In this episode we catch up with Barret, hear about his past with Shinra, find out what happened to Coral, wander through the desert, meet the mystery man with the gun arm, learn more about Marlene, become the hottest new Chocobo racer, earn our freedom and a hot new ride. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:00
This episode contains adult themes such as suicide and child harm. If you or anyone you know have ever been affected by suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255 Thank you your discretion is advised this episode of first encounter contains spoilers for the video game Final Fantasy seven if you’ve not played this game First off, what are you doing Don’t be like me a second go play instead of listening to us. If you’d like to follow along listen to the end of the episode for where we play to next as well as how you can get in touch with us. We would also like to take a second to say that we are in no way affiliated with square we’re just a couple of guys trying to have fun with a cool video game. Do you think Mark ever ate enough to not be fat or whatever we

Chris 0:41
had enough to meet Yeah, I worry about him. Listen, there’s a chance we’ll be back there and you can feed them as many nuts as you want.

Haney 0:51
There’s a chance we’ll get to meet with maga.

Chris 0:54
That’s how you unlock the final summon.

Haney 0:57
Oh God just the deformed mogh with cloud hair. Hey buddy. Hey, how you doing? Oh good, you know Yeah, yeah,

Chris 1:14
just sitting here looking at you excited about anything. Things are a bit different.

Haney 1:19
So excited.

Chris 1:20
Got some stuff moved around. Got some new equipment.

Haney 1:22
Now none of that. I’m excited about now we’re just getting

Chris 1:26
hairs coming back

Haney 1:27
got that absolutely packed up. Yeah, I’m actually really excited. So we’ll get there before we get to that point though.

Chris 1:37
Once you got there Chris I got a space in between it’s an ale by Lawson’s finest liquids the finest finest I know people love it I’ve only had some sunshine it’s fantastic so this is going to be the first time I experienced a non slip of sunshine This

Haney 1:51
is probably my favorite beer right now.

Chris 1:55
Oh that’s really good. Yeah, this

Haney 1:57
is awesome. So this is their undefined ale because it’s kind of in between like it’s like in between an ale and like an IPA and like an APA and it’s just like kind of kind of in between everything there but this is one of my my favorite drinks.

Chris 2:09
Yeah, I could see me drinking this drink any situation.

Haney 2:11
Oh 100% So Chris, we played some Final Fantasy today sort of we explored a desert prison together for way too long.

Chris 2:20
Yeah, last episode we got to the golden saucer explored a bit we picked up a new party member okay. Or cat Sith as you prefer Catherine.

Haney 2:29
Catherine is their full name Catherine

Chris 2:31
the Sith. That’s the bed. We picked that marshmallow up played something you want any games sort of. Oh, you arm wrestle the wrestler and also a sumo wrestler.

Haney 2:43
I do not like the Golden’s.

Chris 2:46
And then we were rejected from the golden saucer. I

Haney 2:49
believe you mean we’re asked politely but firmly believe very firmly, very firmly.

Chris 2:54
Yeah, and we started the episode in Corel prison. Yeah, so

Haney 2:58
I think the vast majority of this episode was me getting my shit stolen by stupid random encounters.

Chris 3:07
Holy shit.

Haney 3:07
I lost so many good items. Because I’m a piece of shit. I was listening to

Chris 3:13
50 Shades of Grey. Yeah, well, I was stolen.

Haney 3:17
What mithril oh shit what a Gil was stolen and I’m gonna fucking kill these guys and take my shit back

Chris 3:23
well there goes your Gil he just fucking

Haney 3:25
Oh what a deck again I’m just gonna fucking physical

Chris 3:30
getting real Phoenix down

Haney 3:32
I hate being in prison all my cool stuff. Oh my god. Do I just lose my fucking four slots? Looks like did I hate this so much?

Chris 3:44
Hey, you may have lost four slots but at least you got your tent back

Haney 3:50
I’m considering hitting you so luck sources gone mithral rod has gone for slots which I’m really really upset about is gone Did you lose grand glove to know I managed to get Graham glove back but I did lose read their tunes grenade which is fine but like I’m like, why not?

