall in love with video games, podcasting, and first encounter all over again and plan some really excellent stuff for 2022. So we will see you back again in January with new episodes of first encounter presents Mudros mask, we will unpause our Patreon collection at that point and continue releasing Patreon episodes. And we will be recording again. So for the next month, everyone just took a big, relaxing deep breath. Kick your shoes off, put your feet ease up in front of the fire and yeah, we’re gonna we’re gonna take some time off though and get refreshed. How’s that sound? Chris?

Chris 4:28
Yeah, sounds sounds okay. I’ve warmed up to the idea in the last 30 seconds.

Haney 4:34
Yeah, delightful

Chris, we played some Madrid. We had a real monkey of a time.

Chris 4:55
We had a real Decker Decker garden.

Unknown Speaker 4:58
Oh god.

Chris 5:00
probably, I would say not just for majority’s mask but my life in general. Probably my finest work. Yeah.

Haney 5:09
Considering I’ve known you most of your life, and I’ve seen all of the work you’ve output. Yeah, I can heartily agree.

Chris 5:15
Just a really beautiful execution of

Haney 5:20
jumping. Floating.

Chris 5:22
Yeah, it was. It was good. Um, I think I had an unfortunate accident. This recording. Yeah, you did. Go. You might you might see. Go to the website listeners. Shiny new graphic on the website. Go to the website.

Haney 5:37
It’s real good. Yeah, it’s real pleasant.

Chris 5:39
But uh, yeah. Last time we left off at the spider house. Should we just fucking start talking about it?

Haney 5:45
Yeah, let’s dive on in. Whoo.

Chris 5:48
So monster falls from the ceiling. And it’s half a spider. And like definitely percent a person Whoa, job creation. Yeah, it’s a nightmare. It’s no good.

Haney 5:58
God knows how much make they pumped into that thing. Yeah.

Chris 6:00
So there’s a dog. Oh, you piece it. Get ass out of here.

Haney 6:06
I don’t know that I’ve ever been here. Fuck you. Fun fact.

Chris 6:09
Is this a? Is this a map right here?

Haney 6:12
I don’t know what that is. That looks like a map. Sure does. What’s this guy’s deal?

Chris 6:15
Well, that looks just like a skull tool with a human arm. human arm in some hair.

Unknown Speaker 6:24
How may I have got a monster? Despite his curse? It made me this way.

Chris 6:32
You really like to choose voices that just destroy your vocal? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 6:36
Yeah, I’m in agony over here. I beg of you in here. Find them all the gold ones that are spiders. Defeat them quickly. If you lift the curse. Oh, I’ll teach you something good. Or, please. This is awful. Nightmare.

Chris 6:54
It’s kind of horrific. But they seem nice enough. They’re like, help us we’ve been cursed. And you need to find all the skull Tools and click the skull tool tokens because that contains the souls of the spider.

Haney 7:06
I think that’s what they said. Yeah, the spiders like solar essence or something like that.

Chris 7:09
That’s fine. Yeah. Just shore further into the house. Which Yes, straight up turns into a dungeon.

Haney 7:16
Yeah, how your house looks like a dungeon when you live in middle of a swamp and it’s infested by spider souls. saying that out loud. It’s pretty horrific

Chris 7:23
is not good.

Haney 7:24
No good. No bueno.

Chris 7:25
So we want spider hunting. Oh, that’s a book. Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,

Haney 7:32
mine. Got to just get a bottle bugs.

Chris 7:35
Just. Oh, did I get it?

Haney 7:37
You got a bug in a bottle? You seem to release it bugs like tobacco and small holes.

Chris 7:41
I’m gonna scare the shit out of somebody.

Haney 7:43
Just gonna keep this

Chris 7:45
No, I didn’t want to yet. Oh.

Haney 7:48
My bug right here.

Chris 7:49
Can you oh three.

Haney 7:50
get taken back. The only them you just make more bugs every time you catch one. It dumps three out. All right. Are you gonna go in?

Chris 7:58
Okay, let me in here. Hey, just getting impatient. No, I’m just curious. I’ve never he’s ever been

Haney 8:04
here. I want to see what this is because I’ve genuinely never been in here. Oh, boy. You’re like, very close to that. Yeah, that’s dangerous. You got a gold skull. Tula spirit. This is your first one. I am dying. Yeah, you should be careful.

Chris 8:18
I didn’t think they would take so many hits. Oh, there’s multiple. Oh, there’s a lot of

Haney 8:23
like a mini dungeon

Chris 8:24
right? This is gonna be an episode.

Haney 8:29
So what I want it to happen but I’m also not mad about it. So I’ll take it. That’s

Chris 8:33
a familiar feeling. All right. No hearts. That’s cool. I didn’t need them.

Haney 8:37
Maybe you should have captured that fairy in a bottle instead of fucking just staring at it as it flew away earlier.

Chris 8:44
Had a good time. Brian around collected I think six. Yeah, but okay. Let’s see if this does anything. Head back. Talk to Mr. Man. No, no, no, no, no. Nothing to say to me. Not enough. Yeah. said Cool. Well, good luck to you. I’ll deal with this later. Yep. Turn back around. No time for this. I want a mission. Yeah. Hello, you horse. The

Unknown Speaker 9:09
cool ones. The guy spiders. Okay. Please make me normal. Like Yeah. Make me normal again. I’ll teach you something. Something good. Please.

Unknown Speaker 9:24
Please help me. See what a nightmare.

Chris 9:30
That was terrible.

Haney 9:32
So at this point, you decided to return to the Daegu palace. And finally go into the royal chamber, which is where you were supposed to go when you first got here and you never went into

Chris 9:42
listen. I know what I’m doing. Okay. Yeah, I think that’ll become very apparent in the gameplay. As we progress through this episode.

Haney 9:50
I cannot wait to hear my frustration levels.

