In this episode we find an old friend hanging out at the entrance to the Temple of the Ancients, live the life of MC Escher, chase down a Cetra spirit, Indiana Jones our way down a rocky road, meet the Time Guardian and spin his hands before chasing the key guardian. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:00
This episode of first encounter contains spoilers for the video game Final Fantasy seven if you’ve not played this game First off, what are you doing? Don’t be like me and second go play it instead of listening to us. If you’d like to follow along listen to the end of the episode for where we play to next as well as how you can get in touch with us. We would also like to take a second to say that we are in no way affiliated with square we’re just a couple of guys trying to have fun with the cool video game. Getting the fuck out of here I hate saucer phone but nothing good happened I was all pumped little jazzed I was a little turned on we’re gonna see do and then Kate’s it has fucking ruined it all. I don’t even want to pocket stuff anymore.

Chris 0:38
You had a lovely date.

Haney 0:39
I did have a lovely day actually really had fun. I think I’ve I think I’ve I think I’ve fallen in love with their

tiny Bronco over to the temple of the cetera where we already been. But this time things are a little bit different. We cross the bridge and aerith drops her knees and is seemingly listening to the land at this point. She says a bunch of stuff like she’s having a one sided conversation with someone that we can’t hear. And she’s like not quite getting it so she keeps like wanting to go deeper into the temple to kind of like simulate to make a deeper connection with the ancients and to to really hear what they’re saying.

Chris 1:20
So as we’re going up the steps of the temple, we see a black cloak figure kind of stumble out of it and just collapse completely forgot about that. Yeah. And you’ll run up to him and I think it’s Barrett who is with you. He’s like this guy’s got a tattoo.

Haney 1:35
And a black cloak up there. I want to go inside save your trash excellent. Look, there’s men in black cloak is it um guy? I bet thumb guy

Chris 1:50
black metiria look

Haney 1:53
Bay as a member tattoo. Yeah, it says number nine he has a tattoo on his neck Hello

Unknown Speaker 2:00

Chris 2:01

Haney 2:02
Thank God that happened. I like have no one reacted yet. So the black cloaks figure just elevated to this guy and then was beamed away like okay sure so we go up to where we previously had tried to enter the temple on cloud was just like a fucking mountain no Keystone no entry now I’m playing and we find a familiar face sounds helicopter fucking sang classic classic sang just hanging out having the time of his life seemingly having just been recently gutted by by probably Safra at this point is probably sapra later it definitely becomes ephra but that’s fine it’s like yeah, I’ve been got it Hey, it’s saying

Chris 2:50
saying of the Turks Oh, I’ve

Unknown Speaker 2:52
been tricked

Chris 2:53
that’s his voice

Haney 2:54
Hey fuckers I think that was saying voice it’s not the promised land separate searching for

Chris 2:59
separate He’s inside

Haney 3:01
look for yourself.

Chris 3:04

Haney 3:05
let him aerith go was the start of my bad luck. The President was wrong. You’re wrong. The Promised Land isn’t like what you imagined and I’m not going to help either way there was no way we could have won pretty harsh. Sounds like something you’d say the Keystone placed it on the altar isn’t gonna make it I feel like even that might not make it you crying is the token to iron things with our enemy the Turks but I’ve known him since we were little there’s not a lot of people I can say that about In fact, there are probably only a handful of people in the world who really know me. Well that sounds like some fucking Stockholm Syndrome shit.

Chris 3:47
Basically Earth is like what you want us to feel bad for you like I was never gonna help the Shinra this year was never gonna find the promised land like she did feel

Haney 3:54
weird about saying which is interesting because saying had a crush on earth which you know is weird but we’re still on the it’s weird panel for that. But aerith seems to have a bit of a soft spot for saying not romantically but in a I’ve known him since I was a child kind of way I think she said something like I can’t say that about many people that I’ve known them since I was a child and I just feel weird about it and I like that that’s a very weird dichotomy and and a very mature aspect of aerith that we haven’t seen previously because the last time Eric decided to give us some insight was like Chin up Barrett Let’s go play some games even though your friends murdering people now I’m saying

