In this episode we put on our climbing spikes, fight some dragons, jump into the wind, meet the real Sephiroth, and confirm that Cloud is definitely not okay. Thanks for listening!

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:00
Hey listener first encounters an explicit podcast by grownups for grownups. Content warnings can be found in the episode description. Did you know that first encounter is joined to collective this filtration collective is a nerdy and independent arts collective farm to support indie creators while promoting community inclusion and the drive to grow and improve

Chris 0:15
go to spell pushing calm. Keith is putting in a lot of work to say

Haney 0:21
really been beaten to hell. She has multi Inspector,

Chris 0:25
she’s got the counter, she has the least amount of health of every order.

Haney 0:29
Are you saying that they just target her because of that?

Chris 0:31
No, I’m saying it was a what’s a polite way of saying bad decision? To do what it was an alternative decision? It was a decision to put cover on her

Haney 0:43
weight is Alec covered us?

Chris 0:44
Yes, she blocks attacks. Oh, yeah. 30 hours into the game.

Haney 0:48
Take that off. I had no idea. That’s what that did. We should just take that off.

stupid kid math is how to learn to do your taxes. How to balance a checkbook. How to I’m like, that’s not the stupid kid math. That’s the basic living do that. I couldn’t give a shit about algebra two. Like

Chris 1:18
Yeah, dude.

Haney 1:19
I knew in high school that I wasn’t going into a math field. I work in computer science and I’m still not in a math field. Like, teach me how to do my taxes. Good. God everyone

Chris 1:27
should have to take but yeah, finance.

Haney 1:30
Yeah, definitely. Very good. Sweet. Hey, Hey, buddy.

Unknown Speaker 1:34
How you doing?

Chris 1:34
Doing? Okay,

Haney 1:35
that’s gonna be really weird to have like that. Start recording. Like,

Chris 1:39
I think I’m just gonna keep it all really?

Haney 1:42
Honestly, it’s not bad advice. So we should make a podcast for dumb asses for finances finance for dumb asses. Or it’s just us being dumb asses trying to figure out

Chris 1:53
Yeah, we’ll just kind of put all of the spill potion first encounter numbers out into the world as Yeah.

Haney 2:02
Actually, probably people really would love that. Like people trying to get their podcast started. I think multi did something like that actually, where they’re like, Hey, this is like a breakdown of like, yeah,

Chris 2:09
they have it in their blog. Yeah. Which

Haney 2:11
is pretty fucking cool. Actually. Turns out transparency. Not a bad thing. Who knew? Not me? Yeah, me either. I’m really not transparent as a person. I should be more. Welcome the first encounter podcast.

Chris 2:23
Hey, pumpkin. Hi, it’s Ellen. Jonah. Okay. Yeah,

we actually have I don’t know if you’re aware of any. A promo to play from our friends at the reunion Final Fantasy remake podcast.

Haney 2:34
I would love to hear it. Well, here we go. Whoo. Hi, everyone. It’s Kai here, host of the reunion of Final Fantasy seven remake podcast. The reunion podcast is a video game podcast focusing on Final Fantasy seven, Final Fantasy seven remake and its subsequent parts. Join myself and my co host is the creator of the cosmic cannon observatory YouTube channel, as we feature exclusive interviews and interactions with Final Fantasy seven and Final Fantasy seven remake content creators and members of the Final Fantasy seven and seven remake community. Thanks to this and his incredibly powerful magnifying glass in depth analysis and discussions are a definite highlight. For your Fix of everything, Final Fantasy seven and Final Fantasy seven remake, including news theory crafting, hot takes giveaways, and more. Listen to the reunion podcast today. available on all podcast streaming platforms. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for all the latest on Final Fantasy seven remake at reunion underscore podcast. All right, everyone. Let’s mosey down again. Stop saying it like a wimp.

Chris 4:05
Can you say move out or something? Move out. Yeah, good voice check it out.

Haney 4:12
Go get those good good folks to listen to. What have you been up to lately? Chris? How are you? I’m

Chris 4:17
doing okay. Pretty excited to just get my shit kicked in by your gloating. Yeah,

Haney 4:22
yeah. Can you see the smog Carl already started out my face.

Chris 4:27
I can feel it’s just washing over me.

Haney 4:29
Wash me. Before we get there though. Let’s recap where we’ve been for our dear listener. Okay. So last time, if you remember we made it to the snow village got some of that good good learning about Professor gassed and Thelma and Joe Joe’s passed in the snow village as well as Genova is passed in the region, I would say and probably not directly in that village, but how it kind of plays into the story that led us on a journey of mountain climbing expertise or rather actually snowboarding x rays which deposited us At the base of is a guy a cliff guys Cliff guys Cliff Yeah, at a mountain climbers home. That is where we pick up today’s game. The mountain climber I believe his name is Mr. Holt’s off. And yeah, we pick up today’s journey from the hoods off base camp, which is where he’s lived for 20 years, even though his wife is seemingly not that far away in a very nice village. Yeah, I mean, I know we talked about that last time, but just really needs to ram that point home. I mean, I’m glad he’s alive. I just wish they would. I need more. And I’m hoping that I know that I doubt like how they touch on it in that like anything past this point. With those two, they’ve failed their purpose. At this point. I would love a mini side quest all like awkward enough time majority’s mask in the remake where you kind of have to work to like, get them in communication with each other, like bringing letters back and forth and getting them into the spirit of communicating again.

Chris 5:54
That’s strange.

Haney 5:55
I’ve never played that game. It’s good. I haven’t played it. No, excellent. Anyway, picking up at the host off residence we wake up and get a brief instruction from the mountain climber himself on how to proceed up the mountain. So we need to use the switch button which dear listener I’m sure you remember is my absolute favorite button. It’s actually okay this time because I know what it is now left bumper Chris keep this in for the future left bumper um we need to use the switch button to raise our body temperature and we need to be cognizant of the flags that mark the path up the mountain I believe is basically the the gist of it as we leave the cabin we are greeted by every member of our party was there any meaning behind all of them being there or were they really just there to see you was just a fun scene?

Chris 6:44
Yeah seeing them all together

Haney 6:45
it really was I mean that’s all of them all eight of them all right PMP sir still miss you baby much love always with us never forgotten But yeah,

Chris 6:55
I thought that was really cute you see all their like shiver animations sit is sitting there like

Haney 7:00
I can just imagine said having a constant stream of profanity under his breath and and temperatures like that. Yeah, and

Chris 7:06
you know he was dragged out there by like barriers.

Haney 7:08
Oh, yeah, we’re seeing them or read 13 just grabbing his wrist and dragging him out of the climbers house.

Chris 7:13

Haney 7:14
So all the other party members see you off and you start your journey up the mountain. There’s really not a lot to go into during this you have to rapidly press the left bumper or switch button to keep your body temperature up. It’s actually pretty fun. I thought it was a really cool way to make this more interesting.

