Final Fantasy VII Gift List for Fans by Fans

As a full-time Final Fantasy VII lover, I’m constantly catching myself looking for new gifts not only for myself but for those who share my appreciation for its community. What makes this easier (though harder on the wallet) is the aforementioned Final Fantasy fanbase. It’s full of talented artists who spend their time turning their passion into beautiful music, writing, and artwork the rest of us can support.

This is a Final Fantasy VII gift list I started for fans like myself who want to support fellow fans and encourage their work. Everyone knows you can find awesome merch on the Square Enix store, but here are more artists who deserve your attention.

If you just can’t get enough Final Fantasy VII goodness, gift your ears with this Definitive (WIP) List of JRPG Podcasts.


Additionally, M.J. Gallagher was kind enough to point me in the direction of these non-Final Fantasy VII specific books that I wanted to include.


Prints, Pins & Charms


Other Gifts

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