Chris 4:08
Give it to the dog anyway Hey.

Haney 4:10
Okay. Like Yeah, he doesn’t have thumbs he can’t pull the pin so yeah,

Chris 4:16
there’s a lot of enemy encounters

Haney 4:17
yeah so there was the the little face things that either healed three or was the isn’t cure three cure three. So they either cure three or they self destruct and do a pretty significant amount of damage.

Chris 4:29
Yeah, definitely seemed more weighted toward the self destructs

Haney 4:33
Yeah, so I thought cure three once and then we saw self destruct. I don’t want to use the term countless, but I lost track.

Chris 4:41
Yeah. And then we met the muggers who did as their name implies,

Haney 4:45
mug you lot of mug and aggressively I lost so many items. He stole red Thirteen’s grenade because all my Granada’s gotta kill him faster.

Chris 4:53
Stop targeting the happy now.

Haney 4:56
Chris, I Will not lose my Granada.

Chris 4:58
Don’t fucking What what’s the save save the Limit Break?

Haney 5:03
I Will limit break right?

Chris 5:05
Thanks Jessica. These guys

Haney 5:06
I’m getting real sick of this getting real sick and losing cool fucking items.

Chris 5:10
Speed sores kill him.

Haney 5:12
Can’t get mugged. Too much power source. kill both of them. So we’re wandering around the main plaza main plaza. Plaza is a strong word for prison. I would say what did the pen I think is what they call it when they like get to go out into the yard, the yard? That’s what they call it. Yeah, the yard. Yeah. So we’re wandering around and we talked to the first guy that’s around us and he’s like, I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand those three over there. They pissed me off. The more I talked to him and I was like, Alright, that’s weird. Let’s go talk to him. Then

Chris 5:46
being three gentlemen who are sitting by themselves just snapping their fingers in unison.

Haney 5:53
Those guys only tell lies, only lies. Now one of them Will tell you the truth. Just talk with him a couple of times. He’ll get sick of them. The snapping fingers guys that he’s talking about. This place is heaven. This place is heaven. This place is heaven. Dude, I’m kind of about that. Why are they us? Man with a gun on his arm. Never heard of him. Never heard of him. Never heard of him. You want to see the boss? Go southwest and you’ll meet him. You’ll meet him. You’ll meet him. That’s actually really fucking creepy. So we approach the three gentlemen the barbershop quartet SQL or trifecta the barbershop trifecta and we get a little insight about directions in the prison so we learned that if we head to the southwest we’ll meet the boss and we take their advice head down a little bit, but before we get there, there’s another guy who’s like hanging out by like a cage elevator and if you talk to him He’s like, oh, if you want to go up you have to get the boss’s permission but before you do that, like you have to enter the Chocobo race the only way to get out of here is to win a joke about race Okay, cool that’s we’ll get we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it so we marched down to a truck that seemingly been converted into a office I guess like the truck is an office and then the cab you can use as a hotel to sleep and then like heal up and restore MP

Chris 7:11
what is the opening right there at the tire?

Haney 7:13
Yeah, I’m gonna see hello hello let me in let’s like oh it’s a fucking hotel it

Chris 7:19
looks like we can get some sleep here

Haney 7:23
let’s talk to these gentlemen

Chris 7:25
you knew to go and pay your respects to Mr. Coats

Haney 7:28
yeah let me go let me go get my respect let’s go let’s cool

Chris 7:33
Mr. Coats never seen your first round here before going up.

Haney 7:38
Just had to fucking run him. So we talked to Mr. coats and we’re like Alright, so like Yeah, well when to your truck by race? Let’s go and he’s like, No, no, you don’t understand. You have to get permission from the boss and we’re like, what? Everyone said you are the boss. What the fuck? And he’s like no. So after talking to Mr. Coats, we are like, Kay, we still really don’t know where to go or what to do. We can’t go any further south. We can’t go any further west. And then notice that to the east there’s like a rundown house or cabin so we walk inside and bear runs in and we get some more of that. Good. Good exposition. All right, Chris. Go this way. Hey, Chris. I can’t go this way.

