Detective Chris pulls on his deerstalker cap and begins sleuthing for the missing Kafei.

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:05
Hey listener first encounters an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. content warnings can be found in the episode description. Hello, Christopher.

Chris 0:14
Hey, have you never called me that before?

Haney 0:16
I can weird what do you what? I don’t know what what do you what do you want from me? What are you trying to get? I want you this going I want you to put out this episode 11 of The Legend of Zelda Majora is mask. Can you spell? 10? Is it? Yes. Is it? Yeah. Yeah. Is it? Yeah, is it? Maybe is it? We’ll see it. No, it’s absolutely not.

Chris 0:37
Is it luck? I’m sorry. I’m wrong. I wasn’t that wasn’t correct. It’s episode 11.

Haney 0:44
Eat my dick. Well, yeah. Welcome to Episode 11 of The Legend of Zelda Majora s mask. Here we are.

Chris 0:52
They said it couldn’t be done.

Haney 0:55
I said it couldn’t be done. Yeah, I don’t think it was. Let’s say. I invite you to just call me to all this. They’re

Chris 1:02
all gone. Honey. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to tell you anyway. But it’s just us now. Is it because of

Haney 1:07
you or because of Majoris mask? Yes, yes. And yeah. You know, what would make digesting you and all of your Christmas go down a lot easier.

Chris 1:19
Impossible. Some delicious. Coffee doctor say?

Haney 1:25
Don’t uncommon coffee. Few listener get common VT.

Chris 1:31
Actually, I had sorry, I meant to. I meant to show you this earlier. We got a letter from uncommon, says please, please, please, for the love of God. Stop telling people that were associated with you. I don’t know who you are or why you are doing this. I don’t know why the code good good actually does give you 10% off your orders. Please stop. Please, please, please, please, please. This is killing me. So that’s weird, huh?

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But it turns out, still work you can percent off if you use code good good at checkout. If you go to uncommon click on that little store icon smash it smash it with your hammer. Look through the delightful arrays of coffees and other sundries that they have for sale on their website. sundries. Go and purchase yourself a nice delicious bag of coffee. Use our code get get all one word at checkout and receive 10% off your order. Some exclusions do apply however. Fuck it coffees great fucking talking fucking coffee is great. It’s so good. It’s the best coffee I’ve ever had really good. Uncommon Thank you so much uncommon coffee for sponsoring the show. And thank you listeners for your continued support of uncommon You know who else we should probably think Chris patrons probably patrons. Hell yeah, my favorite. Oh, love us good patron. I really hope this is recorded. I’m not sure. Oh. I had right there. Yeah, did it can’t believe I actually remember to click the record button. Chris and I had been locked in the sweater room for 10 hours playing one video game helped me never pressed record.

Chris 3:11
I’m so sweaty. You’re really sweaty. I’m drowning.

Haney 3:17
But that’s neither here nor there because you know who doesn’t want to hear about your sweat? Our X potion to your members such as Joan that Where the fuck did you start from Joan? Josh Cody fumbling for the almighty credit

Chris 3:33
Ben Calabria Alex thank you.

Haney 3:37
You know who else we need to thank our producers

Chris 3:40
wolfssl are thank you so much.

Haney 3:41
Thank you so much August Thank you, Dr. Jay. And thank you as always Denise all of our patients make this possible. And you too can have your name shouted out in an episode if you join at the X potions here or above and gets fucking cool we get Chris mails you pictures of butts in the mail which is Oh

Chris 4:02

so the mayor then aroma missing their child. This child is the fiancee to on June stockpot owner. Yeah, stockpot in honor, I should say. And as you go around town, you discover that there’s people who a are just not happy with cafe for I presume just disappearing on on Yeah,

Haney 4:37
so one of one of mottos men. Who’s the gentleman who’s screaming at the Indiegogo poster for seemingly no reason. Really takes offense to cafe.

Chris 4:47
Yeah. So there’s something going on there. Obviously on us mother’s livid.

Haney 4:55
Look, you’re here. Don’t be interfered with my tear on you, your friend of my fists, don’t go find in that cafe. Have you ever had a crush on someone? Oh, was it me?

