We explore Clock Town as a human child today and begin meeting the inhabitants proper. Some make Chris uncomfortable. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:05
Hey listener first encounter is an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups content warnings can be found in the episode description

and now let’s press star Hey, you played a little majority minutes today huh?

Chris 0:29
Yeah yeah I sprinkle my toes ease into the water yeah a little bit more today

Haney 0:34
well a second round of play through didn’t do a whole heck of a lot in terms of progressing the story forward but the main storyline but we did get a lot of individual pieces of good good

Chris 0:49

Haney 0:49
I think it’s important for our listeners to to know that the way that this game works in terms of good good is going to be that the main storyline is the main good good but all the little side quests are really the the meat and potatoes of what makes this a great game. The meat and potatoes of the good good. Yeah, yeah, that’s good. Good. meat and potatoes. Tatties. Daddy’s gone. Do you like my Scottish oxen? What? What’s happening? is gone.

Unknown Speaker 1:17
Alright. Just going nuts. Alright.

Haney 1:21
So uh, why don’t you take me away?

Chris 1:24
Yeah. So we picked up right where we left off last time day one of our fresh new time traveling start. Majoris mask. I love to see it back in Clock Town. I think South Clock Town is where it keeps you out every time. Yeah, I’m not sure if

Haney 1:41
it’s every time depending on kind of where you are in the game. Yeah, I think there’s like a central region that your respond to, but we can we can play around with it a little bit more. Yeah, you’ve been a little hesitant I think to reset the clock too much. Because I think you’re afraid of losing the good good rupees. Yeah, without seeing your personal financial advisor

Chris 1:59
and go to deposit those single rupees into the bank. So yeah, fresh new start to Clock Town on the moon is still falling. But I’ve kind of slowed down the pace of time at this point. And I don’t feel quite as anxiety ridden. Gabi Yeah, that’ll do. Quite as anxiety ridden as I did the previous session.

Haney 2:21
You were very anxious last time.

Chris 2:23
Cool. You’re screaming I mean the whole time. Yeah, that didn’t do me a whole lot of favors.

Haney 2:28
Have you not listened to season one of this podcasts? That’s Yeah, that’s what I thought motherfucker.

Chris 2:34
So this session I wanted to really slow down take things a lot more chill. See how the residents are doing kind of what everyone’s deal is. kind of figure out the navigation because that was a whole nightmare for me the last game

Haney 2:47
yeah, the controls are still kind of a nightmare for you. Yes. Thinking in a little bit.

Chris 2:51
Oh, yeah. It helps a lot when you can adjust the camera turns out Yeah, yeah. Which is the thing you can actually do in this game

Haney 2:58
the targeting Fuck you. Although speaking of your ability to use the controls, you did turn into a decade scrub quite often accidentally, that’s fine. Yeah, I mean, you can unequip that. Yeah, nevermind. That doesn’t matter. Just

Chris 3:14
a fun little quirk of link. Yeah, just sometimes sometimes a deck of screws. Yeah. Yeah, that’s

Haney 3:19
that makes sense to me. Yeah.

Chris 3:20
So as I’m running about just switching between human and non human. I talked to

Haney 3:26
Dan Hugh Mann Bach did

Chris 3:29
you say to me, so I talked to some people. Do you have any to do’s today? I kind of just want to get a feel for clock down honestly.

Haney 3:37
You’re lucky that dog was barking.

Chris 3:41
Dog sucks. Oh, speaking of which,

Haney 3:43
so one thing I want to I would like to say to you yeah, is that depending on which day it is? And what time of day? There is different people in a Clock Town and different conversations that occur

Chris 3:59
Okay, just throughout the day, I heard what you said But yeah, I had to make sure the duck floated Yeah.

Haney 4:05
So let’s have a real clock time of a town Alright, so East Clock Town. I want you to get intimately familiar with Clock Town intimately Oh I forgot about that particular characters character design that no more that just no shooting gallery for you. Just leaving doesn’t none of that. I mean, you have to you have to press the button.

Unknown Speaker 4:31
That’s open credits open.

Chris 4:34
Why are these controls garbage?

Haney 4:37
Now you know my pain. If you think you can do it, you can do it. Why don’t you give it a try Sony? Why do you have a traffic cone? one game is 20 rupees. Why don’t you have a traffic cone?

Chris 4:51
I’m broke.

