We discuss The Legend of Zelda series, how this season might be different, and what Chris knows about Majora’s Mask.

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Still potion. Hey listener first encounter is an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. Content warnings can be found in the episode description.

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Who wha

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hoo, wah.

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Ork, Ork. Boo. I’ll turn that gt light off when we record. Yay. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Hey, hey, come out in play damini ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne

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ne thank you for joining me on this fucking delightful day.

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Hey, thanks for having me.

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Thank you. For me having you. Huh? We’re fucking back. Dude, we’re back. Here we are season two first encounter reason

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to they said we couldn’t do it. They said we weren’t gonna make it. That was just you. You said we couldn’t do it. Oh,

Chris 1:09
you said we we want to make it.

Haney 1:11
Look at us now though.

Chris 1:12
Look at luckiness go. Um, yeah, Majoris mask. Yeah, coming up presently. pretty fucking cool.

Haney 1:19
I’m real excited about it. Yeah, me too. Yeah, it’s gonna be a real good time. Before that, though, huh?

Chris 1:24
We’re changing a little little bit about the episode. Oh, now what are we doing? Hey, our fun little bloops little blue piece. Yeah, my favorite part of the whole episode. Yeah, yeah. We’re moving that to the end of the episode. Oh, after the outro huh. Because we want you to listen to that. And also, we’re gonna thank our new patrons. We

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I wish I had something glass the thrill. Just now I’m not throwing these coffee cups. I pulled the monitor down. Now. No, I bought that to

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Today is a momentous day, not just because we are kicking off our very amazing. season two episode one with our brand new video game The Legend of Zelda Majora his mask only one week late. Just the one it’s genuinely a little surprising that it’s only one week honestly, considering that’s what got us go. But you know what? It’s important to me that we take time to acknowledge today’s gravitas, if you Will, because not only is it the release of our season two episode one premiere, but it’s also a day for celebration. Because Chris, we have our very first sponsor for the show

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Although, if you do the subscription, you don’t get the coupon code doesn’t work on the subscription. That’s fine. That’s fine. That’s right. Yeah. What are we? What are we drinking today?

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This is Ethiopia. larrieu I believe is how you pronounce it. However, nowhere on the internet had the ability to tell me how to pronounce it because nowhere because the internet’s

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nowhere on the internet.

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I tried for 12 minutes to find how to pronounce it because I wanted to make sure I was pronouncing it right it’s really fucking really really tasty. This actually stands alone great on its own. No need for cream no need for sugar. It’s it’s real real good.

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I was gonna remark no additives for you this time. No,

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it doesn’t need them. No, no, it’s really good. Yes, good coffee. Fantastic coffee. Fantastic people. It helps them out. It helps us out every everyone wins. What a treat. Yeah, uncommon, VT calm. With that for season two. I’m giving up the reins of the controller and Chris has given up the reins of story lead. And we’re swapping spaces.

Chris 6:39
I am rosy cheeked and eager for you to bring me on this journey. Perfect. So

Haney 6:45
for this journey, I have decided that I want Chris to play one of my favorite games of all time. also considered one of the best games of all time. This is true. However it is as per your first encounter style. One that Chris has never played before strip we are going to throw Chris into the Legend of Zelda Majora his mask? Yeah. So Chris, why don’t you open up a little bit and tell me about your history with Zelda as a whole. First, I believe that I’m going to try to without going back and copying our first episode for Final Fantasy. I’m going to try to copy our final fantasy episode. So I think I’m gonna just try to stick to the same pattern. So talk to me about your your relationship with Zelda first.

Chris 7:27
So my relationship with Zelda as a whole is not very broad. I had a Nintendo 64 growing up that was my second console perfect. And the first or second game, it was either Zelda Ocarina of Time or it was super smash brothers. I can’t remember what I got first. But our Korean of time was the first Zelda game I played. And it was one of the best games I had ever played. At that time. I think Final Fantasy seven and Docker enough time.