Chris 5:06
Yours is more of a burning love. I was gonna say longing that can’t be fulfilled.

Haney 5:12
I’ll fulfill you only talk to that. Tell you right up.

Chris 5:15
You’ll fill me you won’t fulfill me. That’s true. Don’t speak to me wearing such an unpleasant mask. Who? Oh, this must be on Jews relative of some sort because he’s passed. I

Haney 5:26
believe that is her mother. And as far as Andreas family is concerned, remember, they think he ditched

Chris 5:31
her? Yeah. I wonder what grandma has to say.

Haney 5:34
Can I interest you in a tasty beverage?

Chris 5:38
Double dazzling gleam? What the ask is this

Haney 5:42
this Chris is a milkshake style double IPA, with black raspberries, Maple vanilla and milk sugar.

Chris 5:50
No, honey. What have you done?

Haney 5:56
Oh, that’s very pink.

Chris 5:57
I don’t think I’ve seen a Pink Beard before it’s pink.

Haney 6:02
I’m just grandmother is pretty interesting, though,

Chris 6:04
aren’t you? His grandmother might be the most interesting person to me right now. She’s

Haney 6:08
really interesting, because she’s seemingly slipping a little bit into dementia. And when you don’t have the mask on share first to us. Is it turtle? Tortoise. Tortoise? Tortoise? Yeah, but if you put cafe’s mask on, she refers to you as detour? Yeah, who is the mayor? Right? Seemingly? If you look at Mayor detour, he also has similar hair to the mask or did at one point, probably what he looked like as a little kid. It makes sense. She says if the other kids are bullying you do tar come tell Teacher. Yeah. Implying that she was at one point towards teacher Yeah.

Chris 6:41
Which is very interesting. Yeah. You can also read her diary I discovered which I did not come across the first time Yeah, broke into a room

Haney 6:49
now. If I could speed up time,

Chris 6:54
granny, I’m here for my story. Niche Martha read your story. Now. Which story would you like to hear? Carnival of time. Go ahead handy.

Haney 7:08
No, we’ve already done this before on the podcast.

Unknown Speaker 7:14
Oh, if they pick on you come tell Teacher. Okay.

Chris 7:18
Does she have new diary entries?

Haney 7:20
Yeah, who she thinks you are though. Mayor. Yeah, the mayor when you wear the cafe’s mask this interesting Granny’s diary. We’re going to take refuge at Romani Ranch tomorrow, I guess it really will fall. Minda Romani Ranch yet no. Living my lifelong home and fleeing is unbearable, but nothing can be done. I think I’ll take several of grandpa’s favorite

Chris 7:42
books. Interesting. One thing I’ve liked a lot about this session is learning the connections between all the different counts members.

Haney 7:51
This is what I was saying when I was saying that you got way more good than I was expecting is just the fact that you learn a lot this episode, even if it doesn’t seem like it. At first, there’s a ton of just like mental connections that are drawn by just talking to people wearing this mask. Yeah.

Chris 8:10
Which is the first time that I’ve really gotten any connections from people, right since I’ve gotten the mask. So that’s interesting.

Haney 8:18
Yeah. I think the next thing though, that you decided once you had cafe’s mask on was you wanted to go check out the laundry pool again. Yeah, and you did something that you’ve never done before, which is read the sign at the laundry pool.

Chris 8:30
I have read the sign. And that’s why I haven’t struck the bell before. Yeah. Because so in the laundry pool it’s it’s just a river. It’s got a bridge. It’s where the secret door is. And there’s a bell there and when you read the science like hey, Curiosity Shop ring this to something or other if you have business. Yeah. In the past, I’ve been like, well, I don’t really care about the Curiosity Shop right now. So I’m not going to bring it today I run it and when you ring it, the locked door opens up. And I assume cafe or someone are related to cafe a purple

Haney 9:03
haired small figure with a Fawkes mask

Chris 9:07
comes out and kind of just does a look around like what’s going on over here. And then they turn around and they go back into the door and they close it unlock it Yeah, and I tried several times to get from the bell to the door when they open it and you can’t get there in time. turn right back around and

Haney 9:24
can’t get there from here face

Chris 9:24
What the fuck that’s all I had to do. Are you kidding me? I thought this was like associated with one of the shops that’s why I never bothered no Cafe. Cafe flocked a festival FTB Oh yeah, the Curiosity Shop so you can look at the bell and it says those with business please ring BELL No solicitors Curiosity Shop. And I haven’t had any interest in the Curiosity Shop so I just didn’t bother with it. But today I’ve rung the bell and when you do that The word that I have been unable to get through opens up and this fucking mask wearing kid runs out. So hey, no. Oh, you fucking piece of garbage. All right, well, I gotta figure this out. I guess there’s a bug down there.

