We pop some balloons, meet a scarecrow, and grab a moon tear. Oh yeah, I also meet up with Skull Kid. It’s all good. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:05
Hey listener first encounter is an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. Content warnings can be found in the episode description.

Chris 0:17
Come in, come in handy honey. So glad to see you. Why don’t you? Why don’t you take a seat? You’re probably wondering why I called you at midnight out of the blue to come over to the studio a little bit nervous.

Haney 0:31
I assumed it was another lawsuit.

Chris 0:35
No, no Petey. Nothing like that. Listen, I feel like during our last session, I may have been a bit overzealous in my selling of this coffee. Oh, okay. Okay, now, I want you to just relax. I’m gonna have you sink in to this cup that I’m gonna pour you now. Oh, go ahead and pour me a cup. Now this is the Vietnam open. And as with all their coffee, it’s fucking delicious.

Haney 1:05
All right. I mean, getting a little aggressive again, we can probably dial

Chris 1:08
that back. Sorry, sorry. Oh,

Haney 1:10
no doubt about how intense this coffee makes you.

Chris 1:16
It’s good smell right there.

Unknown Speaker 1:19
Do you want to pass that cup on

Haney 1:20
over here? I’d love to give them a sippy cup here. So you said this is the Vietnam opal blend?

Chris 1:25
Yeah, that’s correct. No, why don’t you Why don’t you go ahead and take a sip of that. Huh? Yeah,

Haney 1:32
upfront I get a strong, fruity flavor. with quite a bit more acidity than our our last. Our last bag from uncommon but not an unpleasant acidity. Just a very familiar coffee feel. immediately followed by a strong sense of warm spreading through my mouth. Joy down my lungs. I don’t put coffee in my lungs and

Chris 2:03
vt does not endorse putting coffee in your lungs

Haney 2:05
neither does first encounter podcast I would describe the mouthfeel as almost creamy yeah there’s a thickness that I find very pleasant. Yes in this this particular blend like a silky creamy kind of feel has a very lovely fruity bold flavor. I definitely get the hints of black pepper and cola the like a little bit of a hops finisher very lovely.

Chris 2:30
My cup of coffee yeah yeah like this is this is what i like i like the little bit of extra acidity

Haney 2:36
Yeah, just to kick you in the butt. Awake Yeah,

Chris 2:39
yeah, love a good kicking butt.

Haney 2:41
And Chris I would love to have be able to share this with all of our listeners. Where do you think they could go to grab this and maybe even save some money on their purchase of it?

Chris 2:50
No one listens to you handy. But if they did, they could go to uncommon vt.com uncommon vt COMM And when they check out they can use that code. Good Good.

Haney 3:01
Good good. So I go to uncommon vt comm choose a bag of coffee or several put in that code good good at checkout and receive 10% off my order

Chris 3:14
Yeah, and then just enjoy the best coffee you’ve ever fucking tasted.

Haney 3:18
I love it. uncommon vt thank you as always for sponsoring the podcast listeners go check out uncommon PT delicious delicious beverages and wonderful people thanks so much this is a really fucking good yeah it’s

Chris 3:31
really good

this episode The first encounter Hey had a really good time running around Clock Town but before we fucking get

Haney 3:52
there Hold your horses holy shit my horses are in the stable putting your undies back away I haven’t even put the bits in them yet.

Chris 3:59
Thank god don’t talk to me about the bits we got a new patron thank

Haney 4:06
another one

Chris 4:07
another one people

Haney 4:08
keep doing this. I know can you believe it? No, genuinely No.

Chris 4:13
Big Big Huge thanks to Justin Justin this this fine week.

Haney 4:18
Oh my goodness gracious. Justin, thank you so much for your continued support of the podcast seriously,

Chris 4:22
thank you so much. It means the world for real.

Haney 4:26
And I think that leads us into our daily shout out of our high potion

Chris 4:32
Tier X potion goddamnit henney Expo. Why

Haney 4:34
am I like this?

Chris 4:37
Thank you so much, Mary.

Unknown Speaker 4:38
And thank you so so much to

Chris 4:40
non stop Final Fantasy.

Haney 4:42
Getting the hair. Thank you nonstop Final Fantasy

Chris 4:51
and our producer level tier. Thank you so much. Nice.

Haney 4:55
Thanks Chris’s mom.

Chris 4:57
Thank you also for the food. I’m gonna steal later.

Haney 4:59
Thank you Mrs. Cook.

Unknown Speaker 4:59
As mom,

Chris 5:00
that’s our preferred title. Versus mom Yeah.

Haney 5:05
Pretty sure that’s what I called her until I was like 25

Chris 5:10
Thank you so much, everyone, everyone on Patreon for supporting us and making this possible. You’re all

Haney 5:15
the light in our windows, the wind in our sails.

Chris 5:20
The pissin or vinegar. That’s the thing right? It isn’t vinegar. Vinegar. Yeah. Here the pista my vinegar.

Haney 5:28
Chris them were nothing for not just a jar of pison

Chris 5:33
if we’re being honest where the pice vinegar is delightful, what’s the NIce dude?

Haney 5:38
Yeah, hell yeah. has to be malt though. Yeah.

Chris 5:41
So uh, hey, hey, want to talk about some fucking zelda?

Haney 5:46

Chris 5:46
let’s do a character. Builders adventure, the awakening of Flink. Let’s go to town. Okay, you’re making faces. I can blow a bubble now. run out of there all pumped and excited to just start blasting. So anyway, I started blasting. And the first thing I immediately remember is there’s a kid who’s spitballing at a balloon. Gonna go knock that down? Yeah. Hello.

Haney 6:17
I think you can just shoot it. I don’t think you have to target it. Maybe if you learn how to fucking shoot

Chris 6:24
it. Oh, Jesus Christ.

Haney 6:26
Huh? You’re not very good at this.

Chris 6:31
I like the sound mix. That’s

Haney 6:34
what’s happening here.

Chris 6:36
Oh, watch out. Oh, stop. At her luggage bag. Fuck. Music. Baby out of here. Yes. Why won’t you help? You suck, sir. Halt.

Haney 6:55
screenshot of him just running across the screen happy as can be with his stolen goods. You’re talking to Jim.

Chris 7:01
Jim. Yeah. Wait, what? Oh my god. I

Unknown Speaker 7:09
thought we would finally be able to stock bomb bags in our store. What the shame?

Chris 7:15
Did I fucked that up? Yeah.

Haney 7:19
I’m having a good time.

Chris 7:20
This is terrible. This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Look, you pop the bubble at first try. Oh, first try. Oh, no problem. 20 shots later, I finally hit it.

Haney 7:34
Yeah, that was no problem with a little. It’s fine. All right, that’s fair. That’s fair. I’ll let it I’ll let it be

Chris 7:41
the other thing that comes with bubble in this game. The Magic bar. So every time I miss bubble, boy does that bar go down. Gotta keep an eye on that.

Haney 7:49
The bubbles use quite a fucking big chunk of that magic bar. Yeah,


Chris 7:54
I haven’t run into problems yet where I’m out of magic, but I can definitely see it’s going to be a problem in a situation I run into.