Chris 9:52
So we entered the palace. And when you go through the guard say hey, go straight through. Head to the royal chamber. Don’t go right or left don’t explore at all. Sure. Oh, yeah, that sounds good as a rule follower. Yeah, nothing else. Nothing else. run straight through get to the royal chamber. There’s some Dacres just jammin about Yes. Cool. That’s cool. Yeah, it’s good. There’s a fire pit in the middle. There’s a big boy diku the king, if you will talk to him talk to his I assume advisor.

Haney 10:22
Yeah, this Grand Vizier. Yeah. I’m getting very nervous that you’re gonna die.

Chris 10:29
Thank you, Sharon.

Haney 10:30
I’m really uncomfortable with your health right now.

Chris 10:33
That’s fine.

Haney 10:34
Did you come to see the bullet monkey again? You seem to enjoy seeing him. Follow this hall straight to the royal chamber. Do not enter any other areas whatsoever.

Chris 10:43
What do you think happens if I enter another area? Probably nothing good.

Haney 10:47
The tiny Princess only recently learned to play the deacon pikes stop his Royal Highness was so proud of her. I saw the monkey and this prince is entering the template night

Chris 10:59
that’s probably where she learned to play the pipes

Haney 11:01
but only came back out Rumor has it that the monkey the princess bed God only royal family members can enter the sunken temple so it’s obvious that the monkey was easier Do you like this man?

Unknown Speaker 11:22
Oh, hello.

Haney 11:25
Hello. No galore pull up princess is missing their king has been unable to keep is cool. It

Chris 11:30
looks pretty cool to me.

Haney 11:32
I feel the princess may be caught up in some kind of trouble just as that monkey claims. But in its current state The king can’t even send for troops out to look for her. What are we to do?

Chris 11:42
That it’s in your face before visiting. I like this. Usually I don’t allow the likes of you and my royal chamber. But today is different. We’re about to punish the foolish monkey who kidnapped the Daegu princess is salted the royal family. I’ll show him what happens when you do that. That foolish monkey is up in that cage. Take a good look at his face. They’re like well, we got this monkey who’s trying to kidnap the Princess? gonna roast them or something? I’m not I don’t remember exactly. I’m

Haney 12:11
pretty sure that’s basically what they’re saying. They’re gonna punish the monkey because he kidnapped the princess as far as they’re concerned. Yeah, and the princess is still currently missing. Hey, if you’ve ever played Zelda Mario princess is missing his kind of links. cup of tea. He gets real sweaty.

Chris 12:29
So they’re talking about this monkey kidnapped Princess and my eyes lock on to this monkey who’s behind the cage? Yeah, immediately find him pinpoint him know what I have to do. Get out of that palace. Yeah,

Haney 12:42
fuck this guy that monkeys done for him. I believe no good here.

Chris 12:46
No point should have kidnapped the princess not my you know? Yeah, not my problem.

Haney 12:50
But as you’re leaving his brother’s like, Hey, you find him? He was tied up in there. What’s going on?

Chris 12:55
Yeah, I said listen. No, my problem.

Haney 12:58
He said I’m gonna make your problem you got to rescue him was my brother.

Unknown Speaker 13:06
Oh, there you see the entrance to the cage. We now secret route. Enter secret route from 100 Diamond entrance. Entrance and tall place no can reach me being from being cellar. Left beneath palace garden.

Chris 13:21
Hey, live beneath Palace Garden alive.

Unknown Speaker 13:27
I understand my meaning.

Chris 13:28
Yes, I need to be just fine. You literally face by other garden. Yes. Hey, what’s to figure out? I need beans.

Haney 13:40
As you walk exactly by the place you need the beans from?

Chris 13:44
Well, I don’t have beans.

Haney 13:46
He told you where to get the beans.

Chris 13:47
I wasn’t paying attention. Jesus Christ. Okay, I need to go in that hole.

Haney 13:53
You’re still not going the right direction to go in the hole either. If you want to rescue him, you need to plant a magic bean on the side of the palace. But to get the magic being you have to sneak into these stupid fucking gardens and dive under and buy beans from the magic bean man.

Chris 14:10
And boy did I because I was on a mission. Yeah. And I love planting my beans new do so if you ignore what the guards say, the deco guards and you go into any of the side chambers in the palace. You come to the royal gardens. This is great. And it’s just kind of a stealth mission. Yeah, you got to avoid the other guards gaze as they wander around the garden grounds. Yeah. Crushed it. Nailed it. I kind of really did the first Yeah, no, you

Haney 14:39
actually did. Yeah. I didn’t have any problems to try at all. No.

Chris 14:43
Got to the end of one side of the gardens and you just

Haney 14:46
dropped into a hole.

Chris 14:49
So there’s no like, journal or anything. I just have to remember what people tell me.

Haney 14:53
Yes. Have you not playing video games before?

Chris 14:57
seems bad? Seems like bad. signed to me.

Haney 15:02
Why don’t you go get beans?

Chris 15:03
I want to see what’s in the Word. You say the beans were

Haney 15:06
underneath the palace garden, which is literally where you are now. Oh, that’s why I said why are you walking away from where you need to be?

Chris 15:13
Would you like to pee then

Haney 15:14
I would. Please for the love of God so good at this game. Oh my god, this is so frustrating.

Chris 15:22
No if there’s anything I know. Oh god, it’s Zelda. So let’s get back into this is what we have here.

Haney 15:30
What is this? Where are you?

Chris 15:32
I’m in the fucking dungeon garden. So now we’re gonna spin around there and sprint around here. I’m assuming the blue balls are the white balls. I’m colorblind, apparently. Well, white balls. The white balls right there their vision? Yes. I’m not asking you any I’m telling you because, like I said I No,

Haney 15:51
no, no, I’m saying yes. As in. Yes. You’re colorblind? Because I’m either white or blue. They’re yellow man. Do you? Oh, nice. Oh, did you notice something though? What’s up? Have you noticed anything? About your rupees

Chris 16:07
19 Oh, they’re maxed out.