Haney 4:52
Well then you that gray. Man is something

Chris 4:56
Yeah, all lips

Haney 5:00
They call him old, old all lips Murphy town shooting gallery clerk What’s that? What are you the Indiegogo is the Zora band that’s revived the deep sea sound with its famous song we’ll be playing at the Carnival of time.

Chris 5:16
Contact Madame aroma regarding performances and details

Haney 5:21
please change my name to Madame arona

Chris 5:23
Will you change my fucking camera angle?

Haney 5:26
No. This poster tonight so I want to sorry collection of cowards.

Chris 5:32
Who thinks

Haney 5:36
he’s he’s fine. I’m sure he’s Ah yeah, take your time right?

Chris 5:41
Ah still horrifying It

Haney 5:44
doesn’t get any less horrifying. Oh, wait now huh? huh I’m pretty sure you can skip past those animations.

Chris 5:56
I don’t know how that’s how I want to

Haney 6:01
edge edge How do I how did you not know that

Chris 6:10
know about before you said no. You can’t use change the camera?

Haney 6:15
Yeah, z. z Will target you forward. No, she got a piece of height. you’ve collected two pieces so far. Collect two more to extend your life energy. Who is your favorite? Let’s let’s give him the rundown of who we talked to. There’s a lot. Yeah,

Chris 6:27
there’s a lot of people. Let’s kind of start in southern Clock Town. Yeah. And we’ll work our way around. Yeah. So in southern Clock Town, there’s a guy who’s yelling aggressively and just being upset at a poster on the wall. Not sure what his deal is. That’s fine. He’s really

Haney 6:41
angry about that. He’s really, really upset about that poster.

Chris 6:44
Yeah, I assume that’ll be a thing. I don’t know. We’ll see. He’s not doing a whole lot for me right now. We got a guy who’s shouting at some other guy who’s up on a roof of some sort.

Haney 6:56
Yeah, it’s a it’s like a little tower.

Chris 6:59
Yeah, that’s fine. Yeah, they’re just doing their thing. The dog is still a piece of shit. You know, it’s expected

Haney 7:05
you threw that dog around a lot more than I would like to see someone throw a dog around.

Chris 7:09
Not a good boy. Bad Boy. So the dog sucks. And we explored some shops. This it’s gonna be hard to remember where everything is right now. So let’s just kind of hit them. Yeah, we had a bomb shop. Yep. Was that the one with the couple who is just going to town on each other’s face?

Haney 7:26
No. So that’s the lover shop. Right? Next. The bomb shop had the Goron in it. Who was telling you about his big bomb? The lover shop. They were talking about bombs, though. Yeah, they said you can play their game or whatever. Unless you had a bomb bag. That’s right. I don’t want to play their game. I don’t think I mean they were really just eaten. fagard sucking each other down. Yeah, I didn’t. I didn’t mind. I didn’t care for it. We left there. Honey and darlings shop.

Chris 7:52
Have I walked in on something. Chris, can

Haney 7:55
we help you?

Chris 7:56
Interesting. What’s your deal?

Unknown Speaker 7:58
It looks like we have a visitor

Haney 7:59

Chris 8:01
I wonder if it’s a customer darling.

Unknown Speaker 8:03
But from what I can see he doesn’t seem to have a bomb bag honey.

Chris 8:08
Oh my God. He can’t play today Kenny darling. I want to play with ETL purposes.

Haney 8:15
Please, please play with me. This

Chris 8:16
is not how I’m playing the game.

Haney 8:18
Please play with me daddy.

Chris 8:20
The problem with today’s session I guess is that I only had one rupee for the majority of the time I was in clocktower.

Haney 8:27
You also didn’t do anything to rectify that situation you know I only could have I deposited my rupee you had money in the bank you had money you could have taken out

Chris 8:35
honestly I didn’t even think about taking out money I only assume that I’m going to be depositing money into the bank. I’m just going to amass a fortune I’m just going to by clock down I think

Haney 8:47
I mean yes yes. And so

Chris 8:49
we saw that we saw the sisters the twins who were dancing yeah they seem pretty cool the Rosa sisters Rosa sisters Yeah, they didn’t like me They told me to fuck off.

Haney 8:58
Yeah, but they added they got added to your journal we should probably touch on your your bomber notebook a little bit.

