In this episode we boat around revisiting some of the classics, return to the Gold Saucer, borrow the Keystone, get stranded, go on a romantic date, star in a disastrous play, see some fireworks, and have our hearts broken in a serious breach of friendship. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Chris 0:00
Hey friends before we start today’s episode I wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who donated to our extra left campaign. It was our first drive and with the contribution of these generous folk, we were able to collect $860 for the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital, which I’m very proud and thankful for. Big shout out to Lance nerdling net Tales from the cartridge five mon goon Mama dadly on Denise and Sister Maria. Also I wanted to mention that that co hosts the Primetime nerds podcast, which is an excellent True Crime podcast focused on local Vermont crimes, they show great compassion and respect to the victims which really sets them apart. Tales from the cartridge is a video game podcast focused on the great stories they tell featuring really wonderful writing and voice work. Please check them out. Thanks.

Haney 0:42
This episode of first encounter contains spoilers for the video game Final Fantasy seven. If you’ve not played this game, first off, what are you doing? Don’t be like me a second go play it instead of listening to us. If you’d like to follow along, listen to the end of the episode for where we play to next, as well as how you can get in touch with us. We would also like to take a second to say that we are in no way affiliated with square. We’re just a couple of guys trying to have fun with the cool video game. Oh wait, I don’t have a keystone. Oh shit. Oh shit. I just remembered I I just remembered that that guy said that. Huh? Fuck it. Let’s go back to mid guy.

Chris 1:21
What? Nothing? Nothing at all.

Haney 1:23
Where else would it be?

podcast Testing.

Chris 1:35
Testing. 123. How you doing, buddy? Good. How are you? doing? All right.

Haney 1:39
I have a little drinky drink you brandy.

Chris 1:41
What is that called?

Haney 1:42
This is the stone corral. Bad rooster Vermont IPA. It’s got a lovely can design with a seemingly bad rooster on it. I’m gonna take a little sip here. Oh, holy shit. Yeah. Oh, that’s really good. Yeah, I really like that. It’s usually when I take a sip of an IPA. I expect it to sit back a little bit. Like it always bites back. Yep. Yeah, this one’s so smooth.

Chris 2:03
Yeah, this is one of my favorite beers. It’s just the first time I’ve brought a beer. It is all right. Last

Haney 2:09
time you picked it out, but we shopped together at the grocery store together beforehand.

Chris 2:13
Maybe we should start getting individual beers and picking one out for the other person. Well, that could be fun. That might be fun. Yeah,

Haney 2:19
I like that. I like that Chris. Kristoff. All right, Chris.

Chris 2:23
All you listeners Welcome back to the first encounter podcast

Haney 2:28
where we play the hit sequel

Chris 2:31
to the before crisis. Don’t phone game video phone game.

Haney 2:38
Final Fantasy seven as a mobile game on my iPhone the other day? Yeah, not at all. But in a game sorry. It took all of my wherewithal to not download it. But I messaged you and Oh yeah, that’s right. I did I messaged you and you said you have enough trouble with the controls as is Do you really want to put touch into this? Yeah. Which I mean hey, fuck you. But also you’re not wrong.

Chris 3:04
Nothing against you. But I don’t think you could adapt any ps1 ps to onward game to a touchscreen that’s like five inches long. Anyway,

Haney 3:15
we hang out and we’re not doing like podcast recording can we download it on my phone? Just to try the first like two minutes of it? Yes,

Chris 3:22

Haney 3:22
Let’s see what a nightmare. Yes, yeah. Excellent. Ah, so Chris, where do we where are we coming from? Can you remind our dear listener where we played last time

Chris 3:32
so the previous episode we ended on our search for the Temple of the ancients

Haney 3:38
crashed our brand new boat right into the ocean. Yeah. Previously the boat was had wings and floated through the air. A sky boat if you Will, but then it crashed and it became a boat boat picked up fun new party member said who I have not really used yet. Sit down drink your goddamn tea. Love. Love said yeah, we

Chris 3:56
started off in the ocean. What a nightmare looking for the temple.

Haney 4:00
Do my favorite part about the ocean as though Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean You do? Yeah, no random encounters fucking great. It’s amazing. So much time to boating around.

Chris 4:09
Yeah, I can’t fault you for that. The first thing we did is wander into a new village.

Haney 4:14
Yeah, bone village. I believe it was called.

Chris 4:17
Welcome to bone village town for nature lovers.