Chris 7:33
Raise your body temp there my dude yeah all right. If you pass out here because your temperature is too low you go back to the cabin. Just a heads

Haney 7:40
what what temperature is danger?

Chris 7:43
You know then dangerous too low. What do you want?

Haney 7:46
Is this an intentional wrong path? Because I just assumed it would have something cool on it but there’s nothing and I can’t seem to Yeah, I don’t know.

Chris 7:54
Really cases should be doing all of this seems a toy.

Haney 7:58
Why aren’t I wearing him? Why aren’t I just cutting them open and crawling inside them for the night like goddamn Tom Tom. I

Chris 8:04
think I’ve read the fanfic.

Haney 8:07
As you make your way up the cliff there’s a I think two offshoots where you kind of go into caverns basically just to collect items and I wasn’t upset by anything after we kind of got up there. Alright, fine.

Chris 8:18
I don’t know I don’t know what you want.

Haney 8:20
I want it to let me bring them back to life so I can get some fucking experience

Chris 8:24
but I don’t know why it would allow that on killing them

Haney 8:27
just so I can’t like I could easily kill this thing. But it won’t let me let me have my experience. Yeah, better give me experience when they die at the cloud doesn’t need more experience. At least. Fucking Tifa needs to be alive. You are such a dickhead.

Chris 8:49
Nice 31 Hp crushed it. Not bad. Oh Barrett. Hello, what

Haney 8:54
the fuck was that? Magic breath nonsense and how do I not have that happen again? This is cool mechanic where you you enter into a room and the way to a chest and the way to the door out of the cavern are both inaccessible. And what you have to do is work your way through the kind of puzzles and maze of this cavern to get to the top level where every time you touch one of four or five icicles in your path an encounter starts

Chris 9:25
Don’t you hate when you get into a fight with an icicle

Haney 9:27
sometimes see what that icicle has tried to steal from me

Unknown Speaker 9:35
I was curious

Haney 9:39
what’s happening

Chris 9:40
it’s hasn’t reached its final form yet. Is that thing it’s an icicle,

Haney 9:44
but why did it like crack and then just like and what happens with icicles and then you can jump back down into the cavern below where the exit to the mountain and the final chest that are in that area are now accessible because the icicles have fallen below and created Which I thought was really neat in a way that was challenging without being frustrating and ended up actually being a really good mechanic without any wonkiness that some of the other mechanics in the game do, unfortunately have, yeah, we get into a final area of the cavern where a figure yells and then this thrown towards you. It’s seemingly a black cloaked figure number not known at this time. That’s kind of weird. You progress forward a little bit, and it immediately turns into a boss encounter. You are confronted with a two headed dragon. Yeah, hello.

Chris 10:39
He looks like a man a black kid.

Haney 10:41
He did. We okay. His music is this. Who we fighting? Oh, dargan. What do you think they are? Bad? That sounds right. Oh, it’s a one’s fire and one’s ice heylia.

Chris 10:57
Much like us. You could say,

Haney 10:58
I’d fire you’re definitely Ice. Ice cold. Yeah, you’re already super cold and super distant. It’s not what I meant. I mean, I’m just trying to say like, you’re just emotionally unavailable? Well, here we are, out of Phoenix downs. Oh, really? Yeah. That’s why I’m not an author, like, what’s the point? I’m not going to be able to get it off

Chris 11:18
of the tree?

Haney 11:19
How many times have I finished them.

Chris 11:21
The third finishing touch I’ve used. What this boss encounter is, is a dragon that has two different heads. And the really cool thing is that each head is its own target. So you can choose to attack the head on the right or the head on the left. And each head acts independently and gets their own attacks throughout combat.

Haney 11:40
Yeah, what was interesting about this was in fights where I’ve done that before, like had like, you know, like a two headed target, the body was also a target, which was not a viable target in this so you cannot do damage to them. At the same time, unless you’re doing a an all or hits every enemy move. Really. I believe our party at this point was cloud read 13. And Kate’s the Dream Team, if you Will v2, my party was super equipped at this point to handle ice combat because the entire time I’ve been going through this, I’ve been like, okay, every monster is gonna do ice damage. Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna bulk up our ice resistance, and we’re gonna put all of our effort into flame damage, which so far has worked really well. Yeah, but I have a feeling that the developers or whoever designed this combat was like, I know exactly what they’re gonna do. And I know how to make it super frustrating at the very most inopportune time, so I lost but I think I held my own pretty well. What happened was cloud was equipped with a ice armor that drained ice damage, so he just couldn’t have damage done to him, but I couldn’t keep Cait Sith and read 13 alive.

Chris 12:49
Do you remember how cloud perished?

Haney 12:51
I believe it was a lightning attack, wasn’t it?

Chris 12:53
Yeah, when you kill one of the heads it lets off like a final attack just like ftu just destroys cloud. It does like 1000 damage. I

Haney 13:01
think it’s so much it was so much damage. So we had a better plan. I think going into the fight the second time, moved our elements around a whole bunch, move some equipment around and ended up being able to give cloud complete fire resistance and ice absorb made the fight pretty good, I think. made it through this cavern continue to climb up and at this point we come out onto the cliffs Right. Yeah. The top of the cliff.

Chris 13:29
Yeah, climb up to the rim

Haney 13:30
with if you Will. When we’re on the top of the rim. We see kind of a Caldera I’d say and by kind of I mean exactly a Caldera. It is straight up a Caldera with a crater in the center with the

Chris 13:44
F physical narrow,

Haney 13:45
a Caldera. My good friend Chris, is the reverse dome shaped inside a volcano.

Chris 13:52
So the dip in the rim is what you’re saying?

Haney 13:54
Yeah, so at the center of the dip in the rim is a hole spewing materia so there is a Maiko fountain I guess is the best way to say it is massive, though it is this absolute massive spring in the center of this crater of Maiko energy just being spewed out into the sky.

Chris 14:16
I think at this point, we can call it the live stream because it hasn’t been well. Yeah, yeah.

Haney 14:21
Yeah. So it seems like this is where the live stream is still trying to heal the impact that Genova made is what I was getting from the kind of context of them saying exactly those words. When you see that top of the world Whoa,

Chris 14:37
whoa, that’s what I call it crater.

Haney 14:40
That looks like a whole bunch of lifestream.

Chris 14:43
This is a new track for you. Why don’t you pop both those buds in there?

Haney 14:46
Let me buds up, if you Will, I Will. So this must be the crater where de novo originally hit,

Chris 14:52
I presume, an old crater. Something fell out of the sky and crushed down here living a scar on the planet.