Chris 4:40
What a treat what a delight. But it’s a very relatable feeling. Yeah,

Haney 4:45
I mean, yeah, like, Fuck, I mean, everyone has people in their life they want to cut out but it’s hard because you’ve known them since childhood as microphones. But no, it is a relatable feel justice. And it is it is a really good aspect of the character building and storyline of Final Fantasy seven that we’ve come to really love and appreciate I believe on this podcast because it’s just so different it’s not an emotion that’s usually conveyed in games where you’re like oh well I feel bad for the bad guys because they have human aspects because I’ve known them because of XYZ. I really enjoyed that aspect of this exchange. Yeah, it seems like things are gonna be okay. But he’s not great that’s for sure could be better. Yeah. Could be on his copter I believe Chris said in the moment No, it’ll be okay because he doesn’t have Sephora left in him but we we we talked to saying things like I go see for yourself so we proceed basically from this point into the temple of agents. Oh, goodbye Ah Oh, this looks like a nightmare. Oh no, let me guess random encounters the entire way through

Chris 6:03
Oh, you know what?

Haney 6:04
Words feelings so many of them here Damn this is the temple of the ancients thanks bear. clad I know it’s going to be tough but don’t give up we can do it. So this is an actual nightmare of mine.

Chris 6:18
Yeah, I

Haney 6:19
was like this. I want you to know we entered the temple at this point and we see just a straight up ncsr nightmare of stairs. We kind of bumblefuck our way through this area there was not much I mean, there’s like a lot of chests and items and stuff. I think we only got about half of them. There’s still a lot hanging out there. But the thing of note is this purple blob is a creature that’s like and runs away and you’re like yeah, that’s fucking weird. Let’s follow it. I’m going to spare you dear listener from the nightmare we encountered of trying to figure out where to go.

Chris 6:53
Oh, touch me.

Haney 6:56
I mean, a little frog jab. Yeah, frog jab.

Chris 7:00
Here we are.

Haney 7:01
Frog on frog. That’s what are you gonna touch me? so angry? I fucking I not like this MC Escher bullshit. It’s the frogs that really make it impossible.

Chris 7:11
Yeah. Also, I can’t help you because I actually don’t remember how to get through this area.

Haney 7:16
This is literally my biggest fear. Right? Let’s go up. Oh, shit. Seriously.

Chris 7:25
I’ll just kick you and wake you back up.

Haney 7:28
This is forever now. Is

Chris 7:29
this what you want it from today?

Haney 7:30
What a nightmare. I hate this. Alright, where the fuck could we possibly go? This just goes up here. Which brings me back to where I was. Till I got down here in the first place. kinkle that way. Hey, this. This is so awful. Why would you do this to me? How did that not kill No shit.

Chris 7:52
so tough frog.

Haney 7:53
Chris, this might be a party life. Yeah, this is terrible. Once we got to the point where we found the creature, we learned that it was the spirit of an ancient that was left to guard the temple and that over the years, they’ve lost the ability to talk so clearly converse with us. But we are able to rest save the game or buy shit from it. pretty dope. Yeah, from that point we proceeded back to the MCs or nightmare and we make our way into the boulder room. The boulder room. What a nightmare. This is Indiana Jones hell happening on screen.

Chris 8:33
What’s happening here?

Haney 8:34
Hey, uh, Indiana Jones is basically happening on my screen I’m getting rolled boulders that Oh, I see their half Yeah. Okay, do they all go in the same place?

Unknown Speaker 8:47
Damn it huh?

Chris 8:49
And here we are.

Haney 8:51
This might be where we end the game Chris. I guess this is Oh, that’s unfair. It rolls you back to the beginning. Does it actually do damage? No, no. That’s unfair that it brings you all the way back.

Chris 9:02
And this is the end of the podcast. Thanks for joining us on this journey. It’s been a blast we’ll catch you that was unfair Come on catch you in our next series

Haney 9:13
bouldered time I think I did pretty good luckily the boulders don’t damage you but they have like a kind of, they’re like a half circle with like another like space in between them that the idea is you have to run up and like duck and like let the boulder roll over you like I’m the perfect space and we actually made it pass the ball and it’s pretty pretty quickly relatively quickly. And we come across a little pool there’s an item at the pool pick up the item morph material morph materia. And we continue on through more boulders until we get to the end of this area where it screams Wait, we have to go back Come this way and we go back to the pool we were just that for whatever this is. This bugged me so bad. I don’t know why but it just really upset me that we had to go through the whole bolter thing and then back But we go to the pool area and Eric is

Chris 10:04
aerith is like hey it’s it’s showing us something and you get this vision of saying in the temple in this like corridor looking at this mural

Haney 10:14
this this the promised land can’t be the biggest Ah shit. on there, Sephora. Sephora off. Soon. You open the door. Well done. This place. What is it? A lost treasure house of knowledge, the wisdom of the ancients.

