In this episode we find a guide, fall off the first bridge we can, find the mako reactor, watch Sephiroth fall apart, stand by as Nibelheim burns, follow Sephiroth up Mt. Nibel, and learn he’s the rightful heir to the planet before Cloud wraps up his memory. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:00
This episode of first encounter contains spoilers for the video game Final Fantasy seven. If you’ve not played this game First off, what are you doing? Don’t be like me and second, go play it instead of listening to us. If you’d like to follow along, listen to the end of the episode for where we play to next, as well as how you can get in touch with us. We would also like to take a second to say that we are in no way affiliated with square were just a couple of guys trying to have fun with the cool video game.

Chris 0:21
They want to make the world seem flushed out.

Haney 0:25
Flash me daddy flesh me

Chris 0:26
out dead? flesh me outside, how about that.

Haney 0:34
And that was the podcast. Thanks everyone for joining us and we Will not be making any new episodes.

So you get a kind of a vision of five, kind of folding out of the end and running and like separate off and keep a father and the Shinra guards are standing like the square like in front of the third dimension. The man right below the mansion. Yeah, they’re on the road to the mountains and sufferance, like Oh, you’re very nearly late, it’s almost like and we end up by kind of getting into a little discussion with SAP Roth and he’s like, we’ll be on our way once our guide gets here and then to his father’s like, fine done, my little people is gonna be like, dragged into this wall, I would have been mountain climbing illegal or whatever. And Tifa runs up and she’s like, I’m the guy. Once the guide gets here, we’re heading out. Listen to me. Step off in case something happens. Trust me. I’ll be all right that I have two men from soldier with me.

Chris 1:42
Keifa you’re the guide.

Haney 1:43
That’s right. It still happens. I’m the number one guide in this town. Oh god, look at her. She has a cute hat.

Chris 1:51
It’s too dangerous. I can’t let you get involved in this.

Haney 1:54
There’s no problem if you protect her. Let’s go. Miss Mr. Sephora. Please let me take one picture for a memento Tifa Can you ask him for me to cloud shrug? Cheese? Oh no, please flash this picture up on screen. Great, thank you. I’ll give each of you a copy once I get it developed. All that means I totally get to see the picture later right? The photographer runs up to the square and it’s like a client Do you think I can get a picture with Zephyr off the teeth? Are you asking too short sure I guess whatever like shrugs and then cloud Tifa and zapper off kind of bunch up in a corner the photographer takes the picture is like I’ll give you all the copy when it’s developed so I’m really hoping then that that we get to see that at some point that I think that’s gonna be really cool. Um, we start climbing into the mountains. Oh, CG cutscene mega mountain Oh fuck that’s so good. Chris that’s so good.

Chris 2:53
Like cold known air of Mount Nebo was the same

Haney 2:56
wow that’s like the nicest graphics in the game so far. He gets like walk across a really long rope bridge you get about halfway across it and you get like a rattle and Tito’s like the bridge and the bridge breaks in half you get a cutscene of Tifa Safra and cloud kind of plunging to their fate as the bridge breaks it gets harder from here follow me oh god I hate this oh god I hate this oh the bridge

Chris 3:30
how good of a guide can Tifa be the first crossing

Haney 3:33
yeah that’s like literally like as you start you come to on the ground with Tifa you kind of wake up you empty for Okay, and then saffer often one of the undergrads come around the corner and stuff Ross like oh everyone’s fine let’s get let’s get going How can you still get us 13 buttons she’s like aren’t we missing someone is like hey, it’s gonna sound cold but um fuck that guy. Let’s get going

Chris 3:55
I like this character that Sephora has become in your mind Hey man, I don’t know can’t do anything about it.

Haney 4:03
Everyone seems to be all right. Will we be able to get back these caves are intertwined like an ant farm Oh Sephora one person seems to be missing it may sound cool but we’ve no time to search for him We can’t go back so we must go on we’ll travel together from here yikes I mean have random encounters through here and I oh boy did I just get my answer. Do I get to control separate there? Does he do his own thing? That also got answered very quickly. Well that should make us go pretty quickly.

Chris 4:33
Yeah, I think you’re okay.