Haney 4:20
Holy shit. I just realized that a giant monster had with a jet plane crashed into it.

Chris 4:25
Sure is something. What do you want?

Unknown Speaker 4:27
Have you seen Sephora?

Haney 4:31
is literally the equivalent of someone running up to you on the street in Burlington just screaming like where’s

Unknown Speaker 4:37
my kid? Welcome to bone village, a

Haney 4:42
town for nature lovers. What do you want?

Chris 4:45
Have you seen Sephora?

Haney 4:47
Oh, the man in a black cape. He was looking for the Temple of the ancients, mother fucker.

Chris 4:53
Temple of the ancients. Thanks See,

Haney 4:58
it’s on the other It’s way down south. It’s on the other side of this town in the Inland Sea. It’s the pyramid rising out of the forest.

Chris 5:07
How do you get in? You need the Keystone the flux a keystone,

Haney 5:12
just like it sounds a rock. That’s a key. I heard that some rich guy has a buck. Hey, so I have two options here on some three options on some rich guy that has it. Want me to hit him with you

Chris 5:26
hit me with him.

Haney 5:28

Chris 5:29
Obviously pretty rich,

Haney 5:30
basically owns the world. Don Cornetto.

Chris 5:33
Seems wealthy.

Haney 5:35
Or do boy it’s deal isn’t it?

Chris 5:39
You can go to anyone you want. Have you seen Sephora like

Haney 5:43
every I think I’ve reached the end here. Very interesting. visuals right off the bat there’s some sort of giant skeleton that has a jet plane crashed into its head really need to know like as much about that as possible ASAP but when you start talking to people they definitely have a trigger that is meant to get you out of the village as quickly as possible. We spent way too long after that point just basically boating around the edge of the entire continent

Chris 6:12
just took a cruise the ocean is your oyster honey.

Haney 6:15
Do you have my favorite part about the ocean is

Chris 6:17

Haney 6:18
I actually love oysters Oh Do I have to go all the way of fucking around this depends where you go and I guess while I was trying to head down to the Inland Sea crest what I want to get to is I want to get over there but I don’t think I can so let’s see see what else he’s got for me. Okay, so that’s right just popped in. But let’s see if I go this way and then

Chris 6:44
there’s Midgar

Haney 6:45
that’s fine maybe it’s here maybe it’s the next

Chris 6:50
so that’s June

Haney 6:51
that’s general harbor Okay, can’t get back to June on harbor that’s good. I like that. Huh? how mad Are you going to be if I use the entirety of today’s recording time to traverse this

Chris 7:02
pretty mad? We have a we got a timeline now.

Haney 7:07
So I’m going around the entire continent just so you know. Looks

Chris 7:10
looks to be the case. A big bridge. Love me some bridges when they’re not falling.

Haney 7:16
I’m just having a great time.

Chris 7:17
Yeah, we just get to see the world. Not too many people probably get an opportunity like this.

Haney 7:22
What a treat. This is others mid Guardian then here done that. You haven’t got time. Yeah,

Chris 7:27
how many times are you gonna ask me that?

Haney 7:29
enough times to annoy you

Chris 7:31
enough times until I’m not having a good time?

Haney 7:33
Yeah, well, it’s like a pyramid. Nope, that’s a mountain.

Chris 7:37
Ah, that looks like a pyramid.

Haney 7:40
Where you’re How do I

Chris 7:43
we find the temple in the middle of a forest kind of weave our way through some Island.

Haney 7:49
I guess islands Yeah. And so what whatever manna from magically gathering that I didn’t already mention that perfect.

Chris 7:56
And we’re going through the forest and we get into a random encounter.

Haney 7:58
boy did we I beat the shit out of some ninja. Yeah, mysterious ninja. Mysterious ninja. Who definitely looks like a character known as the eufy that I’m aware of from adventure children. First random encounter the day whoo little forest scene.

Chris 8:16
Oh, flux that

Haney 8:17
What the fuck?

Chris 8:18
What the fuck is that?

Haney 8:20
Is that up? I don’t want to fuck this up. Fuck what sense

Chris 8:30
do I just attack What do you it’s a battery. What are you gonna do? I don’t know. I that’s clearly mystery ninja not up.

Haney 8:36
I don’t want to know who the fuck up is.

Chris 8:39
You’re just saying

Haney 8:40
I don’t want to. I don’t want to lose their. I don’t know if it’s like speaking.

