Fresh from the victory of Woodfall Temple, we head back to Clock Town where Chris makes some poor financial decisions.

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:05
Hey listener first encountered is an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. content warnings can be found in the episode description. Didn’t we literally had this conversation on the car right over that? I don’t know, real currency except for dollars in Bitcoin and gold and Bitcoin is very debatable on if that’s real currency are not

Chris 0:24
welcome to currency. Is it real? today? We’re gonna get to the bottom of this question.

Haney 0:29
No, it is not real.

Chris 0:30
And that’s today’s episode. Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time.

Haney 0:35
Chris, do you know who I bet would be super interested in learning all about the different currencies of the world? Me our patrons. Oh, fuck, we gotta get a little pissy shout it to all of our patrons. We’re not kidding. We might.

Unknown Speaker 0:52
Yeah, why don’t you? Why don’t you lead us off?

Haney 0:53
Shout out to all of our ex potion tier members, including Josh, Joan, Cody, Ben, Alex.

Chris 1:01
And Josh.

Unknown Speaker 1:06
Yeah, fuck it. You get to deal with this.

Unknown Speaker 1:09
And thank you so much to our producers. August Denise and Dr. J.

Haney 1:13
Oh, I love it. I love how you read from the top of the list down.

Chris 1:17
Yeah, I know you always do start with the bottom.

Haney 1:19
I absolutely. You know, I’ll

Chris 1:22
tell you we have to thank Kenny. I’m asking

Haney 1:25
you know, I know who. Oh, wait. I have I think I found it right here. Hold on. Hold on. I found this crinkly piece of ripped up payment.

Chris 1:39
Don’t any You just ruined the illusion. We need to have a letter. We know we need to thank is that from our sponsors.

Haney 1:49
Our sponsor, and our sponsor today for this episode is pursuant to rules. 93 You are summoned to oh, that’s our lawsuit. Nevermind.

Chris 1:59
I thought I asked you to burn that. Yeah. Now.

Haney 2:03
I talked to our lawyer and turns out did burning them doesn’t make them go away. We actually still have to go to court.

Chris 2:10
See, I disagree.

Haney 2:12
Same I fired that lawyer.

Chris 2:14
Thank God. Speaking of being fired, if you

Haney 2:18
dare listener get an uncommon Go and click their little shop

Chris 2:23
link. Legally you have to if you’re listening to this episode. Yes, it is the law. It was in the podcast agreement

Haney 2:30
that everyone signs when they open their pod catcher to listen to it.

Chris 2:35
Shocking anyone listens to this one. Yeah, Billy, you are required to a give us money and be given coming coffee money.

Haney 2:42
Yeah, it’s crazy. So I hope the checks in the mail, or otherwise were coming.

Chris 2:50
Those are lawyer on the phone. We just talked about this.

Haney 2:54
And as always a massive shout out to our sponsor, I’m coming VT. Uncommon coffee has wonderful coffee for your needs. You can buy a bag online, use our discount code good good at checkout to receive 10% off your order. Some exclusions do apply however, they have some of the most delicious coffee you could ever hope to buy in your entire life and imbibe. Chris doesn’t drink it anymore. He just buys it and collects it and puts it on a shelf. It’s a little weird.

Chris 3:20
I mean, I rubbed on my body.

Haney 3:22
I’m carbon For all your coffee needs. A pumpkin?

Unknown Speaker 3:40
What brings you to mind? My little area here?

Haney 3:42
Well, would you like to look at my area?

Chris 3:45
Would you like to display your map? On the map? I would like to buy tingles as map for your area. Please, please show me your tingle.

Unknown Speaker 3:53
Kulu limp ah, whoo.

Chris 3:56
Hey, hey, hey, hey, you.

Haney 3:58
That was a real squeaky

Chris 4:00
that’s fine. So I played some George mess today.

Haney 4:04
played as a strong word. But yeah, you definitely have a controller in your hand. Well, the video game was on for two and a half hours.

Chris 4:12
I played some majority mask. I had a good time. You had a good time. We got some stuff done today. Yeah, I feel like this is the first day have come in with a strong objective, a clear vision of what I would do today. And I executed on it pretty solidly.

Haney 4:30
You told me exactly what you were going to do today. You came in and that’s all you did today. So yeah, I mean, coming. Yeah, it was no, there was no there was definitely no difference between your plan and what occurred. So yeah, it was great. I really don’t know what else to say about it other than you. You came in. You’re like I think I’m just gonna fuck around and clock down today. And I was like, Yeah, let’s go

Unknown Speaker 4:54
Granny’s diary. I didn’t see this last time. It was my granddaughter who cooked again today. putting that to the lips shortens the life. Savage Jesus.

