We head back to Goronville and finally locate the chief, learn a new song, put the populace to sleep with our drum beats, and open the path to Snowhead Temple. We also begin our month long break, but we’ll be back in your ears soon enough!

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 1:15

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We know those people. Yeah. Excellent. Well, so

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can’t believe that we still have this. Couldn’t do it without August or Dr. J.

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And Denise. Oh, Mom, thank you so so much. We’re gonna be having another producer meeting pretty pretty in the near future ish.

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Chris 3:08
Welcome back, dear listeners. hot new episode of First Encounter.

Haney 3:14
Oh, my sphinx are just Galleria land. Hey, how you doing? punky? I’m

Chris 3:21
doing I’m doing pretty pretty. Okay. How are you selling? Mostly? How are you testing us pizza rolls softer than I’m used to, but better than the hard ones that I made five minutes previously, which we all have. Yeah, you have to.

Haney 3:35
So I genuinely have a thing against food waste. And usually it’d be fine. Like usually I’d be like, oh, let’s just throw those outside. You know, whatever. At least animals will eat them. I don’t think even animals what have you. Yeah, they were awful.

Chris 3:48
Yeah, yeah, nature wouldn’t have reclaimed Well,

Haney 3:50
no, no. I’m surprised you’re eating your usual dinnertime isn’t 13 minutes.

Chris 3:56
Why is it in 13 minutes any because we got here at about 1130

Haney 4:00
Oh, Chris we played some no fucking mature Xmas today. Yeah, boy.

Chris 4:06
Boy, did we just keep on playing

Haney 4:09
for hours of Chris slogging.

Chris 4:13
I don’t know if anyone actually needs to hear this episode.

Haney 4:17
Ah, yeah, you do. So today Chris tackled snow head temple.

Chris 4:20
It’d be a shame if we were to lose this episode. I’m starting to

Haney 4:23
see how we keep losing audio and certain files and I can’t say I love Oh, no. We lose the audio files. Oh, are we gonna have to rerecord snow? No, God, no. So Chris, high level two minute overview. How was snow head template for you honestly, because I know it got frustrating but I feel like it wasn’t for a long time. I feel like you were genuinely enjoying it for quite

Chris 4:54
Yeah. Yeah, I think most of it I would say I enjoyed it quite a bit. If it was cool. Um, we’ve been here before in the episode that we lost.

Haney 5:04
Yeah. It turns out that there’s a very odd mechanic in Majoris masks saves, where if you use the owl statue to save, and then you open the game and then close it without re saving it, it just fucking wipes you back to the last time you used the Song of Time to save the game. So what had happened was Chris and I had started opening Majora has to do something. And then one of us closed it because we’re like, oh, well, well for doing something else first, and then we went to reopen it, the save file had become lost from that, which is fucking stupid. I’m not gonna lie. If we go back to the beginning, though, previously, we had worked ourselves back up to this area and decided to dive in and take on snow head temple today. So let me Yeah, scroll back in the several pages of notes I had to take today. So we started out in Clock Town on day two, Chris decides to do a little time Resetti

Chris 5:59
Yeah, and here’s what I got. No rupees. No arrows, no bombs. No problems.

Haney 6:04
Yeah, he’s not needed. Save that now. Statue. Second day. Love what I’m seeing so good. Soft lockdown. Not sure if that’s okay or not? Oh, you gotta go on mass though. So I’m stoked about that.

Chris 6:18
Yeah, I think I think we’re doing pretty fucking hot. Yeah, I have a fairy in a bottle for whatever reason.

Haney 6:24
You were just up north. I think you gotta add to Rooney as grave. I’m honestly amazed. You’re not just gone rolling around.

Chris 6:31
Well, here’s the thing. It’s the second day.

Haney 6:34
Did you check your rubies and all that stuff before you block it? He says I don’t care. I’m just discarding all my items. berries in the bottle? Who fucking cares? Rubies in the bank? Don’t need it.

Chris 6:49
Can’t Take It With You.

Haney 6:52
What is what is the signs that like nature practices like leave only footprints take only pictures, or memories or whatever? Yeah.

Chris 6:59
What I do need those bombs and arrows.

Haney 7:05
You can get those right here in town. I’m bro Kenny.

Chris 7:09
I’m gonna get the fuck out of dodge. Where you had. I’m gonna head to the snowy place. I’m gonna hope to pick up some bumps and errors on my way to the yeah, whatever.

