Season One

  • 12 | Dio’s Funhouse

    In this episode we traverse our way through a mountain pass, find an old Mako reactor, discover Barret’s hometown, visit the Gold Saucer, meet the coolest guy on earth, add a new pal who tells our fortune, stumble into a massacre and thrown in prison. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 11 | Jenova’s Yacht Club

    In this episode we wander around Junon Harbor, send off Rufus, sneak onto his boat, meet up with our friends, discover who’s really running this boat, have a weird encounter with Sephiroth, fight his mom, wander around Costa Del Sol, chat with Hojo, and confront Johnny.

  • 10 | Getting Choco-Silly with Choco-Billy

    In this episode we find a chocobo farm, meet single chocobos in our area, cross a marsh, meet the Turks and their newest member, learn that Sephiroth is heading for Junon Harbor, rescue a girl and her dolphin, perform a fun new marching minigame, and play pretend.

  • 9 | Those Chosen by the Planet

    In this episode we find a guide, fall off the first bridge we can, find the mako reactor, watch Sephiroth fall apart, stand by as Nibelheim burns, follow Sephiroth up Mt. Nibel, and learn he’s the rightful heir to the planet before Cloud wraps up his memory. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 8 | Homecoming

    In this episode we get to run around the world map for the first time before reaching Kalm. Cloud begins telling us what the deal is between him and Sephiroth. Travel with Sephiroth to Nibelheim and introduce him to our friends. Find Tifa's house and play her piano, rummage through her personals, and stuff some underwear in our back pocket.

  • 7 | A Bloody Breakout

    In this episode we escape jail, follow a bloody path, learn that Jenova has escaped, find Sephiroth’s sword in President Shinra’s back, meet Rufus and beat him up, escape the Shinra building, punch a tank and leave Midgar.

  • 6 | Where’s Its @#!*ing Head!?

    In this episode we jog up some stairs, try out some awful puzzles, spy on a Shinra board meeting, learn about The Promised Land, follow Hojo, discover Jenova, meet a good pupper, rescue Aerith, attempt an escape and go to jail. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 5 | Shinra’s Zoning Ordinance

    In this episode we navigate our way through the Train Graveyard, race to prevent the plate collapse, visit Aerith’s mom to learn a bit about Aerith’s upbringing. buy some batteries in Wall Market and climb a wire. We jump too soon. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 4 | Squattin’ Thighs and Mako Eyes

    In this episode we save Aerith from the Turks, have a chat about her old boyfriend, watch Tifa get pulled away by Chocobos, find Wall Market, get a disguise to save Tifa from Don Corneo’s and trudge our way through the sewers. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 3 | Hanging by a Moment

    In this episode we explore the Sector 7 slums, visit the Beginner’s Hall, hop aboard a train, get found out, hit up the next reactor, set the bomb, fall into a trap, meet President Shinra, fight a big robot, and take a tumble. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!