Haney 10:16
Give me that bug guy got to fix that.

Chris 10:18
Gotta get that bug got to return this to the stockpot in but that did send

Haney 10:24
you on a new path where you’re like, Maybe I should put the mask on and go into the Curiosity Shop and see what’s going on there. Yeah,

Chris 10:30
and this is probably where we got the most interesting dialogue past the on you relation. Now there’s a mystery afoot. Yeah,

Haney 10:38
not only a mystery, seemingly a conspiracy fear was say, even the fucking dogs in on it.

Chris 10:44
I mean, dog is a piece of shit. Yeah, I get the feeling that there’s some people who don’t want the marriage to go through maybe.

Haney 10:54
I didn’t think I’d see anybody wearing a mask like that. No more. But here’s one. So the tourists wife is making a search form with this doesn’t look a thing like him really? Then again? I guess it does. So um, hey, I want you to leave now. Sir. He said Get the fuck out.

Chris 11:12
So he’s definitely connected to the curiosity show. Yeah.

Haney 11:17
She gets really defensive. Yeah. And then he kicks you out of the shop.

Chris 11:20
So there’s something going on with the Curiosity Shop owner. And this Fawkes mask wearing kid and cafe. From this point, I spent a lot of time running around talking to other people with the mask figuring out what’s going on. There’s some bomber kids who are like, Yeah, I see him hanging around in the laundry pool.

Haney 11:39
Fine. See, that’s fine. What’s he done? Yeah, there’s

Chris 11:42
a bunch of people who say like, Yeah, I haven’t seen him for a little while. That’s fine.

Haney 11:47
But then you get another interesting one, the postman. The postman

Chris 11:51
has always been kind of an interesting fun figure. The

Haney 11:53
postman is probably my favorite character in The Legend of Zelda series, because of Ocarina of Time. And the there’s nothing really attached to him specifically. But the mystery of not having a guidebook for ocarina of time when I was a kid, and just seeing this guy only running at night across Hyrule Field. Fucking blew my mind. And I was like, what is happening? Like, well, who is this guy? I got to hunt him down. But he’s too fast. You can’t catch him. And like, it’s just great. Yeah. So the husband has always had a super soft spot in my heart. He’s he’s really interesting. And then he gets more interesting in this game. Oh, man.

Chris 12:34
Yeah, the job? Yeah.

Haney 12:37
I don’t know where he is. Even if I knew it would be a secret. Watch. Feels like you’re making some headway here, huh?

Chris 12:44
He says, Ah, I don’t know where he is. But if I did know, I wouldn’t tell you. It would be a secret. It’d be a secret. And postman is not gonna spill any secrets. So that’s interesting. It’s very interesting itself, but also related to the postman. I came into the post office and wander to the post office bed, as we all know, they have Yeah. And the postman sleeping.

Haney 13:07
During his exercises,

Chris 13:08
is he still exercising? No, he’s sleeping.

Haney 13:11
This is a problem, a real problem. Not a single letter was mailed. What should I do this afternoon? I wish someone would tell me.

Chris 13:19
I need a letter. Where do I get a letter? I need that fucking letter that the kid puts in the mailbox. The postman is in my journal, somebody need to help but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. And I’ve only seen one person put mail into a mailbox. And that was the Fawkes mask wearing kid. Yeah, what the fuck is going on? You

Haney 13:39
kind of looks like cafe in your mind. There’s a fucking lot going on. There’s

Chris 13:43
a lot going on surrounding this cafe character in this Fawkes mask wearing kiddo. And it’s a conspiracy. And I don’t know what the deal is.

