After our only plan is derailed, we head to the snowy North where everyone is upset and nipples abound.

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:05
Hey listener first encountered is an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. content warnings can be found in the episode description. I wanted to start today off by asking her was it bang? Oh, sorry. Well, I asked our listeners to just sit down, take a break, and think about the way that they enjoy to start their mornings. Because personally, I like to start my mornings with a delicious cup of coffee from uncommon coffee here in Vermont. It’s the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life. Oh, me too. I love uncommon coffee. It is the only way that Chris and I get through recordings anymore. But what you should do listener is travel on over to www dot uncommon Click on their shop link by yourself at least two if not 10 bags of coffee, preferably 10. They’ll go through a lot faster than you expect you will. You’ll be drinking nothing but coffee. You’ll drink coffee so much that your pee and your blood will turn to coffee and you should see a doctor probably. But what you can do is you can take all 10 bags of that coffee, put it in your cart. enter promo code Good, good and receive 10% off that massive order of coffee. Go do it right now. Don’t even listen to this episode of First Encounter, go just buy coffee. We’ll learn how to code and set up a bot that just goes against uncommon with your credit card and buys unlimited bags of coffee and support uncommon coffee and first encountered today. Yeah, here I’ll spoil the episode for you so you don’t even have to bother. I crush it obviously. Yeah, I mean, I just continued to do so so good. Turns out Cafe Jr. was whatever Cafe Jr. was that you thought it was going to be? Yeah, yeah, the ultimate illegitimate love child. I’m coming For all your coffee needs. While I’m thinking about how I like to start my morning. Do you know the other thing I really like to do to just get me going in the morning Chris while I’m drinking my uncommon coffee, coffee. Just a hug pile of really wonderful people. I go to in and then I use this I thought it would be cool if we could spend a few minutes and think some of our wonderful patrons. Yeah, yeah. All right. Hit it. Thank you so much, Josh. Thank you so much, Joan. Thank you so much old lady credit. Thanks so much, Cody. Hey, buddy, Claudia. The the wind in our sails. The sail in our wind the sail in the sky. The sail is number one in forever and always in our hearts. And also just the dang fucking awesome person. Yeah, yeah, real good. Your little this is fucking awesome. Ben Ben. Oh, man. Actually,

Unknown Speaker 2:54
I do want to do I do.

Haney 2:56
I do want to do ginormous. I said what I said ginormous. I have been having an absolute blast talking music with ginormous in the discard. Last couple of weeks. We’ve been hitting some old faves, some getting some emo out. And it was it was a really nice coming together moment for the discard recently. around making sure that Ben could grab some really fun new music for himself. Yeah, yeah. Alex, I see what you’re doing there. I appreciate it. Yeah. Excellent. Thank you, Alex. So Alex, you make great beer that gets us way too drunk during recordings, and we can’t drink it anymore because of that. Yeah. What a treat. I love our expression to your members.

Chris 3:33
of our producers, a lot of our producers. It’s kind of wild, though. We have producers it is and we just came off the weekend where we had our producer call. Yeah, our very first producer meeting, I had a blast. We got to give some sneaky peeks behind the scenes. Yeah. And

Haney 3:47
they’ve been sworn to secrecy. So they cannot tell anyone else. Please don’t tell them. You get the secret sauce. I’d like to thank wolfssl Our newest producer, I believe. Oops, sorry. Thank you so much for just diving into the podcast and becoming such an awesome contributor to the show. And also for starting Final Fantasy seven for the first Hell yeah, good luck, buddy. You’re fucking awesome kid. I don’t need it. I mean, you’re probably better either. They’re much better than we are. I just assumed they’re better at video games than I am now. But still, it was a hard game. Dr. J, thank you so much. Mod number one the best of the best. The cream of the crop, the crop tease the cream in our sales. I know I’m craving. Denise. Denise. Thank you. Sorry. Thank you for joining the producer. Meeting. Awesome. Sorry about the potty words. August bless your heart.

Unknown Speaker 4:37
You are just the cheese,

Unknown Speaker 4:40
the bees cheese. As they said Chris and I are very tired coming up on recording today. And I’ve just decided Fuck it.

Haney 4:51
Let’s go silly with the interest. You get a giggle out of the day. But seriously, all of our patrons at every tier. Thank you all so much. We He genuinely could fucking not do this without you. It’s true. If you’re looking for a way to support the show, we just recorded our Patreon. Pokeyman nullsec randomizer challenge. Yeah. Which is sucking fun. Yeah, that was a blast. Holy

Unknown Speaker 5:16
shit Chris and I

Haney 5:19
won. Wow. Mewtwo Mewtwo YouTube’s and Pallet Town mutants and mold traces Oh my who would mute you, didn’t you? Yeah, I’m mostly mad that I died to multi race. Yeah, I’m only also mad about that because I had just released a water poco on moments before because it fainted like, Oh, that was named after one of our patrons. I love that Waterpocket mom, whatever it was, and it was perfect in every single way hey, you I’m good. I’m doing pretty good. My mom made merengue and waffles. Homemade merengue and waffles. Marang and waffles. I don’t know if those things went together. I’m not really sure what she did. Okay, good, though.

Chris 6:08
Nice. I always love an update from your mother. Yeah. Okay, cool. So that’s, uh, that newsflash. Yeah, so here we are. Just flush with Lincoln Zelda and Gorons and Deku Oh, my rubs and all the all that good stuff that comes we’ll love it. Majoris mask.

Haney 6:26
How did you? How did you enjoy today’s episode?

Unknown Speaker 6:30
I enjoyed the second half. Quite a lot. Yeah, the first half was

Haney 6:34
no good. It was fine. All right. We turn on the game dawn on the first day. 6am

Chris 6:39
I had an objective today. You did you had it to do I’ve had this objective for quite a while actually. I’ve been thinking about this since last recording because I was really pumped to just go after that ranch

Haney 6:49
can have a real ranch over time. Yeah, you’re a big ranch dressing fan. Yeah. I don’t know. Not. Like that seems so not your ally and

Unknown Speaker 6:57
stressing I feel French flavored things. Not ranch like ranch Ranch Doritos Cool Ranch Doritos. They’re pretty good. Pretty good.

Chris 7:03
Yeah. So last recording, I ended with a lot of people kind of giving me the soft direction of hey, there’s a ranch thing going on. People are escaping to the ranch because the moon is fucking coming down. I don’t know if you notice, but that’s not really great. So I was like, Cool. I’m gonna hit up the ranch. Got my marching orders. I’ve always enjoyed the ranch and Ocarina of Time. Yeah, very pleasant. So I was pretty pumped. Yeah, I knew what I was gonna do. load into the game, John in the first day.

Haney 7:35
Ah, so Chris, welcome back to South Clock Town. It’s been a while what was on our agenda for the day since Donna the sixth day. So I’m looking for the long long rich something ranch something ranch. I’m looking for second side Romani Ranch Romani Ranch. That’s right. Lon Lon I believe is ocarina saw brought down have you some errands in the swamp? Wait, I don’t want swamp it is dangerous outside the town walls. So I cannot allow a child like you to Oh, a thought. My apologies. It was wrong of me to treat you like a child.

