In this episode we drive Chris to his very limits, dig for fun and profit, tackle some Weapons, and learn just what Aerith was doing in those fateful moments. Thanks for listening!

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:00
Hey listener first encounters an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. Content warnings can be found in the episode description. Did you know that first encounter is going to collective this filter action collective is a nerdy and independent arts collective farm to support indie creators while promoting community inclusion and the drive to grow and improve go to spell pushing calm to learn? Him?

Chris 0:19
He’s the only one that could do. Suffer off. Where are you?

Haney 0:24
I assume still naked and tied up in the north? If you Will, that’s where I left him.

Chris 0:44
Going to lead us off.

Haney 0:45
I would like to teach with you together if

Chris 0:47
you count me down.

Haney 0:48
three to one grade. Oh my god. Why did that why is yours never do this? Mine’s always like all over the place, like all over my pop screen all over my face.

Chris 1:03
I think that’s a huge thing. I don’t know what you’re doing to manage that. But talk to me what you got? Hmm.

Haney 1:09
So this is a new brewery for the podcast called good water brewery. So the reason we picked this one up is because the brewery is run by a friend of mines father. And some other folk but yeah, one of my favorite breweries in Vermont. And it’s not just because I’m familiar with the folks who run it, but it’s just really a really stand up place and they have excellent can design their beers are all really tasty. This one is my favorite of theirs actually. So this is the hub collusion citra and Simcoe hops. So it’s got like a very, almost like lemony light to it. I’d say. Go ahead, give it a whet your whistle and now let me know how you think.

Chris 1:53
That’s very good.

Haney 1:55
Yeah, this is this is a really good one. It’s actually only six and a half percent. So really not that bad for for how hoppy. It is. Very drinkable.

Chris 2:02
Yeah, you can definitely taste the citrus with the hops. That’s nice.

Haney 2:05
That’s what I was trying to say. What the like, lemony, like, I don’t know if a more discerning beer palette would have a different opinion. But for me, it’s very like, lemony, like when he’s asked a lemon and add it to something.

Chris 2:15
Yeah, yeah. It’s really good. Yeah, really fucking good.

Haney 2:19
Good water brewery. Great folk. Great beer. Check them out. Have you been lately? Been okay? Yeah.

Chris 2:24
I want to fund a little camping trip. Oh, it can’t be camp Hill. 20 I pitched my tent. Did you outside?

Haney 2:31
Excellent. It’s my tent outside. Have I dead? Yeah. Did that.

Chris 2:37
That’s it. That’s all I’ve done.

Haney 2:39
I’ve been doing say you did tent down there. Yes. Oh, excellent. How was the 10th inning?

Chris 2:44
It was good. It was a little chilly. A little bit drizzly No. Fun Time though. Compared to

Haney 2:49
your last attempt at camping. How was the inside of your tent in terms of wetness?

Chris 2:55
Much better.

Haney 2:56
Perfect. Have you yet purchased a rain protector or a waterproof for Yeah, I have a rain. The rain canopy. The fuck? Yeah. Perfect. Ideal Really? tent condom. I call them.

Unknown Speaker 3:08
Do you

Haney 3:11
know yeah, I mean, you just did. So I really can’t say you. You don’t? Yeah. Perfect. Well, that’s cool. Yeah, I’m glad you’re back.

Chris 3:19
You’ve been doing anything exciting. I know. You’ve been lost without me. But

Haney 3:22
do some yard work. Now that the weather is turning once more. So I’ve been trying to get outside. Spend time with my wife and my dogs. Um, my wife took a baking today while I was gone, and has now made dandelion cookies that are waiting for us at home. So we’ll see how that goes. That’s pretty cool. She said they’re really good. They look

Chris 3:42
good. Yeah.

Haney 3:43
I think it’s just a buttery sugar cookie. Honestly, that has like dandelion in it. Nothing wrong with buttery sugary cookies. That’s very true. Yeah, I really don’t do much anymore. Honestly. I work. I podcasts, and I work on the podcast. Excellent. That’s all we really need. That’s all you want from me. Yes, I

Chris 3:59
know. That’s enough.

Haney 4:00
Yeah, but that’s what’s going on.

Chris 4:02
Good. Sounds very pleasant.

Haney 4:04
Yeah. DND once in a while. Nice doing that. Yeah. Got my vaccine a couple weeks ago. That’s been cool. I’m really glad I did it. It was extremely fast, extremely easy and didn’t cost me anything. So yeah, I’m helping myself, my family and my friends and everyone in the world really? By going to do that. So if you have that option to you, listener, you should absolutely do that as well.

Chris 4:28
Yeah. 100% Very cool.

Haney 4:30
Yeah. But that’s mostly what I’m doing and really just trying to vibe with some final fantasy.

Chris 4:36
Yeah. Is the vibe been working? You feeling after today? I

Haney 4:39
think so. Yeah. Yeah, I think this is today but after

Chris 4:42
today after it’ll get much better. Yeah,

Haney 4:44
I promise. This is the last last chance I’ve given final fan. Yeah, just hasn’t delivered. Yeah, just strike

Chris 4:50

Haney 4:50
I think I think we’re gonna hard turn to the left. And this is now a Puzzle Quest.

