In this episode we employ new navigation tactics, have a real submarine of a time, and shoot for the moon. Well…the Meteor anyway. Thanks for listening!

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:00
Hey listener first encounters an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. Content warnings can be found in the episode description. Did you know that first encounter is joined to collective this filter action collective is a nerdy and independent Arts Collective form to support indie creators while promoting community inclusion and the drive to grow and improve

Chris 0:15
go to spell pushing comm to learn? This hits very differently if you assume Sherif was actually sabotaging that oxygen tank and was successful in doing so just so she could assassinate said while he worked for Shinra Why would you put that into the world?

Haney 0:33
I’m just gonna go down that you know I have a problem with conspiracy theories. I’m very gullible. Just a thought I’m going down that rabbit hole now that Shira is actually like the chief member of avalanche. Holy shit, and she’s just fucking up to prevent you cancel the podcast. We kind of talked rocket 26 Welcome to GRE you first how did you get an account? He closed the door. Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to take my shoes off. Just back at the front of the house. I

Chris 1:24
can toss him out the window. That’d

Haney 1:26
be perfect. I’m just gonna toss him in the garbage for the rest of this podcast.

Chris 1:29
Hey, who are you? Would you like to introduce yourself to my audience?

Haney 1:33
I love that I am Hani I am the minor co host of the first encounter podcast what do you what do you do? I really whatever you tell me to honestly, I’ve never been sure wish I’ve never been a leader. I’ve always been more of a follower and I feel like your voice has been our leader. For some I’ve heard that. Oh, really?

Chris 1:54
Shit. How are you doing? I’m doing okay. You look tired. I’m tired. Because I just biked? Oh, yeah, like 15 miles.

Haney 2:02
Probably 15 miles.

Chris 2:03
Yeah, my legs are on fire here. I cycled to work every day. stress. But the fucking weather’s nice. outside again and not feel terrible.

Haney 2:17
Oh, it’s so good. I love being outside. Good thing. I’m trapped in this tiny room recording with you. Yeah, yeah. Speaking

Chris 2:24
of which, I got an announcement for you. What? What is it? We’re gonna be streaming. From here. Hopefully.

Haney 2:30
We’ll see. See, in two weeks.

Chris 2:35
Whatever the 25th is, I don’t fucking know.

Haney 2:36
What are we gonna do the 25th of April 2021? Is that what you’re trying to say? That’s what I’m saying. Why are you talking cloud declared fall down the wild boy.

Chris 2:45
Are you talking to me like this?

Haney 2:47
With derision and condescension. It’s, it’s, I don’t understand. That’s the

Chris 2:53
that’s the vibe we go for here.

Haney 2:54
It really is. So I believe you were saying on April 25th 2021. We’re going to have a stream.

Chris 3:02
Yeah, we’re gonna have we’re not going to cross some

Haney 3:04
thick mighty stream together. Together. Oh, my crossing my cross. What are we gonna be streaming?

Chris 3:11
Well, originally, I thought we were going to have a real gold corral over time,

Haney 3:17
if you Will, if you Will.

Chris 3:18
All right, but it seems like there’s a lot we could be doing. Huh? We got some chocos we can be just riding all over the place.

Haney 3:26
I really want to ride them. Yep,

Chris 3:29
we got some exploring. We could do. I love exploring some spelunking. I sure do.

Haney 3:34
So join us on April 25. For a real guy of a time Chris was gonna turn me loose and let me I think just do whatever suits my fancy. So God help us join me and just listen to the nightmares that I vomit it out. Yeah. And joining Chris Chris’s traumas. He has to watch we have fun. Yeah, we have a good time. What you’re drinking there.

Chris 4:01
I’m drinking. Well, nothing. You didn’t Did you already open? open mind? Yeah, god damn.

Haney 4:10
Well, I’m not gonna actually promote these companies. That’s fair. I’m going to promote now that we’re just going to throw this whole bit away and edit that out. Talk to me what’s going on and Chris land

Chris 4:22
finishing up our episode that’s going out? Two weeks? for four weeks? I don’t know some amount of time ago as of

Haney 4:28
this recording. This Will be six weeks ago.

Chris 4:30
Okay, so yeah, did you

Haney 4:32
recorded an episode today? That’s not gonna see the light of day until middle of April.

Chris 4:37
That’s pretty incredible. Actually, that’s really cool. It’s a really good feeling.

Haney 4:40
Yeah, that feels great.

Chris 4:41
I’m glad we took that hiatus to get stuff ready.

Haney 4:46
Yeah, that might not be a bad idea every like six months to do that. If we feel like we need it.

Chris 4:50
Yeah, we’ll probably after we finish seven. We’ll take another Yeah. Before starting the next series. So

Haney 4:54
stay tuned.

Chris 4:55
Stay tuned for that. When we play quest 64 No, thank

Haney 4:58
God. Finally. I’ve been waiting To play at some point now I have no idea I’ve never bothered to look at maybe we’ll do a live stream. What a nightmare. Guess what I played today? Would you play Final Fantasy seven? You want to talk about it? Tell me about it. Today was weird. We had a interesting mechanic, Chris. And I decided on and by Chris. And I mean, I decided and Chris didn’t disagree fast enough to stop me. So we had a choice today, Chris said, Hey, remember that little town you found a couple episodes ago, I don’t remember how many episodes ago it was. We can go back there if you don’t want to go on to Joon harbor yet. And I was like I kind of want to do you know, I couldn’t really make up my mind. So I turned off the map. And my sense of direction is so poor that I was just like, we’ll see where we go first. So turned off the map, got into the high wind and just flew around Gaia for a little while just trying to find where I could really just sink my teeth into some gameplay that did ultimately end up being June in harbor. However, we did decide to take a quick little segment. Well that I like to call. Let’s see what Shira is doing. Where we checked in on rocket town. A gun is a man, I got this I’m pleased. A man’s weapon. Nothing else Will do. By Oh, I

Chris 6:19
don’t need any safety bit. That’s concerning. You know what a bit is right? Yeah, I think so. Talk to me, why does it go on your body? straight into your mouth, I believe? Yeah. I don’t see what the what’s the problem?

Haney 6:31
You know what they thought it was for safety? Who am I to judge?

Chris 6:33
There’s a lot of stuff that goes in your mouth. That is not sexual. I don’t know if you knew this.

Haney 6:39
I understand. Now, I understand that, therefore I’m angry. Alright, Chris, here’s the deal. Here’s my plan for you, dear listener, I decided that Armageddon is the greatest film of all time, and should always be emulated. So, while I’m talking to Chris the other day, I told him, Hey, I want to go back to rocket town. Take the rocket and fly it directly into Meteor. Sure. I think it’s a great idea. Let’s get it done. So we’re back here in rocket tan believe you unlock the secret ending. What would you do if it was like an absolute secret ending that no one had ever found before? Because no one was stupid like me. It’s locked.

