From time to time, Chris and Haney do guest spots on other podcasts. Below is a comprehensive list of episodes we have appeared on:

Legend of Zelda Lorecast

Episode 21: Time Shenanigans

Tales from the Cartridge

Memory Card -Skies of Arcadia

Mind Gap Podcast

Final Fantasy 7 & Watching Others Play Video Games With Chris & Haney from First Encounter Podcast

Crime Time Nerds

A Hijacking of CTN & The Case of D.B. “Tommy” Cooper

Hyrule Podcasters

Side Quests — We sit down with creators of First Encounter for a wide-ranging discussion

The Reunion: An FFVIIR Podcast

We’re Back! & First Encounter Podcast Guests! | Episode #030

The Magus Brothers

Episode 09 – First Encounter Podcast Interview and Shenanigans!