In this episode we traverse our way through a mountain pass, find an old Mako reactor, discover Barret’s hometown, visit the Gold Saucer, meet the coolest guy on earth, add a new pal who tells our fortune, stumble into a massacre and thrown in prison. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:00
This episode of first encounter contains spoilers for the video game Final Fantasy seven if you’ve not played this game First off, what are you doing? Don’t be like me and second go play it instead of listening to us. If you’d like to follow along listen to the end of the episode for where we play to next as well as how you can get in touch with us. We would also like to take a second to say that we are in no way affiliated with square we’re just a couple of guys trying to have fun with the cool video game. So Portugal by Laura on here obviously

Chris 0:23
obviously meet chicama meet single chocos near you.

And we’re back

Unknown Speaker 0:39
podcast. How you doing today Christopher? Ah,

Chris 0:43
I’m good. Are you I’m good.

Haney 0:47
You don’t sound good. I’m you know

Chris 0:49
this episode ended up being a lot fluffier and longer than I thought it was gonna be. I didn’t expect it to be this grindy

Haney 0:56
to find fluffy. Are you saying I’m bad at the game? No,

Chris 1:00
I’m saying you grind too much but I think we both knew that would be the case

Haney 1:04
I didn’t intentionally grind though is just like mostly mindless Bumble fucking around that resulted in us Bumble fucking around and counting into a lot of fights.

Chris 1:14
Yeah, it’s the side effect of a first time playthrough or as I like to call it

Haney 1:17
fuck around and find out. So Chris, what you notice you’re not drinking any beverage there? You want to tell me why?

Chris 1:25
You didn’t offer me anything?

Haney 1:29
Fucking fuck me. Yeah,

Chris 1:30
listen. Okay, so I got about three hours sleep last night. If I had to beer I’d pass out so I need to. I got I got my good good coffee right here. It is good. Sugar Free as coffee should be.

Haney 1:42
Is there a reason you’re saying sugar free coffee should be well looking at me. Is it because there’s like 16 ounces of coffee? I’m

Chris 1:51

Haney 1:51
I’m in sugar in my coffee. You know what? I know what you mean? You know what you mean? So yeah, we’re not we’re not we’re just having some delicious Italian roast coffee tonight instead. It’s very good.

Chris 2:01
Flavors of coffee. So we’re back in the game. We’re playing some final fantasy. He’s across from me. I’m across from him left right, all that down, up, down left, right.

Haney 2:15
aibee aibee starts like anyway, video games today.

Chris 2:19
Yeah. Do you want to recap the last episode in 10 words or laughs We streamed on Twitch No, not the last episode was fun. Fuck your self. Self is one way Chris fuck yourself Chris. Nailed it. brought it

Haney 2:37
home so I don’t do it on that. Yeah, the previous episode before we streamed last week which was a blast thank you to everyone who joined we took a boat ride so we did a little marching in junan harbor we avoided being killed by Heidegger or Rufus which was pretty cool. And then we took a boat ride to the new continent on the boat we encountered a Genova birth which was a nightmare on discovered that it was actually an arm after everything was said and done. still figuring out what that is about. We don’t really know and landed in Costa del Sol. I think the most significant story thing that happened in all of that was that Johnny and Tifa spent way too much time together in an in and I’m really unhappy about it. I’m, I’m, I’m fucking livid To tell you the truth. Just so upset but yeah, so Johnny and Tifa spent some time together which was not okay and it’s fine whatever. And I’m over it, I’m over it It’s fine. And then we left Casa Del Sol and grinded a little bit during the stream and then today we picked back up and we’ll hop right into it so we took off out of Casa Del Sol headed west and went into kind of like mountainous region so I just went through this little cave is what it looked like from the outside but looks like it’s just an opening I found an older gentleman sitting down having a little a little nap

Unknown Speaker 4:07
Hey, you’re actually talking to me?

Chris 4:11
What is it?

Haney 4:12
I just passed the guy in the black keep back there. Oh fuck Chris. I just tried to dumb that dangerous up ahead. And he ignored me.

Chris 4:20

Haney 4:22
There was a black capes guy here too dangerous up ahead Be careful on your way and family strangers should greet you warmly well family Make sure to greet them back for you. I guess that’s the fun of being on the road.