Chris 8:23
No, I don’t know what you want this. No open world Hello?

Haney 8:27
house here and oh, I’ve lost control. That’s never good. bear it did not tell you not to come here. Don’t hold on for a second. We just want to talk. You’ll understand if you just hear us out. Um, did Barrett just open fire into a couch next door? Oh, fuck. Didn’t what none of you to get involved? Tifa Aaron? Hey, that’s clouds line. It’s too dangerous. I can’t let you get involved. Blah, Blah, Blah. Blah. Can aerith has really come into her own?

Chris 9:00
Yeah, we’re already involved in this.

Haney 9:03
suite. Tifa we saw you and hurried here. Barrett, just tell us what’s going on. You guys

Chris 9:09
heard that the murders at the pedaler you know were done by a man with a gun arm was that you?

Haney 9:13
There’s Oh boy. There’s another another man that got a gun grafted into one of his arms. It was four years ago. Oh, that’s that Good. Good. flashback. Barrett storms in. And we are talking to him with red 13 and Kate Seth, who are in our party, and we’re like, Hey, you got to tell us what’s going on here. Dude, what the fuck. And then Barrett just starts seemingly shooting that cloud. Luckily, there’s someone behind cloud that falls down dead behind the couch that you didn’t see. But I genuinely thought that he was shooting cloud and then aerith and Tifa who were not in our party run in and join the fray. Read 13 goes hey, upstairs we heard that. You know like all the murders was done by a man with a gun on his arm was that you and like this is the first time like that someone’s asked him point blank which is great. And I like that it’s read 13 because I feel like read 13 and Barrett have had like a little bit of a side relationship developing as like friends it which is which is cool I want to see more of that for sure. But bear it’s like no you don’t understand there’s another one and you start seeing a flashback

Chris 10:16
you see Baron dine running into the picture dinding Barrett’s best friend we learned about the previous episode and Barry was like dying and I were out of the village checking up on a Maiko reactor

Haney 10:27
the so the scene is then walking like on train tracks back into coral it seems like and as all man like runs out and he’s like like dying Barrett like oh my god the village like we’ve been like the city is under attack by shinar soldiers like everything’s on fire like everyone’s waiting for you like come on like we got to go Berra and dine run off to the side to like alleged to like look out over the city and they see that coral is just bucking

Chris 10:49
there is kind of a moment I liked where when they’re appearing over the city Barrett collapses to his knees and he’s like he’s having a moment and it’s a die and who kind of like comes out of it is like hey Barrett

Haney 11:00
we’re going to be okay we get like everyone’s waiting for us. We got to go Yeah, let’s go back there. Yeah, I’m diamond Barrett returned back to the old man. And that’s when Shinra soldiers show up. The village elder has been shot at by a bunch of shinder soldiers he is shot in the back and murdered. So Diane and Barrett do a runner obviously cuz Fuck that. And we see a semi familiar face at this point. Someone we still don’t know a whole lot about and I’m really actually excited to learn more about her because she seems like an absolute nutcase. Scarlet, she comes up behind the soldiers and she’s like, you’re never gonna hit anything with aim like that. Yeah, haha. And then she’s like, shoot them. Let’s go. Come on, boys. You can shoot them all day and never have to put them like that.

Unknown Speaker 11:46
Shut up.

Haney 11:48
Stop playing around. Cover me is my new Scarlet voice. Do you hate it? Watch out. Oh shit. Hang on. Listen to me. You’re coming back to the village here.

Chris 11:58
Yeah, I let it go.

