In this episode we find a chocobo farm, meet single chocobos in our area, cross a marsh, meet the Turks and their newest member, learn that Sephiroth is heading for Junon Harbor, rescue a girl and her dolphin, perform fun minigame’s, and play pretend. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

❗First Encounter contains adult themes such as violence, sexual content, and adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Haney 0:00
This episode of first encounter contains spoilers for the video game Final Fantasy seven if you’ve not played this game First off, what are you doing Don’t be like me a second go play instead of listening to us. If you’d like to follow along listen to the end of the episode for where we play to next as well as how you can get in touch with us. We would also like to take a second to say that we are in no way affiliated with square were just a couple of guys trying to have fun with the cool video game.

Chris 0:21
You can now tweet at us at first with the one st encounter the

Haney 0:28
number one st encounter on Twitter Yeah, what a mess

Chris 0:32
you got it boy

Haney 0:33
yeah you should go follow Chris he runs that one and it’s Jesus Christ. What does justice mean mean you listening he can’t hear us right now.

Chris 0:40
It’s really fucking sad. Tweet me lawyers lives

Haney 0:58
podcast and we’re back thanks Chris. Thank you so much for that addition. They got to sync it up right that’s really gonna help us edit the single track audio file.

Chris 1:13
Hey man, Hey, how you doing? I’m doing good how are you? I’m it you know it’s good to be back.

Haney 1:19
Huh? It really is good to be back. I’ve really missed this video. The couple months we were gone there. Yeah.

Chris 1:26
Welcome back to the first encounter podcast I’m joined today by Hani he’s to my right, also my left and across from me. And yeah. And today we’re going to be jumping a little back into the hit spin off to the Square Enix kilohearts franchise Final

Haney 1:43
Fantasy 6.5

Chris 1:45
Final Fantasy 6.5.

Haney 1:48
Chris before we dive right in to beer, okay,

Chris 1:50
God dammit, I have a beer. Yeah, it’s good. It’s big tree. It’s fine. Okay, do we have to do this?

Is that what you’re gonna ask me?

And you’ve got the hiccups.

And this might be our last podcast.

So I heard he picked me out a little beer. By big tree brewing. It’s called yacht rock. It’s a hazy single hop mosaic IPA. It’s very good. Yeah, that’s pretty good.

Unknown Speaker 2:46
Pull yourself together, man.

Haney 2:50
I tie my hair right.

Chris 2:56
Do you have a story that goes with this

Haney 3:00
kind of in a less interesting but but more more fun way. I found this one today and really like the can because it’s got like, pink and purple kind of hazy wavy. Almost looks like water ink or like being spread ink on top of water and like do the defense stuff. That’s kind of like a wavy ocean scene. And then there’s like a Cadillac style yacht with a guy with an open open tuxedo plus tuxedo shorts on and it just they

Chris 3:30
almost look like jean shorts. Like they have to rip at the bottom. Oh, hell yeah. Hell yeah.

Haney 3:34
And then the top is definitely a taxi. Yeah. Um, and I had never seen the brewing company before. It’s called Big Tree brewing. And I was like, Oh, that’s interesting looked at the label and it’s in the same town that you live in. So yeah, I just thought it was interesting and hadn’t seen the camera or hadn’t tried the brewery and I really like mosaic hops. So it’s good. You like it? Yeah, I do. I really like it’s really, really crisp. really refreshing for a hot day like today. Yeah, for sure. So hey, we we played some Final Fantasy today? Yeah,

Chris 4:05
probably I would say the most significant plot development that we’ve played through thus far. Yeah, that was a lot of luck and we did let’s hit some bullet points we got choke bows we got big snakes we got Mallanna mouth

Haney 4:20
Oh yeah, mouth to mouth I didn’t like we got care for that and walking, walking marching. Oh, cool. I won’t get there that I didn’t like for Yeah. Yeah, today was it was definitely heavier on the on the grind side of things just

Unknown Speaker 4:35
just the way we like it.

Haney 4:37
Awful. You’re legit incorrigible. And we had we had a pretty good time as the kids say. And, you know, it was,

Chris 4:48
yeah, so last time, we had the nibble Haim incident

Haney 4:53
in comparison to the niflheim incident, anything short of spectacular was going to feel boring. Like following it directly Yeah, um and definitely the the second half got I’d say from from CPR on

Chris 5:06
ik or turning off our listeners by implying that this episode is an excellent

Haney 5:10
yeah now it’s real boring you can just you can just go ahead and turn off just go ahead close your app, put your phone down, put it in the garbage unsubscribe, subscribe and mail mail some hate mail to us at info at still potion calm please don’t email a TTM Chris in the subject line and say dear Chris, Fuck you. Fuck you. Love Penny that’s just the emails I send to you. But now I do think in comparison to just how fucking thrilling last week was anything was going to feel boring. So I felt like some of the the grinding was a little slower for us you listener won’t hear much of the work keeping every encounter Oh God, you won’t hear much of the slower parts you’ll hear the highlights so it won’t seem that bad. But there was there was definitely like it felt like a huge slowdown after the nibble home stuff. encounter for sure. So speaking of niflheim Chris, over to you.