Unknown Speaker 8:06
So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to talk to each guard because they’ll tell me what’s in that direction without me needing

Haney 8:11
to leave the Romani Ranch is not one of the main exits.

Unknown Speaker 8:15
I’m just curious. Okay, I just want to hear what yes for me. From Great Bay you can see clear to the ocean in lies in this direction. Be careful.

Haney 8:24
Real Water Temple of a time. I bet all right, so we got the southern swamp the Great Bay. Great Bay is to the west. Yeah. You think about like San Francisco Bay. To the west. Yeah,

Chris 8:34
that was my first thought. Yeah. Oh, tingle Dingle. Tangle, tangle. Tangle mountains of snow headline this way. Be careful. Yeah. Northern Mountains. Snowy, snowy mountains. No boy II some ocean breeze. Some pants swamp. We got this way.

Unknown Speaker 8:57
The canyon at Stone Town realize this way. Be careful.

Chris 9:02
masterfully done. Yeah. Now are you going? I’m gonna go south because that’s where he told me to go.

Haney 9:07
Yeah, I could be very wrong. But if I remember right, Romani Ranch was closest to the southern exit. We’ll see. But you’ll you’ll have to find your way from there. Yeah. And I could be very wrong. So you know,

Chris 9:17
we’ll learn pretty fast. So we got the swamp s in the South. Yeah. We got the snowy tundra in the north. Yeah, sorry. mountains or some shit snow. We got the bay in the West, I believe. I believe that’s correct. And in the east, we have something something something in the east. Yeah, we’ll figure it out. Yeah, we’ll figure it out. So that’s cool. So I talked to the guards figured out kind of my bearings. And I headed south kind of wandered around the fields a little bit trying to figure out where the ranch was. There’s kind of a little side path, the sign that’s like milk road this way. Yeah. I think we came across this in the past. game play and I was like no I’m actually I’ll say that sounds right that sounds like something you would say. So this time we did travel down the milky road Chinese milky road and we see tingle always good always welcome it always solid flooding along blast him down. I didn’t have any rupees. Yeah,

Haney 10:17
you’re you were pretty broke. You kind of just sped right at a clock town today.

Unknown Speaker 10:21
Yeah, that’s fine. Milk road ahead. Romani Ranch further ahead. Time for a little milk road. Huh? I can’t believe you’re gonna milk me. Can you? Yeah,

Haney 10:33
I feel like that’s something you can you believe, tingles here. I guess he doesn’t have a fanny pack. It’s underwear. That’s fine. Huh? equally good for me.

Unknown Speaker 10:43
What’s this green clothes? Why very sir. Could you by chance be a forest fairy? Oh, my name is tingle. I think I’m the same as you saw a florist bearing.

Haney 10:57
I will sell you a map for cheap as a sign of my friend. So I definitely don’t have well you buy one of tinkles maps ship? Romani Ranch 20 rupees Red Bay 40 rupees. I’m broke. I see. Welcome again. Yeah, he doesn’t judge you give me your number. Go tingle pie go little bit further. And there’s a big boulder in the middle of the road. Yeah, and there’s a guy just hammering away at it yeah smashing it Yeah, just smashing that boulder. Is that like Boulder terribly sorry for the inconvenience but he’ll be done in a couple days. Well, you down someone was up to some no good mischief and block the road to Romani Ranch. Shit. I’m sorry. I’ll remove it quickly. Okay, so maybe by like the second or third day it’ll be done. That doesn’t make sense though. That wouldn’t give me enough time to do anything.

Chris 11:49
I always feel bad when the grass that I’m trying to cut runs away from me. You are correct. What you said. Alright, well, you didn’t need to tell me. Sorry, monster. I’m done now. So I can’t go to the ranch. Reminding rich No, no, not right now at least. And that threw me for a bit of a loop because that’s entirely what I was going on. Yeah, going into this episode. Do a little bit of backtracking though and come upon a horse

Haney 12:18
stables. It was a horse track. I think they said it’s like a horse training center. And yeah, they said that but I didn’t see a tracker there also wasn’t horses there. No. Tell me milk. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 12:30
what’s happening horse milk. You want to buy some horse milk?

Haney 12:36
Oh, wait. Where’s my bottles? But toe to bottle this very nice. Nice. Yeah. You kind of fairy in a bottle. Your new friend will give you life energy the moment you completely run out. This is my lunch. I just caught. What’s this way? Is this Gorman track? A ship? Are you just in town? What are you on? You know what this place is? This is the Gorman brothers horse training center. You got no business here. Have you got no horse? No beat it scram, huh. The suspicious cornrows were added to your notebook. Wait. How many Gorman’s are there? Multiple? Why don’t you buy some fresh milk? Garmin made it himself. This is just between you and me. That milk they produce down yonder Romani Ranch is watered down a bit. It’s not worth drinking. Hmm. We don’t do that kind of thing here. Ours is the real deal. It’s always fresh and full of vitamins. Sure. It’s true. I’ll sell it cheap just for you. How about it? 50 rupees for one drink. Oh, really?

Unknown Speaker 13:37
Knock this good old coffee double in town. This is true.

Unknown Speaker 13:40
Right? So. Okay, so there’s a horse track here. Yeah, I guess or what is here? What is this?

Haney 13:48
I genuinely have no memory of this place. So we got a little barn looking thing. I want that logo on a t shirt of the garment face just drinking milk and enjoying it. We can do that. But could it be your face? Yeah. Okay. Well, you show me how to enjoy milk. Yeah, that’s sorry next special what’s the what’s going on in the notebook for the suspicious Garmin brothers like what times can you help them?

Chris 14:13
Well, let me see about that. So we come up with probably the Garmin brothers. Yeah, not to be confused with the Garmin troop leader. Yeah, who I assume is a third brother, but they didn’t really say Gibby they look very similar. Yeah, good. They look identical. Yeah. Could be triplets. And yeah, as you said they have a horse track

Haney 14:34
Training Center thing Yeah. One of them is really aggressive though that you can’t be there unless you have a horse. Yeah, he says if you don’t have a horse What are you doing here? Fuck off. Which to be fair, He’s not wrong. I guess so. Yeah. They didn’t have horses either though. Now they really didn’t. The second brother seems to have a beef with the Romani Ranch milk.

Chris 14:56
Yeah, he is they wonder there’s down talk shit about it a lot. Yeah, yeah. but not there’s it’s 100% Creamy pure melt yeah as as one should all yours 50 rupees,

Haney 15:07
but you’ll pay twice that in town he says I haven’t found anywhere to buy milk in town. I think the milk bar is the only place you can buy milk. Well, we’ll put a pin in that come back to it so we got to come back to that at some point something weird happened in there. So he bounced out of there and I kind of started doing a perimeter sweep of the different direction. Yeah, so that was south. I think I had West next Yeah. Well, if I talk to you again find milk, or different from Romani Ranch rises milk. Too expensive milk. Told you this is a horse training center means nothing if you got no horse got it? Why don’t you have a horse? Okay, so I find my eat pony before I do anything here. Well, that was a weird aside. Here’s what I’m gonna do. Yeah, tell me what you’re gonna do. I’m gonna check each direction. Yeah, that’d be fine. See what’s open up next year. She

Chris 15:54
wants one. Oh, beach here. swimming action test that she chairs the sheet is she Oh my god. It’s a Metroid so the beach is bad. Yeah, that’s gonna just be an indefinite no go. Yeah. which I felt was going to be the case because water. Yeah, and Zelda is historically no good with me. Yeah, now, me either, but this speech is especially bad. Because as you run across the beach, these Metroid looking spinny monster Yeah,

Haney 16:28
kind of look like the shy elude from dune to just like giant worms kind of. Yeah, they just blast out of the sand from underneath you and just like zip toward you. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 16:37
and just give you a real spiky spiky no good time.