Haney 7:22
So what you decided to do was whip out your door on masks, toss that on the old face. And go around to Mina field to pick up all the sundry Zenia you wanted to just roll around as fast as you can Sonic style, diving through bushes and slamming and through enemies and jellies and getting your bombs, getting your arrows getting some groups getting some hearts and hear that yeah, while doing that though, you also punch the boulder, which was cool. And get that little doo doo doo doo doo doo noise that everyone loves. And you drop down to the hole and you find a whole bunch of Sheikah stones. Yeah, talk to you about the Sheikah stones there. Describe the Sheikah stone First off, just in case we haven’t.

Chris 8:02
Yeah, it’s like it’s just a little stone surrounded at the top. If you take your thumb finger, and you cut it off at the knuckle knuckle. Then the bit of your thumb that’s coming off. That’s the shape of your Shikha stone.

Haney 8:16
Yeah, he nailed it. There are different sizes too. And there’s multiples on there.

Chris 8:20
Yeah, it seems like there’s big ones and they’re small ones. Yeah, just like real life. Yes, they have an eyeball carved into the front just like in real life. Yeah, and when you examine it toggles like it’s staring at me all bad I don’t like that. Yeah, typically in the past you can smack it with your sword and it will make a really terrible noise and tells you

Haney 8:40
how much time is left until the moon falls and does this like like jug jiggly? Yeah, which

Chris 8:46
is perfectly fine.

Haney 8:47
Let’s Yeah, you know how you like your stones that laugh? Yeah, sometimes my pet stones

Chris 8:51
rocks. If you’re a gore on and you punch the stone it squishes

Haney 8:56
Yeah, it’s kind of it reminds me of like in Mario if you jump on like a Goombas Yeah, the little mushroom guys if you jump on their heads they kind of squished down Yeah, so so like flatten Yeah, don’t really know what’s going on there. No, it’s just an interesting thing that I wanted you to know.

Chris 9:11
Yeah. But we left that hole because that’s fine. We like

Haney 9:15
it. You literally said fuck it I’m going to snow head started rolling over there with Goron speed and then realize that you’d have to do the whole like trekking up the mountain of like shooting down the icicle again and all that shit and you said fuck it and pulled out your your ocarina your drums actually yeah, and decided to drum beat your way through the song. I’m sorry. And take a little fly pissy up to the Goron village. Welcome to the cold north.

Chris 9:45
No. Oh, hey.

Haney 9:47
Hey, wait a minute minute.

Chris 9:50
Nailed it. Got a fair enough bottle. You’re gonna love chowing down on that bad boy.

Haney 9:55
That’ll be nice for you. Heading into the temple to have You head up the path to snow head temple. Yeah, and it’s blocked ish with a puppy.

Chris 10:07
So you come to kind of a ledge with a nice long walkway overlooking a chasm and across the chasm, you get snow head temple. Yeah. And from the temple, there’s all these big boulders being dropped. But not only that, there’s also a icy gust wind breath of wind coming out. Yeah. And you’re like, that’s fucking weird. It’s probably fine. You start walking and you get blown back.

Haney 10:31
Yeah, what the fuck?

Chris 10:32
What the fucks with them? He hates that supposed to be the big and heavy Goron?

Haney 10:36
Yeah, you’re a big heavy boy.

Chris 10:37
My bulk is all to my benefit. Yeah,

Haney 10:40
but big is beautiful.

Chris 10:41
If you’ll recall, in the previous episode, we found a magical mirror lens mirror that was shaking and

Haney 10:50
nodding my head that Chris for every it’s a lens. It’s like a mirror. Okay, wow. And if

Chris 10:55
you whip out the mirror of magic, it lets you look through it. As you do mirrors to see things that might be hidden for various reasons. Yeah. And using that here you can see the gust of wind is coming from a giant, invisible Goron who’s kind of just straddled over the snow head temple just blown at you.

Haney 11:19
Because set the scene for us. What are we seeing?

Chris 11:21
Okay, so I come back to this nice snowy area, and I got kind of a windy, bridge looking Ice Path. Yeah. And on the other side of that looks to be kind of a cave Castley kind of, I would say ice dungeon would be my guess at this point. Maybe Yeah, maybe

Haney 11:44
I’d say that’s fair. What happens is you’re trying to walk across the ice bridge.

Chris 11:48
There’s gusts of snowy wind that are pushing me back.

Haney 11:52
How is that for you?