Haney 7:56
I would hope that that’s still the case, honestly, because I kind of time is a just masterpiece.

Chris 8:01
It’s one of the few games that I’ve gone back and played again. So I love Docker enough time. I thought it was incredible. I thought the gameplay the exploration the world just everything was phenomenal. But past that, I’ve only really dabbled Will touch my toes ease into the old depth. Very deep water of the Zelda universe.

Haney 8:21
There’s a lot of water there.

Chris 8:24
Yeah, so I’ve played a couple minutes of WinWaker

Haney 8:28
when you say a couple minutes you mean literally. I

Chris 8:31
mean, I’m literally I didn’t get through the first dungeon. Oh,

Haney 8:33
yeah. Literally a couple of minutes. Oh, got it.

Chris 8:36
Twilight Princess. I’ve watched people play Breath of the Wild. Yep. I touched the mobile games a little bit. But really, my Zelda experience mostly stopped at ocher enough time. Specifically as much as I love it. At the adult Water Temple. Perfect. Yes. So that that’s my Zelda experience. Ideal.

Haney 9:00
Um, on that note, when you said mobile, you’ve touched the mobile Do you mean handheld? Yes. Okay. I was gonna add another as mobile version. I’m sure there is but I haven’t. I don’t Oh, you mean like phone mobile? Yeah,

Chris 9:11
I mean, handheld.

Haney 9:12
Perfect. Um, excellent. So I would say you are less than average in terms of most people in our field, and their relationship with the Legend of Zelda, which is absolutely perfect for what we’re going here.

Chris 9:28
The main reason for that is really after the Nintendo 64 I completely switch to PlayStation for my consoles. So

Haney 9:34
and Final Fantasy seven just steamrolled everything perfect.

Chris 9:37
Well, I mean, Final Fantasy 10, nine, eight, like really, you know.

Haney 9:41
So I think one thing that I would love to do, before we get into what you know about majority’s mask is all of it. You know, the whole thing I know at all. Yes, perfect, is just kind of discuss a little bit what we think the differences are going to be between how we approached FF seven And how we’re approaching medoras mask, because they’re obviously very different games, they can’t really be pigeonholed into the same kind of genre or game style or platform or really anything like they’re very different. So I think overall, the format of first encounter isn’t going to change, we’ll still do the play throughs with conversation we’ll have the talk through after we’ll mix it all together in the same way. What do you perceive is going to be different though, going forward?

Chris 10:26
So this, this is going to touch on a little bit of what I assume I know about majority mask. But I would guess that the story structure itself isn’t as structured as Final Fantasy. So it’s going to be more open to what I’m going to pursue in the game. Okay. You’re making expressions at me?

Haney 10:46
Yep. Don’t worry about it.

Chris 10:48
From what I understand of mudros mask, I think it’s a lot of side quests and like doing what you want in the order you want, maybe, yeah, we’ll see. But I figure I’m going to be less guided by the overarching story. Yeah. And it’s going to be more kind of your struggles, figuring out how we guide some kind of semblance of momentum,

Haney 11:14
I think, I think you you’re not entirely wrong. I do think that there is certain parts of the game that I’m definitely going to want you to not miss. And unfortunately, like Final Fantasy seven, there is a lot you could just walk by without even acknowledging it. I think to aid me with this in guiding you I’m I’m going to bring over my Majoris mask original guidebook and not let you look at it, but use it as a kind of a post because like you said with the difference between this and Final Fantasy seven is that the structure is going to be fundamentally different. So I don’t perceive too much of a departure from classic Chris Hani shenanigans.

Chris 11:54
I mean, it’s still us, it’s the less I think the struggle is really going to be your time walking the fine line between guidance and letting me just roam and go crazy.

Haney 12:05
It’s going to be interesting for I think us to both be on the other side of this. I’m actually looking forward to it because it’s gonna be I think, really hard for me to not spoil because I am who I am excellent. And I think it’s gonna be really hard for you to not be to be playing the game and not be the one that’s just like sitting back smug.

