In this episode we lost a friend, get cursed, make some new friends (sort of) and begin to have a real Clocktown of a time.

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:05
Hey listener first encounter is an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. Content warnings can be found in the episode description. No one’s in the studio which means I can make this delicious generic grocery store brand coffee before Chris gets here and not have

Chris 0:27
I talk to you about this drink coffee from common coffee. Where can I find it? Well, you can go to uncommon vt comm uncommon vt comm common handy for some delicious coffee I can even recommend you the Ethiopian leyou it’s really good

Unknown Speaker 0:48
let me just give it a little sip here

Haney 0:54
well that is just damn delicious. Really fucking good. That got me jazzed and ready to go. Where can I buy more of this coffee? I said on common vt comm uncommon vt calm but Chris, what if I want to get a little bit of money off my bag of beans?

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Haney 1:16
Do I need to do anything special hyphens or capitalization? No?

Chris 1:20
Just Good. Good. Just that good? Good. Good. Good. You know just the two just

Haney 1:26
so you use good good to get good. Good. Is that what you’re saying? Yeah, I’m

Chris 1:29
saying that. I love to get a shirt. They’re really fucking cool. I do like

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Chris 1:51
by the time this goes out, yeah. Hey, you better love it. Perfect. Now shut the fuck up and go grind some beans with your mouth.

Unknown Speaker 2:13
Hey, pumpkin.

Haney 2:16
How are you? this fine day.

Chris 2:19
Okay, well, hot, little sweaty, old drippy little. You are hungry.

Haney 2:23
Wait, you’re hungry. You just half a pizza.

Chris 2:25
Not for food.

Haney 2:27
But are you hungry for my little secret? Huh? Yummy. Yummy. You’re gonna need to come away closer. Cuz you know what I’m hungry for today. Talk to me. Mature is mask.

Chris 2:41
What is that? That is a video. Liana does a video game about this

Haney 2:45
that you’re going to be diving into and playing for your very first time today. We’re going to put your controller in your hand, and you’re going to dive into the wonderful world of Clock Town.

Chris 2:57
But what if I’m not ready?

Haney 2:59
I think I think you’re ready, Chris. I’d like you to just sit back. Relax. And let me take you on a journey. But before we get there, I would love to think any new patrons we have. Oh, holy

Chris 3:12
shit. We do have one, don’t we? I believe so. Big thanks to Bill’s JRPG adventures and other trappings.

Haney 3:19
Bill, thank you so much for becoming a patron. Glad you’re here. Welcome. And we’ll also take a moment to thank our ex potion tier members marry non stop Final Fantasy.

Unknown Speaker 3:28
Thank you both so much.

Haney 3:29
And finally a big big massive shout out to our executive producer. Denise Yeah. Is she an executive producer? She’s your mom. She’s always been the executive if we’re being entirely honest Yeah, thank you so much Denise. Can’t do it without you. Thanks bill.

Chris 3:47
Yeah, yeah. If you want to be shouted out or just get that good good content go to slash first encounter do it playing Crisis Core right now do it we got some good bonus content coming up involving Haney learning how to speed run fantasy seven oh gee yeah good time is it guys 64 gameplay

Haney 4:09
ah the classics the forest some good time is pretty good some good day times some bad day time slot on there. Yeah, check out some streamys Yeah, a lot of good stuff.

Chris 4:18
We’ve crossed him Yeah, no, we’re not supposed to but

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you know what else we got? What’s that? You know what else we got? What? merge merge? Fucking we got a shopmenu

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we have a shop. Yeah, you can buy first encounter swag. Yeah, did this one do it?

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First slash shop? Oh, I believe. Yeah. Yeah, you built it. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it’s pretty fucking cool. Yeah, it’s very exciting. We got some really, really comfy shirts,

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really comfy shirts. They’re delightful. Yeah, they’re really well designed, eco friendly,

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eco friendly made ethically made.

Haney 4:58
We Will love it.

Chris 4:58
It’s Yeah, great. genuinely Yeah,

Haney 5:00
I am wearing one right now I’m wearing our good good t shirt. In Navy. It is extremely comfortable has a great logo on it. We’re really happy with our, with our design. Yeah. And then Chris, why don’t you tell us about the other design? Oh, like I feel like it’s all you and I’m really proud of what you made there.

Chris 5:17
I was really excited by this idea, our mock band tour shirt, I would say on the front, you get a really good first encounter band logo

Haney 5:27
produced by wonderful artists who we Will link to in the description to this episode. Yep.

Chris 5:31
And on the back, you have a tour date splash of all first encounters greatest gameover hits,

Haney 5:39
it’s real good it Chris kind of just was like, Hey, I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna make something and I want to see how you feel about it. And I think the next morning I woke up to just a back of a band t shirt with all of my deaths from season one laid out and I was just tickled absolutely pink. It is hilarious. It’s a great shirt really well designed. The artists who worked on the front and Chris who designed the back both did an amazing job. That is also available at first encountered comm slash shop. It’s also in the menu if you go to www.ww the first encounter slash shop and you click in the main navigation menu, you move to the second third item over sorry.

Chris 6:32
Well, that was fun. Um,

Haney 6:33
so welcome to season two, Episode Two. The first time Chris puts controller in hand on mic, and it gets recorded and put into podcast form. And that form is taking the beautiful shape of Christopher Yeah, clean The Legend of Zelda Majora his mask for the first time.

Unknown Speaker 6:57
That Chris siska na have a bad time. Christopher Will you join? Hey, you

Haney 7:07
want to pass me a little bit that coffee while we enjoy this beautiful cutscene

Chris 7:10
this looks this is just a very pleasant looking game.

Haney 7:13
Yeah, it’s a real good time.

Chris 7:15
No problems. It’s

Haney 7:16
not a it’s not a nightmare at all. No. You have no idea how much this is sending me?

Chris 7:24
Who the fuck is this?