Haney 16:08
Yeah. All right. Your full up kid.

Chris 16:11
Not gonna stop me.

Haney 16:15
I’m gonna need another fucking pot of coffee for this.

Chris 16:18
So here we are. And the first dungeon of the game. Now, any place

Haney 16:28
maybe that was actually a pretty cool movie. Yeah. Yeah. Looks pretty good, sir.

Chris 16:32
You don’t need to tell me. Here we go. Filled the hole with my Linky presence. And little water there. Yeah, so the first thing I did was I caught some fish.

Haney 16:44
Yeah, Tommy. I believe you tell me. Yeah, Tommy.

Chris 16:47
I had some bugs previously. I don’t remember where I got those. I think he got them in the school tool house. Yeah, probably. So I really bugs grabbed a fish Tommy. He’s my best friend. Now. That’s cool. Turn back around. And I find the other path leads me to a very delightful man.

Haney 17:05
Being man. He’s great. Love him. He gives you a free beam. Yeah,

Chris 17:10
he just beat

Haney 17:11
me. Haha, you kind of fish in a bottle. It’s deliciously fresh cash is it let’s see

Chris 17:19
what’s in there somebody who needed a fish or who wanted a fish? Yes, you’re no help.

Haney 17:26
That you know what it’s like to play games with you.

Chris 17:28
I don’t know why I asked you anything. Hey,

Haney 17:32
this guy mean man. Wow, Jam Jam your your cough tomorrow. How long time that’s not gonna be the voice Why don’t you do this guy?

Chris 17:44
Yeah, yeah, that first customer I’ve edited all time. Do you need any? Oh, that sound effect was completely different than the voice.

Unknown Speaker 17:54
You need any magic beans. they sprout leaves as soon as you water them that they do. They do

Haney 18:01
like non techies voice Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 18:03
I’ll give you one free sample. So try planting it in some soft soil. You can always buy more than

Chris 18:11
denena means find a patch of soft soil then proceed to plant them in it and implant him in

Unknown Speaker 18:18
wherever you you can plant them wherever you want. But if you don’t water them, their leaves won’t grow.

Haney 18:24
I kind of want to be this guy when I grew up.

Chris 18:27
took those beans and I headed back to a little soft spot of soil Yeah. Fill it

Haney 18:33
just right to the brim yeah with just pumped as much seed into it as you can

Chris 18:39
being 10 Not seeds please you fucking pervert.

Haney 18:42

Chris 18:44
being seed you

Haney 18:45
know he just pumped your Seed beans. Really earning that explicit right in this episode. Huh?

Chris 18:52
Man as well as long as we have it like we might as well make use of it. So we plant the beans sprouts a flower like tight but I need to make the flower grow. Yeah. And I had to let at this moment Tommy go

Haney 19:04
except the knee Rijkaard Tommy for more times trying to get water.

Chris 19:08
I got my water. That’s all there is to say there. It took a while but you did get your water. Can I just point out that he said he hasn’t had customers a long time. And then he just gave me his wires for

Haney 19:20
free. Yeah, cuz he’s like, Well, if I get him hooked on the on the beans. That’s fair. That’s just gonna put your fish in this water. Yeah, yeah,

Chris 19:27
I need the bottle. Be free. My best friend. I’ll miss you. Goodbye. Tell me. Now he lives here. That was tragic. Do I have water?

Haney 19:39
I think Oh, accidentally calming me again. Get out of here. Tommy please.

Chris 19:44
Kit. I don’t love you anymore. Get out of here. Go home. Off

Haney 19:50
Chris. Why do you keep catching Tommy? I think you have to throw Tommy on the shore.

Chris 19:55
How dare you. Tommy be free. Be good. Right now give me that water. Hey,

Haney 20:02
you got some spring water filled your body with spring water.

Chris 20:05
You see the board or whatever may need it. Got my water splashing all over the plate I just grew and to grow smart. Yeah grows into an elevator in fact.

Haney 20:15
I mean, I don’t know how to say it because Yeah, that’s correct. No,

Chris 20:18
hop on the floating flower brings me up to adjust. Grab the chest, get some rubies. That’s fine. 20

Haney 20:24
rubies. Yeah, red ruby can’t Can’t complain.

Chris 20:26
They’re good stuff.

Haney 20:27
At this point, however, there’s a problem. You have 99 rupees. So your follow up in a bitch I’m sorry. Say you have 99 rupees, which is your max capacity. Yeah. And it’s also noon on the third day at this point. Yes. So you gotta get the fuck out of here.

Chris 20:54
Get the fuck outta dodge.

Haney 20:55
So, at this point, you decided to head back and unload your rupees onto the bank Taylor just all over him. And reset time again.

Chris 21:06
Yeah, he loved it. He’s all about it.

Haney 21:07
We didn’t we’re not quite there yet. Don’t try skipping ahead. On the way back out. You tried to take the boat to see if you can get back that way.

Chris 21:17
Is this where I had trouble where you had an accident? Yeah.

Haney 21:21
I believe at this point. You were human link. So you didn’t hop and skip like a daycare link? No. And I’ve I remember it you were waiting. You’re pretty mask. Because you’re you

Unknown Speaker 21:32
like pretty mask is the best mask

Haney 21:34
and you get stuck in the poison water. He

Chris 21:37
can’t climb out of the water. I didn’t vote for him. The duck and the bow. All he had to do is pull himself out of the waters. And you

Haney 21:45
poison yourself to death.

Chris 21:48
Oh, no. Can I? Will this take me home?

Unknown Speaker 21:52

Chris 21:53
let me out. Can I have just now dead? Get me out of here.

Haney 21:56
Oh are so close to dead? Oh, yes. Give me out. Oh god. Oh god. Oh, God. Oh, no. Oh, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 22:03
Oh, no.

Chris 22:05
Oh, well, that’s horrifying.

Haney 22:10
That’s your first death.

