We get the fanciest new mask before breaking out of Clock Town and exploring the very dangerous fields of Termina..

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:05
Hey listener first encounter is an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. content warnings can be found in the episode description. Chris world now yeah, we’re getting up into our elderly years of being 30 Plus as the Tick Tock youth say, being older, I’d say I’m starting to enjoy the finer things in life. Yeah, me. Things like a nice wine. My best friend Chris,

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Chris 1:37
Like Chris, and I like Chris and I perfect

give me a give big holler.

Haney 1:55
Hey, our games are so vastly different. Whose fault do you think that is? Probably yours cuz I don’t actually understand anything about audio engineering. Uh, whose game needs to be what? Well, mines real big. And if you talk in the same town that I do,

Chris 2:12
but I don’t because it was quiet.

Haney 2:14
I’m a quiet Shy Boy. Yours is real small, so I feel like they should be opposite. Here’s the

Chris 2:19
problem. If we turn mine up to compensate for my low voice it picks up your voice on my track, Chris. I

Haney 2:29
feel like I need your audio engineering skills to be significantly better than they are.

Chris 2:33
This is what happens when we fucking do it live. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:38
Uh, hey,

Haney 2:39
we got an episode today. Hell yeah, we do. Welcome to this episode. Thank

Chris 2:43
you, or welcome back from the previous episode, which is the first half of this episode. Maybe. Now Yeah, it is.

Haney 2:50
Who knows me? I don’t know. That’s for sure. Yeah, you do. Should I like that you think that I know anything about what we do here. So before we dive into today’s episode, we have a new patron

Chris 3:04
and new what tier Hani

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Chris 3:46
And thank you so much to our producer, Denise.

Unknown Speaker 3:50
Thank you so much Denise.

Chris 3:52
So I think last episode, we dropped off with me just finishing up with the Swordsmen school. Yeah, and now we’re just gonna keep running around clock down. Oh, I think I got a sick fair. Yeah, I’m

Haney 4:03
pretty sure the last thing I remember coming out of your mouth was thick fairy. I’m coming. I’m coming six. Very good. God, we’re not gonna have a sponsor after this episode. Well, let’s sit back relax. And enjoy this episode of First Encounter The Legend of Zelda Majora his mask.

Chris 4:20
We did some flips. Did some dodges is all good. That’s really good. Got to go back for the advanced training at some point. Yeah. I did find the fragment of fairy that I already returned the previous episode. Yeah, so that was a little concerning.

Haney 4:41
Yeah, cuz you’re like, well, I already got magic. So what’s she going to give me this time? Yeah, I don’t know. What the fuck she can do now.

Chris 4:47
But you know, I grabbed the fairies like what the hell? It’s just kind of card it back anyway, see what the deal is? Go to the ferry fountain. Throw it in there. She ha haws into existence Sure does. And she’s like, Ah, thanks for returning to my knee to my final form again. That’s, you know, yeah, basically, yes. Save us all please plus.

Unknown Speaker 5:10
Oh, kinda young one. Scattered throughout the four temples of this land are broken stray fairies like me, please find a way to save them and return them to their fountains. Surely they will add to your strength. Allow me to grant you something good so that stray fairies will not fear you. Then didn’t it? And then

Haney 5:28
you got the great berry mask where it was see straight various will fly to you when you wear it. That’s horrifying. Do you love it?

Unknown Speaker 5:35
You’ll know you’re close to a fairy who’s lost in the temple if the masks hair begins to shimmer. Come see me whenever your quest has made you weary.

Chris 5:46
She gave me a fairy mask, which will attract fairies that have been scattered when I wear it. It’s a little frightening. Yeah, it’s a little aggressive. Yeah, I think I wore it more than any other mask today.

Haney 6:00
You’re in a lot.

Chris 6:01
It’s very fun.

Haney 6:02
Uh, yeah. I tend to not wear any masks when I play this game aside from when I need them. But you were fully just, yeah, leaning into that mask life.

Chris 6:12
It was a good bask Yeah. Got the long hair. There’s flows behind you as you run. That very aggressive face.

Haney 6:19
Yeah. That’s good. It’s all good.

Unknown Speaker 6:21
What a treat. Wow. Oh, no.

Haney 6:25
Do you love it? This is your favorite thing.

Chris 6:28
I like how my hair flows. Yeah.

Haney 6:30
So now that it’s de, um, some of the conversations will be different and some of those shops will now be open.