Unknown Speaker 10:34
I am becoming one with the planet. One with the planet.

Haney 10:39
Ah, why is it she separates? You stupid fools. You’ve never even thought about it. All the spirit energy of this planet all its wisdom, knowledge. I Will meld with it all I Will become one with it. It Will become one with me. You can do that. The way lies here. Only death awaits you all but do not fear. don’t stab thing for it is through death that a new spirit energy is born. Soon you Will live again as a part of me. Things gonna be okay though, right? Yeah, I’m sure yeah, we get this cutscene of saying staring at these hieroglyphs on this wall and trying to kind of figure out what it means. But then he gets a visitor

Chris 11:22
in a very strange way. So this scene is cloud and aerith and Berra are kind of translucent or transparent. Watching this scene unfold.

Haney 11:34
It’s a very cool well done scene for the graphics at the time. The way

Chris 11:38
that Sephiroth comes into it, where he’s translucent, the same as club aerith and Barrett who are watching the scene and then saying doesn’t see him until he materializes in front of him very solid.

Haney 11:51
Yeah, it’s not like Sephora snuck up on him. It’s like Sephora was in the room like as a spirit and then decided to be solid right? It’s very similar to a couple of other instances we’ve seen Sephora authen rocket sapper operating out of the basement of Shinra Manor and niflheim and then how he was on the ship yeah Genova is a rare by new the actual name of the ship but all I could think was gentleman’s yacht but it reminds me of that previous times we’ve seen sapper up post niflheim more present times where he’s been very more than human like he previously like in past number one time we decided was a very strong soldier these times like he can fly he can like go through like ship like he rises up out of the floor he can like fly through your chest at some I think he like flies through you at one point he’s very much more spirit than solid it seems most of the time so I don’t know what to think about that right now. But I’ve connected that over time that like he’s been very much more spirit than solid in the modern quote unquote modern time that we’ve seen in one of the things I really like about the scene is as you’re listening to saffer address saying like saying is like kind of talking to himself in the Sephora off kind of like, it’s translucent as well and kind of floats into the scene and then becomes like real and then that’s when the thing notices him, but he kind of does this thing and then he like leaves behind it like an image of himself and then like a second Safir off, kind of keeps going and what I thought at the time was that Safra was just multiplying this off but I think it was more of an artistic choice of like showing the stages of Sephora talking to saying through this vision he started talking about merging with the live stream again which he’s already said at some point previously, but the thing he says after he stabs saying is Oh don’t worry like death is only brief like you’ll become one with me and you’ll be resin again like really not much of a comfort my dude like that’s nightmarish like I really don’t want to but it seems like what he’s trying to do. Are you kind of you’re a fan of Raven galleon, right? Oh, yeah, he seems almost like he’s trying to retrieve instrumentality right? Everything becomes one and loses its individual consciousness and becomes one consciousness. It strikes me very much in that same vibe as what Ganges is trying to accomplish which is basically merging all life together to become one all powerful being

Chris 14:10
Yeah, I was gonna say Sephiroth probably not the type of guy who wants to lose his consciousness.

Haney 14:15
Yeah, so that’s the funny thing is that it seems like he wants to merge all the consciousness into himself and then he’s like, No, I’m just gonna get all your power and then I’m still gonna be the head honcho here. Yeah, totally. Um, but yeah, he fucking stab saying across the belly and things not looking so hot. And I believe at that point, we’re pulled kind of out of the memory. From the pool, we are able to progress back up the boulder path, and we see the spirit of the ancients heal at the save, heal, etc. We had passed him and we go into a clock room. I don’t know how to describe this other than a clock room, because it’s a room with 12 doors in a circle and hands in the center of the room that act as bridges between the doors clock ends clock for the record. Oh my god can you imagine nightmarish human hands like I am the time Guardian II who seek the knowledge of the ancients I control the time select your path menu move it myself. Okay, it’s been proceed now. Okay, I see actual clock rolls god damn it this time you may proceed. Well wait what? He said he could proceed

Chris 15:27
yeah but you got knocked by the hand that

Haney 15:29
was that’s dumb

Chris 15:31
well guess

Haney 15:32
thank god there’s a T rex on the wall feels like a battle. Nice excellent.