Haney 7:25
So put some pants on. I’m gonna try my hardest not to be everything I wanted you to be during FF seven. Which is like when you ask something like actually like telling you I don’t want to do that because that’s what I wanted you to do. And I know that’s not

Chris 7:41
okay, I try that again. Explain to me basically,

Haney 7:46
you’re gonna ask questions, and it’s gonna be really hard for me not to truthfully answer. Whereas for you, it was just delightful for you. But my favorite thing about this, each of these people that you’re seeing where you’re like, Who the fuck is that? What is that? They all have a really rich backstory and like included personality and stuff that I just really enjoy. Sure. And it actually is very much like FF seven where all those little side characters have their own shit going on. That doesn’t revolve around cloud. Oh,

Chris 8:17
is that Marjorie?

Haney 8:18
Yes. That’s marjoram Oh, is that okay? What do you think that’s about?

Chris 8:23
I’m sure that’s feliks angry. You know when your moon hates you,

Unknown Speaker 8:27

Haney 8:28
How you feeling?

Chris 8:30
I have so many feelings about just the I guess you said it was two hours recording is that we said did not feel like that now. So now, but that could be just the stress of time constantly ticking down.

Haney 8:44
So you actually hit the dead average of how long it takes to get through the introduction or a story.

Chris 8:52
Go for? Yeah, absolutely.

Haney 8:55
So, uh, let’s start off with the story. Yeah, so why don’t you recap for us? What’s, uh, what happened today?

Chris 9:02
Okay, so the story picks up with I assume the conclusion of our period of time where our titular hero No, I was gonna say Zelda but

Haney 9:17
I think he’s also not the titular character now. No at all, except for two

Chris 9:22
games. Yeah, Link’s Awakening. Yep. And

Haney 9:26
I would argue A Link to the Past Yep. Okay, actually three links adventure legend Zelda two links adventure.

Chris 9:33
Yeah, all right. Yeah, cool. Excellent. Characters Zelda. This music takes me back.

Haney 9:42
Oh, because the acronym Yes. Don’t What are you doing? What? Chris You know, I’m making you name him. Link. If you made me name him cloud. He’s motherfucker I feel like you made me named him in clouds so I’m making money. Alright, fine. I Will put my foot down on this you absolute monster.

Chris 10:12
So we’re going through some Woods as one does looking pretty worn down straight from some adventure in with our fancy pony opponent.

Haney 10:22
Your fancy e pony. Yeah, like an egirl II pony.

Chris 10:26
hate that. And the narrator tells me that I have to find a lost friend. Yeah, and I can’t help but notice that I don’t have NaVi the ever popular hit character. Hey, listen. Yes, but don’t worry. We’ll get to the replacement a stand in Yeah. So you’re coming through the woods and something startles you poena Yes. And knock slink clear off and I bumped my head bunk and a laughing floating terrible something pops out wearing a horrifying mask. schoolkid I believe he’s called. So yeah, I played this opening to the point where you get to like the first town which I think is within the first like five minutes. like pretty much as soon as you move if I remember correctly.

Haney 11:16
Opponents a little nay.

Chris 11:20
Fuck. Am I dead?

Haney 11:23
I it’s very possible.

Chris 11:30
I hate that.

Haney 11:34
Gray. I wonder if he has anything good on him. This guy? Well, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Chris 11:41
So there’s two fairies that are with your head. Title and to the or something

Haney 11:46
tail? Sure. Title and tail because the that make the name tattletale. Oh, there it is. That’s fun. So tail is purple. And tattle is yellow. Yes,

Chris 11:58
I’m colorblind. So that’s our you know, we’re Davi go. Those are NaVi.

Haney 12:04
He’s not NaVi. He’s embarking on a heroic journey to find the friend that he lost. Ah, you can be that one.

Chris 12:13
Oh, what a pretty Kareena. Hey, schoolkid. Let me touch it. I want to see

Unknown Speaker 12:18
Jesus. You can’t tell. What would we do if you dropped it and broke it? No way. You can’t touch it. Ah,

Chris 12:25
what’s this? Like, Can I try it out too? And I believe I wake up Skull Kid. Yeah. phenol caughlin. Yeah, awful. I don’t remember why he grabs my horse. This is a decade Yeah, he’s just nasty. Just took my horse. And just blast out of there. Yeah. With you holding on. Yes, I actually start grabbed the reins, and I’m dragged through the underbrush in the woods and I am unable to hold on the whole time and I let go. Yeah. And opponent is gone. schoolkids gone. And I’m left to sprint my way through a wind tunnel. Yeah, like a little

Haney 13:00
log tunnel. It’s not that little actually. But yeah, just kind of come into a little bit of a underground area to just see what’s going on.

Chris 13:13
I wonder how they made his laugh, because that’s a really cool soundbite.

Haney 13:17
I also wonder it’s hard. Oh, hello. What’s going on here?

Chris 13:24
Oh, God, I can’t. Okay,

Haney 13:26
okay. Okay. All right. Get in there. Chris. This music sounds like you should really be moving a little quicker than you think.

Chris 13:35
Oh, no, I

Haney 13:35
got rupees. I don’t like that. You’re already doing better at this than I but I still am at Final Fantasy.

Chris 13:41
Yeah, I got sick roofs. Yeah, bro. Am I a gamer boy?

Haney 13:47
I mean, you’ve always been a gamer boy. I think you’re one of those big gamer boys but you’re a gamer boy.

Chris 13:52
I got my sword I do some cutting Jackie’s climb up some ladders. And just fucking chase down schoolkid

Haney 14:00
and then you find him and he informs you that your your horse sucks. And so he did you a favor and got rid of the horse. I did forget that. Which begs the question of how long were you searching for him that he had time to leave? Sell your horse? Well, no. Yeah, time to leave. He still sucks. Sell the horse, find a buyer and then come back and wait for you to tell you specifically that your horse sucks.

Chris 14:25
That’s so much worse than if you just like ditch the horse. Yeah, yeah. Fuck. Okay, well, now I have to find the poner that’s cool.

Haney 14:42
Ah. Oh, okay. It’s like that episode of Final Fantasy.