Chris 12:24
I do have a little bit of a control. I won’t say issue, but streak in me when it comes to these sorts of things. Yeah, very different.

Haney 12:33
Yeah. Yeah. It’ll be good for you little, little bit of a therapy lesson, I’d say. Yeah, yeah. Perfect. I think that’s all I want to touch on in terms of what’s going to be different. So let’s do something. That’s the same, Chris, go ahead and just lay on me what you think majority’s mask is? Okay, let me grab my notebook here. So I can make sure that we visit these points again in the future, please.

Chris 12:57
So I think a big difference between where I’m starting with majority mask and where you start with Final Fantasy seven is I have done a little bit of background research into Zelda in general. And that’s touched on majority’s mask a little bit,

Haney 13:11
that being without context that could make it worth honestly,

Chris 13:15
so let’s say right off the bat, I think majority’s mask. The way I understand it is it’s connected in some way talker, enough time. I don’t know whether the ending branches from Ocarina of Time or whether it has something to do with the tiny whiny shenanigans of Ocarina of Time.

Haney 13:32
I love that.

Chris 13:33
Yeah, I think the majority mask is somehow branched from occur enough time in some way. Okay. I know that there’s a Skull Kid. I don’t really know what that means. But it’s, it’s a kid. He’s got a mask. I guess he finds the majority’s mask. I don’t know. He’s someone’s a moon to destroy the earth. And the moon crashes in three days. And you have to stop that from happening. I think the majority’s mask the titular character, if you Will,

Haney 14:07
I Will. Particularly because he said titular Yeah,

Chris 14:10
it’s it’s a excellent way forward. I think that’s possessed or is evil or something and it’s maybe controlling schoolkid. Aside from that, I know that you are collecting masks yourself that let you turn into different species, I guess of the Zelda world. So I’m pretty sure you can become a merman. Okay. A one of those leafy things that spits it Yeah, yep. Well, you know, one of

Haney 14:41
those is what that feels like, huh?

Chris 14:42
Yeah, one of those things that spit seeds at you. Hmm, we’ve all encountered them.

Haney 14:46
I didn’t realize that. This is what you feel like all the time. And I feel like I want to apologize to you.

Chris 14:52
I should know what they’re called. But I just can’t show Roomba now. That’s like a Mario whatever. Anyway, let’s see spirit. You can turn into one of them, I think, I think you can turn into a merman, aka whatever the fuck they’re called. And I think you can turn into a Goron. I do remember that name.

Haney 15:10
How is gore on the one that comes up for you? I don’t know. Can you describe a Goron? For me?

Chris 15:15
Yeah, they’re rocky boys. They’re like stout, round figures that eat rocks and roll around on the ground, and you have to stop them so you can get something they’ll let you go into a lizards tell me to blow it up or something? I don’t know that was a boss or something that happened in awkward enough time. That’s

Haney 15:29
probably the most true statement you’ve had to this point.

Chris 15:32
Yeah. So I know you I’m pretty sure you can turn into those three things. I don’t know about other masks, you can collect. I think you’re a kid the whole time. in Ocarina of Time you transition between adult and child link. And I think in medoras, mask your kid and you’re going around and doing side quests and like helping people with their tasks in this world that is inevitably ending. And you can use your aquamarina to turn back time. And I think that’s probably where a lot of the puzzle elements come in. If that could turn back time, I would fund Oh, way to stop that media from crashing in to Gaia. Because in this case, it’s moon. Also, the moon has a face. It looks scary. It laughs at you. I know that because I’ve seen that everywhere. I think

Haney 16:26
media is missing a face and Final Fantasy. Yeah,

Chris 16:29
yeah, I think we could probably work on that.

Haney 16:31
I also don’t know that I realized the parallels between majority my drives mascon Final Fantasy seven didn’t tell you mentioned that. Just now.