Chris 15:37
Oh baby

Haney 15:38
was that thing nothing good attack from both sides Southern Cross is one of my favorite enemies don’t like that didn’t

Chris 15:49
care for it.

Haney 15:50
I have a cure to cure all coming hopefully right after this. We’ll see though I kind of want to gloss over this to a degree because it was really stupid but like I fell at one point I managed to beat the enemies that are at the bottom got an item and then we just started kind of fucking checking every clock and as we went around and realizing that they were either blocked passages or if they weren’t blocked and they were odd treasure chests that you had to fight anatomy for. Boxee Box.

Chris 16:19
Ah, now got me.

Haney 16:21
What do we got here? Oh, what? What is that? Chris? Who is that? Are you asking me just a swimmer? asked me where I keep my polka ball. Girl secret

Chris 16:33
diamond dust your own party because he’s fascinated. Stop Don’t tell me that that’s what’s gonna happen. You saw the way he was spinning

Haney 16:39
at her. Chris No.

Chris 16:41
Gonna go back in time.

Haney 16:43
I came in from nine right? Yes.

Chris 16:45
Yeah, yeah.

Haney 16:50
I don’t know. I’m sure it’s okay.

Chris 16:52
I’m sure it’s

Haney 16:52
been done. Cool. Oh, what are those?

Chris 16:58
Please aren’t good. Cuz they look real bad. These aren’t no no’s. Don’t fuck around with them.

Haney 17:03
Well, you salute me as I die. Thank you say

Chris 17:06
baby down swinging. No,

Haney 17:11
I just keep fucking Why would anyone want to spin it? Is it just rent like just in case I like the randomness of it. Sure. insanity. What a nightmare. You get bored? No,

Chris 17:22
I’m just ready for the doctor. Welcome

Haney 17:25
to the first encounter balls. But enough about our balls. Hey, here we are. Oh, it looks like a thing. At this point, I just wanted to fucking progress the game. So I was like alright, well I’m gonna go to the 12 hand because that’s like an ominous door with boss music, but it’s fucking locked. So no, fuck you. So I believe it’s the sixth hand and that has this puzzle and I rolled my eyes very hard there where there’s like three floors of four doors that you have to run in between to try to catch the spirit of the temples because he has a fuckin key. The guy that escaped with the key to the door moves on a set course memorize the Dorsey entries and exits to figure out the pattern catch him at an exit got flush him out like the little rat he is. jumped out that one comes up when he goes in the end when he comes out, bottom left. What a nightmare. Gotta be

Chris 18:26
nailed it.

Haney 18:28
Losing my energy if you can’t tell this is our endpoint for the episode. Is it? Yeah, actually. Yeah, was this entirely where you planned on it? Yep. That’s a bit annoying, but okay. What a nightmare. So

Chris 18:44
that’s where we wrapped up uh, yeah, what do you think’s through the door?

Haney 18:49
I mean yeah, it’s it’s very fucking obviously Safra. Here’s the thing though Yeah, when we fight it I don’t think it’s gonna be tougher out that we fight it’s gonna be another piece of Genova Okay, yes,

Chris 18:59
I’m gonna pull us back slightly just for fun aside when you fell into the room from the clock tower and for those dragons every single time I come through this game I Will get a game over there. Oh, I didn’t in the other place. I get a game over every single time is with the slimes.

Haney 19:15
I did get a game over at the slimes. We can’t cut that out. Dear listener. I can’t lie to you anymore. I definitely got a game over there. I think it was the only game over the seven Yeah, um, wow. Uh, what happened today? This was a weird Yo, yo have an episode of ups and downs. I don’t know how to feel. I’m excited. Like I’m very loud. we’re progressing the story on piste about Kate said that was super annoying. Like, I’m just I’m actually mad, like, I’m actually angry at that character. But I really want to see what’s gonna happen next with that. I mean, fuck, there’s just so much happening now, like the story starting to splinter in a way where it’s not just a single track you’re following of things that are intrigued. There’s multiple tracks of intrigue. So yeah, now my little pea brains. Keep up and hold on to that and it’s In a nightmare, do you have anything you’d like to discuss before we let our listeners go for the evening?