Chris 7:22
They don’t even have the decency to tell. You know, it just Will not let you Oh.

Haney 7:27
Like this, let’s go to June and harbor. Guess what the game is gonna make me play the stupid way. We took a moment to turn the map back off again. And I think we ended up immediately at June in harbor. neighborhood neighborhood. Wait, wait, wait, let me just bear with me as I tell you what I think things are. There’s a gold crowd. Are you okay? with this?

Chris 7:56
That is Costa del Sol.

Haney 7:58
Oh, man. We haven’t been back there in a minute. It’s been a little while. Yeah, go check out the full CFO. Hedge out there.

Chris 8:03
Take me on your journey.

Haney 8:05
Here we go. I like this woman that’s like in a bikini. Trying to lure people into this. forgot how much I hate it cuz they’ll fall.

Chris 8:15
They’re burning. someday they’ll burn out. The stars are just I thought those were kids.

Haney 8:20
Now that’s definitely like a average woman.

Unknown Speaker 8:22
The stars are just like our youth, the brightest stars. I get I get that. Oh, it’s the end of the world. The stars there in flames. This place?

Haney 8:35
Butch is his name. Yeah, take it good or bad. Everything’s got to go. It’s the end of the world sale by somebody who’s got his priorities

Chris 8:42

Haney 8:43
You want to buy some flyer? You want to buy some ice? You want to buy some lightning? You want to buy some Earth? You’re blind. Some gravity. You want to buy some poison. I don’t want to buy any rights. Okay, good. Thanks. I don’t like Butch. I don’t think

Chris 8:59
I wonder if Johnny’s still here. I’m gonna kill him. If yes.

Haney 9:02
So we make our way over to June and harbor and do a little exploring. As we come into town. There is a little cutscene where it clouds like something’s missing. And I was like, isn’t the cannon missing? And clutch shrugs and then cutscenes over I was like, Okay, cool. What does this dog look like my dog? The breathing heavy? It’s like slash. Wait, what?

Chris 9:24
Where’s the trigger my cutscene card. Where’s the cannon? I may be mistaken. But doesn’t it feel like we’re missing something

Haney 9:31
yet? cloud? There’s a canon. Canon shouldn’t be there. I know what’s happening. I’m making assumptions. Okay.

Chris 9:41
I love when you do.

Haney 9:42
My guess here is that they took the canon, the huge materia it seems like they’re making a Moonstone cannon from Skies of Arcadia and they’re just gonna shoot fucking magic missiles into the asteroid. Check out some of the old haunts checked out to see if any of the items for sale where I didn’t get didn’t really find much. I don’t think we bought anything.

Chris 10:00
No, but the cool thing about this is when you return to places some things Will change.

Haney 10:05
Yeah, for instance, today while we were Bumble fucking we decided to drop in on Costa del Sol, and I think we might have had sex with a prostitute.

Chris 10:14
Well, that’s not what I was referencing, but that is an example that you just put there.

Haney 10:19
I’m pretty sure that’s what happened, isn’t it? Probably. Yeah. This game is weird. Imagine just walking into a town in real life and just standing over someone’s hotel bed like this.

Chris 10:30
Oh, I’ll feel like doing anything. I just want to spend the rest of my life sleeping. Up stand together. Yes. Good night. Well, did I just sleep with this man? Stop looking like a hunted animal. Whatever happens, happens. Just go with it.

Haney 10:54
I 10 out of 10 just had sex with this man. All right, whatever happens in kiss, they’ll still stays in custody. They’ll still I guess a club. The world’s ending it Yeah. Speaking of the world ending while we were bumblefuck in our way around June Harbor, the guy who I remember the shop he had like one girl that was like welcome when you like came in. It was like kind of cool. Now there’s like six of them in there though. And they all yell at you when you come in like Yeah, come in. very overwhelming.

Unknown Speaker 11:20
Yeah, I didn’t buy anything. Nope. Just left. Yep. Decided to carry on with our life. Hello,

Unknown Speaker 11:27
honeybee. Please come in. Welcome. Look, why not forget about media and weapon for now until a little impulse shopping.

Haney 11:35
She wearing the honeybee in uniform. Yeah,

Chris 11:37
that’s why I said honeybee that’s I thought by a lot cutie smooches, no charge for smile.

Haney 11:43
This is a brothel. I hired more girls after hearing that the world’s coming to an end. But I wonder if I should I keep getting more and more in debt. I’ve got to get out from under it somehow. Maybe I’ll have weapon help me. Start walking towards where we know the underwater reactor is and we see a funny troupe of Shinra soldiers marching in the street. Their squad Captain who’s directing their march sees us and it’s like, Alright boys. This is what you’ve been trading for charge. They’re all facing the wrong direction. Just run straight in the opposite direction. And he’s like, wait,

Chris 12:19
no, that’s the underwater reactor. Come back. What’s going on here? It’s up there. All right. Let’s see how hard you trained. Butter engine jar. Oh, wait. What? Hey.

Haney 12:34
He ran the opposite way. fuckin Maroons.

Chris 12:38
I feel like we got a lot of good Shinra grunt development this episode. Yeah,

Haney 12:43
they definitely seemed more human this time around. There was a lot of good, just fun work in here. We follow them and just kind of dive into the depths of the underwater reactor here in June and harbor

Chris 12:56
we interrupted a date I think.

Haney 12:58
I don’t know if I’d call it a date. As we’re getting in the elevator to go down to the underwater reactor. There’s two Shin regards in there as well as the woman who operates the elevator. I think I’m not really sure they’ll person Yeah, all right. Sure. As you walk in there, like hey, whoever beats these guys gets to take her out. They have a little funny aside. It’s like I don’t want to be that guy. But like, what if we both and the other ones? Like don’t say that? We killed them. Oh,

Chris 13:24
he murdered them.

Haney 13:24
I mean Tifa just punch them to death. Yeah, yeah,

Chris 13:27
there is a just wall of gore smeared after you kill the two guards

Haney 13:34
the elevator assistant is just like Oh, there goes two perfectly good guys. Moving on. Yeah. All right. So we plunged the depths of the underwater reactor and walk into yet another reactor Chris. It’s been a while since we’ve reacted to a reactor if you Will, I guess. How did How do you feel being in a reactor?

Chris 13:57
I think this is probably my favorite reactor of the bunch because it is underwater. So one of the things you pass through to get to the reactor is like this glass domed to walkway Yeah, walkway. This is the first one that really changed up the design from the others that we’ve seen. We got some new areas that haven’t appeared in past reactors. And usually they’re just like carbon copies of each other. So

Haney 14:18
yeah, I think there was some really cool monster designs in here. I think there was some really cool got the dance machine. Yeah. Fucking DDR machines that attacked us. That was fun. What the hell is that can help you? Wow. The barking Will not let me walk in

Chris 14:32
the door. All right, cool. So good stuff.