Unknown Speaker 5:05
I thought of a way to get by without eating. Tomorrow just hope I’m not caught.

Chris 5:10
Hello. Wow. Is that the whole diary? Yeah,

Haney 5:14
she has hates on Jesus kicking onto your cooking. Just run into the shitter onto your cooking

Chris 5:21
on you your cooking sucks is what I was gonna say. I don’t know where you are just bringing Karen some food onto your that’s bad food don’t serve on you will hear monster I’m just saying what everyone else is saying. Talk to me I don’t want to talk to you. There’s no need she says did a little more needing her bread would be better.

Unknown Speaker 5:43
How do I how do I dance?

Haney 5:45
Thank you hold looks like it’s grayed out see how the green dance button? I don’t think you can dance inside your moves can’t be dance inside. Oh, you know that. Come on. You’ve seen Dirty Dancing. Is that the point of that movie but loose? I never remember I think so. I never remember which one it is but I’ve never actually seen either of those movies. But one of them you can’t dance and I don’t know which one? Yah. Yah. Yah is doing exercises in bed. Talk to me. postie in my mind. I’m running exactly 10 seconds without looking at a clock. You may make fun of me but this is quite difficult. We try. Yeah, I guess Press A to start down 10 seconds and the precise moment you think you’ve hit 10 on the dot press A again.

Unknown Speaker 6:29
Get that Zen

Haney 6:40
the time was not there to

Unknown Speaker 6:43
watch their screen crypto is white fairy. Sure. Could you by chance be a forest fairy? Oh my goodness. My name is Jean. I think I miss Seamus, you should first noi Maharshi H 35. And no fairy has come to me. My father tells me to grow up in my age. But why? You’re so lucky to have a fairy. Exchange. I will show you a map for cheap or shine of my friendship. Where you buy one if tingles is math.

Haney 7:23
Shingles is

Chris 7:26
this Yeah, no, I’m all good.

Unknown Speaker 7:28
All right, she called to go to

Haney 7:34
Tijuana get a coulomb pot with a tattoo with me. That was a great time. I love fucking around and clock down. It’s my favorite part of this game. Yeah,

Chris 7:43
I can firmly say it is mine as well. Yeah. Especially after today.

Haney 7:47
Yeah, you definitely got to peel back some layers today and actually get some some genuine Good, good.

Chris 7:53
Yeah. More than I expected from just messing around with like side quests.

Haney 7:57
You got more than I expected to, to be honest. I think I mentioned that earlier. But yeah, you you actually got a bigger chunk of the good game that I was expecting you to get today. So let’s dive in and discuss a little bit.

Chris 8:09
Yeah, so I got a couple of objectives. I wanted to make sure to talk to everyone I’ve done this before, but I feel like I have a pretty good feel for the game at this point. Yeah, so I want to fill out my journal. Yeah, there were shops that I couldn’t enter in or I could afford to buy in previous sessions. So I ramped the bank just took out 100 rupees and so much. We’ll get there calm down. Just money build my pockets with some rupees so I could go to the different shops get all that nonsense. And it wasn’t really my intention but by the end of this play session I played through day one, day two and day three all in Clock Town to get the real spread of what I could see you also played every mini game I believe I didn’t do the lotteries on a mini game.

Haney 8:56
I don’t count that one because that’s just straight actual gambling. Excellent. Yeah, but let’s let’s back it up a little bit. Let’s start at the start like they like they say last time you crushed Woodfall temple, got that sweet sweet remains, and Skedaddle down back to clock down. So I think we actually started the game and clock down this time. Yeah. Midway through day two. So the first order of business was you reset the game? Yeah, went back to day one. Fresh Start. Love it feeling real good. From there, you had a pretty clear objective of where you wanted to start the day out.

Unknown Speaker 9:29
save and returned to the first day a little

Haney 9:31
birdie told me though that you were talking some shit in the discord was yeah, about how you were gonna. Since you’re a pro gamer boy now beat this game today. Yeah, yeah.

Chris 9:41
I feel like correct me if I’m wrong, but I would go so far as to say it’s more impressive if I don’t beat it today because of how quickly and easily I could be.

Haney 9:50
Yeah, I like that. Yeah, that makes me rock hard. Okay,

Chris 9:54
so here we are done in the first day. Yeah, little

Haney 9:57
morning. Did you take a massive rupee dump? Are you started?

Chris 10:01
I had your views. Nice. I assume I put them in at some point.

Haney 10:04
So what are you trying to do here? Right now I’m

Chris 10:06
just checking my bomber journal to see who needs help on the first day, so I can just keep them in mind as I got sprinting around

Haney 10:13
on you. We’ve got Gorman, postman, on his grandmother I could chat with. You’re all set on these guys. Yeah,

Chris 10:21
so I think that’s my day one. But I want to interest you on

Haney 10:25
a nudge or now.