Chris 9:04
Yeah. So previous session I got a notebook from the Justice Society of the bombers or whatever the fuck

Haney 9:12
bombers secret society. Yeah, that’s why satisfying Yeah, sure. Hansa bomber kid.

Chris 9:19
Fuck you guys.

Haney 9:21
Hey, look, there’s a piece of the Great Fairy up there.

Unknown Speaker 9:23
Hey, buddy. Have you found in trouble people? If you do? That’s right. Do you remember how to use your notebook? Yes. All right. Bob Murray Secret Society of justice.

Chris 9:35
Are people automatically added

Haney 9:36
to the to the notebook? Yeah, I believe so. Yeah, if you um, you can go to the start menu and utilize the notebook and it Will have like, or you could just turn into a daycare. How about that? Yeah.

Chris 9:48
You ever just

Haney 9:50
wait what? Haha, I thought you loved yourself a bad UI, which is happening here. So if I believe if you scroll, there’s like an event. That can happen on each day if I remember right, but there’s Garmin, Garmin leader of a traveling troupe. Hello. What was that

Chris 10:06
sound? Oh, I don’t like that. That’s why I train go to the right.

Haney 10:10
Because you haven’t unlocked anything to help him yet I believe Garmin leader of a traveling troupe has been close, but a frightful face.

Chris 10:18
When you talk to different people, they’re going to be added to your journal. And these are people who need help with something. And the journal Will kind of show you time blocks of when you can help them. And also, once you’ve finished helping somebody as much as you can, there’s gonna be a little like completion sign next time. So a lot of the people I talked to, they’re added to my journal. So I know at some point at this time, I can help them in some way, but I need different like items or to be in a different situation for a lot of the stuff that I can help people with.

Haney 10:50
One thing that’s interesting, too, about the the notebook is that some stuff can only happen on a certain day, which is an interesting mechanic, I think, yeah, at a certain time of day. Yes. Is what you’re saying with the time blocking.

Chris 11:00
But yeah, so the the game is played over the course of three days, just kind of over and over again. You know, different things Will happen on different days in different parts of Clock Town, depending on the time of the day. So it’s pretty cool. And I think a lot of the game is probably going to be me tracking a lot of that stuff. Yeah. And figuring out what I can do when and where and just kind of trying to keep all that in mind. So lots of Keep in mind, too. It’s a lot and the journal honestly. kind of struggled with it.

Haney 11:29
Yeah, it’s uh, I you know, I love this game a lot has a lot of fun memories for me. definitely leave something to be desired, though with the UI journals UI. Yeah. It’s it’s a little confusing, but I think once you get used to it, it’s like, Okay, I’m getting it. Yeah, yeah. You also struggled a little bit with the clock, like the time. Yeah, knowing what time it is currently. I feel like

Chris 11:51
I tend to ignore that automatically, unintentionally. Somehow, I keep forgetting it like it’s down there. Regardless, that’s fine. So I’m running around meeting people. We got the mailman. He’s fun. House man, his best man. He’s either running around town or sleeping or training.

Haney 12:08
I would like to dive into training here because you definitely got aggressive about the training. Yes. Tell me a little bit about about your training here. Because it was very fun for me to watch.

Chris 12:18
Yeah. So you can go to the post office. And as with any post office that you would stumble across, you can walk in and there’s just a bed in the back? Yeah. Which is Yeah, standard. USPS standard. Yeah. And on the bed is the postman, only sometimes. Only sometimes,

Haney 12:34
you know, sometimes delivering mail. I mean, he has a job. He runs a successful post business. That’s,

Chris 12:38
that’s fair. He does seem to be the only employee. Yes, that’s fine.

Haney 12:43
He also services every continent across all time for his elda. So that’s no, that’s a lie. That’s what to put on your shoulder. He’s basically Santa Claus for mail.

Chris 12:55
Or Santa Claus is the postman for presence.

Haney 12:59
I was trying to rip my head off and throw it and I got stuck on my giant head.

Chris 13:04
In this instance, though, we walk into the post office and he’s, you know, on his bed in the back, sitting up though, not sleeping, just kind of his mental running. His legs are moving. He’s just kind of vibrating on the bed. Yeah, a very fun manner. Yeah. Emily came in. It’s going on here. He’s like, Whoa, I didn’t see you there. I’m just mentally training. Yeah. Also, you can read the schedule. On the

Haney 13:30
fuck yeah, post office. What’s your deal? This week schedule morning collection, afternoon delivery evening practice. The week’s motto, Don’t slack off the heavens and the wife are watching marathoner. That’s present for me from Mary. Open up. Stop madness giving the president look he’s practicing what? 456? Yeah, You startled me.