Chris 6:08
Yeah, yeah, we had the nibble Haim incident. Last episode where we relive some of clods memories between him and Sephiroth and this episode we play this episode, baby this episode we reach in June and harbor and end the episode right before cloud disguised as a Shinra soldier has to go pose

Haney 6:34
gives Rufus the send off right yeah like for Rufus like flying away

Chris 6:38
Yeah, so it’s after the march before the send off. Where do you want to save

Haney 6:43
we’re gonna have a real good time real speaking real good times. Let’s get right in Okay, so a little while back crystal mal is gonna have a real choke about all the time and Oh no, that was a wall market I have to make a reference to every fucking episode there was there was your Walmart reference for that and escape it now um yeah, you told me that we were gonna have a real chunk over time and boy did we today so immediately started off outside of calm and Chris you know just kind of let me flounder for a few minutes I was like to start walking Brock let’s just see what happens just like pick a direction and go so I picked the direction started going and came across some tracks and we found a choco fire motherfucker. What’s up? Doc? Me? What’s happening? What do you mean? So on screen there is a pen full of chocobos right? Was that the prints I saw on the world map bum bum could be struck about prints.

Unknown Speaker 7:39
See we got a detective over here

Haney 7:40
so I’m at a little farmhouse with a little silo and a pen full of chocobos Can I go in the pen

Chris 7:46
go wow you can talk to the joke

Haney 7:48
oh my god I can talk to the chuck about Chris if you would so indulge me work way work well I think I might have offended the chuck about we walk up to the fence of the the what’s called me keep horses paddock pasture pasture. Yeah pasture sounds right there corral. Even Yeah, whatever. Sure. So we walk up to the fence line and just set a precedent okay, because well if I can talk to the juggler Well, let’s go. So Chris and I were talking to the chuck about walked around a little bit, walked up and down the street, if you Will. And that’s a series of events where I was able to tell the chuck about our work to which the Chocobo responded with a fucking dance number.

Unknown Speaker 8:38
Anybody here we go. Oh boy. new bridges.

Haney 8:42
I hate dancing. Holy shit. So I’ve lost control of

Chris 8:47
the of the of the content. We’re gonna just watch this now.

Haney 8:51
Okay, so there’s a chunk about dance happening. How long does this go on too long. I don’t want to be a choke about like, received choco mog materia.

Chris 9:04
Congratulations on your first summit material.

Haney 9:07
Kidding me? I get to summon choke. There you go, buddy. So I think it was about four chocos and the pen something like that. And they all just start dancing in unison together. for way too damn long. You are trapped the entire time and cannot move your character away or make that stop at all. But when it’s all over, you get yourself choco mog I vaguely know about summons from the Final Fantasy unlimited anime but I know by Helmut Shiva and choco mog we got today and then you free but yeah, we get choco mug which is a brand new hot summit spanking new summon Yeah, equipped that shit right away.

Chris 9:53
Congrats. You can give that to somebody now.

Haney 9:56
God damn I’m literally already in the menu.

Chris 10:00

Haney 10:01
would suck Tifa Tifa when someone shall Tifa Tifa has enough chaos to definitely summon chocobos. After the dance number, we decided to head into the farmhouse inside we talked to none of the choco Billy himself who talks to us a little bit about the marsh and how we can’t get through the marsh. Unless we go and buy a choco from his son. I would like to introduce you to my favorite new character. Shaco Bill, Bill thinking of crushing the marshes? Yeah, goddamn right now.

Chris 10:41
Go for it, buddy. Take it away,

Haney 10:43
then it’ll probably be safer for you to get a chunk of bow.

Chris 10:46
Professor Oak Hello.

Haney 10:48
That way you can zip through the marshes with the junk bow. It’s the only way to avoid being attacked by the mid guard zone. What’s the vollum It’s a serpent legged creature over 30 feet tall. It detects the footsteps of anyone in the Martian

Chris 11:03
choco bill. Why are you yelling? It attacks please say

Haney 11:09
yes so many exclamation points. I feel like I can’t take it to avoid that by a joke about me and Chuck Chuck a bill and then there’s choco Billy. You got it buddy. To purchase a junk boat please talk to my grandson. choco belly has the fucking most legit setup and then the layup he gives his son who is fucking Glengarry Glen Ross just ABC is up and down this fuckin stay Will always be closing he whips his dick out and he says listen, fucker. I don’t have chocos Okay, but what I do have is exactly what you fucking need to get your chocobos well Alright, so here we are in the choco stables and I found choco choco alright choco belly give me a fucking choco

Chris 11:59
choco Give me one. Y’all folks are out of luck. We’re all on the bows.

Haney 12:04
No, he has two voices

Chris 12:07
you know? If you really want to choco you should go out and catch one.

Haney 12:11
What? Do you want to know how to catch a joke about where are they? So listen here I got this material right? It’s the only way the chocobos are gonna even fucking listen to you. So you walk around those tracks outside of town you fuckin knew that. These chocobos Will be all up in your business. But listen here, okay, Chuck about spook real easy on the same I’m saying. And when a chuckle spooks, it fucking leaves the battle it’s always going to be accompanied by other monsters. So what you got to do is you got to make sure that Chocobo stays in the battle. And then you got to fucking understand that you got to kill the other monsters. And then finally, you got the Chocobo

Chris 12:52
nailed it. I hated that.