Chris 11:52
It’s not the best but I seem to be able to. Okay, so there’s also

Haney 11:58
snow boulders rolling at you as you try to cross this bridge and the wind pushes you back. tattle seems to say that there was something in middle of the blizzard?

Chris 12:08
Yeah, but totally. I don’t really know what she’s talking about. Typically,

Haney 12:12
in middle of the blizzard, do you? Oh, what the fuck, sir. Could you Is that okay?

Chris 12:19
There’s a big Gore on and if we use the magic spying glass, you can see the lens Lens of Truth. Yeah, whatever. You can see that the gusts of wind are coming from

Haney 12:30
him him breath and keeps blowing man.

Chris 12:33
Alright, so I might actually come back here.

Unknown Speaker 12:37
None of them today.

Chris 12:38
I don’t know about that. I think there’s some other good I can do. I haven’t talked to the other Gorons since acquiring my fancy new baud. You haven’t? That’s so I’d like to see what they think about their fearless hero coming back.

Haney 12:55
After you play his lullaby. Yeah, you whip

Chris 12:58
out your drum. Yeah. How do you how do you how do you get through that? So you got the Goron lullaby. Yeah, of sleepies

Haney 13:06
Yeah, you’ve used it on the prince before? Yeah, or whatever.

Chris 13:09
And he’s like, that fucking sucks. Why don’t you finish it? You loser? Yeah, and that gives you the rest of it. Yeah. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Penny. Hey. Oh, thank goodness you’re here in my bathroom while I edit during this pivotal moment. Why do you edit in the bathroom efficiency? Ah, Park myself and then that’s just where you live with de

Haney 13:34
toilet combo with the office chair. So I see you’ve cut the bottom out of your office chair.

Chris 13:39
Yes, I still have the cushion though. Right around the rim

Haney 13:42
right so it’s like one of the soft toilet seats that you and I both love so much. The

Chris 13:46
problem is when you start getting splashes the fabric as you’ll notice is not antimicrobial yeah but that aside day work with the horribly Excellent yeah at the bottom of this chair you can see it’s disintegrating

Haney 14:03
it’s just covered in water and shit Yeah, yeah.

Chris 14:07
But thank you for being here. Horrific as this this parents is well yeah, sorry about that. I don’t have any Windows that’s fine. Um, we forgot through the separation of months between the talk through in the gameplay recording like I said all there’s some things we may have left out. Really? Yeah, what did well here we are talk about shirtless Goron link nips. Oh, I

Haney 14:34
thought you’re talking about me and you being shirtless right now in your bathroom while you at it.

Chris 14:37
unrelated but I could see why. Yeah, the comparison. Right? Yeah, yeah.

Haney 14:41
You have some Goron level nips? Yeah.

Chris 14:43
So here’s what’s going on.

Haney 14:45
Sorry. I fucking hated that. Here’s what’s happening. Talk to me.

Chris 14:50
We stand in front of spirit. Goron domani. No. Okay, the big one. Darn money.

Haney 14:57
No spirit quorum

Chris 14:59
Yeah, the one who’s blowing us. Oh,

Haney 15:02
he’s not a spirit.

Chris 15:03
He’s a ghost. Now you can only see him with the mirror.

Haney 15:07
I don’t think that means he’s a ghost.

Chris 15:08
He’s just invisible. He looks a spirit he is dark money does Oh no, I’m

Haney 15:12
sad. I husband’s bigger on by the way. Big Gore on the Goron Yeah, yeah, you told me you didn’t give a fuck when I tried to tell you about his little brother Megaron that’s his brother. Yeah, his little brother is Medicare on the witches medium Garonne? Because he’s not he’s bigger than the other Gorons but he’s not as big as big around so he’s meaty Goron

Chris 15:37
so before we attack this temple, yeah, we got to figure out how the fuck to get across this bridge.

Haney 15:44
Yeah, it’s got the Gorons blowing Yeah, yeah. You tried a little roll?

Chris 15:48
Yeah, I tried to get across there. There’s boulders that are falling. They’re breaking. They’re cramping my style, breaking your balls, bringing your snowballs. So at this point I decided to do. So after trying to cross the bridge a couple times, we turn yourself back around head for Gore on town. Yeah. As it’s called Goron village, but yeah, that’s fine. And as we approach Goron town, by way of Goron highway, if you will. Yeah. You’ll recall this is the highway. That tickled me a little bit. This is the highway that has all the wolf posts. Yeah. More importantly, though, this is the highway that has tingle.