Haney 13:51
I must break the fourth wall for a moment here and genuinely say I’m surprised that this had never been spoiled for you or something that you had heard and passing no idea what because this is probably the biggest part in most people’s playthroughs of Majoris mask is this particular series. I wouldn’t even call it one side quest yet but like this series of things that are all interconnected, seemingly around cafe,

Chris 14:15
okay, yeah, I never come across this. I have no idea what yeah,

Haney 14:19
that’s what that’s why I find it interesting. So that I’m actually this makes me more excited that you’re completely going into it without any pretty knowledge.

Chris 14:26
Yeah. Was there any other Cafe stuff I missed?

Haney 14:29
Not necessarily Cafe himself. But there was a couple of things that happened that were interesting, that we didn’t talk about. And one of them was you talk to Garmin, the troop leader while he’s asleep one day inside of the stockpile in which you hadn’t previously gotten before. Right. And while he’s sleeping, he says Andreas name in his sleep. He doesn’t say the full name now he’s an J. Yeah. Yeah. Which it seems like either he was mumbling or a pet name. Yeah, yeah. That’s interesting. it’s particularly interesting to me because I don’t remember why.

Chris 15:03
Garmin is interesting too. He’s another interesting characters the leader of the theater true. Yeah.

Haney 15:09
One thing you also did was you tried to track on you while she was walking around in the rain on day two. Oh, God.

Chris 15:15
Oh, aren’t you? Have you seen your fiance?

Haney 15:22
Clearly not. Where do you think she’s going? She looks upset. Tell me

Chris 15:27
your woes to she just go to the mailbox. We’re gonna find out.

Haney 15:33
So you spent a significant time trying to track her kind of lost her because you had time slot down. You can’t really talk to her while she’s walking. Yeah, but you found her again, walking back towards the stockpot in you followed her inside. She slipped upstairs and she gets into the member the employees only room. Yeah, can’t follow her in. But you go back downstairs and you’re kind of just poking around and after a few minutes she reappears. Yeah, this is the first time you get to talk to her with cafe’s mask.

Chris 16:01
There’s nice would you like to talk to me? Where she going? Aren’t you? Why are you so?

Haney 16:09
Her fiance left? What’s fair? If she doesn’t employees only room. Now,

Chris 16:17
can you? Knock knock?

Haney 16:22
Please only. Wait. Are you kidding me? Looks like you gotta get a job as an employee at the stockpot in fuck.

Unknown Speaker 16:32
Today’s weather. It’s unfortunate, isn’t it? Yes. Today’s weather is unfortunate, isn’t it?

Chris 16:37
Are you seeing

Haney 16:40
I can’t find him. Cafe. I wonder where he could have gone and there’s only a little time left before our wedding.

Chris 16:49
All right. That’s interesting. So on June has misplaced her fiance. Hmm. I suppose is what’s happening. getting worried hates getting worried or days coming up.

Haney 17:06
Yeah, like it’s we’re running out of time as she says, which is ominous considering what we know also. Yeah, player. Yeah, yeah, sure are.

Chris 17:16
Yeah. That’s another interesting thing about today’s play session is because I played out all three days, you get to see the panic increasing. Well, you see the panic increasing like the music gets more, it speeds up. It gets a little bit scarier. And people get a little more scared and kind of panicked, and they started leaving the town. But also you get to see everyone’s routines. Yeah. Which I hadn’t really been able to put together before. Yeah, so that’s pretty cool. I spent a lot of time circling the town checking back in with people to try and catch them at specific times.

Haney 17:54
Tonight, I got nothing to sell. I kid you not cub. Awesome. I’ll pay you good for it. Show it to me. Show it to me.

Chris 18:02
What do I got? Like a bug?

Haney 18:05
for that? I’ll give you 20 rupees. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Thanks. coming again.

Chris 18:11
Cool. 20 rupees for bug. Gotta remember that. I wonder how much he’ll give me for a fish. Have you seen cafe?

Haney 18:22
What are you looking for young cafe to? Yes. Seems madam aroma still doesn’t know where he is. But he’s not the type to just run off. That’s fine. He must have a reason for not showing himself or see just wait when the time is right. And he’s ready. Show.

Chris 18:35
That’s not that doesn’t help me. That’s not my name.