Haney 12:54
I loved it. So this is the part where we find out that we have this shutout 2000 guild the chunk of alert and not only that, but we also have to get greens. Affiliate chuckle bowler for 2000 gil right now

Chris 13:07
what a steal.

Haney 13:09
I’m trying to figure out the play here. I’m trying to figure out if I don’t buy it if I can find it cheaper somehow. I’m gonna start looking in buckets. Let’s see if I can find one laying around here. Can I just like knock the kid out and take it?

Chris 13:24
No, it would be absurd

Haney 13:27
there’s got to be a way

Chris 13:28
I’m gonna save you a lot of time right here so

Unknown Speaker 13:30
there’s not another way

Chris 13:32
Yeah, holy shit. I do not want you running around in the world map for an hour

Haney 13:36
literally would just be what I do. All right. Little choco belly.

Unknown Speaker 13:40
The joke about lewers 2000

Chris 13:41
gil, that’s terrible. Would it hurt to buy some greens too?

Haney 13:47
Are you kidding me? The vegetable store What?

Chris 13:49
What do you want? Not vegetables. You want some greens or you want some organic greens?

Haney 13:55
Oh, this is so annoying. I’m already mad at this.

Chris 13:58
I thought you would have a great joke about time chocobos are fantastic.

Haney 14:02
Are we really having a full Chocobo episode? Is this what you want it to happen today? Not really. If I’m being honest. So aside from the joke about later you also need greens which Hey bud, I got some greens you can buy the except with gives you the choke about layer for 2000 Gil and then he gives you a variety of greens you can buy at different price points. They range from like I think 100 gil to 1500 gal I didn’t pay the 1500 gil one because fuck that I just gave this kid 2000 Guilford stupid materia I get to use once and then probably won’t need it again or Will only need very few times it I felt those purchases. So about a smattering of greens got all the deets on what I needed to do to get me a chuck about and this is the part where I turn it over to Chris to explain what happened because he was livid with me. Oh shit, here it goes. All right. I have a terrible time with this usually oh my god the music is so good yeah, that’s the sweet joke about music that is so good work work. Chris. We want those those are elephants spraying bubbles at me right

Chris 15:12
sorta Have you seen an elephant before?

Haney 15:16
Hey Chris I got me a fucking joke about Yeah, enjoy you know his name is choco Billy

Chris 15:25
he got the fucking truck. First first encounter with the jug bow. He got it forever.

Haney 15:29
That’s why this podcast is called first encounter, like fucking fine. I got the Chocobo on the first fucking try.

Chris 15:34
I never got on the first try.

Haney 15:36
I was so stoked. Um, how many times does it usually take you?

Chris 15:40
like three four? I feel

Haney 15:43
like I would have been in much more of a foul mood if it had taken me more than like twice because I really don’t like random encounters and video games and the world map was a lot of encounters. deathblow Oh, this is a summon? Yeah. Oh fuck That’s awesome. Oh that was the best thing that’s ever happened in my entire life. Yeah,

Chris 16:09
it’s very expensive MP wise, but sometimes it’s worth

Haney 16:12
it. It’s so worth it. What is air

Chris 16:17
bubbles probably did you know how

Haney 16:19
bubbles make you sad I don’t have a cure for sad I don’t have a cure for sadness. Chris I’m not gonna let me know when you do yeah, so from there after I grabbed the truck I was like, man I just got through the marsh because like yeah just fucking go through the fucking do it man fucking do it. So I was able to go through the marsh I avoided the solum and get to an effigy no I guess not not an effigy it’s a actual Zola spirit on a broken tree Oh gross.

Chris 16:54
Did set her off do this

Unknown Speaker 16:58
so that’s the thing

Haney 16:59
that’s real fuck that was our enemy is someone that could do this. We look at this this massacre the scene and think at this point we ditch our choke about and headed into the cave that’s beyond the marshes and this cave we encounter sorry I’m trying not to burp yeah I’m

Chris 17:21
just gonna do it

Unknown Speaker 17:22
fuck it just all in

Haney 17:25
this cave we did a tiny bit of exploring but kind of got into our encounter with the Turks so we walk into a chamber in the cave and we see rude oh no roots here because the Turks are here. Do you know who I am?

Unknown Speaker 17:45
The Turks right?

Haney 17:46
Well if you know this then you should okay this canonically fuck What’s up? No, I

Chris 17:52
was just gonna say whatever your voice you pick for rude that’s it.

Haney 17:55
Which means this is gonna cause rude I vaguely remember rude being in the in Advent Children as axles friend right? He’s like in the whole Like,

Unknown Speaker 18:04
right now.

Chris 18:05
Yes. You know Yeah,

Haney 18:07
so he’s gonna be in this whole game so this is pivotal. Okay, she’s the right voice Yo, well, if you know then this won’t take long. It’s difficult to explain what the Turks do kidnapping right? To put it negatively you could say that but that’s not all there is to it anymore. Oh, there’s more Turks that another trick up there.

Chris 18:28
So right route. I know you don’t like speeches, so don’t force it. Then explain Alaina. I’m the newest member of the Turks Alaina. Thanks to what you did to Reno we’re short handed beat as s but because of that I got

Haney 18:40
promoted to the Turks. Okay, that’s a lot of exposition. I didn’t ask for Elena.

