Our plans for Majora’s Mask are rerouted after our save file decides to turn back time. The hunt for the missing Kafei continues, this time with results.

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:05
Hey listener first encountered is an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. content warnings can be found in the episode description. Hey, hi. Hello. God. What? Hi. I don’t have the energy. Why did you bring me here, honey? We played video games and then we went for a walk. And now I think we’re both sleepy because the sun is really warm honey.

Chris 0:25
I already know this get to the point. Guess what I’m drinking is a caffeinated seltzer short as fuck. I’m so good at these games. Hell yeah. This is why I’m a pro gamer. Yeah, well enough for that nonsense as always. Hani Han. This episode is brought to us and you by me listeners. Oh, by our patrons. Yeah. Such as Alex. Oh, let’s start with the Josh.

Haney 0:57
Okay, how about John?

Chris 0:59
Yeah. Why don’t we kick this off with a fumbling for? Yeah, maybe even Ben. And we can get this party started with the Cody.

Haney 1:06
And I think big. Happy Mother’s Day. And thank you to Columbia.

Chris 1:10
Love it. And also, Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there.

Haney 1:15
Yeah. You mother, all your mothers. Can I hear? That sounds for the moms.

Chris 1:22
The moms out there. Yeah. You’re having a great day. Yeah. It’s it’s a good one. Thanks for spending this one in particular with us in your ears. Yeah, we also have some producers. Any review? We’re making weird faces.

Haney 1:34
Oh, it’s trying to hold back laughter Yeah. Such as August. Dr. J.

Chris 1:39
Thank you so much.

Haney 1:40
And the one the only the OG Denise herself. Yeah. Thank you all so so much. Yeah. Yeah. Delightful. Happy Mother’s Day. Nice to hear good. Can’t believe you spent Mother’s Day with me instead of your mother.

Chris 1:52
I’m, um, I’m seeing our producer Denise, very shortly after this recording. Excellent. We have to talk about letting you go.

Haney 2:00
That’s fair. Sorry. Is it? Is it because of the cards? direct correlation to the cars that were your ideas and your descriptions with me just executing on

Chris 2:11
that? Oh, no. Listen, I only had titles. The artistic vision.

Haney 2:17
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Chris 3:56
Everyone’s happy goes down. Goes goes down.

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Thank you so much uncommon BT as always, for being our sponsor. We’re sorry.

Chris 4:17
Anyway, I was gonna say I’m feeling pretty good about majority’s mask. I’m not sure I feel good. About anymore.

Haney 4:24
Or anything now. Yeah, just in general. Just bad. That’s enough of that. That’s fair. We have fun here. Hey, buddy. We played some Majoris masks today went turn off our fake fireplace. Well, we’ll get we’ll get to my dress mask. That’s fine. We don’t need to talk about that right now. That’s fine. All right. Walk away from me. Hey,

Chris 4:42
what the fuck am I doing here?

Haney 4:43
Let’s Let’s kick this off. Chris. We played a little maduras not today. Yeah. You did the ASA. I guess you did. All right.

Chris 4:52
You’re sure I tend to Yeah, and this episode in particular is quite nice. Because we lost our Over same data. Yeah, so here you are. Welcome back.

Haney 5:04
Welcome back to another thrilling episode of Christian Hani don’t know how to keep track of their data anymore.

Chris 5:09
I was gonna say welcome back to another thrilling episode of First Encounter. Yeah, that works. Yeah, we said the same thing.

Haney 5:15
Yeah. We got a little bit done today.

Chris 5:18
I would say a whole lot done.

Haney 5:20
You had a whole clock down of a time really? Some surrounding area as well, I would say but I would say the majority of your focus this this this go round was definitely on Clock Town and in particular, on one quest. Do you want to dive in and talk a little bit about that? Questi

Chris 5:37
Yeah, so you walk into the building, there’s this fucking hippie swordsman there. And he’s like, Hey, you want to learn the advanced course.

Haney 5:44
Thank you for joining for this episode of First Encounter. If you want to find out where we’re going next, listen to the end.

Next time we’ll be playing until Chris bucking learns how to play a goddamn Zelda game.

Chris 6:00
We’ll be flying till Chris finally pulls the controller out of his asshole.