Haney 4:35
So we get one kind of aside in the honeycomb of games before we get to our final destination and that’s a fountain of makeup makeup owner

Chris 4:45
and yet tyria found a natural makeup fountain so it’s

Haney 4:48
it’s materia is compressed makeup is like whatever. You have to do something fancy to it. Yeah,

Chris 4:53
well, okay, so it’s a natural Maiko fountain in there is naturally occurring material In the fountain,

Haney 5:00
right? That’s cool. Don’t know I’m looking at but it’s cool. Looks like materia shirts pretty. Ooh, what’s this a Maiko fountain? It’s a miracle of nature. If the maker reactor continues to suck up the energy this fountain Will dry up to metiria when you condense Maiko, energy materials produced is that good good Chris. It’s very rare to see material and its natural state.

Chris 5:25
By the way, why is it that when you use material you can also use magic to

Haney 5:29
you were in soldier and didn’t even know that?

Chris 5:32
I embarrass myself in front of Sephora fuck.

Haney 5:35
The knowledge and wisdom of the ancients is held in the metiria anyone with this knowledge can freely use the powers of the land and the planet that knowledge interacts between ourselves and the planet calling it magic? or so they say.

Chris 5:47
Magic mysterious power

Haney 5:55
chortle I think feel like that prof has a chortle.

Chris 5:57
Did I say something funny?

Haney 5:59
A man once told me never to use unscientific terms like mysterious power. It shouldn’t even be called Magic. I still remember how angry he was. Who was that? Hojo of Shinra Inc, an inexperienced man assigned to take over the work of a great science since he was a walking mass of complex this. We move on from the fountain and we get up to the reactor looks like shit most like shit. In comparison to the reactors we hit before this one is tiny and completely unguarded.

Chris 6:28
Well, we are members of shinar at this point, sure. It

Haney 6:31
just seemed like though like there would be personnel that you could talk to if there was more people yeah, like they wouldn’t be random encounters but they would just be like standing guards. failsafe stupid shit yeah, it just seemed like either this one is so remote that it wasn’t a concern or because it seems like it’s very remote and very hard to get to. or prior to this the incident the incident prior to Safra losing his goddamn mind they didn’t feel the need to protect stuff as much. But I’m gonna go with that one. That looks like a bad time.

Chris 7:02
It’s been a little while since you’ve been in the reactor.

Haney 7:04
Yeah, let me get ready to put a ball on it. We finally made it we should set the long way though. didn’t really think that long did I miss a whole bunch of shit in the games?

Chris 7:15
You want to walk up the whole mountain all six hours of

Haney 7:17
it. I that’s where I’m gonna inside to I want to see everyone should have that accent from now on.

Chris 7:24
Please no.

Haney 7:25
only authorized people are allowed in this place is full of shinners Industrial secrets. Take care of the lady. And they’re gonna killer stomps away but take real good care of me then we get to the reactor. It’s broken. We walk into it and it looks familiar. And Chris’s like hey, recognize the slices like oh no, I do this is where teeth is that that I thought that was the house and the Christmas like that’d be a terrible house. It’s fucking it’s a fantasy game. You know? Like, yeah, sure weird. I’m definitely instantly recognizable as the place where you see Tifa is fathered with Massa Monet and him one of the two times we’ve seen absolutely and so on. So we go into the reactor, everything is red. If I go let’s see bad the reactor is like full of these little pods. You can start walking around with stuff rock and stuff. I was like, Ah, this one’s broken. Well, this looks like a fucking nightmare.

Chris 8:21
This is good. Oh,

Haney 8:23
boy. Chris, why do all those tubes say Genova on them?

Chris 8:26
Can you describe this room to me?

Haney 8:28
Well, it’s a nightmare of what looks like pots, little incubators, I would even say, likely with a bunch of clones in them. And a bunch of tubes, one solid two that says gennova across it and then above a central door. It says Genova has like a light on it. And I have a feeling that this is where Genova initially was found maybe or was kept before they moved here to the Shinra building. And we’re about to engage Sephiroth This is the reason for the malfunction. This part is broken. Cloud, close the valve. Where’s the where’s the valve?

Chris 9:03
Maybe it’s time to check on Tifa now she

Haney 9:06
just walked all the way back there.