Haney 8:00
I can also see it’s gonna be a problem, and I’m very excited about it.

Chris 8:04
So uh, smash the shit out of that balloon. Talk to the kid. He’s like, yeah, you’re pretty good. Fucking Do you

Haney 8:10
want to play hide?

Chris 8:11
You want to play hide and seek? Yeah.

Haney 8:13
Hey, what do you want? Are you the one who just popped the balloon up there? Not bad for Deku scrub.

Unknown Speaker 8:19
We bombers have a hideout that leads observatory outside town.

Haney 8:23
You need a code to get in? Maybe I’ll tell you what it is. But don’t think you’re getting it that easily. I can’t just tell you what the code is. You have to pass my test first. Are you ready? Okay. All right, guys line up. We’re gonna fucking hate this. Okay, I’m just telling you right now. Boy, if you think you hate time challenges, if you can find all by tomorrow morning I’ll teach you the code. Are you ready?

Chris 8:52
I like the guy who’s late and then falls I don’t even get to watch what direction they run. Oh,

Haney 8:57
you gotta find them.

Chris 8:58
Oh my god.

Haney 9:00
Why are you looking for him? Just playing a little hide and seek. They’re all over Clock Town by the way. You have to find all five of them. Bless you. Thank you. I don’t know if you really have time to sneeze when you need to find four more these guys hide now.

Chris 9:16
Is this one of them?

Haney 9:17
Yeah, catch them

Chris 9:19
right away. Stop Oh my God. Oh my God.

Haney 9:27
He’s not back here either. Wait, what? You gotta find them. You lost it I

Chris 9:30
already found him. He’s

Haney 9:31
hiring again.

Chris 9:32
It wasn’t catch them it was find them yeah, talk

Haney 9:34
to him. Get him. Chris, why don’t you get him? Now for a I mean, you have four of them to find still and I saw my first day I’m sure it’s fine. I want to worry about it. You have to find him by tomorrow morning. Hey, go Oh, you can’t me now there are only three left. Your first attempt and I’m kind of a spoiler. Oh, your first attempt. You started this at 10pm. Yes. So you Had a significantly lower chance of finding all five members by morning. Yeah, because even though it’s 10pm, and you have until 6am to find them in game time, that’s like, three and a half, four minutes. Yeah, maybe that I mean, honestly, I’ve never like, calculated what the timing is. But it’s not much.

Chris 10:19
No, no, it takes me about as much time to get through a section of the map as it does for one hour to pass. Yep.

Haney 10:26
I think you found two of them. Maybe three before morning hit, and then you’re like, Well, fuck What now? And I was like, Oh, you you have to start over. Yeah. So you went back. Talk to Jim again. Chris, it’s 7am and it’s pouring rain. You can’t meet now there are

Chris 10:43
four left. So this guy gonna approach from this side. commuter kid? Oh, shit. Oh, no, it’s he tried to trick me into

Haney 10:53
shithead get him get him Chris trying.

Chris 10:57
Why is he Sophia? Piece of shit.

Haney 11:01
Chris, it’s 9am second day, the happy math salesman has places to be

Chris 11:09
you piece of absolute dogshit

Haney 11:12
come here. You can get him. You can get him. Come on. Got him. Oh, you caught me.

Chris 11:17
Kid during the rain.

Haney 11:22
Like there’s another one. Chris it’s 9am it’s almost 10 it is 10am Now, are you gonna just keep phoning it in the entire time we play this game or what? I like he’s up there. What? Fuck? I shouldn’t have helped you. That was the last 10 you get from me. tattle says what’s the problem? Chris? Why don’t you ask? Oh, why do you have to play these stupid brats little games? Hurry up and find them. There’s only 1857 left until morning.

Chris 11:47
Thanks tattle that’s very helpful.

Haney 11:50
Look, he’s gonna fly away with a chicken Did you see his flow of the chicken Chris? I did see why don’t you like his chicken All right. All right. All right. All right.

Unknown Speaker 12:00
get him get him before he gets his chicken back. Chris

Haney 12:04
got him got him to carry now there are only two left

Chris 12:08
Alright, so I know one of them’s over. This way right?

Haney 12:12
Sure. Fucking there’s no jump. Why would there be? To be fair Final Fantasy seven doesn’t have a jumpy Final Fantasy seven isn’t a platformer This isn’t a platformer This is a JRPG I found a forum that is dedicated to defending the to the JRPG that tell you that we’re not

Chris 12:31
having this conversation. Oh shit.

Haney 12:35
Can you take them off?

Unknown Speaker 12:38
Oh come on come on. You can get it

Haney 12:42
Oh boy. Yeah, he’s just a little boy. Fuck him up he’s just the last one. Don’t let him get off screen though. Don’t let him go off screen. Ah graph

Chris 12:53
the bomber gang scatters I go hunt them down spend way too much time finding in quotes matter.

Haney 13:03
It got pretty close to the wire. Yeah, you started it at the beginning of day two. Donald day two yes best time you can start it is at dawn of

Chris 13:13
Yeah, so I got 24 hours to find five boys. I pushed it I pushed the time I got but I knew where a couple of them were from the first attempt and they don’t seem to randomize their locations so that was cool.

Haney 13:26
I have something that’s going to be very upsetting for you after

Chris 13:29
I’m sure it Will be this this game is very upsetting and I love everything I experienced so far but boy does it just twist those oh it

Haney 13:39
grabs you right by the nipple nuts and just yeah, just turned them yeah. ratchets that three quarters of that or

Chris 13:45
sometimes like I’m all about just puts those nipple nuts Yeah, not today. Yeah,

Haney 13:49
not having Not not today.

Chris 13:53
I listen. I got them. Okay, you

Haney 13:55
got there. I

Chris 13:56
found him got that

Haney 13:57
sweet, sweet bomber code. You’re pretty good for a Dickey scrub. If only you were a human that’s fucked. Oh, it gets worse. Then I could give you an original bombers notebook and make you a member. What do you guys think? No way. No scrubs. I guess not. Once we let some kid who wasn’t human join our gang and boy did we ever regret it? Sorry, what the fuck, but I’ll teach you the code. Just like I promised. I can only tell you once though. So pay close attention.

Chris 14:25
I’m good at memorizing. They’re like, we’re not letting you in the group. You fucking scrub. Yeah, you’re not human, not human grass. Yeah, so that’s fine. Definitely want to be part of this team.

Haney 14:37
But they tell you that the reason they don’t want nonhumans in the club is because the last time they let a non human in the club, he was a huge piece of shit and fucked up their their time or ruin the observatory kind of threaten their relationship with the astronomer who lets them have their hideout there. So seems like that might be someone you know.