Chris 22:11
Why wouldn’t he climb out of the water? It was actually really horrific. Yeah, it

Haney 22:17
was Chris was really stressed out. He was Ziggy. It’s great. It’s absolutely delightful.

Chris 22:22
What did you think my first death would be? Not Not this. I know. That’s why I’m asking.

Haney 22:27
I assumed that your first death was going to be you turning your back on all the daycares constantly. And now uptake is the the blue like product plants that come up and try to bite you. Yeah, you were not good at dealing with those. You kind of just walk by them or they hit you in the back. I was like, you’re just gonna lose track of your hearts and die. Now. I don’t do that. No, no, you you’ve done better. But you just Reese respond on the shore. Easy, GG. But you’re still running out of time. You still got a huge mission. So at this point, you book it out of the swamp and just start tearing aspect to Termina

Chris 23:06
as Lincoln’s want to do. How do we get out of here?

Haney 23:12
Fall play the game. I don’t What do you want me to tell you?

Chris 23:14
How to like go home?

Haney 23:15
Where are you? Where are you going?

Chris 23:17
I want to go back to the witch’s hut so I can get some fresh water.

Haney 23:19
Why is there witch’s hut? Why would the witch’s hut have fresh water?

Chris 23:22
There is some water outside it. Well, not the witch’s hut the photo guy.

Haney 23:28
Dragonfly is coming right for you.

Chris 23:30
So like the dragon fly? I don’t like the dragon fly. I’m gonna be honest.

Haney 23:34
I think that’s fine.

Chris 23:35
It’s not huh. Dragon Fly drag.

Haney 23:39
Is it fly on lightning? Yeah. Look, there’s your frog friend.

Chris 23:44
Can’t do anything. Can I put frogs in a jar?

Haney 23:48
I don’t know what to tell you. Yes, maybe?

Chris 23:51
Yes or no? Ooh, I don’t have time to do anything.

Haney 23:56
Oh, wow. It’s really late on the final day. Yeah. Like you really fucked up.

Chris 24:00
Okay, so if I go this way, this is I don’t like this. You know,

Haney 24:04
there’s a map I’m gonna corner right? Yeah, whatever. Okay. This isn’t the way you have to go. I’m gonna stop you. You can go the other the literal opposite direction.

Chris 24:16
What are you talking about? That’s where it came from, isn’t it?

Haney 24:21
The red marker always shows you where you came from. You just been going the wrong way. Like a fool. Like a fool Christopher like tell

Chris 24:27
me hurts. Perfect. How do I get out of here?

Haney 24:32
Look there soft soil. plant your seed. Oh,

Chris 24:34
I don’t have any water.

Haney 24:36
Yeah, maybe you should have thought about that before you spilling your water to anyone who

Chris 24:40
would pay definitely forgot. So seeds don’t carry over?

Haney 24:43
I don’t think so. I’m not 100% Sure, but I feel like they didn’t.

Chris 24:49
Okay. We’ll see. I shouldn’t know that when I was buying them. Should I time definitely got away from me.

Haney 24:56
Yeah, you wasted three days in the swamp. I don’t know how that happen. What are you talking about?

Chris 25:01
There’s a lot to do there. Huh? What? Is there not? Huh? There’s a lot to do in the swamp.

Haney 25:07
I want you to know that this does speed runner has beat this game in like 16 minutes.

Chris 25:11
I’m not trying to beat it in 16

Haney 25:13
feet Brian. Are you gonna deposit or what?

Chris 25:18
So we go into puzzler rupees I think

Haney 25:20
we do. So at this point you got your first new item in a while Hell yeah. Got the adult wallet. Yeah. Big bag. My adult sack if you will. Hmm. I will. Disappointment followed quickly by Yeah. All right.

Chris 25:34
I’ll take Yeah. So I got that I can carry up to 200 rupee. So I think I believe that’s correct. Yeah. So that’s cool. Reset time, and book it back to the swamp. Here’s where I personally feel like I made my first mistake. Not that I could avoid it. But I didn’t expect that I would have to rescue that fucking which again, yeah. Yeah, dog. So as you know, when you reset time you you know, everything resets. Now, who would have thought who knew? So go back to the swamp. Try and take a boat ride. No one’s there. I got I got a plan. I’m on a mission now.

Haney 26:12
I can’t wait to hear what your two dues are at the end of this.

Chris 26:15
Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What? No. Oh, no,

Unknown Speaker 26:19
she’s not there, Chris.

Haney 26:20
Oh, no. What are you expecting? What’s gonna happen?

Unknown Speaker 26:26
Dan, any name any mean any

Chris 26:30
shit. Okay, so I have to rescue her again. Ah, fuck me. Okay. This time though. I bought a

Haney 26:40
potion. You did? Because you’re like, I know what I have to do. Fuck this.

Chris 26:43
But here’s the thing. I took out money from the bank during this reset, because I was planning on buying beans. So I take my bean money and I buy a potion to bring the witch Kotaku. Yes. I guess I can just buy the potion from here.

Haney 27:01
I don’t need to have to dump your water.

Chris 27:04
I have to dump my water. I can just buy it.

Haney 27:06
I’m not sure actually. I would really like to bottles. See we only sell potions that humans God.

Chris 27:11
Give me a potion. Red potion. 30 Jesus Christ. I can’t sell to you if you have nothing. Are you kidding me?

Haney 27:19
Yes. Dump your water. Ah. How about now?

Unknown Speaker 27:25
How about this?

Haney 27:26
Just fucking soaker carpet. Oh my goodness. Sell me

Chris 27:31
potion me the potion.

Haney 27:35
Can’t believe you actually spent money on potion. If you follow the lily pads that I’ll bring you back to the magic shop. But you should probably take who up? Are you gonna swim? Fucking who cares? I don’t fucking care. Do whatever you doing. Okay. Are you fucking here? All right. No, I’m sick of this game. You’ve somehow ruined one of my favorite games. You’re welcome. Yeah. Whoo. Whoo. Chris is like can I interest you in Final Fantasy seven and how you destroyed that for? Tea. We’re the monkeys. We like to monkey around.