Chris 9:08
So you fix the one pod? And sefirat slipping into a different one.

Haney 9:12
Yes. He looks across and he’s like, oh, whoa, Joe, do you fucking foolish idiot.

Chris 9:16
This Will never put you on the same level. It’s best. Yeah,

Haney 9:19
so we learned that SAP profits probably close to whoever Professor gas was in some way and that he doesn’t seem to like Hojo much. We also kind of we know that he does kind of greasy and gross. I believe my voice for him. Last time was just like, as oily as I could get pretty oily. oily Yeah, yeah, you’ve been adding in lots of episodes. Hopefully real oily, real oily. So we look into the pod that Safra tells us Do we see a script fucking monster. There’s no other way to look at it. It’s like straight monster. And like cloud falls back and it’s like, well, the lock is that All right now it’s close. Now I see Whoa, Joe. But doing this Will never put you on the same level as Professor gassed. I don’t know who that is. I feel like I’ve heard that name in the Shinra building though, like we thought somewhere in addition to rebuilding. This is a system that condenses and freezes the mayco energy that is when it’s working correctly. Now, what does mayco energy become when it’s further condensed?

Chris 10:22
Oh, yeah, it becomes materia right?

Haney 10:25
Normally, but Hojo put something else in there. Take a look. Oh god. Oh, Jesus Christ. What is that? Normal members of soldier humans that have been showered with Miko. You’re different from the others but still human. But what are they they’ve been exposed to a far higher degree of Maiko than you?

Chris 10:43
Is this some kind of monster? Exactly,

Haney 10:45
and it’s Hojo of Shinra that produce these monsters mutated living organisms produced by Maiko energy that’s what these monsters really are.

Chris 10:53
Normal members of soldier you mean you’re different?

Haney 10:56
This seems like a back to tank pull up Maiko, or if he’s just like, strapped right into the main line of Maiko inside there. And his real gross gross at this point, Sephora starts getting a little weird Yo,

Chris 11:11
that’s the way to put it. Take Jeff Roth

Haney 11:15
Oh no, Stefan I was having the breakdown next to the Maiko to know was I Oh, so for us just like attacking the pod with masamune was I created this way too. Oh boy. Am I the same as all these monsters suffer if you thought all of them were humans human?

Chris 11:34
No way.

Haney 11:36
Ever since I was small I felt that I was different from the others special in some way. That’s the that’s as far as I know. But not like this. He’s losing it is this is when he breaks one of the pods and it opens

Chris 11:50
well he starts slashing him then one of the pods pops open Yeah,

Haney 11:53
and the monster kind of falls out this is like Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no, Christopher. Oh boy. God it’s awful. Christ. So we leave them out in and separate off kind of one talk to anyone that suddenly he’s gone. And then they’re like, we found him in the largest mansion in in nibble, nibble home and cause like we call it the gender dimension because we shouldn’t have soldiers would come through or when general officers would come through, that’s where they would stay. We go into the mansion. And it’s kind of rundown at this point. There’s a lot to explore. There’s not much in the fucking mansion, though. Like we wanted to run all around it. We didn’t find anything. I don’t know if I miss stuff. I just I always feel like a miss numbers game and it frustrates me. Like as soon as I finish this game, I’m going to buy a book like a strategy guide. I’m going to 100% it because I Will not feel okay until I do. So we kind of explosion reimagined we find a hidden spiral staircase. And that’s how the staircase leads into a subterranean kind of coward. Full of human bones for whatever fucking reason. It’s

Chris 13:05

Haney 13:06
That’s fine. Oh, I’m in the Shinra mansion. Now.

Chris 13:10
This is ideal mother like,

Haney 13:12
I’m sure it’s fine.

Chris 13:13
This would be a good area to use those arrows because there’s a lot of doors. Some of them are kind of hard to see.

Haney 13:19
me just walking around pressing X against everything. Tell me Where are the others? Not my gumdrop buttons. Yes, hello. Well, Chris, thank you for making sure I explored the mansion. Very fascinating.

Chris 13:37
I didn’t tell you to. I said if you wanted to, you could turn on the head. Cool. I’m

Haney 13:42
gonna go continue with the story. We’ll take off the hand and

Chris 13:45
it’s distracting. Fucking idiot.