Unknown Speaker 14:01
Do not disturb my training. In my mind. I am running for exactly 10 seconds without looking at the clock. I was in the middle of mental training. What? You may make fun of me, but this is quite difficult.

Chris 14:15
I think I’m done with this game

Haney 14:17
entirely. I’m just gonna quit. That’s fair. Well, you try.

Unknown Speaker 14:20
Yeah. Press at the start count. 10 seconds and the precise moment you think you’ve hit 10 on the dot press A again? Oh, wait.

Haney 14:30
Are you okay?

Chris 14:31
No, I didn’t understand your time

Unknown Speaker 14:33
was 551. See? Told you.

Chris 14:37
Again, let me try twice. I have to pay to mental train. Yeah. You can train with the postman. He’s like, Hey, here’s what you’re going to do. You got this little dialog boxes like you press a and the timer is going to start then you press A to stop the timer and you want to stop the timer after 10 seconds have passed. Or like Okay, cool. So I close the dialog box and the timer just started.

Haney 15:00
Yes, what the dialog box is trying to tell you was as soon as you press A to close this dialog box, that’s when the timer is going to start.

Chris 15:08
No, that’s not how you write out though. No, I’m used to like in Final Fantasy seven where start stop. Yeah. Well, you remember the moment very early on where you’re smashing the buttons in unison? Yes. Yes. You mean the one I got on my first try? Yeah. So I’m like, oh, okay, so you get rid of the dialog box, then it’s gonna start and you’re good. Yeah. nightmare for me. terabyte per se to start Count 10 seconds in the precise moment. You think you’ve hit tone per se again? Wait. Okay, so wait a minute. This guy is telling me if you one millisecond Yes. This guy is telling me to press eight to start the clock. But I’m not doing that. It just starts. I’m not doing this wrong. He’s doing it wrong.

Haney 15:51
Why don’t you give him again? All right.

Chris 15:54
Okay, so it’s gonna start and I have to count 10

Haney 15:57
when you press a from this screen that starts Oh, press A to return. Fucking okay. Nice. 1081 My bad.

Unknown Speaker 16:12
See, I told you it’s difficult. You look like you want to try again. Fuck you. You’re

Haney 16:16
broke. I’ll let you try. But it Will cost two rupees. Will you try again?

Chris 16:21
Go fuck yourself.

Unknown Speaker 16:24
Shoo, shoo.

Haney 16:26
The postman. His priority is delivery. It was added to your notebook.

Chris 16:28
What a piece of shit. This place sucks.

Haney 16:32
This game is garbage. Just gonna dig is gonna dig you out on them. I mean, you’re gonna have to wake up pretty early in the morning to catch the

Chris 16:43
kid. So that’s fine. I just blew all the Gil that I did have in my pockets playing that.

Haney 16:47
Do you think Gil? Yeah, I don’t see rupees. Yeah. You had I think six rupees when you went in there. And you blew all of it on training lessons. Yes. I mean, that’s how bad postman training works. It’s like you’ve never gone to the post office here.

Chris 17:01
So we left there. unhappy, I would say I would say unhappy. He was added to your journal. That’s you. He was added to my journal.

Haney 17:08
So some help with something? Yes,

Chris 17:10
I do. He seems like he needs help with a lot of things. But we left there. What else do we have? We had the milk bar. That was pretty fun. Milk bar was fun. You met two people in the milk bar. Yep. The poor. The proprietor of milk bar seems like a fine gentleman. And we have the so the milk bar is called the latte. Is it? Yes. I’m just gonna call it the milk bar.

Haney 17:35
That’s fair. And Mr. Barton is the owner. And the gentleman is in there is Gorman Gorman. Yeah. So Gorman is a very depressed individual. That seems

Chris 17:51
Yeah, he was sitting at the bar. He was trying to figure out how to tell his theater troops. that right?

Haney 17:57
Yeah, he was trying to tell he had to figure out how to tell his troop that the show was canceled, basically.

Chris 18:01
Yeah. So he was added to the journal stockpot in

Haney 18:05
checkins. Begin at 8am. All right, cool. So that’s why there’s the clock on the bottom because like that actually does something in terms of gameplay.