Chris 8:43
Excuse me.

Haney 8:45
In the blue. Yeah. Just beat her up. And she’s lying dead. And there’s a safe point next year and I tried to save and it wouldn’t let me while I was trying to save she robbed me and ran away.

Chris 9:00
You did it. Okay, no problem.

Haney 9:03
Now what happens?

Chris 9:04
It was just a fucking random encounter in was it Chris?

Haney 9:08
Was it before

Chris 9:09
you save? Talk to me about what’s happening?

Haney 9:12
There’s a dead woman.

Chris 9:13
Can you describe the setup of this scene?

Haney 9:16
I just killed the mystery ninja. And instead of, you know, just like normal times, where you would? What the shit instead of normal.

Chris 9:27
Gotcha. And you deserve it to

Haney 9:30

Chris 9:33
Do you have to read stuff when it’s on screen?

Haney 9:35
I just lost.

Chris 9:37
Read it.

Haney 9:38
Give me back my money. What the fuck just happened now

Chris 9:41
as weird.

Haney 9:43
Hopefully I can find her at some point. Definitely don’t think I’m going to pretty sure I just blew my chance at getting up by trying to save I think that was a red herring.

Chris 9:53
So that happened and we stride into the temple.

Haney 9:57
Yep. And we walk across the bridge. To the temple and walk right up to the entrance and cloud shrugs and says I don’t fucking know since like you need something to get in yep so we leave and we’re like oh shit i was at that point I was like all right we literally just learned we needed the Keystone to get in here fuck Where did we had after the temple?

Chris 10:18
That’s when we came across the house. Excellent.

Haney 10:22
So I walk up into this house and it seems to be like some sort of weapon shop and the guy is pretty helpful. He has a couple of options for dialogue to talk to you only used one

Chris 10:35
dialogue option then it was give me the Keystone or like where does the Keystone is the Keystone he’s like yeah, this rich fuck Oh, yeah,

Haney 10:42
he’s like, but he tells us who it is. What is this? Yeah, let’s go see.

Chris 10:47
Fucking Yeah,

Haney 10:48
let me in. Oh, another customer you sure picked it out of the way place. But if it’s the Keystone you’re looking for You’re too late. don’t have it.

Chris 10:56

Haney 10:57
What? You didn’t come here for that. The Keystone is the key that unlocks the gate to a very old temple somewhere. You’re not gonna believe yours. But I heard it was the Temple of the ancients. The Temple

Chris 11:05
of the ancients.

Haney 11:06
Ha ha ha. Don’t take it seriously. It’s just the legend. All right, well, Hey, where’s it come back? Talk to me.

Chris 11:15
Where’s this Keystone?

Haney 11:17
I sold that already. Well tell the truth. I didn’t really want to sell it. But that guy had a way about him that made you feel like it may not be a good idea not to sell it to him.

Chris 11:25
Who’d you sell it to? The manager of

Haney 11:27
the Gulf thoughts? I think his name was DL. said he was going to put it in his museum that he took on a hop out of here who

Chris 11:35
know mid guard today boys?

Haney 11:37
Were you really that why you’re anxious?

Chris 11:38
I was pretty concerned. All right. I don’t think he can talk the rest of this.

Haney 11:42
Well, I don’t care about the rest of what he’s saying. So gold saucer is in coral. Where what’s coral now? So we leave the house with new defined purpose. And we are like, Alright, let’s go find do. So luckily, the gold saucer is actually like, pretty much right across from this house. But it’s surrounded by quicksand. I still tried to run at it. And clouds like yeah, definitely this isn’t happening. I bumblefuck my way just all around this area for a while even got back in the boat before Chris was like, dude, he’s like, I feel like I can help you with this one. Just because you’re so lost. Since you know where you’re going. I Will help you get back there. So we bumblefuck our way up to the gold saucer bought another ticket. bought another fucking 3000 gil ticket. Amazing. Love it. Love it. You love to see it listener and we went right into the museum of his that we found. We looked at every object in the museum. They were all very odd. Except there was one that made perfect sense and should be in every museum collection, which was a beautiful large portrait of deos oil the muffle body lesson that Yeah, all I can say

Chris 12:59
is thank god Christmas is coming up.

Haney 13:03
Listening if you would like to send us a portrait of do PO box this is what I wish we actually had a peel box for people to send

Chris 13:10
absolutely does.