Chris 18:44
Anyhow, our job is to find out where Sephiroth is headed. And to try and stop you every step of the way. Wait a minute. It’s other way around. You’re the ones that are getting in our way.

Haney 18:53
Oh, sang pay fuckers.

Unknown Speaker 18:57
Hey, Elena, you’ve talked too much. The thing is the head of the Turks right? No need to tell them about her

Chris 19:03
odors. Very well. Rude

Haney 19:04
and I Will go after Sephora is heading for junan harbor. Rude tries to kind of intimidate us but he kind of fumbles and doesn’t, doesn’t know how to like finish his speech. So he passes it over to a new member of the Turks that we find out has been recently promoted. Because of the beating we put on our good old friend Axel. Elena. You know, our Elena. I think it’s more like Alana. It’s e l e and a if anyone out there listening has that name. Write us and tell us how to phonetically pronounce it.

Chris 19:35
I’m sure somebody Will tell us were mistaken. Oh, yeah. not worried about that.

Haney 19:39
See, I think we need to make more mistakes that we can get more listeners. People don’t like listening to you. And you’re right. But they love telling you when you’re wrong. It’s true. Hey, listener, if you’re out there and you haven’t engaged with us, tell us how we’re wrong.

Chris 19:50
Hey listener, is it Eris or airth is that you’re wrong.

Haney 19:55
I feel like that’s the the nerd equivalent of throwing a gauntlet I’m Eric Tifa Oh. Anyway, I rude I don’t he doesn’t really introduce Elena she kind of introduces herself but she’s like, Well, after you beat the shit out of Axl, they were short staffed, I think that’s the term she uses and I got promoted and then she started spilling all the secrets and doesn’t stop so she tells us that we better stop because we’re in their way and they’re not really going after us but they’re gonna fight us anytime they have the option because they’re trying to hunt suffer off and we’re going to kind of be stepping on their toes because we’re also hunting and Safir off at this point. And as she’s explaining this the third member of the Turks that we all know and love classic saying, basically tells Elena to stop giving all their secrets away He’s like, he doesn’t literally say but it’s heavily implied like what are you doing? Why are you being the main villain of every Bond movie and telling us the fucking like, why are you telling them what we’re doing? Like why are you telling them are evil plans stop? And then she does it again and he’s like, Elena Seriously? Shut the hell up leave and she’s like, Yes, sir. leaves and saying addresses aerith and it’s just like, it’s like, you know, I probably won’t see you for a while so take care of yourself in Harris like oh, it’s kind of weird to hear from you. And he’s just like, you know, he said something to me, and he bails out. So after, after all the Turks leave on the other side of the cave, we start exploring, looking for junan harbor. However, we don’t really see much until we see a it was like a bird statue is how I looked on the world map. Hey, where are you?

Unknown Speaker 21:48
We’ve been putting the finger on this battlefield for a long time. Could you spare some time and help us fight them? We don’t want to sound pushy. So if you’re busy with something Why don’t you finish that first?

Haney 22:00
So we want to join the fight for a little while. You really don’t want to read just from now on we’re just inside plus.

Chris 22:11
Good? Fine. Let’s fucking do No, let’s do it. I already we’re doing it now. Go in. Okay. Fuck. condo tower this. That’s what this episode is.

Haney 22:24
Is that I don’t want that to be that someone junan I want to learn more.

Chris 22:28
Play as you would a regular video game. If you weren’t doing a podcast.

Haney 22:31
I’m just gonna leave. I think I can just walk away not man. You really

Unknown Speaker 22:35
got his hopes up.

Chris 22:37
I can just walk that guy. Yeah, of course. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Before you get upset with me for pushing me away from Fort Condor. Here’s what he has to say. You know what, fuck it.

Haney 22:51
We don’t need to make a whole episode for the Condor thing, whatever. I’m gonna try. I’m gonna try streaming it. We’re gonna go ahead and this week, this coming weekend. We’re going to be live on Twitch streaming our fort Condor mission. You can find more details about that at first encounter podcast comm or on our Twitter page at first encounter. Now back to the show. There is a man who is waiting at the entrance to this area and he’s like we’ve been fighting the Shinra here for years like we could really use some guys like you do you have time. If you don’t have time. Just come back when you do have time. Like Chris was like

Chris 23:26
Don’t worry. We’ll be back to Condor fuckin tower how mad

Haney 23:31
Are you going to be when that’s my favorite part? Okay,

Chris 23:35
I Will quit

Haney 23:38
Yeah, we pieced out a condo tower and started just scouring the coast the guy at the condo tower was kind of gave us loose directions to john harbor club I don’t know where we are but cloud Tifa and Eric just roll up to a town here and they say what happened to this town it’s so rundown when if I remember right and correct me if I’m wrong they literally live in an area called the forms Yeah,

Chris 24:04
you’re right. Okay, also this town looks lovely

Haney 24:08
it looks real life looks not rundown even in the littlest like in the slide. This is very pleasant. Well, in the meantime, I’m going to rub it see what they got got anything taken?

Unknown Speaker 24:17
It’s a rotten time.