Chris 18:13
Yeah. murders me,

Haney 18:14
I believe. Milk bar.

Chris 18:17
No bar.

Haney 18:18
I forgot about the milk bar. I genuinely entirely forgot about this. Oh, bar opens at night, sir. And it’s members only we refuse people who don’t have proof of membership. Well, no, I’m getting things ready. So as long as you don’t get in the way of my cleaning, you can stay, sir.

Chris 18:34
I’m a child. Well, I guess it’s milk bar.

Unknown Speaker 18:38

Haney 18:41
Sounds like your show has been canceled. You really don’t need to be here anymore. I came to drink. I’m a customer. Well, then customer. The bar opens at 10 o’clock at night. Please wait till then. And besides that, this bar is for members only those without proof of membership Will be refused entry. And I don’t need milk. I just want to sit and think for a while. Just give me a place to do that. Fine. Be my guest. Be my guest Be my guest. swarmin leader of the traveling troupe was added to your notebook.

Chris 19:14
What’s your deal? Garmin.

Haney 19:16
Ah, that’s the noise when he rides a horse. Oh, okay. Time spoilers in Ocarina of Time. All of the characters in mudros math are like the same characters but just like yeah, alter egos. Like they’re not the same. Like the character model is the lon lon ranch deckhand, okay, and the guy who runs the bar is the owner of the lon lon ranch. Interesting. Yeah. So it’s funny because that dynamic is still kind of there between them. What am I going to say to the troop members? Still don’t know why the show was canceled, though.

Chris 19:52
That’s true. I assume because the moon is plummeting to Earth. But that’s the only reason Yeah, we’ll come back around to that everyone else is still partying Yeah they’re having a great time

Haney 20:01
yeah so we left the milk bar says you need a membership

Chris 20:04
yeah I do I do need a membership to the bar also that fucking plan from the last episode that I got the the ground Daegu yeah my house deed yeah he kicked me out of my house yeah so now I’m back on the street yeah

Haney 20:19
yep bucks

Chris 20:20
fine I guess

Haney 20:21

Chris 20:22
all right well this was my house

Haney 20:24
yeah was

Chris 20:26
oh no I got a deed dial is my D i

Haney 20:31
don’t think you get to keep the deed I remember right

Unknown Speaker 20:34
this is my private property don’t try easiest when I’m not around I’m actually upset I’ve already sold out of my wares and the carnival hasn’t even begun I’m thinking of closing up shop so we can buy a gift from my wife and returned to her okay okay okay if you don’t hurry I’ll give it to another ticket scrub. Scrub gets

Haney 20:56
nuts the nut you want to get matching tattoos let’s say the early scrub gets the nut let’s keep going What else did you see? Well

Chris 21:03
I had that creepy shop where you can’t see anyone you’re talking to

Haney 21:10
the lottery shop the lottery you can enter the lottery

Chris 21:14
yeah it’s just a counter with darkness behind yeah you just

Haney 21:18
pay him rupees and gas and then they give maybe give you more rupees back or you loser rupees that’s gambling fine gambling one on one

Chris 21:25
seems more up your alley than mine I couldn’t afford that so I left that’s fair. Curious curiosity shop curiosity shop and color me curious hello

Haney 21:36
hello and this guy gamin tonight I got nothing to say I kid you not Can I buy something? pay a good for it. Show it to me with see thanks coming again. The Man from the Curiosity shop was added to your notebook he’s troubled and needs help Hey,

Chris 22:00
that’s fun. That was probably my favorite shot that was pretty cool.

Haney 22:05
Yeah the suit of armor in the back that was really cool. I want to see if that’s a nod to something

Chris 22:08
yeah and that was the shop where you can sell him things yes yeah yeah, you didn’t just didn’t have anything I didn’t have anything to sell so he left there there’s also a bell you can knock outside the shop that Will I guess pull somebody up maybe I don’t know. I didn’t hit it because I didn’t have anything to sell

Haney 22:24
so nevermind

Chris 22:26
okay there’s a frog that’s fine. Yeah,

Haney 22:30
it’s just a frog that’s a frog down by the laundry pole Yeah,

Chris 22:34
but that is where I met possibly my favorite character so far.

Unknown Speaker 22:40
Oh, what’s this? Are you Hello?