Chris 28:10
Go through the forest. Follow the fucking monkey get slammed by turtles.

Haney 28:14
Yeah. This is where I stopped taking notes for a while. Yeah, yeah.

Chris 28:18
I give the potion to Kotaku. She drinks it throws her on the ground blast out of their own room. Okay, can I interest you in a potion?

Haney 28:30
I need to eat my sweet bun to deal with you.

Chris 28:35
Man now I need more fucking rupees. That seems to be fine. Leave the monkeys it cost me. Go back to the boat. Yeah, go back to the Deku Palace. Yeah, go back to the Deku gardens.

Haney 28:49
Yeah, go back to the beam man.

Chris 28:52
He won’t give me free beans this time though. No, cuz even though you reset time he remembers being which means be min is the second person in this game that I’ve encountered as far as I remember who transcends time. Third, third.

Haney 29:07
But you’ve encountered that trantham Thanks, seller. Happy math salesman. Well, we don’t really know that. When you reset time, he is like, Hey, we’re like we made a deal. Where’s my fuckin

Chris 29:17
but that’s because you reset the point after you’ve talked to us true. That’s fair. Yeah. All right. All right. So we can assume he’s something fishy, but it hasn’t been proven in gaming. That’s fair. Yeah. Oh, yeah. So we got bank guy and Bing seller who both transcend time if

Haney 29:33
I could turn MC time. If I could sell my beans. There is a filling in this. Sweet. Yeah. Coconut.

Chris 29:43
I think probably. I think I got a coconut and pineapple.

Haney 29:47
Might be pineapple. I get coconut and pineapple mixed up in my mouth because they usually have them together. They’re very different flavors. I always have them together. And like a pina colada

Chris 29:58
pina colada

Haney 30:01
and selling beans.

Chris 30:03
Give me your beans, seeds. Whatever, Sir Give me more of your seeds.

Haney 30:08
I increased my income for the finest your seed seed.

Unknown Speaker 30:15
You liked my magic beans and came back to buy more 10 rupees for one pod.

Chris 30:22
Fill me up. Oh wait, he didn’t give me any free ones

Haney 30:25
no the game the game keeps track of when it’s your first time.

Chris 30:29
That’s nonsense. Stash those beans. I paid 10 rupees for him. Yeah, cool. You’re able to plant your seed again play my seed, get those 20 rupees back from the chest up. They’re

Haney 30:41
not even back. I mean, you deposited them. So you just got you net gains 20 rupees which call interest? Yeah, it’s not. Not even remotely close. But it’s it’s capital gains more than anything but

Chris 30:53
got some more beans. The monkey told me that I have to sneak into the palace through this other kind of side entrance. Yeah, take my beans there. plant a flower that brings me up to this secret entrance. Yeah.

Haney 31:07
Do you remember what you have to do? Where you have to find

Chris 31:10
a? I think it was around the corner this way. Right?

Haney 31:14
Maybe? I look like to play video games.

Chris 31:17
Now. I’m much better at this than you.

Haney 31:20
Huh? My ankle hurts from how hard I’ve been twisting the entire time. Oh,

Chris 31:26
I can’t play it as a decoy. Yeah,

Haney 31:28
I told you. That’s fucked. Obviously. plants can’t plant other plants.

Chris 31:33
How do you make plant babies than

Haney 31:36
basically you floating over the gardens that you’ve already snuck through? Yes. dive right in explains her

Chris 31:42
into over and over and over again.

Haney 31:45
So I couldn’t tell if you were intentionally fucking with me during this time. Or if you were just actually not good. And just trying to play it off. That

Chris 31:52
was not good. This is the most platforming section of the game that we’ve encountered so far. Yeah. And that as the day goes, scrub, you have to enter these flowers and they poofy back up, and they let you float for a certain amount of time before they drop you. So as you’re above the garden, you have to float from moving platform to moving platform. And while you’re doing this, there’s also deck of scripts that are shooting seeds at you. Yeah.

Haney 32:19
You got your seed shot in a lot. Yes. Yeah,

Chris 32:22
I took a lot of seeds to the face. Oh, is that like a turd up there?

Haney 32:28
Yeah. Don’t get caught by him either. Wait a minute. I think he just attacks the I don’t think he’s Wait. How am I supposed to? I have to fly over him. You have to kill him.

Chris 32:38
What? Oh? Oh, oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.

Haney 32:46
It is so stressful. Watching you play this game. I’m so bad.

Chris 32:52
No problem.

Haney 32:56
So much. All right, here we go. Can you get a gun?

Unknown Speaker 33:02
Hey, please.

Haney 33:03
We bought a talk there today and we haven’t done anything.

Chris 33:06
That’s on me. You’re the leader now, huh? I think I know what I’m doing okay.

Haney 33:15
Pingree. Thank God I mean, it’s stressful while you play this game. Boop, boop boop boop. Oh, God.

Chris 33:30
Well, that was on me.

Haney 33:34
I think you actually just shot us out of the air. Yeah. Can’t believe knotted together. knotted together. This guy just getting nodded to death at fuckin 7am More

Chris 33:45
don’t have to imagine

Haney 33:49
if you jumped down to get that daycare now I was legit gonna kill you.

Chris 33:52
That would actually be hilarious. Let’s go all the way over there. You know, I don’t know if I can do this. But dude,

Haney 34:03
do you want to give me the controller? No. Fuck you. I am better at video games and these.

Chris 34:09
I don’t know. I’m gonna beat this before you beat Final Fantasy. I beat up in less time than it took you to beat final. That’s literally I think that makes me a better gamer.

Haney 34:18
That’s literally an artifact of this game being genuinely shorter.

Chris 34:22
I mean, that sounds like a weak argument.