Haney 24:18
They have a crucifix on their mantelpiece Texas is the world is texas a world is a tax as you walk into this town and the first thing that someone says to you is I think aerith and Tifa come out from inside me. If you play the game, you know what I mean? And they are like wow, this town looks like it used to be beautiful but it’s really rundown the town it really looks fine. So I don’t know I don’t feel like they I feel like this is the first time I’ve been disappointed in the narrative versus the graphics because I just don’t feel like this. This this place didn’t give me a feeling of being rundown. Like the slums did because the sun I just had the ones are really like they did such a good job of narrative story visual design there that it’s just it felt it but like this place didn’t feel if playful fine and lovely In fact,

Chris 25:11
yeah this gives me more of the vibes of like a town where like the jobs have moved on more than like it’s rundown

Haney 25:19
Yeah, like the population is older The only like, semblance of being quote unquote like past its prime is that like the majority of people you meet are older folk except for Penelope Priscilla?

Chris 25:30
Priscilla Yeah,

Haney 25:31
um so speaking of Priscilla, we kind of walk around town try to find everything we quickly figure out that there’s only like three adults in the town. Plus a 10 regard kind of walk through the houses don’t really get much out of it. Wow, now this is rare. We almost never have anyone other than the Shinra people is that this town? Okay, like I asked you grandma. I know you guys want to go to the Western continent, but the only way is on a Shinra ship. Cool. If you see a weapon you want it better buy it fair enough.

Chris 26:06
Don’t see a weapon I want

Haney 26:10
like a whole bunch of I’m gonna buy a couple more. Sounds actually fair.

Chris 26:16
Grab that. Stop if you’ve heard this. Yeah. 99 Fink’s stance

Haney 26:23
I haven’t I didn’t like that. Do you know what I would like to buy? like three?

Chris 26:27
Are you sure you want it like 15

Haney 26:32
I get two to two thought you get I’m leaving

Unknown Speaker 26:34
fucking for this guy gotta say. Ever since Sherif built the city up above during the war there’s been no fish in the water it got so polluted

Haney 26:47
Shinra built quote unquote the city above which the first time I heard it I honestly thought was mid Gar and that like mid gars waste flowed out through here but then we kind of got the clarity that there’s actually a city above the city this town like built like higher up on the cliffs I assume that is junan and that this unnamed village was overshadowed by junan and now has like fallen out of its prime. So it seems like probably most of the younger people or more people who like weren’t seeking work moved up to June on but what I can tell junan really seems just more like a military base. But yeah, we walked around we talked to some people and nothing really happened in the main part of town we head out and we go to the beach and at the beach there’s a massive metal structure in the water like right off of the coast. And there’s a little girl talking to a Mr. Dolphin and there’s just a big fucking dolphin flip flopping around out there. What the actual hell is happening they’re often talking to a dolphin hi name

Chris 27:45
is Prince so now Now you say you get to voice the dolphin. Who are you guys? Are you members of Shinra Inc.

No dolphin podcast. Specifically our niche is now at dolphin voiceovers

Haney 28:04
she mistakes those fresh in regard and freaks out and I’m trying to remember what how does she actually ended up getting an injured

Chris 28:12
so that’s when the monster plowed through the water and she was like no Mr. Dolphin right

Haney 28:17
so Mr. Dolphin gets attacked by a monster she tries to intervene gets injured and we end up taking the monster to tech.

Unknown Speaker 28:27
Oh music

Haney 28:29
Oh good god rayquaza is attacking the dolphins hope You be careful Mr. Dolphin healed up. Oh my god little girl. What are you fucking moron?

Unknown Speaker 28:39
Hey, hold on. We’re coming. All of us at the same I can’t believe at the same time. We’re coming. Nailed it.

Haney 28:48
I cannot believe at this time. Oh, that’s actually a really cool monster. Yeah,

Chris 28:52
it’s real sweet.

Haney 28:53
I didn’t think this battle is going to be that long.

Chris 28:55
It’s a boss. This is a pivotal moment.

Haney 28:58
Is it possible at level 23 it’s fuckin

Unknown Speaker 29:01
weak against wind.

Haney 29:03
Getting Ahead of all that wind of Materia the monsters is that was pretty cool. It’s like kind of a Eastern dragon mixed with a flying fish. Really, really fun animation. Kick that fish’s ass but unfortunately, I was too late to save Jerry level Priscilla This is bad You don’t think she’s dead? Do you prefer Brazil

Unknown Speaker 29:26
joking that Priscilla bro.

Haney 29:27
Brazil, right? No, she’s done really?

Chris 29:31
Well, I’m just gonna mosey on out of here.

Haney 29:33
Okay, helper, young man. do CPR. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 29:36
nails to mouth.

Haney 29:37
Cloud Hurry,

Unknown Speaker 29:39
but she’s a girl.

Chris 29:41
Listen, it’s life or death man. Don’t make it weird.

Haney 29:44
Oh no. We have to do the so far worst and dumbest. mini game in the in the in the game. And we have to perform CPR on low Priscilla.

Chris 29:57
Yep, not much to talk about here.

Haney 30:00
Honestly, I feel like whatever you splice in here wasn’t really enough. It was garbage. It was a terrible, terrible, terrible. This is so annoying. How many times I have to do this?