Chris 4:55
I was gonna say Unreal Tournament.

Haney 4:58
I remember your dad used to play unreal art. Still, that’s for all I know. But now

Chris 5:01
unreal is great though.

Haney 5:03
Unreal Engine was born out of that game, right?

Chris 5:05
I assume so. But the only reason I assume is because the names fuck do I know?

Haney 5:10
Well, that’s enough about other games that aren’t Final Fantasy. Yeah, talk about Final Fantasy. Sure. When

Chris 5:14
can I interest you in Final Fantasy seven, the prequel to the hot novel on the way to a smile. What is that? Which is the prequel novel to the hit movie? Advent Children

Haney 5:26
is on the way to a smile in between seven and Advent Children. Yeah. Who’s the main character?

Chris 5:31
I think there’s a couple of things going on there. Yeah, it fills in the gaps between seven and admin children.

Haney 5:37
Yeah, I can’t remember what that there. Yeah, I can’t remember enough about having children to remember what the gaps were. But

Chris 5:43
oh, as always, this episode is brought to you by you our patrons slash first encounter.

Haney 5:48
So today on Final Fantasy seven, the prequel we played, starting at the point of just after foiling and or assisting not really sure Shinra has attempts to blow up Meteor with rocket, specifically shunter 26.

Chris 6:07

Haney 6:08
that did not work. We did get the huge material off of it, though. Yes, we did. And we decided that we needed some wise counsel and read 13 I believe suggested that we head back to cosmic Canyon and check in with someone we haven’t heard from in quite some time. Oh, so we loaded ourselves up in the tiny Bronco three airship edition, and flew over to cosmic Canyon. we stumble our way up through and talk to Bukit Hagen boo, boo, boo, boo. vomit. Can’t wait to just throw up on again.

Unknown Speaker 6:52
Grandpa grandfather,

Chris 6:54
whoa. Oh, if you ever are in need of my wisdom, you’re always welcome here. Yeah, that’s why we came. What to do? Have you lost your way. When that happens? We each have to take a good long look at ourselves. Jesus. I

Haney 7:08
didn’t come here for this.

Chris 7:11
There’s always something in the deepest reaches of our hearts. There Will always be a door to the lunch. That’s a it’s usually a heartless something buried or something forgotten. Remember it? Whatever that is. must certainly be what you’re looking for. That’s easy enough to say, but I can’t remember a thing. It must be there. Look harder. You fucking Yeah, no good cloud. You call the others in here too. Yeah. dangling. Cloud here. Ring Ring.

Haney 7:43
Ring ring. Banana phone.

Chris 7:47
Did you see it? What is it that you are searching for? Nothing man can come up with a case that already has it all. Perfect. Me either. I don’t get any of this. I remember aerith a lot. No, not that. You haven’t remembered? You haven’t forgotten. How would you say aerith was right there all along. She was so close. We couldn’t see her. What earth did the word she left behind? That reminds me. I was the same. As was. Me too. She said she was the only one who could stop Sephora. Meteor, but

Haney 8:25
aerith is gone. Is it impossible for us to carry on? What aerith tried to accomplish? We know agents. That’s what you mean? What? Did that girl go off to that place? Sorry. Sure. Why not?

Chris 8:41
Go back to sleep?

Haney 8:42
Yeah. You’re not contributing here. That’s it? What’s it?

Chris 8:47
What did aerith know? Why did she face Sephiroth without running away?

Haney 8:51
I see. She returned there once again. Correct. Where is there?

Chris 8:55
Huh? Perhaps I’ll have you take me there.

Haney 8:58
Maybe the city of the ancients. bouken Hagen was kind of leaning us to you talk about aerith and the place where she died and begins like, Hey, I’m coming to like, let’s go. I need to go there and listen to what the planet has to say. So I can tell you what you need to do next. And it’s like, okay, that’s pretty cool. Before we leave, though, cloud is like hey, you know, this huge materia. This is pretty much not great to be carrying around. Can I do this only leave this here and begins like yeah, sure, go for it here. I’ll show you how to plug it into this machine. So he fires up his unreal driven Sin City simulator Solar City. Just words, we climb up into the solar system, solar system simulator, and unload our huge metiria all over all over begin again. Nothing, and we have three huge material to unload here. So I believe we have a yellow A blue and a green. Is that correct? Does that sound right? Yeah. And when we look at the material, it’s like, oh, do you want to touch it? Do you want to do something? I was like, Yeah, right. And like, the first day like nothing really happens is like the one that looks like command materials like a cool interesting.

Chris 10:14
It looks like command materia

Haney 10:16
sure does and then the one that looks like support magic. It’s like Oh, cool. Sure does. And then the other one was the blue magic which is it said like ice or something that gave off like a cold cold feeling or something. When we talked to that one, it said that Neo Bahama and Bahamas started glowing our existing summons and Windows started glowing. It reacted with a huge metiria and we got a new summon Bahamas zero. Hell yeah.