Chris 6:36
Right? So I think oh, I can that guy can see target.

Haney 6:41
Yeah. Talk to me. The moon.

Chris 6:46
Okay, good. Love it.

Haney 6:49
Welcome to the trading post. Welcome, man. I just work here part time. I don’t really know this stuff. What uh, moods very relatable, very 50 rupees. I think it like helps you or something. Oh, yeah, and if you need like an empty bottle HydroShield 80 rupees. I think that’s the price on this thing. Red potion. 30 rupees. I don’t know. But I think it works really good and stuff. Green potion. 30 rupees. I think this like fixes up your magic power or something. How How amazing is this man?

Chris 7:21
How did they put me into the game?

Haney 7:22
Take his stick 10 rupees. The manager knows how to use it but he’s not here right now.

Chris 7:28
Fuck you, dog. So Oh, my dude.

Unknown Speaker 7:34
Yeah, I’m currently on the job. If I stopped duck, it will disrupt my schedule follows Yeah, according to my schedule, it is now to my naptime. If my schedule is disrupted even by a few seconds letter delivery will be delayed. Public service is very hard. Yeah,

Haney 7:54
I’m just gonna watch him nap for a little while. Just watch him. Fuck it. It looks like this place is about to close. Let’s go outside. Oh, there Yes.

Unknown Speaker 8:07
I’m on the job. disrupt my schedule.

Haney 8:11
I do want to caution you that sometimes you won’t be able to complete one of their missions unless you have a certain item.

Chris 8:19
Let me just penetrate this flower get to the bottom of your pistol

Haney 8:22
in the statement that the it’s been a while since Bonnie that I do

Chris 8:27
it. As far as I know. You’re correct.

Haney 8:33
Do you have enough to penetrate? Oh yeah, I do. What’s this lets you dig you scrub playground down this hole. It’s probably entered the hole as a daycare.

Chris 8:41
Gonna go ahead and play in this hole here.

Unknown Speaker 8:43
What’s in here?

Chris 8:45
Can I have rupees? No rupees serious? What the fuck is this? One ball Mama. Mama Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama Mama. Mama cannot blow bubbles anymore. I can spin.

Haney 8:58
I don’t think you can attack in a shop.

Chris 9:00
This is a shot.

Unknown Speaker 9:03
It’s time to change the setup. Go home.

Chris 9:05
Am I missing anything?

Haney 9:08
Uh, you found the mayor’s residence but only at night and you never made it back

Chris 9:12
there. That’s right. I was trying to I always forget where different shops are so off to come back to the mayor’s office. Yeah,

Haney 9:18
I think at this point, it was about evening of day two. And you decided to head south because a lot of people had been mentioning the southern swamp. Yeah,

Chris 9:29
so we had to the south gate and there’s a guard there. He’s like, Hey, kid. Can’t go out there because you’re a kid. Oh, excuse me. You have a sword. Please.

Haney 9:38
My apologies right on by Sir. He calls you sir after he notices. Yes, Lord.

Chris 9:43
So his stride past him. Yeah, just puffed. Ready to just go to town on the world.

Haney 9:49
Yeah, you’re dumped out into a new place for you. Yeah. Tamina field is what it’s called. Yeah,

Chris 9:57
I’m not sure I care for the name. term. You I always read as termina Yun like terminated me, like it always gave me very like ominous vibes

Haney 10:07
I mean everything about this game is ominous Yeah, it’s really unhappy game but that’s fine.

Chris 10:11
I like the the fucking bank transcends time. Yeah, more than the Great Fairy.

Haney 10:20
Yes. If there’s one thing you can be sure of it’s that the Federal Reserve will never fail. Maybe you should just take the dog with you.

Chris 10:28
So a lot of people are talking about the southern swamp was, yeah. And

Haney 10:33
I don’t think you can actually take the dog with you. Hey, hey, hey, stop right there. I want you to do the bliss

Chris 10:40
stuff. Have you some errands in the swamp? It’s dangerous at night. So I cannot allow a child like you to sword. My apologies, sir. It was wrong of me to treat you like a child. I am a child and somebody should not have given me a sword. They should be more concerned. The southern small but Woodfall lies this way. Be careful. I like that the mark of an adult is just a sword. Yeah. I’m a man now.

Haney 11:10
Welcome to the splayed Tamina field.