Haney 6:05
He’s just been playing with it in there the whole time. I don’t get it. What’s wrong with

Chris 6:11
it’s a talent. I won’t apologize.

Haney 6:13
What a mess. Talking about clocktower. Talk to me about this. This quest you’re on this quest tickle if you will.

Chris 6:20
So speaking of coffee, I found a new fucking quest that seems to be

Haney 6:27
took me a solid white cafe. Put it together and that was what I was really good. The cafe. I’ll take it. I’ll take it.

Chris 6:36
I learned about cafe. Yeah, we there’s a lot going on today. I think two episodes ago. I kind of bumblefuck my way into the side quest. And I did it again. On my way to do something else.

Haney 6:48
Cafe cyclist? Yeah, yeah. Do you want to tell the listeners how that happened? Yeah, probably. So we come back from our extended vacation. Fire up the Majoris mask is ready to go as possible, only to find that our game file is missing our entire last save which I can only mean assume means that we forgot to save the game or something happened and it died. So basically, we had to go backtrack everything that Chris had done out of the Goron village and leading up to snow head sample and getting the Armani mask and everything like that. We just said fuck all that. We’re not doing that today.

Chris 7:30
Why would we? So the last time we thought we save we had gotten up to a Snow Peak or whatever the snow had temple and that was fine. Yeah, now what I was planning to do with this recording was say, Fuck this temple.

Haney 7:44
I don’t need it. Yeah, temples are bad. Temple equals bad. Temple equals bad

Chris 7:49
but the good news is I have this fucking sweet us Goron form so I’m gonna go get one of those big ass bombs that the Gorun in the trade in the bomb shop. Yeah, said he had for me. And they’ll blow up the rock block in Malka road milk road

Haney 8:06
Yeah, to the Romani Ranch.

Chris 8:08
Yeah and all just have a real ranch of a time. Yeah. When we loaded the game we were already in Clock Town. And also I didn’t have a Goron mask.

Haney 8:16
Not good. Hey, welcome here.

Chris 8:20
Why am I in lockdown?

Haney 8:22
No idea there I got nothing. All right.

Chris 8:25
Here we go.

Haney 8:27
Can’t believe the game reset to the beginning.

Chris 8:29
Let’s see what I got. You definitely have

Haney 8:33
the quickest way to the Mountains to the north gate. Night Do you have a doll was remains.

Chris 8:40
Yeah, yeah, those remains. I got the mask of pig.

Haney 8:44
You lost your tomorrow mask. We gotta go get that at some point was done in the first day. You could probably do it tonight. It was like kid you like

Chris 8:51
a foxy? Well, okay, let me set here’s what’s gonna happen. Yeah, I don’t know why I’m in Clock Town now.

Haney 8:57
But your fox kid is there.

Chris 8:58
I guess I’ll follow fox that okay, Fox miss. Boxers fucker. Boxers. And

Haney 9:05
what’s he doing? He’s putting something in there. It’s putting a letter in if you did not see a letter to be fair. Do you still have the cafe mask?

Chris 9:11
No, I gotta get that too. All right. Do I don’t have the Gorun masks. Do

Haney 9:16
I know what the fuck? The fuck happened?

Chris 9:20
Maybe it didn’t save for some reason. Let’s go outside and let’s get to the bottom of this.

Haney 9:26
Yeah, show me your bottom.

Chris 9:28
It’s fine. It’s fine.

Haney 9:29
Have you ever have a sort?

Unknown Speaker 9:31

Chris 9:32
I have to go figure out what crashed my game. Hmm. Stuck between a bat and a wet place? Yeah. i My god. Okay, I need to take a step back. Yeah,

Haney 9:45
yeah. What do you want to do today? Remember, this game is great, because you can just fucking do whatever

Chris 9:50
you want. Well, what I wanted to do was get the giant bomb from the ground in the bomb shop. All right, go to Melk road. Yeah, I want to blow up the big boulder. that’s in the middle of the road, I assume with the giant bomb. The problem is I don’t have the gore on mask anymore. And I don’t know why

Haney 10:07
did he get what’s he going to give you the Giant Bomb if he just

Chris 10:10
said I wasn’t like strong enough or something? So I assume if I get the Gorun mask, I can get the gotcha. Gotcha. Wait, do I even have a bumbag? No. Oh my god.

