In this episode we finally get to the real story: who is Cait Sith? Oh, and we go to Midgar and fight Scarlet and Heidegger and their Proud creation. Thanks for listening!

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:05
Hey, listener first encounter is an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. Content warnings can be found in the episode description. So I have a really gnarly cut on the back of my hand. Yeah. Um, so this is my my wiping hand, you know, that you wipe your butt with?

Chris 0:21
I do, I do wipe my butt with my head.

Haney 0:25
Say you have a bad day. This is why I need a day because I’m getting injuries. Now.

Chris 0:30
Every day,

Haney 0:32
the lip on the inside of my toilet seat in my master at home, it’s kind of sharp, and I was wiping after pooping, you know, like a normal person does. And I cut the back of my hand. And that’s how I got the sky. Hey, welcome to first encounter the show where we discuss the hip direct sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics.

Chris 1:15
I’ve been planning that literally all week. Okay, you don’t know anything about tactics? That’s literally just a game either. Yeah, knew existed.

Haney 1:23
But I was really excited about it because we’ve already hit all the FF seven compilation stuff, so I was like, you could

Chris 1:29
have gone the sequel to FF six, so that’s why I didn’t want to

Haney 1:32
make it sound like I actually thought seven was the sequel to six I was like tactic seems like something stupid enough where I can like just nail it. Yeah.

Chris 1:40
What about tactics advance?

Haney 1:43
actually had tactics like advanced Oh, really? never played it, but I had it. Yeah. Um, as far as turn based strategy RPG I have played the hit mini game Condor tower and Final Fantasy seven which is not that big. I don’t know I got really into printing and I was one of those fighters. That’s that’s fair.

Chris 2:04
So before the audience gets too excited, because I know we’re just really riling them up with the tactics specifically firebrand he’s a tactic is one of his favorite games. Really? Yeah,

Haney 2:15
I’m assuming that’s discussed in the FF seven spoiler channel on our discord listener. Wink wink, which you can find a link to join for free on our Twitter profile,

Chris 2:25
one st encounter pod.

Haney 2:28
Love it. You love to hear the marketing come together.

Chris 2:30
I think they actually talked about in their first Magnus brothers episode shout out to the Magnus brothers podcast very good

Haney 2:37
friend podcast of ours. great people. We love them.

Chris 2:40
You can expect the same high quality expert editing that you get from first encounter. Go

Haney 2:45
fuck yourself. I assume it’s a good podcast. I’m not allowed to listen to it. There’s literally a disclaimer in every episode that tells me when to stop listening. It’s pretty good. The first eight minutes of Episode Two we’re just chef’s cast though. Very good before Tyler says Get the fuck off the show.

Chris 3:07
Definitely check him out Magnus brothers. Absolutely. But let’s talk about Final Fantasy. That’s that’s all none of that nonsense. Let’s talk some final fantasy. Get

Haney 3:14
that shit out of here. Let’s talk about our final fantasy together the fantasy that we share. We climb right back up or the airship and we know that we have to go see what’s that for office up to at the northern crater. As we approach the crater though, we note that the energy barrier is gone. And Kate said starts acting more weird than usual suspects as the kids say, yes, he starts yelling about Scarlet and Heidegger. And at this point, for the first time To me, it becomes clear that Kate Seth is in fact, Reeve. Also weird that that’s still Reeves voice to me. Yeah. I’m Heidegger and Scarlett are concerned that the President has been killed and they’re kind of not taking it. Well. Riva is trying to simultaneously talk to cloud and party and Heidegger and Scarlet without giving himself up and kind of ends up just fucking over both parties. Yep. All right, fine. I’ll go to your North cave. Chris. Will make you happy. I don’t think it Will anymore. That’s

Chris 4:22
Sephiroth energy barriers gun said Can the airship get inside? Hmm.

Haney 4:28
He’s my pilot aney of course he can go anywhere.

Chris 4:31
Right. Sorry about that.

Haney 4:34
Yo Cates it. Now what? Hold it. Heidegger What’s going on? Alright, here’s a here’s what I need you to do. You need to be Heidegger. Strange. I can’t reach the president. Not the President did sister Ray. I’m just I’m doing a Reeve as Kate’s I realized

Chris 4:59
what You’re doing

Unknown Speaker 5:05
your speaking strangely. That matters. reactors output. It’s increasing all by itself. Wait a minute, that’s not wise. Must cool for three hours write one word read shut up the machine. Oh, we can’t do that it’s

Unknown Speaker 5:24
inoperable. Someone has switched the machine over to mainframe operation. We can’t operate it from here.