Haney 13:14
Oh, we just discovered a hidden area in the gold saucer cup do showroom do his backroom show area. How much do I have to pay to see do Holy shit. The portrait of do shirtless and crossed armed isn’t being ratable

Chris 13:32
it’s the Keystone.

Unknown Speaker 13:33
Oh, do Long time no see boy I really like that.

Chris 13:42
Key. Let me borrow this.

Haney 13:44
Sorry, but it’s not for rent. Since you’ve been good to me in the past, I can let you have it on one condition.

Chris 13:54
one condition.

Haney 13:58
Entertain me. I knew he and Tom Cornell were the same person. All right. I still have those pennies in that dress in my bag. Right? Oh, god. What do I gotta do? Daddy? That’s weird. That actually says daddy in the day.

Unknown Speaker 14:13

Haney 14:17
Nothing all that difficult. This is the battle arena. Just show me your button skills. Just you boy. I’m expecting a good fight a sec. I knew I didn’t have to fucking play their stupid games. So I made it through one whole battle and the battle arena got was that everyone was petrified. The second and everyone being cloud. Yeah. Oh, right. Because it’s not one it’s just cloud. That’s right. And cloud got petrified and it was on the slow auction for the battle arena if that makes sense to listeners out there. So I didn’t have time to do anything before a cloud just got petrified so the game ended well, not the game ended. The mini game ended and we’re kicked back and deals like that all you got, well, a promise is a promise and he gives us the keys and I was like, Yeah, I thought that’s I’m out of here.

Chris 15:09
So we go to the sky gondola. And they’re like, sorry, it’s it’s down actually, and everyone is stranded on the golden saucer until we get up and running.

Haney 15:19
But luckily, Kate’s f hopped his way up to us and is like, oh, but you guys can just stay here. I know the owners of the hotel.

Chris 15:27
What a bro.

Haney 15:28
Oh, just super helpful. I have other things to do. I’m gonna go visit a temple of agents. Yeah, I’ll be back here. I’m sure at some nightmarish point. Oh,

Chris 15:37
excuse me, sir. I’m sorry. The trend is out of order right now. So I’m really sorry. I’m afraid you won’t be able to leave until it’s fully repaired.

Haney 15:47
God dammit Kitson leave. What’s wrong start? Yeah, no, let’s stay at the hotel. leyna. me here. I’ll go talk to them.

Chris 16:01
Two thumbs up over here.

Haney 16:03
I don’t know if you see my face, Chris. But I have two thumbs down over here. I wanted to get to double the ancient today and apparently like against, and why would you even want to do that. Everyone that you’ve encountered at this point gets to sit around in the lobby of the ghost hotel and chat. And for some reason they make cloud to try to recount what’s happened up to this point. How about it? Can you tell me what’s happened so far? I don’t really know what’s going on. Because I wasn’t here in the beginning. I’ve been here since the beginning and I still don’t know what the hell’s going on either. Hello, Barrett. Cloud. The hell’s going on? Come on, fellas.

Chris 16:38
All right. I’ll give it a shot. We’re going after suffer off. Sephiroth must be in search of the Promised Land, the promised land, a land full of mega energy. Or at least that’s what the Shinra belief. I don’t know if it actually exists.

Haney 16:55
The sections Will return to the promised land, a land that promises boundless happiness, etc. That’s some kind of disease Barrett that wasn’t Barrett there when we learn cetera

Chris 17:06

Haney 17:07
That’s what the ancients called themselves. Hey, listen to the elders that cosmic Canyon. You don’t know where the Promised Land of the ancients is. You search and travel until you feel it, then you just know that you’ve found it. Eric,

Chris 17:20
can you feel it too?

Haney 17:21
I think so. So Seth Roth is traveling the world because he’s searching for the promised land is that he’s searching for that. And one other thing.

Chris 17:29
The black material.

Haney 17:30
I heard from do that a man in a black cape was looking for the black materia. I’ve never heard of black materia. How many men with black kids and number tattoos are there? You know, of course, my note too is number 13. Oh shit, I completely forgot.

Chris 17:46
How did you get that tattoo?

Haney 17:48
How Zhao put it on me. The rest are just war scars, but the number was done by Hojo. So there are at least 13 You know, I think Hojo did something to those men in the black capes. But I don’t know what it has to do with Sephora, though. That’s why I think we should just go after Sephora himself. Yeah, me too. It’s all just too damn confusing. And I’m sorry, forget it. I think I’m tired. I’m going to bed now. runs away. Well, is that all of a sudden? Oh, how about the black materia?