Chris 11:13
Ah, God, if there’s something I remember about occurring of time, it’s that the field were fucking creepy. I hated running across that because of the skeletons. What’s that horrible noise is that a frog is a little frog. It’s a wide open field,

Unknown Speaker 11:29
wide open spaces.

Chris 11:33
Exploration you can do here. The first thing I noticed was on my map, there’s a couple of different bright orange squares that you can approach and check out. So naturally, I ignored them immediately, and instead got attacked by a floating skull, which cursed me to the point that I can’t draw my sword anymore. Which is really ideal when you’re running around a field just swarming with enemies. Yeah. What are these orange things?

Haney 11:58
Why aren’t things on the map? I don’t know if I know. Right? You should not get Jinx can’t draw your sword now. What the fuck? Yeah. Sucks to suck. Why did you do that?

Chris 12:12
Oh my god. It’s good.

Haney 12:13
He told you it was dangerous.

Chris 12:14
hacked up some bushes. Got some rubies. And then I found a drawing on the wall. It says Skellington No, that’s it. That’s uh oh, I remember this. It’s the duck build thing.

Unknown Speaker 12:29
Tail. And I tried this with the Skull Kid. When we first met him. He told us that he had been fighting with his friends and that they had left him all alone.

Chris 12:38
And you kind of get this cutscene of tattle in her brother tail kind of shivering in the rain. Looks very unpleasant. And then they come across school kid who is in the I guess, like a hollowed out log? Yeah, just really shaking and shivering. It’s very upsetting. Yeah, that whole thing is really upsetting. Yeah, yeah. I mean, he just came across as like a kid. Yeah,

Haney 13:00
he’s just a cold pour. lonely kid. Yeah. sucks.

Chris 13:04
Yeah. So tattle and tail huddle up with him. The three of them keep each other warm through the rain. And then you kind of get some glimpses of them, like hanging out together. And just like being friends having a

Haney 13:15
good time. Yeah. Real friend of the time. Dude.

Chris 13:19
I really like the design of Skull Kid.

Haney 13:22
Yeah, he’s really cool.

Chris 13:24
I don’t understand why it’s called sculpt kid, though.

Unknown Speaker 13:26
I don’t know.

Chris 13:28
Then you get a little clip of him with the Happy Mask Salesman? Yeah. The Happy Mask Salesman is sleeping. And schoolkid is rummaging through his mask sack, if you will.

Unknown Speaker 13:41
I’m sure it was because he was always playing tricks. So nobody wanted to play with him. But to do what he did just because of that.

Chris 13:50
And I believe tattle tale said this is when he started changing is when he got the mask. Yeah.

Haney 13:57
So he pulls out Majoris mask, in fact.

Unknown Speaker 14:02
And once he got his power. Yeah, right.

Chris 14:05
Yeah. So schoolkid stole the mask and the happysale Mask Salesman, which we already knew. And it sounds like the mess kind of corrupted him a bit. And he started being kind of a dick. Yeah, because they said he had been like, prankster, a prankster, but nothing like dark or menacing or anything.

Haney 14:25
Yeah, but title kind of says that she thinks it might have been his constant jokes and pranks that cause his friends to kind of push them away. And then you know, that mischievous nature I think is what probably drew him to the mask, and to the happiness salesman and to that whole mess that we’re in now.

Chris 14:45
Yeah, that kind of makes me think of Loki a little bit. Yeah, the prankster. Yeah, yeah. So we saw that and run around the field a bit more. Whoo. Fuck you.

Haney 14:58
You I can take ProductPlan

Chris 15:01
Gotta give me your corpse.

Haney 15:03
You gotta take you stick Senate to blah blah blah use it dig sticks burn well, alright. Oh, that’s fine. I was gonna read that out loud. That’s fine.

Chris 15:11
No leave me alone.

Haney 15:13
Chris How are you going to level up if you don’t fight enemies?

Chris 15:16
These enemies are assholes. Do

Haney 15:18
you don’t want to get cursed? No.

Unknown Speaker 15:20
What are all those orange things on the mat?

Chris 15:23
I asked you you didn’t tell me.

Haney 15:26
You didn’t even look very hard. Now I’m over him. All right.

Chris 15:29
Hexam slimes up their sleeves that are carrying around various items within their person.

Haney 15:36
Yeah, you didn’t like the slides? No, they had faces. They regenerate very fast. I didn’t care for those. Yeah.

Chris 15:44
What’s a rubies? Like my power,

Haney 15:46
power. Power power skills. Ah. Oh, I like it space.