Unknown Speaker 5:29
What about the mainframe? Hey, call the mainframe right in the room? Where are you getting removed orders. During this whole

Haney 5:40
operation, they’re trying to make calls and figure out how to get anything happening. But Shinra is really on the verge of collapse. At this point. It seems that many people have gone rogue, including Heidegger and Scarlet to be honest and re for that matter. But most importantly, Hojo we learned that Hojo has manually overridden all of the controls for the SR re and it seems like he’s trying to pump all the mayco he can right into Zephyr off. I’m not sure what his means are here.

Chris 6:15
I mean, I think we’ve all thought about pumping Sephiroth full at some point.

Haney 6:19
Yeah, it seems like he really doesn’t care what happens to Midgar or to the people or anything as long as he achieves his means very in line with him, which is pretty Hojo Yeah, so like, it seems to me like he’s just trying to push sefer off to the limits just to see what he can do. Oh fuck Here we are. Oh, whoa, Joe what is you doing baby?

Unknown Speaker 6:43
Just you wait separate I’ll give you all the Mikko you can stab the cannon no man guard itself is in manger.

Haney 6:57
One or two mid guys? It’s a small price to pay.

Chris 7:07
My least favorite thing

Haney 7:10
show me Sephora. It should be near go beyond the powers of science before your presence. Science is perilous. I don’t like it but I’ll comply Just let me see it fucking whoa what is he even doing all this is gonna be so bad. Listen, he’s a scientist well that’s kind of a really scientists thing to do is just like throw out the concern and just go right for just like let’s push it to the limits so hit jackpot. Yeah, I was gonna say actually let me let me get dial that back before our mod abandons our Discord. What I mean is like as a trope in games like the scientist he just stops caring about morality and just pushes the bounds for the sake of pushing the bounds scientists known for pushing it to the limit, if you Will. So there’s a back and forth with Kate Seth slash Reeve about how to shut down the reactor that is powering the SR re in order to make sure that mid guard doesn’t fucking just get blown off the face of the earth. Yo, do something you big cat.

Unknown Speaker 8:21
Oh, shuts down. We’re sunk. Whoa, Joe’s doing this on his own. I don’t like this.

Chris 8:31
Can’t you stop the maker reactor?

Unknown Speaker 8:36
Fuck you cloud.

Unknown Speaker 8:37
We can’t stop it. You’re from shinran Yeah, so why is it impossible? Oh, yeah.

Haney 8:44
We came a long way to get here. You better not double crosses now. I can’t make you trust me. You damn fool. Don’t you understand anything I’m saying? I don’t give a damn about Shinra if you’re a man No, if you’re a human being you’ll save the planet. Don’t you even care?

Unknown Speaker 9:01
No way if we shut down the reactor all hell Will break loose. Why can’t you just shut off the valve? Yeah, it’s easy to shut off the reactors pipe valves. But the reactor made a path for the energy to escape from below. Once you open that, it’ll be impossible to close it in until everything blasts out. And we can’t try to stop the energy from gushing out an explosion this blast Will be way stronger than when the sector one reactor blew up. Damn. Cannon we’ve got to get to mid guard. That’s the first thing God damn it

Chris 9:42
must stop Hojo first.

Haney 9:44
So there’s just all sorts of nonsense happening. This isn’t unfortunately pretty incoherent part of the game. It was pretty hard to follow like who really was talking to as Kate Smith versus as as himself. I guess sorry, the character That formerly known as read Yeah, the character that case of plays of Reeve, good thing he found himself in that stuffed body on a tree. Heidegger and Scarlett decided that Rivas just fucking It’s time for him to go so they have him arrested and dragged out.

Unknown Speaker 10:16
Looks like clown and the others are on their way. Stay out of the way. Don’t be foolish. I don’t remember anyone putting you in charge. The police force Will do their best to breed you.

Unknown Speaker 10:30
Because I

Unknown Speaker 10:33
know that’s a private matter. Hello. Hello, department. gag. No, I’m doing things my way. heiniger Now I’m going to use the new weapon. tah tah tah tah tah tah tah. Damaris Kate’s way. Cloud everybody. Sorry. But, but you’ll come won’t you? I Will not come Wilma.

Haney 11:01
Cloud just puts his hand on his shoulder and just say no.