Chris 16:39
Yeah. But I think that’s really everything I know about the game itself. I know the development was like, I don’t know if it was the UK or in a team. But basically, it was a team of people who were like told to make a Zelda game and like a year and they were like,

Haney 16:54
Yeah, so the game was developed in less than two years, which is bonkers. And it was, I believe, the first Zelda game to feature the use of the game pack, which for the N 64 was an expansion that went into the machine and allowed for better it was basically like a boost, right? That allowed you to have better graphics, better performance, etc. And the game required the use of that because the graphics were so pumped up from oxiana even

Chris 17:23
Okay, I didn’t realize it was that much of a

Haney 17:26
Yeah. And the creative team lead I believe for this was sugar a Miyamoto so you know, it’s gonna be good.

Chris 17:33
Yeah, yeah. I do know Zelda is a silent protagonist.

Haney 17:38
Zelda is the silent protagonist. I’m writing it down. I misspoke. No, no, you said what you said. Zelda

Chris 17:45
Zelda is the one who goes hit. Yeah, yeah. Right.

Haney 17:50
Do you wanna say fun? This is not a spoiler at all. Sure. The voice actor that goes hit? Yeah, not gonna have time for the adult link. It’s the same voice actor that does. The guy in gurren Lagaan who has a blonde hair and claws. Oh, oh, yeah. Yeah.

Chris 18:09
The one you cosplay.

Haney 18:10
Yeah, I cosplayed him once. Yeah, a long time ago.

Chris 18:12
Yeah. Excellent. Very cool. Yeah. The Japanese voice actor. Yes. Yeah.

Haney 18:15
I’ve never watched it in English. And I don’t think they bothered changing the voice because it’s just yeah. Excellent. Perfect. So I think that’s interesting. One thing I’d like to do is a rundown of the characters in Majoris mask, because the fun thing that Zelda games is that they usually have the same Recurring cast. So I want to see what you know about the cast of characters. Obviously, there’s no party like there would be in a typical JRPG. But there is quite a large cast of characters that are very important to the overall story. So I’d love to hear a little bit about maybe even just like who carries over from screen of time,

Chris 18:56
right. So this this is a good timing for this because I was gonna say, I don’t know if these characters make an appearance in majority’s mask, but Ganondorf big character, we got Zelda, the titular Princess,

Haney 19:11
if you Will, if you Will. I Will, by the way, who is?

Chris 19:15
I don’t know she’s connected to the Triforce somehow,

Haney 19:17
ha This is gonna be so much better than I was anticipating whenever

Chris 19:22
we got Sheikh one of my old mains from Smash Brothers, who is also Zelda. But Zelda has some teacher who like target to be chic or something I think, from some tribe,

Unknown Speaker 19:35
I think.

Chris 19:36
I think Ganondorf was also from that tribe. Maybe, maybe not. I could be backing that up based on your face.

Haney 19:43
No, no, no, no, no. Please continue. So did it it did it it did.

Chris 19:49
diritto durda Valley, grido Valley

Haney 20:00
Darude Sandstorm is a song Yes. Yeah, whatever. And Garuda Valley is a place. Yes.

Chris 20:07
And I think Ganondorf was a member of the grido tribe or something.

Haney 20:11
I can’t remember Shakur enough time.

Chris 20:13
Okay. So their characters at least knocker enough time. Link is the silent protagonist.

Haney 20:20
I was gonna say link link was really far down that list.

Chris 20:22
Whatever. I already said, Zelda.

Haney 20:26
Are you gonna keep it? His name is link in the game?

Chris 20:28
Yeah, always do. So link is a silent protagonist. I guess there’s schoolkid who I don’t think was in. I don’t think school kids were in our grant of time. Maybe they were in the Forgotten woods or wherever the fuck Lynx town was called. kakariko village, something kakariko something like that.

Haney 20:47
I want you to know just how fucking good it feels to be on the other side of this microphone. I can’t wait to especially because I do feel confident in my Zelda knowledge. And this is a really fun for me right now. Great.