Haney 12:00
You’re coming back. Everyone’s waiting for you. Eleanor and Marlene are all waiting on us. Is Eleanor his wife. Shit. Shit. So he got shot in the arm and dropped down. They were being shot out. I don’t know if they got hit immediately. But dying starts falling off a cliff Barrett grabs him by the wrist and they are in that kind of The Lion King situation where berets holding on to dine by the wrist and then they both get shot in the arm and they let go and dying seemingly plunges to his death. And you don’t really know how Barrett gets away after that point. Or like if they just assume they killed them and just like moved on with their life. From then on, I can use my right arm no more. I was depressed for a while. But then I threw away my artificial arm and got this gun grafted in, got a new right arm to get revenge on the Shinra who took everything away. Back then I had the doc say there was another man who got same operation as me. But his was the left on him. But times entry was the same as yours, right?

Chris 13:01
Yeah, that’s right. He was deceived by the Shinra to he’ll probably join us to fight against the Shinra

Haney 13:06
wouldn’t bet on it. I got pologize done before I can rest in peace. And that’s why I got to go alone.

Chris 13:12
Do whatever you want. Is that what you want to hear? Well, I can’t let you do it. We need your help to save the planet.

Haney 13:18
At that point, you kind of get the feeling like Ah, yeah Dion’s demo? I mean, I’ve kind of felt it before then but this is kind of the country like Dion’s definitely the the man with the gun arm that we’re pursuing right now not Barrett bear. It’s like Alright, fine. I guess we can do this together. Um see 20 2020 2019 so Barrett definitely needs to level up and then it doesn’t really matter. I’m gonna take away keep it for a bit.

Chris 13:47
I was gonna say like that your cursor wasn’t even moving over case if at all.

Haney 13:51
Not even at all. He’s he’s not for me. I don’t think he’s for me.

Chris 13:55
Oh man. How

Haney 13:56
about you?

Chris 13:56
Nobody ever uses Kate’s including you? Yeah.

Haney 14:02
So where do we go from here?

Chris 14:04
So we run out into the desert fucking crawling through the desert.

Haney 14:07
Is this this? Is this what I think it’s gonna be Fuck, I’m getting Lost Woods flashbacks. like you wouldn’t believe. I mean, I know north. How is this? Okay? Is it It’s all right. There’s fucking nothing in this desert. That’s

Chris 14:25
fine. What do you desert? What do you expect? what’s supposed to be there?

Haney 14:29
I want stuff. What is that? What is that thing?

Chris 14:34
That’s cactuar so that’s the third monster that I want to get a tattoo of.

Haney 14:37
That’s pretty cute. I

Chris 14:38
think I’ve definitely seen that one before. Yeah, so also you might be fucked. Why

Haney 14:43
it won’t cactus. Why does it What? Why can’t you do anything against that? cactus or was not anything to fuck around with it. Oh, it’s kick fucking level plowed. Luckily the things get out of off screen and left. I think we’ve got one other worm and then a couple of other randos before coming across the Chocobo carriage, this Chieko carriage came to my rescue. I was like, Hey, you want to ride and I was like, fucking Please, I’m so done with this. I don’t care where you take me I don’t want to be I just don’t want to be here. So he brings us back to the entrance to the desert. And at that point, I was like, Okay, let’s continue the story. What happens next in your mind, maybe

Chris 15:23
you come across dying. Is that is that straight up in the junkyard? Step back.

Haney 15:29
Done. Is that you? Yeah, that’s

Chris 15:32
a voice I haven’t heard in years. That was a really cool animation of him slowly raising his head up. Voice I’ll never forget. Oh, he

Haney 15:38
blames us. I always hope to be able to see you again. someday. I knew you were alive somewhere. We had the same operation. Listen, Diane, I want to

Chris 15:48
I can hear her voice. It’s Eleanor’s voice begging me not to hate your rotten guts. That’s why I never hunted you down.

Haney 15:55
I know I was stupid. I’m not asking you to forgive me. But what are you doing in a place like this? Why I want to kill people who ain’t even involved?

Chris 16:03
Why the hell do you care? You think the dead understand wise? is hearing shinners excuses is gonna make people in Coral understand anything? I don’t care about reasons. All they give us is artillery and stupid excuses. What’s left is a world of despair and emptiness. You still want to know why. All right, I’ll tell you because I want to destroy everything

Haney 16:23
like that. He has a limp and like kind of drags his leg around. That’s pretty cool.