Haney 16:24
It does love us a tingle. Did you buy a map?

Chris 16:28
So are there children who are waiting for tail and tattle? Did they like just ditch? Or do they not have children? I don’t think they have children yet. So how long do fairies exist without getting their children?

Haney 16:41
I think fairies are super long lived. And I imagine they probably serve multiple children throughout life. But I genuinely don’t know if that’s ever been like, officially discussed in any capacity.

Chris 16:52
tingle, man.

Haney 16:53
What’s this? Green glows white fairy.

Chris 16:57
The sad thing is tingle. I’m not. I’m not a forest fairy. But I do have a fairy.

Haney 17:01
Yeah. Alas though I’m already aged 35 No fairy has come to me.

Chris 17:07
Maybe this is your fairy that I got tingle.

Haney 17:09
Will you buy one of the tingles maps? Yeah. No head 20 rupees. Romani Ranch 40 rupees

Chris 17:16
Romani Ray Romano

Haney 17:19
would you buy Romani Ranch to put on a salad

Chris 17:24
that legitimately angered you didn’t go single. I’m not done with you. These are the magic words that tingle created himself. Don’t feel fine. Give me another map, sir. Hello, Mr. Fairey. Will you buy one of tingles maps? Yes. Romani Ranch. Up in

Haney 17:47
single so excited he gets to eat tonight.

Chris 17:50
God so tingle tingle tingle. What? All right, I’m beginning to think tingle is a fairy. weep. He’s cosplaying a fairy. Yeah. All he wants is to collect his fairy figurines.

Haney 18:06
Yeah, he has a fairy. Ducky Mako pillow. Yeah. I think that’s how you say

Chris 18:11
that. So I just wanted to draw that comparison. Yeah, no,

Haney 18:14
no, I’m I’m picking up what you’re putting down. A fairy fairy weep. My new favorite thing.

Chris 18:21
But that aside, so you’re on the map. That’s pretty cool. The other thing you might remember about this area is there’s big ol ice boulders. Yeah, now, I decided to start punching them. Yeah, as you do. Yeah. And I learned you can actually break them by punching him. You don’t even need to use bombs. If you’re a moron. You can also roll and spiky spiky roll through them. Yeah, yeah. So I start punching them. Yeah, some has, you know, like rupees and hearts and shit. Some has monsters. That’s fine. Just hanging out in there. Some have frozen solid old Goron Yeah. Wait, what?

Haney 18:58
Pardon yeah,

Chris 18:59
there’s there’s just a frozen solid. All right. About 90 year old looking old. Goran? Just hanging out there.

Haney 19:05
How’d that get there?

Chris 19:06
I assume it’s art. Yeah, well, but I don’t know we’ll come back to it will be if I have time.

Haney 19:12
We’re we’re big take nothing but memories leave nothing but footprints kind of folk when it comes to art installations. So Exactly. Right. So we’ll just hands off this. Yeah, we’ll

Chris 19:22
leave that where it is. Also if you touch him too much the Mommy won’t take it back. So

Haney 19:26
also if you touch it, it freezes you and causes you damage that as well. Yeah,

Chris 19:30
don’t touch the ice sculptures.

Haney 19:32
Yeah, Mommy won’t take them back and they hurt.

Unknown Speaker 19:35

Chris 19:36
Oh, wait, can you punch them open? Oh, hell yeah.

Haney 19:38
Oh, look magic. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.

Chris 19:41
I thought I had to dash through them. Nah, Nana Nice.

Haney 19:44
That’s stupid. Doesn’t mean that they were doing like that stupid.

Chris 19:48
Fuck you now.

Haney 19:50
You ever just turtle the treasure was the monster? The treasure was the monsters we made along the way.

Chris 19:55
Okay, we’re fuck.

Haney 19:57
Can I help you?

Chris 19:59
Yeah. Okay, I’m gonna head to the village, see what everyone feels about me being who I am now. And I’m gonna get some spring water. See if I can clean up this area.

Haney 20:11
See if you can melt that guy and it’s kind of a mess. It seems like he wants to be melted real

Chris 20:14
bad. So you roll up to the garden municipal office. I hate this, and it’s still filled with crying. So they could work on that. But we do talk to some Gorons as Armani. Yeah. And they’re all like, Fuck, it’s domani

Haney 20:30
they all just for some reason, just start immediately rubbing their little Gore on NiP. Weird we do too. And start rubbing their Goron

Chris 20:37
lips. Yes, yeah. And they’re like, We thought you were dead. Anyway, this kid won’t shut the fuck up. Yeah.