Haney 10:21
Welcome to this episode of crisis call.

Chris 10:24
Welcome to this episode of actually Christmas crisis. So, this episode? Yeah, we have a real clock down of a time. Welcome back

Haney 10:36
the bhakti ally, this is what you’re here for. It’s the game about getting lost and resetting time. Here we go.

Chris 10:42
We’re resetting our saves. So Well, I was listening to the previous edits I was doing and something that you said that I stuck my brain hole? Oh, well, as it was that the postman says he’s worried because there’s been no mail today. Yeah. And he says that on day two, and cafe leaves the mail on day one. Yeah. So it was like, well, let’s just kind of pull that thread a little and see like, What the What’s going on there? Yeah, because I thought there must be something that happens between day one

Haney 11:13
and day two, postman. Hello. Hello sauce as the kids say

Chris 11:18
hello sauce. And a lot of the townspeople are. Yeah. Which is why I think the last time I interacted with the cafe side quest, I thought it was all a big conspiracy. Yeah. And that’s what we’re diving into today. Yeah. So why don’t you hit me with the bullet points and all elaborate. All right.

Haney 11:36
Number one is Alex. Number two is envelopes. Number three is remind Chris of ice blocks. Those seem unrelated to this. Number four, however, is troop show cancelled diva loss voice. So if you remember, when you started pulling on this thread, this time you started going through things that you’ve already done before, but you got way deeper on them because you were in the right place at the right time. This Yeah. So this first part is you decided to go over to married to Tara’s house because you needed the cafe mask because you also didn’t have that any longer due to the Save issues. So when you got there, you can either go to the left I think it is to madam aromas office or to the right to Mayor de Torres office, Madam aroma being the mayor’s wife. You chose to go to Madame aromas first because she’s the one who gives you the cafe mask as she’s looking for her son.

Chris 12:33
Yeah. Previously, it was just madam aroma and fish fishing McGee. Yeah.

Haney 12:40
The manager, I guess. Yeah, like band manager for the for the Zuora band was Laura. Yeah. Then I do not remember the dude’s name

Chris 12:50
right. This time, however, I saw Gorman walking into the mayor’s residence. And he’s headed to talk to him at them aroma. So I like ah, something’s something’s going on over here.

Haney 13:01
Which brings us to bullet point number two. Garmin, miserable.

Chris 13:05
Hey, Gorman, I didn’t catch you here last time.

Unknown Speaker 13:11
I love the Garmin troupe. I have an appointment to meet with Madame today. Oh, really?

Chris 13:16
That should be fine. If you just go in.

Unknown Speaker 13:19
Gorman, leader. The traveling troupe was added to your notebook.

Chris 13:23
So I didn’t have him already. Gorman, how do I get your tights?

Haney 13:28
Bother bother. I’m busy. aroma,

Unknown Speaker 13:32
man aroma. Madam aroma. I’m Gorman. It’s been some time. Thank you for letting us perform at this year’s carnival of time.

Chris 13:44
Oh, dear me. Then. There’s a problem. Mainly. The opening performance I’ve asked you to do? Yes, they’ve canceled just now. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 13:57
what’s this? Mer allow me to explain. I’m torto manager of the Zuora band. d&d. gogos

Chris 14:05
he arrived this morning. I haven’t arrived yet.

Unknown Speaker 14:09
We’ve actually there’s been an unusual accident and great Barry. Do dude. Unusual accident. Lulu, the Diva and the indie Go Go’s has lost her voice. Why? Why? The details are quite long. I’ll spare you not only rate I must cancel our performance at this year’s carnival of time. This means the government troops job is it’s

Chris 14:35
off. But But that’s all Gorman. There’s always next year. I’m busy with other matters.

Haney 14:42
Madam aroma. The mayor’s wife was added to your notebook.

Chris 14:46
So maybe it’s good. We lost whatever we lost because now I have some more context for everything that’s happening. Yeah. So the troops show is canceled because something happened at grey Bay which cause the diva to lose her voice. That’s unfortunate because I’m never going anywhere near water in this.

Haney 15:05
Yeah, it’s gonna be really interesting to see how we get through the final temple. Yeah. Or not? Yeah.

Chris 15:11
Oh, do you want to feel trip? Or are you the expert person find her I hired? Yes, yes, I say you have the face of a pro. It turns out that Gorman is having a pretty bad time because his trip shows canceled.