Chris 16:26
The people in the city. The city itself, the whole world. I got nothing left in this world. Coral. Eleanor, Marlene?

Haney 16:36
Wait, is Marlene Dion’s kid. is barely her adopted father. Oh, ba dine is fucking nuts. Like he is obviously way off his rocker. He is angry he is upset he is depressed he is not happy to see Barrett he exclaims like l&r. She’s telling me like not to hate your rotten guts right now and like that’s just so metal. But also he’s very obviously not okay, I didn’t mention anything we’re playing it but I saw that he’s standing in front of two wooden crosses that seem to be grave markers seemingly for his life Eleanor and who we find out his fucking daughter Marlene. Wow. Fucking cut Ah, fuck I have been wanting to hear more about like Barrett’s wife who we learned about last session and like learning more about Marlene and like, and just like that. So learning that Marlene is actually Dion’s kid is wild, like just buck bucking wild. It’s so good. dime Marlene Marlene still alive. I went back into town. I thought she was gone for sure. I wandered around town for a while. That’s when I found her. Found Marlene. She’s in mid Gar Let’s go see her together. All right,

Chris 17:56
so she’s still alive. All right, bear then I guess you gotta fight. What? Eleanor is all by herself. I gotta take Marlene to her.

Haney 18:05
Oh, boy. He’s not okay. Sign Are you crazy?

Chris 18:09
Marlene wants to see your mom don’t she?

Haney 18:11
Stop dying? I can’t die yet.

Chris 18:14
Oh, yeah, well, my life’s been over ever since then.

Haney 18:17
Stop it I don’t want to fight you merit cloud said the hell out of it. This is my problem. Oh, it’s just Barrett. Dan’s just like we gotta we gotta fucking fight like embarrassed like I don’t think that means we have to fight at all like I can just take you to like she’s a mid guy like she’s safe. We can go say hi like right now. Diane doesn’t really like collect this at this point. He’s like, obviously too far gone. And all he wants is to fight Barrett. He also said something that was really upsetting at one point where he’s talking about how he needs to go bring Marlene to see her mother, Eleanor and like we know that Eleanor is dead so he’s basically considering murder suicide of his daughter to like be with his wife and like, Fuck yeah, that is heavy. That is some heavy shit. And this game has never pulled its punches on being heavy. But this was this was a lot even for so like even for Final Fantasy seven so far. Like this was this was some gnarly shit to hear. Cloud and like read 13 are like ready to square up and bear. It’s like no, like, I got to do this. On my own time. It was a lot weaker than I was hoping for.

Chris 19:22
I never kept burying my party when I left mittigar I would always have to read 13 my go to Yeah, so by the time I get to this point, Barry is like level 14 not like 20 because you’ve been leveling him, right? I don’t think at this point. They’re static character. Yeah, so they’re not scaling and

Haney 19:40
he’s like, he’s statically at level like 15 maybe or 16. Probably.

Chris 19:45
I didn’t just lose in our back then. I lost something irreplaceable. I don’t know where it went wrong

Haney 19:50
time. I don’t know either. Man. Is this the only way we can resolve this?

Chris 19:56
I told you I just want to destroy everything. That’s great. Is your world even me?

Haney 20:01
is gonna fucking kill himself? What about Marlene? What’s gonna happen to her?

Chris 20:05
Think about it Barrett. How old was Marlene? back then? Even if I did go see her. She wouldn’t even know me. And what’s more, Barrett? My hands are too stained to carry her anymore.

Haney 20:17
What a fucking line. I just. Ah, that is such a good line. Dude.

Chris 20:24
There. Give that pendant. Marlene was Eleanor’s. My wife’s no momento All right. So Marlene, already for

Haney 20:36
us. She was a legit fucking baby bear.

Chris 20:39
Don’t you don’t ever make her cry.