Chris 10:45
We’re carrying around huge metiria this is pretty delicate stuff. And we’d like to keep it in a safe place. Whoa, whoa. Then we’ll play it upstairs.

Haney 10:55
Cosmic Canyon is gonna get absolutely demolished by the Shinra I can I’m calling it right now.

Chris 11:01
Oh, is this what you call a huge materia? This is really rare materia indeed. materia this rares certain to have a special consciousness enclosed in it. Sure, that’s

Haney 11:14
fine. Is that Bahama? palm it nio Bahamas material glows brightly Oh, what did I do? What did you do?

Chris 11:25
And why did you do it?

Haney 11:26
Do you know what I did? actually

Chris 11:31
receive received Bahamas zero material

Haney 11:35
What a fucking dope dope spell this is probably in my top three summons Yeah, it just delivers such an absurd amount of damage we also used against some we don’t need to tell them about the horses was poor lessons. Listen, horse he was the worst Pokemon from Gen one Okay, that’s

Chris 11:54
not even true. Not true at all. springs to mind word Radek eight I hate Radek eight.

Haney 12:01
I’m literally offended.

Chris 12:03
It’s so fucking ugly.

Haney 12:05
Radek eight and ratata are two of my favorite Pokemon.

Chris 12:08
I like ricotta.

Haney 12:09
Hmm, I think this might be the end of this podcast.

Chris 12:11
Well, thanks for listening, and we won’t see you next time.

Haney 12:16
I’m gonna use hyper thing attack as soon as my mic is off. Um, but yeah, so we got boham at zero and sick. I don’t know how to say it don’t Yeah, yeah, we hightail it out of cosmic Canyon begin in tow, man get back on the highway. And not much happens on the highway. And really, except for two things of note. The first is that when you get on the highway and begin is like, Oh, is that the deck, I’m gonna go out there. I love the smell of nature. And I love the smell of machinery. And he’s like, goes off on this very odd tangent.

Chris 12:49
Smells like machinery. I love the smell. Of course, I also love the smell of nature too. I can feel the workings of the planet and the smell of the wind. I also feel the greatness of men’s wisdom and the knowledge and the smell of machinery. Well, bye for now. Whoo.

Haney 13:11
I might get a booga booga and makes his way out of the airship onto the like little lower part of it where I think euphy was at one point previously, I kind of followed him out there just to like be like, Hey, what’s up? And all he says is wonder where you’re taking me and I was like, shit, I don’t I thought you were gonna tell me where you’re taking me. So the next thing we did was go up to the main deck like where the pilot is and all the other player characters and start just chatting with everyone and everyone gets real sad real quick. Yeah, everyone is talking about aerith and her death and like how it affected them and it’s just a real hard tone shift from like boo game being like,

Chris 13:53
Oh, it’s a hard tone shift from bougie yeah it’s all there. It’s mom about her death. Okay, hope you got something to just drop there.

Haney 14:05
I swear I was just reading it like auto in his voice. I was not ready for what it said. No,

Chris 14:11
no, Mario was cried herself silly. Sounded little Marlene. Yeah, really? She’s Christ on a cracker. Who Will let Kate sift deliver that. And aerate?

Haney 14:24
She’s dead. guests. She turned into spiritual energy and return to the planet. Hmm. But even if she did, there’s no way we’ll meet her again. real real bunch of happy folk up here, huh? city of the ancients at a time that’s not

Chris 14:39
for instance voice All right, come on, man. Come on, come on

Unknown Speaker 14:43
the ancients in time. That is probably what later generations Will call us.

Haney 14:52
It’s only a matter of time for us. Like Vincent. He’s okay. With us to pat me on the nose. Sometimes I used to hate being treated like a child like that. But I also like the attention. I wanted to apologize to her for what I did when we first met.

Chris 15:08
I don’t like are you not ready for this aerith episode?

Haney 15:12
I don’t think you were ready either. Give him your luck. Holy shit diva. I wonder what on earth felt when she was on that altar?

Chris 15:20
I’m sure she wanted to give her life to the planet.

Unknown Speaker 15:23
Really? I wonder? I don’t think that was it. I don’t think she wanted to die at all, but was planning on coming back all along. She always has to talk about the next time. She talks about the future more than any of us Jesus.

Haney 15:36
aerith how wanted to give her a ride in the high wind.

Chris 15:41
I don’t take us away learner pilot. We

Haney 15:45
take command back of the airship and head out towards the city of the ancients. The city of the ancients think, nart, is that North coral? Yep. Okay, so I’m starting I’m starting to get it. This was the North so that’s not quite right. Jensen. Alright, there’s this temple of the ancients, quote unquote, temple. You know, it’s not its fault. It turned into black metiria Christopher. nibble. Squirrel again. Let’s go over rocket town. I may need no. That’s fine Village. Okay, it wasn’t the North I must have just fucked up like a moron that I am.