Chris 14:58
Gaffey, that son of a band It’s always Nafie so I get the code go to the kid who’s blocking a kind of side passage out of the town like hey, let me in. I’m gonna kick your ass

Haney 15:13
let’s man You didn’t have to kick his ass which

Chris 15:14
was I didn’t have to it kind of leads into a I guess underground passage sort of deal with a river cutting through it

Haney 15:23
you learned about your other day to power to though drowning. But hey, yeah, yes. And

Chris 15:29
so I learned I can skip five times across the water and after that, I perish.

Haney 15:36
I don’t think that counts as a death counter. Because it just kicks you back to you.

Chris 15:41
It’s shorter. Yeah. There’s so much to explore there is I don’t feel like I have time

Haney 15:48
that dog hates Why is this dog so pissed? It attacks you whenever you’re addicted to scrubbing?

Chris 15:54
Oh, sorry, I

Haney 15:55
was racist.

Chris 15:55
That reminds me Yeah, I was gonna say that this town seems very eclectic. And then people talk

Haney 16:05
like it seems like it’s okay and then people are like and then people themselves I mean that’s basically any town isn’t it? Yeah, that’s

Chris 16:12
that’s fair. Got your code kid. That’s right. If you remember the code then you’re a member right all right here we go there’s our cool stuff at the telescope guys place Oh yeah. And the bomber Secret Society of justice forever there’s no justice in this world. They’re the ones been speciesist Yeah, yeah, this looks like a dungeon who’s loving these kids hang out here.

Haney 16:40
You don’t let your children hang out and dungeons

Chris 16:43
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, Whoa, what’s luck All right, well, I didn’t expect that I can get myself across water for a little bit and then I drown

Haney 16:54
look at the blue button on your screen while you’re oh shit

Chris 16:57
back. I see. Okay. Easy peasy. lemon squeezy. This is also the first encounter I have with a skull Tula. Well, yeah, which you remembered. Yes, as far as I can tell. It’s the first adversarial kind of character in the game. Yeah, fine. Anything else?

Haney 17:15
I would say that’s fair. Based on what you’ve encountered so far. If you don’t count the dog

Chris 17:20
I do. The dog is the real bad guy. Yes, the

Haney 17:24
dog is the actual mask perfect. So I bubbled the shit out of that spider.

Unknown Speaker 17:29
Yeah, you did.

Haney 17:31
Oh, what’s that?

Chris 17:32
Let’s call Tula Oh, shit. Assets.

Haney 17:36
Oh, it’s your first first enemy bubble. Yeah. Nailed it. fucking god I’m kidding even get

Chris 17:43
a gold skull Tula come into a Whoa, whoa, I guess basement of the observatory is what I would call it

Haney 17:51
Yeah, chain.

Chris 17:52
I would say an antechamber. Yeah, it you know it’s a ladder. That’s a point with a ladder. It’s got blood in front of it. Gotta pop the balloon, which I just fucking crush after five shots.

Haney 18:03
To say no. Every time you waste balloons, or waste bubbles, your magic meter goes down.

Chris 18:09
I’m gonna waste that balloon. Alright, are you shit I didn’t mean to do that third one. That’s fine. I’m sure I would like to talk to you tattle light.

Unknown Speaker 18:18
I wonder how the astronomer knows this cool kid. Whoa, look at the time you don’t even have two days

Chris 18:24
left. Thanks title.

Haney 18:28
Letter go. Chris. There’s a balloon. There you go. Can you get Alright, believe we second night it together already?

Chris 18:40
This is the most stressful game I’ve ever played to on

Haney 18:42
of the final day. 24 hours remain.

Chris 18:48
climbed up the ladder as fine as the time. Yeah, and I come into Oh, Scarecrow, a scarecrow, which is a animated dancing Scarecrow. He asks if I want to dance with him. He calls me baby. I’m all about it sounds good. What the hell of this? A delight. Just gonna break everything.

Haney 19:10
I don’t think you can break the big pots yet.

Chris 19:11
hope none of this is

Haney 19:13
valuable. It all looks very cool. Baby. I’m a stolen scarecrow wondering in search plays and music. time Will pass in the blink of an eye. If you’ve danced with me. Day. If you like baby. We can forget the time and dance until night. Shall we dance? I literally cannot forget the time. Oh, sorry. That’s too bad. In that case, come back anytime if you do decide you want to dance. By the way. I know of a mysterious song that allows you to manipulate the flow of time. Give it to me. Do you want to learn it? Yes. Oh yeah. Now listen up. If you play that strange song backwards, you can slow the flow of time. And if you play each note twice in a row, you can move a half day forward through time.

Chris 20:00
I’ve already forgot what he said.

Haney 20:01
How’s that? Pretty interesting, isn’t it? But I’m sure I’d like any song written by you better baby if you’d like you can play one for me. Do you like the Scarecrow?

Chris 20:11
I like that he calls me baby. Yeah, but you might be my favorite character.

Haney 20:15
Oh baby how dad says it’ll teach you some songs if you have a way to learn songs would you don’t at this point I don’t but considering this as a sequel to aka arena of time. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Chris 20:29
I’m sure I’ll be back here don’t have time for now though. The fucking I have a countdown gonna run by Yeah. So go up some stairs, get into the top of the observatory. And at this point, I believe that’s done of the third day. Definitely running low on that. That three days. I got to get the item back to the happy sales.

Haney 20:45
Yeah, yeah. So far you have no items. Again,

Chris 20:50
it’s fine. I’m sure it’s okay. It’s not bro. I got flashbangs sprint up the stairs, huffing and puffing. I got time to spare no problem, no problem. And there’s a Merlyn looking fellow. Yeah, he’s a wizard kind of trap. He’s got long and Hagen type white hair. Got a beard he’s hauling all over the place. And I talked to him. Yeah. And he’s like, hey, that input there is causing a lot of trouble. He said he’d steal my moons tear.

Haney 21:19
So previous this point, which we forgot to touch on, Chris had encountered a flower that looks a little bit different from all the other flowers. And Chris is about to penetrate. He’s about to go down. And then someone decides to cock block him. Yeah. And this cuckold comes down from atop the clock tower and says, This is my private property. What the fuck are you doing?

Unknown Speaker 21:42
Wait, wait, hang on.

Chris 21:44
What are you? How do I learn to fly like you?

Unknown Speaker 21:47
This is my private property. Don’t try using it when I’m not around.

Haney 21:52
Where you can use this man’s private property.

Unknown Speaker 21:54
I’ve already sold out of my wares, and the carnival hasn’t even begun. I’m thinking of closing up shop so I can buy a gift for my wife and return to her in my village murder. Rob heard that a stone called the moon’s tear shines brighter than any other in the land. If you’ve got one, I’d really like to get it from you. My wife would love it.

Haney 22:13
If you give it to me, I’ll give you my spot here. Daegu flower included. You know, if you don’t hurry,

Unknown Speaker 22:20
I’ll give it to another dequeued scrub. The early scrub gets the knot.

Chris 22:24
I always get the night.

Haney 22:26
He says hey, if you can give me a Moon’s here before the festival, I’ll trade you this the deed to this plot of land. So when Chris looks into the telescope here at the observatory, he looks up to the clock tower. He sees well go kid

Chris 22:45
first. I see a big ass moon. You did see the grinning like an asshole. I saw a guy humping a tree that was fine. We got

Haney 22:52
to figure that one out because honestly I have no memory. circle back around. Yeah, we’ll get there. Where’s moon? Oh, there it is.