Chris 15:53
Oh, God. I didn’t know how to face you like it. No, I hate it.

Unknown Speaker 15:57
Oh, that was terrible. Dude.

Haney 16:00
Okay, it’s fine. You could stand exactly where it obviously respond. I’m

Chris 16:03
leaving this place. Oh, look at the fountains. Yes. Pretty fountains. Blue Blue. Blue. Michael boo boo boo boo boo. I found a ghost. He was doing dances.

Haney 16:16
Yeah, Camaro is his name. He’s a spirit dancer. Yeah. He actually was added to your journal as well. Yes, he was and Camaros whole deal is that he kind of just like said some shit about like wanting to like become one with the moon. Yeah, not really. Sure. I

Chris 16:34
like that. But basically avatar in that case,

Haney 16:37
Danny anything? Didn’t you’ve never seen avatar. I’ve seen

Chris 16:41
the a lot in the first book. Hmm. Isn’t there something about like a moon girl yet? Yeah, they make little moon babies and everything’s happy and all goes just according to plan. Yes. Yes, exactly. That’s what I remember. What’s that music? Is that that guy? was having a great time. Thank you. Good. I heart back. Oh, can I jump onto it from here? Yep. Yeah, again. What’s your deal? Sir?

Unknown Speaker 17:14
I’m no longer part of the living my sadness to the moon. I haven’t left my dance to the world. I am filled with regret. Translation. I’m disappointed. Oh, Moon. I have died. Fuck. Oh, I plan to bring the world together and stirred into a giant melting pot with my dad.

Haney 17:33
If only I had taught my new dance to someone. Very even Julian. Yeah. The Spirit dancer tomorrow was added to your notebook. I like this guy. Yeah, it was good. Good time.

Chris 17:45
Okay. Would you like to teach me Your dance? Pick you’d like to I interest you in teaching?

Haney 17:51
I am no longer. Okay. Cool, cool. Anyway,

Chris 18:02
so he’s added to my journal. We hopped down and flee from Zabu Zabu. What were those suits? Oh, those

Haney 18:11
are down goes down goes What’s elbows elbow? That’s also Zelda. I believe that’s the giant fish monster from the from mockery. Now. Time. Okay, because Java Java is I was I was Java Java. Yeah.

Chris 18:25
So they’re just fucking swarming about that’s fine.

Haney 18:28
That’s fine. Yeah. Only during the day. Yeah. At night. It’s just slimes. Yeah. Still didn’t like him. Dawn of the second day. 48 hours remain.

Chris 18:36
Alright, I guess we’ll go check out what those orange squares are.

Haney 18:40
Now that it’s daytime. Ah, what are you? That looks like a big dragon. That’s a Dongo. Oh, okay. Do you remember didn’t go good? Yeah, he

Chris 18:49
was a he was a big boy.

Haney 18:51
Yeah, the baby didn’t go at least it’s not like the giant be things knock arena that rip out of the ground and chase you.

Chris 18:58
Those might have been the worst things. Yeah, the ghosts were also scary in the cemetery.

Haney 19:03
Yes. I’m a ghost. How scary. Oh, I fucking just remembered something. Oh, just

Unknown Speaker 19:13
seems like maybe that’s what those arch things are. Give me your plunder.

Chris 19:16
All right. Perfect.

Haney 19:18
Nailed it. Nail that

Chris 19:21
can I I don’t think I can open these right here. I’ve got to get heavy boots or something. Nope. Stop diving.

Haney 19:27
I don’t know why you just dive better.

Chris 19:30
They’re also birds I murdered but that’s fine. They’re just bird. Yeah, water rupees. Yeah. Turns out they just explode into money.

Haney 19:39
Yeah, yeah, that’s cool. That’s cool. I like that.

Chris 19:42
There’s birds. What’s your deal bird?

Haney 19:45
I think it’s gonna attack it.

Chris 19:47
It’s a it’s a bad bird.

Haney 19:49
Certainly seems it doesn’t it? Oh, well, hey, kicked

Chris 19:54
its ass. Yeah, yeah, no problem. Easy. Give me gentlemen road

Haney 19:57
ahead. Romani Ranch They’re ahead now could you take my milker out?

Chris 20:03
Kinda just just registered. Was those bad here?

Haney 20:08
There it is. It was

Chris 20:09
good. I’ve jumped in a hole jump back out because it was just filled with dangos. Like, okay, this is enough of this. Yeah, none of that. Let’s I didn’t get a new song though. I found a wall that had a song.