Chris 20:04
Yeah, there’s a couple of things I’d like to rap about.

Haney 20:07
please wrap with me.

Chris 20:08
I would also like to say I want to touch on something a little spoilery at the end of this episode, so if you haven’t played this game, just break off. When I say to. If you have played this game, and you want to hear us chit about that, just stay tuned.

Haney 20:22
I’m pretty interested because Chris always tells me No spoilers, so I don’t know what he’s gonna even say.

Chris 20:28
So the first thing is you brought up a new theory of yours. I do have a new theory. Would you like to hit me with that?

Haney 20:34
Oh, boy, do I let me if you wouldn’t mind indulging me for a quick second. I believe I texted it to you. I said, I have a new theory. Cloud is def a clone of Zack who was seperates best friend. And then Chris said, Do you want me to keep your parts in? theory though, I can’t remember exactly what I was doing at the time. But I often think about Final Fantasy seven as this is now my basically my entire life outside of work is dedicated to this podcast, but I think I was painting my house or I was vacuuming. And I was just thinking about Final Fantasy and some dots kind of a line for me based off of people’s reaction to Zack stuff in our previous a previous episode. And thinking about Eric talking about her previous boyfriend and him having Maiko eyes and being a lot like cloud. That second part, though, him being a lot like cloud was hard core solidified, where Eric is talking about someone in her past, she doesn’t really specify who who cloud is identical to and she says identical and that’s a very strong word to use. And I know that sometimes the grammar in this in this game isn’t perfect. But identical isn’t a word you use often unless you mean they are the carbon copy of. We’ve also seen clones at this point of Sephiroth with the black cloud figures. So what I’d like to believe at this point is cloud is a clone of Zack, and Zack is the person who actually went through a lot of what cloud is remembering and Neville Haim. And I’m wondering if cloud is even from nibble Haim himself at all or if he was born as a 14 year old and how much Tifa knows about that because TiVo was actually an extremely weird about the Zack stuff. I’m not 100% sure by any means but this is my new track is that there is cloning in this world we’ve seen it there is putting someone else’s consciousness or trying to into a cloned body. They’ve tried that with Safra. It doesn’t seem to have worked really. But it seems like cloud might have actually been a clone of of Zack, and I think that Zach was actually a friend of Zephyr Ops, based on the flashbacks in ibraheim. And that clouds memories there are actually Zach’s memories and he is remembering a time he went on admission. Zach did that is with sepher off as like his friend. I think that the rookie aspect where like cloud was a rookie in that memory was kind of an altered memory. And if we see the true memory, it would be actually Zack and Safra authors equal members of soldier but I don’t know that cloud was ever actually there. I think he might have been, he might have false memories implanted.

Chris 23:22

Haney 23:23

Chris 23:23
got two questions.

Haney 23:25
All right. Answer me.

Chris 23:26
A if aerith is like this guy looks identical to my pass. Boy, whatever. Yeah, my friend.

Haney 23:32
I assume it’s the boyfriend she mentioned previously, which is like my boyfriend had Maiko eyes. Sure. Yeah.

Chris 23:37
Why wouldn’t she be like, it’s fucking you the first time you meet? Why wouldn’t she recognize you?

Haney 23:43
If she knows definitively that Zack is dead? She would know that that’s not Zack. Like if she saw him die, or if she knows for a fact. This is also assuming that Zach is that boyfriend? I don’t know how Tifa knows Zach. I don’t know if Tifa and Zack were actually best friends growing up. And that cloud has kind of filled in and it’s a little bit like, have you ever seen The Truman Show with Jim Carrey? Holy shit, what’s that? It’s a phenomenal movie. But the idea is that Jim Carrey’s character is the member of a reality show and he has no idea he lives in a completely fabricated town life, marriage, everything is completely fabricated. I get that similar vibe from Tifa. And from aerith. Now that like they kind of know more than they are willing to share, and that they’re going along with everything. I’m not really sure to what means. Yeah, but my thought is that if cloud is a clone of Zach, and they look identical, like this, and I’ve actually never seen Zach, so I don’t know if they look identical, and I refuse to look him up. At this point, obviously, keep doing that. Yeah. If she knows for a fact that Zack is dead, or whoever it is, that cloud is a clone of, she’s not going to be like, Oh, that’s you You’re back. She’s gonna be like that. weird, but I also know the Shinra so and the other thing is, she knows Hojo she knows Shinra she lived in the lab, she’s probably seen him do some pretty gross things with cloning before she’s probably more aware of what if cloud is a clone? She’s more aware of that than cloud is probably because her closeness to Hojo to those science experiments to all that, okay, that’s that’s where my train of thought is right now at least.