Chris 18:19
You want to understand even if I told you,

Haney 18:21
you could try a cloud deck. I want to know about the black man’s area. Now we got to do is take action. We’re starting tomorrow. We’re talking about all the black cloaks figures who have tattoos and someone mentions how many people are there with tattoos, how many black cloak figures are there and read 13 says, Well, my tattoo is 13 the rest of my markings are war scars and whatnot. But Hojo gave me this one. So we make the deduction at that point that there are at least 12 other experimented on creatures or people are beans beans is a probably the best word that have also been tattooed. And at this point, we’ve met a good chunk of them through nibble Haim through mid Gar and through read their team. So that’s a lot of intrigue. That’s interesting. And I would love to at some point, go back through nibble Heim and list I wish I wish I had done this initially listed all of the numbers we came across including um guy including read 13 so it’s interesting though, because we have now kind of some more definitive tying directly into the story of the black cloak figures with the tattoos.

Chris 19:31
Yeah, right. 13 also says Am I gonna go crazy to like, is this gonna happen to right? Talk about like, heavy things just hanging over you like can you imagine like, yeah, these people just

Haney 19:43
I mean, no, I can’t imagine but yeah, like holy shit. Read 13 is probably one of my favorite characters. Like top in this game so far. Nanaki is awesome, man. He’s very good. Cosmo Canyon has been my favorite part to date. Since we’ve done nibble. nibble. Haim was my previous favorite part. Cosmo Canyon right? slightly higher than double home it got the tears man tears when but yeah man read 13 is fantastic. So the crew slowly starts heading to bed said was already asleep the entire time in the lobby which is fantastic. I like to think we loved him in the lobby. Ship probably That’s incredible. So we had up to our bed and Eric barges in and she wants us to go on a date. Let’s go on a date.

Chris 20:28

Haney 20:30
d a t or Haven’t you ever gone on one?

Chris 20:34
Well, not a real one.

Haney 20:36
No, just a mixed up kid. Oh, well come on. Let’s

Chris 20:39
go. Hey,

Haney 20:41
am I going on a date with Eric?

Chris 20:43
Sure it looks like it tonight and

Haney 20:45
Chapman night. Oh, tonight’s enrollment night all the attractions are free. how bad it would have been in Dane show in new box square. Come on. Let’s go. We head down into the I think we’re just kind of in the general like station area of the gold saucer and staff employee is like, Oh, you guys like, are you on a date? You should go check out the entertainment area. Like we’re having a special play tonight or whatever. So we had in and then as you head into that area of the theater area, they’re like, oh, you’re 100 a couple you guys get to star in the play. I was real stoked on that. Um,

Chris 21:23

Haney 21:24

Chris 21:24
Would you say you took full advantage of that opportunity? I think I did. Princess Rosa was kidnapped by the evil Dragon King. valva dos. What Will become of Josh Stan the legendary hero Alfred up heroes.

Haney 21:40
Class. scampers campers camper.

Unknown Speaker 21:43
Oh, you must be the legendary hero. Oh, Fred. Hey, if you’re like me, yeah, you.

Haney 21:54
Oh, you must be the legendary hero, our friend. By my soul. Please. Please say princess rose up.

Unknown Speaker 22:02
Now please talk to the king.

Chris 22:06
What about my line? Oh, legendry

Unknown Speaker 22:08
hair out red. You have come to save my beloved Rosa. On the back of a dangerous mountain dwellers evil Dragon King Barbados? Who’s kidnapped princess Rosa. But you cannot be the evil Dragon King now talk to Why don’t you talk to

Chris 22:29
the wizard. I am the great worship for men. What do you wish to know? evil dragon King’s weakness? The princesses measurements Give me the princesses measurements.

Haney 22:46
Please help me legendary hero How was that? Who is your enemy say it

Chris 22:56
that night over there

Haney 22:57
fuck the night Come on. Stop a cloud What are you doing? The pleases disaster now I’m getting mad. Oh no, I’m running the date. I just got flushed by Aaron. So we started this god awful play that is about it. I don’t really know like a princess kidnapped by a dragon. I chose every bad dialogue option for cloud because I didn’t seem to be actually relevant to the game. I ended up getting aerith so pissed that she slapped me and I passed out and then a dragon started shit talking her you know or an actor playing the dragon sorry shit talking her on stage. So she walked over and slot that guy to and then we just leave and then we end up back in the station. Like I have a great time tonight.