Chris 30:11
Why do you not worry about that?

Haney 30:12
Oh my god. This is the worst thing the CPR thing is so dumb, Chris.

Chris 30:19
You know what the worst part about this is? She’s not gonna come back. Oh, really? You just have to end the mini game.

Haney 30:24
Wait, really? Anyway, we we save a little Priscilla. But uh, she’s obviously not feeling her best. And her Grandfather. Grandfather grandfather picks her up and carries her home and says she needs to rest. So at that point, we head back into the main area of town we didn’t really like aren’t able to do much her grandfather, whatever Guardian is like standing kind of outside the door so you can’t go in. He’s like she needs to rest. I’ll let you know when you can come up. So we go down and talk to the old woman who lives on the edge of town. And she is like, Oh, you guys did such good things for Priscilla when you come in and rest up here for the night. So we we take a nap and we are dreaming or having a vision unclear. But Chris pointed something out to me. To help distinguish when the screen goes black and letters scroll across it to distinguish who’s talking there’s a slight variation in color that I literally hadn’t noticed until he pointed out clouds text is in white. And then the other quote unquote voice is in like light light gray. We get a conversation talking about niflheim again, with cloud and this voice. Oh shit. This is your nervous music, right?

Chris 31:41
It’s a bit different.

Haney 31:42
It’s really creepy. It’s really good. It’s like, scales on a xylophone. Almost. That reminds me,

Unknown Speaker 31:48
you again? Who are you?

Haney 31:51
You’ll find out soon. But more importantly, five years ago,

Unknown Speaker 31:54
five years ago nibble Haim

Haney 31:57
when he went to Mount nibble. Tifa was your guide right?

Chris 32:01
Yeah. surprised me.

Haney 32:03
But where was Tifa? Other than that? I don’t know. It was a great chance for you to to see each other again.

Chris 32:10
You’re right.

Haney 32:11
Why can’t you see each other alone?

Chris 32:13
I don’t know. Can’t remember clearly.

Haney 32:16
Why don’t you try asking? Tifa Yeah, get up. Oh, fuck that was, Hey, wake up. Wake up cloud. I’m having a new theory. broody and in my head,

Chris 32:28
Brittany, baby.

Haney 32:29
Our class memory is not real. Is that I know there’s a Final Fantasy game where the character ends up not being real or something.

Chris 32:37
That was Kingdom Hearts, too. Oh, was it it was Roxas

Haney 32:39
not that there was the main character that you play as one of the Final Fantasy games ends up being like a memory or a dream or something?

Chris 32:46
Oh, you’re talking about? God. It’s too bad because I did want to play this with you. Because I enjoy it quite a bit. But you’re talking about redacted.

Haney 32:54
Okay, yeah. Okay. That Yes, yes. Yes. redacted thing, right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So maybe not that exact thing. But I really feel like somehow, like clouds memories have been tampered with. Right? Like they’ve been like a little bit altered because like cloud should remember everything. thing like in the question like, like that, that voice seems to be like, either his subconscious or like something else, leading him to ask the questions that he’s never wanted to ask because maybe he was reprogrammed some to not think about that time. Really? Because like, think about niflheim how much happened there? How would you not think about that for every goddamn day of your life for the next five years? At least? Right? Yeah. We also don’t know if his mom lived through that. Like if she made it out of noble home in the fire here. He said that she dies A few days later. So I’m assuming she dies from complications of like, I don’t know smoke inhalation, burning, you know, complications of burning village. Yeah, unfortunately. But I’m really starting to wonder how much of clouds past is fake? Sure. Like, maybe not remembering like, Why? You know, you got your ass kicked by Sephora, for instance. And then like, don’t remember anything after that. But like, why didn’t he go see Tifa Why didn’t he do this? This and this? Why didn’t he send me on night drinking in town with his friends when he came home or anything like that? You know?

Chris 34:15

Haney 34:16
These are no more. So at that point. Someone’s yelling at you to wake up.

Chris 34:20
It was Tifa it was Tifa and clouds like hey, back in back in nibelung. Five years ago. What’s up with that? Tifa when Sephiroth and I went to nibble Han? Where were you?

Haney 34:31
We saw each other right?

Unknown Speaker 34:33
The other time?

Haney 34:34
No, it was five years ago. I don’t remember but something seems strange outside cloud Come quick wow nice avoidance Tifa

Chris 34:42
this music is this music. It’s so this is going to be in your head for the rest of your life.

Haney 34:50
The little avoidant I feel like she like she says like, Oh, I don’t remember this five years ago, but it seems a little dismissive. Like oh, that was so long ago. How can I remember the night My father died

Chris 35:00
Yeah it’s all weird right?

Haney 35:01
I’m like I don’t know man. I’ve had some family trauma and I very much remember the events surrounding those traumatic events and some of them are way longer than five years ago dear listener,

Chris 35:13
they tend to get kind of baked in there

Haney 35:17
I’m sure we’re okay mentally

Chris 35:18
I’m sure it’s fine but yeah it so it could be her like avoiding whatever he’s kind of trying to get it or it could be like she came in here with an objective because there’s something crazy going on outside and we got to go check this out cloud.