Chris 14:49
I bet you thought you played this link the whole game.

Haney 14:55
What’s with that stupid horse of yours. It doesn’t listen to a word that said Do it there’s no point in writing in a thing like that so I did you a favor and got rid of it. Ah boo why the sad face? I just thought I’d have a little fun with you. Oh come now Do you really think you can beat me as I am now full

Chris 15:17
of some terrible shaking.

Haney 15:19
This game has some of the most upsetting graphics in it for me.

Chris 15:23
graphics and sound direction Yes,

Haney 15:25
the sound is

Chris 15:26
superb. So good. So we catch up the school kid. Yeah. And he’s got his fairy buddies his muscle if you Will. Yeah. And he curses me years you have a

Haney 15:39
fun little journey of joining a flash mob with a bunch of other dancing debuts and when you come out of it you are a Deku scrub yourself

Chris 15:49
Yeah, that was horrifying.

Haney 15:52
Yeah, the animations in this game are all very horrifying

Chris 15:56
for Nintendo 64 graphics the style is very dark Yeah, the expressions are what get to me the most they’re pretty good.

Haney 16:07
Pretty sure you’re about to meet with a terrible at What’s that? What’s going on there Chris?

Chris 16:12
I think I’m part of a Why don’t you do a flash mob now?

Haney 16:15
Why don’t you just dance with the rest of the scrubs?

Chris 16:18
What the fuck is happening?

Haney 16:22
Are you okay? What? Hello?

Chris 16:25
He made me a sucky what the deco deco sucky.

Haney 16:32
No that’s a good look for you. You’ll stay here looking that way forever.

Chris 16:36
So he turns me into a deco scrub and I can not jump now I can do a spinny spin.

Haney 16:43
Yeah. How you doing?

Chris 16:47
Whoa. Narrow I’m a ballerina now. I’ve discovered myself that’s it. Yeah, I can run and I can spin you can also do a little firepower. Yeah, I can. How do you say make love with the flowers pollinate I can penetrate the flowers and get blasted back out of them and then let me kind of float fly around a little bit before they can get

Haney 17:09
a little helicopter flowers. Yeah, yeah, it’s up up up up up up up up up up up up.

Unknown Speaker 17:13
Oh, oh. Ah. Oh.

Haney 17:19
Oh, what’s happening I’m

Chris 17:21
beautiful. I can ballerina on this beautiful flower and it sucks me in and then a little debut suck if you well old days you suck and then it spits me back out and I can fly with some beautiful flowers. But basically I have to keep falling. sculpted he pieces out of there again and he left me as a deco scrub and it’s not really my kind of thing. It’s I’m not feeling it.

Haney 17:45
He not only leaves you but a tattle starts beating you up. And while Tableau was beating you up, tail and schoolkid just piece out of there and shut the door behind them leaving tattle with

Chris 17:58
you What a treat.

Haney 17:59

Chris 18:00
thank goodness for your title. Actually title has come in handy. Yeah, it has definitely held pretty

Haney 18:06
serious. I hate that you gave tail like a actual home. Like man voice Whoa. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 18:13
school kid. Wait for me. I’m still here. tail. You can’t leave without me.

Chris 18:18
Doesn’t sound like I’ll be doing that voice very often. You

Unknown Speaker 18:21
if I wasn’t dealing with you I wouldn’t have gotten separated from my brother.

Haney 18:26
Well don’t just sit there Daegu boy do something. Why are you looking at me like that? But is there something stuck on my face? We stopped staring and just open that door for me. Please come on. A helpless little girl is asking you so hurry up. Oh tail. I wonder if that child Will be all right on his own.

Chris 18:44
I’m gonna make you pay. So

Haney 18:47
tattle wakes you up after kicking your ass and it’s like, Hey, sorry about before, but I can’t open the door by myself. Can Can you fucking help or what you’re like,

Chris 18:56
I guess like you suck but okay. Yeah, that’s perfect. I actually like tunnel. Yeah, very fun. She’s just kind of a great she’s still helpful.

Haney 19:04
He just sassy about it. Yeah, she’s

Chris 19:06
real sassy. Yeah. Real sassafrass

Haney 19:10
helpless little girl is asking you to open the door and you’re just sitting here. ballerini your monster.

Chris 19:15
Let me in.

Unknown Speaker 19:16
Hey, wait for me.

Haney 19:17
Don’t leave me behind. So um, that stuff back there. I’m, I apologize. So take me with you. Fuck you. You want to know about the school kid who just ran off right? Well, I just so happened to have an idea of where he might be going. Take me with you. And I’ll help you out deal. Good. So Then it’s settled. Now then I’ll be your partner, at least until we catch that Skull Kid. My name is tattle, so it’s nice to meet you or whatever.

Chris 19:45
So yeah, we joined forces. I open the door for her and we proceed onward to I guess into the clock tower.

Haney 19:53
From this point, you actually go through a little puzzle of a sort where you have to dive into multiple flowers and hot Between that’s right kind of pillars of Earth. Not the hit can fall it novelization series The Pillars of the Earth, but

Chris 20:10
nor the board game adaption

Haney 20:12
nor the ABC miniseries adaption either starring Eddie Redmayne. Oh, really? Yeah, yeah, actually, yeah, he’s the builder. That’s cool. Um, so you kind of just learn how to use the flower through this area and like how to fly.

Chris 20:29
Yeah, so basically, there’s different platforms kind of scattered across this room and I have to figure out which ones to fly myself over to to reach the next door that I have to pay. I don’t know about this about tattle. She was pretty gung ho to throw her boss under the bus

Haney 20:49
guess what if you don’t make it across son

Chris 20:53
get down well wait I don’t like that the cameras so close up

Haney 20:58
Welcome to adventure games bro. God did you figure out what the up is? On the see buttons Yeah, yeah. So listener at home Chris is currently utilizing an Xbox One controller mapper an N 64 which is just really the bees tats.