Haney 20:41
Oh, he’s gonna throw himself into the chasm. dine, dine,

dine mean you were the same. My hands in cleaner. I shouldn’t care Marlene either. He’s basically just given up all hope we see like, I think his anger is extinguished at this point. And all that’s left is nothing. Dying kind of pulls off a necklace that used to be Eleanor’s, he throws it to bear and he’s like I want you to give that to to Marlene. You know just keep taking care of her and he’s just like slowly walks himself over to the edge of this ledge and kind of puts out his arms crosswise and falls backwards Barrett you know runs up to the edge screaming like don’t do this like dying no and just like drops to his knees and it’s it’s a lot this was a really really heavy encounter. We haven’t seen something that’s heavy I think since Neville Han fuckin crazy

Chris 21:43
flashback to 10 minutes ago where aerith was like come on bear it let’s just have fun.

Haney 21:48
Yeah, oh my god that was such a fuckin error that was so nightmarish and tone deaf so yeah, we at that point the screen fades out and when it fades back in we are back in Mr. Coats office Mr. Coats office not back of a semi truck.

Chris 22:05
Yo definitely not that uh yeah. And we’re like, bring us up

Haney 22:11
and he’s like, No, do only lets one person up at a time and they have to win the chocolate race to be released so like in the back of my mind I had this little thought of like Jesus Christ if I have to race like six times on a chocolate bar race to free everyone this is gonna be a nightmare. Luckily though, he’s like yeah, you have to deal with deal but I’ll let you go up. At that point we meet a new character who offers to be the manager for our Chocobo racing so Esther volunteers to be our manager and she’s like oh, I’ll go talk with do like just you know just wait follow me up where we’re gonna I’ll introduce you to the other jockeys and we’ll have a fucking joke about over time

Chris 22:48
only introduces us to one jockey Joe only because he talked to

Haney 22:51
her yeah and when he’s talking to the other jockeys to where like dot dot and the other two are just like fuck off Yeah, like I don’t want this I don’t want any part of this you’re in fucking your criminal very weird. super weird this whole section left a really weird taste in my mouth. I feel like they put the choke about race after this to be like oh, like we had a really upsetting moment. Let’s make everything better and it’s like no no no this is way too like one at like to the point that it’s 360 like I’m still sad about Barrett enzyme can we not do fucking chocolate races with like rainbow road from Mario 64 as well as like the D mean anemia music like what is happening?

Chris 23:29
But yeah, Esther takes us up into the gold saucer

Haney 23:32
as we’re in the elevator she explains that not all the jockeys are criminals she’s like oh no summer in it for like the pure like thrill the sport summer in it like to be champions summer in it for like the glory and fame or money and then there’s people like us scumbag yo and she explains to us how to have a Chocobo race

Chris 23:51
I’ll teach you how to ride a joke about

Unknown Speaker 23:53
I didn’t know

Chris 23:56
first use assist to choose either auto or manual

Haney 23:59
shift I already don’t know what the assist button is. It’s

Chris 24:04
just like if you’re stuck when you’re if you’re supposed to be able to cancel just look out and we’re back.

Haney 24:10
This is already more buttons than okay and I’m not ready for this

Chris 24:14
but we’ll quickly look at him Okay, did we just need something else but maybe we’ll just let him down finally. What’s the first technical vertical line which is our database

Haney 24:26
What a nightmare

Chris 24:26
got all that

Haney 24:27
this is going to be such a nightmare

Chris 24:30
Would you like to recount what she told you

Haney 24:32
assist switches from manual to auto yeah and then okay is put on the gas and cancel as put off the gas. So Esther is like hey, I’m gonna go find a check out for you we’ll get started you can walk around I found a summons Can you remind me what summons that was Rama I haven’t gotten to use it yet cuz I just fucking joke about race everywhere. But we get the opportunity at this point to fucking jaguares So Chris you want to I want you to give me your observations on the first Chocobo race because I was panicking too hard smashing buttons

Chris 25:09
This is a choke up I prepared myself he should do well so remember how to ride yeah got it no problem then good luck

Haney 25:18
this is gonna be an absolute nightmare

Chris 25:20
switch assist Okay, cancel start with fucking one EMI manual automatic so that’s your stamina right there Yeah, you’re also on automatic so you’re actually doing literally nothing at all. You don’t know me It says automatic right there. Was this fine You’re in last work your road that portugu bow into the ground and do it again to That was a tough break. Let me find a better choco for you just wait here for a while Okay,

Haney 25:45
I was thrown into that way quicker than I was expecting.