Haney 20:46
donor money. You’re alive. The Goron Elder said you had died. Was that a lie? Yeah, sucks. Whatever the case may be. Welcome back. Thanks. So does that incessant crying sound familiar to you? The Goron Elder son won’t stop crying. While you’re talking money,

Chris 21:03
you’re supposed to be dead. The elders a fucking liar.

Haney 21:06
Thinking you were dead. The elder went to snow head on his own. But for now, please go see the eldest son hurry. Why don’t you be the child? Yet? Daddy, daddy. Go Daddy. I regret this. Family. No, no, he did not say domani he has a cute nickname.

Chris 21:36
Join me. Where’s my daddy? Where’s my daddy?

Haney 21:41
I’m pretty sure I have a mental block on snow head.

Chris 21:44
All right, well, I tried. Oh, he’s gonna cry forever. So we leave here. Yeah. And in my brain. I put two things together would you put together hot spring melt ice? Yeah, I see Frozen going on. Might be kids dead. All right, I can see where you might think that it’s a bit of a stretch. But you know that’s what we have to go off of. Some hotspring water though from the hotspring virgin fuck all right. So we work our way back to the Goron graveyard. Yeah, and unfortunately, this means crossing the pool again. Yeah, climbing the ladder again. Yeah, luckily, Hani is here to assist in this ascent was I? Yeah, because if you’ll recall, I had very little magic at this point. Oh, so I had to do the climb of the invisible ladders with the mirror off so I couldn’t see what was yes. Yes. So I couldn’t see what I was climbing. Yeah. Which was great for you because I got the feeling that you have a fear of heights Yeah, well tad

Haney 22:48
not not not a big fan.

Chris 22:51
Sir climbing I don’t know if I have enough magic to get up.

Haney 22:54
You don’t even need magic.

Chris 22:57
Don’t care for that. slightest Oh over swan. No. Yeah. Oh, over

Haney 23:05
Oh, I hate it. Over here. Is this good for you? No, not really. Oh, burrs. Thank you. Is this helpful when I’m doing Yeah. Oh,

Chris 23:26
yeah. Exactly what I needed.

Haney 23:29
Yeah. A little mixture of me vomiting and me cheering you on? Yeah. Like most things in life

Chris 23:34
like most things. Yeah. And it worked because we got up there. Oh, hell yeah.

Haney 23:39
What do we find inside hot spring water. Same thing that we always find. Yeah, love

Chris 23:43
to see it. So he grabbed some of the hot spring water. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. I like to do is fucking run it back to the frozen Goren. Boom, splash some on him and we’re good to go. Can’t see any problems with that. Oh, oh. Oh, wait, but there’s one. Oh, what’s actually it actually cools the hot spring water will Ooh, cool. If you take too long, that’s not good. Luckily, I’m not somebody who’s known for taking too long. So don’t dilly dally No, no, Shelly, Shelly for me. So we start carrying the spring water. Yeah. I wonder if I’m ever gonna do anything with that fucking pig mask. Search for truffles. Alright, let’s go ahead and grab some of this. You filled your bottle of hot water.

Haney 24:28
Go get out Chris, go God, go go

Chris 24:36
where if I keep it in my inventory, whether it’ll cool slower.

Haney 24:39
I don’t know if that’s the case at all. Chris, you got to get to that old man before he dies. Her whatever.

Chris 24:48
has free water cooled.

Haney 24:50
You son of a bitch may have some regular spring water case you need that? Alright, do you know the path now? Yeah, I think so. You know the boulder. The Boulder Yeah, hot springs. Chris,

Unknown Speaker 25:05
go run.

Chris 25:08

Haney 25:09
why would you you just miss click here it just pour your hot water out.

Chris 25:13
Yeah. Eventually we make enough trips that

Haney 25:19
I don’t think it was that many and it’s like maybe three? Sure. Yeah. So yeah, we revive them no problem.

Unknown Speaker 25:28
Me What am I doing here on older? Oh so we gotta

Haney 25:33
guard older he’s old he tells us that he’s the village elder he’s the chief head honcho of FAAC mountain, he sent Armani up to snow head to fix everything up Durham and he never came back. So the village elders took it upon himself to head up to snow head and see what was going on and froze themselves solid along the way. We tell him, Hey, your kid misses you a lot, dude. And he’s like, oh shit, I forgot about my kid doesn’t actually say that. He was like, Oh, I

Chris 26:04
mean, he definitely did. Along the way. Nailed it.