Chris 23:42
She just had some stuff to work out.

Haney 23:45
Dude, I really enjoy her. She’s grown on me so hard. She is so fun. Um, but at this point in the station after she tells us we had a great time we go for a gondola ride. Yeah. Wow, how nice. What cloud? race. That’s really cool, actually. This means it goes lovely. Yeah. So pretty.

Beautiful, isn’t it? First off, it bothered me how you looked exactly alike. two completely different people, but look exactly the same. The way you walk, gesture. I think I must have seen him again in you. But you’re different. Things are different. Cloud. I’m searching for you. I want to meet you when I’m Right here. I know I know what I mean is I want to meet you. I had fun tonight. Let’s do it again. thing like being with me.

Chris 25:14
That’s not it.

Haney 25:15
I’m glad. Next time we come, let’s take your time and go on more rides. Oh, look at the time we’d better get going. We got some beautiful views of the gold saucer, we get some fireworks. Real romantic. Just Excellent. Excellent overall, but um, we have a weird fucking conversation with aerith hair.

Chris 25:33
Basically, like, You look just like him. It was weird. You act like him.

Haney 25:39
You look identical. But you’re you’re you just like, but I want to meet the real you and you’re like, I’m me. And she’s like, no, I really want to meet you. However, earlier this week, I texted Chris with a new cockamamie story,

Chris 25:54
which we Will get to at the end of this talk

Haney 25:56
through. Okay. So well, we’ll get there listener. Um, at this point, the gondola ride does pretty lovely. And we’ve ended up back at the station. Suddenly, Kate kicks off time. Hey, what’s kidstuff doing?

Chris 26:14
Is that the Keystone? Hey, Kate says,

Haney 26:18
hey, what the fuck get back here. I Will battle Kate said it’s cancer the bad guy. Like, Oh shit, come back here. Okay, oh, wait, what do you want?

Chris 26:28
No. You never saw him again.

Haney 26:32
Come back. Come back here. Shit. Go. We follow kids that through all these areas. as Kate said, It’s clearly running and hiding from us. And finally catch up to them coming out of the battle arena and we’re able to confront him about why he has the Keystone. But he’s fucking throwing the Keystone to a goddamn helicopter that has saying on it. I can smell you from here. Yeah, you’re here. Take it the Keystone. Well done. Oh, you fucking asshole. Oh, shit. I’m

Unknown Speaker 27:09
gonna kill you.

Chris 27:11

Haney 27:12
wait a second. I won’t run or hide. Yes, I was. I said it was a fucking thing with Kate said.

Chris 27:22
Yeah. And I said it was Tifa you got a lot of guts acting like a friend. But being a spy.

Haney 27:27
What are you gonna do? Kill me? If I’m given the option? Absolutely. I Will slit your fucking throat and bleed it out. You just be wasting your time. If you try. This body’s just a toy. Anyway, my real buddies at Shinra headquarters in mid guard. I’m controlling this toy cat from there. Hmm. So the entire thing is a robot. I thought the cat was a real thing. All right. Yes, I’m a shinran employee, but we’re not entirely enemies. something bothers me I think it’s your way of life. Fuck. You don’t get paid. You don’t get praised. Yet you still risk your lives and continue on your journey seem that makes me it just makes me think about my life. I don’t think I’d feel too good if things ended the way they are now. And so on and so on. So much.

Chris 28:15
He’ll never tell the truth. Once a spy Oh is a spy.

Haney 28:19
As I thought talking won’t make a bit of a difference. But I prepared something in case this happened. When he listen to this. That’s gonna knock us out or some shit.

Chris 28:27
Papa Tifa Hey,

Haney 28:30
that’s Marlene.

Unknown Speaker 28:32
Hey, it’s the flower lady flower lady.

Haney 28:35
So you have to do as I say. You’re the lowest. Yeah, I didn’t want to do that using dirty tricks and taking hostages. This is how it is no compromises suddenly go on as we did. Oh, you absolute piece of shit. Tomorrow is the temple of the ancients. Right? I know where it is. So I’ll tell you later. Of course we’ll get there after the Shinra but you’ll have to deal with that. We ended up confronting case after case of lobs the Keystone to sang and sang takes the fuck off with it. And we’re like, Yo, what the fuck? There’s a long conversation that follows but the the gist of it is that Kate Smith is not actually a living being he’s just a robot which I knew that a fortune teller suit like the mogul or whatever. Moogle was like a robot, but I thought the cat was alive. I think everyone did. That’s a toy that’s controlled remotely by a Shinra employee back in gender headquarters. Clouds like tell me who you are. I’m gonna murder you and the boys on the other end of the line at this point, like, sigh I didn’t want to have to do this and hold up the phone to presumably a hostage and you talk to the voice and Eric talks to the voice and they identify the voice as Marlene as a hostage. I hate that. I hate that so fucking much, Chris.