Chris 20:59
I’m glad you’re having a good time.

Haney 21:00
Yeah, you’re sweating. Please.

Chris 21:03
There are some boys in leather.

Haney 21:06
on motorcycles, obviously. Obviously.

Chris 21:10
Link has a motorcycle in fucking win. Don’t windwaker Breath of the Wild. Yeah.

Haney 21:15
Does he really? Yeah, I haven’t played Breath of the Wild. Yeah, might be a deal. See? I’ve well I it’s not that haven’t played it. I haven’t gotten very far in it. Yeah, yeah. Because all my video game time is spent playing Final Fantasy seven as well. It should be perfect.

Chris 21:27
Okay, so link I said link school kid. I can’t I don’t know if he’s from anything in Ocarina of Time, but he’s there. And I know the smiling mask salesmen only because of the fucking memes on the internet and his creepy song that’s played backwards and Ben whatever the fuck that was. But yeah, the smiling mask or the Happy Mask Salesman. Maybe?

Haney 21:48
I’m not correcting you. I’m just writing by that. Whenever

Chris 21:50
you say he’s, he’s he’s in there. I know. There’s a spider family. They’re like cursed in their half skull. tullos half people are the gold skull tool is still in this is collectibles. I don’t know about that. I’m

Haney 22:04
not gonna tell you. That’s fine.

Chris 22:06
I don’t know. I don’t know if there’s like bosses or dungeons in this one. I know. That’s like Zelda trope. So I would assume there are by I don’t know. I don’t feel like I ever hear about them when I read about majority’s mask, and it’s tingles in it. He’s a character from Zelda right tingle. That doesn’t mean anything to me, but I know it’s a character. It’s like a green

Haney 22:33
tingle is a character. It’s a green in height wearing balloon

Chris 22:36
flying. Messenger.

Haney 22:40
I don’t know. tingle is the character in the Zelda series. Okay, I’m not going to tell you if he’s in the drawers.

Chris 22:46
I think that’s all the characters I can think of like, I mean, the there’s the like mermaid King and Princess. What the fuck are they called?

Haney 22:53
Don’t worry about it. We’ll get there.

Chris 22:55
gorons and ah, you can’t look it up. I can’t remember. Yeah.

Haney 23:02
And you can’t look it up the merpeople whatever. They live in the Black Lake outside of Hogwarts, right?

Chris 23:08
Yeah, totally. Yeah. With the squid. Yeah. And yeah, I think that’s all I know. Like the gardens exist. The merpeople exist. Yeah, that’s the those are the characters. As far as I’m concerned. That’s everyone who makes an appearance in the game.

Haney 23:21
I was genuinely worried about how this series was gonna go until we started recording this.

Chris 23:27
I don’t know if this is the same feeling you had when we did our first episode of Final Fantasy seven. You feel like a moron? Yes. But specifically, I thought I knew a lot more about Zelda than I do.

Haney 23:39
Yeah. Turns out I thought I knew a lot about FF seven and didn’t know shit about it. Yeah, dude, I didn’t know that there was fucking electricity in the game. And the main villain is an electric company. And I said as such, but then I didn’t know that there would be electrical things after that. Like, yeah, I never thought about that. Yeah, like it’s just there’s absolutely like, you think you know so much until you get to the point where like, where someone asks you about it and then you’re like, Ah, yeah, yeah. And also at least half of what you said is just awkward enough time spilled over.

Chris 24:12
There’s a horse. He poena you opponent

Haney 24:15
is a character in the Zelda series. Fuck you. This is a really exciting for me. Interesting. Interesting

Chris 24:23
scroll scroll

Haney 24:24
up. Let me quote Chris. Opponents eight throw it out.

Chris 24:31
Zelda is the titular main character of Zelda.

Haney 24:35
Zelda The silent protagonist that they are.