Haney 14:34
Neat. Well, let’s go this way, shall we? Are you ready to plunge these depths with me? Yes. Are those just DDR machines?

Chris 14:43
Let’s play a game.

Unknown Speaker 14:46
This is getting nasty, huh? What’s happening?

Haney 14:49
They’re just they have a ton of attacks, I

Chris 14:51
guess. Zero damage. That’s fine. What is happening? This is awkward.

Haney 14:56
I did not take this fight as seriously as I think I should have We penetrate the reactor we penetrate the reactor the reactor um I always dread an underwater temple in any video game we’ve talked about this before. I’m pretty sure you’ve erased all of them but probably gonna erase this one too but um a thing I really dread in video games is anything that’s water based dungeon design. I was really pleasantly surprised by how not that this was

Chris 15:24
Yeah, when you say underwater temple what I think of in Final Fantasy seven is the temple of the ancients like that’s the most underwater yes ask design area Yeah, it’s

Haney 15:35
annoying and garbage and like stupid puzzles and just dumb shit everywhere. Yeah, yeah 100% all they needed to do was put that in like the middle of a lake and it would have been a water template and Will Legend of Zelda. Yeah.

Chris 15:45
100% easy,

Haney 15:46
but I think it was fine. It was really straightforward. Like it was pretty linear. You just run straight to the reactor to the core. As you walk into the kind of main part of the reactor there’s a submarine and like a claw moving across the screen, and you really just fight shinar guards on the way this really is. Pretty simple. They’re set battles there on screen on the causeway Tifa

Chris 16:08
we can make that happen.

Haney 16:11
That’d be beautiful.

Chris 16:11
For just $10 a month. You skew your cloud.

Haney 16:15
Alright, Pokemon rolls. I guess. You’re ready for this guy to get his shit kicked.

Chris 16:20
Go sword feet about you for 20 bucks a month you are not getting this huge metiria and he Will send you pictures of his

Unknown Speaker 16:29

Unknown Speaker 16:32
So you are after the huge metiria

Chris 16:35
I guess so. I go in the right way.

Haney 16:37
Can I interest you in a NEO Bama? We find the reactor core and we see the huge materia and we also see the claw machine dips its grubby little machine fingers into the core and tickles around in there a little bit and then pulls out big huge material takes it and loads it on to the red submarine. We follow that still just kind of a straight shot into where we find Axel. Axel for those of you new to the podcast. Why are you starting in Episode 25? But anyway, are

Chris 17:10
you starting this podcast?

Haney 17:11
Also that axle is what we call Reno. Serena’s got us back to you. He’s giving orders like Yeah, get the shit on them on the shit. Let’s go. Come on. He doesn’t really notice you. We sneak up on him. He’s like, hey, help load that and we’re like, No, fuck you. And he turns around, he’s like, Oh shit. It’s you guys. It’s like, Fuck, I don’t have time to play with you right now. Fine. You go fuck off and he sticks this little porn machine monster on us.

Chris 17:36
It’s terrible.

Haney 17:37
It’s terrible. And it’s really aggressive. And it kicked my ass. Yeah, hard. I didn’t get a single thing off the first time it just instant party wipe.

Chris 17:48
Yeah, it has a laser attack that hits all party members for over 1000 damage and used it twice immediately. As soon as the battle started absolutely wrecked me. Oh, oh, wait, that Lapis laser. That’s not great. Oh, region might be Oh, fuck your time. Goodbye. See? That’s fine. Huh? Well, that was awkward. What kind of damage Did you like 1400.

Haney 18:18
kickback to our last save point, which was basically the beginning of all this. Not the worst is probably like a 10 minute aside, but it was annoying. Yeah. But we did figure out that you can save the game in stages through this with and it doesn’t block you from running back to the safe point. So what I decided to do was to run forward progress the story as much as I felt comfortable with and then run back and say that the safe point and then keep going back and forth. finally got to the point where I actually got to Reno’s back all the way through and then ran back and saved it so we could skip basically right back to the point where we could just run up to him and be like, hey, fuck you. Let’s fight. Here’s what I’m gonna do before running into that room this time. I’m gonna run back and save it. Strategy boy didn’t take me for a boy who could play a video game did you? Not sure I do. So I’m one of those gamer boys you hear about on the internet? You sound upset.

Chris 19:09
I think it’s time to retire the podcast

Haney 19:11
that’s probably pay. I think that’s been coming for about 25 maybe it’ll let me run back after I watched it.

Chris 19:19
I mean, yeah, you haven’t triggered the boss. cutscene so yes, you can. Then I take it to that submarine.

Haney 19:25
Not on my watch runs the opposite direction. Not on my watch runs completely out of the building. Not on my watch. It just goes home to nevel I’m not on my watch makes a new life with a random stranger and never

Chris 19:43
grows to the ripe old age of 97. dies peacefully in his sleep.

Haney 19:53
I absolutely hate us. I’m sure it’s fine. You would make him I need to be able to run out and save it after this. Can

Chris 20:04
you ever quote your podcast while you’re recording? You can go back and save. Oh, bro strats right here.

Unknown Speaker 20:10
Wow Pom Pom Pom Pom Pom? Not on my time for a real whoo tie of a time. Yeah. I can absolutely just leave I’m pretty sure yeah,

Chris 20:24
yeah, yeah again don’t don’t save in a new spot so second time though,

Haney 20:32
didn’t actually make any changes just went into a little bit less Cavalier and pull it out of my ass Chris I believe said this was my best fight. I think so. I would love to hear some of it right here. I don’t know if it was any good. So you can cut that if

Chris 20:47
this is long enough. There’s probably good stuff. Yeah.

Haney 20:50
Really just open off with a whole bunch of summons I think.

Chris 20:53
Well, it’s not opening with a slicer so you might be okay. Oh, by up grabbed her. Why are they asking?

Haney 21:03
Don’t wanna? She’s doing okay.

Chris 21:05
She looks like she’s having a blast. Well, she dies now she’s dead. So I guess that’s that. You know, I was gonna suggest you turn down the speed for this fight, but you’re handling it fine. Thanks. Welcome. Good. This might be your best fight yet. Oh, yes. Nice. So we do it.

Haney 21:23
Everyone survived a hell of a Foxtrot of Greece. lightnings goddamn

Chris 21:28
Meteor drive gained.