Haney 18:40
That’s not my name. They call me on do they call me cafe? They call me this lady. That’s not my name.

Chris 18:49
I’m sure your rooms are full.

Haney 18:51
I’m sorry. They’re full. My rooms full. That’s such a shame. I thought we could finally sell big bomb bags. Mommy, don’t go pick him up bomb bags the middle of the night anymore. It’s like asking to be mugged. And doesn’t the Northgate have a reputation for being a dangerous place? Never would have suspected that prancing character than anything. It just goes to show that you can’t judge people on their appearance. The old lady from the bomb shop was added to your notebook. Nice. Now you know what to do about the old lady. Yeah. Do you remember what night she gets robbed on?

Chris 19:26
I assume it’s night one because it’s day two right now. Very good. I tried to get into the milk bar a number of times finally did on the last day. So the last day of the milk bar if you talk to the proprietor, he’s like yeah, if you’re gonna be in here you have to wear that Romani mask. Yeah, that’s kind of interesting.

Haney 19:44
Which is funny because Madame aroma isn’t there and she’s not wearing the mask either. Which is very funny to me. And he’s not wearing the mask either. Yeah. And the only other time you’ve been in there is when Gorman was in there who was also not wearing a Romani mask. Yeah, so yeah.

Chris 19:57
About all that. Something’s not adding, you

Haney 19:59
know He just wants you to dress up for him. Yeah,

Chris 20:02
I can talk to Madame aroma who’s in there on the third day? Yeah. And she’s like

Haney 20:07
seemingly just getting hammered waiting for the end of the world. Yeah. relatable. Yeah, Sam get

Chris 20:12
it. And she’s like, Hey, you’re the the kid I sent to find cafe. You got them for me. It gives you the option to grab something from your inventory and present her with it.

Haney 20:23
You see to show her what you got her? Yeah. You showed her a bug.

Chris 20:29
I don’t have cafe I showed her a bug and she’s like,

Haney 20:32
What is this have to do with anything? I think it’s what she says. Yeah, very, very rude to my bug real good time. Like, yeah, you’re the one searching for cafe. How is it? Have you found him?

Chris 20:46
I found a conspiracy. Press.

Haney 20:49
It’s open. What are you gonna do just shore cafe? I genuinely don’t know what she wants from you. What are you going to show her? Shara cafe’s mask bucket? Try every drug. Who cares? Is this

Chris 21:02
cafe seen this?

Haney 21:04
What does that have to do with anything?

Chris 21:07
This one lacks creativity.

Haney 21:10
Oh dear, is that so? You haven’t found him? Well, that’s enough. Good work. Now you flew to what the fuck? My favorite part about this is that she’s not spending the evening with her family. Seems like a lot of stuff is pushing you towards Romani Ranch.

Chris 21:24
Yeah, everyone’s going to Romani Ranch to escape. I need a Romani mask to get into the milk bar.

Haney 21:31
There’s only a little time left before our wedding. You got other things to worry about too. We’ll be going to Romani Ranch in the evening to take refuge

Chris 21:38
I think you should all hurry to getting a lot of direction toward Romani Ranch.

Haney 21:42
Yeah, seems like it. Oh, turn us Are you ready? It’s been a long time since we’ve had a picnic at Romani Ranch. Have you considered checking out Romani Ranch?

Chris 21:52
I was just gonna say I think I have my objective for next episode. Yeah. I’m gonna find that ranch. Yeah, check it out.

Haney 22:00
I think that’s a I think that’s a great idea, Chris.

Chris 22:03
Thank you. I’m full of great ideas.

Haney 22:07
finally decided to do a couple of things. You want to see if you can get into the employees only room stockpot in because you assume that because you they told you that

Chris 22:15
we’re all leaving. That wasn’t a goal. That was just something that happened when I went into the end and there’s nobody around. Yeah,

Haney 22:20
well, yeah, it wasn’t a goal. But you’re you literally said you’re heading up the stairs like, Oh, I wonder if I can get into that room. No one’s here.

Chris 22:28
Yeah. So we go into the employees only area. And there’s a dress. Yeah, I would presume a wedding dress. Yeah, but it’s a nightmare. It’s pretty creepy.