Haney 14:58
The energy of the planet It is concentrated here. It is slowly healing its old wound

Chris 15:03
Sephiroth took that energy and it’s trying to use Meteor. Next time the wound won’t be so small.

Haney 15:09
I’m really glad I didn’t have to use Kate’s up there to just absolutely ruin the moment when you’re on the rim of the caldera someone else What’s that? And you look up and see Rufus, this ship and Rufus with heideggerian, Scarlet Intel and their airship are flying and hot.

Chris 15:24
And this is the first time you get a good glimpse of the airship. You’ve seen it once when we climbed up onto junan. But now we see in action. Yeah. Oh, fuck, fuck yeah. You mean. I’ll be Rufus if you want to take a Heidegger.

Haney 15:37
Yeah, yeah. All right.

Chris 15:40
So I finally found you. Yeah, yeah.

Haney 15:51
Scarlet sucks. This is incredible. keep laughing? Oh, this is the promised land the President has been searching for. I don’t know what that was. I don’t like that.

Chris 16:05
But I’ll be the one who gets it.

Haney 16:07
What was that? Heidegger voice?

Chris 16:08
Sorry, hold man.

Haney 16:10
Gary Sokol. Oh, they’re all here. That land is not once. It’s where their reunion Will take place. They Will all gather here. I wonder if we’ll see. Separate. Alright, well speaking weird. So we got to climb down the caldera and have to make our way through these kind of windy stormy areas as we’re heading towards the material.

Chris 16:43
We’re also passing a lot of black cloak figures

Haney 16:45
we are there’s a lot of them. Yeah, they’re all pretty unobservant or uncaring about you. They’re just saying they need to get to Sephora. And they’re all just marching along this path. They’re just kind of lemon lemmings, you know, like, they’re like lemming themselves through this path like so like you just like randomly see, some of them just fall off the edge of the cliff some fall over and die and you can like take items from them, which is kind of fucked the imagery of these figures who have been falling suffer off or Genova as we learn, we’ll get there.

Chris 17:14
since at least nibble Haim they’ve been just like crawling the whole way and killing themselves to get to this point and they’re finally starting to like break down and just collapse and I think it’s really cool.

Haney 17:27
DNA analysis cool about that. Clouds not so different from them. And he’s also been following sefirat since niflheim climbing his lay here

Chris 17:35
fucking smug ass face

Haney 17:36
so good. We’ll get there though. So yeah, the black cloak figures provide an interesting kind of sobering moment of Hey, this is still like bad and we’re gonna have a bad time Tifa confronts you as you’re following the black cloak figures and it’s like hey, I need to go with you I need to see this through and it makes sense to me here to have Tifa because she has the same rage and hate for soft rock that you would you know she’s been as effective if not more by suffer off than cloud has even at this point. You follow the by click figures you make your way through these interesting puzzles where you have to wait for a break in like a storm to get through it. If you don’t make it through the storm though you get knocked back and then immediately launched into an encounter which was like fine the first two times and then like it got annoying. Yeah,

Chris 18:20
I take fault with interesting and puzzle those two words I’m not sure you use correctly that’s very fair.

Haney 18:27
This was an annoying aside to trying to progress the story. Oh, boy, that’s a lot of black cloaked figures. Yeah. Chris that we almost at the reunion got a little procession going on in dropping off the sides. This is Oh, that’s very upsetting to watch. Can’t say I love it. No, no. So I have to wait for the wind to calm for this one as well as not get hit by the tornado. That’s correct. Okay. Oh, I see. No, maybe I don’t see that done.

Chris 19:02
Oh, yeah. Did I forget to mention every time you get knocked back you went to a battle? You did? My bad. But my favorite Pokemon,

Haney 19:09
is it? No, I hate it. I can awful I can see between me and your favorite book one. Now you strike me as that kind of guy strike you as a bidoof man never took you for a Purdue fella. For some reason To me it doesn’t look like there’s much difference in the wind weapon. That’s going very aggressively and then it’s going to start calming down. Now. Jump to soon. Dun dun dun. Dan, welcome to the grind time podcast. So we reached the end of this nonsense wind resistance blockage. I don’t really know what to say. I would say blockage. Yeah, yeah, wind blockage blockage in the crater and we see good old fashioned sappy just slay him black cloaks figures. He’s like, well, you guys are reached the end of your usefulness. Just fuckin swords them down to death and they fall to the side and can just dead and it’s like, well That’s fucked up.

Chris 20:01
Specifically they’re falling into the Lifestream.

Haney 20:03
They’re trying to merge. You gotta gotta merge. Sometimes you just merge a little faster than others. Cloud takes offense to Zephyr off at this point and you start confronting him. You say something akin to like, this is the N CF wrath and cipher is like yeah, you’re right of this body, and then turns into fucking Genova and attacks you.

Chris 20:24
Yeah. All right. Does this look okay? Oh,

Haney 20:28

Chris 20:29
sepher off.

Haney 20:30
This is the end. I think it’s cool that we said You’re right. This is the end of this body’s usefulness.

Chris 20:38
disappeared. I like that. Do you not love it?

Haney 20:43
That’s real Janell v. Do you remember when we looked in the tank and we felt the heartbeat? Yeah, he might still be nearby. I feel something dangerous. I’m very you feel very on edge. Our purpose is to deliver the black materia to our master our those who carry Genova cells

Chris 21:05
master Oh,

Haney 21:07
don’t go crazy now cloud of course. Suffer off

Unknown Speaker 21:14
out there Yes. Oh,

Haney 21:17
oh fuck. Oh boy, that’s a Genova. So this is Genova death. So we’ve gotten the three kind of major stages of living experience I guess at this point, which is birth life death But yeah, this fight definitely lost the impact I think it should have had in how ridiculously accidentally and I cannot stress that enough. Accidentally prepared I was for it. So really just had no issues. I think I just breeze through it. To Nova death, so Genova breath Genova life engine Nova DEP a

Chris 21:51
good thing about those fire absorbents

Haney 21:54
This might be okay. team has done though. I can tell you that right now.

Chris 21:58
No, she has the half of everything right? The Dragon Armor does.

Haney 22:01
Yes. Nice.

Chris 22:05
Jesus Christ, this might not have the impact it was meant to. You can tell already, though, how nasty this would be just by the frequency that it’s using those? Yeah.

Haney 22:16
So after the fight, you get the black materia as like a item. So you can who do we hand it off to you get to choose who you hand the black material off to. So the first person I did, obviously, Dream Team v3 Genova cells.

Chris 22:33
So that’s what this is about. The Genova reunion,

Haney 22:37
not Sephora. You mean all the time, it wasn’t Sephora. We’ve been after.