Unknown Speaker 22:43
Talk to me

Unknown Speaker 22:44
those with business please ring

Unknown Speaker 22:45
the bell

Unknown Speaker 22:47
solicitous curiosity show

Chris 22:51
it’s kind of strange. I don’t have anything to sell. So fuck whatever their asses. Let me out. I don’t have anything to sell. So I’m not gonna ring it right now. There’s a store go.

Haney 23:02
It’s locked. Frog time.

Chris 23:05
Can I help you? Are you troubled? Are you troubled? Tell me your trouble.

Haney 23:10
Why don’t you

Chris 23:11
the target and grab them? Honestly, because I forgot. The target was the thing. I don’t think because I can’t grab him.

Haney 23:19
I don’t think he can do anything with them. It’s a frog. Okay,

Chris 23:22
um, I don’t know who music

Unknown Speaker 23:28
they said I was much too loud when I practiced in my room. They got mad. No, I’m just sad. What’s the

Chris 23:36
instrument he’s playing?

Haney 23:38
It is a phonogram phonogram I believe it’s where you crank is like a box that has a crank and it’s attached to a bell and like has straps on it you kind of wear on your front and crank the bell on it. It plays music kind of like a music box. I think it’s called the phonogram but I’m not sure it’s something like that. correct us if we’re wrong. Yeah, I don’t even know if that’s real like to it might just be some bullshit. It’s could be just like awkwardness. Yeah, fake instruments. Basically. Who plays that shit? Probably a lot of people Lance actually plays the piano. Yeah, he sent me some some he was playing some madora Xmas music actually. That’s cool.

Chris 24:11
Yeah. Anyway, so we talked to this guy, and he’s like, Hey, I was uh, kicked out of the end because I was playing too loud. like okay, that’s cool. I they start getting real

Haney 24:23
weird. starts telling you his his life story about his time in a traveling stars. Like troop animal. Carnival animal troop?

Chris 24:33
Yeah, yeah. It’s like I was part of an animal troop. Why was I there? Because humans are animals to

Haney 24:38
you dummy? Yeah, yeah. begoun Yeah,

Chris 24:42
but he had some beef with the leader of the troop, which was a pupper. I it suddenly just clicked to me why he’s your favorite character because he also has beef with the dog. He’s very relatable. Yeah, he’s the most relatable character, the entire conversation he gets more and more aggressive. erratic and the facial animations are just really good I would definitely recommend anyone like looking up this it’s very fun

Unknown Speaker 25:06
guru Guru maduras mask Will get you what you want. Oh, just think about the past thing keep my mind off the bed. Oh yes, I’ll do that. Do you need any guest? Long ago? I was in an animal troupe with dogs and donkeys and such. Why could a Why could? Why could imagine that’s because a man is an animal to my voice. They were all great, but there was one thing I didn’t like about it. Why was why was the why was the doc the leader? Was it something was wrong with me sir. Oh, that was an amazing leader. He always had a stellar trip no matter what animals he had to work with. That’s why I that’s why that’s why I still lit the dogs mask. I stole it. I wanted it because it was the leaders mask, but I no longer needed. I give it to my guest. Hey, oh

Chris 26:00

Haney 26:01
you got the Bremen mask. This mask belong to the leader of the animal troop try parading around tiny young animals

Unknown Speaker 26:09
that are probably the leader was a good instructor. This numbers matured quickly and they became adults in an instant. Guru guru the traveling musician was added to your new book sweet. You listen to his confession of Q. This was added to your notebook.

Haney 26:25
Alright, yeah, yeah, sometimes. He stole it. Straight up. He stole the dogs math

Chris 26:33
seems to be a theme in this game. Yeah, theft. Yeah,

Haney 26:36
I mean, grand mascot. Oh, really?

Chris 26:38

Haney 26:40
was that not good for you?

Chris 26:42
So he was like, I stole the dog’s mask. I was like, Oh, sweet. I’m gonna get a dog mask. He gives me a bird mask. Yeah, that’s fine.

Haney 26:50
It’s the the Bremen mask. Yeah, that’s called

Chris 26:53
and with this mask? I can play the aquamarina and March. Mm hmm. Which causes some animals not frogs as far as I can tell so far. Specifically dogs to follow you.