Chris 4:34
He might be my favorite character he actually just seems like a decent Yeah, just

Haney 4:38
like actually not if he’s a garbage what stuck out to you about this part. Chris.

Chris 4:42
The bombs?

Haney 4:43
Oh, yeah. How’d that how was that for you?

Chris 4:45
It was pretty good. I don’t think you killed a single one.

Haney 4:47
No, they all have exploded. I thought I think three separate flights of bombs and all of them have exploded on me. Is there a item or materia that keeps enemies away? Oh, fuck bomb.

Chris 5:00
What are those bombs?

Haney 5:01
Does that mean kill them?

Chris 5:02
That’s one of the three enemies I want to get a tattoo.

Haney 5:05
Really? Yeah, fire isn’t gonna do shit for them oh they’re really cute so that one got bigger yeah I’m seeing that Chris I’m not loving it and they’re floating so quick doesn’t do any damage oh boy this is real bad no that was all fire damage son of a bitch oh boy

Chris 5:22
stop casting fire on

Haney 5:24
Catherine bolt then why was fire cast on fire all by it was

Chris 5:28
only one there

Haney 5:29
I’m sure it’s fine You can’t defend this it happened a lot of those battles were way harder than I was expecting to lose his air fish that had fuckin spiky halia 200 fucking points of damage every time it dropped Barrett like twice what are those? What are those?

Chris 5:47
Those are definitely bird fish

Haney 5:48
or fish

Chris 5:49
or fish spiky hell I Holy shit. That was a lot of damage. Don’t

Haney 5:53
like that at all. Oh my god. I was just yo they just fucked up birthday fish

Chris 6:01
are tough customers.

Haney 6:02
Are you sure I’m at the right level to be here dude. I’m gonna set these fish on fire. Time for some grilled calamari

Chris 6:09
fucking fish being birds.

Haney 6:11
Dude I don’t like the spiky hell on the air she literally so squishy. She’s glitchy

Chris 6:20
shit ton of birds

Haney 6:21
shit ton of birds on it took a significant amount of time. It’s probably took an hour of today’s two hour play to get through to the actual part where we were heading which was

Chris 6:32
Korea. Well, we walked past a Miko reactor

Haney 6:35
Oh, sorry, I meant we stumbled into the maker reactor. Something that’s interesting to me about this is how many mega reactors are outside of Midgar I think initially I was thinking that that was going to be the only reactors and that like mudguard powered everything else I think at one point I had had an idea that those like little boilers and people’s houses were like small micro reactors for fueling but I think now that we’re seeing like most of these remote towns have independent reactors near them. That’s probably not the case. But

Chris 7:02
yeah, it seems like chinar is just rolling up to towns and be like Yo, can you guys hear that Maiko fucking you’re gonna plop this down or Yeah, we

Haney 7:10
put this reactor here and also Will burn your town down if you don’t comply. Which brings us to our next point. Coral coral so we roll through the reactor kind of bumblefuck my way through some draw. Some bridge falls.

Chris 7:27
Oh, no. Oh, no. Press okay. And the directional button. Get the treasure left right.

Haney 7:33
What do I do? Oh, can you show me the treasure? Oh,

Chris 7:37
it’s dropping.

Haney 7:38
Is it the same?

Chris 7:42
treasure Oh, it’s a claimant? I want twizel Tata Tata Tata Tata Tata Tata. Get that treasure done in an era

Haney 7:55
thank Gosh.

Chris 7:56
potion. potion.

Haney 7:59
I don’t think much consequence happened there. Oh, there was an interesting little Phoenix aside where I killed the Phoenix chicks mother and got 10 Phoenix downs. But what’s cool definitely killed the Phoenix mom though.

Chris 8:09
Yeah, number of them. Yeah. How do you feel about mother father?

Haney 8:12
Uncle long loss aunt neighbor across the street? Someone who is walking by? How cute.