Chris 22:42
I’ll explain later. Right now the only thing I’m thinking about speeding sefer off. But Sephiroth is here. The real Sephiroth is just beyond here. It’s both incredibly wicked and cruel. But it’s releasing a powerfully strong Will from deep within the planets wound. Received key Edom

Haney 22:58
black materia got that black material again,

Chris 23:02
the black material is back in our hands. Now all you have to do is defeat Sephiroth. And that’ll be the end of it.

Haney 23:08
We better not take the black material any further. Why don’t you give it to someone else to hold on to? Do I just have to choose someone to give it to you?

Chris 23:14
Yeah, who do you trust? Paki?

Haney 23:19
No, not the black material, please. It’s really funny that they just worked that in there and they’re like, come on, cloud wouldn’t actually give it to Kate’s that he was a known spy. So knowing what I know, I was like, we’re gonna give it to the main man himself, Barrett, he’ll keep it safe. He’s got our back always like hell yeah, hell yeah. So we leave Barrett with the rest of the ensemble and take Tifa and kitzur forward towards the inner sanctum.

Chris 23:47
Oh, no, you know, it was read 13 you had now and thank God because I don’t remember Kate Smith and

Haney 23:52
those cutscenes Yeah, that’s true. It was about 13. Yeah. So because of Kate’s that’s monstrous betrayal. Like she’s not to carry from forward and stop him out with read 13. So Tifa, read 13 and cloud forge forward into the out of the frying pan right into the fire, basically,

Chris 24:10
yeah. And you walk directly into an illusion.

Haney 24:13
You shared you and some music starts. This is the nibble Haim theme song. Sure as it is. And you’re kind of treated to a memory that’s very familiar, where you see niflheim as it was from the gate, and this is the exact same view you had before, where you’re kind of like at the entrance to the town and Sephiroth is leading you forward back into the town like this is what we saw. Like way back in the first flashback to nibble home.

Unknown Speaker 24:40
What is this? What happened?

Chris 24:42
Come down Tifa Sephiroth is near anything could happen.

Haney 24:49
Never home. But how a dream and illusion.

Chris 24:54
This is an illusion Sephiroth made up. He’s trying to confuse us. It’ll be all right. As long as we know, it’s an illusion, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Come on. Let’s keep going.

Haney 25:04
suddenly becoming clear to me why Tifa needed to be in your party for the same. Yeah, you’re right. Look. All right. Let’s go. Whoa, that’s not here. I wonder who this is? Who was that? Just cloud with black? If I’m right, you know, you’re gonna have to live with yourself, right? clouds and Tifa and red bricks. You know? Like, it’s an illusion. Gotta keep in mind, it’s an illusion. Don’t forget, it’s an illusion. It’s an illusion. Oh, boy, was it not an illusion? As far as we can tell, as long as Safra was telling the truth, which I don’t think he’s lied to us. Actually.

Chris 25:42
We’re just having to stare off not saying shit. I

Haney 25:44
know. But I don’t think he’s lied to us, which is always I love that in a villain. quick aside. One thing I love about presidents now in the Hunger Games, if you look through those bucks, the last line he says in the last book that he’s part of, he says, I’ve never lied to you, and you can go back through and he’s actually never lied to her once. And I love that because it means Oh, fuck, that means the world’s just a little bit more gray than it was before. Yeah, it’s the mark of a villain who knows that they have all of the cards, and they just don’t have any interest in playing around. Yeah, they’re like, there’s no bluff here. There’s no need. I have the cards, and it’s a royal Straight Flush get fucked. Um, so we start going through the motions of this illusion. And it’s weird. It’s very disjointed. But the first thing you see is Sephora walking into the village and saying let’s go. And you see more of a memory of him walking in flight by tissue soldier guards, and someone who’s a soldier first class with a giant Buster Sword on their back. And it looks identical to cloud being led into the village by Sephiroth. But that didn’t cloud this figure has black hair. Yeah, interesting. Weird. Yeah. Tifa starts to get nervous. At this point, though. We see several flashes kind of of this person following Safra through the nibble, Haim and realizing that it might not have been cloud

Chris 27:08
here. This is so stupid.

Haney 27:16
Cloud, it’s just an illusion. Don’t worry about it.

Chris 27:21
What’s next? Stop it already.

Haney 27:25
This is terrible. To separate off to this.

Chris 27:28
This is what actually happened five years ago. But it’s probably not me that Will come out of the shinar mansion is going to try and show us another stupid illusion. See, deny tell you.

Haney 27:39
Oh, he did describe for the listeners the look on my face of absolute smugness. You’re very pleased. Tifa knows who that is. I don’t want to watch this cloud.

Chris 27:48
Don’t watch what’s wrong. Tifa I told you before, right? As long as we know that it’s just an illusion. There’s no need to be scared.

Haney 27:55
It’s not an illusion. It’s the truth cloud. You’re kind of seeing flashes of the nipple Hime incident basically the lead up and the resulting fire and during this time, Safra starts addressing you and he’s like, yeah, cloud weird. Weird how you remember this, huh? But you weren’t there. And you’re just a puppet. You don’t have feelings? You don’t have emotion?

Chris 28:18
Sephiroth I know you’re listening. I know what you want to say that I wasn’t in nibble Han five years ago. That’s it, isn’t it?

Haney 28:26
I see. finally understand.

Chris 28:29
What you’re trying to say is that you want to confuse me, right? But even making me see those things won’t affect me. I remember it all. The heat of the fire. The pain in my body, and in my heart.

Haney 28:41
Oh, is that so? You’re just a puppet? You have no heart and cannot feel any pain? How can there be any meaning in the memory of such a beam? What I have shown you is reality? What you remember that is the illusion. Do you understand?

Chris 28:57
I don’t want to understand, but I want to ask you one thing. Why? Why are you doing this?

Haney 29:04
I want to take you back to your real self. The one who gave me the black materia that day, Who would have ever thought a failed experiment would prove so useful. Hojo would die if you knew Whoa, Joe.

Chris 29:17
What does he have to do with me

Haney 29:18
five years ago, you were constructed by Hojo? Piece by piece right after niflheim was burned. a puppet made up a vibrant Genova sells her knowledge and the power of the mayco an incomplete Sephiroth clone not even given a number. That is your reality. I fucking told you. Cloud. Don’t listen to him. Cover your ears. Close your eyes.

Chris 29:45
What’s wrong? Tifa not affected by it. I wasn’t paying attention to him.