Chris 23:01
That’s terrible. You like that? No. Oh, not even a little bit. Huh? Where’s the troublemaker?

Unknown Speaker 23:08
He’s causing trouble around the clock tower

Unknown Speaker 23:12
oh wow I don’t even remember that’s

Chris 23:13
just all tree hump Jim.

Haney 23:16
I cannot wait for tree hump Jim’s voice Yeah, he’s good. Just got in trouble around the clock tower. Is there a problem here?

Chris 23:22
Good people. Where’s the clock tower? Oh, oh shit.

Haney 23:26
Oh God, what’s he doing?

Chris 23:27
He’s so terrible.

Unknown Speaker 23:29
What’s the so what’s that?

Chris 23:30
So schoolkid is looking at the moon. And the moon then leaked fireballs from its eye. So we see Skull Kid on top of the clock tower on top of the clock tower. Being a creep he’s looking at me he’s vibrating and shaking real not good. Like it’s not good. And then he looks at the moon and the moon vomits out of his eye

Haney 23:52
crying some

Chris 23:52
people would call it some people would call it that a sure yeah. Something rockets out of their

Haney 23:59
crushes down to the right outside of the observatory. That’s fine. Yes, fine.

Chris 24:04
Get out of that telescope.

Haney 24:05
The astronomer is like Hey, what did you see is he’s still fucking around up there also is that loud noise? I wonder if another moons tear fell out here you should go out the front door and see if you can see anything

Chris 24:14
went out the door. I saw Moonstone grabbed it stuck in my pocket. At this point did not remember what I was supposed to do with the Moonstone. Yeah, this

Haney 24:21
is where I think tatel really fucking candy for you. Because after you had the Moonstone title was like dude, do you not remember the dude who wanted this? And you’re like, oh, Ray saved

Chris 24:31
my ass there.

Haney 24:32

Chris 24:33
good tattle. Do you find that troublemaker? No loud noise What was that? Perhaps another moon steer has fallen nearby. But I wonder how that troublemaker got on top of the clock tower. The only way up there is through the clock door that opens only on the eve of the carnival.

Haney 24:54
That fail when it’s literally the eve of the carnival because it took us three days to get through the bottles.

Chris 25:00
It was all part of my greater strategy. Yeah, obviously because now I know I can just settle on up to the

Haney 25:07
moon give me a little monster.

Chris 25:09
Give me the moon tier.

Haney 25:10
You got the moon’s here. It’s sparkling beauty radiates rather strangely excellent. You pretty much just hightailed it back to the dq scrub.

Chris 25:19
Yeah, at this point, I was feeling really under pressure.

Haney 25:23
It was I believe 5pm Yeah, on the final day. title would like tell you something. Talk to me tattle tale you

Unknown Speaker 25:30
remember that take

Haney 25:30
you scrub. That was one of the most Yeah, don’t tell me you forgot. Wow, look at the time you don’t even have a single day left. Oh

Chris 25:37
my god title. Don’t do me like this.

Haney 25:39
Don’t do me like this.

Chris 25:41
Where’s the door? Let me in your house. Alright, honey, it’s getting a little tight the time. Yeah. Listen, I’m not gonna say that I was flipping with my time management skills. No, but I do feel like I could have practiced a bit more conservation. You probably could

Haney 25:59
have just paid more attention to the fact that the clock is ticking down extremely fast.

Chris 26:04
I don’t like to because it’s very stressful and it makes me feel bad.

Haney 26:08
Hmm. So are you saying that the best offense is a good defense?

Chris 26:16
I’m not sure where’s the

Haney 26:17
like how the music has sped up now to make it a little more fun. No, I

Chris 26:20
don’t like that. Actually.

Haney 26:21
Did you notice it?

Chris 26:22
Yeah. Where’s fuck? What district was here?

Haney 26:26
I believe he was in center Clock Town. I Will give you that one.

Chris 26:30
sacrifice. Miko. mayco clock down. Yeah. Hey, hey, don’t fuck off dog.

Haney 26:37
We know the door to the clock tower doesn’t open till midnight. We’ve heard that from several people on the eve of the festival. Which means that you have at this point approximately seven hours to make sure that you can get into the clock tower to confront school kid.

Chris 26:52
Yeah, I gotta say, when you start this game, and you’re like, Oh, you got three days. It’s fine. Just do it. Seems like a lot of time. Turns out No, no, not enough time for anything

Haney 27:04
we got from Donald the first day to midnight of the final day in two hours yet with no pausing. No. Yeah,

Chris 27:12
not good.

Haney 27:13
Not not great.

Chris 27:14
So I hand over the Moonstone. I get that sweet, sweet property flower. That’s fine.

Haney 27:20
I’m not going to correct you on the name because I like property flower. That’s what I’m doing. Right? That’s right. Yeah, no, you’re fine. It’s not like something normal like title or land deed or anything like that. It’s definitely property flower. Flower. Yeah, you know. So yeah, you can move in and set up shop. That’s pretty cool.

Chris 27:35
Yeah, I guess so. Can’t wait to build my base. The town’s Carnival

Unknown Speaker 27:39
is started into local authority. I’m thinking of closing up shop so I can just get a gift from my wife and return it to her in my village.

Chris 27:48
When did Heidegger show up? Right? I’ve

Unknown Speaker 27:50
heard that a stone called the moon’s tear shines brighter than any other in the land. If you’ve got one, I’d really like to get it from you. My wife wouldn’t have it.

Chris 27:59
Can I interest you in this bad boy?

Unknown Speaker 28:04
That stone must handed over to me.

Chris 28:07
I want all your money in exchange. I’ll

Unknown Speaker 28:09
give you my spot here. Take our included It’s a deal.

Haney 28:11
You traded the moon’s here for a land title deed.

Chris 28:16
Is it just a flower?

Unknown Speaker 28:17
You really helped me out? No, I have the perfect souvenir for my wife. The title deed for the spot should be in high demand among dequeued scrubs. You already know that if you don’t need it anymore, you can always sell it

Chris 28:30
now this is my house did get out of my house. Do you think he left me a fridge?

Haney 28:35
Maybe by this point though, it’s basically 7pm on the final day so I think at this rate you just needed to kill time until midnight.

Chris 28:43
Yeah, this is when I found the bank. I threw all my money into that. I was like take this hold on to it. trust it. He stamps me he does stamp you fine. Got a stamp.

Haney 28:52
I think you walked around talk to a couple more people. Do you have about nine hours of game time to burn which is like five or so minutes?

Chris 29:00
I don’t think I have time. I really want to go dance with that scarecrow because maybe it’ll teach me the song.

Haney 29:05
What are you going to play with?

Chris 29:08
The most classic instrument of the voice any?