Haney 21:30
I think my favorite part of that fight was the absolute perfect execution of the Phoenix summons after Tifa and if you had both been killed immediately razzed them back to full health and then the game or the battle ended so kick this thing’s ass. I did not run back and save and I probably should have Yeah, um, so after the material is loaded on the submarine and you come out of the fight screen, the red submarine is gone. And it’s like, oh, how could they have snuck away while we’re in battle? Fucking like 200 yards submarine. How the fuck did that go away without them noticing even in the heat of battle? Anyway, we noticed another submarine that is probably going to be tasked with guarding that being loaded with troopers so we fight our way onto it. Really just destroy everything in our path. Damn

Chris 22:16
the submarine.

Haney 22:17
I like how it pulled away without us noticing. We have to go after it. I’m gonna fucking kill these noobs and take their submarine done.

Chris 22:27
It’s been a while since we’ve heard this music. Definitely. We got to stop them. But first, huddle up everyone. You get some cure. You get some cure. You get an X potion.

Haney 22:40
Well, I’m gonna go mop these nerves up. Hey, boys.

Unknown Speaker 22:45
You want the sub? Troy and tiger? Sir, maybe we shouldn’t piss them off.

Chris 22:50
I wish we could spare that guy.

Haney 22:52
Just make up our blood pack. Bring him back to the airship. It’s not what I meant as our friend. Here we are presented with my favorite option that has ever been given. We can either fight the people in the bridge or hold them captive. And Chris begged me he’s like for me, please.

Unknown Speaker 23:09
Now Now this is terrible. We don’t have much time left. I don’t want to die. There’s still so much more I’ve got to do

Chris 23:17
I’m never gonna do my special victory dance and battle.

Unknown Speaker 23:20
All right, the Nick this your first victory? Go on. chillum these guys. Remember your last training begin? Yes, sir.

Unknown Speaker 23:30
Oh man. I’m

Unknown Speaker 23:31
back. No, I got no regrets. I take them prisoner. For me.

Haney 23:40
No one prisoner. I’m taking them president. There’s such sweet baby boys. Before he kept them captive. We have no idea what happened to them after like, we did not kill them. They were just like, in the bridge with us just being soldiers, I guess. And then you have to have conversation amongst the crew about how to pilot the thing and who’s going to pilot it and how are we going to get out of here because no one knows how to drive a submarine. Cloud read the manual. For beginners. I still think that’s very funny. It’s like submarine driving. beginners.

Chris 24:14
What a treat submarines for Dummies. Oh my god. This fucking animation

Haney 24:19
is happening. See dancing?

Chris 24:21
Someone, please. I’m sorry. I can’t take it anymore. The lack of space the shaking the roar of the engine.

Unknown Speaker 24:28
What are we gonna do with the submarine but campell it it? Hey, it’s moving. Huh? Oh, man.

Chris 24:34
This sucks. Cloud do something. Hey, you’re right. I do feel a little better driving. No sweat. Just leave everything to me.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
I thank you. I am happy to be Austin. Oh my god, these boys. Hey, who might have no pilot in the submarine is very difficult. I’m completely clueless.

Chris 24:52
Well, now what? read the manual, sit in the seat. Leave it alone. read the manual. sit in the seat. read the manual. submarine

Haney 25:00
operations manual beginners edition button placements Oh Christ

Chris 25:05
directional controls Oh send left left rotation right right rotation down let’s send controls menu speed up switch fire cancel speed down Why? mission orders.

Haney 25:16
Presently on the ocean floor near June on a red leader submarine carrying huge materia has been escorted by covert Shinra submarine units. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that several mines have been dispersed onto the ocean floor. The ocean floor can only be monitored with Shinra sonar radar screen. Enemy subs can only be detected within the sonar area get in front of the detected enemy Southern lock on push switch to fire the torpedoes mines are found on the radar screen at the top of the indicators the mines inflict great damage so be careful. Objective sync the red leader summary and carrying the huge material time limit 10 minutes advice get the enemy submarine in front of you concentrate attacks on the red leader submarine if you lose track of the enemy push page down and user radar on that what do

Chris 25:58
you have that Page Down button on your controller ready?

Haney 26:01
So we climb into that good good captain’s chair. And Captain cloud starts driving a submarine at this point, I think with first encounter as tradition now Chris, I’d like to turn it over to you for your observation of how I handled this mini game.

Chris 26:18
I think saying that you handled it is putting a bit too much of a positive spin on it you may have lost it is what I would go so far as they say angry

Haney 26:30
I think I said this is the closest I’ve ever been to rage quitting this game after Shinra mention yeah these are possibly the two only times you

Chris 26:38
have almost rage quit

Haney 26:39
here’s the fun thing about like Shinra mentioned I had external factors that day like I was already kind of in a bad mood. And today nothing I had a great day so far like this is just like if I had a had a bad day and did this summer anything on top of it I probably would have just put my fucking controller through the screen today.

Chris 26:55
It was a nightmare times

Haney 26:56
oh my god I hate it. It did okay though. And the performance despair Fuck you. You passed Okay, with four minutes to spare. How much did you start with 10 minutes? Yeah, did we forget to mention this was a timed challenge. You spent

Chris 27:10
six minutes just floating along through the ocean.

Haney 27:13
Yeah, I only destroyed the red submarine. See I didn’t destroy any of the others. I don’t know how to describe this portion of the game like honestly, just look up FF seven submarine game on YouTube because I

Chris 27:24
might just released a video of it.

Haney 27:25
Yeah, it’s it’s hard to explain in audio format and it’s also angering to explain in audio format.

Chris 27:32
You’ve had many games that have not been fun for you. I’ve always enjoyed them. This is the first one that was painful to witness to be a party to

Haney 27:44
Yeah, it was unfortunate now what what was painful for you my performance or just the average? Just together all this plus the game existing at all this ball of mess. Oh my goodness, what a nightmare.

Chris 27:56
This was the first instance that we see cloud getting motion sickness. Yeah, since realizing himself.

Haney 28:02
I like the animation that plays with him and up are getting sick. I’m glad I had up in there for that one too. So they get sick together. Very good. Yeah, this was a very human Part Two for cloud not killing those guys sub coming to to motion sickness. That’s a lot more like yeah, I’m like, Yeah, I have personality. I’m a human.

Chris 28:21
Yeah, when he went in he was like, the motion engine it’s

Haney 28:25
loud. Oh, yeah. honestly wouldn’t blame him I could not do a submarine I don’t think I could never step foot on a submarine sounds terrible. Yeah, sounds fucking nightmarish that in spaceships can never do it. But hey,

Chris 28:37
we got through this. Everything seems set. Start the mission main screen on Oh boy.

Haney 28:45
Oh, now Chris. Enjoy. like gummy ships. Are those the minds? Yeah.

Chris 28:51
Warning alert. I think you just crushed into it. Oh, I think you’re crashing into all the mines.

Haney 28:56
I would like it to stop moving. That’s the red leader right?