Chris 10:28
You can interest me. I don’t know if I’ll take it. But you can. You can nudge

Haney 10:32
there’s still a couple of buildings you haven’t gotten into? Yes, yeah. I want to fill in notch I’m gonna give.

Chris 10:38
I want to find the mayor’s building because I didn’t. I haven’t visited that yet. Still, I

Haney 10:43
think you’re right here. Talk to me about the mayor. What made you want to go there?

Chris 10:48
Well, the mayor’s residence. I think I was so gung ho going into this episode, because I’ve been editing the past episodes. And there’s a lot of things that I’ve been forgetting that I’m being reminded of by myself. Yeah. And one of those things as

Haney 11:02
I listen to the season one so much, because I would just listen to the episodes in between recordings be like, oh, like, that’s what I wanted to do. Yeah, yeah.

Chris 11:09
So something I missed in previous episodes. I think in the first episode, I was like, I gotta check out the mayor’s office. Never did Avi. Yeah. So the mayor’s office one place I haven’t been to, excuse me, the mayor’s residence because it is also his home. Yeah. Front Desk is commandeered by someone who looks familiar. Yeah. Creepy lady. I don’t remember what shop she’s part of.

Haney 11:35
She looks a little bit like the woman from the treasure shop. Treasure shop. Yeah,

Chris 11:38
she moves the same. Yeah, they both move their heads very Concerningly have kind of a wide eyed stare.

Haney 11:47
They’re a little flirty. Both of them. Are they? Yeah,

Chris 11:50
I didn’t really pick up on that. I think I was too put off by the movement.

Haney 11:56
Do you have some his sadness? The room on the left is the mayor’s room. Sounds like they’re having some kind of meeting? I think. The room on your right is the training room. It’s awesome. Madam aromas. Office matters.

Chris 12:09
Madam aroma is a name that I heard somewhere else. You have anything else to say to me?

Unknown Speaker 12:14
My directions. Do you want to hear him again? The room on your left is the mayor’s

Chris 12:20
all set. The Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So I go into the nightmares store. Yeah, and there’s two there’s a big Zora

Unknown Speaker 12:32
Zara down in

Chris 12:33
Toto. That’s what they’re called. Right? Yeah. And if you aren’t familiar with Zelda, it’s basically a murder person. They got some fins. They live in Zoras domain, which is heavier water.

Haney 12:44
Have your fins been damp lately? going on in here?

Chris 12:48
Oh my God. Are you madam aroma?

Haney 12:50
Buck. Is that? Are the fins damp lately? Wait, I need a fish noise. I

Unknown Speaker 12:54
don’t know what that means.

Unknown Speaker 12:58
We are damp lately. What does that mean? Dr. Gruden used among us Zorro. Oh, forgive me. I’m told the manager of the band the Indiegogo. Oh, the Indiegogo to the popular group that we do are so proud of did put out a lot of thoughts.

Chris 13:15
Why is he slapping himself with his cane means the fish? Okay,

Unknown Speaker 13:19
one of their hits is the ballot of the wind fear. You know that song, don’t you?

Chris 13:23
I’m not cultured.

Unknown Speaker 13:24
You don’t really even want that famous. You’d be able to hear it. It was so wasn’t canceled. It’s such a shame. Toto the band manager was added to your notebook.

Haney 13:35
I don’t know why I did that in today’s voice. But I’d love to Hell yeah.

Chris 13:39
Pretty cool. haven’t run into other Zoras No, not yet. Here’s the first story you found. Yeah. And I’ve only seen the poster for the Indiegogo is I’ve encountered the members now. Yeah, so that’s interesting.

Unknown Speaker 13:51
canceling the show was something I want to do at all. It was the first performance at the carnival for the Indiegogo to the while. So I’m sorry for the fans. The fans damp lately, but what the demon the way I see it right now is show would be lately, only bad things have been happening at North Hall.

Chris 14:10
He’s, as he said, talking to Madame aroma. Yeah. Which is the wife of the mayor. Yep. Mara datar. And also is missing a child. And pretty much as soon as I talk to her, she’s like, Oh, are you the person I hired to find my

Haney 14:27
child and Chris is a liar and said Yes, madam.

Unknown Speaker 14:32
Oh, do you wanna feel true? Are you the expert Person Finder? I hired I find people. Yes, yes. Yes. I say you have the face of a pro.

Chris 14:42
You have good eyes.