Haney 16:41
I had a lot of spiky no good times. Yeah, there was also a big wall that you couldn’t get past to. Yeah, so that’s what’s stopping me from going in that direction. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:50
That was terrifying. I didn’t like that. I hated that. Not Oh, are you okay? Now? A lot of them get away from me.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
I’m gonna go ahead and say that without Of course you’re not going any further. Right?

Chris 17:03
Can I help you? Yeah, no. Oh, God. Does that have that? Is that okay? Okay, so I can’t go. You can keep going. Okay, no, that’s the fuck off. So we nope out of there. And we head north. And this is the snowy mountains. Yes. Okay, so there’s a lot of dangos they breed fire their giant lizards that walk on two legs and

Haney 17:29
as well as it should? Yeah, they kind of just pull themselves along with two front arms and their back is like more sneaky. I feel like we need to really Yeah, hammer that point home that it’s really upsetting. They should have hind legs there’s no like they they’re a Komodo dragon looking thing. This should have hind legs, but they don’t. Yeah, just real ripped buff for are awful. It’s no good. No,

Chris 17:50
I did try and take a crack at them and your sword can’t pierce their hide. It seems like so we pass them and you can kind of run up this cliff path to a kind of ice barrier. Like you got some giant ice. Yeah. Oh, Boulder kind of looking things ahead of you. You touched it. I touched it and immediately freezes. You know, good. And I also didn’t realize until later but as you’re frozen your health drains.

Haney 18:14
Yeah. You didn’t find that out until the very end of gameplay. Yeah, yeah. Later. No, good. No, no, not at all. So it’s like cool. Guess I’m not going this way. Nothing. Nothing I can do here. Now. There’s no good dipped out of there. Oh, Night of the first day. 60 Hours Remain plenty of hours. I’ve spent some time while not podcasting. Learning my right from my left. Feel like it’s gonna come in handy. I think so. Oh, so I’m frozen. I’m gonna need some fire of some sort. Probably

Chris 18:49
dammit. Well, now I’m not sure what direction I want to hit. And

Haney 18:53
you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna get some bombs. So you encountered the ice wall. And then you’re like, oh, I need bombs. And then you just went back to town. Why did I think I needed a bomb? Oh, no, you’re real convinced about it. They’re just funny because you had everything you needed at the time to get through. Yeah, so apparently I had bombs this whole gameplay? Yeah. Bombs and arrows. Yeah, the only things you need in this area right now.

Chris 19:17
Yeah. Now let me ask you Hey, yeah, what if I take out 100 rupees. Yeah, I know the bomb bag itself the small coin 50 It’s 50 No big I can buy some extra bombs. Yeah, and just kind of have some money.

Haney 19:30
Yeah, just line those little Hylian pockets. Yeah. Counterpoint though. What if you did that and then immediately tried to speed time up and fuck it up by playing the song of time and returning to the.on the first day well, Hey, that sounds pretty fucking stupid. Why would I do that? Not only that, but you actually get a context menu that says Are you sure you want to do this and you still wailed through it? Say mash that yes button and you lost 100 rupees. All of your progress for the day which wasn’t much but to be fair likes enough that it was irritating. It was irritating. Yeah. And yeah, lost your arrows, your bombs everything. Yeah, no good.

Unknown Speaker 20:07
No good. You have everything you need to proceed through that ice by the way, the ice that you touched.

Chris 20:19
Well, I’m gonna know that I’m here. I’m gonna get on bags anyway. Yeah, do whatever. Yeah,

Haney 20:23
I guess like, I remember you’re the little guy who deposited 350 And Ruby’s big boy. So how much do you want? So let’s go ahead and do a even hundo Yeah, let’s do it again. Fernanda you spend it like that and I’ll be gone before you know it. That’s fine. Yeah. Oh, fuck. You just lost the 100 rupees. Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 20:49
But you do that.

Haney 20:50
Alright, time for a beverage. Yep. All right, so I got you something. You got me something. It’s pretty well themed for our podcasts at this point. I feel like okay, and you just let me know what you think of that. All right, I’m gonna go ahead and Oh, no. Yeah, well, you got there. Pabst Blue Ribbon hard cold brew slightly sweet dairy free. Oh, thank you. Yeah, so slightly sweet coffee. Beer. Have you tried this? Yeah, I’ve had the one that does have dairy. How is that pretty good. All right. Well, yeah, may I go ahead and pop the top? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 21:24
why don’t you go crack that? Nailed it nothing on my phone like you that’s pretty good actually. Yeah, I like it. I hate that I like it but I like it. Ah, shit. All right. Fuck, I can’t believe I lost 100 bucks.

Haney 21:40
Yeah, well, you can spend the day just going around cutting stuff to get ya could do that or it could take more money out and piss off the banker buy it wait what you already have on how do I have a bumbag press Start Do you have bombs in your inventory? Yeah bottom right under the shield huh? There you go. All right. You go back to the bomb shop and and he says I’m not going to sell you this you already have one and yours is better and here’s his better the fuck you want yeah, great really just the entire first part of recording today but it was just all uphill from here and I got bombs and you got bombs so that’s cool. Yeah Get out of there find my way back north yep to the snowy area and this time title managed to you must have just not been in a good position before but title managed to kind of get up to a thing that you needed to interact with.

Chris 22:39
Yeah, so if you get close enough to the ice boulders then title will be like hey, look this bicycle up here. Yeah, if you shoot at it then it might fall and do stuff

Haney 22:50
Yeah. With a weapon strong enough. Yeah, Chris ignored that part. Don’t my Deku mask you mask? Bobble it Yeah, how’d that work out for you? Um, pending hasn’t worked yet. Yeah, but we’ll keep at it. Yeah, but in the meantime I’ll you know switch to my bow and yeah, yes,

Unknown Speaker 23:06
use an arrow or two that’s fine. Yeah. So shoot down the icicle it shatters the ice boulders in the way Yeah,

Haney 23:13
I can progress up the snowy path North Okay, let’s go down here if I had to imagine there it’d be like torches or something. But what is this look that it’s a hole that I’m just going to drop into the shit Hello? That’s really creepy. Oh, love this it’s like my heart is being poured right into that’s a disturbing i It’s a disturbing sentence only 6809 remaining that’s fine. Well there’s some bugs in there I can take note of yeah you do like your buggies Yeah, I do.