Unknown Speaker 34:26
I did it in Tintin, Tintin.

Haney 34:30
Tintin. Tintin didn’t, didn’t, didn’t didn’t and bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. Ben, Ben, Ben. Ben. Ben. Ben. Ben. Ben. Going Chris Pro. strats now there’s a heart piece there but I would I don’t

Chris 34:46
fucking write off with a heart piece. Womp womp My hands are so sweaty right now.

Haney 34:53
I can’t even imagine. Ah, I can’t believe we took an entire day to get there. Did you king chamber I did not track how many attempts this took you because it got to the point where I was like, I don’t have enough paper for this tally mark.

Chris 35:08
That’s fair. Eventual. I mean, yeah, it was it. It took a bit of time. Yeah. took some doing. Yeah, we got through it though. Yeah,

Haney 35:17
we got through it together. We went through this the way we came into the world together.

Chris 35:23
Just the same way we’re gonna go out

Haney 35:26
just four months apart and from different people. Yes. Yeah.

Chris 35:29
So we get through the floating garden section, and we sneak into the enclosure that the imprisoned monkey isn’t. Yeah, it’s like, hey, not gonna fucking talk to you. You’re Deku fuck off. Turn into a human throw my beautiful maskings like, Whoa,

Haney 35:45
I love humans. Excuse

Chris 35:46
me. Where did you come from? Listen, hey, here’s the thing. They think I kid up the princess. I didn’t do it. While I was trying to figure out where the swamp was poisoned. And monster got the princess. Yeah. And they grabbed me and threw me in here because I thought I kidnapped her. And hey, you got a loud instrument. Like a really loud instrument. Yeah, I said, Yeah, man. No problem. Check this out without my or Kareena. He’s like no, man.

Haney 36:12
He’s like that, that Peony thing. He I think He literally says that. Yeah, was upsetting curse to get very personally at that point.

Chris 36:20
I mean, it’s upsetting but not uncommon. It’s very it’s a very familiar feeling. Yeah, you’ve heard it before. Yeah. From your times over and over multiple anytime I try and initiate game night. So he says you got anything bigger than that? I said, Fuck you. How about that? Hey, listen, Dude, we got to wrap this up. Yeah, I was like it’s been an hour and a half and we have to do a talk through

Haney 36:47
we’ll we have nothing that we have accomplished today. And I have a benchmark that I’d like to get through. so I gently remind Chris that there is in fact, pipes when he turns into a daycare scrub

Chris 36:58
pipes burst out of my back just explode out there. To give me a song. I blasted out there. The guards and the king. Everyone surrounding the enclosure were like, pretty into it. Until Until they said, Hey, what the fuck?

Haney 37:14
Only the royal family knows that. That proves that you trick the princess into basically bringing you to the Woodfall temple. Yeah, opening it for you.

Chris 37:22
So they throw me out. But that monkey is fucked. There’s nothing we can do for him now.

Haney 37:29
Everyone’s just like, oh, whoo,

Chris 37:32
whoo. Oh, we’re having a great time.

Haney 37:34
Yeah, everyone’s jam and everyone’s staring at ya. All right, here we go. I’m sure they won’t kill you immediately. You’ll in the Sunnah of awakening? Wrong. Did you hear that? This melody was rolling the dick royal family knows. It proves the flush monkey to save the princess so he can enter the temple. That’s fair. Everyone let the monkeys punishment commence. He tells you Hey, hurry up, get to Woodfall temple, use the song to open it up. save the princess from the monster and prove to these people that I didn’t do that. So otherwise they’re gonna fucking kill me.

Chris 38:12
Yeah. Is this when you told me to? Yeah. So

Haney 38:14
at this point, I misleadingly told you that the temple was in the opposite direction so that you would get back to the owl statue without suspecting anything.

Chris 38:21
Definitely thought you’re leading me in the right direction. You know, we’re gonna have to go back to the deck is gonna have to work on these trust issues I’m now have I’m sure it’s fine. This is the way to the temple, right? No, no,

Haney 38:35
I don’t believe so.

Chris 38:37
Where did they say the tempo was?

Haney 38:38
I want you to go back the other way.

Chris 38:41
Do you want me to save it? I want you to go back the other way. Time to head back to day one.

Haney 38:47
Nah, no. You will lose everything. Hey, Hey, bud. You gotta talk to her. What? I’m just getting into fucking frog. What do you want? Yeah, the shortcut was over back by the not the magic shop but the swamp tour boat center place.

Chris 39:05
What’s it? Yeah.

Haney 39:06
So here’s the magic shop. Oh, but you want to keep going that way. Got a little left. And then see that statue? Yeah, go ahead and hit that.

Chris 39:17
But that is gonna end the game.

Haney 39:19
And then you go ahead and then that’s where we’re gonna end the game today.

Chris 39:23
Man Well, I feel I think that went pretty well.

Haney 39:27
Save it for the saving for the talk through

Chris 39:30
No, I do you wish we had a beer? Yeah.

Haney 39:33
So you slap that slot that owl and slap that. And we we saved the game.

Chris 39:42
It was great. Had a great time. Yeah, yeah. How you feel about today is

Haney 39:45
it said really good. No,

Chris 39:47
I’m starting to understand what is and is going to continue making Majoris mask very magical for me. Yeah, just getting lost in the world is great.

Haney 39:57
It’s really fun. The points of frustration are hat on Have the seemingly to me obvious parts of the game where you’re like completely lost. I’m like what the fuck is wrong with you? It’s obvious and then like, oh wait now I’ve played this game like 40 Yeah, it’s

Chris 40:09
got also you got stuck in an elevator in Final Fantasy seven.

Haney 40:11
Yeah. I think this is probably the most times I’ve ever asked Chris is this what it was like for you? Yeah. Which? Yes I suppose.