Haney 22:38
It’s a really awful mannequin. That seems to have a mask on it. But it’s like really scary. Yeah, yeah, it’s no good. So tall glass of milk on the table. Let’s candle. Tall glass. A candle Love me some tasty wax.

Chris 22:59
That guy’s a tall glass candle. I’m telling you because it’s hot. If nobody’s here Oh, it’s the wedding dress. Is that okay? Is that the wedding dress? That’s alarming.

Haney 23:17
I have to set the mask on it. Can I? I would like the mask. Okay, I don’t think you can just take the mask. There’s a treasure shot. I

Chris 23:23
thought that’s what this game was about.

Haney 23:26
That’s not wrong. Did you just robbed the stockpot in

Chris 23:31
there’s also a chest in There sure

Haney 23:33

Chris 23:34
I opened it up. You did? First time I’ve gotten a silver rupee. Yeah. 100 rupees 100 rupees.

Haney 23:41
You took on his wedding money, and you put it right in your pocket, and then walked on over to that curiosity. Yep.

Chris 23:50
Curiouser and curiouser Hani.

Haney 23:53
So speaking of curious, the Curiosity Shop is coming up quick, isn’t it?

Chris 23:58
Yeah, it’s my next step. Yeah. 10pm I’m basically a detective. Yeah,

Haney 24:05
you’re an expert. Oh, poop shop will put shop. Poop equals bombs. drop bombs. Yeah.

Are you looking for the Curiosity Shop? What you just walked by walk past? Its first one is is Yeah, as the bottom one.

Unknown Speaker 24:20
You just walked by it again. Listen, hey,

Unknown Speaker 24:23
what’s happening?

Chris 24:23
It’s fine. You know what I did with that? 100 rupees. Oh, please tell me. He said, Hey, I’m having a super special deal.

Haney 24:32
I just got this item.

Chris 24:33
It’s hot off the ground. Actually, I got it from a thief who stole it from this old lady

Haney 24:40
who runs the bomb shop which is literally next door. You bought it? I bought it is 100 rube you used some money you stole from someone’s wedding fund to buy a stolen bum bag. That was the bounty of a thief who knocked over an old woman in middle of the night and stole her inventory for her shop. How do you feel about that? No good. I hope so. Pretty great. Okay, you’re gonna get Yeah. 30 bombs got

Chris 25:09
a big bump back out. Yeah.

Haney 25:12
Hey, come in. You gotta look around. I’m doing a special sale. Special marking was just stolen just came in seconds ago. This is really hot. I kid you not. Actually it’s something sold over at the bomb shop but a thief sold it to me. Cool. Fuck. It’s a bomb bag. Check it out. But you really

Chris 25:29
didn’t have to say most of that.

Haney 25:33
Yeah, a big bomb bag. Now you can carry 30 bombs.

Chris 25:37
Hell yeah. I stole on us wedding funds, and then used it to buy a stolen bag.

Haney 25:45
How’s that feel?

Chris 25:47
Successful. Speaking of this old lady who was robbed from very rudely, I did go into the bomb shop at one point today.

Haney 25:57
And you went in there a couple times. I

Chris 25:58
waited a couple times. And one of the times Well, I checked in there’s a reason you have to check back in at places. It’s all the change basically. Plus, yeah, this is a bustling town. You’re gonna find people a lot of

Haney 26:09
stuff happening. That’s mucho mucho mucho

Chris 26:16
his mouth just

Haney 26:19
the mere sun. No good running off before the ceremony. I wish I could get mad my my own son’s ran off in a hurry before the carnival. What a shame.

Chris 26:28
I could cry. His eyes are pits of darkness.

Haney 26:31
If you’re going to fall and what’s stopping the monster screaming That’s a moon. Halle Adam who does the best.

Chris 26:39
In the bomb shop. There’s the one who sells the ship. And there’s his mother and his mother is the old lady. Who you may have heard being stolen from episode one or two. We didn’t address it because we forgot it happened but there’s a moment when I’m trying to fucking catch fairies or some shit

Haney 27:04
what what’s happening here?

Unknown Speaker 27:06
Oh, watch what Watch out. Oh, stop. Thief. Give the old lady her luggage back.