Chris 29:00
I think you have to descend my dude. Think this is okay,

Haney 29:06
terrible. Can I go for it please? Oh, this is awful.

Chris 29:11
I feel like you’re doing better than snowboarding. Oh, nevermind. The fuck? What the fuck are happening? Can I interest you in first person mode?

Haney 29:18
Can I interest you in? Where the fuck is hap? Which

Chris 29:22
way did it go?

Haney 29:23
Oh my god. Okay, what are you going? Well, it’s gonna flow backwards because it won’t go forward now.

Chris 29:31
I’m okay with this. Oh, there it is. You caught up to it. Nevermind

Haney 29:36
my life for good patrols.

Chris 29:39
They gave you the instructions.

Haney 29:41
They’re not like good though.

Chris 29:43
Oh, four it is menu reversed and

Haney 29:45
some down is up. That’s good. Where are we? This is nightmarish.

Chris 29:51
submarine suck. No good. won’t recommend.

Haney 29:55
Oh my god. You’re doing all right, buddy. This might be like close to rage quitting where the Like what like what even is happening? with like, What? What the fuck is this?

Chris 30:05
It’s a submarine mini game.

Haney 30:06
This is why people think Kingdom Hearts is a stupid game. The GAVI ships were like yeah, like that. Remember that brilliant fucking game development moment we had of this?

Chris 30:14
Well, I have to say. At least they improved upon it. Let’s just crash ourselves into the ocean floor. Why?

Haney 30:23
Like I don’t know why it’s going down. I’m not pressing any directionals What the fuck am I supposed to do? Find the enemy ship? Where? Where the fuck is anything positive? menu is forward. Okay. menu is forward and cancels reverse. Okay. See? simplest cake.

Chris 30:44
Oh my god. Bad cake that you would never eat. This is Oh, there’s the red sub. Where are you going? Dude? Maybe he got lost too. game. This is how I parallel park to

Haney 30:59
and now I can’t. Can I have a better camera angle?

Chris 31:03
Good first person.

Haney 31:04
Thank God. Now I can’t see the red thing so fucking This is nightmarish. I hate this so much. Hey, Mission complete.

Unknown Speaker 31:14
Okay. You did it. What the fuck did I just do get nailed 100% no problem.

Haney 31:21
I need you to dove in. Now. I say Wow, that was so easy. Oh my god, I hated that. Receive Shinra sub. Yeah. You know, I’m never using the sub again. Right?

Chris 31:36
We did it. It was fucking easy. The huge material should be at the bottom of the sea by now. Let’s continue the search.

Haney 31:43
So we destroy the red submarine and find out that the big huge materia is probably on the bottom of the ocean floor by now. We are forced to dock our brand new submarine outside of June and harbor and make our way to the June airport. That’s where we’re told to go. Without all shipping submarine units. Do you read? Well shouldn’t have submarine units do you read?

Chris 32:08
It must be from Shinra report number two. Number two. I saw that written on the dock. They must mean the sub. Alright, I’ll do it. This is shooter number two. Everything’s no I’m

Haney 32:21
Roger. Your next mission is returned to junan doc. We Will transport the huge materia from the airport. Those without other assignments were apart from guard duty. That is all over now. Fucking nailed it. Forget about the huge materia for now we’re climbing. Climbing.

Chris 32:37
Oh, my ears. Let me out. I hate this up. Yes. Yes. She’s a no wait.

Haney 32:44
Let me off this nightmare rock. I have to be somewhere we’re saving for the day. No. Oh, hey,

Chris 32:51
nothing happened except you had a terrible time.

Haney 32:54
I mean, yeah, that’s why I wanted to that’s I don’t want this over. So we run up to the June and airport and are just in time to witness the huge material being loaded and crafted off away. Your party’s like, Damn, where are they going and clause just like rocket town? Of course. It’s like, Why of course like how what I like I’m glad I got marching orders. But like why is that? And of course like he could have said like the gold corral. Also, I refuse to call it the Gold Cup or whatever. It’s called gold saucer call the Golden Compass. The Golden Compass. VO

Chris 33:29
Oh, no, the huge metiria Can’t we go after it? Hey, Where? Where? Where are they headed? rocket 10? Of course. Sure. Why? Why rocky town of course.

Haney 33:40
Why does he know why Rocky? I think it’s one of the huge material until the rocket and send it to the moon. Why are they going to the moon to the moon though? The moon that we’re going oh, that’s not a treasure chest. You just pressed

Chris 33:54
it a second time you pressed it.

Haney 33:57
I just pooped.

Chris 33:58
Alright, we’re gonna take a quick break here. wipes very technical difficulties.

Haney 34:04
Skip out of June and Harbor, go grab the Highland and ferry ourselves over to rocket

Chris 34:10
town. ferry ourselves through the air.

Haney 34:12
Oh, so we live in rocket town and started talking to a couple of people and they’re all like, Whoa, wonder what Shinra is doing with all those mechanics over at the rocket and it’s like, shit. I don’t think we did much in rocket town. I think we just ran straight for the rocket. Yeah, get there. There’s a couple of spectators and they’re like, ooh, spectacle and you’re like okay, fucking weird. Oh, one thing we did forget to mention is that as you’re running up the rocket, Cid insists on being in your party since it’s his rocket. So we ended up with said Tifa cloud I believe as our party. We fight our way to the top of the rocket. I guess. There’s a couple of guards that are guarding the stairs up the rocket. We’d get our way up to the top and then finally at the top, meet an old friend. rude. How did you in the site. I thought it was pretty simple, smooth. We’ll be disaster. Yeah, he’s he’s not doing so hot. We walked right over him step inside and the guards like what route of the Turks is here like Yo, that guy we left him outside. What’s up, buddy? Just murder everyone inside and make our way to the cockpit.

Chris 35:17
It’s rude. You again. We Will eliminate everyone who gets in shinners way.

Haney 35:23
You’re ready for me to spank. Oh, come on rude boy did we kill rude?

Chris 35:29
Now I’m sure he’s okay.

Haney 35:30
He’s dead now you murdered a man

Chris 35:34
which murdered a lot of people look you Why are you here router the truck should have been here. Too bad. Those guys are over there. Oh man, the text being done in like that, but I won’t let you through. I appreciate your dedication to your duty.

Haney 35:48
I’m gonna make this guy see some duty, that’s for sure. In the cockpit, our SIDS mechanics that we saw from the flashback, we start talking to them and they’re like, Oh, shit, like they broke the remote detonation. So someone’s gonna have to ride the rocket to Meteor and we discover what they’re doing with this, which is they’re stuffing the huge materia onto the rocket and then they’re just gonna fly the rocket straight into Meteor. Hey, what

Unknown Speaker 36:14
the hell you guys doing? Hey, just where I thought something was going on you come back. Listen to me, Captain. We’re gonna launch this rocket. Right? What? What are you talking about? We’re gonna load a material bomb and this blow up Meteor called it fucking called it. See, Chris. This is why Armageddon is the best film ever made. Rockets gonna save the planet? Man, this is so cool.