Chris 8:18
What should we do? Take the treasure. Take your time, sir. I’m taking the

Haney 8:26
class. So we walk into town called coral. It’s pretty rundown desert II kind of vibe. And it’s definitely got the feel of an old mining town that’s kind of gone to seed. As we walked into coral though. There’s a group of miners or former miners who kind of stopped what they’re doing and they look up at you and scream Hey, is that hey, that’s him. And I thought initially that they were talking to cloud and embarrassed like ah shit, I gotta handle this. Barrett walks away with these guys down the screen a little bit and they just start punching him. You’re Hey, he’s back. He’s back. Wait here. Oh, no. They’re talking to Barrett. Yo. Oh shit. Why are they beating a beret? Well, looky here never thought I’d see your face again. Those people over there they with you. But I feel sorry for him hang around a walk and death sense like Barrett. Got a lot of nerve coming back here. Look at this place. It’s all your fault. North coral turned into a garbage cheap. Why don’t you say something? Or did you forget what you’ve done here already? I’m sorry. You ain’t even worth the fuckin effort. Don’t waste your time talking to that techno freak boo. I don’t like that very much. You heard him. It’s my fault. This town was destroyed. We take Barrett back into our parties and start talking to people learn a little bit about this town. It’s got a very similar vibe to the flumps. I think this is probably the Next status town we’ve seen aside from like sector seven, where we’re talking to people and they’re like, yeah, life sucks here there’s nothing to do we have no money, there’s no jobs, there’s just, it’s just gone by Shinra promise that everything would be great with the reactor here and they lied.

Chris 10:16
The difference between coral and sector seven is at least people in Midgar under the plates seem to have something to do with themselves. Whereas Yeah, they

Haney 10:26
can eke a living it’s not great living but then like there’s like the item shop owner or TiVo has the seventh heaven bar or like you can work for Shinra. But out here, there’s nothing

Chris 10:35
Yeah, it seems like people are mostly just kind of waiting to die.

Haney 10:39
Yeah, it’s real big bummer. slugging in this year. 10.

Chris 10:44
Don’t mind me.

Haney 10:45
I want to leave this garbage dump of a town behind me and start a new life. Fiat a buggy across the southern desert and go to that town across the river, saying, Hey, everyone knows that accident couldn’t have been avoided. But no one Will be satisfied until someone takes the blame. Want to go talk to the kid? Hey, kid,

Unknown Speaker 11:03
there was something gluing, fell over there. If I can get my hand on it,

Haney 11:07
I’m gonna get some kind of the gold saucer. What’s the gold saucer? Next cranes coming on soon? Cool.

Chris 11:13
Thanks, dude. And sick.

Haney 11:14
grandpa used to be a coal train engineer. He still can’t kick his old habits from then on dude. He was a train engineer. I could literally hang out here all day and talk to this guy. Do you think he wants to talk to me about the power of a steam locomotive? Hey, here it’s a big fat now in the city to get tattoos. Is that right?

Chris 11:31
That’s right.

Haney 11:32
I guess I should get a zero tattoo for a poor man like me. Zero ought to be perfect. Oh, there’s a man with a two tattoo. Hell yeah. He wants a zero tattoo. Yeah, picking up something Chris. Number tattoos. We talked to someone who is like, I hear that everyone in mid guard is getting tattoos. Isn’t that the fashion and you’re like sure is and he’s like, cool. I think I want to get a zero tattooed on my hand. And at that point, I freaked out because I remembered um, guy who has a two tattoo, which is real cool.

Chris 11:58
Shout out to him guy.

Haney 11:59
Shout out to um, guy. We Will come back for you. I promise. I promise baby boy,

Chris 12:03
wait for us.

Haney 12:04
Wait for me. The most important part was we kind of walked through the town to a would you call that SkyTrain? Kinda? Yeah,

Chris 12:13
that’s a good good word for when we get to the sky

Haney 12:15
tram. The party breaks out and everyone’s like, Barry, you got to tell us what the fuck is going on here. And by that, I mean everyone’s like, hey, Barry. Okay. And bear it’s like No, definitely not dog. So we we get a little flashback actually. This is our first flashback, not from class perspective, too, which is very cool. Barrett says this town was destroyed four years ago and it’s all my fault. Sorry. What happened? My hometown used to be around here. What do you mean used to? It ain’t here no more hurt. It got buried in just four years. But how could those people say those terrible things? It’s my fault. All my fault? A flashback fuck. My hometown Carl’s always been a coal mine in town. That may be dusty and poor but it’s calm. It’s a real small town. That’s the first time ever heard maker reactor mentioned since then. Oh, fuck Chris. This is that good. Good.