Unknown Speaker 23:47
Up here take a look at this. I bet if you had a weapon that was strong enough one shot from it could pierce right through this. Well, it might take two shots.

Haney 23:54
Oh, there you go. That’s it Mr. Assign. I don’t think you got close enough for tattle to go up and tell you 10 and naughty. Like just take you at this time. Why? I was gonna shoot it. Are you serious? Take you I hate you. I don’t think that’s gonna work. If it works on me so mad.

Unknown Speaker 24:16
edge edge. You can target it with Z. Nope. All right, that does not work at all. That’s fine. What’s your inventory? What’s my inventory? I want to grab some arrows is one of

Haney 24:30
me. Oh, I thought you had arrows. I had them before. Oh, well, all right. I’ve revised my previous statement to you had everything we needed. Yeah, it’s fine. All right. I’m just gonna find some grass. Hey, very cinematic. You solve it on your own. No problem. So you head up into this path. It’s just some some snowballs in the way. You can basically just blow them up with bombs. I think tattle told you. She was like, Oh, you can just blow these away. and you eventually come to the snow village. I think it was called right. Yeah. Village is a strong word. Yeah, there was one building. It’s one building. It’s a blacksmith, I believe. Yeah. And it’s closed. It’s not open. But it’s on business. It’s open, but he can’t do anything for you now. What’s up tattle This is no good if you could just blast the snowballs out of the way we could get through. So just start blasting. I want you blast my balls keep trying and say stop. But that right there

Unknown Speaker 25:36
ZGG Easy

Haney 25:37
Chris the problem solver they call me here. tattle proven pretty clutch this episode, huh? Okay. Are they got mountain village ahead?

Unknown Speaker 25:47
Beware of Blizzards deep snow Goren should be able to break the snow boulders easily. That’s a weird detail to you. Why don’t you go on? Why are you just a man?

Chris 25:58
Have a scrub. I’m sorry.

Haney 26:00
I don’t want no scrubs. Scrubs is a guy who can’t get no love from me. So much of a village is and music is pretty chilly in here. Yeah. Different mountain smithy ahead. We sharpen any sword.

Unknown Speaker 26:13
We work hard. So

Haney 26:14
your sword works hard for you. That’s a good motto. Like, well, you work hard for my sword. So you encounter just the best characters in this little place.

Chris 26:26
So you come into this shop. And the first thing you notice is this big, hulking metal mask wearing Frankenstein ish figure screaming at you.

Haney 26:39
Yeah, that’s okay. I guess he just kind of yells at you for a solid couple of like lines of text before his buddy is like Kabara Shut up, um zu Barra and it’s just like this little guy with a mustache. He’s like, Hey, what’s up? Yeah. The second thing you notice when you come in here is just nipples. Yeah, just right out there. Just hard is ice. Make sense? Yeah, it’s chilly. I would say so. So I’ve walked into this mountain smithy building and there’s just a what would you call that mask? Hani like in the man in the iron mask? Kind of? Yeah, it’s a mask. Like definitely fuse to like your flesh. Yeah, just a ripped out of his mind. hulking figure that seems to have like stitched. He’s like kind of Frankenstein. Right? Yeah, very Frankenstein. Yeah. And he’s just screaming gibberish at you,

Unknown Speaker 27:36
which is fine shop. Sorry, Jeff, when I was having that dream full detail. Now we get a picture of their hips. Yeah, I’m on it.

Haney 27:45
That huge fellow is my assistant Kabara he’s all brown and about as smart as a Daegu stick. Nice. Say, did you come to have your swatch happened? Maybe. Unfortunately, we’re not doing any business right now. It’s because of the sub normal Coldsnap we’ve been having you share the closed side. See a hearth has been frozen over I can blow that up

Unknown Speaker 28:03
the way things are going now. I won’t be able to do any business until spring put up a close sign

Unknown Speaker 28:08
if I can just do something about that frozen hearth was that?

Haney 28:18
Like you know what? You’re talking about your day? Who stick? Oh, he believes a rumor that says long ago. They were hotspring somewhere in the mountains. Niki, let’s bring up a so I don’t believe in such rubbish. You got to understand I have to melt this ice off my heart before I can get to work. Come back in the spring after the ice melts. Why are you like, worried about this? I don’t like that guy. He’s fine. He says his heart is frozen and Intel. His heart is thawed can’t do anything for you. So he just kind of chilling waiting to die it seems or waiting for spring. Yeah, there’s a lot of that happening. A lot of people just kind of waiting around. Seems like they’re people who are used to a hero saving them. And it seems like this time there’s no heroes left to save them.

Chris 29:09
I don’t know how I feel about this not great. No, I feel like they should probably learn how to take care of themselves in some capacity as like a community. Yeah, community here. Yeah,

Haney 29:21
this is something I feel like we’ve talked about before castaways of the Flying Dutchman. Yep. I think we talked about this for some reason, where it was just like, you know, a town waiting, waiting for a hero, right. And sometimes the hero doesn’t really need to do anything other than just inspire people to help themselves. Sure, which is pretty cool. But I would like to see some of that happen here. And we’re just not getting that, ya know, because after this point, we find the Gorun village. Yeah, so you kind of walk around the area outside of the blacksmith shop and there’s a couple of different Gorons that are in this area once up on a cliff, freezing to death once one last meal before he dies. Pretty Fuck,

Chris 30:00
that’s straight up what he says. Yeah.

Haney 30:02
Haven’t haven’t figured out what that meal is yet.

Chris 30:04
No, we’ll get something crunchy. I think he says it’s got to be a rock or something. I assume so. Yeah. We’re up here. Mer up here.

Haney 30:15
I’m so sorry to bother you from such a hot place. But I’m very hungry and I’ve gotten stuck here. He’s hungry. Oh, it’s so cold. I’m so very hungry. I don’t think I’m going to make it

Unknown Speaker 30:27

Unknown Speaker 30:28
I just want to eat once more before I die up here. Jesus. Something tough and hard to chew. I cannot forget that flavor.

Unknown Speaker 30:34
What’s the flavor? I assume rock? Think he likes rock. Don’t Don’t go on to eat rocks. Maybe? Maybe he’s bombs like a Tonka done. Jonah. Are you trying to get me to murder that man? Yeah.

Haney 30:50
Because that’s the way you came. Hey, checking the sign. Gone village ahead. Beware of the White Wolf hosts. Feel like I could find a gore on meal. The Goron snacky

Chris 31:01
I guess he’s fine. He’s fine. Yeah, back to him. So he come to kind of a pretty straight path. Kind of rope. wooden bridges. Yeah. And there’s a sign up front. That’s like, hey, beware fucking werewolves. White White Wolf hosts

Haney 31:16
while you were the White Wolf house. Yeah, well, like that’s fine. That’s cool. Also the entire time I’m wandering around here there’s these little spider things are springing out of the snow. Yeah, just attacking you for no reason. Not not good. Now this place kind of sucks. Yeah, it’s it’s chilly. Everyone seems pretty much like they’re ready to die. Yeah, not a lot going on. Except things trying to kill you. Yeah. So I start heading across the bridge is Yeah. And some Wolfeboro start popping up. Yeah. You can’t pierce their hide with your sword unless they’ve like just attacked you themselves. Yeah, there’s a little mechanic there

Unknown Speaker 31:51
that makes it harder to interact with

Haney 31:53
them. Yeah. They also do a lot of like running away and like, kind of trying to outmaneuver you. Yeah. Probably the most interesting enemy I’ve come across so far. I feel like oh, like the White Wolf. Those are pretty cool.