Chris 21:17
I’m getting filthy rich link you’ve come through watch so many other battles I feel like you should be able to take on Skull Boy

Haney 21:26
Yeah. Oh boy. How do you think this is gonna go for you?

Chris 21:30
Well, let me tell you how many I don’t know if you realize this but I’m a puzzle master

Haney 21:36
Are you a pro gamer?

Chris 21:37
I am a pro gamer boy

Haney 21:39
Are you actually good at puzzles? No. Oh boy. You’re gonna have a bad time with this game because it’s literally just puzzles

Chris 21:45
Can I make it all that way do you think we’re gonna find out

Haney 21:49
I was gonna say how well you know unless you try Oh would have been would have been better off not bad not bad right? Yeah,

Chris 21:57
no problem no problem problem easy games. Give me a challenge. Oh

Haney 22:01
poof let’s see if you can make it past the sick intro entirely sure.

Chris 22:08
Ah oh I didn’t realize they stopped

Haney 22:11
Oh the flower

Chris 22:12
Yeah, no my flower power ran out

Haney 22:14
it’s on a timer Yeah. Hey, you come on press the and talk to me.

Chris 22:18
Oh my god. Oh, coming back.

Haney 22:22
The targeting is going to be your left trigger. There you go. See? Sorry, that’s not tattle at all. She wants a tree voice Oh you know what? treebeard from Lord of the Rings

Chris 22:36
oh wait that’s the tree talk.

Unknown Speaker 22:37
Yeah, there you go. See you can do it if you try when I fly over to people or I

Haney 22:44
don’t know it’s not it’s absolutely perfect when I fly over to people or objects Do you see the look at them so you can talk to them? Come over the stream check it out.

Chris 22:54
I love checking out some good wood

Unknown Speaker 22:58
It’s strange

Haney 22:59
but the way you look right now sort of looks like this tree it looks all dark and gloomy almost like it could start crying any second now.

Unknown Speaker 23:06
How sad is this

Chris 23:07

Haney 23:09
This is still hailed as one of the darkest adventure games of all time.

Unknown Speaker 23:12
It’s strange but

Haney 23:14
it’s all dark and gloomy.

Chris 23:15
Yes All right. She

Haney 23:19
also got a treasure chest

Chris 23:20
I did get a treasure chest

Haney 23:21
it was full of Daegu nuts

Chris 23:23
that’s right

Unknown Speaker 23:24
then it Denton

Chris 23:26
I got nuts I got these nuts press B while flying to drop a deco bomb.

Haney 23:31
haven’t used them have not used the Not at all. That’s fine. I mean whatever man it’s your this is your I’m

Chris 23:36
probably just going to run around town. Just shotgun in that people’s heads. Yes. It’s your

Haney 23:41
party. Yeah, maybe you can use them to stop that dog from attacking you Will get

Chris 23:45
that get to the dog. Okay, I have some feelings about the dog. So yeah, I get through the next door and you’re in the clocktower. So I progress up the clocktower into Holy God, do I just come across the most frightening yet helpful, but still terrible. Happy Mask Salesman.

Unknown Speaker 24:08
You’ve met with a terrible face. Now

Chris 24:11
I’ve encountered this character because the internet Yeah, right. Yeah. And I’ve heard the reverse Clock Town theme Yeah. didn’t prepare me for

Haney 24:20
it. No, no, he’s he’s even worse when you’re encountering him. His smile

Chris 24:24
is so much worse when it’s animated and not like just a screenshot and they’re like

Haney 24:29
coming at you constantly as he’s smiling and the changing expressions as he comes back and forth and he’s like, Oh, yeah, the delight It’s horrible. Yeah. Good.

Chris 24:38
He’s got a couple masks. They’re just terrifying. There’s a screaming mask. I think there’s a couple screaming there’s several screaming masks. Yeah, there’s awesome Mario. So I kind of like to think that this guy is just traversing the like multiverse of Nintendo and just collecting like souls of various games. I

Haney 24:53
like to believe that he much like the Joker in Killing Joke cuts the faces As off of his enemies, such as Mario, and then bounce them on wooden masks, and then resells them.

Chris 25:06
Are you telling me that in the Killing Joke, the Joker cuts the face off Mario and mounts him? Because that’s what

Haney 25:12
I got. Yes, yes. And all right.

Chris 25:15
Yeah, no, this guy is terrible. And I think one of the things that’s really putting me off about him is specifically and I don’t know if this was a purpose full thing, maybe you can tell me, but the way that he bounces between animations like there’s no smooth transition to his movements, it’s very much like cut cut cut.

Haney 25:36
I can’t say for sure. I’ve never read anything about it. But given how other characters react and like move in their animations. It seems very intentional to me I get very frantic almost I would say and like uncomfortable it’s very jarring. Yeah, it’s like make you like on edge around him. Like he might be a good guy. He might be a bad guy have really no idea at this point. Yeah. unsettling regardless.

Chris 25:59
Yeah, it definitely feels like you don’t know what he’s thinking or what his next like move is gonna be very uncomfortable. Maybe Oh, wait a minute. Am I in the tower? Is this the village? Oh, no,

Unknown Speaker 26:11
you’ve met with the terrible fates, haven’t you? I am the Happy Mask shop. I travel far and wide in search of masks. During my travels, a very important mask was stolen from me by an imp in the woods. So here I am at a loss. And now I found you know, don’t think be rude, but I’ve been following you.

Chris 26:32
It’s not rude. It’s fucking creepy as hell. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 26:36
wait, return you to your former cell. If you can get back the precious item that was stolen from me, I Will return you to normal. What? It’s not a simple task. Why to someone like you, it should by no means be a difficult task. except the one thing is,

Haney 26:54
I’m a very busy fellow. And I must leave this place in three days. how grateful I would be if you could bring it back to me before my time here is up. But yes, you’ll be fine. I see. You’re a young and have tremendous courage. I do. I’m sure you’ll find it right away.