Chris 36:40
Wait a minute. Shut up. Just shut the hell up. How’s the rocket?

Unknown Speaker 36:44
It’s pretty much okay, but we plan to run it into Meteor on autopilot but the most important device is broken.

Haney 36:50
broken. How’s the repair going? Listen, someone needs to stay behind a man the rocket right? This is literally the fucking plot of Armageddon.

Chris 37:00
Yeah, you don’t remember sit and Evan children do you?

Unknown Speaker 37:03
Yes, he’s he’s they show him and one scene at the very end when they’re fighting Odin.

Chris 37:09
They showed aerith and more scenes than they showed him.

Haney 37:11
That’s very true. Shit. Oh, no. broken. How’s the repair going? Oh, now, fuck. shear is doing it. Oh, great. What a bunch of wizards you guys are she’s gonna take 100 years. And I’ll take over so don’t worry about the autopilot.

Chris 37:27
Hey, Syd, what are you doing? They’re generations of knowledge and wisdom inside the materia we’re going to borrow their powers and save the planet from Sephiroth. There’s no way that we can lose the huge materia you understand that? Right?

Haney 37:39
Yeah, I understand. I understand that material is precious. And I also understand what you’re thinking. But listen, I don’t give a rat’s ass whether it’s science or magical power. No, I guess if I had to choose, I’d rather put my money on the power of science. Humans only used to walk around on the ground, but now they can fly. And finally, we’re about to go into outer space. sciences a power created and developed by humans. And science just might be what saves this planet. I was able to learn my living things to science. So to me, there’s nothing greater. Now quit. You’re worrying about what Shinra is going to do. I don’t want to regret not having done something later. This is where this game obviously inspired the hit blockbuster film Armageddon. Yeah, it makes Bruce Willis cloud no Bruce Willis has said Ben Affleck is cloud police. While we’re in the cockpit, talking to mechanics, we learned that Sherif is attempting to fix the remote detonator so that we can launch without anyone having to be on the ship when unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on who you are for Chris and I was very fortunate. We hear the most familiar over the intercom and we learned that we’ve been locked inside of the rocket and Palmer is just like two birds one stone Zenith flying us and everyone on board directly into the fucking Meteor. You can’t fault him Really? It makes sense. It’s what I wanted if your two goals were destroyed the meteor destroy cloud cloud gets on the rocket that you’re sending to Meteor fucking Yeah, good button. Yeah, send them away. Just goodbye cloud. What the hell? What the hell happened?

Unknown Speaker 39:22
Hey Palmer, what the hell is he do? They said they finished repairing the auto pilot so I launched goddamnit Shira, why don’t you pick today to get fast?

Haney 39:44
Won’t even budge. It’s completely locked up. Hey, almost lift off. No countdown and just don’t seem the same without it. Hey Oh,

Unknown Speaker 40:01
Oh fuck it’s actually launching five floor didn’t realize this was how the game was gonna end with us just crashing into Meteor. I

Chris 40:07
think I didn’t want you to spoil anything.

Haney 40:11
I had a lot of fun during this part basically since Palmer started talking through where we save the game was I don’t know that I stopped smiling and having a great time. It’s a delight. It’s up there my top like five parts of the game so far.

Chris 40:24
If there’s anything we need more of. It’s definitely Palmer.

Haney 40:27
I love Palmer. He is just such a fun character to have around. Yeah, what a treat. Hey, more, Lord. Awful. So while we’re trapped on the rocket that’s hurtling towards Meteor. Sid reveals that he has an escape pod on the rocket for just such an occasion. Can’t say I expected that we would go to outer space and Final Fantasy seven. Genuinely can say that. That is something I was not expecting. It did. And I finally made it out of space. Let’s see. How’s the course set? Yep, it’s headed for a collision. Meteor. All right. Can we do something if it goes on where? fiddle fiddle? Kick. That damn Palmer went out of his way to lock the autopilot device. We might not be able to change curse.

Chris 41:12
Is this the end?

Haney 41:14
What in the hell are you saying? You’re still young don’t give up so easily. I’m not gonna crash in the Meteor. Just watch. Should I keep an escape pod on the rocket just for emergencies. lacteus deciphered the lock code on the escape pod Will bail rat before we crash into Meteor. Hey, what about the huge materia? If you want the materia, do whatever you want. The material should be there after you climb that ladder. You sure? I don’t know. I know what I said a minute ago. Said is so great. And I feel like they give him like a little bit of meta just to like, be it like it’s just such a thorn in clouds side of annoying. But maybe all that I really wanted was just to go into outer space. So why don’t you all do or whatever you think is right.

Chris 41:58
This might be one of my favorite minigames. All right. Let’s set the scene. Yeah. Oh, when you say we you mean me?

Haney 42:05
Yeah, Chris, why don’t you set the scene for me?

Chris 42:07
So the huge materia is locked in a tank something of something that needs a passcode to open SIDS, like, do it just smashing whatever, try it. And you do. And it’s like, fucking alert. There’s a unauthorized user trying to access this three minute countdown three minutes to figure it out. So you’re like, shit? Well, I don’t have anything to base this off of, and then SIDS like, well, I’m pretty sure this passcode has been used by top shinar employees. So think of some codes. Well, he’s thinking of codes because he was part of Shinra Oh, right. Right. Right. Yeah. So I think that’s where your disconnect was?

Haney 42:41
Ah, okay. Yeah, I thought he was telling cloud to think of No, no.

Chris 42:44
So the mini game is, Sid trying to remember the code that he’s clearly forgotten. While you’re just putting in like random numbers. It’s I think it’s quite nice.

Haney 42:55
It’s structured so that the lock can be open if we enter this passcode from this control panel. Hey, cloud, you know how to use it right? Every time it says enter passcode, push, okay, cancel menu or switch. If you punch in the right code, and a long luck, you get the huge materia.

Chris 43:09
So what order Am I supposed to enter the passcode in?

Haney 43:13
I’ll just try and punch the code randomly.

Chris 43:15
an authorized user identified,

Unknown Speaker 43:17
it seems like you missed the code. We don’t enter the correct passcode. Before the protection system activates. We won’t be able to get the material back.

Chris 43:23
Smash those buttons.

Haney 43:25
I heard there’s a passcode only the top people on Shinra. No. King. Did you use menu? I’m pretty sure you didn’t. code number three was cancel I think okay, three is cancel. The second code wasn’t needed.

Chris 43:37
So the third is cancel. Yeah. There’s a menu somewhere.