Unknown Speaker 32:05
Yeah, they look like my dogs. Yeah, for sure. Whoa, shit said beware of the White Wolf. Why is that Sigurd?

Haney 32:13
That’s fine. Why is that my dog? received my flips. Are you proud of me? Yeah. I’ve learned. Oh, sir. I’ve learned so much from the swords Master. What the shit sometimes he disappears. So we move on past this area. And this is where you come across the Goron village. Yeah, the first guy you meet is the gatekeeper who’s like, Hey, you want to go into the shrine? Like, I’ll open it for you. You’re just like, yeah, maybe later. I think at this point, you started confusing shrines and temples. Yeah. And you’re like, Yeah, I’ll do that later. And you just kind of like, blazed by him and started wandering around.

Chris 32:44
So the way I kind of do things is because there’s a lot of areas that I won’t explore. I hate that. Well, here’s here’s my methodology is I usually choose a destination. Get there, and then I’ll explore the destination itself. Yeah. Which is what I did hear i think i i ran by a lot of paths. Yeah, on the way to the garden village. But then I got to the garden village and kind of scoped out the hole itself. Is what I was trying to do at least. Yeah, I think it worked out for you. Yeah, it seemed to. Also as an aside, there’s a fucking Deku Scrub who’s like, Hey, I’m a fucking shopkeeper. Not for you though. Because you’re not a fucking Goron and

Haney 33:21
that’s not allowed by the scrub association or whatever. Yeah, what’s like what Yeah, so there’s an association that’s like hey, almost there this species you are not to sell to them. Do you think that dog is a member of that association? Seems very like if he’s not the head. Top of this association. Very good. What’s up? It’s cold. Fair enough. Being the gatekeeper in this cold is hard. We should put clothes on.

Unknown Speaker 33:47
Do you want to enter the gone shrine? Not yet. Are you sure? It’s a little bit warmer inside oh, I want to go into Hey, my dude, this guy do you want it landed?

Haney 34:00
Thanks for stopping by doing business with

Unknown Speaker 34:04
Aisha Bay and doing business with a focus on a girl and clientele Yeah, I’m so sorry but I can’t do business with you.

Haney 34:12
It’s regulation it’s business script Association. It can’t be helped it hurts I know that’s fucked up because you could you imagine if that was a law in real life like how illegal that would be do some running around the village there’s an owl yeah pretty tight Yeah cool. Oh Hero of Time or some such yeah some nonsense he’s basically just like yeah, this place is follow me. He basically says like this place is done for it’s going to turn into a barren wasteland. No life will live here.

Chris 34:45
What’s up owl? Well, it seems you have the strength to change the fate of this land as I had expected with the road ahead is even more challenging many trails wait you Please watch over these Gorons around you. Their land is doing wants to be smothered and snow and Ice forever. It will become a land where no living thing can survive like bright red Jesus without courage and determination, you surely will collapse from extreme conditions. But if that courage and determination burns bright within you, then that’s another story. So will you proceed? It’s a lot of pressure.

Haney 35:19
Yeah, right. But hey, if you can subvert, like fate or something, yeah, if you can, like, just do your thing.

Chris 35:28
Do your link thing. Yeah. Follow me, but follow me. Exactly. Yeah. And he flies off across this like chasm. And like a zigzaggy. Pattern. Yeah. into your eyes. There’s no way to follow them across because it’s just like, air. But as the owl flies across, he’s kind of scattering feathers. Yeah. And if you follow the exact path he takes, and you run to the feathers, you’re gonna hop on invisible platforms.

Haney 35:55
Someone must have watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade before developing this game, because that’s literally like the end of Indiana Jones. Yeah, have you know, oh, man, fantastic movie. Sean Connery and Harrison Ford. Great, great pairing. Yeah. So you have to take a leap of faith basically at the end of it, and it’s the exact same thing like, Okay, if you believe in yourself, like just walk across this chasm, and it’ll work alright. Yeah. Um, I didn’t quite believe in myself. But I did take the leap of faith. Yeah. And I continued on I

Unknown Speaker 36:27
managed to book your way right across I think no problem, no problem. Who port you are a child of many string? Well, perhaps you do have enough strength to change the fate of this mountain. After all, I shall take to the air now flying toward that try and across the way so follow behind me. Do not be daunted by appearances. Instead, let your feelings guide you and the true path should open before you. Ah, hell yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:55
Oh, it’s like Indiana Jones. Oh, no. Oh, feathers, feathers? Oh, hell yeah. No, you’re helping me a lot. Sorry. I know. I don’t even remember I just saw I got excited.

Unknown Speaker 37:07
I didn’t actually think that was gonna work. I’ve certainly been assured of your courage and determination. Carl, from here on you must not be fooled by appearances. You must rely on your feelings now into the shine something that will aid you in your quest lies within us that high to one returning from here.

Haney 37:28
And this was the Goron shrine temple. This was a shrine This is not the grind ashram. This is just the shrine. I think that’s why I was getting confused. There’s a shrine to shrines and a temple in this area. Okay. So

Chris 37:41
we go into this shrine, and there’s

Haney 37:44
just you guys treasure chest. Yeah, that’s some grass. Two of your favorite things. Yeah. Love it. Yeah. Love me some grass. rip open that treasure chest. There’s a mirror inside. It’s a magnifying glass. Is it? Yeah. Called the Lens of Truth. And it shows you stuff that is there that you can’t see other shows you the truth. The entire time you’re looking through this it’s going to drain your magic. Yeah, but you found some cool shit with it right away and that shrine did i Yeah, you got a chest you got two chests. One had a 20 rupees and one had 50 rupees on it and there was a cultural as well that was halted you

Chris 38:23
whoa ones of truth. Yeah, gaze through to see mysteries that are invisible to the naked eye. Set it to see to use it. Seeing the truth drains magic power. So tap see again to stop looking and using magic.

Haney 38:35
Can’t believe we’re gonna learn the truth. Finally, you can’t Hello? Oh, you need to use the lands because there’s monsters on here.

Chris 38:44
Holy shit. Sorry. Excited got really excited. Holy shit. Fuck. Leave the shrine. And with this magnifying glass, you can actually see the platforms that you were using to hop across to the shrine. Yeah, up to my way right back over. And with the magnifying glass, I can now see a gore on spirit.

Haney 39:09
Yeah, looks cool too. Looks pretty cool. Yeah, got tattoos. Yeah, nubbin legs. Yeah, no nipples, just right out there and yes, so good stuff. Oh, good. No Malka. Now. What do my fairy eyes see? Whoa, Holy fuck.

Unknown Speaker 39:27
What is that?