Chris 40:20
Yeah, but I had a great time. A lot of fun. Delightful. I was getting a little frustrated toward the end just because I knew we were running out of like, you know, recording. Yeah, like the day is progressing. Yeah, our actual the real life day outside these windows. It is

Haney 40:36
almost the end of the second day. Yes. What was your favorite part of today’s game? Ah, that’s quite big. It was quite the sigh.

Chris 40:46
I don’t know is. I mean, just exploring. Really? Yeah, like I kind of went into this playthrough being like, Yeah, I’m gonna check out the swamp. There’s probably going to be a temple or something. I’ll crush through swamp. Yeah. And I’ll finish the swamp today. Like that’s gonna be today’s episode. Yeah, didn’t go quite that way. No, but I had a great time getting off track and just like running around and exploring the the world.

Haney 41:12
Oh, I want you to know that it was never the plan for you to finish the slump. Okay, well, I don’t know anything about this game. We did. We did get you where I wanted to end the game today. Yeah, I just thought it was gonna be not ours. Yeah. Because this game, the game is significantly shorter than Final Fantasy seven. So like, the gameplay sessions are going to be shorter. But I was like, oh, okay, we’re just whole last doing this today. Okay,

Chris 41:35
yeah. So the other thing that I really enjoyed about today’s episode is in Clock Town, you have objectives in the sense that like, okay, this person needs to be helped at this time. But it’s kind of nebulous and how you’re going to help them. Yeah. And today, I think was the first time that I noticed, like, quest conclusions, or at least like, sections of a quest was like, Oh, so this is what I have to do to accomplish this. And an example of that is when you go to the

Haney 42:10
Firemen’s. Yeah, for the swamp tours center.

Chris 42:13
Yeah, there’s a dayco out there who’s like, I really want to move out of this this place. And I remembered Oh, there’s this other scrub in Clock Town who will give you a deed to his plot of land if you get him this like star fragment or whatever. Yeah. So now I know I have to go get the star for this deck of scrub. Get the plot of land, give it to this scrub, I’m assuming Yeah. But it was kind of cool to see like, okay, now I have these objectives for these quests.

Haney 42:43
Yeah. Yeah. I like I like that. You’re trying to piece that together? Because that’s where for me the magic of this game. Isn’t those side quests, like the main storyline is cool. But like, for me, the magic is really in the humanity of the game of like the just like, people have problems. And you can act as the mediary, basically, between these transactions that help to better people’s lives in some way or another.

Chris 43:07
Yeah, it’s almost the game kind of feels like a puzzle box. And it’s interesting that they introduce so many quests, but it takes a while to figure out what the evens are. Yeah. That’s really cool.

Haney 43:21
Like you have do you have the ability to help the twins for instance now, but you have no idea how right? Yeah, so you know that you’re in the right like times to help them? Yeah, but yeah, you’re filling in the the corner pieces of the puzzle. Yeah, yeah.

Chris 43:35
Very cool. Yeah.

Haney 43:37
I like it. What? What’s I’m here to do is currently there’s aside from the princess,

Chris 43:42
I want to finish that dig requester continue. I’m not sure how much there is to that. Just to kind of see what a conclusion will look like. And a quest. Like the princess is obviously I think the next step those are kind of the my big two dues, and if I have time, I’ll look for another quest or do some more exploring, but I don’t really know anything that’s going to come after the princesses. thing. I assume there’s going to be maybe a dungeon sounds like maybe there’s going to be a boss, but I don’t even know if there’s bosses in this game. To be completely honest.

Haney 44:16
You haven’t really had the dungeon or any sorry. Yeah,

Chris 44:18
no, the spiders was definitely the closest from what I’ve seen, but even that was like there wasn’t any puzzles or anything.

Haney 44:27
Go walk around and kill spiders. Yeah. Which is like for me that’s like an average like Friday afternoon.

Chris 44:32
Yeah, um,

Haney 44:33
I don’t like spiders. For those listening. I I really?

Chris 44:36
I just

Haney 44:37
absorbed what you said I do take the fault with it because five years are great. I know you like spiders. I don’t they have too many eyes and too many legs. And they should stop that.

Chris 44:48
I’d prefer spiders to whatever whatever. Tweet at Hani at at him and encounter. Actually, yeah, we should probably shout out your Twitter.

Haney 44:55
Yeah, we have a I have a I have a Twitter because Chris runs the first encounter. Twitter and won’t let me touch it. And well, you know, you

Chris 45:03
just don’t like social media.

Haney 45:05
I don’t know how to use social media.

Chris 45:07
No, you’re doing okay.

Haney 45:08
I had to Google the other day how to post a specific thing.

Chris 45:12
That’s too much information. That’s fine.

Haney 45:14
I’m literally an old man. I don’t know how to use anything.

Chris 45:18
At hand encounter.

Haney 45:19
Yeah. So that’s your two dues? Yeah.

Chris 45:22
Wait, I definitely want also to take a better picture

Haney 45:26
for PA that is important too. Yeah, I do want to see I genuinely don’t remember what the like picture funk.

Chris 45:33
I just want to get a picture of the frog that’s hopping. Yeah,

Haney 45:37
he might like that. Yeah. Frogs are a reoccurring thing. They are happy that you can’t seem to do anything.

Chris 45:42
I don’t know what to think about them. I don’t feel like I have anything that can interact with the frog. I can’t I tried to capture one in a glass bottle. I also ate a fairy hen. He doesn’t believe that the link consumes the flesh and soul of fairies. I’m let him know. That’s absolutely what happens when he captures a jar and eats them

Haney 45:59
hand in counter. Yeah. Um, one thing we also didn’t we we did do today that we didn’t really touch back on was the the kitten the fox masks that you tried to chase? Yeah. So your see you seem very fixated on that kid.