Haney 29:49
All that talk about co constructing you as a lie. Don’t we have our memories together being kids together starlit nights Tifa Why are you so worried and scared? by those words, hmm, shall I shall everyone hear what’s in your heart? pods like no, I remember that he I remember the pain, the pain in my heart, which was a great line. But it’s not for us like you can’t feel pain. Don’t pretend you’re nothing. But I think at this point, he calls him a failed experiment, right? Tifa turns away and won’t look you in the eye. niflheim is basically burning all around you at this point. And you’re just kind of standing in the center where Tito’s master was trying to still say if people there’s one dead body in this area, the photographer from the flashback who took the picture of cloud Tifa and Sephora, Sephora, it’s like, oh, yeah. Hey, remember that picture? We took that day? I bet it turned out great. Why don’t we take a look at it, you should be in it right cloud and on the piece of paper. The photograph, if you Will, is Tifa Safra, and an unknown quote unquote figure dressed in clouds, same garb. However, because this game came out 24 years ago, that figure is god damn, Zack. And I fucking knew it. Tifa

Chris 31:01
is Sephiroth. Right? cloud? Why are you so scared? Don’t worry about me. I’m all right. No matter how confused I am, I’ll never believe a word that Sephora says. It’s true that sometimes I can’t figure out who I am. There’s lots of things muddled up in my memories. But Tifa you said Long time no see cloud right? Those words Will always support me. I’m cloud of nibble. I’m no matter how much I lose faith in myself. That is the truth. Now you’re fucking that’s why you shouldn’t be so scared. No matter what anyone else says to me. It’s your opinion that

Haney 31:33
counts. Then Why won’t she turn around and look you in the eye cloud? cloud? Don’t blame Tifa the ability to change one’s looks voice and words. It’s the power of Genova inside of you Genova has emerged with teeth as memories creating you fall. A boy named cloud might have just been a part of them. Cloud, please don’t think right now. Think cloud cloud. Excuse me? You never had a name? Do you remember the picture that we took before we headed for Mountain

Chris 32:03
nevel comes back.

Haney 32:04
I fucking called it denied. Tifa you remember? Right? But there’s no way he would know. Now what happened to that picture? Oh, here’s the dead photographer right here. Do you want to see it? It turned out pretty good. Oh, he’s so cruel.

Chris 32:20
I love it. Cloud. Don’t. I should be in the picture. Even if I’m not in there. Don’t worry. This is just an illusionary world. Sephiroth made up.

Haney 32:30
foc did come out. Well, they come out. Well, Chris, I know that gentleman on the left.

Chris 32:37
Just as I thought this picture is a fake. The truth is my memory. Five years ago, I came back to nibble home to inspect the reactor. I was 16 the town hadn’t changed at all. What did I do? Oh, yeah. I saw my mom. I saw the people in the town. Yeah, I went to TIFF his room there. I looked in the drawers. I read the letter address the Tifa. I spent the night and went to the reactor and mountain nibble. I was excited about it. That was my first mission after becoming first class and soldier. Soldier. First Class. No soldier. When did I enter soldier? How did I join soldier? Why? Why can I remember? Um, that’s right. I didn’t have to worry about it. Because I was cloud. Let’s go Tifa I’m, I’m all right.

Haney 33:25
SAP Ross like yeah, Doug. You’re not real to cloud. He’s like you’re just a collection of Genova cells treated with Maiko and fed tifus memories you don’t exist like you were never in niflheim You don’t know anything and just basically shatters clouds world around him. Cause not doing so hot at this point. And Tifa is not helping matters by being super squirrely and not wanting to be involved. I believe at this point. We get a cutaway from niflheim incident and cloud and everything to Scarlet. Heidegger and Rufus entering the kind of lifestream home base.

Chris 33:59
Yeah, I think it’s we can call it like a cave cave. Yeah, that

Haney 34:02
makes sense here. Rufus is kind of like oh, this is the promised land like unlimited Maiko unlimited materia, Neko and you get your edge. And Whoa, being led by a guard. I noticed he’s definitely under arrest is like, this isn’t the promised land. You’re a fool. We also kind of revisit what weapon is at that point. I think Hojo explains it again. That’s amazing, Skylar Scarlet.

Chris 34:34
That side is rich with mayco energy. The inside is a treasure trove of metiria. This is truly the promised land.

Haney 34:41
There’s no such thing as the promised land. It’s just a legend. An old wives tale. It’s utterly ridiculous.

Chris 34:48
Everything’s as I imagined it to be. Isn’t it splendid? Is that kind of dullness that makes you a second rate scientist.

Haney 34:56
It’s coming from within the world. Something’s in there. It’s moving. That’s a weapon, then it really does exist. I didn’t believe in it.

Chris 35:06
What does this mean? weapon

Haney 35:08
a monster created by the planet. They appear when the planets in danger and destroy everything. That’s what was stated in Professor gas report.

Chris 35:16
I never saw that report. Where is it?

Haney 35:20
I think at this point we get another cutaway to seeing Barrett. Barrett sees Tifa run towards him, right.

Chris 35:28
We get a cutaway to bear it with the rest of the crew.

Haney 35:30
Right. And then that storm kind of picks up. That’s right. So the storm picks up and Barrett can’t see anyone. He’s separated from everyone. The storm clears and then Tifa runs out. Oh, and she says everyone else is already up there waiting. Like you’re the last one, basically. And he’s like, Oh, shit, like, let’s go. Yeah. So he like has the black materia and runs away. And then the illusion clears Tifa turns into Sephora off kind of chuckles and then like, zooms away. And illusion clears more. And you see the rest of the party is unconscious, basically. And was hidden right next to Barrett. And I think at this point after we see Sephiroth we get another cutaway too. As he gets into kind of the vibe that he’s the only one who knows what’s going on here.

Chris 36:11
I believe that’s one cloud in gang. Blink and blink into existence. Yeah.

Haney 36:15
And Barry also blinks in by walking in Vila. Yeah, I got the black material. I’m here. Hello. Tifa cloud and read 13 at this time. Hey, where did you come from?

Chris 36:29
Don’t know. This place is going to get rough. This is where the reunion is happening. Where everything begins and ends.

Unknown Speaker 36:37
Cloud. Hey,

Haney 36:38
we’re here to help. I don’t think clouds doing okay.

Chris 36:42
Thanks, Barrett. Where’s the black materia?

Haney 36:45
cloud? It’s safe. I have it.

Chris 36:47
I’ll take it from here.

Haney 36:49
You can’t hear my voice. Okay, then here. had a lot of pressure holding this thing. No, don’t please stop cloud.

Chris 36:56
Everyone. Thanks for everything. And I’m sorry. Especially you Tifa I’m really sorry. You’ve been so good to me. I don’t know what to say. And ever lived up to being cloud. Tifa maybe one day you’ll meet the real cloud.

Haney 37:14
This is perfect. It means that my experiment was a complete success. Where’s your tattoo?

Chris 37:20
Professor? Whoa, Joe. I don’t have a number. You didn’t give me one because you saw there was a failed experiment.

Haney 37:25
You mean only a failure meet here.