Haney 39:28
Are you a ghost? Sir? So there’s apparently just a lot of dead Gorons are in losses I see one. Why would they only put one that’s kind of weird. I’m assuming there’s gonna be more

Unknown Speaker 39:42
Well, you said a lot but there’s

Haney 39:43
Yeah, don’t lie. I don’t want to confuse my first thought when I saw him th O T nothing nevermind. You’re not forget you’re not hip with lingo, but listeners will laugh.

Chris 39:57
Alright. That’s that’s what’s important. Yeah. I thought that there’s going to be like a bunch of spirits, like a lot of people died in this village or something because the conditions are just like awful awful with the snowy weather and all that. Yeah, they just haven’t figured out how to live here, but they won’t move out and it’s fine.

Haney 40:13
The funny thing about this too, is that it’s like such a departure from where they lived in the Latin Ocarina of Time because they like literally, like, eat lava and like live inside of a volcano and like, yeah, why would they live in a snowy area now? Yeah, but anyway, there’s just the one spirit. Yeah, just chillin there. Wonder how long he’s been waiting there for?

Chris 40:31
Oh, no, don’t worry about it. We’ll get there. So he had to the gatekeeper. Yeah. And he’s like, Hey, you want to get into the fucking trash right here? All open it up. But you gotta get in there quick, because it’s fucking cold. Yeah, we do so. And I’m hit by just

Haney 40:47
wailing. Just absolute anarchy crime.

Chris 40:50
Yeah, you go into this shrine. And there’s just bawling. Yeah. And there’s Gorons in there who are like, I can’t stand it. Make it stop. It’s in my school.

Haney 41:01
Everyone is basically just like holding their ears and like doing that, like peepee dance like all the Gorons are losing it. Okay, no. Are you okay? What’s going on in here? Fuck is this. Like, I don’t believe in any of this. What’s your deal? I

Unknown Speaker 41:20
wish someone would do something. I can feel the pounding in the back of my

Haney 41:25
head. Like you’re doing fine. Despite all this noise. I can feel it in my gut. It’s echoing in my empty stomach.

Unknown Speaker 41:36
This isn’t what I was ready for in this episode. You’re gonna have a real low ranch at a time. Yeah, I wanted that fresh milk.

Unknown Speaker 41:45
You could still get it.

Haney 41:48
We go a little further into the temple. And there’s a war on baby babby on a throne? Yeah, the throne just soaking it with their tears. This is the room of the Goron tribes elder. Do you have some kind of business with the elder? Unfortunately, he’s out. Since the elder is gone. His son won’t stop crying. I wish someone would do something very well. can take care of the baby. Uh, we Babay that bad? Boy, that’s a lot a bit

dad call daddy at our wits end builder went to snow head and doesn’t seem to be coming back. Now. His son is so lonely that he won’t stop crying. I think he’s crying because it’s cold keeps getting colder outside and inside. We’re so cold we could freeze. Right? Well, this seems like a bad place. Just gonna leave this here.

Unknown Speaker 42:50
So I think it sounds like I should be headed to snow cap or whatever. It’s

Haney 42:56
not a temple. Sure. Yeah.

Chris 42:58
I think that’s what I’m gonna do. I gotta find that elder to put a stop to all this nonsense. So at this point, I started piecing stuff together. Yeah, I was like, hey, sounds like I need to find the chief. Yeah, tear out of there. Yeah. And this entire time I’m kind of using the mirror. Seeing what’s why there’s nothing the sorry, the fucking lens or lens or whatever. Nothing’s really popping out. No, no, but I worked my way back around to the Spirit. Yeah, I was like, Hey, are you the fucking chief of fuck mountain? Yeah, he

Haney 43:28
says he’s the king shit. Fuck mountain. Follow me. Yeah, I mean, yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s what he said. Oh, wait, are you the elder?

Unknown Speaker 43:37
Can it be? Are you able to see me? If you truly can see me then follow behind me?

Unknown Speaker 43:47
In your own zone. Wait, sir. fast. Slow down. Fuck.

Haney 43:53
Spank it back here. Just banging the Randy thing and Larry Ellison both that’s fine. Yeah. So he kind of floats away. leaves the village floats his way back down the rope bridges. Yeah. takes a bit of a turn to lose. Right. Right. If you’re coming from the village.

Unknown Speaker 44:15
Sound like you’re just giving directions? Yeah, just

Haney 44:16
take a ride. Yeah, you’re there. Yeah. So you follow him? He crosses some water with some floating ice chunks. ice chunks. Yeah. You spent a while at this point. I had a moment

Chris 44:33
of panic where I like tried to hop to the one of the chunks and immediately slipped into the water because like ice it’s fucking below zero. There’s no way I’m getting out of here. Okay.

Haney 44:43
Seems like it doesn’t do anything though. Yeah, it’s fine. Yeah. Link has that hot blood.

Chris 44:49
If that’s what they say. Yeah, Hell yeah. Hell yeah. Well, Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh shit. Oh god. Oh, boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Maybe I can’t die of freezing. That’s fine. I’m kind of surprised. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, that’s fine. All right. Sure. Oh, oh, this is hard. For some reason. They’re moving. Yeah, I don’t think I really registered that.

Haney 45:18
I drink all my coffee PBR.

Unknown Speaker 45:22
What do you want me to do? I want another one. We don’t have another one. I think they’re moving. You can probably just wait for it to like, well, that’s

Unknown Speaker 45:30
what I was trying to do earlier, but it didn’t seem like any we’re getting closer to this. I might be jumping on the wrong one to start with.

Haney 45:37
Can’t believe this is a unsolvable puzzle. No one’s ever made the past. The game has actually broken. I can I can see that actually. Okay, this is the one I want to start with for sure. Oh, God. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. Can you see that? I did. Holy shit.

Chris 45:56
So I had some tumbles. Did a lot of swimming. eventually made it cross. Yeah, not too much of a problem. And if you use the ones of truth, at that point is nailed it. You can see in Invisible Ladder ladder,

Haney 46:12
I guess. Yeah. Somebody put the ladder. It’s very weird though. Yeah, kind of just sporadically. Very clever. Very reminiscent of guys cliff and FFC. Yeah, where you just like hope it’s going the right way.

Chris 46:25
Yeah, very much so. So you climb up these letters. And you get to the top and there’s two Gorons Yeah, one of them is frozen fucking solid soon just straight UPS frozen solid. Yeah. And the ice will continue to freeze you to watch that shit and hurts. This is where I realized that ice hurts you and you’re frozen.

Haney 46:44
Yeah, there’s also no way to regain life up here. So you I think are down to half a heart at this point. Yeah.

Chris 46:49
As bad bad stuff. Yeah. And his brothers up here too. Yeah. Brothers like, Hey, I kind of got stranded here and my brother’s frozen solid. I’m probably going to I’m a goner to idle. Yeah. If I had some of the hot spring water though.

Haney 47:07
This is the grave work or on here arrests. I came here to put up the great heroes Memorial. But the return route has been blocked by snow and I can’t get back to Goron village and even worse My brother has been frozen solid from the cold. The way things are looking I’ll be frozen to Oh, sounds like this that make me wish I had taken some of that hotspring water I found when I was digging the hero’s grave. But the hotspring is now covered by the gravestone. I can’t move a gravestone that

Unknown Speaker 47:33
big by myself.