Unknown Speaker 29:12
Huh? Hey, hey, hey, whoa, stop right there. Take

Haney 29:16
your scrub. Do you intend to return to the swamp alone? What? It’s dangerous outside the town wall so I cannot allow a child like you to leave unaccompanied. You are not allowed to pass through here without an adult or until you are old enough to carry a weapon. What the fuck Chris? Stop. He said no.

Chris 29:31
Ah. Ah.

Haney 29:35
Honey and Darlene shop a gaming center changing daily.

Chris 29:40
Maybe not right now. Welcome

Haney 29:41
to the honey bee in. Whoa, wait a moment. Take your scrub. Have you some errand in the canyon? It’s dangerous outside the town walls.

Chris 29:53
Was was that

Haney 29:54
Chris that’s how do I get to the clock tower. Have you seen our lock tower Guess on the map that big square in the center?

Chris 30:04

Haney 30:05
You’ve been here a million times. I need to stop helping you now, going into the basement. I didn’t know the up door.

Chris 30:15
You said the big square.

Haney 30:16
I mean, yes. But the real door. Ah, go What’s that guy doing? Talk to him?

Chris 30:22
No, I can’t wait. You have to I have to go. Now. It’s

Haney 30:27
midnight. You can’t get up there and

Chris 30:28
so fucking stressed out.

Haney 30:30
Remember, you bought you bought land here to be a property owner to get up there.

Chris 30:34
Give me where’s my house.

Haney 30:38
So at this point, I’d like to interject a little bit and talk to you about how that series of events should go down. The pure walkthrough version of that is that you have that all done by the evening of the first day. Yeah, I mean, and then basically, at that point, it gives you all of day two and the morning of day three to walk around and talk to the NPCs that’s basically what I did. Yeah, sure. Let’s go with that. So like I was reading the block there. I was trying so hard not to laugh, because it’s like, it should be about 2pm on the first day and that’s fine. I look up at the screen. It’s like it’s 3pm on the done the final day. I’m sure he’s fine. I wanted a challenge. Yeah, yeah, that’s that’s that’s exactly what don’t need full three days. That’s nonsense. Is that nonsense. That’s crap. So you make your way back to the clock tower at midnight. Yep. And you ended up eventually getting up there? Yeah. Yeah, that’s fine. I made it when you’re up there. You can from the schoolkid title confronts her brother tail. Yep. tail. kind of gives you a hint. Yeah. Remember what the hidden was

Chris 31:43
the only one I remember is Marsh or swamp or something. But he basically says there’s four different locations that he shouts out in four different figures or individuals at each location in school kids like Hey, shut the fuck up and hits him. Yep, give him a little smack. I need that. That’s my Kareena says,

Unknown Speaker 32:03
tail. We’ve been looking for you too. Hey, school, kid. What if you gave that masquerade back now? Hey, come on. Are you listening?

Chris 32:11
swamp mountain ocean Canyon. Hurry. Before her there. Bring them here.

Unknown Speaker 32:19
Don’t speak out of line you stupid fairy.

Unknown Speaker 32:22
No. What are you doing? My brother? school kid?

Haney 32:26
Do you still think your friend after that? Well, whatever. Even if they were to come now they wouldn’t be able to handle me.

Chris 32:35
Yeah. And good. The good old fisticuffs?

Haney 32:40
Yeah, so I think this is your first encounter with bas music and mudros mask? Yes. I feel like it’s similar. It’s the same as our Korean is Yeah,

Chris 32:51
it’s very good. Definitely sets the mood. Yes.

Haney 32:53
I think that the sound design in this game is probably one of my favorite games of all time for sound design.

Chris 32:58
And this was interesting to me because I knew that schoolkid is the kind of, I believe the final confrontation. And this game as far as bosses go, and I didn’t expect it to come so soon in the game. He mean within two or two hours of the game. Yes. So he kind of starts floating up. He summons some of moon power.

Unknown Speaker 33:26
How awful is

Chris 33:27
that? pretty fucking awful.

Haney 33:31
That certainly sounds like dungeon music, doesn’t it? And it really seems like he might be too powerful. Yeah, yeah, you’re definitely in no shape Zygmunt this point

Chris 33:39
I literally can only do spins in bubbles you did bubble him though. I bubbled him and he dropped his his my carena

Haney 33:47
his my crina Yeah, he drops your carena

Chris 33:51
bubble Give me that

Haney 33:57
you got the occurring of time back Princess Zelda gave you this precious instrument. I know that instead of to see and use as the force the buttons to play it. Press B to stop suddenly memories of Princess Zelda come rushing back to you. Oh, the memories. When you pick up your aquamarina you get flashbacks for mockery of time. Oh, they are coming right? Yeah, like legitimate All right.

Unknown Speaker 34:20
You’re already leaving this land of heroes, aren’t you?

Haney 34:24
I don’t know. I said he wrote.

Chris 34:27
He rule

Unknown Speaker 34:28
even though it’s only a short time. I feel like I’ve known you forever. I’ll never forget the days we spent together in high roll please princess and I believe in my heart that a day Will come when I shall meet you again. Until that day comes Please take this

Chris 34:43
I don’t want your panties princess. What?

Unknown Speaker 34:47
I’m praying that your journey PSA fun. if something should happen to you. Remember this song. You should probably remember the song Chris. This reminds me of us.

Chris 35:08
No, I remember my lovely time with Zelda the titular character of Majoris mask

Haney 35:18
I was about to get I mean yes yes and i guess but fuck off

Chris 35:23
and it’s a memory of Zelda teaching link the Song of Time

Haney 35:28
yeah something interesting happens though when you after you pick up the Acura Anna and you learn the song in your memories and equip it when you pull it out to use it it’s not not greener it’s pipes

Chris 35:40
that’s right

Haney 35:41
yeah I don’t want you to forget that

Chris 35:43
no but fucking yeah so I quit doc arena and some pipes burst out of my back just start blasting them wooden bagpipes

Haney 35:52
yeah it’s pretty fucking cool

Chris 35:54
pretty good yeah really good very good moment did not expect that. See that coming?

Haney 35:59
It’s it’s pretty good it’s it’s one of my favorite things is the the spin on the Kareena don’t snap out of it. What are you doing lots of memories. Get yourself together.

Unknown Speaker 36:10
Somebody anybody got some time? Help us please. We

Haney 36:13
need more time. Only there is a way for you to get more time

Chris 36:18
to bed. There isn’t I guess this is then the game. Yeah. Huh?

Haney 36:22
When did you get that instrument? Oh, yeah. Daegu pipes. pipes.

Chris 36:34
No, that’s wrong. Wait. No, that’s wrong to

Haney 36:42
left a down left a down.

Unknown Speaker 36:46
Sorry, write a down write a down.

Haney 36:59
Save and return to the Donald the first day Christopher

Chris 37:02
see a punk. So I play the sound of time. And woof woof woof woof boop, boop. I get flashbacks of what has already happened in this game, if you Will. I see the events leading up to the introduction of the game. Yep. For the most part, and it pops. pops me back into Clock Town. On day one. On day one.