Chris 25:48
Yeah, the whole elevator pitch

Unknown Speaker 25:50
Shut up. Shut up.

Chris 25:53
Yeah, so the weird thing is you’re smashing a lot of buttons but doing literally nothing because you didn’t take it off automatic until the very end

Haney 26:01
at which point I exhausted the choke about almost immediately so you

Chris 26:05
couldn’t do anything at that point.

Haney 26:07
I’m sure it’s fine.

Chris 26:08
It was fine the race ended and then we immediately got thrown into another race what you continue to smash buttons didn’t take it off automatic this time,

Haney 26:18
but still one but one. how mad are you about that?

Chris 26:22
I wasn’t happy.

Haney 26:25
Just upset.

Chris 26:27
I registered for the next race. This is a joke about I prepared myself You should do well. So remember how to ride

Unknown Speaker 26:33
Oh, I got it. But aim in any name any name in any name in in, in, in, in, in, in, in. In in in in in in in

Chris 26:41
the game slightly easier. I don’t know if it actually changes anything when she comes back

Unknown Speaker 26:47
man and in in in in an internet?

Haney 26:49
I’m having great time shows. I could listen to the song for the rest of my fuckin life.

Chris 26:53
Oh you’re actually gonna win.

Unknown Speaker 26:55
Dan in the name and n a n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n suck my deck Why

Chris 27:00
are you having done anything? You’re literally you just left on automatic you didn’t do anything?

Haney 27:05
Why would I turn it off automatic when I was doing so well? Learn how to play the game mate I’m just like I caught the choke about in the first try

Chris 27:15
to whisper a much better choke about her than I am

Haney 27:19
at that point we win the truck by race and we get a letter from do boy in the letter he’s like boy Oh you you done fucking when here’s all your shit and you know you basically get freedom for you and all your friends as well as a gift. Eric gives us a call on the old pH s.

Unknown Speaker 27:42
By if you’re reading this letter then you must have one I know you weren’t it

Haney 27:46
I heard about done from Esther now that you want I’m granting you and your friends a full pardon and setting you all free. And by way of an apology. I have a little gift for you to use on your journey. Say I can be there to tell you this in person but I’m a very busy man sincerely

Chris 28:02
do love do sorry that’s me. I have a cell phone that’s what the VHS is.

Haney 28:10
Cloud This is great. This is the manager just stopped by and dropped off a buggy now we can go for deserts and rivers no problem. Can I get into random encounters with Oh yeah.

Chris 28:19
Oh, you better believe it buddy. Oh, boy. Okay, cloud I’ll be waiting outside.

Haney 28:23
The letter continues. PS I recently met Sephora a bay he’s pretty popular with boys your age. Why did you get his autograph? He was heading toward going Gaga south of the river Sephora. Diaz like by the way I just met your old pal stuffer up he must be real popular with boys your age

Chris 28:40
by well he told us where to go

Haney 28:42
next. He did. He said we needed to go south across the gaghan on river if I remember right. He’s like if you want his signature Yeah,

Chris 28:49
what the hell do you has no idea what’s going on? Okay, it’s like so in the clouds. He’s so focused on golden saucer, his bodybuilding or whatever he’s doing in his free time.