Unknown Speaker 14:43
The characteristics of the person I want you to find. Yes, yes, I know them. The person I want you to locate is my son cafe. You know him, don’t you? You don’t really? He disappeared about a month ago. It’s terrible. I’m so very worried. I can’t get food down my throat and I’ve lost five pounds. Okay, you haven’t anything though. Oh dear. Well, could you? Could you look for him? Yes. Oh, oh my Of course you are an expert. Well, I’m counting on you. Wow, you’ve been given cafe’s mask and recruited to locate a missing person.

Chris 15:16
So I’ve been given a mask that is a pale, faced, soulless looking individual with blue and purple hair.

Haney 15:25
Well, if you wear it, you’ll get to inquire about the missing cafe.

Chris 15:28
Can I just ask without it?

Haney 15:30
Madam aroma? The mayor’s wife was that it’s your notebook? Because that’s the mayor’s wife. Apparently, you took the work of a pro. This was added to your notebook?

Chris 15:36
Did I just steal somebody’s job? Yeah,

Haney 15:39
she definitely had sent for a Person Finder. Hadn’t you? Yeah.

Chris 15:43
This kid is missing. I got to track him down by talking to a bunch of people while wearing his face.

Haney 15:48
For those of you out there listening right now who know if you know you now. You’re having a great time, right? Yeah, because I am. I am to. This is the quest for the game. Like not one that you have to finish even like it’s It’s completely optional, but it is the quest like it is the quest to end all side quests for this game.

Chris 16:14
Just the mayor’s room. Yeah. And office.

Haney 16:17
Yeah, except why are there three beds. There’s another door on the other side of the office table that the front girl was talking about? She was not talking about this room. You just broke into their private domicile.

Chris 16:28
They hired me to find their missing son.

Unknown Speaker 16:31
Oh, my You. You’re the one I asked the search for Cafe Did you find anything? What’s this? You’ve got nothing to Cisco, please keep trying.

Unknown Speaker 16:40
Are you going to pay me? Are you

Unknown Speaker 16:41
looking Stampler the fuck? canceling the show. I want to do a law FA. Have you seen cafe?

Chris 16:49
So I leave the room. There’s not too much else in there. There’s kind of a back room with some beds. It’s fine. Yeah.

Haney 16:56
I go into the mayor’s office. Yeah, there’s a scary music as soon as you open the door.

Chris 17:00
There’s scary music. The room is filled with people who are just yelling at each other.

Haney 17:05
Yeah, so we’ve got two soldiers. Yep, on the right side of the desk. The mayor sitting at the desk. And then we have two contractors to the left of the desk. So the head of the town guard Miskin and the head of the contractors Muto are having a fucking huge argument about the carnival.

Chris 17:23
Yeah. And the mayor’s being real wishy washy about it. The town guard is and like, Hey, we got split the fucking moons coming down. We don’t need to do this carnival. We got to get out of here. And the contractor is like hey, no, this is something we do every year. We got to have this the carnival it’s gonna happen. Yep. You know, you can leave if you want to, but we’re gonna stay here and do this. Yep. And the mayor’s like, Oh, really?

Haney 17:54
Oh boy. What’s happening? Interesting. I’m gonna need some help with voices

Unknown Speaker 17:59
already of getting shelter without waiting for your marriage orders. The only ones left are public servants and committee members. Mr. Mayor and carnival committee members please order those who remain to evacuate

Haney 18:12
your cards do you believe that the moon will actually fall. The computers townsfolk simply cause a panic by believing this ridiculous groundless theory. Soldiers can prevent the panic that outside the town walls is where the danger is. You want to answer this? The answer is that the carnival should not be canceled. Isn’t that right Mr. Mayor? Hmm. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 18:34
serious, mucho giant chunk of rocket bonus hasn’t caught your eye. Oh, they do know about the moon. Yeah, they have noticed. Yeah. Or this time every year we are overrun by tourists. So why is the town empty? Clearly it’s your job to ensure the Carnival was operation. But that’s if people are here for it. Don’t turn the merchants and soldiers into this.

Haney 18:55
Whoa, the soldiers wish to run and run this. Can we count them and we’ll stick to tradition. This carnival will be a success. I’ve never heard of a defense unit abandoned in this town. Madam aroma would surely say the same thing once she married Dodo, or let’s not bring my wife into this. Marriage datar was added to your notebook. This fight is interesting because I think it answered a lot of questions that you had about why no one was freaking out in town. Because they mentioned a couple of things specifically, the only people left in town they say are people who are part of the Carnival committee. So that’s like, you know, the mayor, Madam aroma, the performers who are part of the Carnival, and then the shopkeepers. So it’s been a while but you had commented like why is no one freaking out that the moon is falling? And it turns out they are they’ve just left which makes a lot of sense, which makes a ton of sense. And it’s also something that’s I don’t know, that I picked up on as a kid was like, Why aren’t these people leaving? And then now that I’m an adult and have lived through and I’m still currently living through a large scale crisis I kind of understand what is happening here. Why do you think Muto is so stuck on tradition? I mean, that’s just the way a lot of people are just like I can’t like we always this is what I know always been like this, we cannot change this.