Chris 27:12
hate that man. So real creepy in that the? Oh goodness. Hello? Oh, no. Okay. So the feeling I get is that he knows that the moon is going to come down. And that’s why he doesn’t want to be here in three days, maybe. So the spiralling Mask Salesman tells me that something’s been stolen. And we can assume it’s the mask that the school kid is wearing the titular majority’s mask. Sure. We’ll get the smiling mask. Man his thing back in three days. No problem. Yeah. So we take title and we’re like, hey, let’s go. Let’s go get this done. We leave the clock tower. And we come into Clock Town.

Haney 27:52
Yeah. Dawn of the first day. 72 hours for man like God, South Clock Town.

Chris 27:58
I don’t like time limits any more than you do.

Haney 28:01
He gives me the creeps. That Mask Salesman was the Sorry, just thinking out loud. But three days even if we never sleep that still leaves us with a measly 72 hours talking about demanding. Well don’t just stand there. We’re going to see the great theory. Oh, look, you want to find the Skull Kid, don’t you? The great pair you Will know what he’s up to. She watches over everything. And just between you and me. The school kid is no match for the Great Fairy. Go to the shrine near the North Gate. You’ll find the Great Fairy their

Chris 28:28
shrine North Gate. Thick fairy I’m coming pupper did you say stick fairy? No. Talk to me. Talk to me.

Haney 28:36
Yet the target em? Ah, what do you expect? What’s gonna happen? Why did

Chris 28:41
the dog try and kill me?

Unknown Speaker 28:42
You’ve attacked it. Why did you spawn at it? Talk? Talk to me.

Haney 28:47
You know you’re you’re very Cavalier for someone whose time is literally clocking down on the screen.

Chris 28:53
Wow. Oh, he’s not actually dead. Stop targeting. He’s not actually hurting my heart

Haney 28:58
now. But he Will attack you if you get too close. Is there a problem here? So

Chris 29:04
when I talk to people, talk to them. No one’s stopping you. How do I talk? So I come into lockdown. There’s a fucking dog. I’m like, Oh, hey, that’s sweet. I like I like dogs. It’s small. It’s cute. It’s a little white, fluffy. And fucker bites you fucking tries to kick the shit out of

Haney 29:21
me knocks you into a pool and repeatedly bites you until you own like, technically you could have drowned in a game like allowed that to happen.

Chris 29:29
Yeah. Fuck that dog. That dog sucks.

Haney 29:32
The worst part about that is as you find out later, it only attacks you when you’re a daiki scrub which makes the dog a racist on top of everything else.

Chris 29:40
speciesist which is something that I was kind of thinking about while playing because in our creative time, the depth of scrubs are considered like monsters for the most part. Like you’re kicking their ass most of the game. And this you’re running around as a deco scrub and everyone’s like, oh duck, ooh, kid.

Haney 29:58
There’s still like a little Like oh like if you’re a scrub Get out of here kind of thing but they still treat you not as a monster but more as like a nuisance and most of the people honestly who are rude to you or rude to you not because you’re a daycare scrub but because you’re a child, right? And they’re like, hey, you’re a fucking kid like fuck off. Yeah, the only people who really are rude to you because of what you look like. Are the bombers who we’ll get to soon and then the the doc Yeah, I mean the dogs just nasty. Yeah, the dogs as far as the dog is the most problematic character in this game.

Chris 30:31
I had several run ins with the dog. None of them were positive. It’s fine.

Haney 30:37
person and you picked him up through him. I’m pretty sure that was good for you.

Chris 30:41
I’m sure the dog Will get it’s come up in. I found a perfectly fine not creepy not sketchy at all individual

Haney 30:48
who was willing to hold your money for no problems.

Chris 30:52
I was like hell yes. Good. Take my money. Yeah, keep it safe.

Haney 30:56
It’s actually awesome. You did that? Because I never picked up on that mechanic when I was a kid. So I never fucking remembered to store money. Yeah, and I always fucking lost my money.

Unknown Speaker 31:06
Hey, little guy. Why don’t you deposit some rupees? Even if people don’t have money, they don’t deposit any? Nothing, nothing. So for limited time, I’ll give you a special gift based on how much you deposit. Okay, for example, if you deposit 200 rupees, you’ll get an item that holds a lot of rupees. So one would be deposit the rupees. So how many rupees? How much? How much? 45 rupees. Oh, so little guy. What’s your name?

Chris 31:43
Zelda. I said Zelda.

Unknown Speaker 31:47
Got it. I won’t forget you to pause it. Let me stamp you with my special ink. Hey, relax. It doesn’t leave any marks and it’s not going to stamp there. No, no, you when I see you. Perfect.

Haney 32:03
you’ve discovered banking.

Chris 32:04
Thanks, guy. Congratulations. So I think from what

Haney 32:09
does that say? poop? I was just about to say does that say poop? I’m going to into the poop house. Yeah. Welcome to the poop house. Hey, it’s the old lady who you like get robbed

Chris 32:17

Unknown Speaker 32:18
Yeah. Don’t tell them you came all the way here on a day like this just to my mom’s car. Sounds pretty fun. A lot going on there though, huh?

Chris 32:27
Whoa, boy, there’s so many different things that are pulling my attention from so many different directions. Because there’s so many people to talk to. There’s so many things to look at and examine. And I didn’t even do that this much. Because it was under the pressure of like,

Haney 32:42
getting to where you have 30 days and the clock moves very fast.

Chris 32:46
Yes, there’s a lot of people running around all doing their own thing you can talk to everyone they all have something to say it seems like they all have their own kind of life and concern going on. So I’m sure that’s going to play a big part in the game.

Haney 32:57
I’m trying not to help I’m trying to be as as hands off as you were. One thing that I want to as much as possible encourage you for for the series is to talk to everyone and to understand those things. So that bomber notebook that you got, definitely dive into it because they did such a good job of world building my man like it’s worth it just to give the developers and the writers the appreciation, I think of building these little stories that you’ve already started seeing some of so your spin is your sword attack. So whenever you spin at something, it’s going to be offensive to whoever has been at you can also read science. Oh no. Or you can do whatever I don’t fuck it. I don’t care. Do whatever you want to do.