Haney 47:35
There is a little like cave entrance here. Yeah, so he passed by the brothers. And we come into the resting place of this Goron hero spirit called

Unknown Speaker 47:45
the Goron graveyard.

Haney 47:47
There’s only one great he might say called the grind graveyard. No, I don’t remember other graves but yeah, they call it the grind graveyard. I don’t know. Really. It’s concerning. Maybe it’s the first go on he’s died.

Chris 47:59
So we come into this. Gorn graveyard. Yeah, nice. Big gravestone there yeah, pretty cool. And the spirit has stopped here. Yes. Like it was this person and by the way, no,

Haney 48:09
I don’t do Armani the third Armani the third. Yeah. Excellent. Yeah. Pretty cool. Yeah. Big fan. Yeah. Armani is great. Yeah. Good guy, actually. Yeah, seems to be Yeah. Goron graveyard Yikes. That’s nightmare fuel. The Soren one said the one who could see me would be arriving soon. Seems that it turned out to be true. I am Armani the third the blood of proud Goron heroes runs in me. This feels strange for me to say but when I was alive, I was a renowned warrior and veteran. But alas, I am now dead. I really like the nipple attention this yes, it’s important. Yeah, I was fine until I marched off to snow head by myself hoping that I could drive off a demon had been wreaking havoc on Gron village than the Blizzard had snow had blooming into the valley. And now here I am. How infuriating as I am I can only watch as gone villages slowly buried nice. I may have died but I cannot rest. I beg you bring me back to life with your magic. Whoa. If it is beyond your power, then I begging you to do this for me instead. Heal my sorrows anyway that you can do while supplies please heal my sorrows. Right. Well, I don’t think I can do anything for you. Are you okay?

Unknown Speaker 49:28
That was painful.

Haney 49:30
All right. Let’s see what I got my song bag. He’s super worried about the village. But he’s completely powerless to stop it because he’s a spirit now. Yeah. And begs you to heal him. Before that. He said something that stuck out to me when I did not enjoy hearing. He’s like, Hey, you can use magic to write Yeah, can you bring me back to life? Yeah. Oh, yikes. Not not a fan of that. And now, if he says if not, I understand Can you at least heal me? like kill my spirits so that I can like rest easy Yeah, more more better

Unknown Speaker 50:05

Haney 50:07
I’ve been here before I know pretty much exactly what to do so I rip out my instrument play a little tune the finger the windy holes as they say yeah, give it a good blow. Yeah, and I play the song a feeling we get a pretty nice cutscene actually at this one yeah I enjoy it I don’t have anything really negative to say about this this is a pretty lovely moment where you kind of see into like Armani’s soul a little bit and see him, like being elevated up as the hero. He was like, he’s just kind of surrounded by Gorons, who are cheering him on and he starts crying. Yeah. And his tears kind of float away from his body sparkling. And he kind of looks at like the camera and say, like, the fourth wall with like, a resolve and just like nods like he’s like ready to go. And you can kind of see him pass on. And after he passes on his essence, I would say yeah, like his I wouldn’t say his spirit. Exactly, because I feel like I want his spiritual fully moved on. But his essence like what makes him a Goron hero is captured and contained in a mask. Yes. And I pick it up, and I get the Goron mask. Oh, hell yeah, I got his fake Sal. Yeah. I leave my undying feelings With you. I thought it was healing your feelings. The deeds I accomplished while living are carved on my grave. You should read it. You got the Goron mask. This mask contains the spirit of a proud Goron hero. Nice where the mask was see to inhabit the body of a Goron proceed to return to normal. Hell yeah. Hell yeah. For the Goron village.

Unknown Speaker 51:47
I have asked for your assistance. Sweet. You’re gone now. talks to me about the ground mask.

Haney 51:55
I got whiplash from how quickly it goes from horrifying to just the best thing that’s happened to me in this game so far. And maybe your life yeah, yeah. So you put on the Gwon mask and its eyes bug out. Its mouth just opens up in a scream of. I mean, it’s it’s agony. That’s all that can be. Yeah. So you put the mask on and you scream in agony and pain and you just burst out of your fucking link clothes and you get all burly grow big beard, your nips? Shattering to the air. You have fucking white sideburns and your link hat. It’s so

Unknown Speaker 52:36
good. You’re gone.

Chris 52:38
You’re a moron. And you have two actions. Yeah, you do. You can fucking punch those just covered in fire and fury. Yeah, so that’s fucking red. And you can roll up into a ball and just blast all over the place. And sprout spikes.

Haney 52:56
Yeah, as long as you have magic spikes will sprout from your back and you’ll just fucking tear through enemies and obstacles and it’s real you can finally start hitting those jumps you’ve been noticing around to kind of get get an idea of what what those are for. Yeah, that’s sweet. Fucking amazing. This was real good. Yeah, this is definitely this this mask has surpassed fairy masks. Oh hell yeah. Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:26
Punch girl punch girl. Oh

Unknown Speaker 53:27
my God asked bump. How stoked are you about your girl? This is the best day ever. Like sideburns?

Unknown Speaker 53:36
Wink burns.

Unknown Speaker 53:39
Bottle Yes. How do I curl? I don’t know if the blue one Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:45
Oh my god, your spikes. Holy

Haney 53:48
shit. Well, I’m never being a human again. Because why can I can I invite you to do one thing? Yeah, remember when you were a DQ and you turned the your ocarina on? Oh, what are my fucking music? Hey, yeah, that’s what I was inviting you to

Chris 54:07
draw Bongo so yeah, I’m gonna go run. Yeah, and completely undo all the work this other Goran has done and shove the gravestone out of the way and the whole area fills with hot spring water hot spring water as they say our next merch. Yeah, first encounter hot spring water. So he pushed the headstone out of the way the hot spring water bursts forth. And we sweep it up into a little bottle. Yeah, this is a little bottle bottle and we bring it back outside. Splash it all over the frozen Goron brother not before being frozen again. Yeah, you

Haney 54:44
did definitely. Freeze yourself again. Yeah, those those ice boulders got some range, but it melted him. He just basically he’s also like, oh my god, it’s the hero. Yeah. still trapped up there. Yeah. I don’t know if we should really do anything else to help him. So yeah, we’ll see him again. That’s fine, but they sure are happy that I’m back. Yeah. What’s up my dude? You’re no no you’re not the Greek Dark money are you? Then just whose grave was I making? Did you come back to life because it was so warm beneath your grave? Oh yeah, I can push that. Yeah, hell yeah. I like that I also don’t correct him. Yeah, you aren’t Armani. Technically because they’re inhabiting His Spirit. He put His Spirit in the mask. I would say you’re you’re close enough to Armani right?

Chris 55:32
I mean, I should I feel like I should still be like, hey, like not exactly. Um, link but his spirit lives in me or something. Hot spring water.