Haney 26:11
I wasn’t sure if you’re close enough there for a second think this guy’s Okay.

Chris 26:15
What was I doing? It’s already this week. Um, as Harry is just the ilish Where are you going? I’m hurting.

Unknown Speaker 26:26
Oh, you’re doing mommy. But you’re supposed to be dead. Am I hallucinating? Maybe this is also the doing of snow heads. magic power. I’ve been made a fool of who are you? But that’s impossible. I refuse to flinch. If I can see past the illusion. You will vanish in an instant.

Chris 26:48
I like his tongue like flapping out of his mouth. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:50
My son is crying because he misses me. There you go. Okay, I’m just wondering, Oh, forgive me, my child your father has worked to do Germani be your ghost or a figment of my imagination. I no longer care. If you feel pity for my crime son. Then please quietly sing my son to sleep with this song. I’m about to play on

Chris 27:12
my drive. I really wish you would just head back and I’ll take care of the fucking mountain. Yeah, he’s got

Haney 27:17
he’s got stuff to do.

Unknown Speaker 27:18
It is the very same melody that was often played for you when you were young. But he’s like, Hey,

Haney 27:24
I’m gonna teach you something. I’m gonna teach you the Goron wobei How’s it go again. And we get the longest fucking cutscene of the Gorn elder trying to remember what the Goron lullaby is not able to play on a single Bongo drum. And then eventually he gives up and just teaches us the beginning. And he’s like, yeah, the kid might know the rest of it. You’re fine.

Unknown Speaker 27:50
How does the song go? Let me play it once more. Oh, yes, yes. Like this. It’s no good. I can only remember the beginning. I’ll teach you just the beginning.

Chris 28:10
All right. Well, it’s a start.

Haney 28:13
I love you and you just bust out your fucking drumset

Chris 28:17
Yeah, no, I’m German. I’m German. Lemme you played.

Haney 28:21
You played the lullaby intro? Yeah, yeah. How

Chris 28:25
can we go?

Haney 28:26
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, maybe maybe. You learned the lullaby intro. The soothing melody of a thoughtful father.

Unknown Speaker 28:36
It’s not that I forgot it. It’s just so cold that I can’t play very well. At any rate, I’m counting on

Chris 28:42
you. Could you? I’d really rather you come with me. I

Unknown Speaker 28:45
will not come today. push you. No matter how long you follow me. It’s not going to do you any good. I am counting on you to take care of my son.

Haney 28:55
Just walk in, like any of this. Gonna take care of itself while he walks?

Chris 29:01
I don’t know how they feel about this. Papa just being like, he can be better. He can be better. I guess. Luckily we’re here to Yeah, go.

Haney 29:10
I mean, link is known as Daddy. So yeah, yeah, that’s, that’s fair enough. Dark money is definitely like, Gore on big energy. Definitely. Daddy energy, right.

Chris 29:21
I would say yeah. So we go back to the kid. And we start playing the partial lullaby. Yeah, I think the first half of it was

Haney 29:32
like, Oh, this is the song Daddy has to play it for me when I went to bed. Awesome. The rest of it. And then he like puts his hands behind his backs. Wire in front. Yeah, it’s like choir stance. Yeah. And he’s like, oh,

Chris 29:47
yeah, that’s pretty cool. You kind of get this like little fade away like memory kind of thing. Yeah. Where you see Goron Papaw playing the drums while his child sings. Yeah. Oh, oh, that’s quite nice. Yes, yes young that’s this young guy do you please remain before seeing the next Hello

Haney 30:22
you go all right now you’re cooking with ass. Yeah, you played the Goron lullaby This is very artful scene. This baby’s singing. Oh, but it’s pretty sweet though.

Chris 30:37
It’s cute. You play it and all the gardens fall asleep

Haney 30:42
not just the bed day every every Gore on falls asleep

Chris 30:47
who you have to assume have been up for fucking like 24 hours or however long it’s I don’t know how when the leader left before the before the time we’ve started so yeah, poor bastards have been gone through this for a long time. Totally fine. Yeah,

Haney 31:03
I’m sure it’s fine.

Chris 31:05
Lola by intrude became the Goron lullaby. This lullaby blankets listeners and calm while making islands grow heavy. Yeah. Shit.