Chris 11:05
I guess we don’t need this stuff body anymore. So you’re ready for a real Midgar of time

Haney 11:13
so ready for real man guy over time? I hope it like actually advanced now that it’s I lost Midgar they basically say hey, you’re gonna have to break in underneath med guy. But we have to get to med Gar.

Chris 11:29
And we can’t just waltz in

Haney 11:30
and see us that’d be foolish, but you know we can do? We can fuckin parachute. This is amazing. Just art really. You get to fly your airship right over mid guard and just parachute down.

Chris 11:48
Much less suspicious than walking into the city with the

Haney 11:51
key that we have that goes into the slums where no one is looking.

Chris 11:55
I think right here I’m just gonna cut in your action because it’s the most beautiful thing. Oh, I see. You expected us to walk into Midgar Oh, we

Haney 12:04
can display into a cool Oh,

Chris 12:06
you think we’re just gonna fly into Midgar we’ve reached mid Gar

Haney 12:12
even if we get their mid guards under martial law. There’ll be no way we could slip into the slums looks like all the transportation from the slums is cut off Hey, what do you think we have how in for where are we now? Barrett look where are we? If lands no go? We’ll go my air. Okay, then

Chris 12:34
we’ll parachute. Shit. Oh, shit.

Haney 12:43
Excited. Okay, then

Chris 12:45
we’ll parachute into Midgar

Haney 12:47
I was so ready to parachute into mid guy. Holy shit.

Chris 12:52
Here we go.

Haney 12:53
Holy shit. Oh, shit. This is the best day of my life. Wait,

Chris 13:03
he doesn’t even need a parachute if we’ve got

Haney 13:05
arrested How is he remote controlling the catsuit now let’s watch this for a moment. Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Fucking tight. Fucking tight. Yes. Oh my god. I love how everyone has their own specifically colored parachute you know back back. Oh, my God. Fuck yes. puck. Yes. Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 13:37
Behind a girl is going after you all. That’s why it’s dangerous out there.

Haney 13:41
Let’s go underground. I can’t believe I’m going down with kids though.

Chris 13:46
I can I can.

Haney 13:48
Yeah, that’s fair. So the next part of the game is dungeon II It’s It’s fine. It’s not bad. It’s just a really a real ladder of attack. Yeah, it’s just mostly ladders. It’s not my favorite. For sure. I kind of lump pipe dungeons into water dungeons where it’s just like the and I guess so.

Chris 14:11
There’s some dungeons? Yeah, it’s a pipe dungeon like sewers. Oh, okay.

Haney 14:16
Tip I share. Yeah, all right. This is the thing I’d like play. No,

Chris 14:20
I know. Sure. dungeons are thing I wouldn’t have called them pipe dungeons. Well,

Haney 14:23
I forgot the word for sewer. Okay, fair enough. sewer me.

Chris 14:28
Don’t sue us, please, that we have we have no defense.

Haney 14:30
Now. We are guilty.

Chris 14:34
Apparently the way ketchup is controlled according to a dirge of my balls. If you Well, if you Will, is mentally Hmm. I don’t know what that means. I never played dirge my balls like I guess. Sure. All right. Kate Smith is a psychic type.

Haney 14:52
Hello. I’d like to go down. We sure got to know the mid Garner ground. Yeah, let’s get it over with

Chris 14:59
you got to get Slow said

Unknown Speaker 15:01
this is the way are you go in Guam Please hurry to the Maiko cannon

Chris 15:08
Hello? Yeah, this is about music. I Will fight. There’s those chests again.

Haney 15:14
Oh yeah. You ready for a real maze of a time?

Chris 15:17
I think so. Let’s this fun isn’t it? I’m having the time can’t help but notice you didn’t say good time this time.

Haney 15:25
I’m not gonna lie to you. You know? That’s not who I am and it did a really long ladder than it did I can’t wait to find out that this is a potion ages ages is the command in Age of Empires to speed up the game to the point where you can like infinitely harvest resources and it like instantly creates troops instead of having another like cool downtime or build time.

Chris 15:53
What the heck is the point of that kind of game?

Haney 15:55
Because I feel like you don’t like the way I play games you might be right in this case, though we make our way through the pipe dungeon and finally come out into the actual sewers actual sewers, where we’ve been before. This was the hole that Barrett couldn’t quite fit his ample frame through many many many eons ago. We run the complete wrong way for way too long with no one stopping us just enemy after enemy after enemy finally get to a safe point and the treasure chest. But a dead end. Yes. I don’t even remember what was in the treasure chest. I don’t think it was worth it. It was like an expedition or something.