Haney 55:44
Use it with before it cools before it cools. It will eventually just become spring water. You could probably melt the ice on that dudes. I definitely thought you said melt the ice. Yeah, you can make the ice melt that ice milk that Gorons I think that Gore on milk. Melton milk him

Chris 56:03
going to water my garden here. Oh,

Haney 56:05
what have I been doing? Oh, all right, brother. You were frozen but the great turn money saved you. The greater money What’s with you? Are you half asleep? Did you hear this guy the greater money died long ago and it’s laying in his grip Germani I was shocked to but somehow it seems a great our money isn’t dead. But this Star of Hope appears in Koran village. Bad news. I actually can’t hang out. Please do something about the blizzard blowing in from snow head.

Chris 56:35
So it’s like hey, cool. Now I gotta get down. Get back to the village. I grabbed some more spring water to get back to everyone. That’s cool. How am I gonna get down though? Yeah. What if Kenny, you roll? I know. What if I fucking take a leap of faith? Yeah, right. Yeah, because that’s what the game has taught me. Yeah, well, you might be wondering, Hey, what happens and the answer is you die. Yeah, I

Haney 56:58
watched you die. Yeah, yeah, hit that ground real hard. Yeah. Where’s the How Do I Get down? I can’t see the fucking sure it’s fine. There’s a lunch down there. I can’t believe we got our game over. I feel like that’s fair. I was kind of hoping I’d hit and roll like Link does but what was last time you saved Yeah, you died so that’s fine. That’s the end of this season. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:27
Welcome to another episode of Out of quarters.

Chris 57:31
So respond back on top of the cliff and like oh, well I guess I got to find the fucking LIDAR or whatever you manage that you’ve just put the Lens of Truth on and kind of just edged edge all the way down that mountain. Yeah, pretty good. made your way down, hopped across the frozen pond. And then

Haney 57:47
you re up into a Goron and started making our way up to snow head temple. Snow had temples up a long windy path that has some gaps in between it some jumps you got to really explore as a explore the joy of gore on rolling Yeah, Israel good. Launch myself over these Cliff Said’s suck a couple of tries but you’ve made it through no real problems. Now. punch the shit out of some boulders that are rolling down toward Yeah. Easy. GG easy. Oh, hell yeah. Speed jumps. No, no warning close the general public and those who cannot perform the jump. Yeah. Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 58:27
What did you just do? I tried to i i think it’s automatic. And I wouldn’t I wouldn’t do

Unknown Speaker 58:35
you fucking I was that. You lied to me. That’s very.

Haney 58:40
I mean, you’re just cruising now. Oh, god. Yeah, bad. Not bad. Hell yeah. Hell yeah. Hell yeah. Hell yeah. No stopping this Goron Oh, I think you can just punch him. I’ve lied to you before though. So that’s true, like, literally a moment ago. And we kind of get to the entrance of what appears to be a temporary Castley kind of looking structure. Yeah, I’d say so. Yeah. There’s a little owl statue right there. And you just You said no more of this. Yeah. I said Chris. I’m tired. Time for you to smash that off that shoe. And we’re gonna save it there and end today’s session. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 59:19
What is this snow found it. Snow hit temple. High winds ahead gusts. So flurries may blow Carol’s travelers off the cliffs. And that’s where we’re gonna save

Unknown Speaker 59:29
again. With that, Chris, how you feeling about today’s session? Oh, pretty

Haney 59:36
damn good. Yeah, you’re on guard and rolling makes it all better, doesn’t it? I’m really ready to just keep my bulk over that. Yeah, please do. I’m gonna wash it out of some stuff. What do you think’s gonna be in that sample? What do you think’s gonna be going on from here?

Chris 59:49
Well, sounds like there’s a demon somebody has to take care of. I know the last temple I escorted a princess back princess and It sounds like the chief might be missing. Yeah,

Haney 1:00:02
I was trying to figure out, I’m still not entirely sure if that if Armani is that kid’s father, if he’s just been there for like, a long time. It’s gonna be an uncomfortable conversation while I show up as Armani. Yeah. I may be your father, but I’m not your daddy. Yeah, that’s fine. I’m sure it’s all good. Are you looking forward to this temple?

Chris 1:00:26
Nice temples are interesting, huh? Yeah, I haven’t encountered a lot of them.

Haney 1:00:30
I remember there being a nice temple in Ocarina at all. I don’t. I don’t know. It’s been a long time since I played ocarina. But I don’t remember one. Yeah, I I’m feeling better about it than the Water Temple. Yeah, always. Always. But I don’t really know what to expect. Yeah. puzzles, probably fuzzies and puppies. Yeah, yeah. I’m feeling I’m feeling pretty good about it. Just the fact that I can go on through it is pretty good. Yeah, yeah, I’d say so. Yeah. Are you gonna head right into the temple next, next game and get through it? I think I’m gonna bounce back to town to deposit some stuff. Because now that the owl statues there, I can just yeah, you can use the song. I’m sorry. Yeah, fly back and forth. So so no issues.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
I’ll probably head back there. Maybe reset time? Maybe reset time? I probably should. I think it’s the second day now.

Haney 1:01:16
Yeah, I can’t remember anything that they go on would solve at this point. I think just that Daegu flower that you wanted to visit. But that’s kind of whatever

Chris 1:01:27
what I saw that dequeue flower, I assumed he was another one of them land deed people that wanted to move, because I’m still looking for somebody. Yeah. After you get the swamp deed?

Haney 1:01:38
I’m sure I’m sure we’ll all come together. Yeah, yeah,

Chris 1:01:42
I’m a little concerned that this is the second temple of as far as I can tell, for down. So I’m always kind of curious if I’m gonna get a power from this temporal power power. And whether this is going to help me progress in any other area? Because I don’t know what’s going to happen with Romani Ranch, because that boulder looks big, even for Goran to punch through. Yeah. And I don’t know where I would find my horse. I guess my objectives would be like, temple and then see what’s to the east.

Haney 1:02:14
I mean, nothing really stops you from like, after this temple, like taking a good chunk of time to like, see what changes after this temple. So yeah, we’ll figure it out. Yeah, we’ll see. We got a lot of masses, they’ll get a lot a lot of villagers to help a lot of things to still do. I would like to help them. Don’t. Don’t fear the Reaper as they say. Yeah, well, a little bit. Yeah. All right. That’s fair. Perfect. How are you feeling? I’m feeling great. I’m, I’m enjoying diving back into this game. It’s been a long time since I’ve got to enjoy it. So it’s lovely to enjoy it again. Other than just having a real nice time. I’m surprised by the number of things that you don’t remember about this game. Yeah. Some of the minut details in this area are really not in my brain as much. I don’t know why I think it might just be because I spent so much of it rolling. Yeah, it’s just a roll on everywhere. And it was rolling straight through. It’s pretty good. I think that’s all I have to talk about today, Chris. Yeah. Thanks so much for listening, and we’ll see you next time. Bye. Thanks so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you want the journey to continue please support us at encounter, find our socials and contact info at first encountered Please stop by and say hey, our intro and outro music is by Alden Zach I don’t they didn’t I think it’s the Gorman brother milk. They just take turns milking each other. They don’t water it down. So thick and chunky. After we added that out

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