Haney 15:28
Yeah, without a headliner don’t really need openers. So Gerben kind of gets, gets the boop gets the boot and blokes out. And then you’re left with Madame aroma and her fish friend.

Chris 15:40
Yeah. We’ve talked to them previously, they said essentially the same thing. Or was like, Hey, you’re the finest skater I hired. Yeah. And I said, Yeah, that’s me. Yeah, I’ll sure do this.

Haney 15:52
She gives you a mask of her son’s face, whereas normal people do. Yeah. Very rich. Oh, yeah. Cafes diary is the next point. So this is another new thing for you. So yeah, you walked into the backroom and you had missed this previously, but there’s a back door. So there’s a backroom and then there’s a backroom off of that backroom. And then that little little backroom, there is a diary on a desk and it’s cafe’s diary. You give that a little little pissy, Rudy.

Chris 16:18
Oh, I don’t know that. I found this last time.

Haney 16:21
Cafe. Diary. Bit.

Chris 16:22
All right. I wasn’t ready for this. I’m Detective link now. Cafes diary.

Haney 16:29
The wedding ceremony is soon. It might be early. But I finished my wedding mask. I wonder if Andrea has made hers. She tends to do things the last minute, so probably not. There’s a gathering of the fellows at the milk bar tonight. I plan to show off my wedding mask and talk about my sweetheart as best as I can. Let’s sweet.

Chris 16:48
So here’s what it comes down to.

Haney 16:50
What else is on this desk here? A little bit of paper. Yeah,

Chris 16:54
that’s it. So here’s what’s going on. I’ve already figured it out. I’ve cracked the case.

Haney 16:58
Yeah, it’s helped me out.

Chris 17:01
So what’s happened is Cafe made this mask. And he had a bachelor party at the milk bar, okay. And the mask made him a little kid. And now he can’t get married. That’s why he’s missing. He won’t show himself because he’s got to figure some shit out. Now. The people who are at the milk bar for his bachelor party. Were the ones who are being wishy washy suspicious about everything. Like the frickin mailman and the conniving. No good. What’s his name? That one shop owner?

Haney 17:39
Oh, the we don’t have his name. But the guy who owns the curiosity Curiosity Shop? Yeah. I’m just making a note that says Cafe sketchy bachelor.

Chris 17:48
But here’s the problem with that theory. Because this lady says, No, I don’t want to hear your direction. So no, it’s fine. This lady tells me that didn’t Cafe want to call off the wedding?

Haney 18:03
I don’t know when you talk to her.

Chris 18:05
Oh, how many people are gonna ask me that? That lady is so persistent. So doesn’t Cafe want to break off his engagement on you? Why not let him that’s what he wants some people. So why do you think

Haney 18:19
she thinks that cafe wants to break off his engagement because she was too timing on you. With her? Interesting.

Chris 18:26
I don’t actually believe that. But something’s still suspicious.

Haney 18:31
And this is where this is where your conspiracy started coming together. This

Chris 18:35
is where my conspiracy started together. And it’s also where I started getting a lot more information about everything. Yeah. So he was having a bachelor party at the milk bar. And I was like, Oh, that probably means that the postman and fucking the creepy s cellar guy curiosity shopping. They were probably his bachelor

Haney 18:55
Trading Post center. We figured out during this recording that he owns both. That’s fine. Yeah. Back is always itchy, which is concerning.

Chris 19:03
Yeah. Luckily, I’ve only bought stolen goods from him. Yeah. So I assume those were the members of his bachelor party at least. And that’s why they’re being so sketchy because something happened at this bachelor party Cafe is missing. They know something. What’s up with that? I don’t know. So I roll up to and you at the stockpot in the stockpot and, and I really don’t know what it is that’s changing these conversations for me, whether it’s the time of day, whether it’s like something else I’ve triggered or what, but people are saying different things to me than previously.

Haney 19:35
Yeah, you got a lot better information on this go through. Yeah. And

Chris 19:39
especially with Andrea, because when I talked to her this time, she says Oh, you’re looking for Cafe Can you come back around midnight? I got some information or something to share with you essentially. Yeah. And I said hell yeah.