Haney 35:29
Let’s talk about this. So about that trumpet music we go out into town and Barrett and read there’s you have joined us, which is fun chunks up with that. I mean, literally nothing they can absolutely nothing to the smell. The music sure sounds lively. Where they’re rehearsing the reception for the new Shinra president.

Unknown Speaker 35:49

Haney 35:49
I gotta pay my respects I love that I can just read it and know exactly that he’s saying that through clenched teeth Don’t you think Rufus is thinking about crossing the ocean from here to what does that mean the sefer authority crossed the ocean we got to get to the town up there maybe we could climb the tower? No No there’s a high voltage current running underneath the tower don’t wander near it it’s dangerous but you might be able to do it if Mr. Dolphin helps you follow me good fucking fuck sick son of a bitch. The rest of your party is like I don’t know what you got to do to get up their cloud but we’re leaving it to you can’t wait to see what you do cloud Will join you on me when you get there cloud alright buddy See you later and they literally all fucking bail. You go pass them by yourself at this point to follow Priscilla and Priscilla is like Alright, listen, I got a dolphin whistle dog

Unknown Speaker 36:36
is the dolphin. We’re bad.

Haney 36:38
Man have a dolphin minigame. Now jump too soon. Pretty cool huh? When I blow this whistle Mr. Dolphin jumps for me. Here this is for you cloud today all right. Just go into the water blow this whistle and Mr. Dolphin I’ll jump into the top of the pole switch whoa whistle to call the dolphin Yeah, I don’t remember what switches again. Personal pulls out Mr. Dolphins with phones like when I like beef on this two on this horn. When a beep beep

Chris 37:10
beep this tune here

Haney 37:11
this dude here Mr. Dolphins gonna do a big old leap and what you can do is you can go out there all I’ll give you the whistle and you just tune it when you need to and he’ll kick you up

Unknown Speaker 37:23
and we’re back.

Haney 37:24
Oh fuck this is so so I’m trying to get on this beam. Yo How do you feel about this minigame Chris

Chris 37:32
thank God for this music jump too soon

Haney 37:35
too soon This is really frustrating right over here finally jumped to a point missed the beam and then just out of frustration to to the whistle again and it was a perfect I was so mad

Chris 37:51
yeah The fun thing about this mini game is the less you try it the better you’re going to do which is really what you’ll

Haney 37:56
I was literally again I was literally trying to do like triangulation trigonometry very now like angles and shit. Yeah, but yeah, now I just did by way that victory accidentally. So we run up the beam and run into the actual air ship area of June and at this point, we get a cutscene of cloud climbing up the ladder to the landing area of this airship station. And we get a beautiful view of this blimp style airship which seems to be a big deal. Where did I fuck up here? I everything started happening so fast at this point somehow through some order of events Chris is going to explain here and it’s not because I don’t remember it’s because I literally bumblefuck through this so hard. I have no idea what happened. But I I was at one point looking at a blimp and the next minute I know I’m fucking dressed as a Shinra guard learning how to march. Chris take it away

Chris 38:53
so you leave the landing area of the blimp. And immediately as soon as you move to this next screen, there’s just Shinra guards that are running in the opposite direction at you and some Shinra like Captain just screaming at you.

Unknown Speaker 39:05
Why aren’t you dressed yet? You got to get your uniform on. Oh, hey, whoa, whoa, hey. Hey, you’re still here. Kids. Hey, rookie. Can you hear me? Get over here. Get over here. Hey, get in the room. Okay,

Chris 39:28
I’m doing this

Haney 39:29
all right. Yes, this is happening now. I don’t want it. Today’s the big day when we welcome President roofers Hurry up and change. Rookie. If the semi uniform

Unknown Speaker 39:40
brings back memories quit you have been Hurry up

Haney 39:44
Shinra uniform. I was so proud. I

Chris 39:48
can even stand wearing this thing anymore.

Haney 39:50
Wow, you look good in it. We did get something interesting here though. We’re cloud was like hell. It’s been a long time since I wear this uniform, presumably that he was In regard before he doesn’t soldier makes me wonder how fucking young he was when he was conscripted I don’t like yeah no but like how he got or joined somehow between the ages of 12 to 16 is when he joined because by the time 16 rolls around he’s soldier first class been exposed to make already

Chris 40:17
Yeah, so you change into the Shinra guard uniform and the captain is all Hey, you remember how to do this right?

Unknown Speaker 40:25
You remember the greeting procedure right? Yeah, look at your faces you forgot all right. I’ll show you again. Just do like I do.

Haney 40:33
That’s what Let me guess. Press switch.

Chris 40:35
Switch. Okay, cancel.

Haney 40:36
No. Commander

Unknown Speaker 40:37
Will help to. All right. Show them no March. That’s the welcoming March. They don’t sing along

Chris 40:42
with you. Quietly Ah, hey, come on. Now.

Haney 40:49
What the fuck is happening now? and march

Chris 40:53
Rufus. Rufus Shan raw. Lock. We are Russian company. The new President got it.

Unknown Speaker 41:05
Yeah, nailed it.

Chris 41:06
Make sure you do in the real parade.