Chris 24:40
Oh, like, has like a girlfriend. That’s not a girlfriend. Some chick he grew up with from his village, but he’s not one of them. I don’t think. All right, sure. He’s the Hero of Time. There’s tri forces. There’s three goddesses. Yeah, that’s all that’s everything.

Haney 24:56
I feel like you told me more than I’m telling you right now in our first record. Never said, but I’m gonna say that you’re getting a lot of crossed wires from what I can tell.

Chris 25:04
I mean, all I know is Ocarina of Time,

Haney 25:06
you’re, you’re basically just throwing everything you think, you know, for mockery, no time

Chris 25:10
assuming the majority’s mask was occurring of time. But with the moon that destroyed the earth,

Haney 25:16
that longer things before that.

Chris 25:21
I think the main reason I didn’t play this game, I always got the impression that it was a very grim game. And I was just never, I never wanted to pursue that feeling. You

Haney 25:31
didn’t want to be in that spot? Yeah. So let’s change now.

Chris 25:35
I guess I don’t need to pursue games or fantasy escapes at this point. All right. It’s weird to say because Final Fantasy seven is not like a happy game.

Haney 25:44
I would say 75% of the time. It’s grim. Like there’s funny parts for sure. Yeah. But I think a lot of that might just be the joy of us playing it together and making light of certain situations. Yeah, could be, could be, I Will give you one tidbit, if you Will. It is a very grim game. Excellent. It is extremely dark in comparison to others, all the games. I always finds all the games pretty dark, though, personally, like I always feel like there’s a sadness and every game. I’m like, when Callie? Yeah, like, you’re familiar with the concept of the Hero of Time. So I don’t feel like I have to fully avoid that. But I think the weight that that soul carries is really, really depressing, right? Like, as the Hero of Time, you’re reincarnated over and over and over again, to be the person that needs to be, you know, and then that’s in the grand scheme of Uppsala. You’re, you’re reincarnated as the person that is needed to save the world over and over again. So you’re only ever living through the world’s darkest moments.

Chris 26:40
That’s real grim.

Haney 26:41
It’s really grim. And I’ve always carried that through Zelda games, where I’m just like, this is really upsetting, like, link is a very tragic character. Yeah. I never thought about that. Yeah, I think of it. Have you ever read the castaways of the Flying Dutchman? No, by Brian Jack’s, so really, really good book series by Brian jocks who wrote the red wall series, which is probably what he’s best known for. But it’s about a immortal boy and his dog who are basically summoned to certain areas by people in need to help them result like help them learn how to like, fix their own issues. It’s a really good story. But there’s this overarching sadness, because by the time you meet him, he’s already several 100 years old and has done this before. And he knows he can’t get attached or like, make real friends with the people he’s helping, because he has to leave as soon as the problem solved.

Chris 27:30
So is his dog immortal to

Haney 27:32
Yes, the dog is also mortal and can speak only with him.

Chris 27:35
Man, you add immortality into anything. It’s

Haney 27:38
immediately like a bummer. It’s a huge bummer. Yeah. Particularly the soul of the Hero of Time. You just live like this circle of life over and over again, only to know that you’re going to go away, you’re going to die, you’re going to be put to sleep for years, whatever. Have you only to be woken up to try and make connections and try to help people and then not be able to live your happy ever after a treat. Yeah, thanks for that. Perfect. I just want you to carry that feeling going into this game for me. Love it. Yeah, ideal really. The last thing that we talked about in our kind of first kickoff, our number one episode from season one was like what we wanted to get out of this. Yeah. So I think that’s probably changed a little bit now. So back then mostly, what we wanted to get out of it was we wanted to do something together as best friends. And Final Fantasy seven was something that really needed to I feel like happened to bridge our gap. I don’t think that mudros mask has the same importance on it to our friendship to a degree, although I’m very violent against you, whenever you say you haven’t played. Maybe I could be going a little off there. But what are you hoping to get out of season two of first encounter?