Haney 19:54
Betina Christopher I’m have been a wonderful time with

Chris 20:00
You that’s pretty good. Yeah, figuring out some more stuff and putting things together. Yeah. How’s that feel? Pretty good.

Haney 20:05
Oh, there’s a kid up here. I

Chris 20:06
think for me bomber boy.

Haney 20:08
I used to see him by the laundry pool sometimes. Hey, who is he? What did he do? That’s what I’m here to find out. Can’t wait to find out that cafe is like a mass murderer. And that’s why the whole towns were looking for him. You’re also looking for cafe. I have a request cafe. I have a clue that will help you find him. Tonight at 1130. Please come to our kitchen. We’ll talk then. I’ll be there. You promise a meter at night? It was added to your notebook?

Chris 20:34
Yeah, Chris. It’s all coming together.

Haney 20:38
But that does mean if you’re here at 1130 tonight, I don’t know that you’ll be able to rescue the old lady. At the same time.

Chris 20:45
This is more important. Because I can buy the bomb bag. This is the best misfortune that’s ever befallen us.

Haney 20:53
Let’s pause there for a second before we go too much further. What is it that you think that’s changing? Given all you know right now, do you think you have all the answers on why in your head and just having arranged them into why things are happening differently this go through?

Chris 21:08
I don’t know. It’s hard to say. Because it could either be a time related thing or a trigger related thing. I feel like it’s probably time related. Because I remember

Haney 21:24
you said the thing already. Basically, why things are different. And you didn’t know you said it.

Chris 21:29
Oh, did I? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, fucking genius. Doesn’t surprise me.

Haney 21:34
So one thing you said earlier was talking about the postman and how on the second day, he’s concerned that there’s no mail. Okay? That’s because Cafe mail flooded on the first day. Right? So unless you step in on the first day, when you get to the second day, Andre is not going to it’s going to be the ship of sale, basically. Because you’re not getting responses back and forth. Fast enough face. So it’s time that it is time based. Yeah, at least this portion of why you got answers differently from onto is time based, right? So they’re ones might be triggered based. So it’s not always a sure bet. But I will let you in on that secret. That is just it has to be done on the first day. Okay, for this particular part of the class because it has to happen before the mail runs on the second day.

Chris 22:18
That makes sense. You’re talking about Andrea though. Yeah. What do you want from you? Well, she wanted me to come back and meet her at a midnight I think it was 11pm or midnight somewhere in there. 1130 1130 okay in the kitchen

Haney 22:29
of the stockpot in you almost didn’t make it ah oh the milk bar talk to me. Are you looking for young cafe to know I just wear his face it seems madam aroma still doesn’t know where he is. But he’s not the type to just run off. Just wait when the time is right. And he’s ready.

Chris 22:46
He’ll show himself you know something? You know something? What are you staring

Haney 22:51
at? Sounds like your show has been canceled. You don’t really need to be here anymore. Yeah, I came to drink and I’m a customer. Today you have context for that conversation? Because you’ve seen that conversation before. Yeah. Welcome to this Curiosity Shop. Hey, hey, we have a no mask policy. What? I didn’t think I’d see nobody wearing a mask like that. No more but here’s one way so the tours wife is making search for him with this A doesn’t look anything like him. Really? Then again? I guess it does. So. What Hey, you know, I want you to leave now.

Chris 23:25
So he hasn’t seen a mask like this in a while. Which means this isn’t like new

Haney 23:31
right? It is almost time it’s 11 Oh, wow, look at a break it down. This is the part where the rat breaks down. Everyone looks linked doesn’t make a sound. Everything looks like Satan nailed now talk to us. Don’t talk to us. Because I can everyone comes down. stockpot in closed.

Chris 23:55
Play. Wait. Shit. I know I could get into the roof that lets you into the stockpot in can’t believe

Haney 24:05
you just left onto there. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo run doo doo doo doo doo. So the next note I have is Gretchen the fish. Do you want to talk to me a little bit about Gretchen?

Chris 24:18
Yeah. So there’s a really nice pool in the kitchen as you often have, I assume so they can prepare their couch freshly for their residents. And I grabbed a fish. This is my new fish and you named it it scratching. It’s good fish.