Chris 13:10
Yeah, get that. It’s what we’ve been waiting for. Barrett, backstory.

Haney 13:14
Village Head, man. What are we gonna do? The only one opposed to this is dying.

Chris 13:19
I’m definitely against it no matter what. There’s nothing to talk about. If you’re thinking of throwing away our coal. The coal has been ours for generations, our fathers and theirs before them risked their lives for it. But listen,

Haney 13:29
done. No one uses coal nowadays. It’s a sign of the times. Scarlet did see Scarlet is like, Fuck, she was part of the board. Right? Yeah. Shinra Yeah, right. Everything is Maiko now. It’ll be all right time. Shinra Inc Will guarantee your livelihood once the Maiko reactor is completed. Oh no, listen done. I don’t want my wife Mirena to suffer anymore.

Chris 13:54
I know how you feel. I feel the same way to dammit. But even so I won’t give away our coal mines.

Haney 13:59
dime had the right idea. And that’s how the coral reactor was built and completed, we all thought it would bring us an easier life. Fuck. It happened when Dan and I were out of town for a few days, Carl was burned down by the Shinra troops, holy shit. All the townspeople, all my relatives, everyone, we get a view of a coral you still look like it was like a cute little coal town seemed a lot more vibrant and alive than what we’ve seen now. And we zoom in on what appears to be like a town council meeting. So there’s like a councilman that’s like the head of the town or like the, I would say Mayor like more like a town clerk or a village elder and Barrett and then a couple of other people, two of whom are named and stick out the most. So one that we meet is a guy who is adamantly opposed to the subject of the meeting which is allowing quote unquote Shinra to come in and build the mega reactor there that man’s name is dine dine is It’s best friend since childhood we learn and he is very opposed to giving up their minds and and losing their way of life. Barrett kind of convinces him along with the help of the village elder and Scarlett, who we know is a board member of Shinra between all of them Scott’s like, no, this is gonna be awesome bear it’s trying to have a better life for his family and he thinks that having the reactor there is a positive thing, which is also an interesting dichotomy, I guess. Embarrassed personality, which is up until this point, which is probably 14 hours into the game now at this point is function all the time. So hearing him speak out in support of shinar is actually pretty interesting. This is also interesting because this is the first point we’ve learned that Barry is also not from Midgar Yeah, so no one who’s been in our party has been a Midgar an actual like born and raised mudguards resident but yeah so we we learned that shortly after they agreed to build the reactor Dine and Barrett went on a trip and they learned that while they were gone Shinra burned and killed everyone in the village because there was an accident at one of the some section of the reactor and they blamed it on a radical faction of coral they said so I was kind of inferring that because of like Don being so opposed to it and Barrett being you know friends with Dine and then everyone blaming Barrett for the tragedy there that it was inferred that bear and dine were at fault for the the accident they also weren’t around quote unquote. So yeah, there’s a lot of inference though we haven’t quite learned much of it yet. So yeah, Barrett kind of finishes his story is like yeah, that was four years ago and I basically left and have been fighting gender ever since. I was like, Damn, that’s what finger guns at him. And then everyone’s like, Hey, why don’t we take the sky train to this fucking amusement park? instead of listening to Barrett sad Zach story, it was a really fucked up going through an amusement park directly after something that is as tragic if not more tragic than nibble. Haim is a very weird feeling.

Chris 17:07
Yeah, yeah, I don’t know why we went there. It’s really weird. Hey everyone, if you want to go to the gold saucer Hurry and get on right the ropeway

Haney 17:17
sure I’ll see what a gold saucer is. Boy Will you whoa What’s that? Dude this music is tense. Chris is Megan arms right now I don’t know how else to say this. Wow, this is like this looks like Walmart get on absolute crack. Welcome gold placer Can I just go back I don’t want this.