Unknown Speaker 27:07

Chris 27:08
that’s fine. Yeah, I’m sure that Will come in handy if you blocked

Haney 27:11
it when you wore that mask a lot today not because of the

Chris 27:15
making animals follow you. I just like the marching. The music for

Haney 27:19
the marching is always very fun, too. It’s just fair. In any in any in any in any in any. Then see now you have a new command on the green button at the top. This is March.

Chris 27:33
Excellent. Okay, here we go. Here we go. Now we’re cooking. Come with me. Come frog. We we go.

Haney 27:41
I don’t think the frog does anything. But may I suggest you try it around your favorite dog.

Chris 27:48
I thought it was gonna turn me into something.

Haney 27:50
So not all of them turn you into something. Some of them have a command and some of them do nothing at all except complete a storyline and just look red as hell yeah, I mean you look cool as shit with that math.

Chris 28:02
So everything in the journal that stays regardless of whether I turn back time,

Haney 28:07
yes. Okay, if I could

Unknown Speaker 28:08
turn back time,

Chris 28:10
I would fund dog.

Unknown Speaker 28:18

Haney 28:19
he follows you. Alright, well, let’s just gonna just fuck this. I’m leaving. I’m going back to higher oil. So that’s your, your second mask? Yes. You have the daikon mask. And now you have the Bremen mask.

Chris 28:31
And also the guru guru was added to my journal. I believe he was Yeah, so he can help me something frog wasn’t added. That’s fine. Also by the river, there’s a door I couldn’t get into. It’s locked. So we’ll come back to that at some point. What else we got? We deposited another rupee in the bank.

Haney 28:49
He didn’t like that. No, he sarcastically called you like a big vendor? Yeah, vendor, like, oh, wow, who’s the big spender? This little green tunic?

Chris 28:59
That’s fine. I’m sure it’s fine. He seems pretty okay. Yeah, he’s probably the most powerful character right now. Currently, he’s seemingly the only one who can transcend time. Aside from the mailman. I guess. The Postal man. I mean,

Haney 29:11
rain, sleet, snow or shine or time. That’s what the USPS motto is right. Yeah. I mean, except for time. That is actually what it is. rain, sleet, snow or shine or something like that.

Chris 29:23
We need a shirt though. That adds time to the end of the theme though, right?

Haney 29:27
Ah, yes. And I already have ideas in my head now. Thanks for that. Excellent, perfect.

Chris 29:32
All right. We’re doing that then. So what else we got? We’re on the west side. We got the sisters. We got the junglers Do you have jugglers? I still don’t like them? No, they’re really weird jokes.

Haney 29:44
They’re offensive jokes.

Chris 29:45
I don’t care for them. Yeah, they offend you. At least I just didn’t care for him. I don’t even know if I was offended. I just didn’t care for it.

Haney 29:52
You found them twice. Do you find them? Yes. Once juggling during the day.

Chris 29:55
I don’t think they were added to the journal though. No, so we’re just gonna ignore them for now.

Haney 29:59
That’s Fair that’s fair yeah

Chris 30:00
I’m fucking but the other place we found them in is the in the stock

Haney 30:04
pot in yes and you also met the ns proprietor yeah nice woman named Anu

Chris 30:11
so I need to find the mayor’s office still is that what this was

Unknown Speaker 30:15

Haney 30:16
I think this is the stock pot in which you have not been in yet.

Chris 30:19
No I haven’t been in you know.

Unknown Speaker 30:21
Welcome to the stockpot in She’s cute. Um, did you have a reservation? Oh, I’m

Haney 30:25
terribly sorry. There are no vacancies today. We’ve been booked solid with reservations. It’s always this way before the carnival I’m sorry. On ju that’s the name thank you for was adding to your notebook.

Unknown Speaker 30:36
Can I help you? Please enjoy the carnival time?

Unknown Speaker 30:38
I help you. Please enjoy the kind of old time Can I help you, please?

Haney 30:44
Alright. You’ll you’ll learn a lot about the nuances of each of these like things as you go along. Yeah, right now we’re really just trying to get some basic exploring down.

Chris 30:55
She told me that the hole in is stocked up I believe the term is with patrons. Because of the no vacancies, right? The festivals coming

Haney 31:04
up the Carnival of time. This time of year always just fills up, clock down. And next year make a reservation. Yep. Except there’s probably not going to be a next year because the moon is gonna cry now. I’m gonna save everything. Yeah, that’s Sorry. I’m

Chris 31:16
sure I’m the Hero of Time. Hmm. th y me. So she was added to the journal. She’s cool. We met her grandmother and one of the rooms Yeah,

Haney 31:23
she called the TARDIS.