Chris 20:18
It’s I think when you’re so integrated in the community, like it’s almost part of your identity like this is who I am to this.

Haney 20:25
Like it’s very clear that Muto has a lot of power in the town because he’s so close to the mayor. Yeah.

Chris 20:33
But I also can’t talk to anyone here, when I try to talk to the mayor, like everyone else kind of shuts me down. So we bounce, but we do have an objective and a new mask. Gotta find this kid who’s missing. What is his name,

Haney 20:46
cafe cafe, a Fei cafe.

Chris 20:49
I’m also kind of hitting some shops that spend a lot of time in. So the first one is the sort of in school, which is pretty cool. Like I did the basic course, in a previous episode. So he’s like, Yeah, I’ll knock off the advanced course. No problem. And I can check that off my list and keep going. So I’ve got my pocket full of rupees. I’m ready to go roll into the classroom like, Hey, let’s go. Let’s teach me some skills.

Haney 21:15
I have this on my note as fucking training, by the way, fun. You’re running, fucking training, underlined.

Chris 21:23
I mean, that’s basically what I did. I rolled in. I was like, hey, teach me your fucking skills.

Haney 21:27
Yeah. 120 rupees when you started this, by the way, all right. No problem. So the court ended with 13. So some problems. Listen. All right, listen.

Chris 21:36
The course itself is 20 rupees.

Unknown Speaker 21:40
What’s this? Need something? Deposit?

Chris 21:43
rupees, baby.

Haney 21:45
Excuse me. Let me take a look at Yeah, yes, link if I remember you’re the little guy who deposited 434 rupees. Oh,

Chris 21:51
shoot, stop calling me a little.

Haney 21:52
So how much do you want? 100? You know, at this time of day, there’s 40 rupees service charge on withdrawals. What? really realistic? Are you kidding me? All right. You’re taking out all that and you spend it like that and I’ll be gone before you know it. You

Unknown Speaker 22:07
can you This is my money.

Haney 22:09
Now I’ve got a total of 330 rupees from you. Guys, have you never taken money out of an ATM? I

Chris 22:15
feel like I need to find a alternate bank. The expert course is a practice session. Cut down the 10 logs using the highly difficult techniques. If you score a perfect 30 points, you shall be taught all the secrets. All right now we’re cooking with us. I

Haney 22:35
can’t believe you fucking suck so bad.

Chris 22:37
I don’t remember any of the techniques he taught me.

Haney 22:40
I cannot believe you are the worst swordsman that ever lived. Give me

Chris 22:43
another shop. Give me the expert course. Me those logs. Let me nibble on those logs. Fuck yeah. Did you

Haney 22:56
keep please just do better.

Unknown Speaker 22:59
Oh, no. Oh,

Haney 23:02
can’t believe you’re not gonna learn the secrets.

Chris 23:05
These logs are making fools out of me. They really

Unknown Speaker 23:09
truly isn’t sufficient. You must jump more. Give me the logs. I

Haney 23:13
can’t believe you’re gonna wait. The we’re gonna

Chris 23:15
do it. I’m flush with rubies. I don’t need any more.

Haney 23:20
Fuck clearly. Otherwise, you’d care about actually doing well.

Chris 23:24
Okay, you know. What this consists of is he’s like, Hey, cut down all these lumps that pop up. Each sluggy cut down you’ll get X number of points depending on how it’s cut. Like what technique you use Final Cut Pro Final Cut Pro. Well, it’s fucking do it. No problem. Logs start popping up, start chopping them down. Just start blasting.

Haney 23:46
And so it continues and then a kept blasted. And he kept blasting and ventured in 20 rupees. He got angry and started spamming through it and started taking the basic course which is one rupee.

Unknown Speaker 24:01
Oh my god. Oh,

Chris 24:02
ha. Bong, baby. Now start over from the beginning. My training isn’t insufficient. Your teaching is insufficient. Is it again? Oh shit. No, no, no. Well, I picked the novice course accidentally. Can I got any? What have I done? Next is the rule. Wrong.

Haney 24:27
So Chris is now learning the mistakes of what happens when you button mash in an action adventure game where there’s options in dialogue. Because Chris was so focused on button mashing, he signed up for the basic course I think at least three times throughout that. Yeah, that sounds right. So one moment, I’m looking at Chris’s screen, and he’s just flushed with 120 rupees the next minute. I’ve just kind of blacked out for his second in a rage. And when I come to Chris has 69 Nice rupees. And I’m like what the hell? Fuck happened here. I like that. It’s 24 hour.