Chris 17:35
Oh god. Now we have to watch the

Haney 17:38
daily cutscene over again. So yeah, we take the sky tram after hearing bear it’s really sad story and wind up at a place called the Golden saucer which is a multi tiered giant fucking amusement park. It is a nightmare. Although the cutscene was very cool. The sky tram going across and then it’s very cool. It has a very warm market esque feel without the sleaze and awesome here’s your well market reference for the episode. And yeah, so we land Welcome to the gold saucer.

Chris 18:12
Thank you. access this oh one

Haney 18:15
I’m just glaring at the screen. access the menu and select Save to save your game dot dot dot. But each transaction Will cost five gold points.

Chris 18:25
Okay, first of all, this is the gold saucer so we’re going to be fucking cheerful about it.

Haney 18:30
Not enough GP Oh, is that game points? That’s not Gil fucking so I have to like play carnival games to be able to do anything.

Chris 18:37
It gets better. Welcome to the gold saucer. Are you together? A single passes 3000 gil, where you can purchase a lifetime pass for 30,000 Gil

Unknown Speaker 18:47
30,000 gil,

Chris 18:50
pay 3000 go pay 30% gil,

Haney 18:52
fuck you, dude. I’ll pay 3000 but I don’t like it.

Chris 18:56
Thank you very much.

Haney 18:58
What the fuck was that about? Am I right? To being charged tickets at a carnival to save?

Chris 19:04
To be fair, it’s free to get there.

Haney 19:06
It is free to get there.

Chris 19:08
I think it’s actually a really it’s an excellent business model.

Haney 19:11
It’s an excellent doesn’t sell for sure. I think that the game mechanic is really fun to like, Oh no, I can’t save unless you get the tickets for like, there’s no other game that I’ve played that’s like that. That is phenomenally odd. It’s hilarious and bizarre and just so good. Yeah, I really like that.

Chris 19:29
musics fun to music is

Haney 19:31
fun. What Uh, what?

Chris 19:35
We went into the area, I think they just call it the station.

Haney 19:38
The station. Yeah,

Chris 19:39
so the party all separates on earth is like, Oh, this seems fun. Let’s, let’s have fun, guys. Wow, let’s have fun. I know this isn’t the right time to do this. Hey Barrett, cheer up.

Haney 19:51
Ain’t in a cheery mood. So just leave me alone. Imagine going to someone’s hometown that’s been burned to the ground after he’s just unburdened his heart, the town where his friends, his family, his wife were murdered. And this is all dredged up for him. And then imagine taking them to a carnival that’s been built near there and say, Hey, fuckin Cheer up. It’s very not aerith

Chris 20:15
Really? That’s too bad. Let’s go have fun.

Haney 20:18
You grabbing claws arm? whisper whisper Wasn’t that a little harsh? aerith just normal. When this happens.

Chris 20:25
We’re gonna go play.

Haney 20:27
So play mess around all you want. Don’t forget we’re after Sephora.

Chris 20:30
I think he’s mad.

Haney 20:32
No shit. aerith Bear. It’s like, Hey, I’m not in the mood to have fun. Because, you know, I’m back in my old town that was burned to the ground by Shinra where my wife died. All of my relatives, all my relatives, all of my friends. And I’m blamed for those deaths. And aerith in a very unerring, like display of low emotional intelligence is like, no, you’re fine. You just need to play some Carnival game. And he’s like, No, I think I need some time to be alone. And he goes off and jumps down one of one of these several circular holes that are like leading to tunnels.

Chris 21:10
I’m not even gonna try and describe this little station. It’s

Haney 21:13
bizarre. I have no idea. But each of these entrances leads to a different part of the amusement park. I’m just gonna go through them pretty rapid fire because we went and explored every one of them. Not all of them had something important. The first one we went into was a theater that is currently not showing the show.

Chris 21:28
Sorry, but there’s no show now.

Haney 21:30
What the fuck is that?

Chris 21:31
But it really unusual show here, but not today. So come back again some time and see it.

Haney 21:36
Why is there a cool fairy with devil? What is that? I hate that club. fairies with teeth and wings are awful. What’s your problem? Can you see we

Chris 21:45
want to be alone. I hate this.

Haney 21:48
What was that?