Haney 37:23
The dawn of the first day. I have no items. No, no, I’m

Chris 37:26
still a Deku shrub. I have no money. But I have the Kareena Yeah.

Haney 37:30
The only thing that survives. Yes. I like this scene and this might not have entered your mind. But I don’t mind talking about it. Yeah, I like this scene because you know that, as someone who’s played Ocarina of Time when you play the song of time, you actually go back in time seven years to being a kid versus a adult of 17. Yeah. So it’s interesting that you’re cut off at three days, and it seems like you cannot get past that three days, which is why I remarked about purgatory before. Yeah, because it seems like there’s some pattern or something that needs to be broken before you can get out of this permanent loop of three days.

Chris 38:11
Yeah, that detail escaped me. I hadn’t even thought about the seven years versus three days thing. I guess. I gotta stop. That’s big. But yeah, here I am back on day one. titles like what the fuck is going on?

Haney 38:23
Like, yeah, you’re like, I don’t know. Fucking now I’m a dayco scrub.

Chris 38:27
I literally cannot talk.

Haney 38:29
Dawn of the first day. 72 hours remain. Okay.

Chris 38:33
So I assume because I deposited my rupees I can get them back. Yes. Because I was stamped.

Haney 38:39
Okay, so you do now that if you go back in time, you’ll lose everything in your inventory. Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 38:46
What just happened? Everything is started

Chris 38:49
over. Well as well. I guess that’s that’s that.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
What are you anyway? The sun. You played that instrument? That instrument?

Chris 38:58
I’m the Hero of Time. Wait,

Haney 39:00
that’s it. Your instrument. Please stop talking about my

Chris 39:03
penis. The mass

Unknown Speaker 39:03
salesman said that if you got back the precious thing that was stolen from you. He could return you to normal. Yes. Did you completely forget

Chris 39:11
or what? Yeah. Yeah, yes. And

Haney 39:15
he’s probably right behind that door.

Chris 39:18
But hey, I got the aquamarina it’s time to head back to the happy salesman. He said he’d give me my form back if I found his thing and my thing. I got my thing, so that’s probably fine. That’s,

Haney 39:29
uh, he wasn’t upset at all that he turned you back into a human and then was like, Oh, you got my thing back too, right? Yeah. However, he was actually very upset that you didn’t give his thing back. He

Chris 39:40
shook me. He did. He shook me real good. He

Haney 39:43
grabbed a child by the shoulders and shook the fuck out of that child twice. That’s fucked. Yeah, that was a lot. I would go to prison for that. Yeah, for a while. Yeah. Um,

Chris 39:57
before that, though, he taught me a new song. He’s very excited that I got the aka Reyna back for whatever reason, and he taught me the song of healing correct. Which reverted me from a Deku scrub to a I don’t even know courier Coco tokkuri human I don’t think he’s actually not a Kokiri he’s actually Hylian right? So turns me back to my original form. The good like, yeah, it’s cool. It’s me the Hero of Time. Talk to me.

Unknown Speaker 40:28
Were you able to recover your precious item from that?

Chris 40:32
Yeah, ah, stop shaking me. You got it? You got it. You got it.

Haney 40:38
You got it. What the SS Why didn’t listen to me. Wait. Okay,

Chris 40:43
but you know, this is just progressing too quickly.

Haney 40:46
You don’t keep your pipe organ in the basement of your clock tower. Oh my God didn’t listen to me. Please play this song that I’m about to perform and remember it the well.

Chris 41:01
This is the creepy one.

Haney 41:17
You played the song appealing.

Chris 41:20
Obey that.

Haney 41:24
This is a melody that heals evil, magic and troubled spirits, turning them into

Chris 41:28
masks. evil magic in troubled spirits.

Haney 41:31
I’m sure it Will be of assistance to you in the future. Ah, yes, I give you this mask in commemoration of this day.

Chris 41:40
I hate that its eyes are still glowing red. Yeah, I’m

Haney 41:43
sure that’s fine. Fear not for the magic has been sealed inside the mask. When you wear it. You Will transform into the shape you just wear. When you remove it, you Will return to normal.

Unknown Speaker 41:55
Dan and then

Haney 41:56
you got the daikon mask to keep as a memento. Hell yeah. Press Start and set it to any of the seed buttons and on the select

Chris 42:03
items. Perfect. Then he’s like okay, so uh, I gave you a little little scratch on your back a little scratch on my back. Give me Give me the good good.

Haney 42:13
He did not have the good good.

Chris 42:14
I didn’t have the good good. And boy, did he not care for

Haney 42:17
that? No. He tells you the whole story of Majora his mask and what it was used for. Now I have built my promise to you. So please give me that what you promised me.

Chris 42:29
Oh, this is awkward.

Haney 42:33
Huh? Don’t do tell me. My mask.

Chris 42:40
You’re about to get really upset. Would you like a decade flask?

Haney 42:43
You did get to back, didn’t you?

Unknown Speaker 42:50
What have you done to me? Oh

Chris 42:52
my god.

Unknown Speaker 42:54
My mask out there something terrible Will happen.

Haney 42:59
The mask that was stolen from me. It is called maturity mask. It is an a cursed item from the legend that is said to have been used by an Ancient Tribe and it’s hexene rituals. It is said that’s an evil and wicked powers bestowed upon the one who wears the mask. According to legend, the troubles caused by Majoris mask was so great. The Ancient Ones variants such catastrophes sealed the mask and shadow forever preventing its misuse. Okay, thank you. We’re just carrying Yeah, he’s

Chris 43:31
gonna say Oh, where did you find it?

Haney 43:32
But now that tribe from the legend has vanished. So no one really knows the true nature of the masks power. But I feel it’s I went to great lengths to get that legendary mask. When I finally had it. I can sense the Doom of a dark Omen brewing. It was that unwelcome feeling that makes your hair stand on end? Like exactly what’s happening to me now. And now that impacts it.

Unknown Speaker 43:58
I’m begging you. You must get that mass back quickly or something

Chris 44:01
horrible Will happen. I honestly don’t feel like you should have. I’m begging you.

Unknown Speaker 44:06
I’m begging you.

Haney 44:07
You must do it. You must believe you’ll do it for me. I was certain you would tell me that. You’ll be fine. Surely you can do it.

Chris 44:19
He makes a lot of faces at me. There are a lot of faces. very unpleasant, really unpleasant. didn’t like them now, but basically lets me go get the mask back. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. I can go handle this.

Haney 44:31
Yeah, he’s like, Hey, you have another three days go. Yeah. The other thing that might have escaped your notice, but I’d like to point out is that even though it’s three days previous, he doesn’t seem to last his memories. No. It’s interesting to think about.

Chris 44:45
Yeah, and he was definitely ready to move on from the town in three days. Yeah. seems nice.

Unknown Speaker 44:51
She’s seems like he might be a little omnipotent or

Chris 44:56
something a little not kosher going on with it. Yeah, not not great. Not not Ideal don’t care for him. So

Haney 45:02
after you are back to being a human we decided to pair a visit back to our old friend the Scarecrow.