Haney 31:15
Is this okay? I shit. You just put everyone to sleep? Uh huh. So Gorons fall asleep if they hear the Goron lullaby. That’s convenient.

Chris 31:22
Who said the tattle, was that tattle? Yeah, why are you doing the tunnel voice?

Haney 31:27
Because I keep forgetting when it’s tattle speaking.

Chris 31:30
Awesome pucks

Haney 31:31
handle titles. Great. Sounds pretty good. Title is like leagues better than NaVi right? Yeah,

Chris 31:37
definitely warming to Keti as I like to who

Haney 31:41
daddy scout? Yeah.

Chris 31:44
Run out of there. Because now we got an objective. Yeah, go put that fucking giant spirit gone to sleep.

Haney 31:50
He’s got to take a nap crossed that bridge to the temple. And to have a real snow head of a time. Yeah, let’s kiss likes to call it getting some head in the snow.

Chris 31:59
i That’s the only that’s the only way I refer to stop. as we as we run past the elder again, we realize he has once again frozen himself. So

Haney 32:10
yeah, it’s fine. He’s fine. I after watching you play this, and then me playing it again. myself. I still forgot that he just refreezes. And there’s nothing else to do with him. I spent probably 10 minutes just following him at a snail’s pace and just unfreezing him nice and then I was like, Wait, you’re not going anywhere? Sweet. He

Chris 32:29
freezes in front of you. Yeah, you can just watch him freeze. You who would do that?

Haney 32:35
Me? What?

Chris 32:40
So tear ash out of there. make our way back up to snow head temple. Okay, so I think I know what I have to do. What do you have to do? I got to go make the spirit Goren. Go to sleep. The big grin. Yeah. What I’d like to do though, is get that other Goranson rocks. Am I crazy? Do Gordon’s eat rocks. I feel like that’s what they do. But I haven’t heard anyone say in this yet.

Haney 33:07
Making my way downtown

Chris 33:09
rolling fast. Gorons pass and I’m homebound then and then in

Haney 33:13
Annina and I’m sleepy done in a Nananana. But the babies cry in and I need to put him down for the night. He’s gonna go to sleep. When I play my son on my Corinne

Chris 33:32
want magic? What do you want? All I want are my fists, and some hearts to consume.

Haney 33:39
And the theme takes on a way different meaning if you think of that as a link consuming the hearts of others the good life. Yeah.

Chris 33:46
You’ll recall I credited to the

Haney 33:49
fucking door open and he screams Hey, fucker.

Chris 33:54
Hey, Fairy, come. They have to traverse some gaps by rolling my book or them back up to the mountain. Near Oh my name inerrant? No, I keep bouncing off the frickin corner there.

Haney 34:11
I don’t like mechanical pencils.

Chris 34:13
I remember having this big of a.

Haney 34:15
Oh yeah. You had you had a struggle. Really? You had a pretty big struggle. Oh

Chris 34:25
yeah. I thought you had it by me too. I thought I had figured it out. Ah, so wild. Yeah. That concludes everything we missed in our second talk through of this

Haney 34:38
segment. Welcome to this third talk through of this segment.

Chris 34:41
Boy. Oh, boy. Well, I think this will fit in. Okay. All right.

Haney 34:46
Do you need anything else?

Chris 34:47
I don’t think so. I’ll finish up my business here. If you can close the door on the way out. That’d be

Haney 34:52
Ah, excellent. Perfect. Thanks for inviting me over Chris. Yeah. and have yourself a lovely shiftwork work if you

Chris 35:00
All right. Well, thank you. Thank you. Sorry for the smell. No, it’s fine. I want to wash your shoes a little bit. Again,

Haney 35:07
I decided to go barefoot. It’s fine. Okay. Yeah, I like I like feeling it between my toes. Get out. Yeah, get out. All right.

Chris 35:18
So you got this Lullaby and you can play it for this big ass score on big boy. And if you play as a human, he doesn’t give a shit. Nah, he’s like, I can’t hear it. Your your notes from your ocarina blow in the wind. They’re not powerful enough. Yeah, but you know it is powerful enough drums the sick bass drums of a fucking Grace smashing those drums smash immediate Goron hands meet and if you smash the lullaby it works in the big big or on stops blown me? Love it falls asleep rolls himself off the fucking cliff.