Chris 21:49
Oh, we got Speedway,

Haney 21:51
which was nothing. So I think the next one we went to was let’s go with dl first.

Chris 21:58
You want to check? You want to do it. Okay.

Haney 22:01
You haven’t done? I haven’t done well. Good. Good for you. Boy.

Chris 22:05
My name is cloud. Stop calling me boy.

Haney 22:09
me. I’m the owner of the gold saucer. The names do Just kill me

Chris 22:14
do he’s not even listening.

Haney 22:17
By the way. Boy. Do you know what a black material is?

Chris 22:21
What is it?

Haney 22:23
That I say? That’s a good one boy, but it’s not good to lie. You can’t fool me.

Chris 22:28
This voice changed.

Haney 22:29
It’s fine.

Chris 22:31
Why did you ask me?

Haney 22:32
Well, a while back Oh, boy age. Black materia? I thought you might know who he was. See, that’s how you’re both the same age.

Chris 22:41
Do you happen to have a black cape

Haney 22:43
one? Yes. Yes, he did. And a tattoo on his hand that said one.

Chris 22:47
Where do you go?

Haney 22:48
Haha. I have no idea. Well then walks away. Wow, what a cool guy. He is a big oil up man wearing a bikini and he just flexes the entire time he talks to you. He is the coolest shit a fuck mountain for real. Do tells us that he is cool as hell. And he thinks we’re cool as hell. And we should come check out the battle arena later and do some fighting.

Chris 23:15
Yeah. So there’s a couple things he says to you. He’s like, Hey, you know, black materias? Boy,

Haney 23:21
we say no. Can you tell us? Oh, he doesn’t tell us. That’s the first time you’ve heard about it. He says

Chris 23:28
there was a guy your age who was asking about?

Haney 23:31
Do you know this? This guy and you’re like, hey, did he happen to be wearing a black cape? And he’s like, yeah. And the story. Cool. So we get teased that little bit and we’re like, oh Bradley’s effort. We kind of part ways to do at that point and go back to the station. We check out the haunted hotel, which is dope as shit. I got spooked a couple times by the twice by the same character Hanged Man employee who was the most popular employee. He was real cool, actually. Next thing we went to was the arcade. It’s called wonder square. As we walk in, we see a couple of employees, some people having fun, and then a familiar ish face to me. Kate says, could you imagine just walking by and stuff off being like, Hey, we’re not fighting today. I’m in line for a coaster.

Chris 24:25
No cutting

Haney 24:27
you down for

Chris 24:29
Okay, so this character? It’s like cats. This is a character you’re gonna have to keep a voice for shit. You’re gonna hate it. Oh, I already do.

Unknown Speaker 24:41
Want me to review. I’m praying future. The future. Oh, but don’t hold it against me if it doesn’t come true. Apart from Time Machine means

Chris 24:52
Kate said you can only read the future.

Unknown Speaker 24:56
I can find missing things missing people anything.

Chris 24:59
They can Tell me where a man named Sephora is. Sephora

Haney 25:03
right now. Okay, here goes how awful is that Kate’s voice? Also is he writing one of the fairies with teeth? He offers to read our fortune and we’re like cool. Do you know where a guy named Zephyr off is and he’s like I can figure this out here we go the first fortune has absolutely fucking nothing to do with anything and his little machine just pumps his arms and then he gives you garbage fortune. It’s like wait, shit Let me try that again. And he gives you another one and it’s like garbage. Also your lucky color is blue. Yeah, and he’s like shit What? No, I swear I can do this one more time. The last one it gives you is like you Will find what you’re pursuing. But you Will lose something dear. And I was like OSH Yeah, I actually know what that one is in reference to that’s rough spoiler

Chris 25:52
probably gonna cut that that’s where you know for those listeners who have never played the game before.

Haney 25:57
Janice Yeah, yeah, there’s also you Janice

Chris 26:02
that section we cut out and didn’t keep it for you Janice the

Haney 26:05
section that we’re also gonna cut out is free. Um, so yeah, we we get a real ominous fortune from case Athan is just like he I am a fortune teller. I can’t like rest until I know what this means. So I’m coming with you. And you’re like, what? No, don’t and then he just forces his way into your party and now we have Kate’s if after that. You have no choice but to go play some games. Well, we do have a choice. We could have not I played some games.