Chris 25:24
So do you think clouds memories of? Well, you said his memories of when he’s going through niflheim? You think that’s like fabricated?

Haney 25:32
Oh, shit. So there’s a problem there. If Tifa his friend was actually Zack, which I was thinking and that she’s just going along with it because she wants her friend back or, you know, whatever reason, my thought would be that, you know, she’s just playing along. Sure. The problem here is that we met Zach’s parents not enable him, right. So if Zach was there, one from niflheim originally,

Chris 25:53
they would recognize him,

Haney 25:54
they would have recognized him as Zack. And shad. I think my thing is falling apart here. Damn it. Ah, damn it. So there’s still a lot.

Chris 26:03
There’s a lot of injury.

Haney 26:06
Memories are not his. I am adamant on that point. I won’t say I’m 100% positive because there’s I don’t have proof for it. But I’m adamant that clouds memories are fabricated. And I think there’s someone else’s maybe his physical body isn’t clone, but someone else’s. But Aaron said he looks just like him. So I’m very I’m lost. I’m happy last. I’m just excited to see what happens next.

Chris 26:29
There’s a lot of things. Oh,

Haney 26:30
there’s so much what else did you want to ask me about? I think I’ve brought

Chris 26:33
it up in the past but now that we’re in the temple of the ancients, correct. Any idea what the black material is doing? Why is

Haney 26:41
that was another thing that was really annoying about the the lounge bit in the hotel was someone’s like, oh, black material. What’s that includes like, Oh, you wouldn’t even know if I played it here. And I was like, why don’t you try me asshole I need to know. Tell me. Um,

Chris 26:56
why is everyone going after it? What’s its deal

Haney 27:00
assumably it is a massively powerful material, like Scarlet from shandra was looking for a big, huge metiria separate authors chasing the black material. Like it’s probably the same thing. Like, it’s a massive thing. I’m assuming that they want it for different purposes. We know that SAP Ross and goal is to merge with the live stream at this point. He wants everything to become one with himself, because he’s a dick Shinra wants to find the promised land and basically unlimited Maiko, I think they think independently, each of the like the Shinra organization and Safra think that that black material is going to bring them what they want, like their ultimate happiness for several that’s merging with the live stream for Shinra. It’s getting to the promised land or having unlimited power basically from Maiko in terms of what it actually is. To me. I don’t think the black materia would be something that can be fabricated because it’s so powerful. I don’t think it can be synthesized in the maker reactors, I think it has to be naturally occurring. I don’t think that Shinra or Sephiroth have realized that yet because, you know, Safra was attacking reactors at first and you know, Scarlett’s going through the old burned out reactors looking to see what’s leftover basically in them, and they’re all striking out, but I know that there is a thing in Final Fantasy seven called Meteor, right? I know that because I have a pin because I’ve heard it reference for fucking ever. It’s a fucking image you see on the internet.

Chris 28:25
Got a tattoo on my arm?

Haney 28:27
Do you have a tattoo? Yeah. Have you shared with me before? You don’t remember? Can I see it? Oh, yeah.

Oh, that is tight as hell. That is a dope tattoo. Holy shit. That’s awesome. I did not know you had that. I’ve never seen that before. No, no, you also have Eretz lilies on the back, right? Yeah, I

Chris 28:49
got the lilies.

Haney 28:50
I’ve seen the lilies before. Those are so cool. Did I want to Final Fantasy seven tattoos so bad, but I feel like I have to finish the game before I go on. That seems fair. Right? That seems fair. I think when we finished it, we should go get our matching tattoos. Oh yeah. So back to this though. I think the black material might be Meteor I don’t know what they would do with that like I don’t know how that helps either of them right? Because like it seems like a big destructive force like I don’t know how that helps either of them in their pursuits which don’t ultimately seem destructive but are definitely going to be destructive but they don’t see them that way. Like they’re not looking to blast a giant fucking hole on the earth for no reason like like a meteor what right like there’s no reason for them to do that. But I think that that might be what the black material is solid. That being I really hope we fucking hear more about the game because that’s my only theory and I’m clinging to it like a fucking thread right now. Once again for me, daddy.