Haney 41:08
Once again, just pure sweet sweet bumblefuck sweet sweet bumbled my way through absolute mess of trying to get into formation and march behind president Shinra what ends up happening is you find out that you’re running late you like two other guards and the captain and he’s like Alright, here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna you know cut this back alley and we’ll just join up with the possession find like a hole and just dive in and like fill that hole and you know the first two guys or one guy does it and then it’s your turn and what you have to do is I don’t fucking know cuz I can do it Oh no. Live TV Oh no,

Unknown Speaker 41:51
no Shut up. This is gonna be broadcast around the world if you look bad the whole June army Will look bad remember that and don’t fuck up. start marching charge Hey, don’t play around.

Haney 42:05
is already annoying. Somehow you need to sneak into this procession this parade and the captain yells charge but it’s like a full five seconds before the opening is anywhere near you. And you’re expected to dive in if you didn’t do it perfectly. It automatically pulls your character back to the captain and says What are you fucking doing? It’s so frustrating.

Unknown Speaker 42:29
Why does it don’t play around?

Haney 42:31
Why does it let me go it just keeps pulling me back to him

Chris 42:34
I think you have to get in line faster.

Unknown Speaker 42:38
No What are you doing

Haney 42:39
it just won’t let me draw real frustrated with this already

Chris 42:45
have you tried no fucking playing around?

Haney 42:47
Oh this is so annoying.

Chris 42:49
Honey, your TV ratings are at 6%

Haney 42:53
Oh, that’s TV ratings sorted out like 27% 2522 2018 Ah shit, it’s getting bad Chris it hit zero. What happens when I hit zero? We got some pork buck fired from their job because we couldn’t figure it out and drove the TV ratings into the ground. The captain is fucking livid with us from there you just kind of get shunted on to the next part which is watching Rufus on like a landing pad talking to Heidegger further ensuring that doesn’t seem to run things like his dad does. His dad was you know typical Wall Street fat cat kind of guy Rufus actually seems capable which is terrifying we get get some just back and forth here and and the primary takeaway here is that Rufus is ruthless ruthless if you Will. You have well okay. Heidegger doesn’t understand that the apple fell really far from the tree in this case, Rufus he takes Heidegger to task for not having the airship ready for you know the kind of sloppiness of Heidegger himself his stupid laugh even comments on his horse laugh I think he says like stop that horse laugh and and you see that Heidegger kind of just like realizes like like something’s different. It’s like a kind of a brief moment you’re like, Oh, no, he like he’s actually like a little afraid. Well, their main arguments here that you’d like to touch on.

Chris 44:18
There was another takeaway, please. net is the man in the black cape who’s been roaming the city.

Haney 44:24
I completely forgot about that. Yeah, so we learned that there’s been a mysterious man and a black cape going around town in June on murdering quote unquote, shin guards, and this definitely seems like the next major point to jump off of after Rufus is send off which we haven’t gotten to yet. But I do have a theory here. I’m particularly because the cape was the specified thing. I don’t know how my theory is going to work because I feel like his cape might have been read. But everyone knows him. Everyone loves them. That pure athlete, the jogger, Vinson, I know that he is a caped character in the game. I believe that Heidegger or one of the shinar guys I can’t remember who postulates it would be suffer off but I don’t remember suffer I’ve ever been in caped villain but I know for a fact that Vincent’s cape is one of his more defining features his cape in his claw thing. So at this point, my guess is not so far off and actually Vincent, okay, which I think actually for the podcast is a first let’s not suffer off after Rufus leaves. Heidegger also leaves so we go back to the barracks we end up learning how to do the proper Shin read salutes and marches and poses and like shit and we teach them a special pose that does that did it it did it did it today with a little flourish of your of your rifle.

Unknown Speaker 45:49
This is a military soldier your orders for today are to send off president Rufus at the dock I’ll keep drilling you until it’s time and we’re back. All right, why not? Showing you information? Remember,

Haney 46:04
ready? Do not military send off begin. Left right left right turn. Okay cancel menu or switch.

Unknown Speaker 46:12
What stays Oh, suppose having decided Alright, rookie let you decide. Show me your best move. Let’s see my best move is whoa

Haney 46:24
Alright, we’ll go with that as our special practice it and everyone fucking loses it. They’re like Yeah, that’s it. That’s what we’re gonna do. Um, we go through the exercises of learning what to do with the salutes and we save the game. And next time we’re looking forward to seeing Rufus is sad enough and finding out where stuff Rob went next, dear listener, as always, thank you for joining us, Chris. Thank you for being here. And we’ll see you next time.

Unknown Speaker 46:52
Bye. Anything else

Haney 46:53
you want to say before we start the presentation?

Chris 46:56
Oh, I can just assure you next episode there Will be more plot development than there was in this one.

Haney 47:01
I can’t assure you that because I literally don’t know the plot. We’re gonna

Unknown Speaker 47:05
be going back to Fort Contador. Oh, hell yeah.

Haney 47:10
Thank you so much for listening to the first encounter podcast If you enjoyed the episode, please go leave us an apple review. They make a huge difference and we would really appreciate it. Additionally, you can find all of our past episodes and how to connect with us on our first encounter. please come say hi.

Chris 47:24
XM on first encounter Will follow Rufus across the ocean mosey our way through Costa del Sol and save right outside the town. Thanks for listening.

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