Chris 45:09
Yeah, you know I got three days to solve this problem. The moods crashing down I thought no problem. I’m for a little dance. Yeah. is sometimes your stress

Haney 45:17
world for a dance. Yeah, who the fuck cares? You can reset time whenever Yeah, no problem.

Chris 45:22
No problem the Hero of Time Some might say that’s fine. Yeah, Zelda The Hero of Time

Unknown Speaker 45:29
mask the school kid uses the power of that mass to do those terrible things. Well, whatever it takes, we’ve got to do something about it. The Swamp mountains, ocean and Canyon that tail was trying to tell us about I bet he was referring to the four areas just outside town.

Unknown Speaker 45:43
There’s one in each compass direction. But what do you suppose he meant by the four who were there? I have no idea. He always gets important stuff. I guess we should just go and find out.

Chris 45:52
Oh, yeah, cuz I have a sword now. Right? Yeah, so he should let me through. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:57
Yeah. If you want to pass you’re here. You have to say the

Chris 46:01
code, right?

Haney 46:04
Believe it was 23.

Chris 46:06
Honey, please. Please, please. Yes, I know.

Haney 46:10
Well, maybe if you knew it. I mean, yo, hey, baby. I’m a stallion scarecrow wandering in search of pleasant music. Yes. Tom Will pass in the blink of an eye. If you dance with me. Yes. Oh, wag baby. We can forget the time and dance until not. Shall we dance?

Chris 46:27
So he speeds up? Yeah, if

Haney 46:29
you want to skip time. Okay. Neck case. Forget the time. Let’s just dance.

Chris 46:34
So canonically Am I just dancing for hours? for like six hours? Okay, perfect. Can I have this chicken? I mean, can I has your chicken

Haney 46:48
Night of the first day. 60 hours remain.

Chris 46:50
So I head back to the observatory where we had this Scarecrow and we’re like, Hey, we’re ready to dance. Let’s break it down. As we dance it advances time, a half day. Great. Perfect. So not did that. But he also told me something. He said that if you play that mysterious song in reverse, you can slow down time. And I played a couple songs. Some of them were not that somewhere else. Some of them were not to his care. No. And he pieced out but I eventually got it. And I played the reverse Song of Time inverted Song

Haney 47:28
of Time. That’s what I said. Yeah. If you play that strange song backwards, you can slow the flow of time. How’s that? Pretty interesting, isn’t it? But I’m sure I’d like any song written by you better baby. you’d like you can play one for me. Okay, so Oh baby that’s a nice thing. You got there. scarecrow please. Let me hear a song you wrote.

Hello. I don’t think that’s what he wanted to hear. No, no, daddy. Oh, that song doesn’t sing to my heart, baby. Huh? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, that’s a nice tune baby, by the way. I know of a mysterious sign allows you to manipulate the flow of time. wouldn’t learn it? Yes. Oh, yeah. Now listen up. You played that mysterious song. Get to play the mystery song backwards. What’s the problem here?

You played the inverted Song of Time. Slow the current flow of time.

Chris 48:40
Yes, please. I didn’t actually notice if the clock changed much.

Haney 48:44
So what happens is that the advancement of time on your timer actually does physically slow down. Okay. Yeah. So it means that you can progress a little bit less Higgledy Piggledy? Yes, Higgledy as the kids say, as they say, Higgledy Piggledy.

Chris 49:02
So did that. At this point. I III didn’t feel like I had a whole lot of direction.

Haney 49:07
Yeah, so I said, hey, let’s turn the corner here. Right outside the clock tower. Take out your sword beat the shit out of this rock here. the shit out of this. This little owl statue? Yeah, I’ll set you springs life and like, Oh, hey, you can save here. I was battle music that you just ran right by Well, he

Chris 49:24
wasn’t giving me anything. There’s no reason to fish. Let begonias be begonias. The fish

Haney 49:29
what’s up again? Yeah,

Chris 49:30
can I have your fish?

Haney 49:31
I don’t think you can have the fish. Chris, why would you did that

Chris 49:35
fish just swim through the wall.

Haney 49:37
Does your fish not

Chris 49:39
know? I mean, maybe I’ve lost some. Oh, that’s fine. Stop.

Haney 49:45
Just get eaten by other fish on the

Chris 49:48
plate. Yeah.

Haney 49:50
He’s clocked out a

Chris 49:53

Haney 49:54
Hey, guy. You haven’t passed my test. So how do you know my secret code? Nobody farmers know code so why do you know it? Listen guy you’re pretty good you managed to figure out a code that only we know now that’s something I like you I can’t say the same What’s your name guy? Zelda link huh all right that’s cool can broke our rules and it’s doing all kinds of stuff. I’m making Lincoln new member of the bombers instead My name is Zelda This is the bombers notebook it contains the words we live by read it over. Holy shit that’s a big book you got the bombers notebook. It allows you to keep track of people’s schedules at Crete press start to access the quest status screen then highlight the notebook and press A to read it. What are these kids been doing? Find troubled people and add their names and pictures. Only 20 people fit in your book. I promise to help them. Mark promises with promise stickers. Never be late with fulfilling your promises.

Chris 50:49
We need promise stickers.

Haney 50:51
Yes. Whenever you solve someone’s problem, it makes you happy. So happy sticker Will be added to your book. No removing stickers. You promised stickers to keep track of people until everyone is happy. The bomber Secret Society of justice was added to your notebook.

Chris 51:05
Do I hold on to the notebook though in time?

Haney 51:07
Yes. key items Don’t go away. Okay,

Chris 51:10
I see.

Haney 51:11
So you’re going to go to the central area of town. And you’re like, No, I’m not going to do that. Look at the dog dog. Oh, fuck you. Um, we’re gonna cut the part where you just tried to kill a dog. Right? Turn right. And go up. Does that ramp my right or your right, right here? Why don’t you swing your sword at that owl statue.

Chris 51:37
Since aggressive Oh, a transformer I see

Haney 51:43
you can save your progress and quit here. When you read select your file, my face Will appear by your file name. Congratulations, you have completed the introduction to Majoris mask.

Chris 51:52
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 51:54
I gotta pee. But I hope you have some thoughts.

Chris 51:57
And we’ll see you next time.

Haney 52:00
You had no thoughts? So we save the game and shut it down. How are you feeling? overwhelmed? Yeah,

Chris 52:10
this town is so vibrant, and full of life. And just stuff to interact with and explore. It’s a lot, a lot, a lot happening here. And it’s a lot more when you have a deadline that you have to complete everything. Yeah, you do have a deadline, you three days. And this is already unlike any game I’ve played before. where like, there’s all these things I want to do, but I can’t do them because I have to get this done by need to do these things. So I it’s overwhelming. I feel like I’m going to be struggling to keep everything man kind of in order and managed and on track in my head. And I feel like that’s what’s really going to set this season apart from the last one is the structure is so completely different. Because you have an objective, you have a goal, and you have a deadline. But so much of the game and the story and like the heart of it seems to come from all these side interactions that you can have.