Chris 37:29
Professor. Please give me a number. Please. Professor

Haney 37:33
Yikes. That feel when you need to find meaning in anything. Shut up you miserable failure while going on trays okay. You ever just fly? Who’s that? He’s the separate off clone I created after the real separ off died five years ago. Genova cells and Mikko with my knowledge and skills have been combined with science and nature to bring him to life. I’m not wild about the failure part. But the Geneva reunion theory has now been proven. But is that this keeps flashing. You see, even if Jenna was body is dismembered, it Will eventually become one again. That’s what is meant by Jehovah’s reunion. I’ve been waiting for the reunion to start. Five years have passed and now the clones have begun to return. Oh, it’s cloud hanging upside down. I thought the Cardinals would again together. Midgar were Genova stored. But my predictions were not entirely correct. Genova itself began moving away from the Shinra building. But being the genius that I am, I figured it out. You see, it was all separate us doing. Safra is not just content to abuse HIS Will into the live stream. He wants to manipulate the clones himself. Do you ever just hang upside down in the fetal position? Yes. That was how it got started. I wondered where the clones were going. But I was never able to figure it out. Just like literally I’ve just followed one.

Chris 38:49
I couldn’t figure it out either.

Haney 38:51
The one thing that I did know was that Sephora was that their final destination? What a great movie.

Chris 38:57
I wasn’t pursuing Sephora. I was being summoned by Sephora. All the anger and hatred I bore him made it impossible for me to ever forget that. And what he gave me, Sephora, Sephora. I’m here. And I brought you the black materia.

Haney 39:14
Heidegger Rufus and Scarlett are just kind of like looking at each other and like shrugging and Whoa, just like Oh, excellent, perfect. And he addresses cloud and he’s like, oh, what’s your number and clouds like I don’t have one please give me one like I need a number please Professor Hojo and he just like your disgusting like I can’t believe only a failed experiment guy here but oh well whatever. What a bunch of stuff to unpack there huh?

Chris 39:38
Yeah. Wow. Lots of heavy size shrugs Yeah.

Haney 39:43
Head shaking all the all the greatest hits of clouds not okay.

Chris 39:47
first moment clouds begged anyone for anything.

Haney 39:49
Yeah, he’s not doing so great. And of all people. Whoa. Yeah. And for all things a assigned number real dark. didn’t love it. No.

Chris 39:58
Call it apologizes to Everyone

Haney 40:00
Yeah, sorry. I’m so sorry everyone, especially you Tifa you have been with me this whole time. Then he starts levitating. Well, he

Chris 40:08
snags that black materia

Haney 40:09
does snag that black materia and then starts levitating. He goes upside down and at that point, you see big naked set for up descend from this chrysalis.

Chris 40:21
Oh, Sephora. So we finally meet again.

Haney 40:25
Did you see it at Sephora? So he is here. This is perfect book gentleman’s reunion and Sephora Will they Will be diffused into the live stream but gathered here. What are you so happy about professor? You know what this means? Don’t you? cloud has the black materia Safra is going to summon Meteor every single person is going to die. Yo, cloud Stop. Don’t do it. Cloud cause Harris is underwear.

Chris 40:53
Yeah, dude.

Haney 40:54
Yeah, I got his fucking ripped to.

Chris 40:58
So Cloud passes over the block materia

Haney 41:00
and weapon wakes up and I think at that point, everyone starts to run. Rufus is like, I know anything I say at this point is gonna be too little too late. that stuck out to me really heavy because I think it feeds into what we’re gonna see later with the executions, but I’m not 100% sure. But Rufus at this point for the first time seems to be repetitive and of like, Oh shit, and he offers a way out for everyone, not just shinrin plays he saves Tifa and Barrett and read 13 at this point, too, and presumably the rest of your ensemble. On the way out we get a beautiful cutscene of wet pinza. Yeah, whirl exploding out of the caldera while rifice his ship barely makes it out of the blast radius of weapons coming out with everyone on board. Fuck is that that weapon? Hell yeah. Oh, fuck. Please tell me as a summons Oh, fuck

Chris 41:56

Haney 41:57
It’s mechagodzilla is weapon going to be a bad time for me eventually? At some point,

Chris 42:02
which weapon you mean dog?

Haney 42:03
Oh shit over there a bunch coming out of there. Oh, fuck. How did separate die? There’s a lot to unpack.

Chris 42:12
There’s a lot going on isn’t there?

Haney 42:13
You see a really cool kind of cutscene at this point of what weapon looks like. As well as just it this whole animated like cinematic at this point was just really me. I really liked it.

Chris 42:25
So kind of at the conclusion of all of this, you get this scene of seemingly back in the train station in mid Gar sector seven, where a cloud is kind of just slumped over. He has a Shinra guard over him being like, hey, do you okay? And Tifa walks into the scene.

Haney 42:42
Yeah, he’s very confused, obviously, like in pain, seemingly addled. And Tifa doesn’t seem to really recognize him right away. And she’s like, wait, clap your cloud, right? cloud? Oof. I didn’t know what to do. I was always like that. Oh, this is the train station at sector seven. Right? Yes. Also where aerith and pharma? Yeah, we’re calling the dad was on the steps.

Chris 43:11
Are you all right? TIF? Tifa. Oh, cloud. That’s right. I’m cloud.

Haney 43:20
So really you cloud? I never thought I’d find you here.

Chris 43:23
Yeah, it’s been a while. What happened to you? You don’t look? Well? Yeah. It’s nothing. I’m okay. How long has it been? Five years? What is it?

Haney 43:34
It’s really been a long time. Actually, it’s been seven years. You joined soldier but quit after the Sephiroth incident. And now you’re a mercenary. You told me a lot about what happened after you left noble home. But something was wrong. I felt there was something strange about the things you talked about all the things you didn’t know that you should and other things you didn’t know that you did. I wanted to make sure. But then I heard you were going far away. And I didn’t want that. I didn’t know what to do. So I thought I needed more time. That’s why I told you about the avalanche job. I wanted to be with you and watch you. I think she said something like you knew things you shouldn’t know. And you didn’t know things you should know. And I knew that something was wrong. Such a good line, such a good line. And I really don’t I think there’s a lot more to unpack at this point. Like, that’s definitely not the end of that. But I think that gives rise to my thoughts of Tifa really injecting the idea of cloud into the summer Oculus at this point, you know, like it seems like someone put based memories in him of like, go find Tifa like, that’s what you need to do put them on a train. And then he was basically just programmed up to that point. And then like once he found Tifa, like Tifa was the kind of final key to implant those memories and right, it seems like very orchestrated. And at that point, you grab control again, and it’s TiVo. She wakes up with Barrett next. Don’t like that.