Chris 33:42
This is incredibly frustrating to navigate for me to juggle these

Haney 33:47
looks like another part of town.

Chris 33:49
It’s another one of them.

Haney 33:50
What what part of the town is this? Did you not read the prompt on the screen now is watching the ballman East Clock Town. And I want to be North so it’s very important that you remember which Clock Town section is which Yeah, I don’t know about that. There’s a lot of people to talk to you too. What’s your deal? funny things are happening in town. Funny, funny.

Unknown Speaker 34:15
You’re telling me like the rumors about the swamp to the south. Did you hear about the kidnapping? Jesus Christ. I don’t mind the kidnapping. But then the kid woke up. Get it kid napping. I got 2 million of them.

Chris 34:35
I don’t like them.

Haney 34:36
They’re great.

Chris 34:37
They’re not for me.

Haney 34:38
Where are you going? What’s your mission?

Chris 34:41
I have to find the ferry. Okay, so I thought Deku grubs were Oh, whoops, sorry. That was unintentional.

Haney 34:53
There’s a Ruby.

Chris 34:54
I thought Deku scrubs were associated with the Great Deku Tree maybe but if I remember correctly The great deco tree died and I hate this. What’s this? This is a nightmare. Describe

Haney 35:05
what this is.

Chris 35:06
It’s a nightmare box of music and colors and shape. Oh, hello. Oh no,

Haney 35:14
he looks real. It looks like a zombie enthusiastic. Why don’t you do her voice? Oh,

Chris 35:19
what a cute little customer. So do you want to play for you? It’s only 10 rupees. I’m actually all set. Oh, really? Too bad. Come again. I hate that more than anything else I’ve

Haney 35:33
seen. So I don’t mean to frighten you. But it is noon on the first day now. So you’ve burned about there’s so much to see you’ve burned about six hours.

Chris 35:43
East East east. I need to go north.

Haney 35:46
This guy’s here deal.

Chris 35:47
Hey, talk to me.

Unknown Speaker 35:49
I’m angry now. Don’t speak to me. They must be joking. Now. What am I gonna do?

Haney 35:55
There’s so much rich character development

Chris 35:57
Crothers so much that apparently I don’t have time. What are you doing? Is this your forte?

Unknown Speaker 36:05
If you want to pass through here, you have to say the secret code. What’s the code? Oh, god numbers with the bat and press ad. Jim said I can’t let anyone who doesn’t know the code in if you’re not a member. They won’t teach you the secret code. If you want to be a member. Go see Jim in North Clock Town.

Chris 36:23
Oh my god. There’s already so much to remember. Yeah, dude, what?

Haney 36:29
I feel like can’t believe we’re gonna win 100% of this game.

Chris 36:31
Yeah, for sure. Where the fuck am I?

Unknown Speaker 36:35
He’s clocked out. What’s the problem? All right. Well,

Chris 36:37
let’s not. I’m still in East with this guy. Who are you

Unknown Speaker 36:42
suppose man? Yeah. Me on the job. If I stopped to talk it from this route, my schedule.

Chris 36:48
I love him. He’s my favorite man.

Haney 36:51
I love postman. Okay, I met the postman at a convention once.

Chris 36:56
So I kind of have two objectives right now, ferry becomes the first one because I don’t know where school kid is at this point. And also, I’m a deco scrub, who can only go into flowers to get shot back up into the air to glide around. And pollination if you Will, that’s literally an attack. I can spin attack, but there’s not really anything to attack, right? some sweet magic powers later. We do. But we’ll get there. You’re like, No, no, I think for about an hour, I just bumbled my way around town not doing anything that I should be doing.

Haney 37:28
So you spent a lot of time moving between the districts. And you also spent a lot of time with the bombers and at deaconess. I think the next thing we should touch on is actually going to the great ferry, and then the bombers. So let’s talk about finally finding North Clock Town that’s fair, which did take you until the second day to find North Clock Town.

Chris 37:49
The biggest trouble I’m having with this game is definitely the controls. So runs out. I’m using an Xbox controller, Xbox One controller Xbox One controller that’s mapped to an N 64 control scheme. I’m just so used to modern games allowing me to move the camera and look around with one of the joysticks. And in this case, the joystick lets me access items or ability. See, yes.

Haney 38:13
So you got to look around and then you’re fucking turning yourself into a dq scrub or playing your Aquamarine or whatnot. Yeah,

Chris 38:21
lots of nightmares. Just happy. Yes,

Haney 38:22
that’s fine. I’m sure it’s okay.

Chris 38:25
So we go into North clock down. Do I have a map or something?

Haney 38:32
Chris? I don’t understand the problem. You’ve gotten very clear direction multiple times.

Chris 38:35
Where’s I just don’t know where I am.

Haney 38:38
Chris. What’s the problem here?

Chris 38:39
I found this place, lockdown. You see, honey? That’s why people say I’m the best.

Haney 38:48
Maybe they do say that. So there’s a slide that you cannot go up. Then there’s a heart piece Sure is. Just go right on up in there. Is there a problem? Chris? Why don’t you just go up? what’s the what’s what’s stopping you?

Chris 39:05
Why can’t I go up the slide?

Haney 39:06
That’s what’s stopping?

Chris 39:06
Why is the timing don’t like that.

Haney 39:10
Oh, I was worried we weren’t gonna have content.

Chris 39:13
I’m not sure we do. Oh,

Haney 39:16
Night of the first day. 60 hours remain. There is a little kid shooting spit gun out of medoras mask balloon.

Chris 39:26
What are you doing?

Haney 39:27
What do you want shrimp? I’m busy practicing with my blog on all right. If you can’t pop that balloon, then don’t mess with Jim.

Chris 39:34
Oh, wait, is this Jim? That’s Jim.