Haney 24:33
And then you dumped Gretchen out on the floor. I use something else and then I crossed out Gretchen the fish for how you’re trying to catch a bug I think and also in the kitchen. Yeah. But that’s okay. Because you got the kitchen at the right time. And Andrea was there. Love it on you. Ah, I’m sorry to trouble you late at night.

Chris 24:54
It’s about him. Cafe. Yes, your fiancee.

Haney 24:58
I received a letter They’re from him. strange incident getting a letter from a missing person. But there’s absolutely no mistaking it’s from him. Here’s my letter, please put this in a postbox. When this is delivered, when he receives my letter, you should be able to meet him. Please tell him the Anji was waiting for him. And please, after you’ve seen him, tell me how he looked. I’m scared. I can’t go Can I ask this up you

Chris 25:25
will find him.

Haney 25:25
Thank you very much. You were given a letter to cafe quick, deliver it for ticket, take it to a mailbox. You made an important promise it was added to your notebook. At this point, we have a note that just says who all is in on this conspiracy. So I think at this point, I’d like to dive into what you think what what your thoughts are on that conspiracy was earlier a,

Chris 25:50
there could be some timey wimey stuff going on. I said Cafe should be an adult. But this kid looks like a kid. That’s weird. If that’s Cafe something’s up with that. Be for some reason he has dipped. Yeah, there’s some people who knows where it is. And they’re not talking. Don’t know what’s going on with that. And also, why does this kid look like him?

Haney 26:10
That would be the darkest timeline if it was just now he just left and his friends are covering for him. That’s it. Yeah, it’s he has an illusion to collect like stories over and that’s his kid with the fucking front desk girl from Yeah,

Chris 26:23
so that was the other possibility.

Haney 26:26
Majoris mask fanfiction about the Clock Town residents.

Chris 26:29
You said you don’t like my stories? You said there too.

Haney 26:32
I don’t like your podcast. Oh, okay. Yeah.

Chris 26:35
So those were the two possibilities. It seems like more of a conspiracy thing, because there’s definitely people who know what’s up with cafe. The postman says, I haven’t seen him. But if I did, I wouldn’t fucking tell

Haney 26:48
you. Yeah, it’d be a secret, don’t you think? Yeah. And I don’t spill secrets.

Chris 26:53
And that’s fucking weird. Well, not weird. It’s at least suspicious.

Haney 26:57
Yeah, I mean, it’s honorable to a degree, right? Like, yeah, I actually knowing what we do now. I think it’s super honorable. He’s like, hey, like, no, that’s not of your business like stat of it. So I have a very much a mind your business kind of person. So when I see characters like that, it doesn’t register to me as as suss. It registers to me as Yeah, maybe mine your fucking business.

Chris 27:21
That’s, that’s okay. Yeah, you do keep saying that to me.

Haney 27:24
You met cafe? No. So there was the next note, but yeah.

Chris 27:32
There was something that kind of caught my attention. Yeah. Which I still don’t really understand. So maybe you can shed some light on maybe. But when I talked to the Curiosity Shop owner, one of the things he says is haven’t seen that mask in a long time. And I don’t know why he says that. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Haney 27:50
I think when Cafe first went missing, because we don’t know how long it’s been. Just like inequivalent posters, like just me. Yeah, like the mask was just like, have you seen this person? Could you imagine how fucking weird that would be?

Chris 28:05
Feeling that would make it a lot harder to find the person you’re looking for if everyone is wearing their face? You know what the other thing is? What? There’s definitely posters up for the indie Go Go’s? Yeah. Why aren’t there posters up for cafe?

Haney 28:17
We’d have to take down the posters for the amigos.

Chris 28:20
But they’re canceled.

Haney 28:21
How dare you? Twitter isn’t even around. funny jokes. All right. So funny cafe. Yeah. Start from delivering the letter and walk me through. Walk me through where you go from there. Yeah,

Chris 28:36
I had to get to the letterbox before the postman did so you could actually take the letter? Yeah. Did some running around there. I lost him a couple times. You were stalking him for a good track of time. Yeah, and then it got boring. And I want to do something else. Yeah.

Haney 28:51
Oh, no, it’s the plan.

Chris 28:55
Put the mail in the mailbox. This one? Yeah, specifically.