Chris 44:57
Can you hear the cries of the planet? Yeah, and

Haney 44:59
it’s It like literally just all the hairs on the back of my neck. The glare. You’ll be better soon. You’ve been asleep for a long time. I’m hungry. Hey, why don’t you ask about him? Oh, that was a really good transition into reality. Yeah, dude, because I’m scared. Don’t worry. I don’t know what happened to cloud either. I guess I shouldn’t tell you not to worry. None of them know if he’s already there. He’s still alive. Right? How long was I asleep? Let’s see. must have been about seven days. Jesus long time. What about Sephora? You ain’t over yet. Remember that huge light in the northern cave. Since then, the craters been surrounded by a huge barrier of light. Everyone knows Sephora sleeps in that big hole protected by the barrier. We can’t do a damn thing about it. We just got to wait until he wakes up. And on top of that some huge monster called weapons been on a rampage. weapon. This protecting Sephora? I don’t know. But he’s up here going around tearing stuff up. Right now. Rufus is fighting it. I hate to say it, but he’s got guts. We should have been the ones to destroy it. But we ain’t got no time. Time. Hey, how about Meteor? deeper now? Oh, fuck. Is that Meteor? Yeah, did

Unknown Speaker 46:24
Oh, fuck.

Haney 46:27
y’all get to look out the window at that point. And there’s just a fucking Meteor in the sky coming right out. Yeah, big ball of fire really bad. Rufus and Heidegger walk in, right after you view it. And they’re like, Hey, how’s it going? You guys doing okay? Just so you know, we’re gonna publicly execute you because no one knows what’s happening. And they’ll all feel better if we give them something to be mad at and something to blame it on. So even if you know this doesn’t work, at least they’ll have been mad at not us. Cocoa cocoa back to Shinra roots, if you Will. However, this is a prediction. I’d like to start getting into the predictions at this point. Sure. I don’t think he’s going to actually publicly execute anyone. Obviously, I know that those characters live but I don’t think he was intending to I think it’s going to be purely for show. And then he’s gonna like really Sue and be like, okay, now you guys got to go fucking stop this thing. This was just purely to put the public at ease like because he Rufus to me the repentance he showed in the cabin and saving them. Plus, knowing that he is genuinely a smart calculating man makes me think that he was like, first, we got to keep the public calm. This Will help. We’ll do that. Then we’ll get you guys on your way to helping out with this. Because I don’t think there would be any point in keeping Tifa alive for seven days before doing an execution where they could have just like, glued her eyes open so she looked awake while they killed her.

Chris 47:50
Yeah, also Barrett says like

Haney 47:52
the Shinra doing okay, well, Rufus has guts like he’s

Chris 47:55
fighting weapon.

Haney 47:56
Yeah. Which is pretty cool. Yeah, yeah. So that’s where I’m kind of going with it. It doesn’t seem like there are currently a part of the plan, I assume to make the panic look a little bit more palpable. But this is something I’ve seen before in a video game. It’s a trope that exists where like the we’re gonna publicly execute you wink wink, wink, wink. And then you know, let them go after the public is assuaged. That’s where I’m going with this. At this point, we take control of Barrett and made it to a safe point. And Chris said, That’s why we’re shutting down for the day. Oh, yeah. Hell yeah. Chris, how are you feeling about today’s episode? I’m feeling pretty good. Lot of good good. I don’t know if I’m feeling as good as you. I’m feeling good as hell. Yeah. I thought you wouldn’t be Yeah. So what do we got here? We got Zach. Being somehow connected to a loud Zach. Allegedly Zach being somehow connected to cloud via TIF as memories. We got Sephiroth clones we got cloud being a failed experiment. Possibly a clone himself. What a treat just really filling in some some some spots here. Yeah.

Chris 48:54
Boy, let’s hit this because this was a heavy dump.

Haney 48:57
Yeah, I’d love you. Why don’t we do the question and answer game where you just hit me with stuff and I’ll answer.

Chris 49:03
Alright. So who do you think Zach is at this point? Alright, so

Haney 49:06
Zach, is if you’re ready for this? Thanks. So, Zach, is someone okay? goodstart, who entered the soldier program at 14 made first class at 16. And also was Eric’s first boyfriend. Tifa I don’t think knows Zach like as a childhood friend. But I think there might have been someone in teepees village in nibble, Haim named cloud who died as a child. The cloud that she knows now because she recognized him as cloud we thought in the train graveyard, but she shouldn’t have the memories he has. So it seems like there was a child or something that was her friend as a child named cloud because that seems real. And they use this Zack person plus Genova sells, plus t plus memories to kind of create this cloud person. Like he’s kind of a monkey list if you Will. Yeah. And Zack is, I think at this point, dead Because I believe that five years ago, he was the one who actually faced Sephiroth in nibble, and was killed by suffer off.

Chris 50:08
At the moment cloud is like, why suffer arthritic kill? Why

Haney 50:11
don’t I remember it? And it’s because he wasn’t there like you can’t that memory would have been intentionally removed, because you’re not going to remember your death and then be okay. Yeah. So Tifa I don’t think is intimately familiar with the person, Zach. But I think she knows about clouds construction, I’m not sure how, like, I’m not sure where that enters it. But Tifa is smart. And Tifa is very tuned into the like, shinran stuff. And as a terrorist like part of the avalanche group, like I’m sure she would have been privy to some private Shinra documentation. Right. So I think at some point, she figured out who cloud was kind of based off of, and that’s how she knows that, okay. I also think that cloud is this this monkey, less of a dead kid and memories and Genova cells and make out just to like, kind of be what he is now, which is a failed experiment, you know, in the eyes of Hojo. But that’s kind of where I’m going with it. There’s a couple of open endings that leaves Tifa sold cloud on the idea of avalanche and the avalanche job and he’s been doing that mercenary job ever since he came to sector seven. So Tifa has supplanted that into his mind. It’s like, Oh, well, like this is who you were, and like, kind of filled in his gaps. I take it as more of a like he was almost maybe under hypnosis, and Tifa is projecting the stuff into him, made him construct his own memory. Sure. aerith was Zach’s girlfriend, who he kissed Goodbye, went to nibble. Jaime never came back. I’m not sure that Eric knew who Sephora was at that point, from my memory of this game, she never really addressed suffer off until like in the past tense of like, knowing who he was. But she also knows her past and could probably just be like, yeah, let’s share our bad news. So let’s just stay away from that guy, whoever he is. So that’s that that’s cloud, separate off, willingly sacrificed himself into the live stream to impose his Will on it to gather the Genova cells at the point of the impact, since as well as they’re all the Genova pieces are there at the live stream. He’s trying to summon Meteor now, because the reunion that’s ready, he’s going to take that impact, while his Will is imposed, with the Genova cells to kind of merge with both Genova and the live stream to become this ultimate God feeling. That’s where I’m at right now. How are you feeling about that? Feeling, okay.