Haney 20:25
Yeah, you play the song and it gives you money. It doesn’t get added to your song book or anything. I didn’t check. Yeah, it’s not anything useful. It’s kind of but yeah, it just spits out money from the Skull Kid drawing. It’s kind of cool. All right.

Chris 20:36
Well, there’s that. That was fine. ditch that field. Yeah,

Haney 20:40
I think at this point you headed south? Yeah.

Chris 20:43
He headed toward the swamp. The swamp the swamp. Enter that swamp. penetrated just filled it with me. Mm hmm. and

Haney 20:51
dumped your swamp water in it.

Chris 20:53
No. Disgusting. What the fuck is wrong with so much? Like, dude. Ah, no way. This does damage to this. Yeah. Okay, yeah. Yeah,

Haney 21:07
I’m putting it where are you? We’re getting I got so lost.

Chris 21:11
Alright, so here I am in the swamp. deck out. I have to get back to I’m on the second day already. I need to deposit my fucking loot before

Haney 21:19
you need to go ahead and make a deposit. Yeah.

Chris 21:23
Capitalism pro at this game already.

Haney 21:25
Yeah, pretty good. Yeah, you got some eyes. I got some eyeballs with this.

Chris 21:32
I guess I should read science. Swamp shooting gallery ahead. Good thing I read that sign so I could not go that way and

Haney 21:39
get attacked by some keys a

Chris 21:41
oh, there’s no fuck off. No.

Haney 21:47
Really seems like you should maybe deal with enemies a little better.

Chris 21:53
Just kind of monsters. Yes. He did a lot in the kind of first area. No, you found your your best friend though. Yes, tingle. Yes. tingle was back. He was floating. He didn’t remember me. That’s tragic. That’s

Haney 22:05
because you’re a Deku Scrub the last time you talked to him? Was that? Yeah.

Chris 22:08
Oh, okay. I guess that adds up. So I met my I’m not sure he would remember

Haney 22:12
if you’re if you’re a human either. That’s fair. But yeah,

Chris 22:15
so I met my best friend tingle. Yeah, he was he has balloon on shot him down. Sean down. kind of rude. Come to think of it. Yeah, I’m sure that’s fine. Oh, my, my boy, your boy. My beautiful boy. What are you doing up there? But dude. Can you hear maps? Perfect.

Haney 22:38
Stuck the landing.

Unknown Speaker 22:40
What’s this? Green clothes? White fairy sir. Could you by chance be a forest fairy? Hi. My name is tingle. I think I’m the same as you sir. Horace fairy is noses so read my father tells me to grow up and act my age. But why? I know. I know. We should be friends. Yes, yes. An exchange. I will sell you a map for cheap as a sign of my friendship. Will you buy one of tingles maps Woodfall snow hub No.

Chris 23:16
bucks to spare.

Haney 23:16
You got a map of Woodfall. Now you can find your way around the swamp. Yeah. The red arrow on the map shows where you entered in the yellow arrow shows your current location. Perfect.

Unknown Speaker 23:24
Well call again. tingle tingle. Cool. These are the magic words a tingle created himself.

Chris 23:33
Don’t see them. So I got a map to the swamp. That’s cool. He used his magic words. I don’t know what his magic words do. Cool. Yeah,

Haney 23:42
they’re his magic words that he made himself. That’s fine. Don’t steal. I

Chris 23:46
won’t take them both dog. What do they do? I need to know.

Haney 23:50
That’s the magic. That’s for you to find out. I mean, baby tangle is the magic.

Chris 23:56
So that’s fine. We got a map from him. Yeah. Of Woodfall of Woodfall. Which is this swamp. Yeah. I wish they were in the same name. Because I wasn’t sure when I was buying it. Whether that was Yeah, so separate area that I was purchasing.

Haney 24:10
So there’s regions so the South is Woodfall. And in Woodfall is the Southern swamp. But there’s other things in the in Woodfall as well. Gotcha. So you bought Woodfall which has southern swamp plus the surrounding area. Plus, yes. You plunge down ahead, and you come out into a little kind of beginning of a swamp with a big stilted building look like a little hot right there. Yeah. That you’d have to climb up to, but I sent you over to your best friend the statue. Yeah. And you decided I’m gonna I’m gonna quit it here, honey. I don’t want to play anymore. This game. So is that how it went down? Yeah, that’s that’s exactly how it went. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, fuck you. Now you know what I felt like for the past few years. year and a half.