Chris 31:26
Oh, so there’s an old lady in a spiked wheelchair. Oh, holy

Unknown Speaker 31:32
shit. I

Haney 31:32
never noticed the spikes on the wheel. Yeah, look at that as tight as hell. You should. Oh, there’s another cow. Yeah, I think they’re in every business. That’s cool.

Unknown Speaker 31:42
Oh, TARDIS. Did you finish helping father? Mother read us story. Now which story would you like to hear? The Carnival of time is it or the carnival? It’s almost here. So it’s good for you to learn this meaning it’s a little long, but I’ll read it with some enthusiasm.

Chris 32:04
Because I need more enthusiasm.

Unknown Speaker 32:07
Each year. The season of harmony begins with the sun and moon are in alignment. Bane omens to the way that both nature and time are tirelessly in the process of progressing. The Carnival of time is when the people celebrate of the four worlds celebrate the harmony and request fruitfulness for the year.

Haney 32:25
The four worlds a lot of references to for Oh,

Unknown Speaker 32:29
are you awake? I guess Oh, sorry. It was a little boring for TARDIS wasn’t it? Don’t give up try again sometime.

Haney 32:38
grandmother was added to your notebook.

Chris 32:40
Okay. So that was the

Haney 32:43
that was the majority of the stockpot in grandmother told

Chris 32:46
me a story. I can use her to advance time. You can she’ll talk to me for hours. Yeah,

Haney 32:51
so she can either step you ahead two hours or half a day. I

Chris 32:54
believe it’s a fucking lot of story.

Haney 32:56
That’s a lot of story for tortoise.

Chris 32:58
I’m also finding these cow statues all across town.

Unknown Speaker 33:02
Yeah, what’s up with those? Oh, no.

Haney 33:04

Chris 33:05
I only come they bubble. They’re cute. I can slam my head into them. Yeah. And make them shake a little bit.

Haney 33:11
Yeah, just little dance.

Chris 33:12
That’s fine. Yeah, um, we collected a fairy again because that reset. But that should

Haney 33:18
did something different time.

Chris 33:20
Before that, though. I want to talk about the swordsman. Yeah, the training school.

Haney 33:25
Yeah. Is this what you felt like all the time? Just like anxious and mad.

Chris 33:32
You get over it.

Haney 33:34
Get that very good.

Unknown Speaker 33:38
has broken me apart and scattered my pieces. Please find a way return me to the ferry fountain in North Clark town.

Chris 33:46
Now you know you’re just going to my pocket.

Haney 33:48
Oh, this is mine now. So remember, since you went back in time, you never technically Oh, the

Chris 33:56
Great Fairy. Fairy still broken. Yeah, but I saw a bubble right?

Haney 34:00
I mean, that’s what really matters, I think. Yes. sportsman school. Yeah, this

Chris 34:07
is more my speed. Talk to me.

Haney 34:09
This training center is friendly, polite 24 hour one on one training that Will noticeably improve your soft skills from now until the end of the carnival join at a special discount and broke. Is that so? regrettable? Truly regrettable?

Chris 34:26
Like you’re a cow.

Haney 34:28
I don’t even remember the voice. It was better the first time under the novice course. Hmm. Now that’s cool. Now then, before you draw your sword, I shall teach you the basics of unarmed combat waim. I’ll start with sideways jumps after pressing z to log on to that log with the targeting. Press a while pushing the stick left or right.

Chris 34:47
Sorry, showing these log wrong.

Haney 34:50
Jump sideways by pressing a while pushing left or right. Wrong. After the targeting was z press a while pressing cut. stick up Moving performance roll attack. I want you to target this log. lock on the Z target the log with z then press a while pushing backwards down to jump. Begin. Yeah, wrong. Yeah. Well done. Do not forget what I’ve taught you thus far. Do not neglect your daily practice. I asked you compressor to defend yourself your shield. Did you know that?

Chris 35:22
defense is for losers?

Haney 35:24
best defense is a good no offense. All right, you are. Thanks so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you want the journey to continue please support us@patreon.com slash first encounter. Find our socials and contact info at first encounter podcast calm please stop by and say hey, alright, intro and outro music is by Alden Zach

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