Chris 16:33
I think we are getting the sources. The whole

Haney 16:36
Oh, swords are useful. So that’s good, at least.

Chris 16:40
How do we feel though? Those things could feel better. I don’t like how it’s looking at me.

Haney 16:47
If that doesn’t a significant amount of damage. I’m gonna be very upset. aren’t just for nothing. All right,

Chris 16:52
nothing. Okay.

Haney 16:53
Nothing’s fine. You know, nothing.

Chris 16:56
That’s slowing them. I think. Well,

Haney 16:59
I don’t know that. That’s such a problem. Alright, well, here we are. They’re so boring. And they take so long to do anything. I don’t know what it does. It slows them. If I put all the enemy skills on one person, does it just combine them all into a single UI?

Chris 17:17
I don’t know. Cuz that sounds stupid. I’ve never tried it. Chris, I can’t help but notice that you seem

Haney 17:24
like you had a lot of enthusiasm going into today and I seem to have ruined that for you.

Chris 17:29
I wouldn’t say ruined. I would say you have sucked the life out of me.

Haney 17:34
It’s not the only thing I’m gonna bury. Oh, hey, hey, dude. What are you doing up here? Leave this to me hurry to the canon. This is a choice for level design.

Chris 17:47
Josh are you going the right way?

Haney 17:48
What do you mean? Why would Barrett be there? If you weren’t I smell it the canons not this way. runs away well Yeah, fuck I just want to grab items that I’m sure yeah. sector one can’t believe we have to get all the way back to sector eight. We make our way back the opposite direction and we encountered the Turks on the sewer and decided not to fight Yeah, and the Turks have all been abandoned Shinra at this

Chris 18:18
point they’re basically like hey shiners done for there’s nothing left there’s no point no reason to fight you Yeah, at this point. Axel still wants to fight.

Haney 18:27
I love her. I really don’t remember her and adventure engine but I definitely remember excellent rude and I’m really hoping that Atlanta doesn’t die and Oh gee but we’ll see on his excellent Yeah, she’s fantastic. We haven’t seen sang in a long time either

Chris 18:41
yet things missing for a little while.

Haney 18:43
Oh, he got his shit kicked in really hard at the temple of the ancients kicked in with a sword. Yeah, so yeah, I get it I know they’re here who know do you Oh, fucking Oh, now they’re here. Like what are we going to do? I think we’re going to ignore orders now I have a bad feeling about Elena Elena

Chris 19:05
don’t xo week

Haney 19:05
where Turk the Lana? Yes sir. You’re right. Come on. We’ve got work to do.

Chris 19:12
No really up for it.

Haney 19:14
But artists were to seek you out and kill. Our company may be in turmoil, but an orders and order. That’s the spirit of the Turks believe it. No.

Chris 19:28
He fucking nurdle. Anna,

Haney 19:30
what are you going to do? Let’s go.

Chris 19:32
Alright, let’s get this. I’m good. Let’s do that.

Haney 19:37
Guys again. What What is that Petey don’t think that Turks are fools. Wait Atlanta rainout? You’re not disobeying are you? shinners finished.

Chris 19:47
Let’s come down to this. dots. rude. Alaina. You’re a great Turk. dots. Farewell. If we both survive, and our lives are spared

Haney 19:59
fucking gon smell you later. Rina so fucking cool. Remember the spirit of the Turks? Our missions over for you? Right That was fun. We come out in the above world like, yeah, top of the plate right on top of that pizza just a slice of some pepperoni. Yes. And it was cool for about two minutes before we run into Heidegger and Scarlet and their new toy, which is a big fog in mech. Yeah called comp the proud clod Hell yeah, what is that? I love it. Are you serious? Oh, shit. Oh, I think I like that Chris. Here they come. Is that Heidegger? That’s Heidegger. Cuz it’s Yeah. Haha, yeah. So they really filled up. Now their boy, power power.

Unknown Speaker 21:05
You start to trigger Ash like dogs filling out. You kill many of my precious soldiers. I remember.

Haney 21:13
firing at me. You guys are worthless. But my proud creation is great. Go.

Chris 21:23
You’re gonna love the name of this thing.

Haney 21:26
I’m ready. I’ll show you the destructive power of the proud Claude. Why? Why is it the proud Claude Claude? The fuck is this? Well, huh,

Chris 21:40
did you expect to fight Heidegger and Scarlet today? Ah, not in this thing. Oh, that’s fun. What did it do? Ray de materia Jambi. What does that do? And see what the fuck? Well, I guess you cast region on him.