Chris 16:35
Welcome to bone village, or town funding. Have you seen boo, good Hi, again, you need something you’re going to run away.

Haney 16:45
Through fossils. We already know everything that happened on this planet since the beginning. Now we want to see the rest of to the end of the planet. It’s a mixed feeling. I’m sorry. I’m just I don’t want to deal with these people. today. We touched down in bone village after a bit of a search and kind of just beelined it through there, we didn’t really do anything, we go through the sleeping forest and get into the city of the ancients. And the original path that we took to where aerith died is now no longer accessible. So we have to find an alternate route as we are just kind of searching around we find a chamber that has like this large glowing font in the middle and Boolean kind of like oh, this is it. Let’s Let’s go check that out.

Chris 17:31
This is Yes, exactly. Are you getting something?

Haney 17:36
It’s like he’s not an FM radio. Geez cloud

Chris 17:39
give me a moment. I’m not an FM radio cloud the knowledge of the ancients swirling around here is telling me one thing the planets in crisis oh yeah you Good thing we came all the way here for the planet to tell you that boom in a crisis beyond human power or needless time. It says when the time comes Oh, we must search for holy I’ve heard that one before.

Haney 18:06
I don’t remember what it is but I’ve heard it before

Chris 18:08
holy The old man white magic

Haney 18:11
that’s the thing that was in there it’s hands

Chris 18:14
magic that might stand against me here perhaps or less hope to save the planet for me Dr.

Haney 18:21
Chris white magic is in the ball fucking workbench fucking right can you work yes little thing that’s weapon but I’m pretty sure I was wrong that that like no you know what I’m gonna go with the the weapon was the friends we found along the way. Oh my god.

Chris 18:41
Weapons are the monsters we

Unknown Speaker 18:42
made along the way Exactly.

Chris 18:45
Every soul seeking holy reaches the planet it Will appear. Oh, media our weapon everything Will disappear. Perhaps even ourselves. what is best for the planet? What is bad for the planet? Oh, that is bad Will disappear. Oh, I wonder which we humans are search for holy. How do we do it? Get the white materia this whole bond the planet to humans, then speak to the planet. If our wish reaches the planet, the white material Will begin to glow a pale green. This is the end. Eris had the white materia. But when Earth died, it fell from the altar.

Haney 19:29
So around this kind of like font or fountain kind of thing. I don’t really know a good way to describe it. There is writing in cetera or ancient and bouken can’t read it. Clouds like oh, we’ll never figure it out and then begins like I’m old, but my eyes aren’t gone yet. Check it out. And there’s writing like in mid guardian or Gyan, whatever the common is, yeah, common. That works. Yeah. So there’s writing in common around the ring that has some of the translation it says like something’s Something where the sun doesn’t shine, something something the key. So bowgun and cloud with their great meeting of the minds determined that there is a key that’s needed. To find out more about what aerith was doing. Begin kind of says like, Oh, well, if we get this key, we can unlock this area and find out more about what is going on with Holly what’s going on at the white magic booth and sends us on our way and tells us like, hey, if you need anything, let’s go. Let’s do it. Come back here and

Chris 20:30
we’ll talk about it. We should have taken him out of Cosmo Canyon A long time ago.

Haney 20:34
Yeah, he’s doing okay. How are you feeling up to this point, Christopher? Oh,

Chris 20:37
pretty on track. Yeah. Yeah. Not too distracted by anything else going on. However, boy, does everything go out the window? Yeah. So a place even the sunlight won’t reach. That sounds like some underwater times. Maybe? Maybe. Would we get underwater though,

Haney 20:55
Chris. Now I’m not using the goddamn submarine yet. Mid Gari doesn’t seem like the sun shines there under the plate. It’s true. We’re going to I’m gonna go to mega

Chris 21:04
mid Gar episode.

Haney 21:06
Dude, if we have a mid Guy episode, I’m gonna be so stoked. I miss mudguard from the my worldview with so much shorter and smaller, shorter. Why did I say shorter?

Chris 21:16
Who are you? Who’s this guy? That’s funny. I dropped the key to this gate somewhere. Must have been out on the excavation tour.

Haney 21:27
excavation tour. So I bet if we go digging, alright, Chris, I’m getting ideas. I can’t tell if they’re the right ideas or if you’re going to be so upset, but I’m absolutely about to go blow all of my Gil on an excavation trying to find the mid garki. In mid guard. There’s a new person standing outside of the locked gate. And he says that he lost the key to that gate must have been on that stupid excavation that Elan on. So I being who I am as a human, hightail it right back to bone village and just start aggressively, aggressively. And I mean aggressively spending my Gil on searching for items. Let’s go digging. I want the lunar

Chris 22:10
lunar harp is somewhere in there. Fucking Mr. moneybags. Cloud is back. Give me your finest men.

Haney 22:22
Yes, I’m pleased Chris.

Chris 22:24
It’s fine.

Haney 22:29
I don’t think there’s anything out down here. So let’s try looking up around here again.