Chris 25:01
I just want to run around. Just want to run around hacking bushes and

Haney 25:05
then it’s great. It’s great. Oh, welcome to the swamp.

Chris 25:09
Sure does look like one.

Haney 25:11
Frog on a log. Log. Never just frogs on a log.

Chris 25:15
This doesn’t look like a dungeon. What’s what’s here right over there?

Haney 25:19
He’s going on here so I’m tourist information I had a bad plan.

Chris 25:24
Never be too sure. Things like this separate the pro gamers from the

Haney 25:30
not so pro gamers. Yeah. Well, it’s nighttime. Give me a third day soon.

Chris 25:36
Yeah, I’m gonna head back for sure.

Haney 25:38
Why don’t you go over to that little statue there and hit it with your sword instead?

Chris 25:41
Cuz I have to deposit my monies.

Unknown Speaker 25:44
Why don’t you do what I said?

Haney 25:48
Ye who hold the sacred sword. You can save your progress and quit here. That’s cool. Yeah. What happens when you haven’t seen save it? Right?

Chris 25:58
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 26:01
I don’t know. I’m gonna go ahead and tell you. That’s where we’re gonna see.

Chris 26:05
But didn’t do enough though.

Haney 26:07
Maybe you didn’t do enough. Didn’t you do enough? How mad are you right now?

Chris 26:13
I’m pretty unhappy. So, Chris, how are you feeling? Feeling pretty good. I feel like I’m getting more of a handle on how everything works. And I’m getting kind of a better idea of how to approach I think, my link adventure.

Haney 26:32
Yeah, your Zelda adventure. As you play as Zelda The titular character. titular character, Zelda. Yeah. Siva, I have a handful of questions for you. Yeah. You have a lot of people in your book. Yeah. And not a lot of completion. What are you gonna What are you gonna do about that? Well,

Chris 26:49
I’m in a swamp right now. Yeah. So I don’t know. I kind of want to see what the deal with that is. But I also want to go back to clocktower.

Haney 26:56
You can do you can do anything you want. When I’m not gonna stop you. Well,

Chris 27:00
so here’s what I have. I have kind of a mental priority list.

Haney 27:04
Oh, I love it. Give it Yeah, who I want to help. Yeah, um, Guy first,

Chris 27:09
um, Guy gotta get him some medicine. Really? Fix him up. Fuck figure out what the fuck is up with that tattoo? I wish I could help tingle. He hasn’t been my journal.

Haney 27:17
tingle doesn’t need help. Single doesn’t need your help. tingles. perfect the way he is.

Chris 27:22
So top of my list number one, his

Haney 27:24
magic words are keeping him safe.

Chris 27:28
Tom Euless number one. I want to help the postman. Yeah, he seems like a good boy. I love him. I enjoy every interaction I’ve had with him.

Haney 27:38
He’s in that journal. He needs help. can only help him on one or two days. So yeah, but you started you started hunting him down a little bit during the that time block? Yeah,

Chris 27:46
I did. You started following and then lost him promptly. Yeah, yeah, I’m

Haney 27:50
sure you can figure it out from there. Yeah.

Chris 27:53
So circle back around to him. Music Man. Want to help him gara gara gara girl girl. Yeah, regrew? Just great. Yeah. Honestly, I just want to talk to him. Yeah. Or have him talk to me rather. The innkeeper? Andrea. Andrea. Yeah, she seems really cool. I’m just kind of a decent person. Honestly, if I tell you.

Haney 28:15
I want to say something. I it’s not a spoiler. It’s not a spoiler at all. I’m just gonna say on Jays side quest is my absolute favorite in the entire game. Okay, helping on do is? And that would probably ring true for 90% of people who liked this game.

Chris 28:31
Okay. Yeah. I guess next on my list would probably be the theater dude. Kind of want to figure out what to do with the troop in general is Garmin is the Theodosian. Yeah, so I think Garmin or the sisters. They’re kind of the Rosa twins. I assume they’re connected somehow.

Haney 28:46
They’re all part of the same troop. Yeah, they work for Garmin. Yeah, yeah.

Chris 28:50
So I don’t know. I kind of want to do them. And then after that kind of everyone is sold. Everyone else? Yes. It’s fine. Yeah. Yeah, those are kind of my helping priority. Yeah, I think.