Haney 21:56
Yeah, but I don’t know why. I don’t know what’s happening. How do I do in the proud cloud fight? No problem. crushed. Not really any problem? Yes, it was a little bit of a lengthy fight because there’s a decent amount of HP up there. But yeah, overall, I think I did quite good. Yeah. punching it. I think it’s also heavily implied that I kill Scarlet and Heidegger. But we’ll see what happens. That’s fine. I’m not worried. It’s okay. Yeah, that’s fine. They earned it. Really? No way. This is the proud club. Like is that name? I like how it turns pink. You okay, Claude? Was that Heidegger and Scarlet? Just

Chris 22:40
like the dust.

Haney 22:41
I think they might be dead. I’m okay with that. All right. Well, it’s gonna move on with my life. After that, we make our way up the steps of Shinra tower and save the game. Hello, sit, sit.

Chris 22:56
Hello. Hello. Hello. Talk to me. Which way? God damn peace. Alright, thanks.

Haney 23:03
Thanks. Let’s go to the left and see what happens here. No, the sister Ray’s not this way.

Chris 23:10
Yeah, that’s okay. So, this is where we’re standing the game for

Haney 23:15
the game. Yeah, I thought I thought that might be the case. How was that for you, Chris?

Chris 23:20
It was pretty fun, actually. Yeah,

Haney 23:21
I think the biggest chunk of good good here though, is the confirmation that Reeve is Kate Seth. Yes. That is something that I’ve suspected for quite some time and possibly was spoiled on by a Twitter post. Not really sure. But I don’t know if this is actually the point in the game where you’re supposed to learn that like where it’s supposed to be more of a reveal. But no one seems surprised that it’s reave.

Chris 23:44
I mean, you had pretty much figured it out by piecing together that like anytime there’s a call from the boardroom like it can be this or this or this person.

Haney 23:52
Yeah. And it’s not Scarlet. It’s not Skyla it’s not Heidegger. Probably not Rufus. Yeah. But what was amazing, like the most inside job of inside jobs so

Chris 24:02

Haney 24:04
I think there’s one important thing we can touch on Yeah, shouldn’t is all but collapse at this point. Yeah. Who do we have left? Rufus is dead. Rufus is dead. Heidegger and Scarlet assumed dead. Yeah. Palmer missing. You know,

Chris 24:16
Palmer might be the most senior member of Shinra now, holy shit. Yeah.

Haney 24:22
The only thing people who are left on the board who are not presumed dead or missing are Palmer and Reve Reve is in jail, which leaves Palmer Palmer is in charge of Shinra Holy shit. Welcome to my power company. Oh, my God.

Chris 24:38
That’s incredible. Um, because Hojo was also fired.

Haney 24:41
Yeah, whoa, whoa, that was fired a long time ago. For a long time and have fired? Yeah, so yeah, so Palmerston charges Shinra perfect. Ideal. Yeah.

Chris 24:51
So what do you think Palmer’s plan for the company is at this point.

Haney 24:57
I think Palmer might be hiding and waiting to Make sure he doesn’t die. But if Palmer is in control of Shinra he’s probably still trying to stop Meteor. His rocket idea did not quite pan out the way he expected so

Chris 25:11
only because we stole the huge material from it

Haney 25:13
might have gone fine. Honestly, we ruined that planet. There was nothing wrong with that plan. Yeah, we just had to insist on having the huge materia No, we got it. Yeah, I get it. Like I get why we had to have it because it can’t just burn a chunk of the livestream against me or I suppose. But yeah, I think there’s a lot going on right now. And even though a lot didn’t happen in this episode, necessarily pertaining to the story. A lot still kind of happened, even though it doesn’t seem like it. Yeah.

Chris 25:40
What do you think Whoa, Joe’s up to?

Haney 25:42
So he seems to be trying to concentrate the SR re firing it up north at Sephora off. So it’s either he’s desperately trying to stop Sephora off, or trying to help him somehow. There’s a phrase he says I’ll give you all the Maiko you could one, which could either be a threat or it could be like a Hey, here you go, buddy. You know, like, it’s hard to tell with the funkiness of the translation sometimes what the tone of that is. So I mean, it’s most likely that Hojo is probably just trying to see what he can do like and what staffer off can do because he’s still really obsessed with like his experiment. So I’m worried that knowing that Sephora can basically just consume the live stream from where he is that Raja is just like let’s fucking just steroids them up. Let’s just boost him and see what happens. So I’m leaning more towards that than him trying to destroy Safra because I’m trying to destroy that frog just leans a little too much on the side of good for me to be believing or the side of him giving

Chris 26:41
a shit.