Haney 39:37
The other thing that happens here is that there’s a

Chris 39:40
man a gentleman in a skin tight freakin

Haney 39:44
tight skin tight and tight lime green. And I mean a lime green suit. Here’s a fanny pack to write. He sure does.

Unknown Speaker 39:58
What’s this green Hello, white Berry, sir. Could you by chance be a forest fairy? My name is tingle and I think I’m the same as you sir. Forest Berry. Though I’m already aged 30 no fairy has come to me yet. What? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Chris 40:25
Whoa Curie. You get their fair

Haney 40:27
you get your fairy but you stay eternal as a child. He thinks he’s a Kokiri Forest fairy. However, holy shit, he’s 35 and needs to get a real job.

Chris 40:38
Okay, so he’s me. What you’re saying is I am tingle. You are

Unknown Speaker 40:42
indeed coolin pa tingle. My father tells me to grow up and x by age. But why? I tell you, tingle is the very reincarnation of a fairy. So now why I stand here waiting for a fairy of my own. I sell maps to help out my father.

Chris 40:59

Unknown Speaker 41:00
Lucky lucky. You’re so lucky to have a fairy? I know. I know.

Chris 41:05
We should be friends. Well, Taylor’s coming on a bit strong.

Haney 41:09
Yes, yes. In exchange I Will sell you a map for cheap as a sign of my friendship. Right? Well, you buy one of tingles maps. You got a map of Clock Town now you can find your way around town.

Chris 41:20
Thank fucking god.

Unknown Speaker 41:22
Again, tingle tingle cool. What these are the magic words that tingle created himself.

Chris 41:32
What are you talking about?

Unknown Speaker 41:34
Don’t steal them.

Chris 41:41
I don’t know if I can keep playing.

Haney 41:46
So tingle just a treat and I would love to hear your take on tingle.

Chris 41:52
tingles me straight up. Can’t can’t get around that. No, no. Yeah, around the bush. I am tingle.

Haney 41:57
You are tingle. I want your father to play this game. Look me dead in the eyes and just be like, Nintendo owes me money for taking my son’s likeness.

Chris 42:05
I know he also has a spin off game.

Haney 42:08
I did not know that aware of that I I’m literally going home and playing it today.

Chris 42:13
Single has a spin off game.

Haney 42:14
Thank God,

Chris 42:15
maybe that’s a Patreon bonus.

Haney 42:17
Yes, that’s absolutely going on the Zelda Patreon bonus games.

Chris 42:22
So Kindles a character? What fun? What a treat.

Haney 42:26
I don’t know what else to say. But I just I can’t we cannot miss the opportunity to talk about tingle

Chris 42:31
now. And I definitely needed that map. Because Holy shit, can I not navigate this town, which is funny because he’s literally North Southwestern, it’s only

Haney 42:40
four quadrants. And they tell you with this beautiful animation every time you walk into a different section of town, what section of town it is. Yeah,

Chris 42:48
I think going into this, it’s just a lot to absorb because each section has plenty of NPCs and a lot going on. And I think a lot of this game, my assumption is that I Will become very acquainted with the town. Yes. And it’ll just become kind of almost a character in itself, if that makes sense.

Haney 43:09
Yes. So one thing that’s really nice for me watching you play this game is that I get to relive my childhood memories of playing this game for the first time. And at one point, I was almost just like overcome with a rush of emotion of like just childhood nostalgia. And I it’s almost the hint, and I’m a little hesitant about it. But the patterns on each gate that lead to separate sections of town, are each unique to if it’s north, south, east or west. And that just triggered this deep emotional like visceral response of remembering that that was how I navigated as a child was oh the green and blue inner twist inner twisting vines go to North clock down cool. Remember that the orange and blue go to South blah blah blah, blah, blah. And I feel like I’m finally getting to feel like how you felt for FF seven where you’re just like, oh, like is he going to pick up on that thing? Is he going to notice it? Is he going to talk to that NPC Oh, he didn’t fuck okay. Don’t know what he’s gonna do about that later on when that becomes vital.

Chris 44:12
So we met tingle. Mad tingle, we got a map thank God and we come upon the great fairies cave.

Haney 44:21
Yeah, Chris was real ready for hashtag thick fairy

Chris 44:23
give me thick fairy to two seas and thick. It’s what I’m here for. However, coming to the fountain and there’s kind of just a bunch of little fairies floating around that have a very fun expression. I love their faces and a very sad

Unknown Speaker 44:41
piece here my plea. I have been broken and shattered to pieces by the masked Skull Kid. Please find the one st very last in town and bring her to the fountain.

Chris 44:53
All right. Well, I didn’t expect that. So schoolkid Boston. Why does that son move quickly.

Haney 45:00
Yeah, getting real close the evening here. It’s

Chris 45:04
evening and I learned that schoolkid has split the Great Fairy into a number of different pieces. And that’s what these little fairies are floating around. And what I have to do at this point is find the missing fairy, return it to the grave Harry fountain, and it Will regain its original form as the Great Fairy. Yes, big concern here. Because I did not realize that school kid was powerful enough to fucking split a Great Fairy into multiple pieces just shattered.

Haney 45:36
Here’s the other thing in the time, since you turned into a Deku scrub he has written discovered that he does not like and sold a poner he has broken the Great Fairy into pieces. And we find out he fucked with the bomber gang as well. Yeah, so he isn’t seemingly a lot of places in very short bursts of time, doing very destructive, but still somewhat more of a nuisance than a real like, effectively evil harmful thing,

Chris 46:04
right? And the way you’re saying that, oops, I hadn’t considered this while we were playing but that makes me think he has some control over time as well potentially. I don’t know but maybe he’s like manipulating time so it can be in multiple places doing a bunch of things at once. The other thing that you keep mentioning is that he’s solely poner which means somebody has the opponent that I have to buy her from I assume maybe I don’t know if that was an unintentional spoiler But