Haney 28:59
Are you just gonna sit until morning and watch it? Well, I want to see if I can read it. Chris that’s personal the fuck is wrong with you? You’re an animal what does that mean? Doesn’t seem to work here. I can’t believe you’re gonna try to read it touching posit mail here. Press start to open this start. Your letter has been received. Could you Oh Chris you use the postal system shall be delivered tomorrow. Could you sent the letter this was added to your notebook. So here’s what I can do now. Now what can you do? Follow the postman

Chris 29:31
fine cafe.

Haney 29:32
Yeah, Trixie little habits. Oh, man. I don’t know where he is. Even if I knew it would be a secret.

Chris 29:43
Not letting you get away that easy. Mr. Man. Ching,

Haney 29:48
to grabbed on newsletter. Make sure to follow the postman. Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna say. Yeah, that’s my plan.

Chris 29:55
Do you are you following Him to the ends of the earth?

Haney 30:01
I started reading a pornography once or many years ago. I think it was from a magazine called hustler. And this was back when it was a physical print magazine. And I had a copy of it. And they used to have like letters to the editor in it that were like, people like, you know, talking about their own like sexcapades basically published smut, right? And like, who cares if it’s real or not? Because it was just, it’s entertainment. It was entertainment. It was just reading it was basically reading erotic fanfiction. Right? Yeah. Except supposedly basically, encounter. And one of the Yes, yes. And, and one of the stories that has stuck with me, I had this this hustler I had, I had stolen this hustler from one of my older brothers when I was like a 11. And this story has stuck with me about this woman who banged a dude, the two decks that she swears up and down were like two, like perfectly sized normal decks attached perfect one is like, like, like, same size, like now. Oh, tortoise. And yeah, that’s just stuck with me for my whole life. Yeah. Okay. All right. So he picked it up at that point. And that looks like he’s going to deliver it starting at 1800 is four. All right, it’s 1212. Six, right? Yeah. 12 plus four is 6pm. Is 1618. Wait, what? On? 1800? It is. It’s 12. So 12. It’s from 12. So 1813 is 114 is 218 is six.

Chris 31:29
Yeah, to be six. So it looks like his block if six plus 12 is 18.

Haney 31:33
Okay, so 18 is the middle block is the center here. So if you scroll up to the postman it looks like he’ll probably start collecting. Oh, I guess that doesn’t really help does it? Somehow I get ahead of him. Yeah. Or I just don’t know where he’s going though. Yeah,

Chris 31:52
I head down to the laundry pool. Yeah. And pull your laundry Yeah, and there’s this nice little bell here and if you smash that bell button, the curiosity well it’s for the QRC shop I don’t know why Cafe appears actually to be honest.

Haney 32:08
I think he’s just like it’s his door because that’s where he’s hiding

Chris 32:11
right but why is it linked to the is the Curiosity Shop backdoor and

Haney 32:15
I think it’s a because they do illegal things it’s like oh, hey, like if you’re selling take it through the backdoor Okay, that’s actually why Cafe opens at no ideas he just is there I guess like might as well earn your keep it for I’m gonna hide you you know take take the sketch deliveries.

Chris 32:31
That’s fair. Yeah, that’s actually pretty cool. I didn’t thought about that. Yeah, anyway, so there’s this bell here for the Curiosity Shop previously if you smash it, cafe will open the secret door and be like the folks that so I smashed the bill and this time Cafe doesn’t leave. Open the door. That’s fucking weird.

Haney 32:47
Nothing happens. Yeah, but it does show you the door. It does

Chris 32:51
show me the door. It’s like hey, this is where that kid comes out if if he was here, yeah, like Well, that’s odd. I’m gonna open that door. Go check it out. And the door opens this time. First time first time boy ever got in

Haney 33:05
there? What’s in there? Cafe? Where is he?

Chris 33:10
This is not where I wanted to cry. The other thing that I don’t understand is these frogs. Something going on with these frogs? They don’t really not sure about. No, I’m

Haney 33:21
sure you’ll figure it out. They didn’t come out dirty.

Chris 33:25
No. That’s interesting.

Haney 33:29
Oh, fuck. There it is.

Chris 33:31
What is the secret society bullshit.

Haney 33:34
Yo, great hat. King clothes.

Chris 33:38
Could you be a florist fairy?

Haney 33:40
Just rip his face off. It was tingle the whole time. It seems you’re looking for cafe. Can you keep a secret?