Haney 26:43
Yes, I remember the last time he didn’t give a shit. He was just laying on the beach in Costa del Sol. So yeah, not ideal. Pretty bad guy. Not great. He might actually be the main bad guy of the game.

Chris 26:55
You could make a strong argument. I

Haney 26:57
don’t think many people would push back. Like Steph Ross obviously the villain but like, I think ojos the main bad guy.

Chris 27:05
You gotta wonder what would happen if Hojo hadn’t killed gassed?

Haney 27:07
Yeah, I don’t know. I still want to know who suffers father as if it’s Gaster Hojo. Yeah, so I think even though there’s not a lot that happened technically, in this episode, there’s still a lot going on. Yeah, weapons are still running amok. Sure. Sr ray is in the hands of a madman who does not care what happens to anything. And he is also incredibly smart and knows how to fuck everyone over because half this shit is his invention or stuff you stole from Professor guest. Yep. Not ideal. We do not have science on our side at this point. No. So best put your faith in the Lord fun. It’s bonkers. It definitely feels like we’re getting there. And I’m not stoked about it. Because this doesn’t seem like we can come back from a lot of this.

Chris 27:53
You got a lot of stuff to solve.

Haney 27:55
It’s concerning, because it seems like we’re winding down. But also there’s like problems are going get are building up but games timelines is he winding down? And I’m like, hey, are we gonna fix like all this? Or is this not gonna?

Chris 28:08
But then like, turns out edvin children was just a fever dream of clouds.

Haney 28:12
It might be. I’m curious about how much of this does get resolved because there is spin offs and sequels that might deal with tidying up a lot of this crap that’s not tidy up. I know there’s a sickness in AC still avin children that I have no idea what that’s about? Not great. There’s like that rash that’s all over them. Don’t remember what that’s about. That’s not good. No, let’s run down our list of problems. Sephiroth is alive and seemingly half merged with the live stream love to see it. Genova is very much alive and active, and seems to either, I think it seems to be like Sephiroth and Genova are having a struggle of wills over who’s controlling who so it’s really unclear who is actually in charge here. So there’s that. Sephora still has the black materia, and he has used it to summon Meteor. So we still got Meteor coming in hot. There is the weapons Shinra has collapsed. And while they suck, we’re a good militarized force that could have helped stop any of those things from going on. But without leadership,

Chris 29:22
I mean, to be found, and took down the shield more than we’ve done.

Haney 29:25
Fair, but they’re gone. We know, we have no help from them, because their weapons are now controlled by Hojo, who is still alive, and still a huge problem. And Palmer and Palmer, my apologies. And the last thing I think that’s unresolved is that Holi was cast, but it’s still being held back by Sephora. So there’s a lot still, that’s really in the balance. I remember from Advent Children that the world is not in a good spot. It is very much like dystopian I don’t remember the specifics of it, but there’s like that sickness. All the kids have for some reason. And I remember like mid guard being pretty fucking wrecked. But also, to be fair, it’s already pretty fucking wrecked at this point in the game, so I don’t know how much worse they could get really. But that’s the thing don’t remember weapons, but I do remember them fighting a giant monster at the end of the movie, but I assumed that was a summon, but it could be a weapon, thought it was Bahama, but I’m not sure now, because it doesn’t really look like any of the Bahamas that we’ve seen. But it also doesn’t look like any of the weapons either. So there’s a lot, there’s a lot of unresolved and the game is trying to spin down and it seems to just every time we play add another to the unresolved pile. I’m hoping that something happens soon. I’m hoping that maybe we can unblock holy and that Will take care of like three or five of these problems because we desperately need that. But I’m not

Chris 30:49
entirely sure. Yeah, well, sounds like a you problem.

Haney 30:54
Yeah, so I think next time we’re gonna just pick this game up and dive right into Shinra tower and see what’s in there. Got a megaphone to find. Oh my god, I’m still on that. I’m like 90% sure if Kate says final weapon.

Chris 31:08
case if it doesn’t get a final weapon. Yes, he does. All right. Well, I don’t have a whole lot more to ask you. Perfect. Aside from this shitstorm that’s happening in front of us.

Haney 31:17
I’m sure it’s fine. Yeah, it’s gonna be a bad time but we’ll get there together Chris like we have in the past.

Chris 31:22
Yeah. You got anything for me?

Haney 31:25
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