Chris 27:14
Fuck. Music.

Unknown Speaker 27:17
Me Out of Here Chris. Why don’t you help

Chris 27:20
you stop sir. Halt.

Haney 27:25
This screenshot of him just running across the screen happy as can be with his stolen goods. You’re talking to Jim. Jim.

Chris 27:37
Wait, what? Oh my

Unknown Speaker 27:40
god, I thought we would finally be able to stock bomb bags in our store.

Haney 27:46
I think at this point, you decided to reset time. Save the game and end it there. Chris How you feeling about today’s episode?

Chris 27:52
I’m feeling so good. I don’t feel like a lot of the core story progressed, but I feel like this is the first time I’ve really utilized the time mechanics. Yes, there are a number of times I talked to the Scarecrow and I danced with him. Yeah, right. Also, it doesn’t seem like you dance with him. It seems like he dances and your wife and that’s fine. Likes fucking like

Haney 28:19
yeah, how was it went bad and instant right? I’m still full of energy. If you’d like maybe we can forget that time and dance until night. You’re thinking about it for a second you’re like Yeah, fuck it. Let’s let the moon fall

Chris 28:32
the moon do follow

Haney 28:35
it crashed around me. I think this is also you mentioned it earlier but this is really the first time where you’re getting that interconnected weave of town suck and how they’re related even like yeah, you know the the mayor and Madame aroma and their kid and then oh, their kid is engaged to you. And you and Andreas mom and grandma run the shop. First time I met Andrea’s mother. Yeah. And she I believe she only is present after you get cafe’s mask. I’m not 100% sure on that, but I believe that’s true. And then you’re learning a lot about Cafe too. And like the yes wedding was seems like it was a pretty big fucking deal on this town.

Chris 29:13
Yeah. And the town seems split between people who know where he is. Or people are pissed that he went missing or people that know where he is. And they’re pissed that he went missing?

Haney 29:21
Yeah, there’s definitely I think we use the term conspiracy quite a lot today. There’s definitely seemingly something happening here. Where some people aren’t fucking talking and they should be and some people are talking and they shouldn’t be. Yeah, yeah.

Chris 29:37
Something going on here. So Cafe is the son of Madame aroma and married daughter. He’s also the fiance of Andrea. Yeah. Aren’t you is a young adult? Yeah, in appearance at least

Haney 29:54
I would say at least, at least 20

Chris 29:58
At least 20 I would say she’s in her 20s. Yeah. And the mask that you get matches very closely to the at least hair. Like Dodaro, he’s got purple hair. The mask has purple hair, the fox wearing masks kid has purple hair. Okay. And it’s weird that on you. Fiance also directly resembles this kid. And what comes to mind? If this were any other game, there was not a Zelda game. I would say that cafe has a child that nobody knows about, or Well, some people know about and they’re pissed. Because I don’t know why else there would be this kid that’s involved with unjoined adult. Unless there’s a unless there’s some other time in Wyoming stuff going on.

Haney 30:52
That doesn’t incredible heartache.

Chris 30:54
I love it’s all go on.

Haney 30:57
I mean, no, I love it could be so

Chris 31:00
so yeah, I don’t think it’s the case. But the two options that are open to me right now are a cafe has a child who is the fox mass squaring kid. Or B. There’s some tiny y-me stuff that cafe has gotten involved in. And they’re a child again. That’s what I got. That’s one of the second

Haney 31:21
one. Maybe one of them. Who knows but see. Yeah, it’s uh,

Chris 31:25
I don’t know how they’re involved with the Curiosity Shop. There’s some weird connection there.

Haney 31:29
It’s weird that the Curiosity Shop owner is obviously a scumbag but the mayor son is hanging out with them.

Chris 31:36
Yeah, like clearly they’re involved somehow. Yeah, like city

Haney 31:40
Bell? Yeah, they’re obviously hiding something. Yeah. And the mayor is obviously a high ranking political figure. Seemingly he would have a sparkling clean reputation. So you would assume his childhood as well you know his cafe but Cafe seemingly is being covered for by the Curiosity Shop owner in some way because of his reaction to you when you’re in cafes, space. And but

Chris 32:06
also the postman what what the fuck is his stake in Yeah,

Haney 32:10
right. Like why why does he care? Right?