Chris 29:53

Haney 29:55
That was Don’t fuck with children. Like just don’t okay. Just just absolutely do not children don’t deserve that. I’m so livid at the voice on the other side of the line for even involving a, who we know is now a four year old in this, whose life has already been irrevocably destroyed by the Shinra. And she doesn’t even know it. So, cloud is just fucking livid. aerith is livid, and we’re gonna murder Kate. Seth, I’d like to take a quick aside here to talk about the voice and who I think the voice says. Yeah, hit me with it. My guess based on our previous conversations on Mike about the makeup of the Shinra board is that the most likely person is Reeves to be on the other side of the kitset voice. Because seemingly, while that person is still helping Shinra out, they tried to tell you that they were a friend of yours and they tried to like, be a little less aggressive. Whereas we know that Scarlet not her style, she would have just murdered you. Hojo doesn’t work at Shinra anymore. He’s fucking scarpered. And we’ve talked to him semi recently. Um, Rufus we know and Heidegger are not at Shinra headquarters. They’re out hunting saffer off together. Um, who else is at this point? Palmer is also not a turn of headquarters. So that really only leaves like wreaths. Right. And the Turks. Yeah, we’ve seen the Turks semi recently. I don’t think it’s any of them. I can’t imagine any of the Turks really, at this point. Being a good guy. I think it’s Reeves that’s where I’m going with this is that I just think that Reeves is the most likely suspect for whose case that actually is. If so, I’m hopeful that while he’s making mistakes currently, that he’s really has good intentions downstream. And he’s just not concerned about how he gets there.

Chris 31:43
Reeves, head of urban development development, I guess my only response to that would be like, doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who’s part of the board.

Haney 31:52
That’s the other thing is that it could just be a random that we haven’t met yet. And that’ll be like someone in the future like, for at this point. It could be fucking the jogger, you know, I don’t think it is I haven’t I have an idea of where he might be. And I’m upset about it. I think he might be the one in the basement at back at chinar. Manor and niflheim Yeah, I

Chris 32:11
think so.

Haney 32:12
I mean, it’s blatantly obvious at this point. But I really want to go back there and get Chris drinking and shaking.

Chris 32:23
So I got to one important question, and one not important question. So now that you know, Seth is a piece of shit, is he going to be cycled into your party to keep him leveled up with everyone else?

Haney 32:36
Yes, because my OCD Will not allow me to not have him leveled up and I’m hopeful that at some point he gets redeemed sure, that being I’m not gonna be stoked about it and I’m gonna call him a stupid piece of shit every time he’s a party

Chris 32:49
there was like a 10 minute period where you’re kind of warming up to

Haney 32:53
the good boy he’s got big punches he’s strong roll some dice strongly. I actually really like dice I think that’s a very great I can let me break

Chris 33:02
so my second thing is the megaphone was in

Haney 33:09
Oh, I hate that I hate that so much

Chris 33:11
it was all there

Haney 33:12
fuck I gotta put the pieces together and we knew that there was a spy although I did say that the slide was Kate’s back Yeah. And you were like that’s deep and I was like fuck you. So yeah, we get kind of strong narrowed by keetsa to just be cool. And we kind of go back to our hotel room and finish out the night at that point. We’re able to choose our party and Kate so it’s like well we know that we got to go to the temple of the ancients so we might as well head there who wants to go it’s like well, obviously I want to go so your party is forced to be cloud and aerith and then one other I think at this point, I chose Barrett Yep. And we head out from the gold saucer and make our way back to our boat. On the boat, we make our way back to the table etc. Thank you so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you enjoyed the episode, please go leave us an apple review. They make a huge difference and we would really appreciate it. Additionally, you can find all of our past episodes and how to connect with us on first encounter please come say hi. Next time on first encounter, we’ll explore the Temple of the ancient saving before the lockdown after catching the key dude. You’ll know what I mean when you see it. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next time.

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