Chris 22:34
I don’t know why you’re still looking once you got the mop.

Haney 22:37
Cuz I want the fucking mid garki

Chris 22:40
nothing in here. I’m gonna go pee again. Don’t don’t pause in my account.

Haney 22:49
Chris, you wish you had never steered me wrong. And let me just do this for hours on end. Right.

Not ideal. So I put all of them in like a circle around here. Yeah. Right. And then hit the bottom and they all look this way. But I think they were trying to look it up.

Chris 23:10
Right. So can I help you? I guess. Alright, this is the last search and we’ll let you do like a count. But I need the I need the key. I love the enthusiasm. I like that you have fallen as hard for mudguards I once did. You feel lucky punk? No. Where’s the goddamn mid darky. Chris, where’s that? Talk to you? Does anyone else say anything useful?

Haney 23:49
No. All right. No one is useful here.

Chris 23:52
Oh, here we go. Well, I don’t know where to go.

Haney 23:56
Where else is the sun not shine.

Chris 23:59
I wish we kept track of how much you spent. I wish

Haney 24:01
we have to but I also don’t want to know because I did a lot. You went to the bathroom at one point and I just kept excavating. Yeah, that to sell like there was a lot of excavation. Do you know how many items I found Christopher was it one? It was one. So after I don’t even know how many attempts to find the mid garki Chris is like you know what you need to do? I know you don’t want to do it. But you know what you need to do and I did. I left bone village and I make my airship way back over to June on harbor and find the submarine. I don’t like the submarine after last week.

Chris 24:36
Do you like it a little more after this week?

Haney 24:38
I do yeah the the actual navigation no use of it on the world map is pretty good. Just that mini game was good. Oh yeah.

Chris 24:45

Haney 24:47
I think my main problem with all the mini games is that since the controllers mapping is just so fucking terrible. Is this a nightmare for me? Like I would love to play this game with a ps1. I think it’s actually on the switch to I yet somewhere. I might pick up at some point after we finish it and just start going through it. So we go on the submarine and submerge I was like well sun doesn’t shine underwater so are you know if you go deep enough so probably needs to just go onto the ocean floor and just start trolling around. So we did, except there’s a big old scary monster aircraft. We

Chris 25:20
weren’t alone. No. What did you say today was Emerald monster Emerald weapon.

Haney 25:24
Emerald weapon. That’s right. I looked Chris dead in the eye. And I said, I’m gonna fight it. Yeah. And I just rammed my submarine right into it. Or tiny Bronco v4 if you Will.

Chris 25:33
Yes. Absolutely. Would you call that a fight? Ah, I

Haney 25:41
get those nightmare. Oh, Earth.

Chris 25:43
Why don’t you save it on the land?

Haney 25:47
Don’t like that warning.

Chris 25:48
I mean, don’t take it as a warning. Maybe just a suggestion. Something to remember doing?

Haney 25:55
Okay, it’s not that much different than their ship. Whoa.

Chris 25:58
Are you interested? In an emerald weapon?

Haney 26:02
What fight me? Sure, well.

Unknown Speaker 26:06

Haney 26:08
okay. That’s fine. Chris, can I ask you why? Uh huh. So don’t fight those is what you’re saying.

Chris 26:20
And that one specifically, you have to be in 20 minutes or you die? Because underwater. I’m just gonna

Haney 26:25
do I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna go the other way. When I see it. It one hit kayode. My entire party? Yes. So we ratcheted that counter up by one. And I decided on the next journey to not try it. So

Chris 26:40
you know, it’s not doing anything wrong. No, here’s what’s bothering us. Just hanging out just being a fish.

Haney 26:46
I’m okay with that. So we we leave him to his devices. He leaves us to ours. And we just start flying around the water from water. Yes, we repeatedly yell air fish.

Chris 26:59
Yes. Yeah,

Haney 27:00
I think at this point, we’re flying water like you want. Fair enough. And we find a couple of things. So the first thing I find is the remains of that red submarine that has the maybe final as far as I’m aware, huge materia and it just completely didn’t realize that that was the thing I needed to worry about. And ended up just grabbing that and was like alright, well this is my now trolled the ocean floor a little bit more. Found the junan underwater reactor did not visit it again. Didn’t have fond memories last time just as okay. And we did find a little nook and cranny though with a ancient key in it. Yeah. Which was pretty cool.

Chris 27:38
What do you think that’s all about? I

Haney 27:39
don’t know, but I’m sure we’ll find out. So I take the key and my materia and I just get back to the surface as quickly as possible. Jump back in the Highland and before doing anything else I tell Chris I got to bring this huge material back to cosmic Canyon. So I do gets cosmic Canyon you know, unload myself all over begins room again. And nothing happens now. That’s fine. Nothing special. So I was like, oh, at least that’s here now so I don’t have to worry about it. So take my ancient key and head back to bone village. I did a couple more attempts at finding that mid garki Chris you did still not happy about it still wasn’t gave me one last chance I didn’t find anything. And I decided to progress into the city. I

Chris 28:26
really wish I knew how much he spent

Haney 28:28
I don’t want to know it’s at least 500 gil per excavation changes over time.