Haney 29:02
I think one thing happened that I think you didn’t mention. Yeah, I during the gameplay. I mean, you can edit this back in but you followed a strange Oh, boy. Yeah. With purple clothes and purple hair and an orange box mass. Yeah.

Chris 29:16
Let’s let’s touch on that.

Haney 29:18
I’d like to hear your thoughts on that. Because that has to do with that door. You’re talking? Yeah. 100%

Chris 29:21
They were added to my journal though. I have to keep them in mind.

Haney 29:25
He wouldn’t talk to you know, I don’t even know it’s a he they would you keep

Chris 29:29
calling them he’s the first time he called me. He

Haney 29:31
This is a little boy.

Chris 29:33
So at one point, I don’t remember exactly which day it was, but I came into South Clock Town. And I think I was wearing the ferry mask. Yes. You’re sprinting about half the time.

Haney 29:44
That definitely ruined that that moment a bit for me did it? Well, as I was having a great day. As long as you’re having fun. That’s all that matters.

Chris 29:51
So I bumped into this a child. Yeah, who’s wearing a very cool looking Fox FOSS. Jesus Christ. Hello. Fox mask. Yeah, very cool yellow Fox mask? Yeah. I’m trying to talk to them. I’m having a real trouble with Dizzy targeting. It’s just not having any of it. Yeah. And they just leave. They do. They don’t talk to me. I’m like, Okay, well, can I go follow him?

Haney 30:19
Hey apprentice. Don’t just stand there looking around the sky. I want your mask. A kid. I would highly recommend following him. A kid. Quickly. Falling Out.

Chris 30:30
Ass. Give me your fox mask. And you bring me to the river with the frog. Yeah. And the music man. You got distracted a good frog? Yes, I did. And by the time I was undistracted the kid was across the river running through that door that was locked. Yeah. And I sprinted up and I was gonna get through the door, but I fell into the fucking river. Yeah, and by the time I climbed back out, the kid was gone. The doors locked. With that fucking kid go. Oh, hey, speaking the devil. Are we going? Are we playing somewhere? Take me to your house. Oh, no. Huh? Oh, yeah. Oh, okay. Well, that’s something to keep an eye on.

Haney 31:11
That’s probably the thing I want you to keep in mind the most. Is that kid? Pretty good to fuck

Chris 31:17
pretty good. What’s

Haney 31:18
going on there?

Chris 31:19
I don’t know. I didn’t get a journal entry. But that fucking kid with the fox mask is probably the most mysterious character so far that I’ve encountered, at least for me, because they didn’t like give you anything. You can’t

Haney 31:35
talk to them. You can’t see their face. Yeah, purple clothes, purple hair and a mask. So they what they were doing in South Park town out of No,

Chris 31:44
I was coming in from East Clarke town I believe. Yeah. And they’re just like, right there in front of me.

Haney 31:51
Yeah. And I think they caught you off guard because it was the first time you’ve seen them. Yeah. Yeah. Because you missed them the entire last gameplay,

Chris 31:58
right? I didn’t see them at all. Yeah, and I don’t remember. Can you tell me what day it was when I bumped into them?

Haney 32:04
It’s not that I don’t want to spoil anything. It’s that I genuinely, I think it was day two. I think it was but I can’t remember. Yeah, I can’t remember what day it was that you saw them. But I’m pretty sure it was day two,

Chris 32:15
do they kind of hang out there and you bumped into them? And then they get you? Or is there like psyches on

Haney 32:21
us? He’s on a schedule. Okay. Yeah. So he’s out of that locked room for a short period of time.

Chris 32:28
And the door itself is really interesting that they leave through because it’s unlike any others and that it’s the river kind of reminds me a little bit of like a garden, any kind of area. And so far aside from like, the fields outside of town, and the observatory. This is the only section that’s not part of like north south east or west Clock Town. So it guys sits apart. Yeah, as an area, which is pretty interesting. It’s very cool. Yeah. So definitely curious about the

Haney 32:59
Yeah, I think my next question is, what so far has been your favorite part of Clock Town? And what time of day? Because this was something that’s for me is this really memorable as a child night in West Clock Town is my favorite like night is yes, it was clocked out because when the Rosa twins are out and their song is playing, it’s awesome. I don’t know why it’s just a very vivid memory of being a child playing this game.

Chris 33:27
Yeah. I mean, they’re great awesome that song slap it’s a really good song. We I think daytime is actually my preferred time. Night. It reminds me how ominous the game is. thrilly sketch. Yeah, and like day is just fun and clock down. Like there’s all these like interesting characters just wandering around. So I can just run around have a good time. Like time still passing? It’s not great, huh? But at least it’s sunny. Yeah.