Haney 13:47
fucking moron.

Chris 13:49
I’m glad we kept that 10 minutes in the episode

Haney 13:52
just mean muttering not no I’m not cutting this out yeah, that’s fine. I don’t need me more re look at this this looks fine. No it doesn’t doesn’t definitely chains and courses. Ah my favorite Shinra fuck dungeon

Chris 14:09
my old friend

Haney 14:10
Hello Shinra my old friend come to fuck a dungeon again. And there is a secret lab and a secret library so SAP Ross reading a book he’s learning about the cetera he’s learning about Genova or the specimen unnamed specimen at this point. Oh, secret lab and apparently dead organism was found in a 2000 year old geological stratum Professor gas named that organism Genova Oh fuck Chris so much is happening. x year x month x de Genova confirmed to be an ancient x year x month x day Genova project approved the use of Maiko reactor one approved for use fuck. Oh, so much bad stuff is happening. So does that mean that he’s sefer awesome ancient as well. And aerith is fuckin descended from Genova there’s a lot going on isn’t there? That seems to be what’s happening. Oh Safra does not look like he’s doing okay. My mother’s name is de Nova Genova project. Is this just a coincidence? sufferer is about to crack. Professor gassed? Why don’t you tell me anything? Why did you die? We leave. And that triggers a cutscene. I’m just saying we leave because 15 minutes I crawled around the library trying to make something happen. Cuz What am I doing?

Chris 15:35
I don’t know what you’re doing in the first point. I’m

Haney 15:37
trying to figure out if there’s something in this room. It doesn’t seem like you can go around the book. I’m leaving your level one. What

Chris 15:43
do you want? Suddenly, the ability to walk around books and fucking level up, bro.

Haney 15:49
Let me be alone. It just seems so unnecessary to have a room you can’t do anything. The content that’s triggered is separate off just voraciously reading every book scroll piece of paper, no, anything that’s in this in this room in the laboratory in the library. And he’s just learning and he’s kind of starting to put together the dots that like buck like Genova, the Genova project, all of that culminated in him like he is not what he thought he was, which was a soldier. He is in fact, the heir to what he believes is the rightful leadership of the planet. I love this, this, this part was the coolest shit on Earth. You have to go back down into the like, after spending the night in the mansion, you kind of go back down into the library, and you see saffer off and he relays to you all that he’s learned and he’s just like, you’re a trainer, and you’re like, why are you Why are you cool? And sacrif like, buddy, now we’re going

oh, god suffer. I was fucking cracked. Oh, boy. Who is it? traitor.

Chris 17:06

Haney 17:07
You ignorant trader. I’ll tell you. This planet originally belonged to the cetera they would migrate and settled the planet then move on. At the end of their hard long journey. It was said they would find the promised land and supreme happiness. But those who disliked journey and appeared they stopped their migrations, built shelter and elected to lead an easier life. They took that which the cetera and the planet had made without giving them back one whit in return. Those are your ancestors suffer off. Long ago disaster struck the planet. Your ancestors escaped. They survived because they hid the planet was saved by sacrificing the cetera. After that your ancestors continued to multiply. Now all that’s left at the sutras in these reports.

Chris 17:58
What does that have to do with you?

Haney 17:59
Don’t you see? An ancient ninja Nova was found in a 2000 year old geological stratum. The Genova project wanted to produce people with the powers of the ancients or the cetera is what was produced, produced. Yes, Professor guests leader of the Genova project and genius scientist produced me