Chris 25:04
Yeah. isn’t the only building that straight four hour?

Haney 25:07
It might be.

Chris 25:10
Oh, I’m gonna get it. I’m gonna get it. No, you thought

Haney 25:14
training is insufficient.

Chris 25:16
The bankers gonna be so pissed with me. Yeah, yes, dude, this

Haney 25:19
is so irresponsible. You’re at 48 rupees. Again. Chris drains his entire reserves of money to the point he has to go back to the bank before he can continue on anything else. Basically, though, you drained your bank and got I think the best score you got was 28. So you still never reached 30. And then you decided to go fill your money up and go shopping again. That was a good time. Yeah, as long as you had fun, that’s what matters. So

Chris 25:47
I spent at least 150 rupees on this didn’t succeed. Left. That’s fine. I’ll be back. And I hit into the bomb shop because now I can actually buy stuff. Yeah, we got a gore on he’s gonna sell me a mega bomb. I can’t carry it. No. I talked to the bomb shop keeper.

Haney 26:04
Yeah, they’ve got bombs, but you don’t have a bomb bag. Yep, they’ve got bomb choose, but you don’t have a bomb bag. No. But they have a bomb bag.

Chris 26:10
So I buy a bomb bag. Hell yeah. Bomb shop. I don’t have enough.

Haney 26:17
Because you spent it all on the plugins. God. Oh my god. This is terrible. Are you seeing this kid or whatever? He hasn’t been here. Have you asked about him at the other stores? All right.

Chris 26:29
Well take more money out. You know, okay, great. Welcome. I would like your bumbag.

Haney 26:43
Now you can carry Baum’s

Chris 26:45
Thank you 20 bombs. You shouldn’t be selling this to a kid coming in. This doesn’t seem right.

Haney 26:53
Great rupees later, you got a bomb bag. Now you can carry up to

Chris 26:56
20 bombs, I believe. Yeah. And it comes with 20 bombs. Yeah. Which is quite a good deal. Yeah, it’s real good. Yeah. And headed into another shop.

Haney 27:04
You went into the shop. I think in the very first game episode we had and you talk to them for a second you’re like, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. Nope. And bailed.

Chris 27:13
Yeah. So honey is our seats shop. So you walk in and there’s kind of a raised podium in the center. But a great word podium. Yes. Pretty good. And we have honey and we have darling. And they’re your sucking face.

Haney 27:28
Just absolutely fucking land into each other.

Chris 27:32
Just dampening their fins. Oh, and this is honey and darling. They own a kind of side game shop kind of deal. Like if you’re asking ball really is what they own. Yeah, it’s basically if you wandered into a carnival and there’s kind of a this game where you you know as you see in carnivals throw bombs at

Haney 27:56
baskets. Yeah. Or if you’re not a psycho, you throw a ping pong in a goldfish.

Chris 28:01
That’s fucking stupid.

Unknown Speaker 28:03
It looks like we have a visitor honey.

Unknown Speaker 28:06
Wonder if customer darling

Unknown Speaker 28:10
would you like to play today is

Chris 28:12
basket bomb day. Isn’t it darling?

Haney 28:16
One games 10 rupees. I’ll play your game. Get a bomb inside every basket. And the time it takes us to dance through one song. Okay, if you throw with too much power, you’ll fall off this platform so be careful. How are you ready to start the music? This is gonna be a nightmare.

Chris 28:33
You’re on a platform platforms rotating while they’re dancing. While honey and darling are dancing and sucking face.

Haney 28:39
You have until the end of their dance to throw a bomb into every basket. There’s a lot of baskets.

Chris 28:46
Yeah, it was okay. I blew myself up a couple times. Oh shit. Oh shit.

Haney 28:53
Hey, it’s basketball. Oh, no show any loose.

Chris 28:57
Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. This is gonna be hard. Yeah, I’m not gonna have a good time with this. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 29:02
we’ve already won, honey.

Unknown Speaker 29:04
I’m happy. Fine, again.

Haney 29:08
Oh, nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Oh, nice. Hey, you’re doing pretty good deed.

Unknown Speaker 29:14
Oh, shit.

Chris 29:15
I’m just gonna go ahead and blow myself up here. It’s already over honey. For a while. It was like a dream, honey. I’m gonna give it one more shot and then leave just because it’s kind of fun.

Haney 29:23
How do you keep ending up at 69 rupees? Ah, I’ll done almost. Yeah, this fun. Yeah, it’s pretty good. Well, we’ll be back here. Yeah. Can’t wait until we have to open a second patreon to deal with your fucking gambling addiction.

Chris 29:42
So that’s pretty cool. That’s funny and darling shop.