Haney 34:00
Day two is always been my favorite day as well. Because it rains. Yeah. And I’m a very emotional person. And there’s just an air of sadness. This game. I’m sure that you feel already. Yeah. And that rain on day two always matches the mood. I think of the game the best.

Chris 34:17
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I do want to, I don’t think you want to probably touch on this right now. I mean, cuz throw it out there. Um, one of the things I do remember one of the very few things I remember about this game from reading about it, is there’s a family of spiders sculpt tools, the skull tool is Yeah. I think they were like, a family of humans who are cursed to be skull tools or something. Mm hmm. And I haven’t seen them yet. And as a list of like, people to help they, they’d be pretty up there for me.

Haney 34:54
Yeah, um, we’re not going to touch on that right now.

Chris 34:58
Okay, what else you got for me? Ah,

Haney 35:00
where do you think the game is going from here you have all this shit to do that’s has nothing to do seemingly with the main quest. And then the main quest, what do you think’s next in the main quest? Like, why are you in the swamp?

Chris 35:14
I think, if I remember correctly, I’m trying to visit the various fairies from each region. Because I thought that the Great Fairy in Clock Town had said that her like, brethren or something were all split. Yeah. So I assume I have to return them

Haney 35:33
to their respective caverns. Yeah. And maybe

Chris 35:37
she said something about becoming like, more powerful. Yeah, or something. So I feel like that probably progresses in some way. I’m not entirely sure how that’s gonna help me. But it’s interesting. Those are kind of my objectives. I guess as far as story development goes, is the each each field segment. Yeah, I have to take on school kid. I already know. That’s the ending. So I guess working my way up to a position where I’m strong enough to take him on.

Haney 36:03
Yeah. Makes sense leveling up, if you will, in this action game where you do not gain levels.

Chris 36:09
This JRPG? Yeah. Yeah. It’s pretty good. Yeah. Purely from a story development standpoint. I think that’s kind of what I can go off of right now.

Haney 36:20
Yeah, that’s fair. I think. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:22
What questions do you have for me

Haney 36:23
at this point?

Chris 36:25
I guess not a question. But something that I’ve been thinking a little bit about is I started? Well, I’ve been reading a manga that involves somebody going back in time to try to change events that happen in the future. Yes. Tokyo. vengers. I think it’s called. Alright. Pretty good. I’d recommend it. But one of the I guess, themes of it is that every time he goes back, he can’t actually change anything that happens. Yeah. In the future. Like, they happen differently. Yeah, the same events occur, or the same ending happens. I’m curious and interested to see how how far they push the themes of like, time travel and fate. Yeah, sort of thing in this?

Haney 37:05
Yeah. I’ve, I’ve read that there’s basically two schools of thought on time travel. There’s one, which is you go back and the tiniest thing changes everything in the future. And then the other on the opposite side is you go back change something, and the same eventual fate happens, right? And the like, parallel I always hear is like, Oh, you go back in time, and you kill Hitler’s parents, right? Turns out that that was always going to happen, and that the person you thought was Hitler was never going to grow up to be Hitler, because Hitler was someone else, right, like the whole time. So I don’t know. Like, I don’t remember how deep this game gets into that. But it’s a really interesting thing of like, you’re going to time travel a lot in this game, like some episodes, you’re probably going to travel back multiple times within the same episode. And you’re going to be reliving a lot of events. And like, you’ll get to the point where it’s like muscle memory of like, there’s this episode of Supernatural, if you’ve ever watched it, where they get stuck on a loop day, yeah. And Sam can like catch a plate that’s about to fall, like stop a coffee from spilling, like, do all this stuff, basically, with his eyes closed, because he’s lived it for like four years straight or something like that, you know, in his timeline. And I think Zelda approaches it more like that, where it’s like, the same events are always going to happen. You’re just going to have to figure out the best way to deal with the events. Whereas like, you can’t change the events, but you can change your reaction to the events, right, I think is a good way that I would think of it. I think for me, the last question I have for you is are you enjoying the game? Yeah. Perfect. Ready to keep playing? Yeah, well, soon.

Chris 38:43
I want to go back to cocktail.

Haney 38:45
I think with that, thanks so much for listening, and we’ll see you next time.

Chris 38:49
Bye. See you. Thanks so much

Haney 38:53
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