Chris 18:22
How did he suffer

Haney 18:25
out of my way I’m going to see my mother Oh, oh, Christopher. We gotta go we gotta go We’re having a real bad time. Now that Genova is whatever Genova is he believes that since he’s the son of Genova or the you know the descendant however it is. It’s his fucking time. And he’s like, cool. It’s all about me. bibit very clearly unhinging himself he goes fucking nuts during this time it’s really cool watching him go insane like it’s really it’s fascinating because for me only been exposed to admin children which is way after the fact like years after after this right Kingdom Hearts is I know a separate kind of entity but Safra is kind of crazy stuff are off at that point. Like he’s who he is, you know, he is. I mean, he’s been boiled down to kind of one character now and Kingdom Hearts and I can see that now very easily, but which pisses me off? I can see it with cloud I can see it with him. I don’t remember the other characters being in the game. I’m so pissed that Verizon and I came up much better than a fucking anyway. Fuck you store. Can you imagine? So Sephora just descends into madness. He reads every book in this library. He puts it all together so he thinks at least he’s just fucking gone. He says the cloud you specifically like you’re not me. I’m different than you. I’m better than you and he’s like, he obviously has attitude of I am better than you. He says your people your ancestors were the rats who hid in the shadows who’s decided to stay who didn’t want to travel who didn’t want to see the promised land who just bred and populated the earth and he’s like my people like the satra you know the real truth cetera are the people who were are gonna find the promised land he’s like now I’m gonna find it like I’m gonna bring myself there and cause like, what 16 I don’t understand. So separate off bales and at this point are like okay, he thinks to know this is mom. We’re gonna need to go back to the mountain.

Chris 20:34
Yeah, and that signals to Henny Fox fog fog fog fog

Haney 20:38
holy shit so much. At this point, it’s so fucking good. I’m so amped we bail on the sinner mansion and we run outside every every building is on fire. Everything is in it’s in run. Paul Chris Oh the soldiers gun. Wonder what happened to him? sure it wasn’t anything good.

Chris 21:01
Deep breath in.

Haney 21:02
Oh, boy. The fuck Hey, it’s you You’re still seeing right then come over here and help me the fuck happened this seems like a lot of distraction for Sephora to have just walked out the door in front of me

Chris 21:20
you’ve seen those spells he was casting that’s an

Haney 21:22
issue I’ll check this house you check that one over there nope

Chris 21:27
terrible Sephora. This is too terrible

Haney 21:32
Oh fuck just killing all the villagers. I’ve seen this before

Chris 21:38
Yeah, pretty iconic.

Haney 21:40
Dude, he looks so pissed he looks so cool fuck I had no context context for what that was or why there was fire I thought it was just like oh he’s a team and kind of thing. Nope. Literally to set it down on fire and walk through it

Chris 21:58
big he likes going on here.

Haney 22:00
Oh boy. This is big, big. Yikes. This is that good. Good. Yikes. Good, good, bad. Yikes. We run into the center of town and Tito’s master is like hey, like, are you okay? Have you not lost your mind? Fucking awesome. You go into that house. I’m going to go into this house. Let’s find survivors. You tried to run into a house can’t find the survivor. I think it’s your mom’s house that you try to run into and see which part so you run out of the house and you’re shaking your head and you see that iconic bucking theme which is set her off like raising his head up while being within fire and returning into a fire. It’s so good. I’ve seen it so many times and gifts on the internet in Advent Children they recreated it. It’s so good. We kind of pursues that wrap up the mountain at that point. Basically the village is blocked. We go up the mountain and it just immediately sped this outcome to the mega reactor. And we see Tifa standing over her father’s carts basically immediately as we walk in. Oh no. Oh no Chris Saul fine. Oh no teeth. Oh boy. Papa. Separate off. Separate off do this to you. Separate off soldier. Maiko reactors. Shinra I hate them all. Oh. Oh my god. I had no idea. focke mother, I’m here to see you. Please. Open this door. How could you do that to pop in all the townspeople? Oh, fuck, she has Massa Mooney. Oh, FIFA, and but oh my god. Fuck Tifa You promised. You promised that you’d come when I was in trouble. Safra Shinra soldier. I hate them all. And that’s actually probably one of the lines that stuck with me the most as we played this, because it’s when you see Tifa turn to a absolute boss, bucking bomb woman who’s here to kill people because they took her bother away. Like I love it. I love that against Tifa teeth to be who she is. She’s so kind and so loving and so wonderful as a friend to the cloud and to Barrett and to avalanche and to the people of sector seven. And she has probably so much baggage that she’s just pushing deep down inside but you see, massive Monet just kind of jammed into her father on the ground and rips the sword out and takes off after Sephora. Which Fuck yes girl get it. That’s so good. However, it’s fucking Sephora. Unfortunately and CIF is level one and B Well, that scene was awesome. I don’t like it. But it was awesome because she gets slashed, and she just goes down these stairs. And it’s so funny in a way because the graphics are so old that it shouldn’t be as powerful as it is like you should be able to kind of wash over it. No, it felt like it could have been made yesterday. Like I didn’t even care that the graphics were 23 years old at this point, and that it was just happening and it’s just so powerful to seize like Tifa Who’s this character that now even only 10 hours into this game I’ve fully fallen in love with getting flashed and injured and diving down these stairs and it’s just incredible and separ off just kind of just like, fucking nerd after a slashes or turns to Jehovah’s door and is able to walk in, zips open, cloud runs in, picks up teeth, teeth has just like in shock, five, picks her up, puts her like up against a one of the pods just to hopefully, like keep her safe. And at that point, you run into Genova door to confront Zephyr off holy shit at this point Godzilla got busy, you walk in and you get this scene of this thing. It’s like the cybernetic statue of this space with like steel wings and the steel body and you know, it’s not the Genova that you’ve seen, but I thought it might be Genova like clad in armor, maybe like you know, it’s a protector, but you’re kind of just like looking at it and you come from soft rock. They’re soft bras kind of standing in front of it. And he goes off on me, he is obviously off his fucking rocker at this point. What the fuck is that?