Haney 46:29
no, he says he’s sold the poner Oh really? Yeah,

Chris 46:32
I just like ditched her No no, I

Haney 46:34
think you might have missed it he actually said it tells you I did you a favor and got rid of that useless horse and soul there okay, I remember the Pio I it wasn’t a spoiler because he straight up said it but I gotcha that’s one of the things with this game is that I would strongly encourage you to take care with the prompts to the same level of degree that I scrutinize prompts and FF seven because at first I was doing the same thing in FF seven as you just like I don’t care you’re an NPC and then I discovered I need to care about every fucking NPC in this game. Got it? Yes,

Chris 47:04
I think I got there eventually. I

Haney 47:06
think it took you as long as you think I think you were so stressed out with the fact that the entire first episode is on a timer. Yeah. Especially if you don’t like puzzle solving. The three main themes of this game are puzzle solving, time manipulation, and making sure to do things in the right order which is already for you I know is going to be a huge problem and I’m very excited for it. So yeah, we were great very

Chris 47:32
great ferry. Great ferry has been split by the school kid fucking terrifying. That’s no good. So we leave and I feel like I found the missing ferry bit pretty okay. Shit. Okay.

Haney 47:45
Is there a problem here? I

Chris 47:47
don’t care about you.

Haney 47:49
This is everything I wanted and more. I’m this is very stressful, because it’s 8pm What are you doing? Like night here?

Chris 47:56
Now? Oh, God. Oh, hey, is that fair? Hey, how do I um, here we go. I’m a problem solver handy. Yeah.

Haney 48:12
Remember, you can look when you’re inside though.

Chris 48:14
I wasn’t ready for the blow.

Haney 48:16
Excuse me. Get her. Get her get the fairy. Please, please

Unknown Speaker 48:21
hear my plea. The math school kid has broken me apart and scattered my pieces. Please find a way to return me to the fairy fountain in North Park town.

Chris 48:29
Is that what I’m doing? All right. Okay, okay. Okay. If I bring this fairy back is am I gonna get thick fairy again? Yeah,

Haney 48:36
you are, you’re absolutely going to get the thickness. I want to point out here, this is something you wouldn’t know. But it’s also something that’s never going to come up again because we’re past that point. Now. The Great Fairy piece is actually in a different spot, depending on which day and what time of day Oh, you’re on. So you actually got very lucky and that it was nighttime which means she’s in the south Clock Town right in the center of village so you basically walked out of North Park town and found her right away. Interesting, but if it’s daytime she’s hiding in the laundry river which is over by where the like frog was that you were trying to talk to ever and found that and you would never find that so it’s much easier to find her at night. And I feel like that is because at night there’s less people out. She’s like not skittish right like cuz various I’ve always been skittish and in Zelda games,

Chris 49:28
so apparently my Bumble fucking kind of saved me. Yes, it was night by the time I left the Great Fairy. Found the fairy Yeah, fucking great. brought it back. Got some of the good dick fairy Good,

Haney 49:40
good thick fairy. Oh, well I hate that that’s our next merge but there it is. There it is. Um, could it be you as a fairy at the very fountain just like doing that the torquing motion like, bit like the lip fillers and my ass out? Yes, yes.

Chris 49:55
Give me the thickness discount. I’m here for the thickness. I’m here for the thickening.

Unknown Speaker 50:08
Hello. tattle and you’re young going to the altar cheap. Thank you for returning my broken and shattered body to normal. I am the Great Fairy of magic. I felt that mass child was helping me and I grew carolis all I can offer you now is this. I shall grant you magic power as a sign of my gratitude. Please accept it

Chris 50:34
tight. I don’t feel like this is I mean, are you saying she’s not thick enough for you? Oh, I was gonna say that. I don’t feel like she’s child appropriate, but I don’t feel like any of this game is so far.

Unknown Speaker 50:46

Haney 50:46
I played this game when I was 10 and I’m amazed I didn’t have nightmares from it.

Chris 50:51

Haney 50:52
I probably Will. It gets really creepy. You’ve been granted magic power in your current form press B to shoot bubble blast. Press and hold B to blow big bubble Wait, release B to shoot it your magic parrot decreases when you shoot replenish it with magic jars and potions so I

Unknown Speaker 51:09
the man who lives in the observatory outside of town we know of the school kids whereabouts but be careful you must not underestimate the child’s power can young one seems like you did if ever you’re returned to your former shape come see me and I shall give you more help

Chris 51:28
so I literally returned you to your true form and what gave me something called shoot now you gave me bubble

Haney 51:35
Wait wait what you can shoot I mean that’s that’s a you problem.

Chris 51:43
Wait what? I can only shoot it in first person

Unknown Speaker 51:47
what’s the problem that

Haney 51:47
what’s the problem here You can’t just shoot a bubble targeting something and shooting a bubble at it

Chris 51:53
Jesus Christ. Oh I have to get the balloon.

Haney 51:55
There it is.

Chris 51:56
I don’t like that the time ticks down when you’re in that very fountain.

Haney 52:00
Oh don’t worry about it.

Chris 52:01
I’m going to I think so

Haney 52:05
she gave me something in response for returning her to her thickness if you Will. Yeah,

Chris 52:10
she gave me a tm bubble. Yes, and that’s why I kept saying bubble because it’s the only thing that I could

Haney 52:21
I didn’t even catch it until you said it just now that it was a tm that’s really fucking funny. Yeah, she gave me tm bubble

Chris 52:27
got bubble. I can blow bubble now. run out of there all pumped and excited to just start blasting.

Haney 52:34
So anyway, I

Unknown Speaker 52:35
started blasting.

Haney 52:36
Thanks so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you want the journey to continue please support slash first encounter. Find our socials and contact info at first encounter podcast calm please stop by and say hey, our intro and outro music is by Alden Zach

Chris 52:53
Oh no, my god. There’s no jump at all.

Haney 52:57
This is delightful.

Chris 52:58
I have to flowerpower every time.

Haney 53:00
Is that a problem?

Chris 53:01
I didn’t realize you could rotate the camera while you were in the flower. Be kind

Haney 53:05
of foolish if you couldn’t Hmm. Edge

Chris 53:08

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