Chris 28:37
I need you to give me content any

Haney 28:39
Oh shit. I can’t see. That was not ideal. I Will I Will admit that that one was not ideal. Can’t wait to see how this is done in the fuckin Yeah, they make they just give you a shovel.

Chris 28:52
I’m gonna say

Haney 28:53
alright, so he’s staring straight up and they’re staring in the middle so instead of digging the point this Will be the last one I swear and then I’ll be done before I blow all of my gilla

Chris 29:08
don’t need that all metiria but you know what I do need

Haney 29:11
nothing fucking nothing get it fuck out of here.

Chris 29:15
Let’s you got to make it looks here.

Haney 29:18
It’s not what I wanted though. No, I wanted to keep them in go. It’s not how life works. I’m assuming the key to make guard is something that Will absolutely like be something you need for the future and not just like a sure thing, but I absolutely wanted to subvert you. Just go to mid guard.

Chris 29:35
I don’t know why you think we returned to Midgar

Haney 29:39
I genuinely don’t remember if any of Adventureland takes place in Midgar

Chris 29:44
it entirely takes place in Costa del Sol.

Haney 29:49
It wouldn’t do that would be a better movie to the beach film. So I make my way through the sleeping forest once more back to where we left Bergen Bergen is like oh She found the key excellent place it in that music box and Christina like well if I can music box are you talking about the key fits into some weird like slot that has icicles in it and it like tingles as it rotates into the chamber. I don’t know. It was weird.

Chris 30:15
It was a music box. I don’t know why you’re having a problem. It was a music box.

Haney 30:18
I believe at this point, Chris can edit in the point where he literally said, I wouldn’t call that a music box. But what happens is a huge rush of water envelops the font that you’re originally at with ugen you approach it and begins like, well, you want to go in and see what this is all about. Oh, yeah, yeah. And let’s go. We wander in and begins like, Oh, it’s a projection screen. This was actually really cool. We see projected on to the water, Earth’s death. And she drops the white material holy. And we see it fall into a chasm under the water. The Altair ratio was praying previously. And we see that it is glowing. A pale green color. I miss era.

Chris 31:05
Oh, there it goes. It’s glowing. Whoa, whoa, it’s failry era earth. The earth has already prayed for Holi. After he gave up the black material to Sephora, parents words came into my dreams. She said she was only one that could stop Sephora. And to do that there’s a secret here. That was holy. That’s why she had the wait materia Earth knew about here and what she had to do. Earth has left us great hope. But it costs your wife her future. Sorry. I should have figured this out sooner. You left without saying a word is also sudden, like kind of think. That’s why it took so long for me to find out. But Eric, I understand now. I’ll do the rest.

Haney 31:59
Holly has been activated by Arif and her dying moments, meaning that she basically did what she needed to do to save the planet. However, we also realize that something’s not quite right about wholly because it’s not actually helping anything right now. Begin and cloud postulate that it’s being held back by something to which cloud says it’s him. It has to be him. He’s the only one who could do this. Obviously meaning and saffer off the party and begin at this point are kind of like okay, well, we got to find Safra, we got to make sure he’s in the north cave, if that’s the way he is, or find him put a stop to him, get him out of the way of holy so that holy can do its work to save the planet. We get our marching orders kind of at this point that we’re going to go find Sephiroth right, so we’re going to head back to the north cave at this point, and maybe confront him if we can get through that big light dome barrier. However, as we’re exiting the Forgotten city, we drop in on a conversation at Shinra HQ that all of the parts of the giant cannon from john harbor have been moved to where Maiko is prominent and it’s been designed to turn into a giant Maiko gun to just shoot refined Maiko not ideal.

Unknown Speaker 33:12
Oh, that’s pretty cool.

Chris 33:13
Fucking sweet.

Haney 33:14
It’s really fucking sweet. Um, from a purely objective standpoint is a really cool mechanic. A couple of things about this moment though, in this room, where we are getting a direct line, there is only rave, Scarlet, Heidegger and Rufus which means one of them is Kate says almost there’s

Chris 33:33
a page just off camera

Haney 33:34
Nope. I refuse. I’m still on the reef train all aboard the refrain if you Will to

Chris 33:40
to to brief it’s your job to adjust the reactors output

Haney 33:49
just driving home my theory Don’t worry about adjusting it to Reeve once you open it up all the way everything go full speed

Unknown Speaker 34:03
not permanent sharped on time the whole idea that mere Will disappear if we defeat suffer author

Unknown Speaker 34:10
wrong. If you can remember Mr. President, it was my identify mega parish chill

Chris 34:18
with the shells really reached the northern border.

Haney 34:25
But, Mr. President, let’s not call it a Mikko cannon. This new weapon is called the sister. Every morning there’s a halo from the I feel like we’re just like, very solidified on Riu. It’s either got to be re Rufus Heidegger or

Chris 34:51
if it was Scarlett, I’d be so livid. Can’t believe Kate said there’s Heidegger and terrible still.