Is that you Nova with the head. And like, without the Oh, no, it’s like a statue. Okay. All right now is it? the puck is that mother? Yeah, that is de novo. Okay, mother. Let’s take the planet back together. I thought of a great idea. Let’s go to the promised land.

Chris 27:09
Suffer off my family, my hometown. How could you do this to them?

Haney 27:14
Oh boy. Oh, boy. They’ve come again mother. With her superior power knowledge and magic mother was destined to become the ruler of this planet. But they those worthless creatures are stealing the planet from mother but now I’m here with you. What the fuck? So don’t worry. Oh no, what are you doing? Oh, I’ve seen that before without like blood oil leaking from it’s like eyes and mouth. Oh, so that was just like a statue in front of Genoa but that’s actually the Genova oh god Okay, so that’s what its head looks like

Chris 28:08
what about my sadness, my family friends the sadness of having my hometown taken away from me. It’s the same as your sadness.

Haney 28:17
My sadness What do I have to be sad about? I’m the chosen one I’ve been chosen to be the leader of this planet. Oh there’s that entitlement that’s where that all comes from. I have orders to take the planet back from you see the people for the cetera What should I be sad about?

Chris 28:33
suffer off. I trusted you.

Haney 28:36
Oh Chris there’s so much

Chris 28:38
no you’re not the sufferer. I used to no press

Haney 28:41
the at this point after going off on his crazy rant, rips the statue thing of Genova down and I thought he was like kind of pulling it and he’s like got his shoulder and that was Genova be like okay, let’s go later later. But it turns out that behind that is a tank that has the Genova that you actually have seen before. But this time with a neat little addition, her head point cloud decides that he’s gonna square up against that rock that are about to strike into combat, and everything goes white, and then cause like,

Chris 29:17
yeah, that’s that. That’s all I remember. And that’s end of my story.

Haney 29:21
Wait a damn minute. That’s it. No more shrug.

Chris 29:25
I don’t remember what happened to suffer off in terms of skill, like kind of have killed him.

Haney 29:30
official records state Sephiroth is dead. I read it in the newspaper. Shinra Inc. owns the newspapers. You can’t rely on that.

Chris 29:37
I want to know the truth. I want to know what happened. I challenged Jeff Roth and lived Why didn’t he kill

Haney 29:43
me? I am so concerned about that question. That is a very concerning question. I’m alive to a lot of this doesn’t make sense. What about you know, but it was in the Shinra building,

Chris 29:53
right? Shinya shipped it from niflheim to Midgar.

