First Encounter is blend of retrospection and first-time exposure for classic JRPG video games. Join hosts Haney and Chris as they take turns playing through beloved video games that one of them has been highly exposed to, while the other has limited or no exposure to it. They play the games together while capturing genuine reactions, talking through the story, characters and their feelings as the game progresses.

Chris is the leader, creative mind and podcast host behind the First Encounter series. As a child, his gaming life was forever changed when he found Final Fantasy VII, firmly cementing his love for turn-based battles and beautiful, planet destroying villains. When he isn’t working, he can usually be found gazing longingly at new board games or eating.

Haney is a technical creator,  part-time artist and podcast host at First Encounter. His hobbies range from computer technology to video gaming to sports. He lives with his wife and three dogs. When he’s not working, you can catch Haney dog-sledding, mountain biking or playing Dungeons & Dragons.