Haney 43:41
I’m pretty sure the last code was menu. No, maybe it was canceled. And I can’t give it some more time. Try. Okay, switch. So there’s okay. I think this is okay. I think so. Okay. Switch.

Chris 43:53
cancel, cancel menu.

Haney 43:55
of feeling you push. Okay.

Chris 43:57
So it’s either switch, okay, or Okay, switch. As many of you tell me

Haney 44:04
passcode confirmed identified as authorized user unlocked. Yeah, yeah. All right, cloud. It’s unlocked. Yep. migrated vast. save the day, fuckin said was stellar. It’s just great to see huge material. Now we got to escape pod, right? We managed to get it and pulled the material and don’t know what we’re gonna do with it. But that’s cool. After we got the huge materia we skip out along down to the escape pod. Unfortunately, as we’re walking down past the oxygen tanks that we so remember Shira for lovingly checking, there is an electrical failure on oxygen tank eight, and it explodes and part of it lands on said and crushes them not to death but pending them to the ground. I genuinely thought we’re gonna lose sit here. Did you really? I did. Yeah. Cuz I was like, maybe I didn’t remember him and Advent Children like it was 16 years ago. Now. How the fuck am I gonna remember?

Chris 45:02
Damn, my legs stuck in the debris said, I can’t It’s so heavy. I can’t lift it. I can’t go without my friends.

Haney 45:09
You thought no time to worry about other people.

Chris 45:12
I’m gonna do whatever I can. You’re stupid. You’re really fucking

Haney 45:15
stupid. Tip number eight blew up. So tip number eight really was malfunctioning. Shear your doll don’t do me like this. But this is the end for me. No Don’t say that said JIRA. I tagged along. I’m coming to help you as you’re trying to lift this item off set and save him. You discover that you’re still on the ship. Yeah, again. Yeah, still doing safety checks again. I’m sure love Shira. I think we got my favorite moment here though, where Sid realizes that the tank that Sherif had been expecting on the first attempt to launch did have a fault and that if they had gone through with the plan initially, you know with not letting share a check there would have been an accident something bad would have happened. I love that the kind of like reconciliation between them in a way it’s not good by any means. It’s not healthy, but it’s so them again, it’s like Derek and Julie from whatever move on Korea. Anyway, I’m sure it comes in and helps lift the item off of said and you make it to the escape pod just in time and the rocket crashes into Meteor as the escape pod falls to earth. We get a cutscene from a couple of different points of view on the planet as we see just the fucking massive ball of fire as the rocket crashes into a meteor and we don’t really know what happened when we see it kind of people just like looking up and just staring into the sky. We see from Cosmo Canyon we see it from mid Gar I think we see it from June and harbor as well. We get an interesting point where we see bouken Hagen in his like planetary science room he sees the explosion like on his mini map. Unfortunately, Meteor still just charging in you see that we did do a good chunk of damage to it, but it’s like, electrically or magnetically holding itself together. So like pieces of it did break away but they’re like not going anywhere. They’re like staying attached to the mass as it just comes down to plummet Earth. Yeah, not great. Not ideal.

Chris 47:24
No, you got to admire its tenacity though. Yeah, I

Haney 47:28
do. I definitely do. Katya Boogie. niagen Port bouken Holy shit. I’m pretty sure Meteor still gonna be there? I’m like 90% sure Meteor still gonna be there after the light clears. Oh, fuck. The healing itself. Oh, boy. I don’t think that’s very good. Chris still on its way. Yeah. After that. cutscene we skipped to the bridge of the high wind and get a just absolutely great rousing speech from said where cloud doesn’t really have like what it takes at this moment to be in charge. Rufus and the others plan was a failure. What a bust. But I kind of hoped it work. Makes you where he doesn’t it. Don’t worry. Think, hey, the girls, right? You start worrying. There’s no stopping it. Things just start falling apart and get worse and worse. You’re pretty damn optimistic. You up to something? Yeah, I’ve been thinking about this and that.

Chris 48:37
I’ve been thinking too, about the universe. How wide and big. No matter where I go and what I do, it won’t change a thing. Maybe you’re at,

Haney 48:48
but I came up with something different. I always thought this planet was so huge. But looking at it from space. I realized it’s so small. We’re just floating in the dark kind of makes you feel powerless. On top of that, it’s got Sephora festering inside it like a sickness. What a metal line. That is such a good line. That’s why I say this planet still kid. Little kids sick and trembling in the middle of this huge universe. Someone’s got to protect you follow me that someone

Unknown Speaker 49:17
us said. That’s beautiful. Yo said you’ve got to me. Now what? How are we going to protect the planet from Meteor?

Haney 49:27
I’m still thinking about that one. Everyone just locked the leg goddamnit everyone’s like, super into it like super on board. And then he just goes, you know, haven’t figured that part out yet. I’m still thinking it sits down and everyone just dejectedly walks away. It’s so good. It’s probably my favorite gag in the game so far.

Chris 49:48
That’s one of the things that I wish more people understood about Final Fantasy seven is that it’s a funny game. It’s pretty fucking fun. It’s a lot of humor in here.

Haney 49:56
Who do you think’s the funniest character? Oh man. Sit is probably where The comic relief comes from but he’s also like not funny in certain aspects at all

Chris 50:04
said and Bear Bear are way up there. I think cloud has a lot of really funny moments

Haney 50:10
cloud is surprisingly funny. He’s funny in that like jackass II way. Yeah, whereas SIDS funny just like out and out funny and bear it’s more of like an intelligent funny I find up is pretty fun. It’s fun.

Chris 50:23
I wouldn’t say she’s like funny

Haney 50:26
or fun in the same way where they’re like not out and not funny. They’re like clever funny if you like they’d be like highbrow stuff. I don’t know if it was like vomiting back on the brow. What a treat. That was fine. Yeah, I think at that point, though, we touched down our airship and save the game.

Chris 50:43
Yeah, we have a destination.

Haney 50:45
We do have a destination. I don’t remember it.

Chris 50:48
Boo. gaghan. All right, we

Haney 50:50
need to go see bouken Hagen. Did you hear something? Maybe it’s the planet scream. Or is it Meteor? Hey,

Chris 50:59
how do we know that? This is really the planet screen? Did you forget bouken Hagen told us ugen Hagen.

Haney 51:06
Let’s go see grandfather to Cosmo Canyon. I’m sure he’ll be able to tell us something that Will be helpful. Hell yeah. Let’s go. Let’s go cars. No cars no

Chris 51:20
level 10 learning pilot. Shall we go? Let’s. And that’s where we’re stopping. Oh, let me fucking save the game. How’d you feel about this episode overall? Good.