Chris 26:38
Get it? Get it? Don’t fuck this up. Don’t fuck this up. You receive one.

Haney 26:46
I got one for that. So bad. This is garbage.

Chris 26:52
I don’t know what you want. It’s an amusement park.

Haney 26:54
I fucking hate this. I’m leaving. It was awful. I fucked up sumo wrestling well arm wrestling with a sumo wrestler.

Chris 27:01
He threw two basketballs a tooth

Haney 27:03
and failed both of those talks to some people. And then I went to the weirdest game on Earth where you teach mogh how to fly. I don’t think we need to talk about it. I think you should just splice that whole section. And you’re gonna have a weird long section here. Welcome to the mark house motherfucker. This is Mark’s house. It’s a nod for it’s on now mug. The beginning of another day in the life of a mock. This year, Marcus. Poe years old. He’s at that age when he should be looking for a mate. But before mogh can become an adult he personally is learning how to fly. Even though my trains hard every day. He still can’t seem to get off the ground, saying here’s where you come in. Help. mogh Learn how to fly by pushing Okay, and feeding them is very big. Kupo. net. But don’t overfeed them. You won’t be able to fly if he’s too fat. Okay, yeah, my Kupo net. This is gonna give him give him a fucking nut. Okay. I don’t. I don’t want to stop giving him nuts. That seems like mom’s decided to take another shot at it. drumroll fuck. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it for a month. We’ll have to wait some time for a bride continue. Push start did this is the foreign mug seems like he’ll be alone for a while. I think the final thing we can do at this point is go to the ballerina. Yeah, we walk in. And there’s a guard standing in front of us or Shinra guard and we’re like, oh shit. And then he falls and cloud rushes up to me. He’s like, Oh, shit, dad.

Chris 28:39
Did Zephyr off do this. No, not him. They’re all shot. Sephiroth would never use a gun shot. Hey, what happened?

Haney 28:50
I’m a man with a gun on his arm. No, Barrett, did he

Chris 28:55
hold it right there and stay quiet.

Haney 28:57
Did you guys do this? Boy. That’s my new do voice.

Chris 29:02
No, it wasn’t us.

Haney 29:04
Ron, it’s gonna get ugly.

Chris 29:06
Hey, stop them.

Haney 29:10
So we’re like, fuck. What do we do? We got to go check this out. So Cloud runs in. I have read 13 and kids at my party. They’re like God, wait, and then they’re like, Oh shit, and they follow suit and we run into an actual massacre. There is just dead people fucking everywhere. There’s one employee who’s left alive. You’re like what happened here? And they say a man with a gun on his arm did this buck. We know that Barrett had stormed off earlier and he’s in a really shitty mood. But this doesn’t feel like Barrett to me bear. It’s not a murder. They’re not like all Shinra guards are all like, you know evil murderers. These are just like people because like everyone in this room, there’s like there’s amusement park goers. There’s people on dates. There’s employees like this is not the kind of people that Barrett would kill. Yeah, like this is like someone who is a monster with This So after we talked to the employee do comes in with a couple of guards. And he’s like, Hey, did you do this? And you’re like, No,

Chris 30:09
I think there’s a moment where he’s like, oh, was I wrong? And then Kate says that it’s like, but fucking Yeah, you’re like, wait, no.

Haney 30:17
Okay. We run from do and we are chased onto a platform.

Chris 30:22
Yeah. And fade to black as they close it on. Yeah. And then

Haney 30:25
you get thrown into the pit. After you open your eyes. I think Kate said Phil’s listen as a resident of the area that this is a prison that is surrounded by quicksand, so no one has ever left except for one exception. We don’t know who he doesn’t fill us in. So we get filled in on Kate says about that we’re in prison. Fuck. As we start walking across the prison yard someone jumps us and mugs us. Cool prison fight my favorite. I like that. It’s not any chocolate time of the year in mogs house your mom’s house and now I’ve just got married

Chris 31:07
just got mugged my man fire ring was stolen.