Haney 34:58
I can now No joke I straight up Yes, I can

Chris 35:03
love stuff happening all over the place and

Haney 35:04
yeah, it’s not ideal A lot of it. Yeah, I’m really hoping I can find the fucking mid garki now. So as we’re outside of the Forgotten city, everything to start shaking and we see a monster rise up from the ocean, a giant white monster, and it just starts walking across the ocean towards mid guard and everyone’s like, Hey, where’s it heading? And everyone’s like, it’s definitely beelining towards mid guy. There’s also a really weird aside where Kate Smith and Barrett kind of get into a fight on the deck

Unknown Speaker 35:36
of the high wind weapon came out of the sea and is heading straight for mid Gar.

Chris 35:41
The new weapon should stop him right now.

Unknown Speaker 35:43
I don’t know if it’s ready or not. Hey, what’s gonna happen to Marlene? Marlene in a safe place, she’s with Eretz mama Marin. One was that scratching just now, as long as Marlene is safe, who cares what else happens? Right? Yeah, man itching to say this to you for a while now. When you bill up the sector one reactor, how many do you think died?

Haney 36:07
That was for the left of the planet? You got to expect a few casualties.

Unknown Speaker 36:12
And you feel what do you mean appeal? What may be imputed to you? Is everything to those who died? protect the planet, then sure sounds good. No one Will go against you. So you think you can just do whatever you want? Right?

Haney 36:25
I don’t want to hear that from no one in Shinra.

Unknown Speaker 36:27
Can’t do anything about that. Stop it. keetsa. Bear, he knows what he did. What we did in mid guard can’t be forgotten. No matter what the reason? I know you. You can’t quit the company because you’re worried about the people in mid guard. Right?

Haney 36:41
I honestly think Kate Smith has some of the best dialogue in the game. I’m sorry for saying it. But I know we do this silly voice I knew you know, I know that. Overall, you don’t love the character. But I think his lines when he’s about to die and the Temple of the ancients. I think that whole speech he has is phenomenal. And I think his speech about like how Yeah, he was a spy because he was doing what he needed to do to get his ends. I just think he has, like, you know, we take the silly approach. We give them the cat voice whatever. Like I know, it’s obviously just someone on the other side of like the robot. That’s like probably a normal person. not changing the voice though. Just

Chris 37:18
canonically that’s the voice the guy on the other end of the robot is using. Every time whoever that person who starts talking, somebody else is walking by the office and like just closing the door. No,

Haney 37:29
no, that’s enough. The only thing I didn’t like about this like I thought the dialogue was great. It was just the timing of it was really weird. Like it’s just inserted into a moment where I don’t think it made any sense.

Chris 37:39
Yeah, but it was important dialogue to have.

Haney 37:42
Yes, definitely.

Chris 37:44
All right, let’s go. We’ll be a weapon ourselves. A cloud. You think we can win against that monster? We got a chance of winning, right? How would I know?

Haney 37:53
I like how he gives like a really Victory Pose. How would I know? We’re fucked.

Chris 38:00
But that’s no reason for us to just let him go. We’re going to mid garden fight weapon one. Let’s move

Haney 38:05
new. I didn’t mean no mid garki Do I have to fight them?

Chris 38:09
I Will I would save up first probably.

Haney 38:13
Save our game and go attempt to fight it. Good. God, what a nightmare. I tried to engage it with the Highland and says just like Why don’t you? Why are you ramming the Highland into it? What are you trying to do? Let’s go find it on land. So we touched down on the continent that mud guards on and just kind of wait for it to come at me, bro. And it does. How did I do the first fight?

Chris 38:33
You were doing pretty darn well. I have to say it was a hard fight. It was a hard fight. You’ve gotten much more comfortable with the battle system though. Yeah. did start falling apart by the end of the fight though. Yeah, I started getting a little panicky i get

Haney 38:44
i get panicky very easily when things aren’t going my way. Fun Facts about me. What is this? What is countdown? No thanks. No, thank you for any of this.

Chris 39:00
That’s not

Haney 39:01
good. I’m

Chris 39:02
in Flash. That looks like good advice. So everyone. They’re all silenced. God dammit. I’m fucking dead. Oh. And then there’s only Sid. Did I just use it on himself? It’s okay. It’d be lame if you beat it on your first try. I would really like

Haney 39:37
to. Unfortunately ratchet that death counter up by once more. So that brings us to a total of two deaths editing Chris for your pleasure. Whenever we have to edit them.

Chris 39:51
You have to update them. I mean, that’s fine. We’re like to death counts behind. I don’t listen to our old you update the death count. Our audience is waiting staring at

Haney 40:03
just looking after this first attempt at finding the diamond weapon we switch up our party a little bit I think I went for a Dream Team v1 So Cloud Barrett and Kate’s rearrange some materia some equipment and took it on again did much better this time it was a long fight but I didn’t actually lose the character once I didn’t have to do at revive at all.

