Season One

  • 21 | Jenova’s Impact

    In this episode we put on our climbing spikes, fight some dragons, jump into the wind, meet the real Sephiroth, and confirm that Cloud is definitely not okay. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 20 | Cloud Strife’s Pro Snowboarder 2

    In this episode we reach the Icicle Inn, get some good-good Cetra history, rip up the hills with our snowboard, and brave a snowstorm to reach Gaia's Cliff. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 19 | The Last Cetra

    In this episode we get to the rousing close of part one of Final Fantasy VII, follow Aerith as quickly as we can through the sleeping forest, explore the City of the Ancients, and finally catch up with Aerith only to be interrupted by Sephiroth and Jenova. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • Sidequest: The Ninja and the Jogger

    In this sidequest we take a few minutes respite from the hustle and bustle of chasing Sephiroth to revisit a couple old favorite spots on the world map, and attempt to recruit our old friends, the ninja and the jogger. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 18 | Sephiroth’s Black Materia Buzz Kill

    In this episode we get a full-on James Bond villain break down of Sephiroth's plan from the man himself, learn what Black Materia is, watch Cait Sith's redemption, lose the Black Materia, possibly lose Cloud, definitely lose Aerith. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 17 | Trying Times at the Temple of the Ancients

    In this episode we find an old friend hanging out at the entrance to the Temple of the Ancients, live the life of MC Escher, chase down a Cetra spirit, Indiana Jones our way down a rocky road, meet the Time Guardian and spin his hands before chasing the key guardian. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 16 | Date Night & Betrayal at the Gold Saucer

    In this episode we boat around revisiting some of the classics, return to the Gold Saucer, borrow the Keystone, get stranded, go on a romantic date, star in a disastrous play, see some fireworks, and have our hearts broken in a serious breach of friendship. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 15 | Cloud Strife and the Mansion of Secrets

    In this episode go back to Nibleheim, explore Shinra Mansion, ratchet up that death count a few times, say hello to Sephiroth, he wants us to go to his family reunion, check out Rocket Town, and meet Cid, find fan-favorite Palmer, procure our new boat - the Tiny Bronco. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 14 | N-N-Nanaki!?!

    In this episode we learn the twisted love triangle of the Turks, spy on Tseng and Scarlet, wander into Gongaga village, meet the parents of someone named Zack , find Red XIII’s hometown, learn about his family, and get a lesson on the Lifestream. Thanks for listening to First Encounter!

  • 13 | Dyne to Meet You

    In this episode we catch up to Barret to hear a bit about his past interactions with Shinra and what happened to Coral village. Wander through the desert before meeting the mystery man with the gun on his arm. Learn a bit more about bartender extraordinaire Marlene. Become the hottest up and coming chocobo racer, earning our freedom and a hot new ride.