Haney 31:12
And we notice at the bottom of the screen is Barrett and a guy lying down don’t really know if he’s dead alive. What we checked the body that makes these dead. Oh, he was that he shot Oh, that’s right. He says he shot and then clouds like did bear do this like fuck. So I decided to go save. Oh, you can’t phF huh? Cuz you’re such a Ph. s.

Chris 31:33
That’s great. This seems like a good place to stop the game. Seriously? Yeah. Oh, you

Haney 31:37
were such a piece of shit.

Chris 31:38
Don’t you think so? No. All right, well, it’s the same. We’re gonna stop the game here.

Haney 31:43
And that is today’s episode of first encounter.

Chris 31:47
Thanks for listening. Bye.

Haney 31:48
Yeah, I’m really amped for this for this section. I love that good good, as we call any sort of storyline really at this point, but I’m really partial the bear as a character. So this area I’m learning more about Barrett’s backstory is really cool I think I said in like episode one I really wanted to learn more about aliens mom, berets wife I I think we’ve learned a lot about cloud and Tifa so far and I don’t think we’re gonna get much background on like kids that are at 13 I think we got all the background we’re gonna get on read 13 which is he’s the last of his kind and a story on kids at this I’m a fortune teller We’ll see. Yeah, I’m really am for this section. There’s a lot of intrigue bear it’s a really good character. There’s a lot of context around why he why he hates general why he does what he does why he’s trying to make a better world for Marlene like why he has so much anger because like, I don’t know like I think it’ll be interesting if we see more of him and dine in the past I think dying is probably the key to right now. A lot of this I do wonder if dime is who you’re pursuing currently, who’s actually committing these atrocities here at the at the gold saucer. You’re basically have ruled Zephyr off out there. Like Sephora doesn’t use guns. I think cloud was like this wasn’t separate off at some point. It’s like they’re all shot. It’s unlikely that it was buried. I’m sorry. It’s just unlikely. So my guess at this point is that dime who we haven’t met yet is probably responsible at this part. I really like the somewhat of a trope of a like former best friend turned evil kind of thing.

Chris 33:28
I had two questions for you. You’ve already alluded to the first one I was gonna say like what’s going on with Baron? The shootings and all that it feels like dying. You pretty much touched on that. Yeah. So I guess my second question would be like, what do you think’s going on with the tattoos? In the man in the back?

Haney 33:43
I’m not sure I’m not sure that the person shooting and the man the black cloak are even related. I think they might just be coincidence a little bit of like a red herring like a little bit of misdirection. I honestly don’t have a good idea for the tattoos it seems like maybe some sort of membership or club or something like that or or something else. It could also be like a mark of you know, like prisoners or something but that seems less likely but just there is a lot of history in the world of prison tattoos and numbers. See the Holocaust. So I that like the tattooed number thing kind of drives my mind to that. I hope that’s not it, but I’m not really sure what what what it could be or what what they’re really trying to get for yet. It’s interesting, though, because I seen the man with a two tattoo. I was like, Oh, that’s interesting. I didn’t think they were going to tie it back into it been like, oh, there’s more multiple people with number of tattoos here. Yeah. So yeah, that’s I don’t have a good answer for the second question. Yeah. is really where I’m getting. Yeah, yeah,

Chris 34:48
yeah. Oh,

Haney 34:50
fuck, I’m really excited for next week though.

Chris 34:51
Yeah, me too

Haney 34:53
sweet. With that, do you have any final thoughts? For this final fantasy.

Chris 34:58
We just placed an order for yourself. New mics and an audio interface. So next time you hear us we should be tickling your eardrums with some real good, smooth, smooth noise. Hopefully, we’ll see. We’ll see

Haney 35:10
hopefully, yeah. With that. Thank you so much for joining us for another thrilling episode of first encounter. We’ll see you next time. Thank you so much for listening to the first encounter podcast. If you enjoyed the episode, please go leave us an apple review. They make a huge difference and we would really appreciate it. Additionally, you can find all of our past episodes and how to connect with us on first encounter Please come say hi. Next time on first encounter, we’ll be playing up to the point where we catch the first joke about caravan at the coral prison. Thanks so much for listening. We’ll see you next time.

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