Haney 29:45
Then the next shop you hit was the treasure shop, which I think he really enjoyed

Chris 29:49
treasurer up was good. This is the shop that is run by somebody who looks like they would have a relation to the lady He who runs the front desk in the mirror shop? Yeah. So they got kind of the same creepy movements. They got the same eyes kind of talk to you the same way. That’s cool. And she’s like, Hey, you want to play the game? All you have to do is open the treasure chest. No big deal. No big deal.

Haney 30:15
Like, what was it? 45 seconds. And the treasure chest is just like, across the chessboard, who cares?

Chris 30:20
So I’m like, Yeah, tight. Got all the money in the world. And I start running across the room. And as I run walls start springing up in front of me.

Haney 30:29
Yeah, you know, this reminds me of what’s that one part with the flame walls in the Daegu Butler’s little run? Yeah, they’re not on fire, though.

Chris 30:38
They’re on fire this time. So that’s pretty cool. Yeah. But it’s basically kind of an invisible maze that springs up as you progress forward. So I didn’t realize this the first time but this shop is shaped like a treasure box. Yeah,

Haney 30:52
it’s a treasure chest shop. What do you think?

Chris 30:54
It’s got a lot of floors going on? It’s got some striped green and green floors. Checkered black and white floors and also some whatever that for stained glass stained glass floor. I’m not sure. And the proprietors very creepy.

Unknown Speaker 31:08
Oh, it’s the kid collecting masks. How bad it want to play.

Chris 31:13
Give me the deets for you.

Unknown Speaker 31:14
It’s 20 rupees.

Chris 31:17
If you can make it all the way to the treasure chest and open it within time limit. I’ll give you a special price. Funny what’s inside is have fun. Yeah, are you ready? What do you have to do? I have to get to the treasure chest and open it.

Haney 31:30
But seems fine. Yeah, I’ll do it. Do it get there? Oh, oh. Get over. Go. Why will you not go?

Chris 31:40
It’s amazed. I see. Okay. No problem. Shit. I’m not remembering any of this.

Unknown Speaker 31:46
Oh, easy. Gigi.

Chris 31:50
No prob Oh, purple

Haney 31:51
Ruby. All right. All right.

Chris 31:54
I made my money back here at least

Unknown Speaker 31:55
Yeah, pretty good.

Unknown Speaker 31:57
Did you have fun? It was okay.

Unknown Speaker 32:00
Want to try again? For you.

Unknown Speaker 32:04
I’ve got 269 rupees baby.

Haney 32:06
Third time Third time’s the charm. The hit your last minigame shop after that. This was my favorite shooting gallery. Yeah, this is funny because it’s the one you didn’t seem. You seem the least excited for? Oh, I really enjoy because you’re going into it and you’re like, Oh God, I’m garbage with a bow. I hate that. Yeah, and now you did. Pretty fucking good. Yeah, I

Chris 32:25
had a really good time with this. This shooting gallery is just you firing at targets that spring up out of the water for you. And certain targets will give you points and certain targets will give you points but they also reduce your time.

Haney 32:39
Oh, shooting gallery and gallery. This is

Unknown Speaker 32:41
the first time I’ve been here. You might

Haney 32:45
have checked it out. But you didn’t do it.

Chris 32:46
Oh yeah. No, this is Lipsky. How

Haney 32:49
do you think you can do it? Why don’t you give it a try Sonny?

Chris 32:53
It has many red ones as you can within the time limit do you think are red one is if you hit a blue one. You lose time so watch out. I’m really bad at naming arrows. Or high scores. 39

Haney 33:03
if Chris gets us to 69 we will put out a video of us back have laid out in on screen. Well, I don’t think we have to worry about that.

Chris 33:14
That’s a balloon. Lumbini fire.

Haney 33:17
Como movie. Oh three. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Well, again, you hit 26 Did Yeah, that’s too bad. I mean, it could be this so you can’t stop Canada you can play as often as you’d like. As long as the money, baby. Calabria asked if you beat the game yet. Did you save the world? And I said he’s developed a gambling addiction. No problem. No problem. Huh?

Unknown Speaker 33:44
Yeah, Eat my ass. 4242 Well, look, record you hit 42

Unknown Speaker 33:50
That’s our new record,

Chris 33:51
man. What a rush. Ooh, you

Haney 33:52
got a large quiver. Now. You can carry 40 arrows. All right,

Unknown Speaker 33:55
I guess. Yeah. Well,

Unknown Speaker 33:58
that was that was fun. That was okay. Yeah, that was cool.

Chris 34:01
I think I took three shots. You this sir.

Haney 34:04
Third time’s the charm on this one. And you got a big

Chris 34:06
quiver? Yeah, so now I can carry 40 arrows. Yeah, well, it’s pretty cool.