Chris 33:47
Yeah, I’m great with secrets onto trusted you.

Haney 33:50
I shall also trust you. Andrea doesn’t

Chris 33:52
know me. Neither do Whoa.

Haney 33:56
I am Cafe

Chris 33:58
nailed it.

Haney 33:59
The cafe we’re looking for. It’s an adult. When I look at you. I just see a child. I was turned into this by a strange me wearing a mask. But I’m not hiding because I look this way. When I was turned into this. I went to see the Great Fairy in the shrine near the north gate. But on the way my precious mask. A wedding ceremony mask was stolen from me by some prancing man with a grinning face. Oh, you son of a bitch. Well, you’re just careless. You’re like my partner.

Chris 34:24
What? Fuck you tinkle.

Haney 34:25
I know Andrea is worried but I can’t go out yet. I made a promise to her that I would bring the wedding mask and greet her. This pendant. Give it to and you. You accepted the pendant of memories. Keep up we just talked about a secret from everyone. The mysterious youth cafe was added to your notebook. You’ve been entrusted with a precious item this was added to your new book.

Chris 34:48
How much do you think I could sell it for

Haney 34:50
a good chunk? Probably.

Chris 34:53
He was cursed by him.

Haney 34:55
Wow heard that one before? Yeah, was a big tall strong man’s a Hail punk real hunk of a dude made a bad move near an amp and the amp was like, hey, Bingo. Bingo. You’re now child though. Yeah, man, I’m a kid.

Chris 35:11
So he’s a kid. Now. That’s a problem. Bigger, bigger problem.

Haney 35:16
He doesn’t mind he knows Andrew will be fine with that. Like, they’ll figure that out. The bigger problem is that there’s a tradition in Termina that or in Clock Town at least, that you make a wedding ask with your with your partner, or you know, I don’t know if with it seemed like you make them separately and bring them together on the wedding day. So he says that the real reason he’s embarrassed is that he had brought his masks to the bachelor party at the milk bar to show everyone and then it got stolen. That’s fucking weird. Yeah, no good. At this point. I believe you were convinced to that. It was the heavy mass salesman saw his buddy mask?

Chris 35:55
Well, he sure has taken a liking to masks and he does Gretton a lot does grin a lot. And he’s a creep. Yeah. At this point. I think I still have to get that fucking bomb bag.

Haney 36:05
And you went to the north clocked him and waited. Sure did. The thief shows up. Oh Stop thief. Give the old lady her luggage back. Stop him. Chris. Stop him. I don’t want to hit him. I’m gonna tell you right now hidden. Why is it gorgeous? Letting him run guard? You’ll ask it.

Chris 36:29
What the fuck guard?

Haney 36:32
Can’t believe you just let that old woman get robbed. You’re an animal. And you let him go? What? And then you reset time again? What? And try again? And this time you got him? Yeah. Professional. Yeah. So you beat the thief. Make sure that Mama bomb shop owner gets back home safe and she gives you a little reward for your troubles. Sure does. Bomb mask. Yes, she

Chris 37:01

Haney 37:02
Which is huge. Math that blows up. It’s just a bomb. It does damage to you. I think it’s full heart container permanence half a heart for half a heart container per explosion and then you have like a little cooldown moment and then you can explode again. Yeah, you got real explodey I ever North clay.

Chris 37:18
If there’s any one thing I love. It’s exploding all over town. Yeah, but yeah, it’s straight up a bomb that you just put on your face. Yeah, that’s great. Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

Haney 37:28
And now because you saved her from the thief. She also stocks big bomb bags now too. Yeah, you picked up one of those because you’re like, Hey, I’m gonna take this too.

Chris 37:38
I enlarge my sack once again. Yeah. And then

Haney 37:41
from here, we set out on the rest of our journey to reconstruct what we’ve lost, which is headed up to snow head temple and becoming a Goron again. Thanks so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you want the journey to continue please support us at patreon.com/first encounter, find our socials and contact info at first encountered podcast.com Please stop by and say hey, our intro and outro music is by Alden Zach

Chris 38:09
at the point of this recording this episode, we had gotten to snow all

Haney 38:13
the cobwebs under there. Just put my hand and then to try and make it quiet to get a tic tac toe have cobweb all over my hand and my tic tac

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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