Chris 32:12
It’s something fishy is going yeah, this town.

Haney 32:15
This is I’m so happy you’re in here now because this this is really like where everything just like you’re you’re in it now. Right? And now you’re like you’re connecting the tangled webs. You’re like, Oh, right. Like this characters here. Like you’re basically turning into that gif of Charlie Day. Like, yeah, all the lines on the wall in between? Yeah.

Chris 32:34
But also the kid. Yeah. I’m gonna call a cafe Jr. Until I know otherwise. I love it. Cafe Jr. is the only one I’ve seen depositing mail.

Haney 32:43
Right. When does he deposit that mail?

Chris 32:46
Is it the first day?

Haney 32:47
Suppose Ben says on the second day, he’s concerned because no one sent any mail. It’s definitely something to keep an eye on. Yeah. Yeah. Do you remember which mailbox it is to?

Chris 32:57
Yes. Can I central clock down? Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, that’s my thoughts on cafe.

Haney 33:02
So where, where to next?

Chris 33:05
Well, I’ve been getting the Romani Ranch.

Haney 33:09
It’s really the first time you’ve heard boo about the Romani Ranch. Yeah, yeah. And it’s the only time I’ve heard anything. But you heard a ton about it today versus a lot about it. Yeah. versus previous to completing the swamp.

Chris 33:21
Yeah. I don’t know if that is the natural next progression of things or whether it’s directly because I’ve been diving into cafes whole thing. Yeah, yes. That’s where I’m headed next. I think I want to hit up Romani Ranch. I want to get there to mask I gotta get apparently apparently, it’s where everyone’s going to try and escape to Yeah, so there’s something with that.

Haney 33:41
How many days are you gonna spend there? Do you think are you gonna try to get through all three inside the ranch?

Chris 33:45
I have. I don’t even know what the range is. You don’t know where it is? I don’t know where to find it. Yeah, so that’ll be which way with the swamp was south. Yep. Southern swamp. I know there’s some mountains. Yep. I believe is one of the things I heard. I assume. Did you say what there’s no water temperature illness. I never said if there was or wasn’t okay, water, and so on. In that case, I’m going to assume there’s a water area, the Zoras domain because also there’s the Indigo. Yeah. Indiegogo. Go goes so I assume water. Mountains. I’m definitely going to do the ranch next. Yeah. So if I go into direction and I don’t find the ranch, I’m going to turn back around and going in different direction. Love it. Yeah, that’s my that’s my goal for next episode.

Haney 34:31
Perfect. Yeah. With that you have anything else you want to ask me?

Chris 34:35
Is this progress? How in line is this progressing in the way that you imagined it in your head? Zero. No. Oh, perfect. Perfectly. Yeah,

Haney 34:45
it is exactly what I wanted. Okay. Yeah. Interesting. I’m actually been shocked at how close to how much I wanted it to be. Because I was really hoping you would do some Clock Town stuff. Temple, Clock Town stuff. Temple. Bah bah bah bah bah.

Chris 34:59
I don’t know if I’m gonna do a temple anytime soon, but

Haney 35:02
but I wanted you to not just do temple temple temple totals. Yeah, yeah, I’ve noticed. So today you hit as much and a little more than I wanted, but not in a bad way you have more than I expected. I would say you hit as much as I wanted and a little more than I expected but in a pleasant way. I’m, I’m really excited for for some ranch times, you and you and I are some some good old fashioned cowpokes. So I’m really, really excited to get onto that act and range with you. Excellent. Love it. I think with that. Thanks so much for listening, and we’ll see you next time

Unknown Speaker 35:35
may see you.

Haney 35:39
Thanks so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you want the journey to continue please support us at encounter. Find our socials and contact info at first encounter Please stop by and say hey, our intro and outro music is by Alden Zach think you’re gonna make fried rice for dinner tonight. Yeah, a little veggie fried rice. So it’s lovely. Madam Morona Mozcon and tetto if you’re watching this room in that moment at all I just fucking slapping gills on one of the bed because time’s running out anyway, so might as well might as well. Make your fin so damp baby

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