Haney 29:00
My favorite thing is that why the fuck did he needs that for often just have a seemingly casual conversation with Sephiroth and Safra was like, didn’t kill him didn’t hurt anyone at the Golden saucer. I

Chris 29:10
was like Okay, thanks. Bye parently suffer author was like this guy’s fine and told him

Haney 29:15
where he was going next. Was there anything else you wanted to unpack about? Do golden saucer suffer off any of this? Because there’s a lot on

Chris 29:24
just kind of what the nightmare of the administration is in this area.

Haney 29:29
Why does this prison exists? Why is do seemingly not only a successful businessman, as well as a bodybuilder wrestler, and a prison warden? What the fuck is happening here we learned that dine is Mr. Coats boss dine, went into prison who seemingly willingly because he killed everyone on the way there like 20 minutes before us

Chris 29:53
unless he’s like leaving and re entering short but does he just murder everyone on the way in and he takes the chocobos each time. Mr. Coats I need to go back up. Send me up,

Haney 30:06
send me as he just stoically on his choke Chuck. Ah, what a mess. At this point we decided to head out of the Golden saucer and reconvene on the world map. We save the game. And that’s where we’re gonna end it today. Do you have any final thoughts on any of our adventure today?

Chris 30:27
I just want to go back to Marlene.

Haney 30:29
I would really like to see Marlene sometime soon,

Chris 30:31
because here’s the thing. Now not only does Marlene remind Barrett of his past and his best friend who he thought last forever, and his wife, now he’s reminded that I killed your dad.

Haney 30:45
He didn’t technically kill her the dad. He definitely was the progenitor of the death. But he didn’t pull the trigger.

Chris 30:53
Right? That’s a lot to unpack when he sees his four year old dog, he

Haney 30:57
must have the most fucked up baggage of all of them. And that’s saying something because they all are really fucked up. You know, it’s probably the least fucked up out of all of them.

Chris 31:07
aerith probably probably,

Haney 31:08
and she’s real fucked up.

Chris 31:10
Or case. He’s Yeah,

Haney 31:12
he’s a fortune teller. Yeah, he

Chris 31:14
just gives fortunes and then follows you for the rest of the show that

Haney 31:17
his fortune comes true. What a mess

Chris 31:20
that was Barrett’s psycho. I

Haney 31:21
was really good. Yes, really good. I man what an emotional journey. I feel like it didn’t hit me while we were playing it. But it’s starting to sink in right now that we’re talking about it and like, I’m feeling a little wrecked by it. That was upsetting. That was really upsetting. But really good. Yeah, but uh, damn tree,

Chris 31:38
you have any predictions for upcoming events.

Haney 31:41
We’re heading to a new area. We can also go back to junan harbor we’ve learned and go back to Costa del Sol. There’s a couple of things I wanted to do in June on harbor so I might head back there first before moving on with the story. As far as predictions go, I think we’re getting real close to a second or not second, another suffer off encounter. I really like that the game progresses by just being told where he’s gonna go and then following them. Yeah.

Chris 32:08
I’d like to throw something out there because you have kind of assumed guest predicted that Sephiroth in the black cape men are not the same person. Yes. Last episode, we learned that a man in a black cape I believe was wandering around gold saucer right and this episode we didn’t hear anything about a man in a black cape did hear that suffer off and do our burrowing out? We did still feeling those are two separate characters or what do you think? Yes,

Haney 32:35
because do didn’t attribute the black cloak man’s name when we first met him to saffer off. And now his name Sephora. I feel like like not enough time has passed for him to have been like oh, while you were in prison. I met Safra Yeah, I still feel like that she’s separate characters. Okay, I’m still feeling like it might be the jogger does that for Ron that mysterious

Chris 32:53
jugger. Alright, well, I think that’s this episode.

Haney 32:58
With that. Thank you so much for listening. And we’ll see you next time. Bye. Thank you so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you enjoyed the episode, please go leave us an apple review. They make a huge difference and we would really appreciate it. Additionally, you can find all of our past episodes and how to connect with us on first encountered please come say hi. Next time on first encounter, we’ll be playing up to the point where I eat my words. Find out that read 13 indeed does have a backstory and we play it through Cosmo Canyon.

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