Unknown Speaker 40:30
Did I do it

Chris 40:32
area restore restore

Unknown Speaker 40:34

Chris 40:37
er Oh you got full keyword wow you did it

Unknown Speaker 40:46
Thank you.

Haney 40:48
We managed to beat diamond weapon and it decides to turn its back on us and run because it senses murder. This is something as big as coming diamond weapon turns around and runs from you so everyone gets back on the high end and is kind of flying around and we see the SR re charge up and just fucking blasts right through diamond weapon right through the center and it goes through it actually all the way up to the north and hits the dome barrier over where South Robin Jobar and manages to break that apart. Yeah as well as felling diamond weapon pretty freakin scary however as diamond weapon is falling or dying or breaking before and shot at Yeah, there’s a bit of a crossfire and one of or one or several of its projectiles actually hit Shinra HQ and seemingly take out Rufus.

Unknown Speaker 41:44
Sir weapons been defeated. The barrier has disappeared. Sir, a massive high density energy is heading towards mid Gar caves.

Haney 42:02
Oh, Rufus. cutscene a lot of cutscenes in this episode. Yeah. Oh. Oh. Okay. Did Rufus just get murdered?

Chris 42:19
What happened suffer off northern cave. Let’s go see what happened to it.

Haney 42:26
Rufus, his office explodes and fire and you kind of see him engulfed in flame and the destruction so we don’t really know what’s going on with Rufus. At this point. We see diamond weapon fall back into the ocean. And we see the barrier around separate off crumble. So we get back to cloud at all. And cloud says, All right, we got to go see what Sephora is up to. We got to go see if he’s still up there. At this point, Chris said, Hey, save the game. Turn it out. Again. We’re done for the day. So Chris, with that, how you feeling about today’s episode,

Chris 42:59
it felt it felt very disjointed for me of how many asides we took. We took a lot of like we went to mid Gar, we sure looked for that mid garki.

Haney 43:09
You could have just told me where it was and this wouldn’t have happened. Yeah,

Chris 43:12
stopped in on Cosmo Canyon twice. Sometimes you just gotta you know, you just gotta at least once but no, there’s a good chunk of development in this episode. Yeah,

Haney 43:21
this was a good good heavy episode, I thought yeah. particularly around holy and the white materia which I’ve been waiting to hear about for a couple episodes now. Yeah, that put a lot of things together for me. So just finding out that finding out the earth actually cast it before she died, I think was something that’s really cool, because I didn’t know that at all. Yeah. So I’ve heard holy before. I didn’t know what it was. But I think I postulated that it might be the white man’s area. But yeah, I was pleased with kind of getting more around that and I really missed aerith. So kind of seeing her again, having all the conversation around her was really lovely to see like, yeah, she’s still with us.

Chris 43:59
Yeah, this was the first episode I think since Eretz. Death where they really addressed it. Yeah, I

Haney 44:06
mean, so much happened directly after cloud losing it and all that stuff. And I think it took a bit time for us to get circle up and get back there. But I’m really glad we’re back there now.

Chris 44:16
Yeah, yeah. So in the past, I’ve asked you about how you’re going to address weapons. And you’ve postulated a number of things weapon you’re going to be using to defeat sepher off maybe or stop me to your doesn’t seem like Shinra is going to take care of weapons and like shinar might take care of weapon they took out too. Yeah. But now we’re you’re missing Rufus? Yeah, what are we gonna do about weapon?

Haney 44:41
Um, well, I don’t know how badly or if at all, the SR a was damaged. So I’m hoping that if it wasn’t damaged that Scarlet and Heidegger at least can maybe bumblefuck their way into shooting it off again, but like, Good Lord, do I not trust that?

Chris 44:56
Yeah. So follow up question Who’s going to take control of shooting For the time being,

Haney 45:01
I feel like Scarlet probably. She seems like the most able to bully people into following her.

Chris 45:08
She does seem like a bully. She is definitely a bully and Heidegger sucks. And Heidegger is an idiot.

Haney 45:13
And Reeve is too good for this world. Look out for me.

Chris 45:17
What do you got for your two dues? What’s your objective list right now?

Haney 45:20
Let’s see, my two dues are go north, checking on Zephyr off, find the mid garki. Get back into mid guard,

Chris 45:26
while your high wind has been blasting around the world. You’ve called out a cave a couple times. Yeah. Are you planning on getting there? I’d like to, but I think

Haney 45:36
we need to have a real choco of a time before I can get there. Yeah. So we’ll have to chug a ball around a little bit. Yeah, shuffle ball and find out as the kids say,

Chris 45:44
I think so. Yeah, I think we’ve addressed everything that I’d like to this episode. Perfect unless you have anything else.

Haney 45:54
Now. I think. With that. Thanks so much for listening. I Will see you next time. Bye. See you. Thank you so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you want the journey to continue. Why don’t you hit us up on Twitter at one st encounter pod. You can email us at mail at first encounter podcast comm or you can check out our website first encounter our intro and outro music is written and performed by

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