Haney 51:36
I felt worse about it. Before we started talking about it. After we finished gameplay. We took a break. And it was kind of like, man, I know. I don’t know how this is gonna pan out. I feel like there wasn’t much to talk about. Turns out there was a lot that’s going on. I thought there’s plenty to talk about. I’m actually feeling very good. I’m at the point where I’m worried that the game is winding down and I’m not ready yet. I don’t know exactly what the like disk to cut off is if it’s even going to tell me what this two is. And I don’t know how much remainders on disc three like it could be like a megabyte worth of gameplay that they just could not fit on a CD ROM that

Chris 52:09
three hour long. Sephiroth Boston counter

Haney 52:11
right. Like it could be?

Chris 52:13
No, I’m telling you. That’s not a joke. That’s what it is. Anyway, feeling good

Haney 52:19
about today’s episode, I had some giggles had some near tears had a death. I feel like today’s episode really just had it all. Yeah. You had today’s episode did not have a lot of that. I feel like I was missing and you were probably very grateful for was enough of that. I got one line in and then that’s all I need. That’s plenty. No. equipping and unequipping and shopping. Yeah, I don’t miss that. Yeah, I do. But we’re at a place right now where I didn’t need to. Yeah, the story didn’t go anywhere. I wasn’t expecting today. Even though I shouldn’t have been expecting the rocket because I made the joke about it. I was like, I was kind of like when I said rockets. I was like now No, we’re not actually Oh my god, we’re actually doing this.

Chris 53:05
I wish you hadn’t seen Armageddon just so that could have been like a moment for you.

Haney 53:10
But also, we wouldn’t have the brilliant comparison to Armageddon. Yeah, that’s fair. That’s also not the first time I’ve compared this game to I really don’t understand.

Chris 53:19
I’ll have to watch it.

Haney 53:21
Yeah, sure. I actually, I actually genuinely liked the movie. It is not a good movie, but I like it. So are you feeling about this episode? I’m feeling okay.

Chris 53:29
I never really have a strong feeling until I start doing the editing.

Haney 53:33
That’s good. That’s good. That’s good for this. This podcast where we talk?

Chris 53:37
Well, it doesn’t matter how I feel. So here’s the thing. You said you feel like the game’s winding down. So why don’t we answer some of the questions that we’ve had. Okay, we got a couple of weapons wandering around. Yeah, that’s fine. We got Meteor still coming at us. So for all this in the north gave, as far as we know, at this point, still, we’ve got the chinar doing their thing. Still. How are you going to tackle these

Haney 54:00
hoping that I don’t have to tackle all right, hoping that we get some some planetary assistance here.

Chris 54:05
Let’s maybe we should have a plan B though, in case Yeah,

Haney 54:09
I feel like bouken Hagen’s gonna probably give us a little bit more insight on Meteor and or the weapons. I feel like that’s really going to be where his strong suit is as planetary science. So we’re probably gonna be like, hey, why didn’t the meteor blow up in his make? Oh, it’s held together by the live stream or something? Yeah, whatever. Or the the death stream? I don’t know. badass. That’s actually pretty brutal. I’m beginning Bukit Hagen, though, I think bouken Hagen is going to tell us more of the planetary side of things. So he’ll probably have some insight about Meteor and weapon. I think that Shinra is going to maybe collapse under its own kind of weight at this point. They’re not doing so hot public opinion wise, I imagine at this point, so we’ll have to see how things go out there. I think over the next couple episodes, it feels like we’re going to be kind of Closing some of those open questions. This is like what we’re gonna do with weapon. This is what we’re gonna do with the media. This is what we’re gonna do with the Shinra. This is what we’re going to do with Sephora. So I don’t know exactly how they’re going to be handled. I think that’s going to be part of the fun of the next couple episodes is figuring that out. And I don’t really have a strong opinion right now, because I wasn’t expecting Meteor to survive the rocket until I saw the cutscene. I was like, it’s totally, it’s gonna still be there. Because it just has that gravitas about it or like, yeah, it’s gonna still be there once the smoke clears. Yeah, I do think that there still might be the chance to use weapon to our benefit as opposed to having to destroy them. But I’m not sure exactly. Um, yeah, I feel like I’m in a very weird place where I don’t have a lot of cockamamie theories at this point. But just wait. I’m sure midweek I’ll send you something stupid.

Chris 55:48
I sure hope so.

Haney 55:49

Chris 55:50
we have a couple characters who haven’t gotten as much development as the others. What do you think? What do you what how do you feel about Vincent in eufy?

Haney 55:59
I would like to do their side quests.

Chris 56:00
Yeah. What do you expect to come out of those? Ah,

Haney 56:02
just backstory? I imagine. So firm ups. I do know that up, or I do think I know that up as a member of the Wu Tang clan. So I think we’ll get a little bit backstory about why she was like, trying to fight people in the forest. And like, like me why she was like cat gadem. Like, yeah, I think when that episode aired, I believed that she was going to include us in some sort of burglary or something probably more simple. She’s probably just wants us to help her like defend the village from the genre. That sounds like did basically like, convert our part to. Yeah, that was a thing. Yeah. So I feel like it’s gonna be like, way less cool than that. But at least have like a good storyline. Sure, Benson. I am way more hopeful about because there’s so much more connection to the Shinra that I know of with him, that I really want to get the backstory of the crash. Yeah, the backstory about him. Like, why he’s in the coffin like how he was a Turk. Like, why he turns into a monster sometimes, you know, just general, basic questions you have about people like that.

Chris 57:03
Yeah, I feel like that’s reasonable. Yeah,

Haney 57:06
I do think that it is a absolute shame that anything related to Vincent is a cyclist. Yeah. eufy I could totally see being a complete bonus character. so far. Everything surrounding Vincent is just so closely tied to saffer authen Shinra, that it’s like this really shouldn’t have been side questi it’s really weird. Yeah, it seems like that is a fairly popular opinion. From the couple of people I’ve talked to about the game. I try not to talk to a ton of people about the game right now. thing I’m most excited about being able to talk to people about the game. That’s gonna be fucking fun. I’m so excited to finally take part in conversations that I should have been 1520 years ago. But um, yeah. So I mean, I’m glad that we made our agreement where you Will not let me miss the sidequest because I really want to see them, but I am bummed that they are cyclists.

Chris 57:55
Yeah, yeah. No, I am 100% on board with that.

Haney 57:58
Yeah. I think the first thing I’m going to do when I beat this game, though, is play it with a walkthrough. And it’s on the phone to definitely not playing it on my fucking phone. But I think I’m gonna I’m gonna pick up a strategy guide and play on the switch as soon as it’s our cuz I really want to just fucking, I need to explore every last inch of this game. Yeah, yeah. I think that’s everything I wanted to talk about for the game today. What

Chris 58:22
about you? Cool. No, I think that sums it up. Awesome. I

Haney 58:25
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