Chris 28:51
Well, I do have to say, right off the bat that I remember you talking about majority’s mask. School? Yes. So I understand its importance to you.

Haney 29:02
So this is probably a game that I played around the same time you were playing FF seven, right? We were definitely in middle school at the peak of our youthful friendship at the time.

Chris 29:13
Yeah. What would I like to get out of this? I’d like to think at this point. first encounter is it’s not in the position of fragile collapse that I was nervous about it being when we first started doing this.

Haney 29:27
I don’t even fear it collapsing. Yeah. I mean, obviously, I get in the back of my head, I would hate for something to happen. That means we’d have to stop doing this. But

Chris 29:34
I don’t feel like either of us are going to like drop out. We’re not

Haney 29:37
going to just stop one day and be like, oh, let’s not do that anymore. Yeah,

Chris 29:40
yeah, that was terrible. Yeah.

Haney 29:42
Why did we do this for a year and a half?

Chris 29:46
I guess what I’m most nervous about and most interested in maintaining across the seasons is our enthusiasm, right? And not the structure but being able to transfer these Are you telling you over to other games, and this is going to be the first kind of test of that?

Haney 30:04
I think that’s something we’re probably going to have to test every season. And I think, obviously there, it’s going to have a different vibe, you know, it’s going to not be joined Hani on this journey is going to be drawn Chris on this journey, which were just two different people. But I think people who are going to listen to season two, you are most likely people who have listened to season one, or have a heavy vested interest in the legend Zelda series. So I think what we’ll probably end up having is people who just stick around because they like us and want to just hear more from us. But I’m also really excited to get you in front of the mic more, and force, force the conversations out of you, because that’s gonna be a good time for me.

Chris 30:42
Yeah, that’s my follow up because I hand picked you,

Haney 30:47
if you Will, from your myriad of friends.

Chris 30:51
Because I enjoy your enthusiasm in your what’s the right word, you’re just very like open with your personality and your friendliness and your general happiness. Yeah, you’re very open about your happiness. And I know I am a must show

Haney 31:07
you my happiness. Regarding me.

Chris 31:12
I’m a much more close person. And I don’t like being the center of attention. So I am very curious how this is going to feel with you being the leader, if you Will. Yeah, having me as the

Haney 31:26
I don’t know that I’ll be able to stop talking enough. I sure hope not that make it that much different. But yeah, I think, for me, I’m really just excited to watch you play a game, because you’ve gotten to watch me play a game for a year and a half. And you’ve seemed to really enjoy it. And I’m really looking forward to just kicking back with a coffee or a beer and just watching a video game, especially one of my favorite games of all time being played.

Chris 31:47
Just remember that everything you’ve put me

Haney 31:49
through for the past year and a half. I’m going to pay back tenfold. Remember that that door swings both ways. And you have put me through a lot on this side as well. Perfect. Awesome. I think my kind of last question is, what can fans expect from from season two?

Chris 32:06
Dear, dear, dear me,

Haney 32:09
I’m trying to just touch on an art thing from Yeah, um, I think one episode one,

Chris 32:13
I think our listeners can expect just more of our shenanigans. It’s gonna be interesting to see if we continue to evolve because I know when we started first encounter, it had a very different feel, at least to me, than where we have ended up now. Both in terms of recording and just how comfortable we are behind the mics. And yeah, like interacting. So hopefully we’ll continue to improve both in just quality of recording and also in quality of self quality. Well, but yeah, I think just more that Good, good. entertaining content.

Haney 32:51
Do you know what I’m really looking forward to?

Chris 32:53
What’s uh,

Haney 32:53
voices? That’s another thing because there’s so a lot of speaking character, Zelda Okay,

Chris 33:00
cuz that’s another thing that I assume I know about Majoris mask and Zelda as a whole and that most characters don’t actually have voices, but they have sounds that kind of play whenever they talk.