Haney 29:56
Did someone carry it out later, it was missing from the Shinra building. Sephora, damn, None of this makes sense. I’m going, going, going gone, and I’m leaving the thinking to you. Okay, later yo cloud let’s get a move on. Wait a sec. Cloud what’s wrong you just gonna stand there while Sephora hands for the promised land? I didn’t let him suffer author Shinra gets no Promised Land. If they do, then we’re all screwed. You know what I’m saying? Just leave it to me. I don’t know where he’s going. But okay. It leaves a fucking lot of questions on answered about what the fuck is happening and like what what happened in that moment where clouds memory goes. And I think that has a lot to do with these flashes we’ve seen up to now have like one cloud is close to Maiko and has like, memories of like seeing people’s father died or hearing voices in his head I think as all connected to him, either. To him having some sort of repressed or hidden memory. I don’t know if he’s chosen to repress it, or if it’s been like, forced to repress or I’m sure we’ll get there. But I think it’s all connected to that. Like, I think the game is really going to be focused around figuring out what happened in the period between him blacking out right before attacking that far off, and then him coming to and we still haven’t really learned when he came to but it was days later he said, that’s all we know is that was like days later TiVo was safe. She was alive. Even though cloud does seem to be a guy. The village was destroyed. We don’t really know who lived who died in the village. Aside from TV. This father is definitely dead. tiva lived. And we don’t know really what happened to anyone else. But we know that everything has been completely fucked though. Like this game has just been flipped absolutely on its head. At this point who we decided to save the game and call it there. How are you feeling Chris?

Chris 31:47
I am feeling so emotional right now. Yeah, no would legitimately I it’s it’s these sorts of things. I’ve never been able to like, express about this game. I’m actually

Haney 32:03
yeah. Yeah,

Chris 32:05
I’m actually getting emotional. Holy shit. This game is so much a part of who I am now. Like, everything that I enjoy these days. And it’s so cool to see someone else like start to touch that. And there’s so much more. As you’ve alluded to, like, still don’t know what the fuck is going on.

Haney 32:26
We’re still missing days. Yeah, this point of the story. Yeah.

Chris 32:30
And your reaction to this segment has kind of reinforced like, yes, this this. This this is working, is it? Yeah, yeah. Like it’s not, I can tell that you’re like enjoying it as much as I hoped you would. When we first went to CES.

Haney 32:50
I’m 10 hours into this game of 70. Like we’re so far from the end. And I am so engrossed. And I can already tell that this is going to be in my top five games easily. If not top three, if not the top we’ll have to see what happens. But this is just I understand the magic of this game now and I kind of feel I feel a big sense of guilt and regret of not ever playing it before now, but I also love the way in which I’m able to experience it now and share it with a wider audience and share it with our friends. And you know, Lance, my friend who you’ve now become friends with just because of our discord channel, because this I feel like you guys have a similar connection to this game because you both played it when you were younger. Like I know, Lance played it with his brother and like it’s a very emotional event familial thing for him. And it’s the same thing for us. Like this is like part of who my childhood was. And I I regret not having it as part of my childhood. But I also love being able to, like get to know my friends better through like, through this experience. I’m just like, I get it now. And I just it’s Fuck, it’s so good. It’s so good. This is one of the best stories of a game I’ve ever played and so much love and care went into this game to make it so phenomenal. And like there’s so much of your shit in this game. wallmark is so fucked up and like the weird like orthopedic panties and stuff and it’s just like, it’s it’s weird, and it’s kooky. And it’s out there but like the core story of this game is wildly important. And it’s so good and it’s still so relevant to like the the environmental aspect, the activist aspect are just so good and Will never not be irrelevant. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for making me play this game. Yeah, you got it, buddy. And not wait until we do not have the same emotional reaction to whatever game we play next. What are your final thoughts for the day, Chris? Oh,

Chris 34:44
man, I just want to keep playing.

Haney 34:45
I know I cannot wait. It feels so much better to know that at least there’s only like six days I’m between awesome. The next round of playing this game.

Chris 34:52
Yeah. back at it. What a treat and we’re back. We’re back.

Haney 34:56
I can’t believe we played together. Thank you so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you enjoyed the episode, please go leave us an apple review. They make a huge difference and we would really appreciate it. Additionally, you can find all of our past episodes and how to connect with us on first encounter Please come say hi. Next time we’ll be picking up right where we left off here and playing until we do our best performance of our jrtc routine for president Rufus we’ll be saving basically right after marching for television and taking the reigns. Let’s see if you can do any better.

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