Haney 35:51
Oh, you Blinky Oh, you

Chris 35:53
think if he takes doohickeys or PPS it just slots down the slide that he’s sitting on? Absolutely. Doing this. Okay. Did I just kill him? Oh, no, he’s fine. I thought he was gonna like roll off the fucking

Haney 36:08
like, so. Yeah, I

Chris 36:09
think he’s okay. Yeah,

Haney 36:11
I’m sure he’s fine. All right. Well, here we are. You’re not your problem anymore. Now. I hope he’s a spirit. Now that you’ve mentioned that because otherwise I was thinking about this the other day when I put him to sleep. I was like, does he die?

Chris 36:25
If he’s not a spirit? He’s just being an asshole. Yeah.

Haney 36:29
But like he makes like a rumble noise when he falls and like the ground shakes and everything. Yeah. And he’s making wind.

Chris 36:35
That’s true. Well, poltergeist

Haney 36:38
is here. Is he a violent, disturbed spirit? More than domani so after you trek across the bridge, you started doing a little investigation around the base of snow head temple and you find an entrance to the mountain. Yeah. Just like in the swamp, you find that the fairies have been broken apart. And there’s some strange areas missing in the temple. If you can collect them all and my plea put them back together though, though, at that tickled me. They’ll give you something nice. Give yourself something nice. Yeah, you’re like okay, cool. Yeah.

Chris 37:14
They do heal you which is pretty tight.

Haney 37:15
That is pretty tight.

Chris 37:18
Oh, when it’s very thick fairy comms. Douse me

Haney 37:25
Christopher here my plea ship, find the face who match our color and bring them back to

Chris 37:32
I just break in start imprisoning them in bottles and bounce out. Jesus. These fairies are

Haney 37:39
my favorite thing about this is that this means that Skull Kid went around to every fairy temple and intentionally broke apart every fairy and was like no,

Chris 37:47
yeah, I assume that they were. Yeah, like majority of the mask, or whatever that is is like influencing and to be like, take care of this. So it’s not a problem. Yeah,

Haney 38:02
I don’t I don’t want to have to deal

Chris 38:03
with this. Yeah. I’m curious how much thought and awareness the mask itself has. Whether it’s like an unconscious force that just that it lives people to be bad or whether or if it’s like a fully like possessed. Yeah, like if it’s sentient. Yeah.

Haney 38:22
Maybe we’ll get there. Yeah, I hope so. I mean, I know if it’s in the game or not, but I’m just not sure that we’re gonna get into it and the game or not the threat.

Chris 38:33
I’ll get there. I can’t believe the season is going to be longer than Final Fantasy.

Unknown Speaker 38:37
There’s no fucking way. Oh, baby. I’ll

Chris 38:40
show you the Chris way.

Haney 38:45
There’s also a lot of wolf hosts around here. Yeah. Which I don’t love now. It’s not my favorite. You actually got inside and you’re already at like one heart. Yeah. Because of the wolf house and I think they’re called Snow bows the little or white bows that are a little like ghosties I don’t think this dog ever did anything

Chris 39:04
to you. It attacked me first.

Haney 39:08
I don’t think I’m gonna let you around my dogs. They attacked you.

Chris 39:12
I love your dogs and they’re lovely and they also do attack me first. I’m also too scared to fight back so I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Me alone I’m just

Haney 39:24
I can tell you don’t play this style of game very often. Because you run from every fight.

Chris 39:30
I mean, I don’t care about them they don’t give me anything. They give you items like don’t think give me like hearts or whatever.

Haney 39:36
Yeah, well look at your heart situation

Chris 39:38
that’s fine. Already I got a fairy in a bottle

Haney 39:41
send it out and that’s so as to the world will Chris fine my Berry and up ah.

Chris 39:49
Hello almost assuredly.

Haney 39:52
Can I interest you in snow had temple? Yeah, serious second temple.

Chris 39:56
Yeah, I’m pretty. I’m more excited about this one. What? What’s Oh? Ah Oh these are like the did I just did you booty? Booty them

Haney 40:09
you have a combo that lets you hit with your booty. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Thanks so much for listening to the first encounter podcast if you want the journey to continue please support us at patreon.com/first encounter, find our socials and contact info at first encounter podcast.com Please stop by and say hey, our intro and outro music is by Alden Zach

and it turned out to be laryngitis, not the flu so we fully lost our voices. And when his voice was lost instead of using Facebook to talk to me he found an Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard online and he would only use sound clips from our old movies to talk to me for and by the end of like three days he got so good at it that it was like a full conversations and I stopped realizing that it was like Arnold clips is so stupid. But also accessibility is cool.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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