Haney 34:11
Yeah, that’s pretty good. Yeah, good time with real real game of time. But after the games, it’s time to get serious Chris. Yeah. Put this childish behavior aside. Stop playing the games and get down to what’s really fucking happening here and clock down. Fucking missing kid. There’s a child missing. There’s actually not a child missing. There is a man missing somebody is

Chris 34:31
missing two specific people while other people definitely know where he is. But they don’t want to say anything. Is something going on.

Haney 34:38
It’s weird as fuck. So let’s let’s back that up a bit. So you put on cafe’s mask. And this is really the first time that you’ve gotten a lot of alternate dialogue by wearing a mask. There has been a couple of occasions where if you put a mask on you get some alternate dialogue, mostly between being a Daegu or being a human. Also with the Rosa sisters. There’s the essence where You can put on tomorrow’s mask and have the alternate interaction with them. Those aside though the other masks really don’t do much like the Great Fairy mask doesn’t change your dialogue with people. cafe’s mask changes, almost everyone’s conversation in clocktower.

Chris 35:16
Yeah, I think it’s everyone who actually is a resident like

Haney 35:20
a permanent member. Yeah. So like the circus or the performative troupe don’t really have any opinions. But like the the mayor and Madame aroma, obviously, they’re cafes, parents, so they have different conversations, members of the stockpot in the contracting group that’s building the platform’s and everything for the carnival, just random other shop owners. Everyone has a little bit of alternate dialogue about this whole mess that Chris has just not known was happening for the past six episodes at this point or something.

Unknown Speaker 35:55
Have you seen Cafe that’s

Haney 35:57
not Cafe Xmas that you’re wearing?

Unknown Speaker 35:59
That’s fine. Have you seen Cafe a some

Haney 36:02
somewhere? It was somewhere around here. Sorry. I’m busy.

Chris 36:08
This looks like the hair of the Fawkes mask kid. Oh, yeah.

Haney 36:13
Interesting. Could Ching, if somebody mailboxes in this town

Chris 36:17
I know and I haven’t gotten any mail yet. But there was that purple haired kid who deposits mail. What are you doing up here?

Haney 36:27
I used to see him by the laundry pool sometimes. Hey, who is he? What did he do? Ah,

Chris 36:32
so Okay. All right. It caught me by surprise. I didn’t expect when I saw who I assume is cafe I don’t even deal no. But there’s a mysterious kid in the fox mask who has the same hair at least Yeah,

Haney 36:46
so let’s let’s back that up a little bit. So you have seen this kid with a Fawkes mask a couple of times now? Yeah, tried interacting with them at the laundry pool tread grabbing them at the postbox. From what you know, there’s a small child with medium length purple hair, and the Fawkes mask who runs from the door in the laundry pool to the post office and back. And that’s about all you now.

Chris 37:08
Yeah, that’s every that’s it? Yeah. So

Haney 37:10
today though, you have a mask where you see a face this mask prompts people to tell you a little bit about Cafe Yeah, the first thing that you find out which is I think bonkers for you. Yeah, is that cafe is actually the stockpot in owners fiancee.

Unknown Speaker 37:30
Have you seen Cafe Oh,

Unknown Speaker 37:32
how many people are you gonna ask me that that lady is so persistent. So doesn’t Cafe want to break up his engagement to Anji Why not let him that’s what he wants. Why some people

Haney 37:45
know how is this for you?

Unknown Speaker 37:47
Bad I love on you

Haney 37:50
know good when your fiance goes missing? Yeah. And their wedding is coming up.

Chris 37:54
So the mayor then a Roma are missing their child. This child is the fiancee to on June stockpot owner. Yeah, stockpot in honor, I should say. And as you go around town, you discover that there’s people who a are just not happy with cafe for I presume just disappearing on on Yeah,

Haney 38:18
so one of one of mottos men. The gentleman who’s screaming at the Indiegogo poster for seemingly no reason. He really takes offense to cafe Yeah, yeah, he’s like, Hey, if you come in here, you know wearing that mask. Don’t you dare go looking for him. Don’t find them. Leave my Darlene anjeer alone. Seems like there’s some drama there. Thanks so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you want the journey to continue please support us at encounter. Find our socials and contact info at first encounter Please stop by and say hey, alright, intro and outro music is by Alden Zach

Unknown Speaker 38:58
gun blazing

Unknown Speaker 39:00
gun blood just blasting Dex left and right

Haney 39:08
Can we make a Delta gun? Yeah, shoot still though. Yeah, I feel like they’ll those are really expensive though.

Chris 39:13
Speaking of dildo guns.

Unknown Speaker 39:14
Alright, talk to me.

Chris 39:15
excellent segue into our new merch launch.

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