Haney 53:10
Yeah, it’s a lot. Yeah, I mean, you’re not wrong. No, at all. This is a very different game than Final Fantasy seven. I mean, obviously, but also maybe not obviously. They’re fundamentally just very different styles of storytelling of gameplay of everything. Yeah, this is going to be vastly different than FF seven,

Chris 53:32
even for a mockery of time which this is as far as I know a direct sequel is in

Haney 53:37
fact a direct sequel. Yeah, one of the few direct sequels that’s all the solitarius has done

Chris 53:42
yeah. But the tone is completely different. Like it’s dark, even like all creative time. It’s got great characters, but they don’t feel like the core of the game if it makes sense. And I didn’t interact with a lot of the characters when I was running through because a timer timer b i was hopelessly lost and starting to panic a little bit yeah, it was very apparent and see I feel like a lot of this game in the structure is going to come around with interacting with these people and following their side quests and trying to help them just like fix their whatever the shit is going on. That’s not operative time at all. Like doctrine of time there’s people you talk to him that’s cool, you get some quests, they tell you what to do, but there’s not a lot going on behind the scenes there.

Haney 54:34
Yeah, no, it’s a fairly straightforward action platformer or even RPG.

Chris 54:39
Yeah, and it feels like even if I didn’t talk to everyone just seeing them like there’s so much detail put into there like animations and expression stuff

Haney 54:49
they’re unique models to yes if you didn’t notice like that’s one of the things I was like oh fuck every character model is unique, which means I probably should be after them. Yeah, yeah.

Chris 55:00
So it’s pretty apparent that every character matters and has something that you definitely need to pay attention to. And like follow through with, which is just again like so much.

Haney 55:12
So much. You’ve already seen probably 10 people yeah, if not more in the town you haven’t even talked to yet. Yeah, there’s a lot of chatting that we got to do next time.

Chris 55:24
And not even fucking people like yeah, I found a frog. Like what the fuck is again with rod? Is

Haney 55:30
that just flavor? Who knows what the fuck is going on there? Yeah, there’s that fish. There’s so why are those there? If they don’t mean something, right? Yeah.

Chris 55:37
Holy shit. I expected a lot of the course story, I guess. But also didn’t expect so much of what I assume is going to be like the heart and soul of this game. So I’m really pumped to,

Haney 55:53
it’s hard to stop playing after just two hours, isn’t it

Chris 55:56
I was I’m not ready to stop playing. And also I feel like I don’t have time to, like, a time limit. Because I want to, I want to slow down and take the time to like engage with everyone and talk to everyone and really explored the town. But I can’t like I’ve three days. And I know probably most of the game is going to be resetting time and

Haney 56:22
but that comes with consequences. It’s not a free reset. You have to balance when you’re when you when you’re ready to relinquish certain items like you know, at the beginning of the game, you don’t want to give up bombs necessarily because they’re super expensive.

Chris 56:39
And I assume the bank is only for rupees. It’s not for like items. You can’t deposit items or anything like bombs are now.

Haney 56:48
Absolutely Yeah.

Chris 56:49
So it takes if this makes sense, it takes like the Zelda concept of individual dungeons that are like self contained. And I’m sure this Will have those as well. But like the game itself is a big self contained puzzle.

Haney 57:03
Yeah, you have to just figure out like, what am I missing in this game? Because you can miss a ton of stuff easily and not impact the core story of skulking in the moon, right? Yeah, that’s not what makes the game fun. Right at all. Like it’s a good storyline, but there’s so much more rich support around that star world building. Exactly. Yeah.

Chris 57:25
So man, it’s crazy. I don’t know how this episode is like what the final episode is gonna look like yeah, already so off the rails from what seven is

Haney 57:35
this is also a two hour talk through which we’ve never done before. Yeah, a lot of poop breaks though,

Chris 57:39
which relates to the reason that I was running by so many NPCs and not doing a lot of time exploring aside from the deadline and the frantic pacing is that I think I want to spend the time that each character and questline deserve so I feel like maybe individual episodes are going to be different quest lines that I’m pursuing I think that’s

Haney 58:08
probably going to be a lot of it Yeah,

Chris 58:09

Haney 58:10
you know, some of those quest lines are going to be pretty involved and not going to be one episode. Yeah, they’re gonna be mini arcs within the whole overarching arc. Yeah,

Chris 58:19
I’m a little a little nervous of just my like management.

Haney 58:24
But you’ll be fine.

Chris 58:25
I’m sure well,

Haney 58:26
Daddy’s here Yeah, man it can’t wait till you figure out that certain things have to happen at certain hours on certain days Oh

Chris 58:32
my god. So much there’s so much

Haney 58:35
so I think at this point we’re getting to the point of we’re gonna have to cut a lot of this so I’d love to know how are you feeling just in general like do you like the game like do you do you hate it like you were saying some pretty mean things about the game while you’re playing it but let’s talk

Chris 58:50
about the game and more the controls Yeah, just like controls are hard to kind of workout but it’s I can already tell I’m gonna love this. Like it’s the there’s so much personality Yeah, there is and there’s so much to just like dive into it. I yeah, I it’s real good. Love already loved.

Haney 59:11
Blessed. Perfect. Yeah. Well, you have any final thoughts?

Chris 59:16
No, I’m just kind of excited where the second season is gonna go

Haney 59:19
right What do you think we’re gonna do next time? Oh.

Chris 59:24
So let’s see. I kind of got four different directions I can head in now. Yeah, cuz I have a sword now so I can pursue

Haney 59:30
town locations. Yeah, but there’s still a lot happening in town. Yeah,

Chris 59:34
there’s a lot of people I think I really want to spend the time to talk to everyone that’ll give me a bigger idea of kind of what’s going on in town and while everyone’s deal is and also I’ve kind of guidebook now so it’s going to like track Yeah, the bomber journal Yeah, the bomber journal so I can track the different people and how happy I’m making them. Yeah, stickers there.

Haney 59:58
Yeah, yeah, I’ll figure manage. Yeah.

Chris 1:00:00
I think I definitely want to dive into talking to everyone in town and just seeing how much time that takes up. Maybe I’ll pursue one of the directions if I have time. Maybe not. We’ll say hey, see

Haney 1:00:09
ya, I’d love to hear it. I think it’s going to be a definitely a more open world than than FF seven to a degree. So yeah, it’ll be it’ll be interesting to see through but I think it’s gonna be fun. Yeah, well, already fun.

Chris 1:00:21
Having a good time. Love it.

Haney 1:00:22
I think with that, thanks so much for listening, and we’ll see you next time. Bye. Thanks so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you want the journey to continue please support us@patreon.com slash first encounter. Find our socials and contact info at first encounter podcast calm please stop by and say hey, our intro and outro music is by Alden Zach.

Chris 1:00:46
Honey, I’m home. Oh my god. Why tattle

Unknown Speaker 1:00:50
the third of the quarter only opens once a year at midnight. On the eve of the carnival. There Will always be

Chris 1:00:57
to the clock read them Rome tattle

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