Chris 29:47
So I think we’re gonna roll the outro at this point. And if you want to hear a little bit of a spoiler chat, stick around.

Haney 29:54
Thank you so much for listening to the first encounter podcast If you enjoyed the episode, please go leave us an apple review. They make a huge difference and we would really appreciate it. Additionally, you can find all of our past episodes and how to connect with us on first encounter podcast calm, please come say hi. Join us next time where we conclude the Temple of the ancients and head back to nibble home and the forest to pick up some missing friends. Thank you so much for listening and we’ll see you next time.

Chris 30:18
So, still listening Welcome back. Henny not gonna go too in depth with this, I think. But there’s something you have alluded to, you know what happens? I got to touch on it. You know, aerith dies at some point. I do know Earth dies at some point between this game and Advent Children you know what happened?

Haney 30:38
As you know, it happens I am concerned that it’s coming up to

Chris 30:43
it’s just because you’ve brought it up that I want to touch on it now. So a What do you think happens be when do you think it happens?

Haney 30:51
Unfortunately, I know what happens, because unfortunately, I have seen this now playing the game. It’s kind of fucked up that I’ve seen this but there’s a there was a T shirt that was super popular at conventions when I started going through it of Arif just absolutely speared on sefirat sword. In retrospect, what the fuck Why would anyone buy that and wear it that’s super weird. from that. I presume that’s how fraud kills Arif just very I was gonna say naturally but I need to walk that back. But it just seems like separate murders aerith

Chris 31:22
it’s like someone wearing a Snape kills Dumbledore shirt and you can bleep that out if you want but what the fuck

Haney 31:27
but it’s true though. Like it’s very similar to like yeah, I totally totally I’m on the same board with you I really wish I didn’t know that Yeah, I feel like that’s part of the reason why I was steeled up against Eric was that I know she’s not for every character that being I don’t think it’s as later in the game as I want it to be like I want it to be like a definitive thing. I feel like it’s going to end like the first act of the game. Like I feel like because this was a three disc game correct? Yep. I feel like the game is probably separated into x This feels like an end of disc one thing Don’t tell me I don’t actually know where like from a PS perspective where disc one ends like we could have been blown way past that at this point. I doubt it getting considered how much of the game has left but if the game has about 70 hours or so I would imagine there’s about 20 some 2122 hours ish per desk I’m very worried that this is going to be where she dies is at the end of the Temple of the ancients. Okay, we’re at the point where we’re be around the our ending of disc one. Okay, maybe a little before maybe a little after we fucked around. We know that we bumblefuck sometimes, that being we know soccer athletes here. We know that he’s killed here already or tried to saying is very mortally wounded. And Arif has taken a front seat. In this part of the story. She is required to be a party member. I’m very concerned that this is going to be very soon.

Chris 33:00
So you predict and if Temple of ancients she’s gonna get off.

Haney 33:04
Yeah, that is unfortunately what I’m seeing. Okay, there are two, two feelings I have about that. The first is I’m very upset. I love Erin. She’s become such a fucking great character for me. I adore her. The second is what the fuck am I going to do? And also, should I unequip or material before we get to that point, so

Chris 33:25
I don’t lose shop at all on Barrett. I’ve got exactly what you want. I’m wondering

Haney 33:30
if I can like read the room and just be like, Alright, like, I’m just gonna pull some of that material. I don’t lose that. Like,

Chris 33:37
how do you explain that to era when clouds taking your material back? Like how do you

Haney 33:42
go about it? You know what, you were never good at casting in a free anyway.

Chris 33:46
You’re not the best healer. I’m just saying. It’s actually everyone else has been saying I’m not saying

Haney 33:53
that. But I’m not saying that. But Barrett, he doesn’t think you’re good. And he cures all if you wouldn’t believe.

Chris 34:00
Yeah, yeah. Okay, so what I’m feeling man, gotcha.

Haney 34:03
This is uh, this started out more of a nightmare and ended with more intrigue. Yeah, I’m very I don’t see where we’re going.

Chris 34:10
Alright, thanks for joining us listeners. And we’ll see you next time.

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Chris 34:15

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