Haney 33:10
Oh, yeah, I would say that’s true. Yeah. Yeah. I’ll give you that one that that I would say is true. At least in in the older games. Okay. Yeah. So yeah, it’ll

Chris 33:18
be interesting to apply our talents to so many different

Haney 33:23
I’m very excited colorful characters. Yeah, it’s also gonna be really funny to not have, as you said, a silent protagonist. So to not have a voice for the main character, we really funny, that are just dead silence for a few.

Chris 33:39
It’s also gonna be interesting, because we don’t have like a core party. So we’re going to be developing like different voices as we play the whole time. And

Haney 33:44
it’s gonna we’re gonna go possibly months in between hearing a certain character speak because you’ll you might do one thing, and then, you know, go do a whole other mission that takes a couple of months to get through. And then finally get back to that beats and be like, Oh, well, is that voice? Excellent. Is there any other final thoughts you have for this game? That is not Final Fantasy? Um,

Chris 34:07
yeah. I mean, if you’ve made it this far, thank you so much, like holy shit.

Haney 34:12
I don’t know how Chris and I barely made it this far. No.

Chris 34:16
It, it means a lot really, really does. And but also, if you came here primarily for Final Fantasy, give it a listen, keep going.

Haney 34:24
Yeah, there’s a lot of great games out there. And I think one thing that Chris and I are both hoping to open ourselves up to his other games and sharing games with others. So for Chris Final Fantasy seven was extremely important for him to share with me and with our audience as a whole. And now for me, it’s extremely important to take what Chris has created for Final Fantasy seven and carry it forward with the same exuberance and brightness and community that we’ve grown in season one and continue to grow and improve it in season two with the Legend of Zelda one The reasons I chose this game in particular, was because it has a big enough following to make it so it’s still accessible for a lot of people like the chances are pretty good that if you’ve played Final Fantasy seven, you’ve probably played a Zelda game, maybe not medoras mask, but you’ve probably played Ocarina of Time or Breath of the Wild or one of those. And that’s not necessarily true, but it the chances are pretty good. And this game is also from around the same era. So we’re still trying to work with the people that we’ve made connections with. And I think I’m hoping that those people that came for Final Fantasy seven Stafford desert,

Chris 35:38
yeah. Yeah, I mean, I just lost my train of thought.

Haney 35:44
I love trains. Shit, that’s probably gonna be the worst part about this is not enough. Not enough trains. I’m gonna say not enough trains.

Chris 35:52
So there’s a train potentially,

Haney 35:54
potentially. That could be anything really, you have no idea. One thing that’s gonna be really fun is I pinioned all of my thoughts about Final Fantasy seven. From what I gleaned from Kingdom Hearts and adventure children. Yes. So you’re gonna do the same thing with that grain of time with probably about the same distance. It’s super smash brothers. Oh, boy.

Unknown Speaker 36:11

Chris 36:12
we don’t do. makes an appearance, right? I know. He’s a Mario character. Is he also a Zelda character?

Haney 36:19
Not to my knowledge. Hmm. But I mean, gorons had to come from somewhere.

Chris 36:28
I think that’s probably a good spot. Unless Yeah, no,

Haney 36:30
I think with that. Thank you so much for tuning in for this little kickoff for episode one. and can’t wait to see you in Episode Two. Season Two of season two, the legend Zelda Chris’s mask. Yeah, thanks so much for listening, and we’ll see you next time. Bye. Bye. Thanks so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you want the journey to continue please support us@patreon.com slash first encounter, find our socials and contact info at first encounter podcast comm please stop by and say hey, our intro and outro music is by Alden Zach.

Unknown Speaker 37:11
Hey, hey, pumpkin.

Haney 37:12
What? What brings you to mime my little area here? Well, would you like to look at my area?

Chris 37:18
Would you like to display your map? I’m the map I would like to buy tingles is map for your area.

Haney 37:24
Please, please show me your tengo kulu limp Ah, whoo. Hey, hey, hey, hey, yeah, that was a real squeaky

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