Chris 52:24
So you believe that Hmong keyless cloud, if you Will, if I Will. is a construction of Hojo using Zack and

Haney 52:36
other various things? Yeah, it’s very

Chris 52:39
Bob’s that’s what was lying around literally. And Sephiroth is normal human. So like elite soldier

Haney 52:51
who with the Maiko, you know, with the Maiko ejected I don’t think he is anything to do with Genova. Okay. Um, like he thinks he is okay. I still think he’s not correct in what he read in the notes at Shinra. mansion. And I do wonder if that’s actually cloud, he was reading about not himself,

Chris 53:10
which notes specifically,

Haney 53:12
the ones where it’s like, oh, like the Genova project and like, I’m gonna Oh, well, one where he’s like, Oh, I’m an ancient now,

Chris 53:18
like, we explicitly know is wrong at this?

Haney 53:21
Yes. like very much. No, you are not coming down. There are no ancients. Now that era has passed away. So I think Sephora, there’s still a lot to unpack with who Sephora really is. I think he was a normal human baby. That was the child that Professor gassed and the crusher, who we learned about from Vincent, which is interesting. I guess we’ll get there eventually on the story. But it’s interesting that they chose to make that part with Vincent a optional side quest. Yeah, when it has so much relevance, just that sentence to the rest of the story. I’m hoping that just gets touched on in a different way later on. But if it doesn’t, that’s a really weird thing to make a bonus quest where you could finish the game without knowing that

Chris 54:03
yet, it’s a side quest. And the fact that that’s optional, really shows you why people are so confused and mistaken about the plot of Final Fantasy seven.

Haney 54:12
Yeah, like it would be completely wrong. You would not know that Sephiroth is not a experiment. I

Chris 54:20
would assume that he’s like a genetic angel or something.

Haney 54:24
I can’t believe we together believe

Chris 54:27
so. Moving on. We know at this point that in Can I just want to take a second because I love like it’s such a trope that the hero is chasing down the villain. He’s like, I’m going after them. I’m going to beat them. I’m going to put a stop to all of this. I love that Final Fantasy seven subverted that expectation. It was like, No, no, no, you weren’t chasing anybody. You were being pulled. And none of it was you’re doing

Haney 54:53
I love that. Like I don’t know that it sunk in when we’re playing but I just had the realization later I was like, we haven’t been chasing any one layer the entire time, we’re just another black clothed experiment marching our way to where we need to go. And it makes a lot of sense in terms of how the game plays too and that you have very little control up to this point of where you go. It’s open world ish, but like you’re not going to do anything or progress anything unless you follow the exact story beats where you’re getting pulled towards the northern impact site. Oh,

Chris 55:24
so good luck good. Love it such a good real estate best. So we know we’ve been chasing Genova who has taken self Roth’s form and it’s not even that we’re really chasing and we’re being pulled pork. We’re being pulled toward Genova. We’ve never been following suffer off.

Haney 55:37
We’ve never even met suffer off at this point.

Chris 55:39
Cloud just met him.

Haney 55:40
Yeah, just now. Like just now, like, You know how sometimes you meet a guy for the first time you push material into his chest? Yeah,

Chris 55:46
yeah. And we know that Sephora is diffusing HIS Will into the live streaming crave manipulating stuff in the background, to some extent, seemingly a big one seemingly big one. So how much is Genova? And how much is Sephora?

Haney 56:00
I want to believe that Genova is much more powerful and much more intelligent than Sephora gives it credit for. And I think the problem is that Sephora thinks he’s in control by diffusing his well, but I think his well isn’t really his well, and it’s just Genova as well imposed on him. And he’s like, Oh, this is my idea. Cool. And I think the irony Will come when all along. This is what I hope Yeah, I think it would be interesting if up to this point, after all the times he’s called you a puppet, and like, made you believe that you’re you were the puppet. He was the puppet the whole time, and was just so confident. I just think it’s one thing that I love is the the hubrecht of man, if you Will, and I love seeing people like saffer off just absolutely foiled by thinking that they were in charge the whole time. And you know, the real villain shoots them in the back of the head and was like, yeah, dawg, you were nothing the whole time. Yeah,

Chris 56:56
yeah. Interesting. Interesting. Interesting. Fascinating. Where’s cloud at this point?

Haney 57:01
no fucking idea. He’s hopefully not in the middle of that called era in the middle of that. shitstorm Yeah, but Barrett does say that ever since the weapon except there’s just been a barrier of white light emanating from the livestream and no one can get into it. So I think it’s believable to think that cloud is somehow trapped inside of that at this point physically. where his Will is where his mind is where his thoughts are. Couldn’t fucking tell you.

Chris 57:27
Yeah, we’ll see.

Haney 57:28
Yeah, I have a lot more I want to touch on so what you got for me anything else?

Chris 57:33
What are we doing with the weapons man? What are we doing with Sephiroth? We got Meteor coming down one thing at

Haney 57:39
a time but here’s the thing all right, cloud gonna have to rescue cloud before we can do anything. weapon. We’re gonna have to end up using weapon to help us and prove to the planet I think that we are on the side of good. We want to stop Meteor from hitting the planet. We want to work with weapon. I don’t know that this is accurate because I haven’t seen the scale of weapons versus the scale of Meteor. But shit. You haven’t played my daughter’s mass? cavea how much of a D No,

Chris 58:06
I know it’s a moon that’s falling to Earth.

Haney 58:08
Do you know how it gets stopped?

Chris 58:09
No. Love.

Haney 58:11
Yeah, let’s go with love listener if you’re out there and you’re hearing this part and you’re like, Hey, Chris is stupid. And you know you now talk to me instead of Chris and listener.

Chris 58:21
If you’re out there. You know why I’m so pleased with the way this Proctor is going right now.

Haney 58:28
I don’t like how happy he is. I like him to be frustrated and upset at the end of talk three is not smug and gloating because I was the one who is smuggling bloodied and now I’m scared I’m order of operations get out of being executed one way or the other. Get cloud convinced weapon we’re on its side stop Meteor stops after after Meteor stopped I think that’s how we’re gonna have to do this. Stop sign fraud slash Genova. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool.

Chris 58:53
What a treat Where? And for what? Sree? Anything else you want to talk about in today’s episode, Chris? No, that does it for me. I’m just itching to dive back. Yeah,

Haney 59:01
I want to fire this game back up and dive right back in.

Chris 59:04
Yeah. You got anything else, sir?

Haney 59:06
No, I think with that, thanks so much for listening, and we’ll see you next time. Bye. Bye. Thank you so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you want the journey to continue. Why don’t you hit us up on Twitter at one st encounter pod. You can email us at mail at first encounter podcast comm or you can check out our website first encounter podcast comm our intro and outro music is written and performed by Holden. Zach

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