Chris 46:15
Well, he’s very interesting kid because he looks completely. He’s got much more mysterious air than anyone else in town. Huh? He’s the only other person I think that’s even wearing a mask that I’ve noticed. I believe that is correct. Yeah. And it’s a cool mask. So he heads to this locked door that you can’t open when he’s not there. So I followed him today thinking like maybe I can squeeze in after him. Or maybe it’s like, unlocked when he’s not behind it. Yeah. No, no, no. I I caught up with him. I tried to when he wasn’t there. I tried. It was just after he used it.

Haney 46:54
You tried to follow him him in while he was keeping it open?

Chris 46:57
Yeah. None of it. Oh, hey, again.

Haney 47:01
Take me to your fork. I wonder if you could go to his fork. Oh, oh. Oh, no. He’s

Chris 47:06
cooking. Okay, here we go. We’re off.

Haney 47:09
Break them. Raise them to the floor.

Chris 47:10
Where do you go? Oh, no, no, no, no, very find your own way home. I don’t have time for you.

Haney 47:16
He takes a while to get there so perfect. Just kicked down the door.

Chris 47:20
Laundry a lot. Yes. Oh, here we go. Don’t mind me. Following don’t don’t mind. I’m demand if I know. Are you kidding me? Fox Chris with the ass. I thought I could just slip in after him. Scam sucks. I quit. This bag is poor choice. And he I’m sorry. But that’s that’s fair. Alright, cool frog. That’s fine. All right. Let’s get back to the swamp.

Haney 47:52
Alright, let’s get real slammed

Chris 47:53
to get too sidetracked. I don’t know if I tried to talk to him properly. The last time I saw him, so maybe I’ll see what’s up with him and give it another shot. Yeah, there’s also the moon guy. I don’t remember what his deal is. But I might check back in on him. At some point. Yeah, the ghost.

Haney 48:11
Oh, yeah. Yeah, you absolutely should check back on.

Chris 48:15
Yeah, yeah. So yeah, yeah. I guess on top of the snow mushroom? Yeah. Yeah,

Haney 48:22
there’s a lot going on in this game all at once. I think that’s one of the bonkers things is how, how much is happening all simultaneously? Yeah, because there’s still only three days and everything is happening within three days. So

Chris 48:35
it’s really interesting. I think there’s a lot of open world games that kind of try to give you that illusion of reality. Yeah. And I think it really works that they said, Okay, we’re gonna do this just over the course of three days. And containing it, two, three days allowed them to really make it feel lived in in like, full. Yeah, very vibrant. So going into this game, I thought a lot more of it was going to be taking place in Clock Town. And that’s like the majority of where the flesh in the meat in the bones of the game would be. And it’s, I mean, that might still be the case. I don’t know how much of the game takes place outside versus inside. But there’s still so much going on outside Clock Town. I mean, swamp.

Haney 49:22
The Swamp by itself is a very big region that has a lot happening in it. Yes. Yeah. And I did not expect that. Yeah. And you’re still not done. Yeah. He said something earlier, where you mentioned that you’re the kind of person who follows a single thread until the end. Yeah. And this is probably the most seems really hard for you to not follow the single thread because you’re, you forget about stuff a lot I’ve noticed for which is not usually like you to be like, yeah, yeah, it’s nonlinear paths are hard. So I’ve played a couple open world games. And usually, like even Final Fantasy 15, which you don’t really know anything about, but it’s tech Play in the world boys night. Yeah, boys, Dad, I just want to play that game for boys and I Yeah.

Chris 50:08
I’ve played open

Haney 50:08
world, my season Stop fucking talking about Final Fantasy. So

Chris 50:13
I’ve played open world games. And usually I get immediately distracted. And I go off in the side thing, and I don’t finish that side thing I get pulled on to another side thing and I don’t finish that side thing. And within like three days, maybe I’m like, fuck this, I can’t handle this is too much. I can’t focus I I’m not getting anywhere. I can’t play this good thing that

Haney 50:31
this is a podcast and you literally can’t quit unless you want the podcast. And that’s the funny thing.

Chris 50:37
Because this is a game where I feel like I’m getting pulled on these side things. And I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing a whole lot. And part of that’s by design, like when you go back in time stuff resets and part of it’s just because I keep getting pulled in all these different directions. But I don’t care. Yeah, like that’s, I think that’s the really magical thing about this game for me is that you can get completely distracted and completely just go off in some weird direction that you did not expect to go and you’re going to be completely lost, and not know what you’re doing or how to get back from where you are. But it doesn’t matter because it’s so fun. Yeah,

Haney 51:19
it’s a good time. Yeah,

Chris 51:20
it’s fun. Yeah, it’s just great. Just super well designed.

Haney 51:24
Yeah. And that’s how I went into this leading it. I was like, This is gonna be different than Final Fantasy seven. Because Final Fantasy seven is a focused game. There’s Yes, stuff to do on the side. But it’s a focused game, whereas this game is really unfocused. And I think it’s interesting because I think the games that we chose for each other to be our first games are so indicative of our personalities. And like, you’re very straightforward, like one path at a time thinking I’m just like, plugins square. Oh, what’s going on over there? Yeah, yeah. That’s great, though. Yeah, I like games like this because they hold my attention better because there’s not a singular path where it’s like, interesting. Yeah,

Chris 52:04
that’s very cool. Yeah.

Haney 52:06
I think that that thanks so much for listening.

Chris 52:08
I’ll see you next time. Bye. Bye.

Haney 52:13
Thanks so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you want the journey to continue please support us at encounter. Find our socials and contact info at first encounter podcast comm please stop by and say hey, alright, intro and outro music is by Alden Zach very suave. Yeah. Oh, what? what he’ll do.

Unknown Speaker 52:39
That’s what Barry’s do.

Chris 52:40
I thought you had to bottle them and eat them. Now.

Haney 52:43
You can bottle them if you see them, but and then eat them right? No. Yes. What do you mean? Yes, yes. And

Chris 52:51
that’s what link does. He bottles. Ferries and he eats them hmm. And get stronger because he consumes their spirit and flesh. I hate this. What are you talking about? That’s literally what Zelda is.

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